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Another World Transcript Tuesday 11/7/06

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Paulina: Look how pretty it is out here.

Dean: It's beautiful. Open up, will you?

Paulina: You must be very quiet, ok?

Dean: Ok, shh. Shh.

Paulina: Shh.

Dean: Ok.

Paulina: Guess everyone's gone to sleep.

Dean: Yeah. It's very, very, very quiet.

Paulina: Well, thanks for driving me all the way out here.

Dean: It's ok. I don't think we would have made it unless we were behind that plow the whole way.

Paulina: I -- I really enjoyed our talk tonight.

Dean: Yeah, me, too. Me, too.

Paulina: So do you want to come in and get warmed up before you head out again?

Dean: I'm not really cold at all. But I'm, um, not ready to go home.

Vicky: No.

Ryan: I want to make love to you tonight, Vicky, and I know you want the same thing. You do, don't you?

Vicky: Yes.

Jamie: Marley, don't do this.

Marley: What?

Jamie: You haven't said a word for blocks. You talk to me. Tell me why you went to see Dr. Holmes.

Marley: I just had a little problem.

Jamie: I don't believe you.

Marley: Jamie, it's not important.

Jamie: Marley, you don't drive to the hospital in the middle of a blizzard if it's not important. Cass took you to see Dr. Holmes because he knows she's the best ob-gyn in the city. I'm worried. Please, Marley, tell me. What's going on?

Marley: I had a test to see if I'm pregnant.

Paulina: I had so much fun tonight.

Dean: Do I detect a "but" in there somewhere?

Paulina: I talk too much.

Dean: Did I look like I was bored? I wasn't bored.

Paulina: No, but I shouldn't be involving you so much in my life.

Dean: What if I want to be involved?

Paulina: Dean, you are so -- not sweet. I wasn't going to say sweet. Don't get mad.

Dean: So what am I?

Paulina: You're great. You are so kind and sensitive and --

Dean: And young? You think I'm too young for you, don't you? You know, I have had a lot of living crammed into my short little life. I have.

Matt: Oh, hi. Sorry, I didn't expect anyone to be up.

Paulina: Hello, Matt.

Matt: Hi.

Dean: Hey.

Paulina: So, did you make it to the ball?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, one of the few. Me and a couple of friends decided to turn it into a refugee-from-the-storm party.

Paulina: Oh, sounds like fun.

Matt: Yeah, all we needed was some music. Could have helped us out there, Dean.

Dean: Oh, yeah, that's all I needed, to be snowed in with a bunch of your yuppie friends. No, thanks. Well, I better get going back to Cass and Frankie's.

Matt: What's the rush?

Dean: My, uh, my prison warden doesn't like me out of my cell.

Paulina: Frankie worries about you?

Dean: It's Cass. He'll go nuts, and then he'll wonder for hours how he can teach me a lesson, you know.

Matt: You are kidding, aren't you?

Dean: The guy is worse than a marine drill sergeant.

Matthew: Come on, I told you -- Cass Winthrop?

Dean: He has got a list on the refrigerator, ok, of rules and regulations. He's got it up there with a magnet.

Matt: Our Cass Winthrop, the ex-gambler, the prankster extraordinaire, the man who got kidnapped by helicopter and taken to a tropical island by a princess who wanted him for sex.

Dean: Sex?

Matt: Yes, sex.

Dean: Ex-gambler? Wait -- what is that -- what?

Matt: Dean, ex-everything, if you know what I mean.

Dean: Oh, Matt, you have to start the story from the top and tell the whole thing to me, and I want to know all the details, ok?

Ryan: This is right. Tonight is right.

Vicky: No. This is wrong.

Ryan: Why is it wrong?

Vicky: It's wrong because it's so right.

Marley: Now it's your turn to say something.

Jamie: Marley, I know that you and Jake desperately wanted to have a baby when you were married. What did Dr. Holmes say?

Marley: I'm not pregnant.

Jamie: You're not?

Marley: No.

Jamie: I never wanted to believe that you and Jake were sleeping together these last few months.

