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Another World Transcript Wednesday 11/1/06

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Vicky: Wait!

Ryan: Why should I wait? There's nothing left to be said.

Vicky: All right, I care.

Ryan: Keep going.

Vicky: I have a million conflicting feelings for you and I'm not sure I want any of them.

Ryan: So, you finally admitted it. Why was that so hard for you?

Vicky: Because the last time I admitted that I cared for someone, he hurt me...badly.

Ryan: You think that's what's gonna happen? You think that I'm gonna hurt you?

Vicky: Yes, and it scares me to death.

Michael: I can't help it, Stacey. I feel so responsible!

Stacey: You have nothing to do with this situation.

Michael: I'm her father! I should be able to protect her. You understand that?

Stacey: Michael, you're doing everything you possibly can.

Michael: Maybe, maybe. Maybe I am. Stacey, I would go through this for her in a minute.

Stacey: I know. I remember that feeling. I think every parent feels it. Listen, all you can do is just be there for her, let her know that you love her, and that will give her strength, no matter what she has to go through.

Michael: Stacey, I don't want to just be there for her. I want to do something. You understand? I want to do something, and I can't. Everybody would help Marley. I mean, Donna would do anything to help Marley.

Stacey: Would she?

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens]

Jamie: Hey, John.

John: Jamie. Any changes?

Jamie: No, nothing. Can't seem to get the fever down.

John: What's this?

Jamie: We're not sure. Possible seizure activity, maybe a muscle spasm. I've ordered an EEG and a neurology consult.

John: I understand that they've set a trial date for Marley.

Jamie: The D.A.'s office has pushed like crazy to move it up.

John: I'm very sorry.

Jamie: It's left Cass with almost no time at all to prepare a defense for Marley. She is with him now, rehearsing what they've come up with.

John: He's a first-rate trial lawyer.

Jamie: I'm sure he'll do his best. What worries me is whether she can take it. She's physically drained and emotionally right on the edge. It's not enough that she had to go through this nightmare with Jake alone, now she has to relive it. I don't know who shot him, but when I think how he almost...

John: What?

Jamie: I could kill him myself.

Cass: Tell me, Marley. Don't hold bacon me now! There can't be any lies between us. Come on, what are you hiding?

Marley: It -- it didn't happen like I said it did.

Cass: Jake tried to rape you, and you had to stop him, so you what? What did you do?

Marley: You -- you don't understand. He did come at me, and --

Cass: What? He came at you and what? Come on! What, what?

Marley: Stop it! [Crying] He... he raped me. [Sobbing] I didn't stop him. He raped me.

Cass: Oh, God. Oh, Marley. Oh, God.

Marley: [Sobbing] It happened so fast. It was horrible.

Cass: So you shot Jake in self-defense. That's what happened, isn't it?

Marley: No.

Cass: He raped you. Everyone will understand. We can enter a plea of self-defense.

Marley: No, Cass, you don't understand.

Cass: Ok, then tell me what happened.

Marley: I feel so many things. Anger and... I feel really humiliated. [Sobs]

Cass: Is that why you didn't tell me before?

Marley: I don't think I can do this, Cass.

Cass: Yes, you can. Take your time. I need you to give me as much detail as you can. Come on.

Marley: [Sobs] He was angry at me. When I told -- told him I couldn't marry him, he refused to believe me. And then he got crazy. And wouldn't let me leave. He told me he would make it like it was before. I swear I tried to stop him, but he was just too strong for me. I can't -- [Sobs]

Cass: Talk to me about the gun. Tell me about the gun. How did you get a hold of it? All right, does Vicky know about the rape?

Marley: No, I never told her.

Cass: All right, this is what we could do. We could have you take the witness stand and tell your story.

Marley: No.

Cass: Given Jake's character and reputation --

Marley: Cass, I won't do it.

Cass: I know this is horrible for you, Marley, and believe me, I will do everything I possibly can to make it easier on you --

Marley: You listen to me!

Cass: But you have to understand!

Marley: You listen to me!

Cass: You have to! You don't have a choice!

Marley: I have a choice. I didn't when Jake did what he did to me. But you better promise me that you won't tell anybody about this. You'd better promise me.

Bridget: Marley, I heard you -- I heard you cry out, dear. What is it? What's the matter? Oh, my dear, you're crying. You poor, wee thing. What did you do to her?

