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Paulina: Ready to go?

Amanda: No.

Paulina: We have everything. It's time to go.

Amanda: I can't.

Paulina: Sure you can. I'll help you.

Amanda: I loved him, Paulina.

Paulina: I know you did.

Amanda: I loved Evan. I let him tell me what to do.

Paulina: It's all right. Hey --

Amanda: It's not all right. I trusted him with everything. And I have nothing to show for it.

Paulina: Well, it's time to let go. Now come on, let's get out of here.

Amanda: No, I belong here.

Paulina: What?

Amanda: I was myself in this apartment. Don't you understand?

Paulina: Amanda, I think you're exhausted. You need sleep.

Amanda: You know who I was when I was here, alone with Evan?

Paulina: Amanda.

Amanda: I was a cold-hearted little liar.

Paulina: Now, I am not going to listen to this. You're not going to stay here another minute.

Amanda: I had everything and I gave it -- I just threw it away for him!

I hate him!

Paulina: Amanda, don't do this.

Amanda: I hate him. Get out of my way.

Paulina: Amanda, please don't --

Amanda: Get away from me!

Vicky: Ever hear of knocking?

Ryan: Door was open.

Jamie: What do you want, Harrison?

Ryan: Well, for starters I'd like to hear Vicky answer the question you just asked her. Did you shoot Jake?

Vicky: Go to hell.

Jamie: I think you misunderstood me, Ryan. I didn't say anything like that to Vicky.

Ryan: Now, come on.

Jamie: So why don't you just go back to where you came from?

Ryan: Because I want the truth, which obviously you do, too.

Jamie: You want the truth?

Ryan: Yeah.

Jamie: How could you accuse Marley of shooting Jake?

Ryan: How could you accuse your son's mother of the same thing?

Grant: This is garbage. I can't use this.

Man: Grant, you just told me to find out what --

Grant: I told you to find Sharlene Hudson.

Man: Well, fine, you just want me to drop the angle on the psychiatrist lady?

Grant: Absolutely not.

Man: You just told me what I found out was garbage.

Grant: Look, what I said was it didn't work. It doesn't prove anything.

Man: So I should keep digging?

Grant: Taylor Benson is the one person who might know where Sharlene is.

Man: That's why you want something on her.

Grant: Something that might persuade the good doctor to tell us where Sharlene is gone. Now, these rumors look very promising. Just find me the facts, will you?

Man: You want to blackmail her?

Grant: I want to find Sharlene before John does. And I'll do anything that I have to do to make that happen.

John: Marley.

Marley: Oh, hi. Hi, John. Hi, Taylor.

Taylor: How are you, Marley?

Marley: I'm -- I'm fine. I'm just here to see Jake, if that's ok.

John: We are limiting his visitors.

Marley: Why?

John: He's spiked a fever.

Marley: Is that serious?

John: We're trying to keep it from becoming serious.

Marley: Ok. Well, I -- I won't stay long, ok?

John: Marley. I just found out something.

Marley: About Jake?

John: No. About the lab tests that were done on the hairs that were found on Jake's clothing.

Marley: Yes?

John: The hospital has just informed the police.

Marley: And, and what does that have to do with my seeing Jake?

John: Nothing, really. I just thought that you might want to --

Marley: I just -- I just want to see Jake, ok. Ok, thank you.

John: Just for a few minutes, Marley.

Taylor: She is wound up like a top. I wish she'd come to see me when she said she would.

John: Marley wanted to talk to you?

[Marley screams]

He could see --

John: Marley.

Marley: Right through me. He was looking at me and --

Taylor: Marley, let John examine him.

Marley: He's awake, isn't he? He's awake. Oh, dear God.

John: Come on, let's go outside.

Marley: Is he --

John: Come on, come on.

Taylor: John, what's going on?

John: I'm not sure. I'll have a neurologist take a look at him.

Marley: I swear he could see me. He's --

John: I don't think so.

Marley: He's coming out of this, isn't he?

John: No, it was probably an involuntary muscle reflex.

Marley: What -- what does that mean?

John: Comatose patients don't always just lie there with their eyes closed. There is a lot of physicalization.

Marley: And -- and what do you do?