Marley: What?

Jamie: But after the dock party that night, when you spent the night at Jake's, I realized that you must have been --

Marley: Jamie, we weren't sleeping together.

Jamie: No?

Marley: I didn't make love to Jake. I couldn't.

Jamie: But if you weren't... Oh, my God. Marley, are you saying he raped you?

Ronnie: John? John?

Taylor: Shh, Ronnie, don't wake him up.

Ronnie: Oh, I just thought that maybe if I could get him to go to one of the resident's rooms maybe he could sleep till morning.

Taylor: I don't think anybody's gonna bother him out here, though, not at this hour.

Ronnie: No, I suppose not.

Taylor: Soon as you wake him up, his mind's gonna start going, then he's never gonna get back to sleep.

Ronnie: You're probably right. Look, I'm finished for the evening. I'm getting out of here.

Taylor: Oh, lucky you.

Ronnie: Well, what's really lucky is that I live so close by I can walk home, just two blocks.

Taylor: How convenient.

Ronnie: Yeah, especially in a blizzard. You know, I'd hate to have to drive in this weather.

Taylor: Yeah. You take care.

Ronnie: You, too, thanks. Oh, and when John wakes --

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Ronnie: Tell him I thought he was terrific tonight. It was really incredible to watch.

Taylor: Was it?

Ronnie: Yeah. I mean, he assists Jamie with Jake. You know, I've seen a lot of surgeons, but I think John just might be the best.

Taylor: Yeah, well why am I not surprised?

Ronnie: I just wish his personal life would shape up. I think he and Sharlene are just terrific. I hope everything works out for them. Good night.

Taylor: Good night.

Taylor: Everything's going to work out for the best.

Dean: All right -- ok, wait. So he actually went around in public dressed as a woman, you're telling me?

Matt: Look, he was in disguise. He was trying to escape from Tony the tuna and his monster goon Brocco.

Paulina: Matt.

Dean: Wow.

Matt: He owed them money or something. It was a long time ago. I forget the exact story.

Dean: I love this. This is a great story, go on.

Matt: Anyway, then there was Cecile Depoulignac. She was a character.

Dean: The princess -- the princess that had him kidnapped and taken to that tropical island.

Matt: Right, you got it.

Dean: Ok, all right.

Matt: I think I told you everything except, uh, may --

Paulina: Matt, you are making the guy sound wacko.

Dean: Hey, wacko?

Matt: I didn't mean to do that.

Paulina: Well, how did you think it sounded?

Matt: Well, you know, that he kind of had a wild life in his past.

Dean: Kind of?

Matt: Listen, I got tremendous respect for the guy. He's a great lawyer and a good friend of the family.

Paulina: Yeah, is that why you're talking about him behind his back?

Matt: Hey, Cass tells these stories himself.

Paulina: Well, obviously he didn't want Dean to know them.

Matt: Why wouldn't he want Dean to know them? I mean, come on, these stories are history. Cass is an easy-going guy.

Paulina: Still, I don't think he wants Dean to think of him as some kind of nut. Besides, didn't he lose his first wife Kathleen in a tragic accident? Isn't that what made him go so wild?

Matt: He was wild -- he was wild before Kathleen.

Dean: All right, look, I -- I better get going. Actually, now I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Cass. Kind of hope he's up.

Matt: Hey, listen, if you mention it to him, mention it with respect. Seriously.

Dean: Take it easy, Matt.

Paulina: Dean, don't start anything, please.

Dean: Why, are you worried about me?

Paulina: Why wouldn't I be?

Dean: I don't know.

Jamie: You told me before that he tried, but now you're saying that he actually...

Marley: Yes. He raped me.

Jamie: Damn him. And I saved his life. I saved that bastard's life! I should have let him die!

Marley: Don't say that.

Jamie: He was dead. I brought him back to life, Marley.

Marley: You had to, Jamie.

Jamie: I was a fool to keep him alive. I never should have let you go to Jake's alone. Marley, this is my fault.

Marley: It's not your fault. It's not your fault. Maybe it's not Jake's fault either.