Cass: I'm just trying to help her.

Bridget: She's been very ill, and you are badgering her.

Cass: I am not badgering her.

Bridget: It doesn't matter what it is. It's all over now. I want you to leave.

Cass: Maybe we have had enough for one day.

Bridget: Now, I've got the kettle on. I'm going to make you a nice cup of tea. You lie back and relax. I'll be back in a jiffy. I will be back in a jiffy.

Cass: I just want you to think about one thing. If I was able to break you, just imagine what the D.A. is going to do when she gets a hold of you. Do you really think you can protect your secret then?

Marley: Some things have to stay secret.

Michael: Why would you question that?

Stacey: I just --

Michael: Wait a minute, you answer me. Now, why would you possibly think Donna wouldn't do everything she could do to help Marley?

Stacey: Look, Michael, I shouldn't have said anything, all right?

Michael: But you did say something. This has something to do with what happened with Mikey, doesn't it?

Donna: Cass? Cass, are you in --

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Hi. I didn't expect to see the two of you here.

Michael: Come on in.

Donna: Where's Cass?

Michael: Actually, he's with Marley.

Stacey: Uh, yeah. He's rehearsing her testimony for the trial.

Donna: Why aren't you with him?

Michael: Cass didn't want me with him.

Donna: Well, I don't care what he wanted. This is an ordeal for Marley. She's got to have the support of her family.

Stacey: Well, apparently Cass wanted to see her alone.

Donna: Stacey, have you rejoined the law firm?

Stacey: No.

Donna: Then stay out of it. I really wish you'd told me what was going on. I don't appreciate being excluded like this. Are they at Victoria's?

Michael: Yes.

Donna: Well, I'm going to go over there right now. You're coming with me, aren't you?

Michael: Well, it seems that Cass has had enough time over there by himself, I guess. Yeah, I'll be right there. We'll talk.

Rachel: I'm going to be thrilled when it's over.

Ken: No.

Rachel: Yes, I am.

Ken: I thought you were looking forward to this.

Rachel: Oh, to have it all placed on my shoulders by Iris and have her not lift a finger to help me?

Ken: I thought the Snowflake Ball was her baby.

Rachel: She's put it all on my lap and she won't have a thing to do with it because Paulina is involved.

Ken: Ah, that doesn't seem fair.

Rachel: It isn't fair, it's infuriating. I've spent the whole day on the phone to caterers and decorators. I'm convinced this isn't going to go very smoothly.

Ken: Oh, come on, Rachel. Anything you're involved in is bound to be a huge success.

Rachel: Why do you say that?

Ken: Because you have a talent for making things work, for making the people around you happy.

Rachel: Oh, is that what I have a talent for? I forgot. Yes, of course, that's it. I mean, look at my family. What a happy bunch!

Ken: All right, your kids have been through some rough times. But your strength has helped them survive.

Rachel: Well, you could say that a few thousand times. Maybe I'll believe you.

Ken: Well, with pleasure. Speaking of the Snowflake Ball, it looks like this one's going to be aptly named.

Rachel: First snow of the season.

Ken: It's supposed to be quite a storm.

Rachel: Oh, I forgot to listen to the weather.

Ken: [Laughs] They say we could get up to six inches by morning.

Rachel: Good heavens.

Ken: Yeah. I better get going. Don't want to get caught in the middle of it.

Rachel: Well, why don't you stay with me and forget all about the snow?

Ken: Are you asking me to spend the night?

Rachel: Are you shocked?

Ken: I'm -- [Laughs] I don't know what I am.

Rachel: [Laughs] I stayed at your house.

Ken: Yes, well, I didn't have three children, two grandchildren, a mother, and a battalion of servants.

Rachel: You didn't have to remind me, did you? Well, Paulina.

Paulina: Oh, hi.

Rachel: I didn't know where you'd gotten to.

Paulina: Sorry I'm late.

Rachel: It's all right. There's no curfew. Have you had dinner?

Paulina: Yes, I have had dinner. Well, I'll leave you two alone. I'm going to go make some tea.

Rachel: No, that's all right. I'll make some tea.

Paulina: No, Rachel, you don't have to do that.

Rachel: I don't mind.

Paulina: We're in trouble.

Ken: Why, what's happened?

