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Another World Transcript Monday 10/16/06

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Felicia: Bye-bye. Thanks. Lloyd, let's get out of here, shall we?

Lloyd: Fans?

Felicia: Yeah, my face actually hurts from smiling.

Lloyd: Good to have you back, Miss Gallant.

Felicia: Thank you. It's very nice to be back.

Lloyd: How was your trip to Africa?

Felicia: Fine. It wasn't the trip I exactly expected it to be. Anyway, it was a long flight and the guy next to me never stopped talking the whole way.

Lloyd: Where to, Miss Gallant? Tops?

Felicia: No. No, no.

Lloyd: Mr. Winthrop's?

Felicia: No. Lloyd, can you take me to 443 Norfolk Street, please? Thank you.

Michael: Janine, I don't really care. I want you to cancel all of my appointments today. No. That's right, every single one, all right? Just tell them I have some urgent business to take care of. I'll get back to them next week. All right. Look, call me later, all right? Thanks. Bye.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: I thought you were out running.

Michael: Well, I was. I just got back.

Donna: Aren't you going to the office?

Michael: Uh, no. Actually, I got a meeting with Frankie and Cass in 45 minutes.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Going to take a shower. Donna, while I was out running, I was thinking, trying to come up with something that might help with Marley's defense.

Donna: I know. I keep doing that, too.

Michael: And you know something? The more I think about it, the more I am firmly convinced that someone I know very well is up to her neck in all of this.

Donna: Michael?

Iris: It's over. Thank God it's over.

Woman: May I help you?

Paulina: My name is Paulina Cory. I'm here to see Mrs. Wheeler.

Secretary: Is she expecting you?

Paulina: No, I just thought I'd drop by. I have some information for her she may find very interesting.

John: Well, I told you you'd need a comfortable pair of shoes.

Taylor: Oh, what a great day for a walk.

John: Absolutely perfect.

Taylor: It's so beautiful here.

John: It always is this time of year, especially with the maple trees turning.

Taylor: Well, thanks for sharing it with me.

John: Oh, listen, I really appreciate it. I was glad to hear that doorbell ring.

Taylor: Even before you knew who it was?

John: Well, it really didn't matter. I didn't care. I just needed a diversion.

Taylor: Oh, well, thanks a lot.

John: Oh, I -- when I found it was you, I was very glad. Don't get me wrong.

Taylor: Well, after I heard the news about Marley, I thought, "well, I better call." And then I thought, "well, if I call, you might say not to come and I -- I didn't --" why am I telling you all this?

John: You're the shrink.

Taylor: I didn't call because didn't want to give you a chance to say no. So, here I am. It was a lot simpler, huh?

John: A lot.

Taylor: How's your brother doing?

John: Well, they're doing everything they can. All of us hope that the charges against Marley will be dropped before it ever goes to trial.

Taylor: How are you doing?

John: Well, actually, since you've been here, there have been at least two full minutes where I haven't been thinking about Sharlene.

Taylor: Have you tried finding her?

John: If you mean have I hired a private detective, no.

Taylor: That must have been a pretty hard decision.

John: In her letter she asked that I not look for her. If she ever found out that I've ignored her wishes, it could ruin any chance I have of us ever being together again.

Taylor: And if you don't try?

John: I could lose her anyway. Look, uh, would you like to get something to eat?

Taylor: Why don't I fix us something?

John: I think all I've got in there is a couple cans of tuna fish.

Taylor: Oh, I've been known to do some pretty wicked things with a can of tuna.

John: In that case, you're on.


Grant: Thank you. I have to tell you, this is where I live. I love this -- being up against it, everything on the line. You know we're the only ones left. I mean, all these so-called fair-weather friends cut and ran the minute they thought I could lose, including my chief of staff. My father's even given up on me. But I'll tell you what, we're going to show them all because we are going to win and you are going to announce it, ok?

All: All right.

Grant: Now, listen, you've all been assigned to a television or radio station. Get out there, stand by, and we will call the second we know that we've got our victory, ok?

All: Ok.

Grant: All right. Let's go to it. Tell them that Grant Harrison's going to be up on the hill one more time, all right?

All: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, that was a very impressive speech.

Grant: Well, a bit Rockne-esque for my taste, but effective, I thought.

Caroline: Very effective.

Grant: Where's your lunch? Haven't you ordered yet?