Jamie: What? Marley, the man raped you.

Marley: He was so hurt when I told him that I couldn't be with him anymore.

Jamie: So that means he could force himself on you? Is that what you're saying? Marley, come on.

Marley: He loved me.

Jamie: Marley, rape is an act of violence, not love.

Marley: No matter what he did to me, I know he loved me.

Jamie: I can't believe you're saying this. Marley, the man is sick.

Marley: Jamie, I'm not forgiving him. I'm just trying to understand. He wanted to prove to me that he loved me. That's what he kept saying to me.

Jamie: Marley, I understand that you've been through a nightmare, but you gotta think about what you're saying here.

Marley: Maybe if I hadn't been so angry, then I could have handled the situation. I know I could have handled it.

Jamie: Listen to me.

Marley: We were married.

Jamie: You are not making sense.

Marley: Maybe it wasn't rape.

Jamie: Marley, look at me.

Jamie: Look, if you said no and he went ahead anyway, that's rape. Do you understand me?

Jamie: Marley, even if you were married or not married at all, or if he was angry or if he was hurt, it is still rape, and it is not your fault.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: The snow's beginning to drift. We have to get out of here.

[Engine trying to turn]

Jamie: Come on. Turn over. Come on.

Jamie: Damn. I'm gonna get us out of here.

John: [Sighs]

Taylor: Hi.

John: Hi.

Taylor: Seems like you were having a pretty wonderful dream.

John: Yeah, the best.

Taylor: Was it about Sharlene?

John: I don't know why, but I have this incredible feeling that she's very, very close. Like she's, uh, gonna be coming back soon.

Taylor: Do you?

John: Yeah. What's that look for?

Taylor: Well, John, dreams are -- I mean, this is --

John: No, come on, come on. Just say what you're thinking.

Taylor: Well, dreams say more about the dreamer than they do about the subject of the dream.

John: In your opinion.

Taylor: You asked me what I was thinking.

John: Taylor, will you stop being an objective therapist just for once. I mean, don't make me stop having these good feelings that I'm in.

Taylor: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.

John: Well, that's what you're doing.

Taylor: Well, I'm sorry. John, it's difficult to watch you struggling with all of this. The one thing I can help you with is your perspective. I know you want more than anything to believe that Sharlene's going to come back in your life and just pick up where you left off. I mean, your dream reinforces that. But the fact is, she hasn't even called you. There's no way of knowing what she's going to want, when and if she ever comes back.

[Loud crash]

Dean: Ow!

Frankie: Dean?

Cass: Dean, is that you?

Dean: Oh, couldn't we turn a light on, so I don't have to crack my stupid head open? Huh?

Frankie: We were just on our way upstairs. We would have turned the light on for you, ok?

Dean: Yeah, I'm fine.

Cass: Wait a second. What time is it?

Frankie: It's late, Cass. We should be going up.

Cass: Did we or did we not agree on a curfew?

Dean: Oh, here we go.

Cass: And according to my watch --

Frankie: Come on, Cass.

Cass: No, I won't come on. According to my watch, you're late, Dean.

Dean: I'm lucky to even be here, Cass. We're talking a blizzard out there.

Cass: We're talking deal-breaking in here.

Frankie: It must be tough driving, Cass.

Cass: He couldn't have called?

Frankie: We were worried about you, Dean.

Dean: Oh, yeah, you looked real worried.

Frankie: You could have called us.

Dean: You could give me a break, you know.

Cass: Forget about me, but your own cousin, I mean, your own flesh and blood --

Dean: You know, you pretending to be this thoughtful, sensitive prince of a guy -- it's really starting to get old. You know what I'm saying, Cass?

Frankie: Hey, Dean, I will not have you being rude to my husband.

Dean: I know about the blonde. I heard all about the blonde. What's her name? Uh, Celia? Cecilia?

Frankie: Cecile?

Dean: Cecile! That's it -- Cecile. Came in on a helicopter, landed in your bed. I heard about it.

Cass: Be very careful here, young Dean.

