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Taylor: John.

Nurse: Dr. Hudson, you're still here.

John: Unfortunately, yes.

Nurse: But your wife just called not less than a minute ago.

Jamie: What did you just say?

Marley: I love you.

Jamie: All right, one more time, and I want to hear it slowly. I want to savor every beautiful word.

Marley: I --

Jamie: Yes?

Marley: Love --

Jamie: Yes?

Marley: You!

Jamie: She loves me! Did you hear that? She loves me! And I love you -- so much.

Marley: Oh, Jamie, I've loved you for such a long time. I've just been too afraid to admit it.

Jamie: Well, now you've said it, and you cannot take this back. Do you hear me?

Marley: I won't take it back. I won't ever take it back.

Cass: How nice of you to drop by.

Morgan: There's a major snowstorm --

Cass: Well, I'm telling you, lady, I have better things to do than wait for you --

Michael: You want a bite of my frittata?

Donna: No.

Michael: How's the melon?

Donna: It's all right.

Michael: It's not much of a breakfast.

Donna: No.

Michael: You're not hungry? Donna, come on. What is this? I mean, you're not hungry. You're not happy. You're not talking. This is not a very nice way to spend breakfast.

Donna: Would you please pass the sugar?

Michael: Is this all because I was stuck in the snow last night? Is that it, huh?

Donna: Please, Michael.

Michael: Donna, that's what happened.

Donna: No, what happened is that you spent the evening with Stacey, and you didn't bother to call me and let me know where you were or to find out how I was.

Michael: Donna, you were at Tops. There was a snowstorm. The phones weren't working. I knew you'd be all right.

Donna: How did you know that?

Michael: Because aside from being the most beautiful woman I know, you also happen to be the most capable of taking care of yourself.

Donna: Well, you're wrong.

Michael: Well, how was I supposed to know you were trapped in an elevator?

Donna: Did you care?

Michael: Yes. I mean -- well, I would have cared if I'd known you were trapped in an elevator.

Donna: It was a nightmare, Michael.

Michael: I'm sorry, Donna. I told you I'm sorry.

Donna: And I should sue Felicia.

Michael: Wait a minute. You're ok now, aren't you?

Donna: No, I'm not ok. I'm traumatized. I'll never trust an elevator as long as I live.

Michael: Gosh, I had no idea it was that serious. I mean, this means you'll never shop at Halperin's again.

Donna: That's not funny.

Michael: Sorry.

Donna: Besides, they have an escalator.

Michael: Aha, hope springs eternal.

Donna: So, what did you and Stacey talk about?

Michael: What do you think we talked about, Donna?

Donna: I have no idea.

Michael: Well, come on. What do you -- what do you --

Donna: I wouldn't have asked if I knew.

Michael: Donna, we talked about the case, all right? That's all we talked about was the case. That's it.

Donna: All night long?

Michael: What -- all night long?

Donna: You talked about the case all night long?

Michael: Donna, could we please just not talk about Stacey, not talk about being stuck in the snowstorm, and just eat our breakfast, ok?

Donna: Why are you getting defensive, Michael?

Michael: I'm -- well, what are you accusing me of?

Donna: I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm simply saying that I am repulsed by the idea that this woman is insinuating herself into our lives yet again.

Michael: Donna, that's not what's happening.

Donna: Then why is she involved in Marley's case still?

Michael: We've been all through this.

Donna: Which is why I would have hoped it had stopped by now.

Michael: I would appreciate it if I could just get back to my breakfast and you could get back to your breakfast and we could stop talking about all this.

Donna: Fine, you eat your breakfast. I'm not hungry.

Grant: Donna!

Michael: Well, why are we here?

Grant: Hey, Donna. Hey, I see you found a restaurant on the ground floor, huh?

Donna: What do you want?

Grant: Well, actually, I want to see you. I called your apartment, and your housekeeper said you'd be here.

Michael: Grant, you're interrupting.

Grant: Well, hey, listen, it won't take long. It won't take long at all. I've got something here for your wife -- actually, some things. You left these last night, you know? I knew you'd probably want them. Here you go. And you got one pretty little earring. There you are. So --

Marley: I can't.

Jamie: I understand. I'm rushing things.

