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Another World Transcript Monday 10/23/06

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Marley: Do you know what today is? Today is Thanksgiving Day. It is an entire day devoted to eating. Do you know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful for you -- that you can sit here -- oh! -- Play with your blocks as if nothing is wrong. Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much, do you know that?

Steven: Yes.

Marley: Yeah? I love you, too, which is why I'm not going to let anything happen to you or your Mommy.

Steven: See?

Marley: That is beautiful. That's a beautiful --

Vicky: Happy Thanksgiving.

Marley: Hi.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: I'll get that.

Marley: Who's at the door? Who's at the door?

Vicky: Dad, hey, happy Thanksgiving.

Michael: Can I come in?

Vicky: Yeah. I didn't think we were going to see you until later.

Marley: My -- what's -- what's wrong? Where's Donna?

Michael:: Donna's at home. She's a little upset. I wanted to come and talk to you myself.

Vicky: Why? What's wrong?

Michael: The grand jury handed down an indictment last night.

Marley: So -- so soon, huh?

Michael: Marley, I'm sorry. You've been indicted. The charge is attempted murder.

Paulina: So, we'll be eating at three instead of four?

Rachel: Yes, I -- I told Hilda last night.

Paulina: Is this all right?

Rachel: Yes, sweetie -- thanks.

Paulina: Well, Alli will have a better time; she'll get a nap.

Rachel: Mm-hmm -- yes, everybody seemed to have no problem with it. I haven't spoken to Jamie yet. Ken's coming over earlier -- oh, I hope this doesn't interfere with any of your plans?

Paulina: My first family Thanksgiving -- are you kidding? My plans are to be right here.

Rachel: Good.

Jamie: Mom.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie. Did you hear about dinner? It's been moved up so you can get over to the clinic --

Jamie: Look, I need to talk to you.

Rachel: Sure.

Jamie: This is personal, ok?

Paulina: Oh, of course.

Rachel: What's up?

Jamie: I found something last night. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Rachel: What is that?

Jamie: It's a surveillance device, a bug.

Rachel: Where did you find that?

Jamie: Paulina's room.

John: Hi.

Josie: Oh, hi. Good. I was afraid you wouldn't make it home.

John: Were you closing that oven door on a turkey?

Josie: 20-pounder, filled with Mama's sage stuffing. Hope you like leftovers.

John: Josie, you didn't have to do that.

Josie: Oh, yeah, I know, I know. We could have put a couple of frozen dinners in the microwave and then really gotten depressed.

John: Thank you.

Josie: We're going to get through this day, John, really.

[Phone rings]

Josie: You get it.

John: Hello. Oh, hi, Mom. Yeah, well, happy Thanksgiving to you. You're kidding? No, I didn't think you had turkeys in Florida. No, I thought you had to stuff a flamingo or something like that. No, I know. I miss you, too. Uh -- no, Sharlene isn't here right now. She -- she just stepped out to get some canned cranberry. You know, the stuff I like better than the stuff that you make from scratch. No, everything's fine. Yeah. I miss you, too. I love you, Mom. Bye.

Josie: You haven't told her?

John: She worries too much.

And I decided to keep the bad news to ourselves.

Josie: There sure has been plenty of that.

John: That's for sure.

Josie: Sorry it wasn't Mama.

John: Me, too. You know, the first time I ever had any inkling that your mother and I had a future together was during Thanksgiving.

Josie: I remember, it was two years ago. I ran off to meet Matthew and left you two alone. Things sure have changed.

John: Yes, they have. Look at me. We're family now, right?

Josie: Right.

John: I have you, you have me, we both have this big bird. I think we're going to have a pretty nice day.

Josie: Well, um, why don't you pour the cider?

John: You got cider?

Josie: Yes, I got cider.

John: You thought of everything.

Josie: Yes, I did.

John: Great.

Josie: Reuben called me from L.A. this morning.

John: Oh, yeah? How's it going?

Josie: He's really pestering me about taking that film job.

John: You gonna do it?

Josie: No, I don't think so.

John: Why not?

Josie: Just...isn't the right time for me to go to L.A. that's all.

John: Josie, I hope you're not saying that because of me. Look, it's only 10 weeks, and I know that your mother would want you to do what makes you happy.

[Bell rings]

Josie: Oh! The potatoes -- it's time for me to peel the potatoes.

John: Josie.

