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[Monitor beeping]

Josie: Hi, John.

John: Hi, Josie.

Josie: How's Jake?

John: He's still comatose and he's spiked a fever.

Josie: I guess this isn't a good time, so I'll just -- I'll talk to you later.

John: No, wait, wait. What is it? Did your mother call?

Josie: Yes, she did.

John: How is she?

Josie: She's fine. John, I feel really awful about something. She called this morning.

John: What?

Josie: And I kept it from you.

John: Why?

Josie: Because of what's going on between you and Dr. Benson.

Jamie: I'm still worried that you let Vicky come between us. That you see her and everything changes.

Marley: Jamie, Vicky is the least of our problems.

Jamie: Don't say that.

Marley: I'm going to be put on trial, Jamie.

Jamie: I don't care, Marley.

Marley: Well, you should care. Because unless some kind of miracle happens, I'm also going to go to prison.

Jamie: No, I won't let this take you away from me.

Marley: I don't think you're gonna have any say about it. There's gonna be -- there's gonna be enough barbed wire and locked doors to keep us apart for a long time.

Jamie: Nothing's going to keep us apart.

Ryan: So you're saying that you left the opera early, you went over to Jake's loft, and then you shot him?

Vicky: Don't tell me it never entered your mind.

Ryan: This is not a game, Vicky. Did you shoot Jake?

Vicky: Kind of a funny question, isn't it?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: You arrest my sister. You take her down to the station house. You make her spend a night in jail. And now you are asking me if I shot him.

Ryan: Vicky, tell me.

Vicky: I'm not gonna make this easy for you. You're the cop. You're the one doing this supposed investigation, why don't you tell me? And what if I did?

You don't know, do you?

Ryan: Someone pulled the trigger. Someone shot Jake with his own gun. That person had to have opportunity and means.

Vicky: And the only person you could come up with was Marley?

Ryan: The evidence pointed to her.

Vicky: And now it points to me. I could've been there that night. I despised Jake. You were here many times when I threatened him.

Ryan: Are you saying that it was you?

Vicky: I am saying that you can never prove if you've gotten the right sister. Now, what do people say about Marley? Marley is the gentle one. Marley is the one who wouldn't hurt a flea. But what did they say about me? I'm a slut. I'm the one who didn't know whose baby I was carrying. I'm the one who kidnapped my son and took him to a boarding house. I'm the one who wrote nasty things about my aunt. I'm the one who flirted with a crime boss. God, I was my grandfather's favorite granddaughter. Ryan, why do you think he gave me all this money -- because I'm a saint?

Ryan: I've heard all of this, Vicky.

Vicky: But you never thought about it. Now, you think about that night under the train tracks. You think about all that anger and all that hatred I have in my body. Now, I told you I was going to keep Jake away from my sister. Did you think I was kidding? Did you think I was kidding?

Ryan: I'll tell you what I think. I think what I've always thought -- that you put on a real good show.

Vicky: No, this is me. Ryan, this is real.

Ryan: No, it's not real. I'll tell you what's real. You do what your gut tells you to. You follow your feelings, and they're not always bad and they're not always selfish.

Vicky: I do what is best for me. I do what's best. I always have and I always will.

Ryan: Is that why you took Steven back to his father? Is that why you went through the whole trouble of breaking the law to get him across state lines?

Vicky: Ryan, that was different. He was sick.

Ryan: No, it wasn't different. It was typical. You didn't care about yourself as long as you could do the right thing for Steven.

Vicky: He's my son.

Ryan: And I know how much you care about him. No one comes before your family. That's why you got yourself involved with Marius. You put your life on the line so that you could get back at him for what he tried to do to your father.

Vicky: That's what I said. All I really wanted was the story.

Ryan: So you risked your life?

Vicky: Well, I knew you would get me out in time for my deadline.

Ryan: I don't care what you say. You are not a murderer. You don't have it in you to shoot Jake in cold blood.

Vicky: Really? Is that why you thought I'd let my sister take the rap for me?