Marley: No. It's just that -- it's just that --

Jamie: No, Marley, you don't have to explain. After all you've been through. What's wrong with me? It's insensitive.

Marley: It's not insensitive. You could never be insensitive. It's just that after what happened with Jake, I just need some more time.

Jamie: I think you might just need something more than that, Marley.

Marley: What?

Jamie: I think you should talk to a professional.

Marley: A psychiatrist?

Jamie: Someone who could really help you.

Marley: Jamie, you are helping me.

Jamie: Marley, please see someone.

Marley: You know, John mentioned something to me about that, too, and I just don't know.

Jamie: How about Taylor Benson? I mean, if I take you over to the hospital, would you see her?

Marley: I don't know. I think it would be really awkward to tell somebody that I don't even know that -- Jake raped me.

Jamie: Taylor is an excellent psychiatrist. She has done crisis intervention.

Marley: I know. I just think I need some more time.

Jamie: But if she could help you --

Marley: Jamie, I don't want to go to the hospital! I don't want to be in a hospital. I just want to be in this bed with you for the rest of my life.

Jamie: I wish we could.

Marley: [Laughs]

Jamie: But I'm sure the owners are going to show up at some time.

Marley: Oh, the owners. I almost forgot about the owners.

Jamie: Yeah.

Marley: What would they think?

Jamie: You know what?

Marley: Uh-uh.

Jamie: I don't care what they think.

Marley: [Laughs]

Jamie: What we think and how we feel -- that's what matters to me.

Marley: Did you know that I feel safer here and better here with you than I think I ever have in my life? Oh, that does sound kind of stupid, doesn't it?

Jamie: Why would it sound stupid? You just don't want to face what's out there.

Marley: I know, but I have to.

Jamie: Yes, you do have to.

Marley: My trial starts next week. I have to prepare myself and be strong.

Jamie: And I'm going to be strong with you, Marley, and for you. Whatever goes on and wherever you are, I am going to be there for you. We're together now. Nothing is going to keep us apart. That's a promise.

Jamie: [Laughs]

Marley: Ok, I'll go. I'm ready to go.

Morgan: I had to wait for the snowplow to clear out my driveway.

Cass: Well, I'll need more time in discovery, Morgan. Just because you were snowed in --

Morgan: It's all very cut-and-dry, Cass. It won't take you more than 10 minutes.

Ryan: Here we go.

Cass: If I need more than 10 minutes, I'm taking it.

Morgan: Don't even try stalling me, counselor.

Cass: If I feel that I haven't spent enough time with your evidence --

Morgan: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Cass! Ryan, open the cage please.

Ryan: Yeah, as soon as I --

Morgan: What's the problem?

Ryan: I can't seem to f -- I must have left my key somewhere.

Cass: Well, get another one, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll get another officer's.

Morgan: Find one quickly.

Cass: You're late. He loses his key. What is going on here? Is it a conspiracy?

Morgan: Don't give me this phony indignation, Cass. You'll see everything you're entitled to and you'll still lose.

Cass: You know, Morgan, hanging around this place with some of the types that lurk down here makes you feel kind of soiled. I think I'll go wash my hands.

Morgan: Use the men's room this time, would you?

Cass: Ha ha ha.

Morgan: Oh, dear. The supply closet is not the men's room. Go out by the front desk. There's a door clearly marked. Use it. Wait a minute. I'll go with you.

Cass: Morgan, I didn't know you cared.

Morgan: To light a fire under Ryan.

John: She did call. I knew she would call. I knew she would. Where's the number? Did she leave a number?

Nurse: Uh, no. I told her you left.

John: But I hadn't left. I went to check on -- why did you just assume that I had left? Why didn't you have someone come and get me?

Nurse: I'm sorry, doctor.

Taylor: John, how will you call Sharlene back now?

John: Obviously I can't call her back. In a strange kind of way, I feel rather optimistic about this. I mean, she is trying to make contact. She's calling. Maybe she's going to come home.

Taylor: Maybe.

John: Oh, there's that look again.

Taylor: I'm sorry. It's wonderful news that Sharlene called. It's just -- until you know what she's planning to do --

John: I shouldn't get my hopes up, right?

Taylor: Not yet.

John: Still, that call made me feel more strongly than ever that I made the right decision about what we talked about.