Paulina: I just heard. The police have tapes.

John: Have you given any thought to removing yourself from this case?

Jamie: No.

John: Don't you think you're getting a little too personally involved?

Jamie: John, it was the luck of the draw. I was on call when they brought him in.

John: Oh, come on, Jamie. You could assign anyone to this case.

Jamie: I'm coping. Anyway, they have a specialist coming in tomorrow, a neurosurgeon from Chicago. We have to make a decision about removing the bullet, and I don't want to do it alone.

John: Smart move.

Jamie: Look, I'm going to head home.

John: Get yourself a good night's rest.

Jamie: What's that?

John: I don't know.

Jamie: Wait a minute, weren't you supposed to be off tonight? I thought that you were having dinner with Taylor.

John: I did. We had a nice time, actually. It seems like all of my friends are doing everything they can to make me feel comfortable. But I still go home every night to an empty house. How's that for good old hometown self-pity?

Jamie: Have you talked with Sharlene?

John: Yeah, actually, she called on Thanksgiving. Josie spoke with her. She said she was fine, but I missed the call.

Jamie: John, I know this is none of my business, but I don't get this at all. I mean, how could Sharlene do this to you? It's your baby, too.

John: She felt like everything was collapsing around her. She felt like Grant was pressuring her too much -- and me. The thing is, the longer this goes on, the more angry I become.

Jamie: Who can blame you?

John: Grant forced this whole issue. I really understand what you're saying, saying that you could have killed Jake yourself. I look at Grant and I wonder why the hell I ever worked so hard to keep him alive.

Man: Mr. H.

Grant: Brad. How did you know I was on my way to Tops?

Brad: I'm a private investigator, the best in the business.

Grant: You're certainly getting paid like you're the best in the business. What have you got for me?

Brad: The photographs that you wanted.

Grant: I assume that Hudson and Taylor Benson are still together, huh?

Brad: Negative. He left right after dinner, so I wasn't able to get you a whole lot of pretty pictures.

Grant: Dammit!

Brad: Hey, listen, I did the best I could.

Grant: Ok, what about Sharlene, any word on her?

Brad: Zero.

Grant: I want you to get all of John's phone records, ok? All of his long distance calls.

Brad: No problem.

Grant: If Sharlene calls and leaves a phone number, I want it. I want it right away.

Brad: And you'll have it.

Grant: Without her, none of this work on Taylor Benson means anything.

Brad: Listen, is that about it? Can I take off?

Grant: Go, go. I'll talk to you later on.

Brad: Thanks.

Iris: Grant?

Grant: Iris.

Iris: I'm glad I ran into you, because I need to find your brother right now.

Vicky: This balcony, maybe Felicia will rent you a piece of it.

Ryan: Will you stop covering up your feelings with your wisecracks?

Vicky: Is that what I'm doing?

Ryan: You said that you were afraid of being hurt again.

Vicky: Oh, it's snowing.

Ryan: Yeah, a couple of flakes.

Vicky: Yeah, oh, they're settling.

Ryan: Would you listen to me?

Vicky: Well, I can't listen and shiver at the same time. Ah, what a guy.

Ryan: Better?

Vicky: Yep.

Ryan: I am not going to hurt you.

Vicky: Well, Ryan, how can you help it? Look what's going on around us.

Ryan: I want to look at you and me first.

Vicky: No, I'm not gonna let you do that.

Ryan: All right, this case makes it difficult for us.

Vicky: Difficult? Impossible.

Ryan: It is not impossible. We can get through this. We will get through this. You just have to start trusting me, just a little.

Vicky: Do you trust me? Do you believe me when I tell you that my sister didn't shoot Jake?

Ryan: I want to trust.

Vicky: Yes, well, I want to trust you, too, but how can I? We're on opposite sides.

Ryan: I don't see it that way.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Ryan. You're sworn to uphold the law, and I have sworn to protect my sister no matter what. Now, none of that is gonna change. This is a real joke, you know? I finally find a man that I think may be right for me, and he's prosecuting my sister for attempted murder. Ha ha ha.

Ryan: I'm not laughing.

Vicky: Ha ha ha.

Ryan: I can't. Look, I told you that I was not going to walk away from you.

Vicky: All right, then I'm going to walk away.