Ryan: I had to. I knew you weren't doing that.

Vicky: How? How do you know?

Ryan: Because I know. And I also know why every single man you've ever loved has left you.

John: You think that something's going on between Taylor and me?

Josie: John, you don't know what it looks like.

John: You know how much I love your mother. Oh, my God. How is she? Is she all right? And the baby -- are they ok?

Josie: They're fine. They're both fine, really.

John: When did she call, after I came back here?

Josie: No, it was while you were on your walk with Dr. Benson.

John: Did she ask for me?

Josie: Yes.

John: Then why didn't you come and get me, Josie?

Josie: Because when she found out where you were and who you were with, she said not to bother.

John: Oh, great.

Josie: John, I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do.

John: Josie, your mother has just gone off by herself to have our child. Now, I'm trying to be as understanding about this as I can be, but I need someone to talk to as well. Dr. Benson is a friend.

Josie: Well, I think that she wants to be more than a friend, John.

John: Well, that's her problem, isn't it? Josie, I'm not gonna stand here and defend myself to you.

Josie: Fine. Fine, don't.

Taylor: Dr. Carlisle, this is such an honor.

Dr. Carlisle: The entire committee was enthusiastic about the idea.

Taylor: Really?

Dr. Carlisle: Really. And call me Jean.

Taylor: Ok, I will.

Jean: Oh.

Taylor: No, please, please, let me get this.

Jean: All right. Thank you. It's been a pleasure.

Taylor: Oh. Good night.

Jean: Good night.

Grant: Well, if it isn't Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Hello, congressman.

Grant: Wasn't that Dr. Carlisle, head of Hospital Ethics Committee?

Taylor: She's head of Peer Review, actually. Although, I can't imagine why that would interest you.

Grant: No, but I can see how it would interest you.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Grant: Are you sure you're not trying to cover your tracks, Taylor?

Taylor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Grant: Oh, I think maybe you do. You know, I came across some very interesting information about your last staff position. I know why you left Philadelphia, Taylor.

Taylor: Just what is it you know, congressman?

Grant: A bit sensitive about this, are we? Well, from what I heard, I guess maybe, you should be.

Taylor: I have nothing to hide.

Grant: Well, not quite the way I heard it.

Taylor: I know why you're doing this.

Grant: I wonder if the people in Bay City have heard the rumors about you and that attractive, very rich, young male patient of yours.

Taylor: That's what they were -- rumors.

Grant: Is that why his family filed a malpractice suit against you?

Taylor: What is it you want?

Grant: I want what's best for Sharlene. Where is she?

Taylor: You think this is going to make me tell you? You think this is gonna make me betray any confidence of hers? I'm her doctor.

Grant: Oh, right, right -- a respected future member of the Peer Review Committee.

Taylor: You are really enjoying this, aren't you?

Grant: I know where you've set your sights, Taylor.

Taylor: Get out of my way.

Grant: One more thing, one more thing. I wonder if John is going to -- I wonder how he's going to take this news, hmm? I wonder if he's still gonna have the confidence -- or whatever it is you call it these days -- in you.

Sam: Mischa.

Olivia: [Giggles]

Sam: How long have you been here?

Olivia: Not very long. I didn't want to interrupt. You seemed inspired.

Sam: Yeah, I was. I didn't expect to see you again today.

Olivia: I know.

Sam: It's late, too. What are you doing here?

Olivia: Well, I thought that maybe you would need some help with all the dishes.

Sam: I told you if you cooked, I would clean everything up, ok? They're all done.

Olivia: Oh. I just wanted to see you. I hope you don't mind.

Sam: No, no, that's fine.

Olivia: Oh, you know, when I came in --

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: The way you were sitting over here is very bad for your back. You should keep your shoulders down when you work.

Sam: Ok, right. Olivia, now --

Olivia: Ok, I'm sorry. You work and I'll just put some stuff away.

Sam: What stuff?

