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Sam: What do you think?

Olivia: I think that except maybe for Degas, this is the best series of paintings about dance I have ever seen.

Sam: So you prefer Degas to Fowler then?

Olivia: I prefer Fowler to anyone.

Cass: Sam, Olivia.

Michael: Is Caroline here?

Olivia: I think so.

Caroline: Well, if it isn't my two favorite married men.

Cass: Hello. Would you excuse us for a minute, please? You know what happened to Jake, right?

Caroline: I heard he'd been shot. Is he -- is he ok?

Cass: No, not really.

Michael: We're doing some investigating into Jake's financial background.

Cass: Before the police try to pin this thing on Marley.

Caroline: Marley? You're joking.

Michael: I wish we were.

Caroline: But that's absurd. But how can I help you?

Michael: Marley told me that Jake had bought a couple of paintings from you.

Caroline: I won't forget that sale.

Michael: Really?

Cass: Well, good. Because we want to know the details -- how he got the money. It'd be great if we could get a copy of a check or something like that.

Michael: And maybe you would remember something he might have said to you.

Caroline: Why?

Cass: Because if we can figure out how he got the money and from whom --

Michael: We might be able to figure out who shot Jake.

Donna: I have to talk to you.

Stacey: I'm expecting company, and they should be here any minute, Donna.

Donna: It's all right. It won't take long.

Stacey: Well, I hope not. What?

Donna: Michael has taken it upon himself to conduct a complete search of Jake's background.

Stacey: Well, he obviously wants to help his daughter.

Donna: Stacey, Michael was a government agent. He's very good at things like background searches.

Stacey: So you have a problem with that?

Donna: He'll probably end up coming to you.

Stacey: Me?

Donna: If he finds out that Jake was pressuring me during Mikey's custody hearing.

Stacey: So what do you want me to do about it?

Donna: I want you to keep your mouth shut about me and Jake.

Stacey: Donna, look, I've thought about this and I'm sorry.

Donna: You're sorry about what?

Stacey: I can't possibly make you a promise like that.

Vicky: Admit it, you double- crossing s --

Ryan: Vicky.

Vicky: You did this to help him. You took me to the Old Mill so he could come over here and harass my sister.

Ryan: Lunch was your idea.

Billy: I've got a court order, Miss. There's nothing you could have done even if you were here.

Vicky: What are you doing?

Billy: Carpet fibers. Have to see if they match the ones we took from McKinnon's apartment.

Vicky: Why did you ask Marley to get her coat?

Billy: I told her I needed the coat she was wearing when she last saw McKinnon.

Vicky: Happy now?

Billy: If you're thinking of tampering with evidence --

Vicky: I'm thinking of asking my sister if she's all right.

Ryan: Captain --

Billy: I ought to warn you, Harrison. You're skating on thin ice.

Ryan: You didn't have to do it like this.

Billy: Well, how would you like me to do it, detective? Send the girls an engraved invitation requesting that they bring in forensic evidence at their earliest convenience?

Ryan: You know that's not what I meant.

Billy: What I know is that I should bring you up on charges. Instead of coming over here and getting what we need, you're out messing around with the prime suspect's sister.

Michael: Caroline, what do you mean Jake didn't buy the paintings?

Caroline: Well, he wrote me a check, right? In fact, it was an enormous check.

Cass: Really?

Caroline: I only accepted it because he was there with Marley. I shouldn't have.

Cass: It was no good?

Caroline: It was pure wallpaper, darling. Thank God I got the paintings back.

Michael: Do you still have records of the transactions?

Caroline: Yes, I do.

Michael: I'd like to see them.

Caroline: Please.

Olivia: Poor Jake.

Sam: Poor Marley.

Olivia: Everything he touched turned to garbage.

Sam: Yeah. Tell you what -- let's forget about Jake and Marley for now. And why don't the two of us go out for a nice, quiet dinner together?

Olivia: Would this be like a date?

Sam: I hope so. I have reservations already.

Olivia: You have?

Sam: Yes, and I have told them that it is a very special evening.

Olivia: Every evening that I'm with you is very special.

Sam: Let's get out of here. Come on.

Caroline: So here's a copy of the bank statement, and it's probably got the account number on it, too.

Michael: Good. Can I take that?