Dean: Oh, you were real sensitive about Frankie then, weren't you?

Cass: Don't do this, Dean.

Dean: Oh, yeah, real considerate.

Cass: Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah?

Dean: And then, of course, there's Felicia. I heard all about that. You played around Felicia a little bit.

Cass: Go upstairs, Frankie.

Frankie: No, Cass.

Cass: Yes, Frankie, please. Dean and I are gonna have a little heart-to-heart.

Marley: Jamie, nobody's -- nobody's here.

Jamie: Oh.

Marley: You're gonna break in?

Jamie: It's that or freeze to death.

Marley: Jamie, you can't -- you can't do that. This -- I'm -- oh, I'm not sure about this.

Jamie: I won't steal anything if you don't.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: Where are the lights? Here.

Electricity must be out.

Marley: Um, oh, my pocket -- on my keys. Here -- a flashlight.

Jamie: I think we may need a little more wattage than this.

Marley: What -- what is this?

Jamie: Looks like an antique store.

Marley: Wow. Look at this place.

Jamie: Uh, this will do it.

Marley: Um, here are some phones. Maybe -- maybe one of them works.

Jamie: Ooh, fire. Those phones are probably out. Come here. Come by the fire.

Marley: Jamie, I'm really not sure we should be doing this. I'm -- I'm uncomfortable with this.

Jamie: Look, relax. I'm sure that the owners will understand.

Marley: Ah. So, what do -- what do we do now?

Jamie: We have no choice. We'll spend the night -- what's left of it.

Jamie: I'd give anything to undo all the bad that's happened to you these last few weeks, but I know I can't.

But I want tonight to belong to us -- to the two of us. We'll lock out the rest of the world and everything else, except us two.

Vicky: Thank you. You don't want any?

Ryan: I think coffee's about the last thing that I need right now.

Vicky: You're angry with me, aren't you?

Ryan: I'm a whole lot of things, but right now I'm just confused.

What's going on with us? Tonight was so right.

Vicky: I know. You keep saying that.

Ryan: Because it's true. Tonight was magic. It should have been magic. And then what happened, Vicky? Explain that to me.

Vicky: I already did.

Ryan: No. You mumbled some trash about it being wrong because it was right.

Vicky: No, that wasn't trash, it was the truth.

Ryan: Where do you come up with this stuff?

Vicky: Something is going to go wrong, especially in our case. Something is bound to go wrong, and then all the anticipation will be gone, and all that's going to be left is disappointment.

Ryan: I don't believe you just said that. But I'll take it seriously because it doesn't sound like you're joking.

Vicky: What's so hard to understand?

Ryan: Let me see if I can just get this straight. You say that you're afraid because you don't think that we'll work out.

Vicky: Well, I know we won't.

Ryan: Yes, we can.

That's what you're really afraid about. Because we're right on the edge of something important, something so real, so -- so rare that it's scaring you to death. That's what's really going on with you, Vicky.

Vicky: I have every right to be scared.

Ryan: You have every right to be happy.

Vicky: Please, go, before someone gets hurt.

Dean: No, you know, you talk out of both sides of your face.

Cass: No mean feat.

Dean: You know, they call -- there's a word for -- what do they call people like that?

Cass: Hypocrite.

Dean: Hypocrite, that's what you are. You're a -- no -- you're worse than a hypocrite.

Cass: [Gasps] Worse than a hypocrite?

Dean: You are worse than a hypocrite. You're an ex-gambler.

Cass: Oh, hurt me.

Dean: You are a two-timer. You are a gigolo.

Cass: Gigolo.

Frankie: A gigolo? Wait a minute. I never heard anything about a gigolo.

Cass: Upstairs, Frankie.

Frankie: I'm going, I'm going. A gigolo?

Cass: Upstairs, Frankie. Come on, Dean, get it all out. Yeah, I guess maybe I've been coming down a little hard on you, but that's 'cause I know you.

Dean: Yeah. You don't know anything about me, all right.

Cass: I've been there, my friend.

Dean: First of all, I am not -- not your friend.