Olivia: Oh, just some change of clothes, a nightgown, toothbrush -- stuff like that, just in case.

Sam: I think we should talk about --

Olivia: We can talk later. You get back to work and you won't even know we're here, right, Mischa?

Sam: Uh-huh.

Sam: What is it?

Olivia: Uh, is this drawer ok for my stuff?

Sam: Yeah, that's fine. That's fine.

Olivia: Ok, good.

Olivia: Um, it won't budge.

Sam: Come here. You have got to jiggle it.

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: There you go.

Olivia: Thank you.

Sam: Not a problem.

Marley: I have to be realistic about this. I can't -- I can't paint a rosy picture and believe in it. That's what I tried to do with Jake and look what happened.

Jamie: What you tried to do with Jake was be moral and unselfish, Marley.

Marley: Maybe I should've followed my heart, then maybe none of this would've happened. Jamie, I never -- I never should have stopped myself from feeling for you what I did in Nice.

Jamie: Well, that's the first sensible thing you've said.

Marley: I just -- I didn't want to hurt Vicky, and I didn't want to disappoint Jake. I try to please people, and I end up hurting them. Now Jake could die and I'm responsible.

Jamie: Why? Did you pull a gun on Jake? Did you fire it? Marley, we don't know who did it, but I know one thing for sure -- Jake provoked it. He put himself in the hospital. This whole mess is his doing.

[Knock at door]

Marley: You get that.

Jamie: Marley --

Marley: Ok, it's all right. I'll be in the back if you need me, ok?

Jamie: Yeah.

Jamie: Hi, can I help you?

Boy: Yeah, my sister burned her arm. It's real red.

Jamie: Let me take a look at this -- does it hurt? Come on in here. Come on.

Yeah, right here.

Boy: She knocked a pot off the stove.

Girl: I didn't mean to.

Jamie: I'm sure you didn't, sweetie.

Girl: You're not going to yell at me, too?

Jamie: No, of course not. Let me see. Where does it hurt? Does it hurt here? No, no, maybe here? Wait, come here, come here. You're gonna be great. Sit right here. Now, I'm gonna have to take that bandage off and take a look, ok? All right.

Marley: I've got to get out of here.

Ryan: You sabotage yourself.

Vicky: You don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: I'm watching it right now.

Vicky: I choose the wrong men. You're a perfect example.

Ryan: You can't talk your way out of this, Vicky, not with me.

Vicky: If you don't think I could've shot Jake, you're dumber than I thought.

Ryan: You wouldn't do that to Steven.

Vicky: What does Steven have to do with this?

Ryan: Because you don't make a move without thinking about him. I've seen you with him, Vicky. I've watched you holding him. Your face said a lot more than your words do now. I also know how scared you are for Marley.

Vicky: I'm scared for myself.

Ryan: Say whatever you'd like, you're not gonna change my mind.

Vicky: What is this, some kind of reverse psychology? You say something nice to me so I'm supposed to cave in?

Ryan: This is what happens when somebody gets too close to you, isn't it? When you open up and let the real Vicky out.

Vicky: This is the real Vicky. She just happens to be jagged and ugly, Ryan.

Ryan: I am not going to let you do this to us. For just one minute, forget about Jake McKinnon. Forget about Marley, forget about Jamie -- forget about everything and just admit to me that what you're really scared of is us.

Vicky: Us?

Ryan: That's right. Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson together. You're doing everything you can to make me walk away and never look back. It's what you've done to every single other guy in your life.

John: How was your dinner with Jean Carlisle?

Taylor: It was great. It went off without a hitch.

John: Congratulations.

Taylor: And then Jean left and Grant showed up.

John: And?

Taylor: He heard rumors about why I left St. Mary's.

John: What?

Taylor: And he threatened to use them against me to raise doubts about my competency.

John: Because of Sharlene.

Taylor: Yes.

John: I suppose Grant still thinks you know where Sharlene is.

Taylor: John, I have to remove myself from her case when she comes back.