Taylor: Your leg?

John: I have to know if I'm right. If I am, I'm going to start on rehabilitation right away. I can beat this thing, Taylor. I know I can. For the first time I hold my child in my arms, I won't have to worry about this cane.

Taylor: John, you feel that strongly about it, you got to go for it.

John: Whatever it takes.

Taylor: And I am going to help you.

Donna: Thank you.

Grant: No problem. This was quite an experience, wasn't it?

Donna: You can go now, Grant.

Grant: And you know, kind of exciting in its way, I think.

Michael: Exciting?

Grant: Yeah, yeah. I'll tell you something. I'll tell you something, if I ever got trapped in an elevator --

Donna: Good-bye, Grant.

Michael: No, no, no --

Grant: The one person I would want to be trapped with undoubtedly would be Donna.

Michael: I would really like to hear this whole story, you know that?

Donna: You swine.

Michael: So, you were --

Grant: Stuck.

Michael: You two?

Grant: Stuck together.

Michael: In the elevator.

Grant: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Now you know why it was such a hideous experience for me. I was trying to put it out of my mind.

Grant: You know, it's a good thing neither one of us is claustrophobic, I'll tell you that.

Donna: I'm claustrophobic when I'm around you, Grant, not to mention the indigestion I get.

Grant: Maybe your husband would like to hear the whole story. What do you say?

Michael: Not from you.

Grant: Well, I mean, you're obviously not going to hear it from your wife.

Michael: Harrison, what is this? I mean, you think I'm going to somehow feel threatened by the fact that you and my wife were trapped in an elevator together?

Grant: No, no, no, I don't feel that. I just feel that you're probably threatened because she didn't tell you. That's all.

Donna: All right. I'll tell him right now. I don't know why you're making such a big issue out of this.

Grant: Mm-hmm. Ok -- come on, go ahead. I want to hear this rendition.

Donna: He wanted to get in, and I didn't want him to.

Michael: Say what?

Grant: Oh, now it's my fault. Now it's my fault.

Donna: I told him to take another elevator, and he walked in anyway. The doors closed, we started down, and zip.

Michael: Zip? What zip?

Donna: It stopped. The elevator stopped. It wouldn't move.

Grant: But you know what? We did have some fun. I'll tell you what -- because, as luck would have it, I happened to have a 1969 bottle of Dom Perignon.

Michael: I tell you -- you know -- [Laughs]

Grant: And boy, did that --

Michael: Grant, I'd like to hear her tell this story --

Grant: Take the edge off of things, Donna? I tell you, if we hadn't had that bottle of champagne, I mean, we would have been -- I don't know where we'd have been. Probably wouldn't have nearly as much fun.

Donna: We didn't have a bottle of champagne. You had the bottle of champagne. I had one tiny sip to calm my nerves, Grant, and that's all. I had to. Michael, if I hadn't had a sip of something, I would have gone out of my mind. I would have started screaming at the top of my lungs that I was trapped in an elevator with the most revolting human being God has ever put on this earth.

Grant: Well, I'll tell you something, Michael. Your wife is really cool under pressure. I mean, she's a real trouper.

Michael: Funny you should say that. I was just telling her what a capable human being I thought she was.

Donna: I'm going to see my daughter.

Grant: Oh, listen, Donna. You know what? We'll have to do this soon again without the mechanical failure. You know what I'm saying?

Michael: If you'll excuse me. Waitress, may I have the check please?

Grant: Michael, you know what? I'll tell you what. I can really see what you see in your wife now.

Michael: How you got where you are I'll never know.

Grant: You know, she's charming. She's passionate, that's for sure.

Michael: I don't understand how one person could have been ignorant enough to vote for you.

Grant: And I'll tell you something else, you know. She is really kind of -- she's very attractive in her own unique kind of way.

Michael: Stay away from my wife, ok? Just stay away from my wife.

Grant: Michael, what are you, angry?

Michael: Let me put it to you this way, congressman. I much prefer the way I feel when you are not around me or any member of my family. So if I were you, I would do everything I could to stay in my good graces, ok? Otherwise, a very vital part of my fist will be attached to a very vital part of your face.

Grant: [Hums]

[Door buzzes]

Ryan: Thanks, Carlos.