Ryan: No. We've got something too good to just let go. All we have to do is just get through this next month without losing each other again. We'll make it.

Man: [Clears throat]

Vicky: [Clears throat]

Grant: New arrest procedure, Ryan?

Ryan: This is private, Grant.

Grant: I have a message for you, little brother. Iris is looking for you.

Vicky: Iris? Is Iris one of your suspects? Answer me.

Ryan: Excuse me a minute.

Grant: Well, I see you still seem to have Ryan on a string.

Vicky: Shouldn't you be out vetoing a bill or something?

Grant: [Chuckles]

Iris: I demand that any tapes pertaining to my telephone conversations be returned to me immediately.

Ryan: Why do you think I have your tapes, Iris?

Iris: Because I know you do.

Ryan: How?

Iris: Don't play games with me, Ryan. Your partner told me.

Ryan: Who? Carlos?

Iris: Yes, and I have no intention of sitting around while the police invade my private life or my corporate business.

Ryan: I see.

Iris: Look, my phone was bugged illegally, but I can assure you that nothing I said or anything anybody else said had anything whatsoever to do with Jake's shooting.

Ryan: I don't think your assurances are enough, Iris.

Iris: Mrs. Wheeler to you. And if those tapes aren't returned, I'll instruct my attorney to take whatever action he thinks necessary.

Ryan: I'll be looking forward to going over everything we've got tomorrow, as scheduled.

Iris: Just remember I have rights.

Billy: Harrison, over here.

Ryan: Excuse me.

Ryan: Something wrong, captain?

Billy: Trying to get yourself fired?

Ryan: No.

Billy: Well, then I take it that you're hearing impaired.

Ryan: What are you getting at, captain?

Billy: Did I not tell you that the McKinnon case was closed?

Ryan: Look, there's new evidence.

Billy: Ryan --

Ryan: And the possibility of a new motive for murder.

Bridget: Nice cup of tea. It's just the way you like it. It's nice and strong, piece of lemon on the side, eh?

Marley: Do you want a cup, Cass?

Cass: No, thank you. I don't care much for tea.

Bridget: You don't care much for listening either, do you?

Marley: Bridget --

Bridget: Now, Mr. Winthrop, I told you. I want you to go home.

Marley: Bridget, he's only trying to help.

Bridget: Well, he's done quite enough helping for one day, you know. Come on, I want you to lie back. You're so pale, dear.

Cass: I just have a couple of more questions, Bridget. If I could just have another minute with Marley.

Bridget: You've asked enough questions. Oh, I'm so glad you're here. Come in.

Michael: Why? What's the matter? Marley, are you all right?

Bridget: Yes, we'll, he's been yelling at her --

Donna: What's going on?

Bridget: He's been badgering her, and look at her eyes. They're all swollen from crying.

Marley: She's exaggerating. She's exaggerating.

Donna: Marley? This is insane.

Marley: I'm ok.

Donna: Isn't everything hard enough for her without her attorney making her life hell?

Michael: Donna, please.

Donna: No, I'm not going to let anybody do this to my daughter.

Michael: Honey, Cass is just doing his job. Aren't you?

Cass: It was a grueling, tough night, and I'm sorry about that. But I did what I felt I had to do, and I'm confident now that Marley is an innocent victim.

Donna: Now? You're confident now? What took you so long?

Michael: Donna, please. Cass, did you and Marley come to any decision?

Cass: No, no decision has been made yet.

Michael: Well, will you be able to help us?

Cass: Yes, with Marley's cooperation. Marley, I need you to make a list for me of all the arguments you had with Jake over the past six months, anything that anybody else might have heard that can be used against you.

Marley: I'll think about it.

Cass: I want us to avoid any surprise witnesses if we possibly can.

Marley: Of course.

Cass: I'm sorry I was so tough on you. I really am.

Marley: It's ok.

Cass: I'll talk to you tomorrow. Good night.

Michael: I'll see you out, Cass.

Donna: I can't believe he's put her through this.

Bridget: It took me half an hour. I tried to get him out of here, but he wouldn't listen.

Donna: Why was he being so insensitive?

Bridget: He just kept on and on at her. You know, I've never seen anything like it.

Michael: Marley, are you all right? What's the matter?

Donna: Marley, what's wrong?

Marley: [Sobbing] Oh, God -- I can't breathe -- [Gasps]

Donna: Michael, do something!