John: We will continue to do what we've been doing. We'll watch him closely. He could come out of the coma. I have seen it happen before.

Marley: What would he be like if he -- he came out?

John: I can't answer that.

Taylor: He may be very alert.

John: It would be a blessing, wouldn't it.? He can tell us who shot him. We'd put an end to this.

Vicky: Why don't you both just chill out for a minute?

Ryan: Why is it that every single time I turn around, this guy's nosing around in my investigation?

Jamie: Because you don't know what the hell you are doing, Ryan.

Vicky: Jamie. Oh, I cant believe this. I am actually the calm, rational one.

Jamie: Marley is not going to prison.

Ryan: I hope not, Jamie. Unless people start owning up to what really happened --

Vicky: We don't know anything.

Ryan: Oh, right. And this was just a little domestic spat.

Jamie: Why don't you start doing your job instead of hounding everyone in this family?

Ryan: Why don't you stay out of my investigation?

Jamie: I am going to find the proof you can't seem to find yourself. And I am going to stuff it down your throat and watch you choke on it. Excuse me.

Vicky: Was this an official visit?

Ryan: It's hard for me, Vicky. What the usher said, the watch at Jake's loft, how much you hated him.

Vicky: My God, you really think I shot him.

Ryan: Did you?

Vicky: Must be contagious or something. I mean, it couldn't have been Marley, so it must have been me.

Ryan: See, the way I put it together, you could have gone to the loft after Marley left. You're the one the neighbor saw.

Vicky: You're making this up.

Ryan: Then you spoke with Marley about it. And you decided that your sister had a better chance of getting an acquittal than you. So you talked her into lying to save your --

Vicky: Who the hell do you think you are?

Ryan: I am the one that cares for you.

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: I am the one that's afraid that Marley is going to end up doing a lot of time because of something that you did. That's who I am.

Paulina: I'll be in the bedroom straightening it up.

Amanda: How did you know I was here?

Sam: Amanda, what is going on here? Are you ok?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Oh, my God, you really messed this place up.

Amanda: Sorry.

Sam: Don't apologize to me. I wouldn't care if you torched this place.

Amanda: I don't know why I did this.

Sam: Amanda, what are you doing? Would you stop beating yourself? Get up and get out of this place and never come back.

Amanda: You don't understand.

Sam: Try me.

Amanda: What are you doing here anyway? You said that you didn't care what happened to me.

Sam: That's not what I meant, and you know that.

Amanda: You said it was over.

Sam: Yes, we are over, but you still matter to me.

Amanda: Why, because we have a child?

Sam: Yes.

Amanda: That's it.

Sam: Amanda, please don't do this.

Amanda: I know I did this to myself. I know that it's my fault that I lost you and everything that we had. But, Sam, you were so much more to me.

Sam: More than what?

Amanda: You were my husband, my lover. You were the first person I ever let inside my heart. Do you remember these things? I remember them all the time. I think about the first time that we made love. How I never thought I would ever need anybody else. I think about when Alli was born. When I had you, I had everything. You were my best friend.

Sam: Why don't you get Paulina to take you -- take you home?

Amanda: You understand now what I mean when I say I lost everything? You were so much more just than a husband to me. You -- you were everything to me.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Amanda: It was Evan and this place. That's what did it to me. It made me numb.

Sam: Maybe that's what you wanted.

Amanda: No, not anymore. I want what I had. I want you back.

Olivia: Matt, hi.

Matt: Hmm. I guess I'm not who you're expecting, huh?

Olivia: No.

Matt: Sam?

Olivia: Yeah.

Matt: Wow, it looks like a feast.

Olivia: Matthew, are you all right?

Matt: Yeah. I -- I just thought the place would be deserted.

Olivia: What's happened?

Matt: Did you know I met Josie here for the first time?

Olivia: No.

Matt: Yeah. Seems like a million years ago, I know.

Olivia: Listen, I've got hot apple cider going to waste here. Why don't I pour you some?

Matt: God, I thought we were going to love each other forever. It didn't happen. I don't know -- I don't know why this is upsetting me.

Olivia: What is it?

Matt: My father called from Kenya.

Olivia: Is he all right?