Caroline: My dear, trying to get a waiter with all this going on?

Grant: I'm sorry, Caroline. I brought you down here for a nice, quiet lunch, and you end up having to listen to a political pep rally.

Caroline: Oh, it was fascinating. It really was.

Grant: Hmm. Well, I came down here to get away from campaign headquarters to relax with an old friend.

Caroline: Oh, yes, and the campaign staff.

Grant: Well, they kind of tagged along.

Caroline: Come on, Grant. I heard your speech before. This is your life. "I love this." And why shouldn't you? It's damn good and it's also very exciting.

Grant: Well, but there comes a time when one has to unwind, and that time is right now.

Caroline: But how are you going to unwind until you've found out if you've won or lost?

Grant: I won't lose, Caroline. I didn't demand a recount because I thought I would lose.

Caroline: Yeah, but aren't the figures on the up and up?

Grant: In a word, no.

Caroline: You mean these sorts of things happening?

Grant: Well, I was very suspicious from the beginning about this thing. I mean, I was leading in the polls the whole time.

Caroline: I remember. I know.

Grant: And then all of a sudden --

Man: Latest figures - it's a virtual tie.

Caroline: There you go.

Grant: You mean I caught up that quickly?

Man: You're just a few votes behind.

Caroline: You're going to pull it out.

Grant: There wouldn't be anything to pull if it hadn't have been for the damned Hudsons.

Caroline: I don't understand.

Grant: Well, you know, John and I have -- you know that whole story.

Caroline: You don't think John tried to fix this election, do you?

Grant: Oh, his brother. His brother suddenly became a big-time player for the other side, forking over donations which immediately went for television time. Michael Hudson paid for a media blitz which could very well have cost me the election, and I am not about to let him or his brother get away with it.

Paulina: Is there a problem?

Woman: No.

Paulina: Then why don't you pick up the phone and let Mrs. Wheeler know that her sister's here.

Woman: Yes, Miss Cory.

[Phone rings]

Iris: Yes, Jenny?

Jenny: Your sister is here, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Amanda?

Jenny: No, the other.

Iris: Paulina.

Jenny: Uh-huh.

Iris: Tell her I'm busy. Tell her anything at all, but do not let her come in.

Jenny: I am afraid Mrs. Wheeler is in conference.

Paulina: No, she's not.

Jenny: Miss Cory --

Paulina: Don't worry, I know the way.

Jenny: If you go in there, I'm afraid I'll have to call security.

Paulina: You seem to be forgetting who you're speaking to. My name is Paulina Cory --

Jenny: I know that, but --

Paulina: Which means I own a piece of this company --

Jenny: Look --

Paulina: Which means I pay a chunk of your salary.

Jenny: It's Mrs. Wheeler, she said that --

Paulina: So unless you think you can make a living answering the help-wanteds, I suggest you sit down and answer the phone.

Jenny: Yes, Miss Cory.

Paulina: And hold Mrs. Wheeler's calls.

[Door opens]

Iris: I told Jenny that I was --

Paulina: That you were in conference. I was expecting to see a room full of department heads, but it's just little old you. Surprise, surprise.

Iris: I'm always too busy to see you, Paulina. Now, would you please leave?

Paulina: No, not until I do what I came to do.

Iris: Which is what?

Paulina: I have something to tell you, sister dear.

Iris: And what's that?

Paulina: I know.

Iris: Could you stop being so cryptic?

Paulina: I know what you did. I know about you and Jake.

Felicia: Am I glad you're here.

Woman: Oh, and when have I ever not been here for you?

Felicia: Well, how lucky can I get, huh? An agent who is the best, and also a mensch and a friend.

Woman: You lost weight.

Felicia: Oh, best friend. Thank you.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, no. I can see it in your face.

Felicia: Really?

Gloria: Uh-huh.

Felicia: Well.

Gloria: So how come no one could reach you for the last three weeks, skinny?

Felicia: I wasn't feeling very communicative.

Gloria: Well, no one is talking "communicative" here. I just wanted to know where you were. I was worried.

Felicia: So, you think I lost a little weight, huh?

Gloria: Yeah, I mean, for all I know you could have decided to go off and live with a bunch of giraffes or something.

Felicia: I left Africa a week ago, Gloria.

Gloria: You left? Why?

Felicia: Mitch and I -- oh, hell. It didn't work.