Ken: Calm down.

Paulina: Don't tell me to calm down.

Ken: Shh!

Paulina: There's no reason to calm down.

Ken: They couldn't have found tapes on Iris or Vicky or Marley because Jake didn't plant any bugs on their phones. I did, to get the police focus away from you.

Paulina: This is a nightmare.

Ken: So if they did really find any tapes, it had to be from your phone.

Paulina: I keep wracking my brain trying to think of all the phone calls that I ever made, but who knows how long that bug was there. Who knows what he heard. Don't you see how bad this could be?

Jamie: How bad, Paulina? How bad could it be?

Michael: Honey --

Donna: My God, Michael, do something!

Michael: All right, can you -- breathe out, breathe out. Just blow from your stomach. Blow, blow, blow, blow. Good. Now, hold your breath and inhale. Inhale, come on. Relax, relax, just inhale. There you go, that's it. Open up, breathe.

Donna: Why is she so pale?

Michael: That's good. It's all right. Her color's coming back now. Don't worry.

Bridget: Should I get a pillow?

Donna: No, no, I want to get her into bed. Can you stand up, darling? Can you stand up?

Michael: You ok?

Donna: Come on, darling.

Michael: Here, let me help you. Bridget --

Bridget: Yes, I've got her.

Donna: Michael, would you call the hospital and tell John to come over here immediately?

Michael: I will, I will.

Marley: I don't need a doctor, I'm ok.

Donna: Yes, you do. I want your uncle John to look at you.

Michael: All right.

Donna: Take it easy. Here we are.

Michael: Yes, hello. I'd like to speak to Dr. John Hudson, please. This is an emergency. Look, I don't really care what he's doing, all right? This is Michael Hudson. I want to talk to him now.

Michael: John?

John: Yeah, what's going on, Mike?

Michael: Marley seems to have had some kind of attack. I think it's just anxiety, but I would really appreciate it if you could come over to Vicky's and take a look at her.

John: Sure. I'm just finishing up some paperwork. I'll leave right now.

Michael: Good, thank you. How is she?

Donna: She's resting. I've asked Bridget to stay with her.

Michael: Good. John's on his way over here right now.

Donna: Oh, poor baby. Michael, I've never seen her like this, ever.

Michael: Donna, she's just trying to hold it all together. She's scared out of her mind.

Donna: I don't like the way Cass is handling this.

Michael: Well, Cass is doing the best he can.

Donna: Why are you taking his side?

Michael: I'm not taking his side, I'm taking Marley's side. Look, Cass is her lawyer. If we can't trust him, who can we trust?

Donna: I suppose we have to trust his sister also.

Michael: What's that supposed to mean?

Donna: I don't like her involvement in this, Michael. And I don't understand why you would want to confide in a woman who took our son away from us.

Cass: Hey.

Stacey: Hey, brother dear.

Cass: I'll take a cup of that black stuff. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Stacey: How did it go?

Cass: I'm not sure. I'm almost convinced that Marley didn't try to kill Jake in self-defense.

Stacey: Almost convinced? Why?

Cass: Well, she told me more about that night, but she still hasn't told me everything. I'm just afraid that the D.A. is going to pick right up on it and go after her.

Stacey: Do you think she's going to crack?

Cass: She's not really very strong right now, and if she were to crack -- I just wish I knew what was going to come out.

Stacey: Yeah, but you have two weeks before the trial, right?

Cass: Oh, great. That's not nearly enough time, Stace.

Stacey: Well, I'll do everything I possibly can, you know that. Anything.

Cass: You already did me a really big favor by helping me with Michael. I don't know how you did it, but you got him to calm down. He could have been a real problem.

Stacey: No, not Mike. I don't think so. Donna, on the other hand, she could have been a definite problem.

Cass: Why do you say that?

Stacey: Well, not for you, but for me. She wasn't particularly happy when she found Michael and me together.

Cass: Well, you -- you played a big part in having her son taken away from her. How do you expect her to feel?

Stacey: But Michael understands that it was just part of my job. I mean, he hates that the whole thing had to happen, but he doesn't hate me.

Cass: Well, I guess Donna just isn't that gracious.

Stacey: No.

Cass: Hey, you know what would be really great?

Stacey: What?