Cass: Am I to wait out here, or do I go in?

Morgan: You wait.

Ryan: We'll be with you in a minute, Cass. Here, you take that gun, I'll take this. Wait a minute.

Carlos: What?

Ryan: Something's missing.

Carlos: Yeah.

Morgan: What's going on?

Ryan: One of the pieces of evidence is missing.

Cass: Oh, this gets better and better.

Morgan: Which piece of evidence?

Ryan: The gun.

Cass: The weapon is missing?

Morgan: How could the gun be missing?

Cass: If I don't have a chance to see that weapon, Morgan, you don't have a chance to try my client. You can count on that.

Morgan: Wait a minute, wait -- wait a minute! I saw it the other night when I was in here inspecting everything. It was right in there.

Cass: Anything else missing there, Ryan?

Ryan: Just the gun, Cass.

Cass: Well, no gun, no case, Morgan.

Morgan: Listen, I will produce that weapon for your inspection, and there will be a trial. Have no doubt about that.

Cass: Getting a little red in the face there, Morg. We wouldn't want you to get ill.

Morgan: Find the damn gun, Harrison, and find it yesterday. Listen, I'm going over to pick up the bullet that they took out of McKinnon, but without that gun, it means nothing.

Cass: You know, she's right.

Carlos: It's got to be in here.

Ryan: Yeah, well, where else could it be?

Carlos: Unless somebody took it out for some reason. But we'd know who that was.

Cass: How?

Carlos: The electronic key is coded.

Ryan: Excuse me. Whenever someone uses their key, it's recorded on the computer.

Morgan: I was in here last night. How many others could have entered between then and now?

Carlos: Probably not many.

Ryan: What does it say, Carlos?

Carlos: Only one entry.

Ryan: Who?

Carlos: You. The computer says you opened the cage.

John: I just don't think it's right, Taylor.

Taylor: But why not? You said this might be an emotional problem. I could certainly help you explore that possibility.

John: If you're not willing to work with Sharlene --

Taylor: Wait a minute. Maybe I haven't made myself clear. This is something I want to do for you personally, not as your doctor.

John: Oh, I see.

Taylor: You don't think that's a good idea either.

John: Taylor, you know what a rumor mill this hospital is?

Taylor: So you think that given Grant's attack on me --

John: If it appears that we're closer than we are already, it's only going to make your problems worse. I'm worried about you.

Taylor: I just -- I get your point. It's just that it makes me crazy that I know I could help you, and just because Grant -- no. No.

John: No what?

Taylor: I'm not going to let that interfere. I'm not going to let Grant and his rumors rule my life.

[Knock on door]

Taylor: Excuse me.

Marley: Hi, Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Jamie, Marley, hi.

Jamie: Hi.

John: Hello, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, John.

Marley: Hi, uncle John.

Jamie: Taylor, I was hoping you might have some free time today to talk to Marley.

Taylor: Well, absolute -- right now, as a matter of fact. Is that good for you?

Marley: Really? Yes, that would be perfect for me. Thank you.

John: In that case, Jamie, what do you say we get out of here and let these ladies talk?

Taylor: John, I'd like to speak to you later though, all right?

John: Right.

Taylor: Marley, I was hoping we'd have a chance to talk again. Why don't you sit down?

Marley: Oh, thank you.

Taylor: And tell me what's going on.

Marley: Uh, I'm not sure I can sort through all of my thoughts right now.

Taylor: Maybe I can help you with that.

Marley: Well, for the first time, I feel like things are right. But at the same time, I feel like my life is falling apart. [Sighs]

Morgan: What is going on, Ryan?

Ryan: I wish I knew.

Cass: I'll tell you what's going on. You blew it. No weapon, no case.

Morgan: Get your superior down here.

Ryan: Yes, ma'am.

Morgan: We'll have to reschedule this.

Cass: If you do manage to find this weapon, you'd better be able to account for its whereabouts every second that it was missing.

Morgan: We will.

Cass: Because if you don't, the judge is going to throw your case out faster than you can say "acquittal." Have a nice day.

Morgan: Start talking.

Ryan: I don't know what to say. I don't have any --

Morgan: You were the only one here since last night. You came in with Cass and me. You say you couldn't find your key. I want the truth now.