Gloria: Honey -- oh, I'm sorry. Oh. No wonder you didn't eat.

Felicia: It's not like I -- I didn't expect it, you know.

Gloria: Is that why you didn't come right home? Did you need some time to be alone and everything?

Felicia: Well, I did need some time alone, but it's not for the reasons that you think.

Gloria: Oh, and what do I think? I don't even know what I think.

Felicia: I finished the book, Gloria.

Gloria: Not the book.

Felicia: Yeah, the book. The one I could never find the ending for. Here. Well, say something. Come on.

Gloria: Oh, Felicia. Oh, Felicia, if you knew how excited I am! This is the best news. Are you sure you finished it?

Felicia: Yes. Oh, yes, I finished it.

Gloria: Because you're always high as a kite when you finish one and positive it's the best one you've ever done.

Felicia: Gloria, this one is different than any of the others.

Gloria: And what is wrong with the others? We've made a very good living from those babies.

Felicia: I know. Nothing is wrong with the others. It's just that this one is -- this one is special.

Gloria: How is it special?

Felicia: Well, for one thing, it doesn't have a completely happy ending. Anyway, I -- I don't really want to talk about it yet. I want you to read it and -- and tell me what you think -- I mean, what you honestly think of it.

Gloria: I always do. Now, this is the one about the woman who's in love with two very different men, right?

Felicia: Yes, that's the one.

Gloria: I always loved that idea. I couldn't wait to see how that would turn out.

Felicia: Yeah. I couldn't wait either.

Cass: Check every person on that list for their whereabouts the night of the shooting.

Frankie: Got it, boss. Anything else?

Cass: I keep thinking about that blond hair that turned up in Jake's clothing.

Frankie: Yeah, me, too. I can't believe Ryan told me about it.

Cass: Your pal may have a couple of decent bones in his body after all. A piece of information like that could come in real handy.

Frankie: Especially if the hair turns out not to be Marley's.

Cass: Yes, that would be of particular interest to us.

Frankie: You know, when this test comes in on Friday, we may have a whole different case on our hands.

Cass: Yes, but let's not get too excited. Remember, Marley is on the record as having admitted to fighting Jake's rape attempt off that night.

Frankie: So you think the hair is hers?

Cass: It would make sense.

Frankie: Cass, do you think it's possible that more than just a struggle took place between Marley and Jake?

Cass: All I know is I'm going to do my damnedest to keep her from going to prison.

Frankie: Yeah, me, too. Which is why I think Paulina Cory and I have to have a little talk.

Cass: About what?

Frankie: Blondes.

Cass: Well, now, let's not go focusing all our attention on just blondes. I mean, there are a lot of people around this town who would have loved nothing more than to put Jake away, and they're not all blondes.

Donna: How was your shower?

Michael: My shower was fine. Why are you asking about my shower?

Donna: Just because you do a lot of important thinking in the shower, and I thought that perhaps you were contemplating this person you feel is up to her neck in the whole business with Jake.

Michael: Iris.

Donna: Iris? Of course -- Iris.

Michael: Donna, do you remember me telling you that Jamie had told me Iris had something very important she had to tell Marley?

Donna: Yes, it was right before Jake was shot.

Michael: Exactly. Jamie told me that Iris was primed to talk. And then Amanda got in that accident, Jamie and Marley took off, and when Marley got back to Iris, she backpedaled. Do you know where my belt is, by the way?

Donna: Yeah, it's right here. So what do you think Iris knows?

Michael: Thanks. I talked to Iris. Iris said that she knows nothing.

Donna: What if it is some crooked business dealing that Jake and Iris were having? I mean, Jake was getting money from somewhere. We all know that.

Michael: No, no, no.

Donna: Here, let me do your cufflinks.

Michael: Hmm. It's not money, I'm sure. It's more than money.

Donna: What do you think it is?

Michael: What if they were having an affair?

Donna: Why would you say a thing like that?

Michael: Well, it just makes sense, right? I mean, Iris and Lucas were broken up, right? And there she is, alone, vulnerable, just the kind of woman that Jake likes to prey on. Here, why don't I do that, ok? You're having a tough time there. Anyway, I mean, the way I thought, Jake would think, "well, it's good for business." So he hops in the sack with Iris, and then all of a sudden, Marley comes back so he tries to get out of it. He dumps Iris.

Donna: Stop it.

Michael: Iris wants revenge.

Donna: Stop it!