Cass: If you came back into the firm and worked on this case with me. I could really use the help.

Stacey: Ah, Cass, no, I can't.

Cass: Why not? Come on, Stace. Maybe you could square things, even with Donna.

Stacey: Cass, I can't. Not this case.

Paulina: Were you spying on me?

Jamie: Just listening.

Paulina: You have no right.

Jamie: Why don't you stop being so outraged and tell me why you're so worried about what the police might have found out? Why would Jake have been bugging your room, Paulina?

Paulina: I don't know, Jamie. Because he's a perverted weirdo.

Jamie: Cut the character sketch of Jake. This is about you and what you might have said. That's what you're afraid the police will find, isn't it?

Ken: Can we all just take it easy here?

Jamie: What about you, Ken? Why is Paulina always pouring out her heart to you? Seems to me you know a little more than you're telling us.

Ken: All I know is that she's very upset by this whole situation.

Jamie: Well, I want to know why.

Ken: Jake was leading her on when he was engaged to somebody else. Then she finds out that he or someone has been invading her privacy. That would make me upset.

Paulina: And your yelling at me and treating me like I'm a criminal doesn't help.

Jamie: Well, just tell the truth for once, Paulina!

Rachel: What's going on here?

Jamie: Why don't you ask Paulina?

Rachel: Jamie, you're upset about Marley, but this isn't going to do you any good.

Jamie: Paulina, if you had nothing to do with Jake's shooting, why are you so upset?

Paulina: I already told you, Jamie. I don't think I should have to explain myself to you anymore.

Rachel: Paulina, does Jamie have a reason to think you're more involved than we think you are?

Paulina: No!

Jamie: What could Jake have heard on your phone, Paulina?

Paulina: Jamie, I am sorry that you are upset about Marley, but I have been through a lot, too.

Iris: Yes, you have, poor dear, which provides you with a lovely motive for murder, doesn't it?

Billy: I don't need you to tell me that there are problems with this case.

Ryan: Problems? The whole thing's a mess.

Billy: Yes, but I don't want it to be our mess. Let the D.A. handle it.

Ryan: I'm sorry, captain, but I find that a little bit irresponsible.

Billy: You know what's irresponsible? Hanging the whole thing on phone bugs.

Ryan: Jake McKinnon was using surveillance equipment.

Billy: So what? The bugs aren't even the same make, so how could you link it to McKinnon?

Ryan: You can't ignore the possibility.

Billy: And I don't like tricks, Harrison. Inventing tapes from the bugs to see who gets nervous --

Ryan: But it's working. People get real jittery when you talk to them about those tapes.

Billy: If you had real tapes with real conversations, then I might look into it, but you don't.

Ryan: I can't believe that you're going to ignore this. I can't believe you're not even interested. You're the best damn cop in the entire department. Everybody knows that. All I'm asking for is that you talk to the D.A.'s office and tell them about the possibility of new evidence.

Billy: All right, I'll run it by the D.A. but I don't want you to spend one more second on this case unless I order you to, is that clear? Not one more second.

Ryan: Yes, captain.

Billy: I passed your desk earlier. You got enough work piled up on there to keep you busy for months. I suggest that you get started on that now.

Ryan: Now?

Billy: You really are hard of hearing, ain't you?

Ryan: Ok, captain. I'm on my way. I'll just get my coat and I'll just say good-bye to --

Billy: I've got you on the clock, Harrison.

Ryan: I have to leave.

Vicky: What -- what were you and your boss talking about?

Ryan: Uh, my work habits.

Vicky: Find some new evidence?

Ryan: Not really.

Vicky: You found some more bugs. I was eavesdropping. So will this postpone Marley's case?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: Ryan, talk to me.

Ryan: As it stands now, Marley's case is going to go to trial on schedule, but nothing's gonna shake the case. Not yet.

Vicky: You think she's innocent, don't you?

Ryan: No, I think there's a whole bunch that we don't know about yet.

Vicky: Well, I'm sure you'll do whatever you can to help Marley. I appreciate it.

Ryan: Just doing my job, that's all.

Vicky: It doesn't look like you're going to have a job if you don't leave soon. Your boss looks pretty angry.

Ryan: I want to continue that conversation that we started. Talk to you later.

Vicky: Bye-bye.

Grant: I don't recall inviting you to join me.