Caroline: Yeah, certainly. You know, as I recall, it was a personal check. It wasn't a Visions check. And I've probably still got a copy of it.

Michael: Oh, I'd like to take that, too.

Caroline: Oh, you can.

Cass: What did you do when you found out that the check had bounced?

Caroline: Call Jake.

Cass: And what did he say?

Caroline: He was genuinely surprised.

Michael: He really expected that check to clear?

Caroline: When I assured him that it wasn't a mistake, he promised me that it would clear within two to three days.

Michael: Two or three days? What could possibly happen in two or three days?

Caroline: Well, I told him I'd have to have the paintings back until he gave me a certified check. The paintings were returned and I haven't seen him since.

Michael: Did he happen to mention how he thought he might come up with that kind of money?

Caroline: There was something about a big job at Brava.

Cass: Which is a complete fabrication according to Iris.

Caroline: Really?

Michael: Iris again. Jake's corporate account shows no deposits at all around the time he was going to buy the paintings.

Cass: Which leaves open the possibility that somebody was paying him personally.

Michael: Was it legitimate?

Caroline: Intriguing. Do you think Jake may have been putting the screws to somebody?

Cass: If he was, that somebody has a wonderful motive for wanting him dead.

Stacey: Because I will be the judge of what I do with the information I have, Donna.

Donna: And what will affect that decision? Whether I behave myself or not? The phases of the moon?

Stacey: I told you yesterday I'm an officer of the court. I have responsibilities.

Donna: Your so-called responsibilities didn't stop you from blackmailing me with the tape Jake made of me.

Stacey: I am sorry that you saw it that way, but I thought that I was trying to spare you.

Donna: I see. But you won't spare me twice.

Stacey: Donna, if I think this information is relevant to the case, then I'm gonna let them know about that.

Donna: How could it be relevant to the case? I didn't shoot Jake. I would love to declare a national holiday in the honor of the person who did it, but it wasn't me.

Stacey: Fine. Declare whatever you like. Now, would you please excuse me?

Donna: You don't care about that, do you? You just want to get me any way you can.

Stacey: That isn't true.

Donna: You decided I didn't deserve my son, so you fixed that. And now you've decided I don't deserve a wonderful daughter like Marley or a wonderful husband like Michael. And it's no wonder you live in this dreary, little flat with nothing but your career. And you want to fix me because you're jealous.

Stacey: Ok. You want to know the truth? I think Michael deserves someone a hell of a lot better than you. And it's not because I'm jealous. Your daughter could be arrested for attempted murder, and all you care about is covering your own precious backside.

Donna: That is not true. I'm desperately concerned about Marley.

Stacey: Then why did you sleep with her ex-husband?

Donna: Stacey, if Michael finds out, he will leave me. What you know about me and Jake can't help Marley. It could even give her a motive, and it could destroy our whole family.

[Knock on door]

Stacey: Those are my guests.

Jamie: Da-da!

Stacey: Hi!

Jamie: How you doing? Good to see you.

Stacey: Good to see you. Amanda, I'm glad you came.

Amanda: Yeah, me, too.

Jamie: Donna, I didn't know you were going to be here tonight.

Donna: Hi. I wasn't planning to. I just had to discuss something with Stacey.

Amanda: I hope we're not early.

Stacey: No. As a matter of fact, you're right on time. Donna was just leaving.

Jamie: Donna, has something happened with Marley?

Donna: No, Marley's fine. She'll be fine as long as she has her family to depend on. Have a nice dinner.

Ryan: I'm history, right?

Billy: You'd like that, wouldn't you? Getting fired for grabbing me instead of for not doing your job.

Ryan: No, I can do my job, but I'm not going to listen to slurs about Vicky. And I'm not going to arrest Marley McKinnon without presenting the D.A. with a case.

Billy: Oh, you'll have a case when forensics is done. Maybe you don't want a case. Maybe that's why you weren't there when the results came in.

Ryan: Those reports weren't due in for another couple hours.

Billy: Well, they got done early. Where were you?

Ryan: Rule book says that I get an hour for lunch.

Billy: With Vicky Hudson?

Ryan: Look, I care about Vicky, but I also care about this case. I could have handled this if you would have just given me a couple more hours, sir.

Billy: Well, I handled it, my way. You got a problem with that?

Ryan: This is Vicky's home. She's got a little boy upstairs. You didn't have to come busting in here doing your dirty Harry routine.