Michael: Why? Wait, wait, hold -- what's the matter?

Donna: Just don't.

Michael: Don't what?

Donna: I -- I just don't think that --

Michael: What are you so upset for?

Donna: Because you don't have any proof of that.

Michael: Proof? Donna, what do I need proof for? This is just a discussion. Come on, it's not like you and Iris lost any great love here, you know what I mean?

Donna: I know, I despise Iris. I just don't want to go digging into her personal life, some sad affair that she might have had with Jake, and I don't see what help this could possibly do for Marley.

Michael: Donna, the truth will help Marley. Now, I am convinced that Jake was involved with someone and I am going to find out the truth.

Iris: As usual, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Paulina: Well, then let me spell it out for you.

Iris: Whatever it is, be brief.

Paulina: Remember Marsha Cantrell? Sure you do. My foster mother?

Iris: Oh, yes. What about her?

Paulina: Well, I went to see her the other day. She told me that Jake had been by asking questions. He was trying to find proof that I wasn't a Cory. She also told me that he was working for you.

Iris: And that is what you've been burning to tell me?

Paulina: It was never any secret how far you would go to cut me out of that family.

Iris: And as you know, keeping secrets can be so terribly exhausting.

Paulina: And you used Jake to do it. You had him get close to me so he could find some information.

Iris: Oh, and you did get close, didn't you? As close as two people in heat can get.

Paulina: And I wondered why the family can't stand you.

Iris: Now you know.

Paulina: You call me an operator.

Iris: Among other less flattering things.

Paulina: But you are the champ, Iris. I'm not even in the same league with you.

Iris: So, what else have you been poking that shiny little nose of yours into?

Paulina: What a waste. I mean, I know you didn't find anything on me because there's nothing to find out. I guess it was all for nothing, huh?

Iris: I don't call collusion with you and Ken Jordan nothing.

Paulina: But you see, you have no proof of that. I mean, you have Jake's word, but what is that? Don't feel badly, Iris. I mean, Jake's good. He's really good. He must be. He somehow convinced you that he was onto something with me so he could con you out of some cash.

Iris: Get out!

Paulina: Hit a nerve with that one. Is that the same way you reacted when you found out that Jake had double-crossed you?

Iris: Get out of my office.

Paulina: Did you do it, Iris? Did you shoot Jake?

Cass: Marley is fine. I've seen her better, of course, but under the circumstances, she's fine.

Michael: Great. Where does the case stand now?

Cass: Some time next week she goes up before the grand jury.

Michael: Are they going to indict her?

Cass: If they have enough evidence -- yes, I think.

Michael: So this means they go to trial when?

Cass: Soon. They want to get this off the books.

Michael: Well, that doesn't give us much time, Cass.

Cass: We're just going to have to use every minute of it.

Michael: Well, what have they got going for them? What's their case about?

Cass: It's all circumstantial, Michael. Far as I can see, they can't even put that gun in her hand.

Michael: Great.

Cass: Yeah.

Michael: What about our case? What have we got?

Cass: I have to be perfectly honest with you.

Michael: Please do.

Cass: I'm not thrilled that you're conducting your own independent investigation.

Michael: Oh, yeah?

Cass: I don't want us working at cross purposes.

Michael: Cass, I may have resources at my disposal that you don't have. So I will be glad to share with you anything I find. I promise you that.

Cass: All right.

Michael: And I expect the same in return.

Cass: I promise you that.

Frankie: Michael, hi. Cass has had me doing some checking and --

Michael: On what?

Frankie: Well, I'm calling it the blonde betrayal theory.

Michael: The what?

Cass: Blonde betrayal --

Frankie: Theory. Good?

Cass: I kind of like it, yeah.

Frankie: Yeah.

Michael: What is this betrayal -- what is this about? What's it based on?

Frankie: Hair.

Cass: That was found in Jake's clothing.

Frankie: Yeah, the lab is doing tests on the strands now.

Cass: The results are due Friday.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Well, now, what if this hair -- what if it turns out it's not Marley's?

Cass: Oh, we'd like that a lot.

Frankie: And there were lots of blondes who had something to do with Jake.

Cass: Paulina Cory, for one.

Michael: And Iris Wheeler for another. I think it's time Iris Wheeler and I had another little chat.

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: Yeah, what's wrong?

Frankie: Michael, there was another blonde involved with Jake.