John: Grant really got to you, didn't he? Taylor, what happened at your last job?

Taylor: One of my patients, a man in his early 20's -- he started analysis with me and he was making real progress. And then he had real problems with transference.

John: Are you saying that he fell in love with you?

Taylor: Mm-hmm. And I didn't realize how serious this was. He began to fantasize about me. And pretty soon he couldn't tell what was real from what he imagined. And, uh --

John: Go on, what happened?

Taylor: I -- I still can't really talk about it, John.

John: But you think that Grant is trying to use this young boy's pain and yours?

Taylor: Forget it. He can't hurt me. I wish I could say the same for you and Sharlene.

John: Yeah, me, too.

Taylor: You still haven't heard from her?

John: Actually, she called.

Marley: Hey, Marley, get a grip. Damn it! Jamie, Jamie! Oh, my God! Open the door! Jamie! Jamie!

Jamie: Marley. Marley. You're hyperventilating. Put your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Look, like this. Breathe.

Marley: It's hard.

Jamie: Keep breathing -- forget about it. How do you feel?

Marley: I'm -- I'm dizzy.

Jamie: Come on, let's go. Breathe. Come on, just breathe. Come on.

Marley: Oh, God. I never thought I was claustrophobic until I was in the room and I didn't think I could get out. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Look, don't try to talk, just breathe.

Marley: I couldn't even think. I just --

Jamie: Another breath, please.

Marley: Oh, God, I got this awful pain in my throat, and I didn't -- I didn't think I was going to get out of the room.

Jamie: Marley, you've been under too much stress. You can't go on like this.

Marley: Who was at the door?

Jamie: Two kids -- a boy and his sister. I took care of it. And now I'm going to take care of you, and I don't want any arguments.

Marley: Vicky thought she should take care of me.

Jamie: Oh, yeah, right.

Marley: You know, she thought I was stupid for -- for telling Ryan what Jake tried to do to me.

Jamie: I think "stupid" is kind of a harsh word, don't you?

Marley: Jamie, maybe I should have lied. Maybe -- maybe I should've done what Cass said and kept silent, and then no one would've known.

Jamie: You would have known. And you can't live with a lie, Marley. It's not you.

Marley: I -- I used think that telling the truth was so important.

Jamie: It is.

Marley: Depends on what truth you're telling.

Vicky: So, I'm supposed to forget that you arrested Marley. And then what? Then I wiggle my nose and we're lovers? I can't do that. I can't forget what you've done. And I don't know any magic that can make that go away.

Ryan: You just won't listen to me, will you?

Vicky: Say something I haven't heard.

Ryan: You know you were just like this when you were out to get Marius. You wouldn't listen to anything that anybody had to say to you, and you almost got yourself killed.

Vicky: I didn't.

Ryan: That's because I saved your butt. And I'm trying to do it again.

Vicky: Really? And Marley's butt?

Ryan: Hers, too.

Vicky: You're a super hero. Do you want a cape? Would you like a red cape with an "s" sewn on it?

Ryan: You are so transparent. You're trying to protect Marley, and you haven't thought this whole thing through. You're willing to take me on, the police force, the D.A., and heaven knows who else.

Vicky: I thought I was paranoid.

Ryan: Look, if Jake dies, this is murder. You're playing around with something big, Vicky, and it's not going to work. Marley was scared, too. But she was smart enough to know that the truth was her best bet.

Vicky: Her best bet? Where did it get her? Where did it get her except a night in jail?

Ryan: If she didn't shoot Jake, then she's gonna be all right.

Vicky: Oh, get out.

Ryan: Vicky.

Vicky: I'm sick of this lecture. Just get out.

Ryan: Vicky.

Vicky: You're getting me mad, Ryan. And we both know what kind of temper I have.

Ryan: I'm really not impressed.

Vicky: No, neither am I. You should've known that I would turn Jake's gun on him in a second.

Ryan: I'm not going to let you do this, Vicky, because I am stronger than you and every other guy that you've chased away.