Billy: I don't care about her. I care about Jake McKinnon and nailing whoever shot him and left him lying in a pool of blood.

Ryan: All you care about is making yourself and the D.A. look good on the 6:00 news.

Billy: Look, if your brother wasn't a congressman --

Ryan: Look, my record speaks for itself. Marley McKinnon wasn't going to leave town. You could have called her. You could have told her what was coming down.

Billy: Marley McKinnon and that sister of hers -- they haven't helped us on this investigation one minute. And I wasn't about to call her about anything.

Ryan: Am I fired?

Billy: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction. Now, look, g-man, you show me that you can keep your personal feelings out of this case, or I'll do more than fire you. I'll fix it with I.A. so you'll never be a cop anywhere, ever.

Ryan: You don't have to threaten me to get me to do my job. I'll collect your evidence.

Billy: Oh, you'll do more than that. I want the McKinnon dame downtown for questioning.

Ryan: She's already made --

Billy: I don't care what she's already done! Now, the guy had cloth fibers under his fingernails, and if they belong to her clothes, I am going to book her! Now, you get her downtown or you'll be history.

Do your job, officer.

Marley: Do you still want my coat?

Vicky: Or do you just want to cut it up with your little manicure scissors?

Ryan: Be quiet, Vicky. Marley, I need you to go back to the precinct with me.

Vicky: What?

Marley: Ryan, I am not --

Vicky: Going anywhere.

Billy: Do you always finish your sister's sentences?

Ryan: Due to what's come up in the forensics report, I think --

Vicky: Forget it. My sister is not going anywhere.

Billy: Now, you get her downtown. I'll be waiting.

Vicky: You're gonna be waiting a long time.

Billy: Did you hear what I said, Harrison?

Vicky: I still can't believe that you and your buddy planned this --

Ryan: Cool it, Vicky. Look, Marley, not cooperating is not going to help you right now --

Vicky: Oh, that is complete cop garbage!

Ryan: Look, if you're innocent, the physical evidence will prove that. That's what you want, isn't it?

Vicky: Don't let him tell you what you want.

Marley: What physical evidence?

Ryan: There were cloth fibers found underneath Jake's fingernails. He struggled with whoever shot him. When we go down to headquarters, we'll run a comparison, and if the fibers don't match --

Vicky: Marley, they are going to tamper with the evidence. They want an arrest.

Ryan: Vicky, I had no idea that he was coming over here today. That is the truth. Now, if you can't believe what I'm telling you, then we've got some serious problems.

Vicky: Well, I have told you that Marley has nothing to do with what happened to Jake. Do you believe that?

Marley: I'll go with you, Ryan. He's just doing his job, Vicky. It will be all right.

Ryan: If you want a lawyer present, I can --

Vicky: Of course she wants a lawyer present. I'll call Cass.

Marley: Thank you.

Vicky: Complete garbage.

Ryan: You're doing the right thing, Marley.

Marley: I hope so.

Vicky: This is Vicky Hudson, let me talk to Cass. Where is he? No, I want you to find him and I want you to tell him that he needs to go down to police headquarters. No, it's -- it's concerning Marley Love. The cops are denying her rights again. Thank you.

Ryan: Marley, I'll make this as easy as possible on you.

Vicky: I'm just going to write Bridget a note.

Ryan: You're not going.

Vicky: Yes, I am.

Ryan: This is not a game, Vicky. This is not playing around.

Vicky: Do you think I am playing around? I am going to follow you.

Marley: Vicky. I love you, but I don't think this is helping. I think Ryan is telling the truth.

Ryan: I wish you'd believe that.

Marley: I'll be ok. I just don't want you involved. Shall we go, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah.

Vicky: Don't say anything without Cass there.

Michael: There it is.

Cass: A photocopy of the check. What a good little bookkeeper.

Caroline: You can have a copy if you like.

Cass: And it is from his personal account.

Michael: Who would have thought Jake McKinnon would have had this kind of cash, huh?

Donna: Michael? Hi, Cass, Caroline. Is this about Jake? Have you found out something?

Cass: Not much, unfortunately.

Michael: It seems there's an awful lot about Jake that no one knew, Donna.

Caroline: Wait a minute.

Michael: What?

Caroline: There's something I just remembered that may have something to do -- I don't know -- it was the day that Jake bought two paintings.