Cass: Vicky.

Taylor: John?

John: Looks good.

Taylor: [Speaking French] You're upset.

John: Have a taste?

Taylor: Uh-uh, not till you tell me what's wrong.

John: I just -- would you like to go out for lunch?

Taylor: Fine.

John: I'm sorry. I know that you've gone to all this trouble, but I really need to get out of this house. I'll make reservations --

Taylor: Wait, wait. John, talk to me. What is it? What is it you're feeling?

John: I can't get her out of my mind, Taylor. I see her here working, in the garden, lying next to me in bed in the morning, everywhere.

Taylor: It's to be expected, isn't it?

John: I miss her so much. I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her, and at the same time I feel so damned angry with her.

Taylor: Of course you do. She left you.

John: If I only understood why.

Taylor: I thought she was pretty clear about that.

John: She said that she needed some distance to get herself together before the baby was born.

Taylor: You don't buy that?

John: Everyone who loves her is here. Why would she put distance between us? Am I supposed to applaud that?

Taylor: No, no.

John: I thought that she would at least have contacted you, at least a phone call to say how she is. I mean, lately I've been fluctuating between wondering if something's really wrong with her and --

Taylor: And what?

John: Wondering if she just doesn't give a damn.

Taylor: I'm sorry, John.

John: I was sure that she would have contacted you by now.

Taylor: Well, I've made a decision. When Sharlene returns, and -- and if she decides she wants to continue analysis, it can't be with me.

John: Why? Why not?

Taylor: Because I've crossed that line we talked about. I've become too personally involved.

Grant: All right, I want you there when the ballot that puts me over the top is counted. Come right back here, call the networks, and make sure it hits the national news, all right?

Man: National news, right.

Grant: Now go. Go. Now, where were we?

Caroline: Aha, well, it looks like today is not meant to be.

Grant: What do you mean?

Caroline: I'll be at the bar if you can get rid of her. Look over your shoulder.

And if you can't, I'll see you later.

Grant: Mm-hmm.

Donna: You must be very pleased with yourself.

Grant: Well, if I knew what you were talking about, maybe --

Donna: You hate John because you can't have Sharlene. You hate me and Michael because you've lost your election.

Grant: I haven't lost anything yet.

Donna: And now you're taking out your revenge by having your brother arrest Marley.

Grant: You and Michael are the ones who decided to play hardball, not me.

Donna: I could scratch your eyes out for this.

Grant: Uh, uh, uh, no, we can't have that, now, Donna, because I've got to go on television in a little while to thank my constituents.

Donna: For what?

Grant: Well, there's a recount, and the recount is going my way. Now I'm back in the saddle again.

Donna: Not for long.

Grant: No, uh -- you know that -- the picture of your daughter in the paper? It made her look like such a sweet, innocent little girl.

Donna: She is. So why don't you tell your brother that.

Grant: Well, I -- I could speak to Ryan. I'm sure that he and his colleagues on the police force could be persuaded to re-examine Marley's case.

Donna: All right, what do you want? I know you're not offering this out of the goodness of your undersized heart.

Grant: You and Sharlene became very close before she left town, didn't you?

Donna: Yes.

Grant: And I'm sure that you'll be hearing from her soon.

Donna: Probably.

Grant: When you get her address, I want you to give it to me, not John. And when I have it, I will talk to Ryan about Marley. What do you say?

John: So you don't want to work with my wife anymore and you don't ask my opinion, and you give me no good reasons.

Taylor: John, if you had listened to me --

John: Oh, yes, yes, you've become too personally involved, whatever the hell that means.

Taylor: Why are you so hostile?

John: Don't you think that Sharlene has enough problems without her therapist rejecting her?

Taylor: I am not rejecting her. I am advising her that -- that I may not be the best one that she should be working with right now.

John: Because of our friendship?

Taylor: Yes.

John: So all the time that you've put in with Sharlene, all the work that it's taken to gain her confidence -- now you're just going to give her the old heave-ho, is that it?

Taylor: That's a little callous, don't you think?

John: I don't know what to think.

Taylor: You've become very important to me. Both of you have. I -- I care about your problems. I care about what happens to you.

John: What's wrong with that?

Taylor: I care too much. Do you understand? I can't be objective anymore.

John: So you're just going to give up?

Taylor: If that's the way you choose to look at it. Look, would you rather I go on pretending that I'm doing my best work? That -- that this all hasn't become as complicated as it has?