Vicky: Really? Is that why you kowtowed to your boss and arrested my sister?

Ryan: Damn it, Vicky. I can do better from the inside. There are other suspects, Vicky. There are other leads.

Vicky: Really? Is that why the D.A. had so many problems with the grand jury?

Ryan: I just can't say anything to you, can I?

Vicky: No. This is good-bye.

Ryan: I told you how I feel. I'm not walking away.

Vicky: I wish it didn't have to be like this.

Ryan: It's your choice, Vicky. It's up to you, isn't it? But I guess you can't see that, can you? You can't see that this little game of yours could -- that you could lose everything, even if you win.

Grant: No, no, no, Martin. It's just not the right time, that's all. No, no, no, I feel fine. That's not it. I've just been limiting my public speaking to -- well, it's just a matter of policy, that's all. Mm-hmm. No, I know. I know it would be good press, but -- ok, I will think about it. I'll think about it. Ok, sure. Bye-bye. Josie, you look beautiful.

Josie: Hello, Grant. I'm glad I caught you here.

Grant: So where is the lucky guy?

Josie: I'm here alone.

Grant: Well, good, then you can join me.

Josie: No, no, I just -- I have something to tell you.

Grant: Well, that's ok. You can join me anyway.

Josie: No -- no, thank you. I prefer to stand.

Grant: What happened?

Josie: I have a message for you from my mother.

Grant: Is she all right?

Josie: Yes, she's fine.

Grant: Well, tell me, tell me.

Josie: There's really nothing to tell. She called and she's fine.

Grant: And the baby?

Josie: Everything's progressing normally. She just wanted me to let you know.

Grant: Did she say where she is?

Josie: What do you think?

Grant: I don't really know what to think, actually.

Josie: Really? My mother packed her bags and moved out of her house and left Bay City just to get some peace and -- well, I don't know. That just seems pretty clear to me, Grant.

Grant: I just thought maybe she might have changed her mind. Maybe she wanted to see somebody. Maybe she wanted some company --

Josie: Nothing's changed. You know, she's got your number, Grant. If she wants to call you, she will.

Grant: I guess -- I guess John was very happy to talk to her, wasn't he?

Josie: Actually, John wasn't there when she called.

Grant: She didn't call back?

Josie: She talked to me.

Grant: Of course. I mean, you are her daughter. John is only --

Josie: I am not gonna discuss John with you.

Grant: I'm sorry, Josie. It's just that -- it's just that I'm --

Josie: I know, I know, I know. You care about her. I know.

Olivia: Are you ready for a break?

Sam: What?

Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry. You stopped painting, so I thought that maybe you were ready for a break. I'll just leave you alone.

Sam: There.

Olivia: Now, what was that for?

Sam: To show you that I am not ignoring you.

Olivia: I never thought you were ignoring me.

Sam: Oh, yes, you did. And I know there's something on your mind, too, if you would just tell me what it is.

Olivia: No, there's nothing. I'm fine, really.

Sam: She's fine. Ok, she's fine. Olivia, would you stop thinking so loudly. I can barely concentrate. [Sighs] Come here.

Olivia: What?

Sam: Mischa, you come with us for a second.

Sam: Down you go. What is it? Tell me.

Olivia: Are you tired of me?

Sam: What? Why would you say that?

Olivia: Well, because this feels -- so ordinary.

Sam: How is it supposed to feel?

Olivia: I don't know. Different.

Sam: Different.

Olivia: I had this -- this fantasy that -- no, it's really silly.

Sam: No, no, no, go on. What -- fantasy about what?

Olivia: Well, that being here now wouldn't be like before with you working on one side of the room and me sitting on the other.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Olivia: I thought that you would want me again just like last night, that we couldn't stay away from each other for a second. As soon as I walked in the door --

Sam: Olivia, I do want you, but I also want my work. And I just don't want to lose control again. I want to take things very slowly.

Olivia: I know. So what are you thinking?

Sam: I do best when I'm not thinking.