Matt: Oh yeah, he's great. He's fine. He has a new girlfriend.

Olivia: What?

Matt: Yeah. When Felicia went to visit him a couple of weeks ago, they -- they agreed to get a divorce.

Olivia: Oh, Matthew, I'm sorry.

Matt: Oh, but hey, it's going to be all right, you know. They -- it's all for the best and they still care a great deal about each other. So --

Olivia: Yes, I've heard that one a couple of times myself.

Matt: Felicia was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Olivia: Feelings change.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Nothing last forever. I've heard that, Olivia. It's nothing new to me.

Olivia: Right.

Matt: He loves it there -- the food, the people. They already divided up the wedding presents. What about me? What am I supposed to do? When am I going to see him again?

Olivia: I know.

Matt: God, I'm never having kids.

Olivia: Now, come on. You don't mean that.

Matt: I do mean it. I'll probably end up just like him. And my feelings will change.

Olivia: So what are you supposed to do, just give up?

Matt: You don't get it, Olivia do you? You don't get it. It doesn't work. It didn't work for me and Josie. It didn't work for my sister and Sam. It didn't work for my father and Felicia. It doesn't work.

Olivia: Come here.

Matt: Doesn't work. What? So you got this all together for Sam and he's not here?

Olivia: He's coming.

Matt: I backed off, you know.

Olivia: What?

Matt: I mean, I think we had a chance together, and I figured you wanted Sam more. Looks like that it didn't make any difference to him.

Olivia: Oh, you're wrong.

Matt: Olivia, we're all the same. My Dad, me, Sam. We don't know how to hold on to people we love.

Sam: Amanda, I --

Amanda: No, wait. That didn't -- it didn't come out right. Nothing is coming out right anymore.

Sam: I still care what happens to you.

Amanda: No, you don't.

Sam: You're wrong.

Amanda: When I said that I wanted you back, I know that it's not going to be the way it was.

Sam: No, it can't.

Amanda: But I need you, Sam, as a friend.

Sam: Amanda, I don't know how to be your friend.

Amanda: You said you wanted us to be closer for Alli's sake. You said you didn't want her to see us fighting.

Sam: I don't, but beyond that point it's --

Amanda: I have no one else. I have nobody to talk to.

Sam: Why don't you talk to Paulina then?

Amanda: You just -- you just don't get it, do you?

Sam: Amanda, I cannot be something I don't know how to be for you. I knew I shouldn't have come over here today, but when Paulina called me and told me that you weren't going to be able to make it to the meeting with the teacher, I knew you needed somebody.

Amanda: I needed you. You must still care about me because you're here.

Sam: Yes, I still care about you, but I cannot be responsible for that, never again.

Amanda: When I need somebody to turn to, I turn to you.

Sam: Until Evan came into the picture.

Amanda: He made me believe things. He was so convincing.

Sam: I told you he was lying.

Amanda: Now wait, wait.

Sam: And then when push came to shove, you believed him over me. So how can you possibly expect me to trust you enough to let you back into my life?

Amanda: I'm not asking you to love me.

Sam: Are you asking me to be your friend? Amanda, I loved you more than anything else in this world. And you walked all over that love, without even -- I want you to have a life again. And I want you to be happy for yourself and for our daughter. But don't ask me to be something I don't know how to be anymore.

Amanda: Did I take that away from you, too?

Sam: Amanda, I can't look back anymore. Now you need to quit condemning yourself and get over it. Now, is this your stuff all over here? Ok. Paulina -- I think Amanda's ready to go home now, but this place still needs to be cleaned up.

Paulina: Can you take her home, Sam?

Sam: Yeah, all right. I can take her home.

Paulina: Amanda, you go ahead. I'll bring your things back in the car with me.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Thank you for calling me, ok?

Paulina: Sure.

Ken: I've been looking for you.

Paulina: You scared me to death.

Ken: I just heard the police got some test results back from the lab as evidence for the shooting. What are you going to do if those results prove that Jake struggled with somebody other than Marley that night?

Vicky: One sister with a rap sheet isn't enough?

Ryan: There's something that neither one of you want --

Vicky: Can you go back to what you just said a minute ago, something about you caring for me?

Ryan: You know I do.