John: No. You've been very good for me.

Taylor: That's not going to change.

Felicia: This one is different than the other books.

Gloria: Would you please stop worrying?

Felicia: I'm sure Iris is going to think it's awful. Everything I write she thinks is awful. Last thing she liked, I think, was by Flaubert.

Gloria: Oh, who cares what Iris thinks?

Felicia: I'm afraid I have to. She is now president of Cory Publishing, remember?

Gloria: And I am your editor and your agent. And Mac always trusted me, and I can handle Iris.

Felicia: Now, Gloria, did I tell you why I wrote it the way that I wrote it?

Gloria: You do not have to explain anything to me. Now, I am going to read the book. If I love it, I will tell you. If I hate it, I will tell you it needs work.

Felicia: Come on, you're never going to tell me you hate it.

Gloria: Well, why should I make you feel bad? I mean, life isn't hard enough?

Felicia: Well, who knows? You may really like this book.

Gloria: Ugh!

Felicia: Then again, you may not.

Gloria: God, you are going to drive me completely nuts.

Felicia: I know.

Gloria: Would you please get out of here?

Felicia: Ok. Ok, I will.

Gloria: I will do my thing, and you do yours.

Felicia: Fine, fine.

Gloria: And would you please call up all your friends and tell them to stop nudging me? Every day the phone rang off the hook. "Where is she?" "Have you heard from her?" "What is going on?"

Felicia: I know, I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I -- I'm sorry you had to deal with all that. Wait a minute, I have something to give you. Here. I hope you like it. You are not the easiest person to shop for. Give me those.

Gloria: And if I don't? You will go back to Africa and return it, right?

Felicia: Yeah, right. What a good idea. Well?

Gloria: Oh, honey!

Felicia: Do you like it?

Gloria: Oh, it's gorgeous.

Felicia: Really?

Gloria: What, you don't believe me?

Felicia: Well, I don't know, with you it's kind of hard to tell, you know?

Gloria: God, we've only known each other for a hundred years.

Felicia: I know, I know. But, you know, we always spend all our time talking about me. We never talk about you. I don't know a thing about you.

Gloria: I don't want to bore you.

Felicia: Honey, we're friends.

Gloria: Now, let me see.

Felicia: Let me see.

Gloria: Oh, it's gorgeous. Oh, this -- it's me!

It's nice. Our being friends is the most interesting thing about me. Honestly. I am Felicia Gallant's friend and agent.

Felicia: Gloria.

Gloria: Really, my life would not make a very interesting story, trust me. Now would you please get out of here?

Felicia: Ok, I'm going. I'm going.

Gloria: I am going to read the book, and you go get on with your life.

Felicia: You know what? That's exactly what I plan to do is get on with my life.

Gloria: Good idea. Oh, welcome home, honey.

Felicia: Thank you, honey. Read fast.

Gloria: I'll talk to you soon.

Gloria: Hello, Allison? Yeah. Listen, I need a small box, ok? Yes, I have something else from Felicia. That's right. Same address, same girl.

Grant: Well, think about it.

Donna: I don't have to think about it. I'm not making any deals with you.

Grant: But I thought you wanted to help your daughter.

Donna: I do.

Grant: Then what's stopping you?

Donna: First of all, even if I did what you wanted me to do, there's no guarantee that you would stop the investigation.

Grant: Well, I can hardly put it in writing, now, can I?

Donna: And besides, do you think that I would sell out my family and put you before Michael's brother? I would never do something like that again.

Grant: Oh, well, what do you mean, "again"?

Donna: Nothing.

Grant: Don't be a fool.

Donna: Excuse me.

Grant: I thought you were like me, that you went out after whatever you wanted and would always get it, no regrets.

Donna: I thought I was like that, too.

Iris: Michael, I'm absolutely up to my ears in work, but -- but I'll try to fit you in. When? Ok. I'll see if I can clear my desk. I'm sorry, Paulina, but Mr. Hudson is on his way over here.

Paulina: I'm happy for you.

Iris: So goodbye, Paulina.

Paulina: You still haven't answered my question.

Iris: Which is what?

Paulina: Did you shoot Jake?

Iris: Were you really serious when you asked me that question?

Paulina: Uh-huh. Dead serious.

Iris: You know, if there is anyone in this room who has a reason to shoot Jake McKinnon, my dear, it's you.