Cass: I was rebellious. So are you.

Dean: Like hell. You are nothing like me.

Cass: Sure. Sure I am. You think that anyone who is a conformist is a jerk. No mainstream for young Dean. You gotta do your own thing, right? Well, that was me at your age.

Dean: You couldn't be like me at any age, all right. I'm Dean, you're Cass --

Cass: It took me years to straighten out my life, wasted years.

Dean: I am not wasting a single day, pal.

Cass: I used to say that.

Dean: Oh.

Cass: Yeah, I did. And then one day you wake up, and whammo.

Dean: Can you stop? Stop with the fatherly advice, ok. You are not my father.

Cass: Tell me about him.

Dean: Yeah, right, I'll tell you about him.

Cass: Why won't you?

Dean: He's none of your business, that's why.

Cass: You liked him, didn't you?

Dean: Would you stop? I'm warning you, Cass, I --

Cass: But what, he was never there for you. He let you down, right?

Dean: Shut up, all right? Shut up!

Cass: Go ahead. You're mad, I'm mad. Go ahead, throw it.

That's for kids who steal cars, who drop in uninvited before the honeymoon is over, who sneak in to live in the basement. Your turn. No? Ok, I'll go again. This one is for people who play their stereo systems at an ear splitting decibel level.

Frankie: What is going on here? Dean and

Cass: Upstairs, Frankie. You're not gonna throw yours?

Dean: All right. This -- this is for all the people who ever left me, ok? This -- this is for people who keep telling me what to do.

Thank you. This is for people with two faces who continuously make rules. Give me one of those. Thank you. This is for people who stand on the highway, watching me with my thumb out and pass me by.

Cass: Out of my way. This is for the cubs.

Dean: Yeah, this -- this here is for all those jerks down at the recording company who never listen to me.

Cass: All right. This is for district attorneys who have no heart.

Dean: This is for the slime ball who stole my song.

Cass: Here.

Dean: Thank you. There you go. I got a song for you.

Cass: [Laughing]

John: Well, that's where you're wrong, Taylor. She did call. Thanksgiving. I just missed the call. Will you stop being so negative?

Taylor: John, I'm sorry. I was just trying to get you to recognize certain -- to be realistic.

John: I'm sick of being realistic. I want to feel good for a change.

Taylor: Look, there's just certain facts that, if you --

John: Taylor, I'm sick and tired of facts. I want to go with my intuitions for once. I know it's not very scientific, but it's how I feel. Sharlene is coming back, and when she does, I --

Taylor: What?

John: I've resisted talking to anyone about this, even Sharlene, but I think maybe it's time I did.

Taylor: Well, tell me. What?

John: Some of the specialists that I've talked to said that the damage to my leg shouldn't have left me like this. I used to think that they were crazy, but now I'm not so sure.

Taylor: Why? After all these years.

John: Because of what Sharlene has been through. She's a clear demonstration of how powerful the mind can be. If she can do it, then so can I.

Do you know of anybody that would be willing to work with me on this?

Taylor: I'll find someone. It means that much to you, I'll find someone.

John: It means that much to me.

Taylor: You think maybe I could find them tomorrow? I am starving. I'd like to lure you across the street to the diner.

John: I'm starving, too. Lure away.

Ryan: You're sending me out into the blizzard that swallowed Bay City.

Vicky: If you stay, something will happen that we'll both regret.

Ryan: I could never regret anything that would happen tonight.

Vicky: Ryan?

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: It's my turn to back off.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Vicky: Well, um, you pulled away from me the night you took me to the train trestle. Ah. Look, it's -- the blizzard is almost stopping. It's just a few flakes now, and it's almost stopping.

Ryan: Ok.

No -- no, it's not ok. Look, just -- just tell me that the way that we feel for each other -- just say that that's not wrong.

Vicky: It's not wrong. God, Ryan, you know me. You probably know me better than I know myself. That's why I haven't been able to drive you away. Most men would have been long gone by now.

Ryan: I'm not most men. Last chance to keep me here.