Vicky: How could you? I mean, a person who would set their own sister up for a prison term?

Ryan: Listen to me, Vicky.

Vicky: I thought I was.

Ryan: Listen, you lied to me about the night Jake was shot. You said that you were at the opera when it all happened. Then I find out that you didn't even make it to the second act.

Vicky: Who told you that?

Ryan: The usher at the opera house. He said that when he went to check on you that your box was empty.

Vicky: Well, maybe I was in the powder room.

Ryan: The watch, the one that you won at the poker game, ended up in Jake's loft.

Vicky: I told you I felt sorry for him, so I gave it back.

Ryan: You felt sorry for him? I've been in this very room when you almost had to be tied down, so that you didn't scratch his eyes out.

Vicky: It doesn't mean I shot him.

Ryan: Listen, I've been around maybe four, maybe five times when you've threatened him. I caught you in more lies than I care to remember.

Vicky: Fine. Go ahead, put the cuffs on.

Ryan: Just tell me what you and Marley are hiding.

Vicky: You're so smart, you tell me.

Ryan: The night of the shooting, at the office, you deliberately confused my eyewitness.

Vicky: Yes, I know what I did.

Ryan: Are you the one that he saw leaving the loft after Jake was shot?

Vicky: I don't want to talk to you anymore.

Ryan: You're going about this all wrong, Vicky. Ok, if Marley shot Jake in self defense, if you shot Jake in self defense, then you have a case.

Vicky: Go home, Ryan.

Ryan: Look, don't you realize how much trouble you're in, the both of you?

Vicky: I know why you're doing this.

Ryan: Because I care what happens to you and your sister.

Vicky: Because you want me, and you know I don't want you.

Ryan: You don't.

Vicky: Never have.

Ryan: Well, that's a switch.

Vicky: No, it's not. You just got in over your head and fell for me. See, I don't fall that easily because I have been burned way too many times.

Grant: Oh, I know I'll do everything to get it out of committee and on the floor. I wouldn't be involved if it weren't controversial, now would I? Lou, listen, I got to run. I got to run. No, look, just relax, you'll be all right. I always come through, don't I? All right, I'll talk to you soon. Bye-bye. Hello, Josie.

Josie: Congressman.

Grant: Why so formal?

Josie: What did you want to see me about?

Grant: Listen, let's -- let's go to someplace where we can talk. You look wonderful.

Josie: Well, thank you.

Grant: So, now tell me, how did your shoot -- the catalog shoot go?

Josie: Well, it wasn't exactly what I'm used to, but at this point I'll do anything to keep myself busy.

Grant: You know I made quite a few phone calls to get you that job.

Josie: And I'm grateful.

Grant: But?

Josie: But it does make me feel a little uncomfortable that you're getting jobs for me. I hope you understand.

Grant: Yeah, of course I do, but I hope it leads to other for you.

Josie: Well, actually, I got a small part in a film.

Grant: Hey, that's great news, Josie.

Josie: I can't believe it myself.

Grant: I bet your mother was knocked out about that, wasn't she?

Josie: My mother doesn't know.

Grant: You haven't called her?

Josie: And I really can't leave town anyway.

Grant: Oh, Josie, you've got to take this job. I mean, Sharlene would tell you to do it in a minute.

Josie: Why did you ask me to come here tonight, Grant?

Grant: Well, because I think that you're wasting your prime career years. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it just upsets me, Josie.

Josie: Why?

Grant: Because I feel responsible.

Josie: Well, don't. It's my choice.

Grant: You know what you need?

Josie: What?

Grant: You need to talk to somebody whose -- whose opinion that really matters to you. Let's call your mother right now, hmm? Come on.

Vicky: Ryan, let go of me.

Ryan: Vicky -- the lying has got to stop. The half truths, the omissions, all of it. Listen, I know that you care for me and you know how I feel about you. I still want to make it work for us.

Vicky: It can't. There is too much in the way.

Ryan: But it doesn't have to be. If we just get all of the information out, we can work together and we even can fix the damage. Don't you see, I just want to get down to the truth? I'm not trying to hurt you or Marley. And I'm going to do it, too, with or without you. Vicky, you can go on lying as long as you want, but it's all going to catch up to you -- I swear it. You and Marley are going to be in more trouble that you ever dreamed was possible.