Paulina: Oh, you're not going to turn this around on me, are you?

Iris: On the contrary. After what you were just telling me, I think it's the logical conclusion. You found out what Jake was doing for me, and you shot him in revenge.

Paulina: I hate to spoil your fantasy, Iris, but there's a major flaw in it.

Iris: I don't think so.

Paulina: I was with Rachel when Jake was shot.

Iris: You were? Every single minute?

Paulina: Where were you?

You're going to back off. You're going to stop trying to get me out of that family.

Iris: Am I?

Paulina: And if you don't, if you so much as hint to Rachel about Ken and I --

Iris: You'll what?

Paulina: I'll go straight to the police, and I will tell them everything I know about you and Jake.

Iris: I was so shocked to read about Marley in the newspapers. I just find it so terribly hard to believe that she would kill Jake. It's too bad I can't say the same thing about you.

Paulina: You and I really must be sisters, Iris. I was just thinking exactly the same thing about you.

Caroline: To the upcoming victory. Cheers.

Grant: I'll drink to that.

Taylor: Hi.

John: Thank you.

Taylor: Another restaurant, maybe?

John: Why doesn't he stay at his damn campaign headquarters?

Taylor: I hear there's a new place over on Park Lane.

John: Anything would be fine.

Caroline: Hi, John.

John: Hello, Caroline. You know Dr. Taylor Benson?

Taylor: Hi, how are you?

Caroline: Hi, doctor. How's Sharlene? I haven't seen her in a while.

Grant: I just spoke to Donna a while ago. Very interesting.

Caroline: Well, please give her my best, anyway, and I think I'll leave you all to have a lovely evening.

John: Thank you.

Caroline: Good night. See you later, Grant.

Grant: Good night. You know, I must say, John, I never pegged you as the kind of a man that lets your family fight his battles for him.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Grant: Well, the fact that your brother and his wife poured money into my opponent's campaign.

John: Seems to me that that was money well spent.

Grant: May as well have burned it. I don't lose, John. Remember that.

Michael: Yeah, my name is Michael Hudson.

Jenny: How can I help you, Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Well, I told Iris that I was going to come over.

Jenny: She didn't say anything to me.

Michael: Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I --

Jenny: Mrs. Wheeler is in a meeting.

Paulina: No, she's not. She's free.

Michael: Good. Thank you.

Frankie: Paulina, hi. Hilda told me you would be here. Can we step over this way, please?

Paulina: Sure. Why?

Frankie: To chat.

Paulina: Ok. I'm really in a hurry, though.

Frankie: Oh, who isn't? Things are moving so fast, I can hardly keep up.

Paulina: What are you talking about?

Frankie: Do you remember a few days ago I stopped by the house?

Paulina: Sure. Rachel told me you came by. What did you want?

Frankie: The same thing I want now -- to talk about Jake McKinnon.

Paulina: Ah. Well, I've already told the police everything I know.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, and now you can tell me.

Paulina: I really am not about to get into this again.

Frankie: Paulina, look, you know more about Jake's problems and work than just about anybody. That could prove really important down the line at the trial.

Pauline: Well, maybe you can get the police to give you a copy of what I told them.

Frankie: Cass wants to hear it from you. So you can either talk to me or wait for the subpoena.

Paulina: The what?

Frankie: If Marley does go to trial, you're going to have to testify. You know, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but like that?

Iris: Oh, Michael, I'm so glad you stopped by. I was going to call you anyway. You know, I wanted to tell you how sorry I was.

Michael: Really?

Iris: You must be absolutely --

Michael: Can it, Iris! Just can it, ok?

Iris: I just wanted to help.

Michael: I want to know the truth about you and Jake McKinnon.

Iris: You're not going to start all that again, are you?

Michael: Iris, not only am I going to start it, I just might finish it for you.

Iris: I'd already explained --

Michael: You explained nothing.

Iris: Well, then let me clarify it for you.

Michael: Well, let me help here. You said that you hired Jake once, and then of course you said you hired him twice.

Iris: No, no, no, I didn't say I hired him twice.

Michael: Oh, well, then why don't you get it straight?

Iris: What I said was that Jake had already completed one job for me, and we talked -- talked about him doing another one. It was just preliminary work. Does that help?

Michael: So why don't you refresh me about what it was that you wanted to tell Marley.

Iris: I beg your pardon?