Vicky: No, I can't, I can't. Ryan, I can't -- I'm --

Ryan: What?

Vicky: Just go. Please, trust me, if you stay, it could destroy us. Please go.

[Telephone rings]

Vicky: Hello. No, mother, I don't know where Marley is. She's probably with Jamie. Yeah, I know it starts on Friday. Just don't lose any sleep over it. Well, I -- because -- because there's not gonna be a trial. Good night, mother.

Matt: Listen, I know Jamie's been giving you a hard time, and I'm sorry.

Paulina: You don't have to apologize for your brother, Matthew.

Matt: Well, he's not likely to do it himself.

Paulina: Jamie's having a difficult time.

Matt: That doesn't mean he has to take it out on you.

Paulina: I guess he doesn't trust me.

Matt: Is that why you've been keeping a low profile around here?

Paulina: What are you talking about?

Matt: Well, been kind of in and out. You've been spending a lot of time with Dean.

Paulina: I like Dean. He's a nice guy.

Matt: That's good. You two seem to be hitting it off.

Paulina: Yes, we do. We understand each other.

Matt: He's pretty ambitious, that guy, huh?

Paulina: Yeah, he sure is. By the way, that was a really nice thing you did for him the other day.

Matt: Surprised he mentioned it.

Paulina: Oh, yes. He was very impressed that you stuck up for him.

Matt: Is he any good? I mean his music.

Paulina: Yeah, I think he is. I mean, I'm no expert, but I -- I think he's very talented.

Matt: Guess you'd have to be with all that confidence, huh?

Paulina: Well, that's the greatest thing about him. I mean, he is so sure that he's gonna make it to the top. Doesn't matter what gets in his way, he's gonna make it.

Matt: Lucky guy.

Paulina: Well, you're just as lucky. He's not as lucky as you.

Matt: Yeah? Why do you say that?

Paulina: Well, because you've already made it. Look how successful you are.

Matt: With what?

Paulina: A lot of things.

Matt: I'm waiting.

Paulina: Well, you get great grades.

Matt: Great grades. Yay. Wow. Way to go.

Paulina: You have a lot of money.

Matt: Through no effort of my own.

Paulina: So what? Do you know how much freedom that gives you?

Matt: Freedom to do what?

Paulina: Whatever you want to do.

Matt: Yeah -- see, that's the problem, Paulina. I don't know what that is. I don't know what I want to do with my life. That's why, huh, I really envy Dean.

Cass: Last one.

Dean: Yep, last one.

Cass: Who do we dedicate it to?

Dean: I don't know. Actually, I think I just ran out of anger.

Cass: If I try hard enough, I think I can come up with one more.

Dean: Think that Frankie's gonna be a little ticked when she sees this?

Cass: Eh, she hated these plates anyway. They were a gift from her mother--- I think I have it. Would you step back, please?

Dean: What?

Cass: This is for Frankie's mother, who tried to make me feel like scum. Emma!

Dean: Yeah. Yeah. Emma. She gave you a hard time like me?

Cass: Emma's a hard woman.

Dean: Oh, God, I lived in her basement for a month, a couple years ago. I know what you're talking about.

Cass: A month? You and Emma?

Dean: A month.

Frankie: It is not bad enough you trash my china. Now you gotta trash my Mama?

Dean: [Whispering] I didn't say anything about her mother. You said Emma.

Frankie: I expect every piece, every chip, every sliver swept up and thrown in the garbage, and I want it done right now. Cass and

Dean: Yes, ma'am.

Frankie: And for your information, Counselor, I did not hate that china.

Cass: No?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Oh.

Frankie: And it's gonna cost you to replace it. I want real bone china from England.

Dean: Uh-oh.

Cass: From England?

Frankie: Yes, from England.

Cass: Where are you going?

Frankie: I gave up on sleep, so I thought I would make us all some breakfast -- if I could find something to serve it on.

Dean: [Whispering] Uh-oh. [Normal voice] Well, I'll tell you, this isn't exactly like my industrial-strength broom that I use at Sassy's, but I'll give it the best professional shot I can.