Josie: You said you might invite someone, so I better make enough for three, right? Someone from the hospital?

John: Yeah. I didn't tell you who it was.

Josie: Anyone I know?

John: Well, I think so. Do you remember --

[Knock at the door]

John: You're about to find out. Hi, come on in.

Taylor: Hi, I hope I'm not too early.

John: Oh, no. Happy Thanksgiving.

Josie: It's you.

Taylor: Hello, Josie.

Ann: Grant.

Grant: Ah. What are you doing here?

Ann: I called your driver on the car phone. What are you doing here?

Grant: Well, this a little different than the Harrison family Thanksgiving tradition, hmm?

Ann: Oh, no thank you. Everyone is expecting us at the Country Club.

Grant: Well, why don't you just tell them I have a pressing engagement, hmm?

Ann: Grant, this is your victory celebration.

Grant: Look, I won that election, didn't I?

Ann: Yes.

Grant: Maybe I'd like to just take the day off from being Congressman Harrison.

Ann: You're thinking about her, aren't you?

Grant: What?

Ann: Sharlene. I mean, this is her kind of place.

Grant: Look, why don't you just go to the Country Club and tell them I'm --

Ann: Aren't you ever going to face reality?

Grant: What reality?

Ann: Oh, you won the election -- barely. You've been given a second chance. Now, Sharlene is off having her husband's child. You have your life, she has hers; it's over.

Grant: It's not over. It will never be over. I love her. I will never stop loving her. Never.

Jamie: And when I walked in, Ryan was asking Paulina if Jake ever did any surveillance work.

Rachel: Yes, I remember.

Jamie: And she said she didn't have any idea. Mom, her reaction -- she seemed threatened by his questions.

Rachel: So, on the strength of that, you went up and searched her room?

Jamie: Yes.

Rachel: And you found a bug?

Jamie: In the telephone.

Rachel: So, did you search all the rest of our rooms to find out if we'd all been given one?

Jamie: Yes, I did.

Rachel: So, how do you think it got there?

Jamie: I think Jake planted it. That would explain the surveillance equipment that Ryan found in his loft. I can't think of anyone else except family who had access to her room.

Rachel: But all this means is that Jake was victimizing Paulina.

Jamie: But why would he bug her phone?

Rachel: We don't know that he did.

Jamie: Mom.

Rachel: I want to get to the bottom of this as much as you do, Jamie.

Jamie: Ok, look, if they were having an affair, Jake could have been afraid that Paulina was going to say something to Marley.

Rachel: Jamie, you are linking Paulina with this shooting.

Jamie: Well, it could be a motive, ok?

Rachel: Honey, if she knew about it, she would have taken the bug out of the phone.

Jamie: Maybe.

Rachel: Sweetie, this could be anything. There are a lot of people in this town that would like to know what goes on in this house. Forget the town -- there are a lot of people in this family.

Jamie: Mom, I know. But why Paulina's phone? It could even be Iris, I suppose. She's been dying to get something on Paulina. Look, no matter who did, I've got to call Ryan and tell him I found this.

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Now?

Jamie: Mom, Marley has been indicted. This could change things.

Rachel: Well, then you've got to talk to Paulina first.

Jamie: What, and give her a chance to explain it away?

Rachel: She's a part of this family, Jamie. I know that doesn't mean very much to you, but it does to me. Think about it -- if it were any other member of this family, you would give them a chance, wouldn't you?

Jamie: You said you wanted the truth.

Rachel: I do.

Jamie: I don't think we're going to get it from Paulina.

Rachel: Why?

Jamie: Because her position in this family is too important to her.

Rachel: Well, don't you think that means we have to work a little harder to reassure her so that she doesn't think that we're going to turn against her at the first sign of trouble?

Jamie: Mom, if this could help Marley...

Rachel: Honey, I want to help Marley. But this isn't necessarily about Jake; it might be about Iris.

Jamie: That's why the police might help.

Rachel: Jamie, that's the last people we need to turn to here. You think we need to be on the police blotter one more time this year? This family? Let's leave it alone, ok? Paulina's been upset, she's been having nightmares --

Jamie: Don't you ever wonder why?

Rachel: I know why. She's afraid that all of this will be taken away from her, and I remember that feeling.

Jamie: Well, I keep thinking about how Marley must feel.

Rachel: Jamie, I've been there, too. I want to help Marley, and I'm going to. I'm just asking you for some more time.