Jake's voice: Marley, you're incredible and I can't get enough of you. Every day I told myself that life stinks, but I was wrong. If that was true, I would've had never met you or felt like this. You make me so happy, and that's what I want to do for you. I love you so much. You don't believe me when I say it, so I'm putting this on paper. I am sorry. I know you're hurt, and I screwed up big time. And if I could take it back, I would. What I can't do is live without you.

Vicky: Adios, Jake.

Jake's voice: Do you hate me or am I just imagining it? I thought we were finally getting along. What happened? Tell me. Give me a chance to make it right.

Marley: I smelled the smoke outside. You're going to burn the house down.

Vicky: Don't -- don't worry. Everything's fine.

Marley: The fire department is probably on their way.

Vicky: I turned the smoke detectors off.

Marley: Vicky, what are you doing, anyway?

Vicky: I'm just getting rid of a few things.

Marley: Like this? It's a bit extreme, don't you think? What -- what is this? Where did you get this?

Vicky: Marley, let me explain.

Marley: This -- this is a letter Jake wrote me before we got married. This stuff is mine. You are burning my things, Vicky. You have no right to do this.

Vicky: I have to erase him from your life.

Marley: You cannot do this.

Vicky: I have to, Marley. I am trying to keep you out of jail.

Marley: You think these are going to put me away, letters from years ago?

Vicky: Marley, the D.A. has to make a case. Suppose she tries to prove that you were fed up with Jake, that you knew he had an affair, and that he had one before. Marley, these letters prove that he had one. She could subpoena this stuff.

Marley: Are you sure?

Vicky: She's gonna use anything she can get her hands on.

Marley: Vicky, they cannot use my own property to incriminate me.

Vicky: Then they will try and prove that it was somebody else's. Look what they did with Steven. I had one date with Evan and Stacey made it look like I was the whore of Babylon. They could do the same thing to you, which is - this is why I need to do this.

Marley: Don't. Please, don't.

Vicky: Do you still care about this stuff?

Marley: It's just all I have left of Jake.

Vicky: Well, then good riddance.

Marley: Vicky, they're a part of my life. These papers are a big part of my life.

Vicky: Then remember without these.

Marley: You're going off the deep end, Vicky. Just --

Vicky: Listen to this. "I would do anything to get you back." Do you know what the D.A. could make out of this statement?

Marley: You read all my letters.

Vicky: Someday, you're going to thank me for this.

Grant: Hey, you look like you need a night off. Let me buy you another beer.

Ryan: No, thanks.

Grant: I tell you I've got something to celebrate, and this is the way you help me celebrate?

Ryan: I'm here, aren't I?

Grant: What is it about this police force that's getting to you?

Ryan: Come on, you know how much pressure I'm under. And you know why.

Grant: All I did was ask a simple question. That's all.

Ryan: Oh, no, you did a lot more than that. You told Graves to use the McKinnon case to boost her career, to walk all over Marley.

Grant: Ryan, you give me way too much credit.

Ryan: Just back off, Grant. I mean it.

Grant: Well, what is that, a threat?

Ryan: Not unless you want the whole world to know that you hired a pack of gumshoes to track down Sharlene Hudson.

Grant: Look, just stay out of my business, all right?

Ryan: Well, then you stay out of mine.

Grant: Marley McKinnon is no longer any of your business.

Ryan: But you made her yours, didn't you? Because you wanted to get back at John Hudson because he had the nerve to get in your way.

Grant: John Hudson is no longer in my way. He's hanging out with his wife's attractive analyst. And when Sharlene finds out about that --

Ryan: So that's why you're so anxious about finding her. Let me give you some advice, Grant. You should look for more expensive people. One little pregnant woman's outsmarting the whole pack.

Grant: Why don't you tell me where you get your information?

Ryan: I'll let you wonder about that. But I can assure you that I'll know everything that you want to know long before you do. Why don't you think about that the next time you shove the D.A. in Marley's direction -- or Vicky's.