Ryan: Marley already admitted to wearing the coat, and it's got Jake's blood on it.

Vicky: And the gun?

Ryan: It's the one that was used to shoot him. You know that.

Vicky: Yeah, I wish they would both disappear.

Ryan: From the evidence room? No chance. The security's too tight.

Vicky: Has it ever happened?

Ryan: Once that I know of.

Vicky: So how did he do it?

Ryan: Well, he had access to the evidence room. He used a electronic key.

Vicky: Oh, oh, yeah.

Ryan: It's like a credit card.

Vicky: I know what you're talking about.

Ryan: Well, he had one, so he used it.

Morgan: Are you even listening to me?

Ryan: Yeah.

Morgan: Come on! I want some answers.

Billy: What is this, Ryan?

Morgan: Captain, this hotshot detective of yours may have just lost me the most important case of the year.

Billy: Harrison?

Morgan: I want an explanation, I want the gun, and I want it now!

Billy: Let me handle this. I'll find out what's going on.

Morgan: By the end of this working day, captain, on my desk, an explanation and the weapon. Is that clear?

Billy: Perfectly clear.

Morgan: If Harrison costs me this case, it's going to cost him his job, and yours.

Billy: Ok, where's the gun? I said, where is the gun?

Donna: What are you doing?

Why are you walking all over the furniture with your shoes on?

Vicky: Uh, I -- I was thinking of re-reading "Moby Dick." Don't you ever think to knock?

Donna: Your door was unlocked.

Vicky: So what's the big deal?

Donna: Well, that's insane. This is 1990, or haven't you noticed that life is not just wonderful and simple anymore? You don't leave your doors unlocked.

Vicky: How long have you been here?

Donna: I just got here, and why are you changing the subject?

Vicky: Fine, I'll keep the door locked. And I'll get an alarm system. Actually, I was thinking of getting an alarm system anyway.

Donna: Good. Now tell me what's going on. Why did you look so pale just now?

Vicky: Well, you just scared me. What are you doing?

Donna: I came to see Marley. Is she here?

Vicky: No. And you didn't come to see Marley. You're running away from something.

Donna: Oh, now you're a psychic.

Vicky: What is going on?

Donna: [Sighs] I just escaped from a rather unpleasant scene.

Vicky: You were in an unpleasant scene? That's hard to picture.

Donna: I was stuck in an elevator. And don't laugh. It's not a laughing matter.

Vicky: I won't laugh. I won't even smile.

Donna: The worst part is that I was stuck in it with Grant Harrison.

Vicky: Oh.

Donna: Ugh. It's giving me gooseflesh to think about it.

Vicky: Well, you obviously escaped. You're here, right?

Donna: Yes, we escaped. Thank God nobody got hurt, but that's not the problem.

Vicky: So, what's the problem?

Donna: Well, your father spent the evening with Stacey last night, and I was so angry and upset that when I told him about the elevator fiasco that I left out the Grant part. And do you know that that man had the audacity to track me down at the Paradise while your father and I were having breakfast? So that's how he found out that I was stuck in the elevator with that idiot. And of course, he wasn't thrilled that I hadn't told him earlier. So I left and I came here.

Vicky: Unbelievable.

Donna: What? What is that look for?

Vicky: Why do you always make yourself look guilty even when you're not guilty?

Donna: Well, I would have told him about Grant.

Vicky: But you didn't. Why not?

Donna: Because I was so peeved that he was with Stacey last evening that I -- I wanted a moral advantage, I guess.

Vicky: You're not making any sense.

Donna: I thought that he would feel guilty, and then he wouldn't spend so much time with -- I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know what I was thinking.

Vicky: I do.

Donna: You do? I hate it when you know what I'm thinking. I just hate it.

Vicky: You do not want Stacey to tell Dad that you had an affair with Jake.

Donna: Dear God, help me if he finds out.

Vicky: Well, my advice to you would be to go home and make up with Dad and in the future don't forget to tell him anything. Your first priority right now should be keeping your marriage in top shape. Obviously you agree with me because you're going.

Donna: You're right. I'll go and apologize to him right now.

Vicky: Good.

Donna: But I didn't really do anything wrong --

Vicky: Apologize.