Paulina: Oh, I -- I'm sorry. I thought you'd be finished talking by now.

Jamie: We are. Excuse me.

Paulina: I interrupted something, didn't I?

Rachel: Yes and no.

Paulina: Jamie and I really got into it last night. This thing with Marley and the trial -- it -- it's really gotten to him.

Paulina: He's very fond of Marley. Excuse me, I need to go check on --

Paulina: Rachel, the reason Jamie wanted to speak to you -- it was about me, wasn't it?

Olivia: Sam? Sam?

Sam's voice: You looked so beautiful, I didn't want to wake you up. I've gone to see Alli.

Rachel: Paulina, my discussions with Jamie are private.

Paulina: But if he was speaking to you about me --

Rachel: They are private. Hi, you two.

Matt: Hi.

Rachel: How was the parade?

Matt: Alli loved it.

Amanda: We froze.

Matt: You should have come with us, Paulina.

Amanda: Well, next year we're definitely watching the one on TV.

Matt: Uh-oh. Amanda is a little grumpy.

Amanda: Am not.

Matt: Could have fooled me.

[Doorbell chimes]

Rachel: Oh, good. I'll get it; it's probably Liz.

[Matt and Amanda chatting]

Paulina: It's because of Sam, isn't it? That's why you're so down.

Rachel: Look who's here, everyone.

Sam: Hello.

Amanda: Sam.

Matt: Hi, Sam.

Amanda: Uh, did you change your mind? Are you going to be staying for dinner?

Sam: No, actually I just missed Alli. I wanted to stop by and tell her hello, happy Thanksgiving.

Rachel: Um, she's upstairs, right?

Amanda: No, she's in the kitchen. Hilda made her some hot cocoa. Why don't we go together? It's not as easy as you thought, is it?

Sam: What?

Amanda: Pulling away from this family and everything we had here.

[Doorbell chimes]

Sam: Let's find Alli, ok?

Rachel: I'll get it; it's probably Liz. Oh, hi. I was hoping it was you.

Ken: Hi. Will this go with dinner?

Rachel: Oh, my goodness, it will go with anything. Thank you.

Ken: My pleasure.

Paulina: It's Ken.

Matt: No wonder my Mom's so happy.

Paulina: Yes, you're right.

Rachel: I asked Mom to do it, and she said no way. She suggested Iris, and I said no way. The logical person is Jamie, but he's got a lot on his mind right now, and Matthew wouldn't even talk about it.

Ken: You want me to carve the turkey, right?

Rachel: That would be nice. Uh, no -- this is -- this is something a little worse than that. We have a family tradition -- we have someone give the Thanksgiving toast before we sit down.

Ken: Not just someone - Mac.

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: Rachel, you should do that.

Rachel: I know. I did it last year. I was the matriarch last year. I just didn't care to do it again.

Ken: Well, you don't want me to do it, I --

Rachel: It doesn't have to be elaborate. Oh, please, won't you just do it?

Ken: I'm - all right.

Rachel: Thank you. Well, that's one problem solved.

Ken: Well, what else is there?

Rachel: Uh, there's always something. Come on in.

Matt: Ken, hi. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ken: Matthew, thank you. Same to you.

Paulina: Hello, Ken.

Ken: Paulina.

[Doorbell chimes]

Matt: Oh, must be aunt Liz. I'll get it.

Matt: [Humming] Iris.

Iris: Hello, darling.

Matt: Hi.

Iris: Happy Thanksgiving.

Matt: Happy Thanksgiving to you. Can I take your coat?

Iris: Oh, would you? But don't put it too far away, just in case I have to make an escape.

Matt: But of course.

Rachel: I was just saying to Ken how grateful I am to have both of you as part of our family this year.

Iris: Oh, me, too.

Rachel: Iris, welcome to Thanksgiving.

Iris: Thank you.

Paulina: Happy Thanksgiving, Iris.

Ken: Iris.

Iris: Well, is this it, Rachel? Or are you going to find a few more little Corys to pop up before Christmas?

Rachel: Oh, Iris, have you come over to be unpleasant?

Iris: Me, unpleasant? Oh, heavens no. I just came to keep score. Where's the punch?

Rachel: Over there. Just dive in.

[Iris speaks indistinctly]

[Rachel laughs]

Paulina: Just what I need.

Ken: Is something wrong?