Grant: Boy, you think you're so superior, don't you? You're no different than me.

Ryan: For my sake, I hope that's not true.

Grant: You know, you can talk about truth and justice all you want to, but I know you little brother. You're just a sucker for a blonde who says no.

[Hospital monitor beeping]

John: This antibiotic's not working.

Taylor: Nothing else you can do?

John: Nope. Seems to be the story of my life these days. Thank you.

Taylor: I could use some sleep.

John: You?

Taylor: You look like you could use some, too.

John: Yeah, I have it penciled in for tomorrow night.

Taylor: Really?

John: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: You want to make it a complete break and eat dinner, too?

John: You don't have to do that.

Taylor: I could cook, you could talk. Come on, I'd like to. About 7:00?

John: All right, I'll see you then.

Taylor: Ok.

Josie: John?

John: Hi.

Josie: I'm -- I'm really sorry about before.

John: It's ok.

Josie: I know that you and Dr. Benson are just friends. I know that. I know that all you want to do is help Mama.

John: Look, we've all been through a lot.

Josie: She told me that she loves you.

John: She did?

Josie: Yeah. And I wasn't trying to keep you away from her. I just want her to come home.

John: Did she talk about that?

Josie: No, not much. John.

John: Hmm?

Josie: Are you two gonna make it?

Olivia: I've never felt like this before. No, here, let me do that.

Josie: You're not giving up on her, are you?

John: Of course not. Sharlene and I love each other very much. I believe in that love.

Josie: You do?

John: Of course I do. You worry too much, Josie. I don't want you waiting around Bay City while we solve our problems.

Josie: You think I'm doing that?

John: Aren't you?

Josie: Mama needs me.

John: Josie, there's nothing you can do here.

Josie: You don't know that, John.

John: I'm not saying that to be cruel. Your mother trusts that you'll look out for yourself. Now, do you think you're doing that?

Josie: Of course I am.

John: By turning down a film?

Josie: John, I'm not going to just pack my bags and move to Hollywood. I want to be here when my mother gets home.

John: I'll be here. I'll give you a call.

Josie: You've got everything covered, don't you?

John: I don't think that you should miss this opportunity.

Josie: I'll think about it, ok?

John: Ok. And when you think about it, I want you to think positively. Things are gonna start to change for the better in your life. You got my word.

Josie: See you at home.

John: Ok.

Grant: Well, you're back. Don't tell me I get an apology.

Ryan: No, I just got back from the hospital. Jake's still comatose, but he's running a high fever.

Grant: Now, why are you telling me?

Ryan: Well, with Jake still in a coma, that leaves up to me to find out who really did shoot him. And at this point, I'm willing to get any help from anybody, even you.

Grant: What the hell is bugging you anyway?

Ryan: Funny you should say that. Bugs are bugging me.

Grant: Bugs?

Ryan: Wire taps. Surveillance equipment. The kind that was found in Paulina's telephone.

Grant: Oh, that's interesting. Who would want to be listening to Paulina?

Ryan: Seems like Jake McKinnon. He was having an affair with her. But there was more than one woman in his life. Well, that's obvious, I mean, it was Marley.

Grant: So Jake's got a thing for blondes too, huh?

Ryan: Yeah, I guess so. There was Iris Wheeler. I mean, he did some promotional work for her magazine.

Grant: Another fair-haired damsel. Oh, don't forget your -- your very good friend Victoria Hudson.

Ryan: That's it.

Grant: What -- what's it?

Ryan: Suppose he was bugging them all.

Grant: Why would he want to do that?

Ryan: No, Jake was into some heavy stuff. And these women know an awful lot more than they're saying.

Grant: Yeah, but you've only got one tap on one phone so far.

Ryan: For now. Say there's more. And if there are --

Grant: You'll have a whole collection of blondes with motives.

Ryan: Yeah, if I'm lucky.

Marley: I can't believe this. What is this? These are the things that connect Vicky and Jake. That's why she was destroying this.

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