And the two of us are going to miss a chance to work through something rough together, to be important to each other.

Vicky: Ryan, you are making this personal.

Ryan: This is personal. So, I will take myself off this case. But I need the truth. I will do everything possible to help you both. But you have to tell me everything, start to finish, now.

Vicky: Ryan.

Ryan: Please, just tell me what happened.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Hello.

Billy: This is Captain Cooper, Bay City P.D. Is Detective Harrison there?

Vicky: Hold on. Your charming captain's on the phone.

Ryan: Harrison.

Billy: I don't like this one bit, man.

Ryan: This isn't good timing, captain.

Billy: Are you there on police business?

Ryan: What do you want?

Billy: The lab results from the hair on McKinnon's coat just came in.

Ryan: And?

Billy: We'll discuss it when you get your behind at the station where it should have been an hour ago.

Ryan: I'll be right in.

Lab results are in.

Vicky: I guess you have to go down there then.

Ryan: Is this your answer?

Vicky: What happened before can't happen again.

Ryan: Vicky.

Vicky: It's over, Ryan. And I have nothing to say.

I suppose you'll let us know what the lab results prove or don't prove.

Ryan: I'll be in touch.

Jamie: I went to see Vicky.

Marley: And what happened?

Jamie: Not much. Ryan showed up.

Marley: What did he want?

Jamie: Marley, they're looking into Vicky's role in the shooting.

Marley: Why? Vicky doesn't have a role in the shooting.

Jamie: Marley --

Marley: If you think she does, you're wrong, because she doesn't.

Jamie: Ok, but maybe the police missed something.

Marley: All right. Then they'll find out what it is.

Jamie: If they don't, I will.

Marley: Don't get involved.

Jamie: I am involved with you.

Marley: Jamie, if the district attorney finds that out, then she is going to subpoena you.

Jamie: They probably know already, and I don't care if they subpoena me.

Marley: I do. I don't want you involved, especially if you think that Vicky could've --

Jamie: Could've what?

Marley: Nothing.

Jamie: Marley -- why do you keep coming here to see Jake?

Marley: Because I have to.

Jamie: Are you waiting for him to regain consciousness?

Marley: Of course I am.

Jamie: But maybe you don't want him to.

Marley: How could you say something like that to me?

Matt: Glad you let me bring you back here.

Olivia: Right. Well, it was far too cold for a picnic at the Old Mill anyway. I don't know what I was thinking. Stupid idea.

Matt: Sorry if I upset you back there about what I was saying.

Olivia: Oh, no, no. No, you didn't. Sam never came back because he got held up with Alli's teacher. That's all.

Matt: Right. I'm sure that's it. He cares about you.

Olivia: Yes, I know he does.

So where is he, Matthew?

Matt: Like you said, I'm sure Alli's teacher has a lot to say.

Olivia: The child is two years old.

Matt: Well, preschool is very complicated nowadays.

Olivia: Preschool is not complicated, adulthood is complicated. And I want out. I want out.

Matt: I know the -- I know the feeling.

Olivia: I'm furious with him.

Matt: I can see that.

Olivia: I think he's with Amanda.

Matt: Really?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. They don't belong together anymore, Matthew.

Matt: Well, I don't think that's for us to decide.

Olivia: He didn't come back because of her, I know it. I know it. She's desperate to get him back and she's playing all these little games.

Matt: Olivia, come here, come here, come here.

Olivia: Where?

Matt: You just --

Olivia: Where?

Matt: You need a little fresh air out on the terrace.

Sam: Are your Mom or Ada around to help you out?

Amanda: I don't know. Thanks for doing this.

Sam: Oh, forget it. It's all right.

Amanda: I am surprised that would spend any time on me at all.

Sam: Amanda, look, I am not out to punish you.

Amanda: Why not? I don't understand why not.

Sam: Well --

Amanda: You're right. I was the one that loused everything up.

Sam: I wasn't exactly the perfect husband either.

Amanda: You were pretty darn close.

Olivia: Hello, Sam.

Grant: Ok.