Paulina: Jamie was talking to Rachel earlier. I think it was about me.

Ken: Hmm, Jamie, the cops, Iris -- how long do you think you can go on living like this?

Paulina: As long as I have to.

Vicky: It's about time. Because I pay you top dollar to work on the holidays. Just tell me what it is. 58 Brittle Street -- are you sure? All right. This better be right.

Michael: Who were you talking to?

Vicky: Oh, nobody. It was the wrong number. How is Marley?

Michael:: Oh, she's ok. She's playing with Steven. I think she just needs a little time to take all this in.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. I can't believe this.

Michael: Honey, we all knew this was something that could happen. I mean, Cass even expected it.

Vicky: He had great timing, huh? Happy Thanksgiving -- you could go to jail.

Michael: I think we should go ahead with our evening as planned.

Vicky: What?

Michael: I think that you and Marley and Steven should meet Donna and I at Tops later, just like we planned.

Vicky: I'm not gonna go eat while Marley could go to jail and --

Michael: Honey, she needs to know that her family is behind her. She needs to know that her whole world isn't falling apart.

Vicky: Well, I don't know if I can do that. I don't know if I can go prancing into Tops, pretending like we're one big, happy family --

Michael: Hey, look, I'm not asking you to prance in or pretend anything.

Vicky: Could you just, uh, stay here for a while?

Michael: Well, sure I could. Why?

Vicky: Well, I think Marley is going to need to talk to you alone, and I have something that I have to do.

Michael: Where are you gonna go?

Vicky: Uh, can't talk about it right now.

Michael: That answer's not good enough -- not for me.

Vicky: Dad, if it works out, we'll all have something to be thankful for, ok?

Daniel: No, no, no, tell us what you're into...

Olivia: We have potatoes. 2:55 put the scalloped potatoes --

[Knock at the door]

Olivia: Sam, please don't do this to me - not today.

Liz: I thought as much.

Olivia: You're supposed to be at the Corys'.

Liz: Yes, and you are supposed to come home at night.

Olivia: Ok. Aunt Liz, I left you a message on the machine and I said not to worry.

Liz: You can leave all the messages you want. When a young girl in my care stays out all night, I worry.

Olivia: I'm not a child, aunt Liz.

Liz: I presume it was with Sam.

Olivia: [Clears throat] Look, I'm trying to --

Liz: Well, where is he? Where is the artist? Where is Sam?

Olivia: This dinner is very complicated. And he went to see Alli.

Liz: Uh-huh. Did he tell you when he might be back?

Olivia: Yes; he knows dinner is at four.

Liz: You keep telling me what a sensitive, artistic man he is.

Olivia: He is.

Liz: Well, in my day, when a sensitive man spent the night with a woman, he was there the next morning.

Olivia: Aunt Liz.

Liz: He didn't run off to his in-laws while she prepared the dinner.

Olivia: That's enough.

Liz: Oh, Olivia. I certainly hope you'll be careful.

Olivia: I was.

Liz: Well, Amanda wasn't, and you see what Sam Fowler has done to her life.

Olivia: Amanda did everything to her life on her own.

Liz: Olivia, what are you doing to yourself?

Olivia: Exactly what I want.

Liz: Waiting for Sam Fowler?

Olivia: Yes.

Liz: Oh, darling, it's Thanksgiving! You're alone. You think that bodes well for your future?

Olivia: Sam will be here.

Liz: If it suits him.

Olivia: I want you to leave.

Liz: Olivia, Sam Fowler is a selfish, self-absorbed young man. Whatever he wants to do will always come first.

Olivia: Just leave me alone.

Liz: Olivia, I don't want to hurt you. You're so dear to me. Please, have dinner with me. Don't let Sam do this to you. He's going to get all caught up with Amanda, don't you see? He won't be back. Mark my words.

Sam: I'm gonna head out, ok?

Amanda: All right. Here, I'll take her.

Sam: There you go.

Amanda: There you go. You've still got your bear, huh? You know, you can come by and see her any time. You don't have to call or anything.

Sam: Thank you.

Amanda: I thought you were gonna have dinner with Olivia.

Sam: I am.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: I just wanted to stop over and see Alli first though. I'll see you soon.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: Bye, sweetheart.

Amanda: Have a nice dinner.

Sam: You, too.

Ada: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Hey, Ada. You have a good Thanksgiving, ok?