Donna: [Whispering] Right. [Normal voice] Oh, I wanted to ask you something else. Last night when I was talking to you on the phone, you said that you felt you didn't think Marley was going to go to trial. Why did you say that?

Vicky: Just a hunch.

Donna: But you said it with such conviction.

Vicky: Because I believe in my hunches.

Donna: Good-bye. And lock the door behind me right now.

[Door closes]

Taylor: Marley, you can be completely candid with me because everything you say here is strictly confidential.

Marley: I know.

Taylor: Under the laws of this state, it can't be used against you either in court as testimony.

Marley: I know that, too. It's just a little difficult for me to talk about.

Taylor: Well, take your time.

Marley: I went to see Jake the night of the shooting to break things off with him. I knew that he was cheating on me and doing some other things that I could never approve of.

Taylor: So you went to tell him it was finished?

Marley: I thought it would be more difficult than it was. I was very angry and hurt, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

Taylor: How did he react?

Marley: Oh -- well, he was shocked and hurt, but it was almost like he wasn't listening to me. And -- and then he started yelling at me that I was wrong to think that he didn't love me.

Taylor: Did you believe him?

Marley: Oh, I didn't care if that's what he thought love was. And then he --

Taylor: Then he?

Marley: He wouldn't let me leave. He told me that I couldn't leave until he proved his love to me. So he --

Taylor: He what -- what?

Marley: He -- [Clears throat] He forced me -- God, this is hard. I'm sorry.

Taylor: It's all right. What did Jake do? Marley? Did he rape you?

Marley: [Whispering] Yes.

Taylor: Can you talk about it?

Marley: I can try. [Laughs] He grabbed me very hard. I couldn't move. I struggled with him. [Sniffs] And mostly what I can remember is the look on his face. He was sad and angry. But he just had this horrible expression on his face.

Taylor: You don't have to go on if you'd rather not.

Marley: I can't right now.

Taylor: It's all right. It's all right. We'll talk about this when you're ready.

Marley: Ok. There is something else I do want to talk to you about, though.

Taylor: About that night?

Marley: Jake did betray me and lie to me, and that's all true, but that's not the only reason I wanted to break up with him.

Taylor: Did it have something to do with this other man in your life?

Marley: I finally admitted to myself and to him that I love him.

Taylor: That's good.

Marley: It's not good! I feel guilty.

Taylor: About -- about loving someone? Marley -- Marley, you must never, never feel guilty about that.

Marley: But Jake is lying in a hospital --

Taylor: You weren't married to Jake at the time. And even if you were, falling in love is not something we choose to do. It happens.

Marley: I know. I know.

Taylor: Now, admitting all of these feelings to yourself -- it must make your life seem -- it must make it a lot clearer to you.

Marley: No. It just makes me realize how much more I can lose.

Morgan: Dr. Frame?

Jamie: Yes?

Morgan: I need to give you this.

Jamie: Well, what is it?

Morgan: It's a subpoena. We really should discuss your testimony.

Jamie: Are you saying you want me to testify for the prosecution?

Morgan: As the doctor of record when Jake was brought in here, I'm going to want you to testify as to the extent of his injuries, as well as anything that he might have said before lapsing into that coma.

Jamie: I thought this might happen.

Morgan: Why? Is there something else you thought you might be questioned about?

Jamie: Why don't you come to my office? I'll pull the records.

Morgan: Fine.

Grant: Excuse me, I'm here to see Dr. Taylor Benson.

John: No, you're not.

Grant: Excuse me?

John: She's with a patient.

Grant: Good, I'll just wait.

John: Stop badgering her.

Grant: Who's badgering her?

John: You are, and it's going to stop. Look, give up this slander campaign against Taylor. She can't tell you how to locate my wife, so lay off.

Grant: Thank you for the suggestion, doc.

John: Grant, did you have to learn how to be smug, or was it a talent you were born with?

Grant: You know something? I'm really tired of you taking out your anger at your wife on me. Just the fact that Sharlene left you is not my fault and the fact that she hasn't tried to make contact with you.

John: Well, that's where you're wrong. She has called me just today.

Donna: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: I went to your office first, and they said you were over here.

Michael: Well, I had a little business to take care of with Caroline.

Donna: What kind of business?