Michael: Tell us.

Caroline: Well, when Jake and Marley were waiting for the, you know, sale to be finalized, this blond number just turned up. You know, the one who used to work with Jake.

Donna: Paulina.

Caroline: That's it. She comes roaring into my parking lot on Jake's motorcycle and comes up to me and says, "would you please get Jake to come outside?" So I did. He leaves Marley and goes off with her.

Michael: Do you have any idea what Paulina wanted?

Caroline: No, I didn't, but I was pretty --

[Phone rings]

Caroline: Excuse me just a moment.

Donna: I knew Jake and Paulina were having something together.

Cass: Paulina freely admits that she had a crush on him.

Donna: I wonder how serious that crush was.

Michael: And I wonder how she felt when she found out Jake was marrying Marley.

Donna: Apparently, nobody knew anything about her, especially Rachel.

Caroline: Cass?

Cass: Yes.

Caroline: That was your service. Vicky wants you to call her.

Michael: Vicky? My Vicky?

Caroline: Yeah, your Vicky.

Cass: Thank you. Here, Michael.

Donna: I hope nothing's happened.

Michael: So do I.

Cass: Yeah, Vicky, this is Cass. I just got a message -- what? Just try to calm down and tell me what they said.

Donna: Something's happened.

Michael: It's all right. It's ok.

Cass: How long ago did they leave? Ok. I'm on my way. Bye.

Michael: Cass, what is it? What happened?

Cass: The cops showed up at Vicky's place. They got some samples of carpet fiber and they also got the clothing that Marley was wearing the night that Jake was shot.

Michael: Oh, no.

Donna: What does that mean?

Cass: I'm going down to the headquarters to find out.

Michael: Where's Marley?

Cass: Ryan brought her in for more questioning.

Donna: All right, let's go with you.

Cass: No, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Donna: Cass, they've worn her down enough already. What if she admits something that she shouldn't?

Cass: I won't let them do that.

Donna: But we should be there --

Cass: Donna! I will handle this.

Michael: It's all right, honey, really. Let Cass go.

Donna: Just get them to leave her alone, please.

Cass: Don't worry. You stay here and see if you can get some more information.

Michael: All right, and you call me as soon as you find anything out.

Cass: I will.

Michael: And tell Marley not to worry, all right? We are going to get to the bottom of this. I am going to find out everything there is to know about Jake.

Sam: So I decided that the paintings either gotta go -

Waiter: Monsieur, madam, do you know what you would like?

Sam: Can you give us five minutes please?

Waiter: Pardon?

Sam: We haven't really looked at the menu, so we need another five minutes.

Waiter: But of course.

Sam: Thank you.

Olivia: I get the feeling he wasn't very happy.

Sam: Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

Olivia: Well, no, but you could start now.

Sam: Your face is so --

Man: Monsieur, would you care to see a wine list?

Sam: What I would really like to see is this beautiful lady here alone for just a little while, then you can come back with the wine list, we'll take a look, and then we'll order. Everything will be great.

Man: But of course.

Sam: Thank you. The reason I brought you to this restaurant is because I'd heard it is the quietest, most intimate place --

Olivia: What are we going to do?

Sam: I don't believe this.

Olivia: Thank you.

Sam: Thank you. That's got to be the end of it. It's got to be the end of it.

Olivia: Right. It really is a beautiful restaurant. I hope it's not too expensive.

Sam: Caroline gave me an advance, and money is another thing on the list I do not want to talk about, ok?

Olivia: Ok.

Sam: Ok.

Olivia: What do you want to talk about?

Sam: You, and how much you've started to mean to me, and everything that you've been doing is just --

[Violin plays]

Sam: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me, monsieur.

Man: Oui?

Sam: This -- this is for you. And this is for the waiter, this is for the maitre d', and this is for the busboy.

Man: You want to give this money now?

Sam: Yes, and, actually, if you could tell the waiter we would just like the chef's best dish and -- the wine steward, if you could tell him to bring an appropriate bottle of wine -- moderately priced -- and if you could please, please play your very beautiful music for that couple way, way over there. Could you handle that?

Man: But of course.

Sam: Thank you.

Olivia: You gave them their tips in advance?

Sam: It worked, didn't it?

Olivia: Sam --

Sam: Yeah?