Ada: You, too, Sam.

Sam: Ok, bye-bye.

Ada: Well, you look like something went right for a change.

Amanda: Well, he didn't have to come over, but he couldn't stay away.

Ada: Did he say that?

Amanda: He didn't have to say anything, grandma. He was here.

Ada: And he's gone, Amanda.

Amanda: Thanks, grandma.

Paulina: How's Marley doing?

Jamie: Not great. She's been indicted.

Paulina: I know. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Yeah, me, too.

Paulina: Oh.

Ken: Ooh, boy! Need to get my sunglasses out.

Paulina: The table looks so beautiful.

Iris: Yes, well, Daddy always had lovely things around him.

Ada: Ok, Rachel, you sit there. And Jamie and Ken on either side of Rachel. And, honey, you take the baby to the highchair.

Amanda: Ok.

Ada: Matthew.

Matt: Yep.

Ada: Sit on the other side of the high chair so that you can help out.

Matt: Ok, as long as I don't have to sit across from Alli.

Amanda: Matthew.

Matt: It's the way she eats; it's disgusting.


Ada: Well, Ken gets that honor.

Ken: Yes, I have a very strong stomach, Matthew.

Ada: [Laughing] Good for you.

Iris: Well, who's sitting at the head of the table, then?

Rachel: I thought you should do the honor.

Iris: Me?

Rachel: Yes, you're Mac's first child.

Iris: Well, thank you. I hardly know what to say.

Rachel: And, Paulina, I thought since you were the newest member, you should sit on the other end.

Paulina: All right.

[All chatting]

Rachel: Yes, that's right.

Jamie: Looks beautiful.

Rachel: Doesn't it smell good though?

[All chatting at once]

Rachel: That turkey's on its way.

Jamie: Thank you, Matt.

Matt: A little wine?

Rachel: Thank you. Yes, thank you. You're doing a wonderful job.

Matt: Why, thank you.

Ada: There's mince and pumpkin pie.

Rachel: Oh, I know -- I can smell it.

Ken: I've heard about your pumpkin pie.

Rachel: It smells up the whole house. All right, everyone, I thought this year we would do something new for our family tradition of a toast. I thought we'd let our guest do it.

Ken: Ok. This just happened, so I don't have a -- well, anyway, I tried to get out of it. But, as you all know, this lady doesn't take no for an answer. So, I'd like to propose a toast to the Cory family. It is such an honor to share this day with you -- an honor I'm not sure I deserve. And --

Paulina: Let me do it.

Jamie: What?

Iris: You've got to be joking.

Paulina: Please, Rachel, I'd like to make the toast.

Grant: Well --

Vicky: My, what a homey Thanksgiving you're having.

Grant: What are you doing here, Vicky?

Vicky: I would like a scotch on the rocks -- a single malt, if you have it. Oh, put it in a clean glass; it's a holiday.

Grant: So, how did you find me?

Vicky: Well, the parade float you ride around in is kind of hard to miss in this neighborhood.

Grant: Mm-hmm. So, what do you want?

Vicky: My sister was indicted for attempted murder.

Grant: So I've heard.

Vicky: Yeah, I guess you have. I mean, if Ryan didn't tell you, then your pal, the D.A. did.

Grant: You still didn't tell me what you want.

Vicky: What will it take to get the charges dropped?

Grant: What do you think I am?

Vicky: Oh, now, what's that old joke? Um, I already know what you are. All we're arguing about is the price. Now, what will it take?

Josie: I'm not -- I'm not very good at this.

Taylor: Would you like me to help you with this, Josie?

Josie: No, no, no, it's ok.

Taylor: Well, it's just that you did all the cooking --

Josie: I said I can handle it!

John: Josie.

Taylor: Would you rather I hadn't come here today, Josie?

Josie: No -- no, that's not it.

Taylor: Then, what is it?

Josie: You are supposed to be helping my mother, and it's Thanksgiving, and she's not here, and you are.

Taylor: I know.

Josie: I thought therapy was supposed to help people.

Taylor: It is.

Josie: Well, this is not helping. It's not helping my mother, and I know it's not helping John and me.

John: Josie, your mother's leaving was not Taylor's fault. I know it's convenient to have someone to blame, but --

[Timer bell rings]

Josie: That's for the pumpkin pie. Mama never has to use a timer, but of course I do. It's the first pumpkin pie I've ever cooked -- I don't believe it. Only an idiot would burn a store-bought pie.