Michael: Don't start. If you want your scarf and your gloves, I sent them home.

Donna: I don't. I came over here to apologize. I know I should have told you about Grant earlier, and I just thought -- doesn't matter what I thought. I have no excuses. I should have told you, and I'm sorry.

Michael: You know this trial is not just affecting Marley and Vicky. It's affecting us and our ability to communicate.

Donna: I know. It's because we're both upset and we're not thinking straight.

Michael: No, Donna, speak for yourself. I'm thinking straight.

Donna: Fine. I'm not thinking straight. But I'm not going to let this happen again. I promise I won't. I will tell you everything regardless, and I want you to tell me everything. I want you to confide in me and talk to me. You don't have to turn to anybody else.

Michael: Really?

Donna: What does that mean, "really"?

Michael: That means that you are not always the easiest person to talk to.

Donna: And Stacey is?

Michael: Donna, don't bring Stacey into this.

Donna: Isn't that what you're saying?

Michael: No, what I'm saying is that we have to be honest with each other, which we weren't during Mikey's trial. Now we have to be.

Donna: I know that. I agree. I will try to make that happen. We can make that happen. I swear. You believe me, don't you? Please say that you believe me. Michael, friends? Hold me, please.

Michael, what are we going to do? What are we going to do --

Michael: Donna.

Donna: If Marley gets convicted?

Michael: Donna, we're a family. A family. We can get through this if we just hold onto each other and tell each other the truth. If we do that, everything will be all right.

Grant: You're bluffing.

John: No, that's your style, not mine.

Grant: What did she say?

John: Actually, I missed the call.

Grant: Oh, you missed the call?

John: But that's twice that she's tried to contact me in the past few weeks. How many times is it she's tried to call you? Sharlene's not coming home to you, Grant. Just give up this attack on Taylor Benson.

Grant: You think you really know Taylor, don't you?

John: I know her well enough.

Grant: Really?

John: I know all about the patient and the car crash. It was very tragic.

Grant: Tragic? Is that how she described it?

John: What are you getting at?

Grant: The fact that he left her his entire estate, that's what I'm getting at. Tons of money, that's what I'm getting at. Hardly sounds like a doctor-patient relationship, does it? That car crash made Taylor Benson a very wealthy woman.

Cass: Where's Marley, in her bedroom? Get her out here.

Vicky: She's not home.

Cass: Oh. You know where she is?

Vicky: No, I don't. What's going on?

Cass: Well, something has happened.

Vicky: Something good by the look on your face.

Cass: Might be, might be. In fact, it might be very good.

Vicky: Well, Cass, tell me!

Cass: I should really tell Marley first.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Cass. I'm involved in this. I'm her sister. I need to know everything. Come on, Cass! If it's good news, tell me!

Cass: Just don't -- it doesn't leave this room, all right?

Vicky: All right.

Cass: And I want to be the one to tell her.

Vicky: My lips are sealed.

Cass: Ok. The gun is missing.

Vicky: Jake's gun?

Cass: And without a weapon, Morgan has no case.

Vicky: How did that happen?

Cass: I don't know. Bay City's finest really blew it this time, though.

Vicky: Oh, my God -- you mean the cops lost it?

Cass: Your friend Ryan, to be exact. I'm afraid he's in deep trouble.

Billy: Ryan -- look at me, damn it! You're in trouble.

Ryan: I know.

Billy: I went over everything that happened with Morales, and I don't buy it.

Ryan: What don't you buy?

Billy: I don't want to believe that you would take the gun out of here.

Ryan: Are you sure that it was my key that was used? I mean, couldn't there be a computer error?

Billy: Get real, Ryan! It was your key that opened this cage, and I want to know what happened. You say you lost it.

Ryan: When I tried to take it out of my wallet, it was missing.

Billy: Tell me everything that happened, exactly how it happened.

Ryan: I can't explain anything.

Billy: Can't or won't? This won't do, Ryan. I don't want to believe that you would take that gun out of here, but your judgment has been so screwed up lately. You're not thinking straight. You let that Hudson girl wrap you around her finger. Now listen. Listen to me. If you want to ruin your reputation, your career, probably your whole damn life, that's your problem, but I don't want to hang because your hormones are active. Now, unless this thing is cleared up immediately, you're going to have a hard time getting a security job in an all-night bakery.