Man: Great, now we just have a few more things --

Grant: Look, I am right in the middle of something, Brad.

Brad: Fine.

Grant: I'm sorry about that.

Josie: Don't be.

Grant: Now, where were we?

Josie: Grant, I am not calling my mother.

Grant: Josie, I think that you would feel so much differently if Sharlene were here to put it all in prospective.

Josie: Grant.

Grant: What?

Josie: Forget it.

Grant: Josie. Josie -- listen, your mother has told me so many times about how proud of you she is.

Josie: Well, I'm glad.

Grant: Look, I know that she wants you to live independently, to live the way that you choose and not be dictated to by anyone --

Josie: I don't know where my mother is. And if I did, I wouldn't tell you. I couldn't.

Grant: Just hate to see you pressured by John and his family the way that your mother was.

Josie: My mother left town on her own. No one forced her to do it.

Grant: I know that.

Josie: And she is a lot stronger than you give her credit for.

Grant: I know all about your mother's strengths. That's what I love about --

I care about her, Josie.

Josie: Do you?

Grant: Very much.

Josie: Then let her do what she needs to do. If she needs help, she'll ask.

Grant: Has she spoken to Taylor Benson since she's been away?

Josie: I have no idea.

Grant: Maybe she's having second thoughts about her as a therapist. I hope so, for her sake.

Josie: Why would you say that?

Grant: Oh, nothing. Nothing, really. Listen, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I am really glad that your career is picking up. And if you need any help anymore, I want you to call me. All right?

Josie: Well, I am -- I'm certainly grateful for everything you've done, Grant. I just hope it isn't because of my mother.

Grant: No. It's because I believe in you, Josie. And I've really grown to care about you. And for the two of you I want to see that you get what you really want.

Well, it's nice to see you.

Josie: You, too. Congratulations on the election.

Grant: Thank you. Take care. Damn it.

Ken: Paulina, you need to think about this. What happens if it turns out that Jake did struggle with somebody other than Marley that night?

Paulina: Well, then that person will be in hot water, won't she?

Ken: She?

Paulina: I wasn't there that night, Ken.

Ken: No, but Jake was blackmailing you.

Paulina: Yes, I remember. Believe me.

Ken: The police might find that out.

Paulina: Will you please leave me alone?

Ken: What do you think, I came over here for the fun of badgering you?

Paulina: Why did you come here?

Ken: I want you to be prepared for anything.

Paulina: I'm prepared.

Ken: Oh, really?

Paulina: Look, I know I was a little shook up the other night, but I'm -- I'm fine now.

Paulina: Dr. Frame, please. Hi, Jamie. It's Paulina.

Jamie: Hi.

Paulina: I just thought you might want to know I went to Evan's with Amanda to pick up some of her things, and Amanda got very upset.

Jamie: Where are you now?

Paulina: Well, I am still at van's apartment. I sent her home with Sam.

Jamie: Sam?

Paulina: Yeah, it's kind of a long story, but I think she is going to need us tonight. Are you going to be on duty for much longer?

Jamie: I am off now, but I want to hang around another hour or so. You think Amanda can make it till then?

Paulina: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Why do you have to hang around?

Jamie: Jake's shown some signs of regaining consciousness.

Paulina: Well, that's good news.

Jamie: Maybe. We don't know anything yet.

Paulina: I see.

Jamie: Look, Paulina, I appreciate your help with Amanda. You've been wonderful.

Paulina: Yeah, I'll see you back at the house, ok?

Ken: What is it?

Paulina: Jake might be coming out of his coma.

Sam: Olivia, how did you end up over here?

Olivia: I was about to ask you the same question.

Sam: Well, we never made it over to the teacher conference.

Matt: You don't look too hot there, sis.

Amanda: Thanks, Matt.

Olivia: You promised to come back to the Old Mill.

Sam: Olivia, that was going to be my very next stop, I'm telling you.

Olivia: Matthew, thank you for helping me out. You always do.

Sam: Olivia, look --

Amanda: Sam, uh --

Sam: What?

Amanda: I'm sorry if I --

Sam: She doesn't know what is going on.

Amanda: Want me to talk to her?

You look confused.

Matt: I am.