Taylor: John, maybe we're getting in Josie's way. We should go for a walk or something?

Josie: Oh, you know, you don't have to leave just because I burned the stupid pie!

Taylor: Josie -- Josie, listen, just take some time for yourself, ok? We can go for a walk. We'll be back in a little bit. I like my pie well-done, really.

[Phone rings]

Josie: Hello.

Sharlene: Well, I can smell that pumpkin pie from here.

Josie: Mama.

Iris: For heaven's sake, sit down.

Rachel: Go ahead, Paulina.

Paulina: Thank you. Thanksgiving used to be my least favorite holiday. It's all about families and being together, and it reminded me of what I didn't have. But all that's different this year, because the people of this family have been kind and generous enough to accept me. I want to promise something to everyone in this room. You won't be sorry. I'm going to show my gratitude by being as loyal and devoted to each one of you as I know you'll be to me. I look forward to so many wonderful times with all of you. Here is to my family. Here is to the Corys.

Ada: Here, here.

Paulina: Cheers.

Matt: Ok, let's eat.

Ada: We have to wait for the turkey, Matt darling.

Grant: I happen to be an elected official. I took an oath to uphold justice.

Vicky: Mm, yes, we all know how much that means to you.

Grant: There's nothing that I can do for Marley.

Vicky: Well, you've done enough to her.

Grant: That's ridiculous.

Vicky: "I'm not soft on crime; I want justice for Jake McKinnon." Does any of that sound familiar?

Grant: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Vicky: All right. Let me give you a clue, genius. You want to help the D.A. get Marley because you want to get my family back.

Grant: Now, why would I want to get your family back?

Vicky: Because we all know what you did to John and Sharlene, and we think it stinks.

Grant: Well, none of you could understand how I feel about Sharlene.

Vicky: Maybe not, but we do know how good you are at sabotaging a relationship.

Grant: Like Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady?

[Vicky clears her throat]

Maybe we're a little more alike than you think.

Vicky: All right, we're both sleazes. Now, can we do some business?

Grant: I don't interfere with the D.A.

Vicky: What is Sharlene going to think about what you're doing? Because she's going to come back, and she's going to find out. You see, I don't think we're anything alike, because your little vendetta means as much to you as Sharlene does. But I'm too smart for that. See, you're going to end up with nothing. And my sister is going to go free because -- believe me -- I will do whatever it takes. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sharlene: Happy Thanksgiving.

Josie: Is everything all right?

Sharlene: Everything is fine, except I miss you.

Josie: We miss you. Mama, it's just not the same around here. I burned a frozen pumpkin pie; I'm a disaster.

Sharlene: Oh, come on, I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

Josie: Mom, you've been away too long. You've forgotten how helpless I am in the kitchen.

Sharlene: Well, I'll tell you something, Josie Watts. If you have stuffed a turkey, I may go into labor right now. [Laughs]

Josie: Oh, it's good to hear your voice. Are you sure you're ok?

Sharlene: Well, I am getting bigger and bigger every day, I am. How is John?

Josie: I've kept your word, Mama. I haven't said anything to anyone about where you are.

Sharlene: Sweetie, I know. I'm so sorry if it's been hard on you.

Josie: I want you to be happy. I'm trying to do the right thing. I don't always know exactly what that is.

Sharlene: Tell me about it.

Josie: Are you sure you're all right?

Sharlene: I'm fine, I really am, except I miss you guys a lot, especially today -- I just do.

Josie: You think maybe you'll come home before the baby's born?

Sharlene: I don't think so.

Josie: Wish you felt that you could.

Sharlene: Look, I don't want to talk about that right now -- I don't. So, come on, tell me who's there.

Josie: Here?

Sharlene: Yeah. Um, for Thanksgiving dinner -- Cass and Frankie were coming over, weren't they?

Josie: No -- no, they couldn't make it.

Sharlene: Why?

Josie: Mama, come on, you know I can't cook for more than two people.

Sharlene: Well, Josie, John didn't have to work, did he? I'd hate to think of you there alone.

Josie: Uh, he's out for a walk.

Sharlene: Oh, boy. You know I love that farm in winter. All the leaves are off the trees, and it's just so beautiful you can see forever, and just -- you know. So, what -- it's just the two of you?

Josie: Uh, actually three.