[Door opens and closes]

Ryan: Damn it, Vicky -- damn it, Vicky!

Jamie: I'll need this file back as soon as possible.

Morgan: I'll make copies and return the originals to your office. I assume these are complete.

Jamie: That file is a complete record of what happened from the moment Jake was brought in. Now, if you need confirmation --

Morgan: I'll take your word for it, doctor.

Jamie: Good. Now, if that's all, I have things to do --

Morgan: That's not all, doctor.

Jamie: What now?

Morgan: I happen to know that Jake spoke Marley's name before entering that coma.

Jamie: So?

Morgan: I'll take that as a yes.

Jamie: Yes, yes.

Morgan: You're going to have to testify to that and more.

Jamie: What do you mean, more?

Morgan: Look, I've done my homework, doctor. I'm aware of the fact that you and Marley McKinnon are quite close.

Jamie: What are you getting at?

Morgan: You've been close for quite some time. She worked for you at your clinic.

Jamie: Yes, she helped me get the clinic started.

Morgan: And it was you who put up her bail, correct?

Jamie: Yes.

Morgan: Even though the Hudsons could have managed it quite easily.

Jamie: What exactly is your point?

Morgan: I happen to know that you were in close contact with Marley in those days preceding the shooting, so I'm going to be asking you questions regarding her state of mind.

Jamie: Are you saying I'm not only going to be called as a doctor, an expert witness, but that I'm going to be asked to testify against Marley?

Morgan: All I'm asking for is the truth, doctor. If it's the truth that convicts Marley, so be it.

Taylor: It's getting late, Marley.

Marley: I'm sorry, what?

Taylor: It's just that I have another appointment.

Marley: Oh, yes. Of course you do. I'm sorry. I know I've wasted your time.

Taylor: Absolutely not. You were so open about so many of your feelings and I just hope this helped you at least a little. It's hard for you to talk about the rape. I've dealt with a lot of rape victims -- too many. And I know how painful it is to relive what happened. This is a strong first step.

Cass: The missing gun may be the first step in freeing your sister.

Vicky: But you said Ryan was in trouble. What does he have to do with this?

Cass: Well, he has a key to the evidence room. It's an electronic key, and his was the one that was used when the gun was removed.

Vicky: Well, who said? How do they know that?

Cass: Oh, it's all computerized. You use the key, it's recorded.

Marley: Jamie was very angry when he found out.

Taylor: Does anyone else know?

Marley: Cass -- Cass Winthrop, my attorney.

Taylor: Not anyone in the family?

Marley: No, I don't want to tell anybody in my family.

Taylor: Not even your sister?

Marley: Especially Vicky. She once loved Jake, and I don't want to hurt her. I don't want to hurt anyone.

Vicky: Can this hurt Ryan?

Cass: Well, if the gun is lost, so is his job. I mean, with that on his record, there isn't a police force in the country that's going to touch him. But on the other hand, if the gun stays lost, then they may have to toss Marley's case out, which is great for your sister.

Taylor: I'm sure Vicky would want to help you through this.

Marley: It's my turn to help her.

Taylor: I don't understand.

Marley: It used to be so easy. Right and wrong were so clear.

Taylor: Marley, in your heart, you know the difference.

Marley: Do I? Jake loved me. I just -- I have to stop referring to him in the past tense. I have to stop doing a lot of things.

Vicky: Could you have stopped Marley from being convicted if the gun weren't missing?

Cass: I would have done everything possible, but it looks like that's not going to be necessary now.

Taylor: Why did you say it was so necessary for you to help Vicky?

Marley: She's my sister. She needs me to --

Taylor: To what?

Marley: This is so crazy. I finally admit my love to a man that is caring and sensitive and believes in me when I don't believe in myself, and now I have to choose between the possibility of losing him or losing my sister.

Cass: Vicky, are you all right?

Vicky: Oh, I'm just surprised that Ryan's involved, that's all.

Cass: Well, listen, I got to get going. Make sure Marley calls me.

Vicky: Yes, absolutely. Thank you for coming by.

[Door closes]

Marley: Thanks for seeing me, Taylor.

Taylor: We'll schedule another appointment. Let me just get my book.

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