Vicky: I want to reopen the conversation we were having on Thanksgiving.

Grant: Why?

Vicky: I'm willing to up the stakes.

Donna: I don't know why you even speak to that woman.

Michael: I don't know why you're bringing this up again, Donna. You're making much too big of a deal out of it. I lost my temper with Cass and Stacey was there to cool me down, that's it.

Donna: How very helpful of her, especially since she doesn't give a damn about either one of us.

Michael: Donna, come on.

Donna: I don't like her, I don't trust her, and I should think that you would feel exactly the same way as I do.

Michael: Why? Is this about what happened at the custody trial, huh?

Donna: Yes. Isn't that enough? If I can't despise the woman that took my son away from me, I can't despise anybody.

Michael: Donna, if I were you, I would not push this.

Donna: She makes me sick to my stomach.

Michael: Not unless you're willing to tell me what really happened.

John: Hello.

Michael: John!

Donna: Hi, thank you for coming over.

John: Sure, sure. Where's Marley?

Donna: She's in the back and resting. Let me just see if she's asleep.

Michael: Thank you. Thanks for coming.

John: It's the least I could do. Everything is gonna be all right, Mike. I know it.

Michael: Thanks. Come on in. Have you heard from Sharlene?

John: No.

Michael: Gotta say I think it's pretty bad timing on her part with the baby coming and all.

John: Mike, I have run away enough in my life. I should understand that sometimes it seems like the only way out.

Rachel: Why are you here, Iris?

Iris: Why not? We're all family, aren't we? Well, most of us are. Besides, I'm fascinated to hear Paulina answer Jamie's question. What are you afraid Jake might have heard on your phone, Paulina?

Paulina: Well, you of all people should understand, Iris. Your phone was bugged, too.

Iris: It was a waste of time.

Paulina: Are you telling me it didn't upset you at all?

Iris: I've got better things to be upset about. Besides, I've got nothing to hide.

Paulina: Hmm. You don't care that people are listening to every conversation?

Iris: Well, I wasn't exactly thrilled about it, of course. But I would never have reacted the way you did. Then again, I don't have a guilty conscience.

Rachel: That's enough, Iris. The police are handling the investigation. We better leave it up to them instead of a bunch of ill-informed people. Why don't you just say what you've come to say and then you can leave?

Iris: I thought I'd do you the courtesy of telling you in person that I will not be attending the Snowflake Ball tomorrow evening.

Rachel: How will we manage?

Iris: I'm sure you'll manage. But with all the chaos that's been going on in the family, I consider the ball to be a travesty of what I've worked so hard for these past years.

Rachel: Well, I don't know what to say, Iris. Jamie, why don't you show Iris to the door, make sure she doesn't get stuck in a snowdrift.

Iris: Jamie, you're on the right track about Paulina. I'm so pleased that finally someone else in the family feels the way I do. Can we talk privately tomorrow?

Paulina: You keep having to defend me.

Rachel: I shouldn't have to.

Paulina: I'm sorry, Rachel.

Rachel: Not against Iris.

Paulina: I have caused so much tension in this family.

Rachel: Paulina --

Paulina: As if you don't have enough problems.

Rachel: Is there something you're not telling me?

Paulina: Like what?

Rachel: Jamie was upset about Marley. But aside from that, is there something?

Paulina: I was angry at Jake, that much is true, but I didn't shoot him, Rachel. You have to believe me. I didn't go near Visions that night.

Rachel: You were here.

Paulina: Thank you.

Rachel: You don't have to keep thanking me.

Paulina: You've been very good to me, and all I have done is cause trouble for you. I think you should know I'm not going to the Snowflake Ball either.

Rachel: Why not?

Paulina: I've caused you enough embarrassment.

Rachel: Oh, don't be silly.

Paulina: No, I --

Rachel: Of course you're going to go. We'll have a lovely time. Now, go down and get your tea. Good night.

Paulina: Good night. Good night, Ken.

Ken: Good night, Paulina.

I wish I could make it all go away.

Rachel: Maybe you can. Will you stay?

John: Her blood pressure's fine.

Donna: Darling, here. Put this on your forehead.

Marley: Thank you.

John: I don't think she has a temperature. How are you feeling?

Marley: Um, a little weak.

John: Dizzy?

Marley: A little bit.