Michael: Well, you remember, before the shooting. Jamie told me that you had something very important you had to tell Marley about Jake. He said you were very upset about it.

Iris: Michael, we've already talked about that.

Michael: No, Iris, we haven't talked about it. You avoided the subject.

Iris: Do you think you have a right to come here and interrogate me like this?

Michael: Iris, I have a right to know the truth because my daughter's life is at stake.

Iris: Your daughter should never have been involved with Jake McKinnon in the first place. If you were half the parent that you --

Michael: We are not talking about me as a parent, Iris! We are talking about who shot Jake. As for Marley and Jake together, it really doesn't matter. The point is she didn't shoot Jake. Now, would you please tell me the truth?

Iris: All right, Michael. I'll tell you one more time. All I was going to tell Marley -- all I was dying to tell Marley, as Jamie put it -- was that with my limited experience of Jake -- limited experience -- I found him completely obnoxious, not to mention dull-witted and totally unworthy of someone as intelligent and lovely as Marley. That's it.

Michael: Sorry, Iris. You told me that before. And I know there's a lot more.

Iris: You know, I'm really hurt and disappointed that you could accuse me of -- of hiding evidence that might help Marley.

Michael: Iris, I am accusing you of a lot more than that.

Iris: Just what are you saying?

Michael: Well, why don't you think about it.

Iris: Michael, I know you're very worried about your daughter, and perhaps that excuses your behavior, and so I'll try to forgive you.

Michael: Have your reporters heard anything about the lab results yet?

Iris: What lab results?

Michael: You know, they're analyzing the hairs found on Jake's body. The results should be rather interesting, don't you think?

Cass: You don't know how happy I am to see you.

Felicia: Well, tell me. Come on, tell me how much you missed me.

Cass: Oh, I missed you --

Felicia: Tell me --

Cass: At least this much!

Felicia: Tell me how wonderful I am, and gorgeous, and -- and thin.

Cass: Hey, you did get thin.

Felicia: Oh, honey, thanks. That's my favorite one.

Cass: And you do look wonderful, and you always look gorgeous.

Felicia: You know what? I think this is doing the trick.

Cass: But why do you look so unhappy?

Felicia: Oh, come on. Why don't you ask me about my trip to Africa and -- and all the sightseeing I did? And why don't you ask to see my slides?

Cass: No, I'll come up and see your etchings sometime, but, no, I don't want to see your slides. I want to know what happened with Mitch.

Felicia: Leave it to you to always want to get to the important stuff. Why can't you be more shallow like you used to be?

Cass: Come on. What happened? Did the two of you work things out or what?

Felicia: I found him with another woman.

Cass: Well, I guess that answers my question.

Felicia: Yeah, I kind of thought it would.

Cass: Are you ok? No, of course you're not ok. What do you want me to do? You want me to go over there and beat him up for you?

Felicia: No, no. Come on. Actually, I am ok. I am. And the important thing is, is that Mitch is starting a new life and he's happy. Honey, he deserves to be happy.

Cass: Oh, Felicia, I don't know if I --

Felicia: Cass. I'm -- I'm going to start a new life, too. In fact, I think I'm getting pretty good at starting these new lives, don't you think?

Cass: Honey - Lucas?

Felicia: Why not, huh?

Cass: And you two are -- what? What are you two?

Felicia: I don't know. I think it's too soon to tell.

Cass: Do you know he called Frankie a thousand times about you the past few days, wondering if we'd heard from you? What is this, high school?

Frankie: How did he sound?

Cass: I don't know, I really didn't speak to him much. Ask Frankie. Or better yet, call and ask him.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I guess I could do that.

Cass: Felicia, are you really in love with this guy?

Grant: It's a pity you're not a betting man, Doc.

Taylor: John, I hear this place gets crowded pretty early. Maybe we should go.

John: I'm ready.

Grant: The tally?

Well, you should learn never to count me out of the race, John. You see, I have just been re-elected to the congress of the United States.

Iris: What hair? What are you talking about?

Michael: Blond hair. They found blond hair in Jake's clothes the night he was shot. They're testing it right now, right as we speak. And if that hair doesn't turn out to be Marley's, then some other fair-haired person better have a damn good explanation why that hair is there and how it got there.

Iris: Is that all?

Michael: Well, I'll see you Friday.

Iris: Can't be mine. Can't be mine.

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