Cass: Uh, why don't you go get the garbage bags, and I'll sweep up.

Dean: No, that's all right. I figure this is 90% of my mess. I'll sweep up. You get the bag.

Cass: You're on.

The last words of wisdom for the night. Young Dean, there are no shortcuts, not even if you're talented.

Dean: Right, right. What am I doing?

Jamie: Success. I found the wood. We won't freeze tonight.

Marley: It was all so silly, really.

Jamie: What was?

Marley: I knew I couldn't be pregnant. I just thought life had dealt me one more horrible blow.

Jamie: Marley, I thought we were gonna shut out the rest of the world tonight. Remember?

Marley: I wish I could.

Jamie: You can. Now, come on. No Jake, just you and me. You're still cold?

Marley: A little.

Jamie: I guess this fire's not gonna do it. Stay here.

Come here.

Marley: What? Jamie, what are you doing?

Jamie: Here we go.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: I'm gonna tuck you in this bed over here.

Marley: Well, I could have walked --

Jamie: Of course, you could have, but that would have been boring, wouldn't it?

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: How does that feel?

Marley: It feels wonderful.

Jamie: The mattress soft enough?

Marley: Yeah. Like I'm on feather pillows.

Jamie: Good. Let me tuck you in.

Marley: Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah. Wait. That's it. Nice and warm. Ok, now sleep.

Marley: Jamie... I need you to hold me.

Taylor: What a fabulous morning.

John: Yeah, it was terrific, till that kid hit me with a snowball.

Taylor: What kid?

John: What do you mean, what kid? You -- you kid. I leave you alone for one minute, and look what happens.

Taylor: Oh, the look on your face.

John: I'm gonna get you back, Taylor. One of these days I'll get you back.

Nurse: I can't believe you're not home in bed, doctor.

John: Well, I find it a little hard to believe myself, but I am on my way. The roads are opening up.

Taylor: I think I'm gonna hang out here. I don't trust myself in my own car.

John: Well, I'll give you a ride, if you like.

Taylor: Oh, yeah? That would be great.

John: Sure. Let me go and check on Jake, and I'll meet you back here.

Taylor: Ok, I'll be waiting.

John: All right.

[Telephone rings]

Nurse: What floor? Oh, Mrs. Hudson. How are you? Oh, I don't know if John's here. Hold on.

Second Nurse: Well, that's it for me. I am out of here.

Nurse: First tell me where Dr. Hudson went. Uh... His wife's on the phone.

Second Nurse: Oh, he must have gone home.

Nurse: You just missed him. Try him at home.

Marley: Hi.

Jamie: Good morning.

Marley: Already?

Jamie: Sun's up. The snow has stopped. You got yourself a good night's sleep.

Marley: Yeah. For the first time in a couple of weeks.

Jamie: You look beautiful, Marley.

Marley: I feel so safe here with you.

Jamie: I guess I should go out and check on the car.

Marley: I guess.

What are the owners gonna do if they find us here like this?

Jamie: I don't know. What will they do?

Marley: Jamie, thanks for being here with me last night. Thanks for always being here when I need you.

Jamie: I haven't always been here.

Marley: What are you talking about?

Jamie: When you came to me needing information about Paulina.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: You asked for help, and I sent you away.

Marley: Mm, in a way it -- it was good that you did that. It made me realize how much I'd hurt you.

Jamie: Marley, I --

Marley: No, it's -- it's my turn to say what I've been feeling in my heart for a long time. I love you, Jamie. I really, really love you.

[Vicky clears her throat]

[Card reader buzzes]

Cass: Hey, Ryan.

Ryan: Hello, Cass.

Cass: You wouldn't know where the D.A. is, would you, by any chance? I was supposed to meet her in the conference room. She didn't show.

Ryan: Must be the snow. Everybody's having problems this morning.

Cass: Well, that better be it. I better not be getting another runaround. Today's Discovery Day, and I'm supposed to check out all the state's evidence against Marley.

Ryan: Do you want me to call Morgan's office?

Cass: Thanks. That'd be nice.

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