John: I don't think it's anything serious.

Donna: You think all this is stress-related?

John: Probably. If the symptoms persist, you should come into the hospital. We'll run some tests. Otherwise, I can prescribe a sedative, help you relax.

Marley: No, thank you. I don't need to take anything. I'll just go to bed and I'll rest a little bit, thanks.

John: Marley.

Marley: Uh-huh?

John: Have you ever thought about talking to a therapist?

Marley: I've thought about it, yeah. I might do it sometime.

Donna: I think that's a good idea.

Marley: I'll think about it.

John: Well, let me know what you decide. I'll call you later, see how you're doing. Of course, if you need me, you know where to find me.

Marley: All right.

Donna: John, thank you so much for coming.

John: Thank you for calling me.

Marley: Um, John? I hope Sharlene comes back.

John: In my heart, I know she will, no matter what she says. She won't have that baby alone. She'll come back. Bye.

Marley: Bye.

John: You rest.

Marley: Ok, thank you.

[Door closes]

Grant: You would do very well up on the hill. You never give up.

Vicky: No, that's right. I don't.

Grant: Unfortunately, with me, you've hit a dead end.

Vicky: Oh, I don't see it that way.

Grant: Look, your offer was rejected. So far, I haven't heard anything that would make me change my mind. Besides, I thought you were going to sweeten the pot a little bit.

Vicky: Well, we're not playing poker here, Grant, but I can make it very worth your while to make the D.A. drop Marley's case.

Grant: And just how do I do that?

Vicky: Pressure.

Grant: [Laughs] I barely know the D.A.

Vicky: Well, everybody knows you. You're a very powerful man.

Grant: You're also a real flatterer.

Vicky: Oh, you're going to sit there and tell me that you don't have clout?

Grant: Look, I feel for your family, Vicky, I really do, but it's too late.

Vicky: The trial is two weeks away.

Grant: The indictment has been set down already. The wheels are in motion --

Vicky: Well, stop them.

Grant: And once these things get rolling, it's --

Vicky: Look, let's cut the bull here. Now, if you really wanted to, you could walk into the D.A.'s office tomorrow and get her to stop the case, or at least postpone it indefinitely.

Grant: All right. Let's just assume that is true.

Vicky: All right.

Grant: I don't think it is, but for argument's sake. What do I get out of this?

Vicky: An address.

Grant: Whose?

Vicky: My aunt Sharlene's. From what I've heard, you're very desperate to find out where she's been.

Grant: And you know where?

Vicky: You bet. Something to think about, isn't it?

Mm, would you pay for my drink?

Carlos: You're wasting your time, Ryan.

Ryan: What?

Carlos: This guy ain't gonna wake up.

Ryan: Yeah, since when did you become a doctor, Carlos?

Carlos: I just talked to a nurse, and she's seen a lot of these --

Ryan: Look, do me a favor. Don't talk to any more nurses, all right?

Carlos: No, you do me a favor and come back to the station house with me, before my butt's in the same sling as yours. The captain's been doing his war dance around our desks.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I know. He tracked me down at Tops.

Carlos: You talked to him?

Ryan: Yeah.

Carlos: And you're still on the force?

Ryan: Yeah, barely.

Carlos: I think you should drop that tape thing.

Ryan: Look, I'm not dropping anything. It just means that we've got to play it a little bit more carefully around Billy, that's all.

Carlos: We? Where do you get this "we"? I like my job. I want to keep --

Ryan: Wait a second.

Carlos: Oh, God, he's trying to sit up!

Ryan: Go get the nurse, go!

Carlos: Nurse, quick!

Ryan: Is he coming out of his coma?

[Telephone rings]

Jamie: Hello?

Nurse: Dr. Frame?

Jamie: Yes.

Nurse: Nurse Hill. Jake McKinnon is moving, but it's abnormal.

Jamie: What do you mean?

Nurse Hill: Well, spastic movements like before, but more pronounced.

Jamie: Sedate him immediately. Five mg Valium I.V. Push.

Nurse Hill: Oh, I'll need a written order.

Jamie: Yeah, just do it. Those seizures could force the bullet into the spinal column and sever the cord. I'm on my way.

Nurse Hill: Well, you'll have to hold him still while I get help.

Marley: 27, 28, 29. No. No, it can't be. Oh, no.

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