Sharlene: Three? Who -- who else is there?

Josie: Well, John asked Taylor to join us.

Sharlene: Oh, he did? Uh, I guess they are out walking, huh?

Josie: Yes.

Sharlene: I see.

Josie: Mama, nothing's going on. I promise.

Sharlene: Josie, I know that.

Josie: I mean it -- I would tell you. John's -- John's just -- well, he's pretty lonely -- more so than he lets on. Listen, why don't you hang on a second? And -- I'm sure they're not very far -- I could call 'em back in.

Sharlene: Oh, Josie, no. I just -- I'll call back later, ok?

Josie: Mama, if he knows that you've called and I haven't said anything to him, he's going to be very upset.

Sharlene: Please, no. I just called to say happy holidays, that's all, ok?

Josie: You should be here. It just doesn't feel right.

Sharlene: Josie.

Josie: Please come home.

Sharlene: Tell John I love him.

Josie: You could tell him yourself if you'd just hang on a second --

Sharlene: If you talk to Grant, then you tell him that I asked about him.

Josie: Oh, Mama.

Sharlene: Josie, go baste your bird, girl. I can feel it drying out from here.

Josie: I love you.

Sharlene: And I love you so much, and I'm going to call soon, ok? I'll be in touch. Is that -- I love you. Bye, darling.

Josie: Mama?

Ken: Rachel is looking for Jamie. She was wondering if you've seen him.

Iris: Yes, I believe he wanted to check in at the clinic.

Ken: Thank you, Iris. I'll tell her.

Iris: By the way, your performance at the table was quite touching.

Ken: It wasn't a performance.

Iris: At least you didn't try and fill in for Daddy, which is more than I can say for that protégé of yours.

Ken: That wasn't a performance either. Paulina was trying to honestly express her feelings for this family.

Iris: Ken, stop it -- stop it. That toast of yours was just another nauseating attempt at the fraud that you've been perpetrating on this family. And one day -- one day Rachel will recognize it -- whether she wants to or not.

Ken: You don't do holidays very well, do you, Iris? Iris says Jamie has already gone to the clinic.

Rachel: Did he take that basket of food with him?

Ken: Don't know.

Rachel: Oh, nuts. I'll have to check, sorry.

Paulina: Can you help me with something, Ken?

Ken: Sure. Excuse me, Iris. What's up?

Paulina: Talk to Rachel.

Ken: Fine. Let's go together.

Paulina: No. Jamie knows something. Find out what it is.

[Doorbell chimes]

Paulina: I don't want to see anybody.

Matt: Hi, Ken.

Ken: Matthew.

Matt: Aunt Liz.

Liz: Happy Thanksgiving, Matthew.

Matt: Everybody's been wondering where you've been. Where have you been?

Liz: Well, I know. I'm sorry I had to miss dinner, but there was something I had to attend to.

Matt: I hope everything is ok?

Liz: I think it will be.

Matt: Ok. Well, you're here now. And you haven't missed dessert.

Liz: Matthew, have you been seeing much of Olivia lately?

Matt: Uh, I saw her yesterday. Why?

Liz: Would you mind giving her a call? I think she's going to need a friend.

Matt: What do you mean?

Liz: I mean Sam Fowler. When it comes to him, I think Olivia has finally seen the light.

Sam: Oh, this place is beautiful.

Olivia: Sam.

Sam: I would have gotten home earlier. I'm sorry I'm a little late. But I was on the way home, and I kind of ran into a little friend.

Olivia: Oh!

Sam: I saw this little guy just crying to death in between two pieces of fence, and I picked him up. I thought you'd like him.

Olivia: Oh -- oh and hello. You really got him for me?

Sam: Mm-hmm -- I hope you like cats.

Olivia: Oh, I love cats. I was always begging my father to get us one when we were -- when I was little. He said we moved around too much.

Sam: As far as I'm concerned, you're not going anywhere.

Olivia: Thank you. I think I'll name you Pavlova.

Sam: Pavlova. Why don't we go with Baryshnikov in this case?

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: Right. Ha ha ha.

Olivia: Well, Baryshnikov is much too long a name, so what do you think of Mischa?

Sam: Mischa. Mischa is great; we'll go with Mischa. Mischa, are you hungry? I've got one can of food for you. Something smells great in this place and I think I know what it is.

Olivia: Well, I hope you like it.