Amanda: What was Olivia doing here anyway?

Matt: I was taking a walk down by the Old Mill, and I ran into her.

Amanda: She looked upset.

Matt: She is. He dumped her to be with you. Do you blame her?

Amanda: I didn't call Sam, for one thing, Paulina did. I didn't ask him to stay with me for this long. He did that all on his own.

Matt: Yeah. He and my father are acting more like brothers every day.

Amanda: Matthew, what's wrong?

Matt: Nothing. I hope I just don't screw up someone's head like that -- ever.

Ken: Paulina, if Jake regains consciousness he could tell just everybody that you are a fraud.

Paulina: I am aware of that.

Ken: I'm worried about you. All of this is getting to you.

Paulina: I have to go.

Ken: Where?

Paulina: To find out what's going on.

Ken: Paulina, if you show up at the hospital now, right after Jamie has told you that Jake might be about to come out of coma, some of the wrong people might put two and two together.

Paulina: Nobody thinks I shot Jake -- except you, obviously.

Ken: I never said that. I just want to make sure we don't get involved in any more lies.

Paulina: All I'm worried about is Jake coming out of his coma and talking to Jamie. I have to go.

Ken: There is a better way out of this.

Paulina: What way?

Ken: What I tried to get you to do weeks ago. We go to Rachel and we tell her everything. We get rid of these lies forever.

Vicky: Jamie, is Marley still here?

Jamie: She insisted. There's been a change. He's shown his first signs of movement.

Vicky: What -- what does that mean?

Jamie: It could be involuntary or he could be coming out the coma.

Vicky: She knows that?

Jamie: I think that's why she's been in there so long. She's waiting to see him wake up.

Vicky: I'm going to go see her.

Jamie: Vicky, did Ryan --

Vicky: Don't worry about Ryan. I'm handling him.

Jamie: I'm sorry he heard me ask you about the shooting today.

Vicky: You'd like it if I did it, wouldn't you?

Jamie: No, I wouldn't.

Vicky: I think you're lying.

You know, we -- we used to love each other so much. And now you think I am a murderer. Life's funny, isn't it?

Hey. You ok?

Marley: I'm glad you're here.

Vicky: I'll take care of this, Marley.

We're still safe. We're still safe.

Ryan: The hair samples removed from the victim's clothing match in every detail and aspect the sample follicles taken from the suspect -- Marley McKinnon.

Yes, this is Detective Harrison for Dr. John Hudson. John.

John: What can I do for you?

Ryan: I need a question answered, and frankly I don't want to ask just anyone.

John: All right, go ahead.

Ryan: I have the results from the hair analysis back.

John: Yeah?

Ryan: Is it possible that twins could have the same test results if identical tests were done on their hair?

John: Identical twins are the only ones who share the same DNA.

Ryan: So you can't rule out the other twin?

John: I guess not.

Ryan: Thanks an awful lot. Bye.

I'm glad you're here, captain.

Billy: That's a switch.

Ryan: I want you to take me off the McKinnon case.

Billy: Don't need to.

Ryan: Why?

Billy: We're out of it. It's the D.A.'s baby now. She went to grand jury today.

Ryan: She did?

Billy: And she was very pleased with those results you got. So everything's fine. Unless you know something that says everything isn't fine.

Ryan: Should I?

Billy: I know what you're trying to hide, Harrison.

Ryan: I'm not trying to hide anything.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Then why did you come and ask to be taken off the case soon as I caught you at Victoria Hudson's place?

Ryan: That's not why I was there.

Billy: Then why did Carlos tell me that the usher at the opera saw Vicky leave her seat 20 minutes before McKinnon was shot?

I heard you on the phone just then, Ryan. And guess what? I know all about DNA testing in identical twins.

Ryan: Why don't you just get to your point?

Billy: My point, Romeo, is that if you're keeping evidence from me on this case because you're sleeping with the suspect's sister, who's starting to look like a suspect herself, losing your badge is going to be the least of your problems.

Ryan: You are way off base, captain.

Billy: Look, if the D.A. gets embarrassed we're all going to catch hell. Did she take a bogus case to court today? Huh? Do you believe your girlfriend pulled the trigger on Jake McKinnon?

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