Sam: I'm sure this is going to be his favorite kind of food. It's whitefish; it's got to be his favorite kind of food.

Olivia: Oh, you dig whitefish, sweetie? Do you?

Sam: Mischa, it is mealtime for you. Look it, yes, Mischa.

Olivia: Yummy.

Sam: There you go. I'm really sorry I'm late.

Olivia: When I woke up this morning and you weren't there --

Sam: You got my note, didn't you?

Olivia: Yes, of course I did, but I just --

Sam: What?

Olivia: I got worried.

Sam: I woke up and I was really missing Alli, and I knew you and I had the whole day together, so I just -- you thought I went to see Amanda, right?

Olivia: I wish I could just forget about her.

Sam: I wish you would just know that I want to be with you. You understand that? And now with Mischa, too.

Olivia: Then why didn't -- you could've woken me up and we could have gone to see Alli together.

Sam: I couldn't do that.

Olivia: Why?

Sam: I wanted to be alone for a while.

Olivia: But you weren't alone, you were with -- well, listen, I'm sorry.

Sam: I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Come here.

Woman: Great. Just what we need -- reinforcements.

Jamie: Ah, it looks like you're doing a brisk business.

Woman: You had a good idea, Doc.

Jamie: Actually, it wasn't mine; Marley suggested it.

Woman: Maybe that's why she showed up?

Jamie: What?

Woman: Over there. Give me the box.

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: Oh, hi.

Jamie: Look, could you take over here for a second? I need to talk to Marley. Thank you. What are you doing here?

Marley: Oh, Jamie, look at them.

Jamie: Look, I heard about the indictment.

Marley: Isn't this how we saw the place in the beginning, full of people that we could help?

Jamie: Marley, I found something out that could help you.

Marley: Stop it, Jamie --

Jamie: No, listen to me --

Marley: Please, no. I realized something when I came here today. You are so important to so many people. Now, I don't know where I'm going and I don't care, but I'm going to go alone.

Jamie: Marley, did you just hear what I said?

Marley: Did you hear what I said? I want to do this alone, Jamie.

Taylor: Dinner was delicious, Josie.

Josie: Thank you.

John: You seem like you are in a lot better mood than you were earlier.

Josie: You can tell?

Taylor: I can.

John: What happened?

Josie: Just feel better, that's all.

John: Well, good. The dinner was delicious. Maybe I'll let you cook all my meals.

Josie: Oh, then you'd be in big trouble.

Taylor: Well, thanks again.

Josie: My pleasure.

John: Thanks for being so good with Josie.

Taylor: It's a tough time.

John: She really got hostile there for a minute.

Taylor: She was right. I was here with you today and Sharlene wasn't.

John: Sure was hoping I'd hear from Sharlene today.

Taylor: I'm sorry, John.

John: I know you are. That's why I appreciate you being here. Come on, I'll walk you to your car.

Man: Where the hell have you been?

Grant: Not you, too.

Man: Listen, I came up with some new information about that Dr. Benson.

Grant: Well, tell me, tell me.

Man: Well, it seems that she was asked to leave her last position.

Grant: Why?

Man: Well, the higher-ups thought that she was getting just a little too involved with one of her patients, a young guy with a lot of problems.

Grant: I told you to get me something I could use.

Man: There's more. It's about the guy. It seems that there was a hell of a scandal.

Grant: Hmm.

Amanda: Paulina, do you want to come and have some pecan pie? It's the best -- and it goes real fast.

Paulina: You're in a better mood.

Amanda: Yeah, I am.

Rachel: I'll be right in.

Amanda: Ok.

Rachel: I'm sorry about the toast. I never should have asked you to do it.

Ken: Ah, just not much of a speechmaker, I guess.

Rachel: Maybe I count on you too much.

Ken: No, you don't. Something is wrong, isn't it?

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: Is it bad?

Rachel: Don't know yet.

Ken: Why don't you tell me what it is? Let me help.

Marley: I am so tired of people worrying about me all the time.

Jamie: But Marley, I know the pressure is getting to you.

Marley: No, Jamie, it's already gotten to me. Please, would you let me enjoy this? I have felt better here today than I have felt in a very long time. Please?

Jamie: All right, you do what you have to do.

Marley: Thank you.

Jamie: And so will I.

Yes, I'd like to talk to Detective Harrison as soon as possible. I have some information about the McKinnon case. I think it may be important.

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