Olivia: Did you do all that just to be alone with me?

Sam: [With a French accent] But of course.

Jamie: That was terrific. I didn't know you were such a good cook.

Stacey: Gee, thanks. I just don't get much time to practice, you know? And I don't really like to cook for myself. It's no fun.

Amanda: I guess I'll find out.

Stacey: Yeah. Do you guys want some coffee or some lovely little store-bought apple tarts for dessert?

Jamie: Sounds great. Yeah.

Stacey: Ok, great. I'll be right back.

Jamie: Come over here a second. Amanda, I know you're having a rough time, but Stacey really worked hard to make this evening nice.

Amanda: Am I doing something that I shouldn't?

Jamie: You're not doing anything. That's the point. I've been doing all the talking for both of us.

Amanda: I've been talking.

Jamie: Amanda, you've said about three sentences tonight.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I had a long day, and then I had the wine at dinner. I guess I'm just sleepy or something.

Jamie: And you're right across the hall from the loft.

Amanda: Yeah. I keep thinking Sam's gonna stop by. Stupid, isn't it?

Jamie: No, it's not.

Amanda: Of course it is. Even if he came by, it wouldn't change the way he felt about me.

Stacey: All right, here we go. Are you guys cold at all?

Jamie: No, why?

Stacey: Because the boiler's been going on the blink lately and everybody in the building is having a fit.

Amanda: I remember that boiler.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, that's right.

Amanda: I remember Sam used to call down to the super and complain because Alli was sleeping in her snowsuit. He never would let anything hurt her.

Stacey: Oh, that's right. I never thought how terrible it would be to have a baby in this cold. You know what is the worst, though, is when the shower runs out of hot water --

Jamie: I hate that.

Amanda: That happened to Sam and me once, you know, we just -- I'm sorry. I know you guys don't want to hear about this.

Stacey: No, that's all right. Do you want to talk about Sam?

Amanda: I guess I'm being a real drag, huh?

Stacey: No, you're not at all.

Amanda: No matter what I do, I just can't stop thinking about him.

Ryan: It's for the lab. It's for the McKinnon case.

Marley: So, what do you think your boss wants to ask me?

Ryan: Well, if the fibers match, he'll probably want to go over your statement again.

Marley: Oh.

Ryan: Marley?

Marley: Yes?

Ryan: I don't like doing this.

Marley: I know.

Ryan: I can't ask to be taken off this case. I haven't been on the force that long.

Marley: It's ok, Ryan.

Ryan: Vicky means an awful lot to me.

Marley: You mean an awful lot to her, too. I mean, I know she doesn't show it all the time, but it's true. And we know that this has put you in an awkward position.

Ryan: If you know that, then why won't you be honest with me? Why won't you tell me the whole truth?

Marley: Ryan, please.

Ryan: Marley, the only way to get past this whole lousy situation is to drive through it. And the only way to do that is if you tell me what really happened that night at Jake's. I'm telling you, it's the best way.

Cass: Do you think any of this is going to stick?

Billy: Look, counselor.

Cass: I mean, do you actually think that anything you get out of my client without me present is going to be admissible?

Ryan: Nobody's questioned her, Cass.

Cass: I know the D.A. would love nothing more than to put the whole Hudson family on trial here, but unless I am much mistaken, the Bill of Rights is still in effect. Am I right or am I wrong? How you doing, honey?

Marley: I'm ok.

Cass: Good. Have you said anything to these guys?

Marley: No. I just gave them my clothes.

Cass: Good girl. May I please see the forensics report?

Ryan: Sure. I'll let you look at that. I'll also let you talk to Marley. Right, captain?

Billy: Yeah, sure.

Ryan: No one's gonna deprive Marley of her rights. Believe me.

Billy: Come on. Let's put a fire into those guys in forensics.

Cass: I thought they would never leave. Are you sure you're ok?

Marley: Yeah.

Cass: Your father wanted me to tell you that he's conducting his own investigation into Jake's activities.

Marley: He is?

Cass: I didn't know if that would be good news to you.

Marley: Oh, Cass. Why wouldn't that be good news?

Cass: Because he's a good investigator, and you seem pretty intent on keeping people in the dark.

Marley: Cass, I --

Cass: I want to do the best job I possibly can for you --

Marley: You are.

Cass: I am not, and you know why? Because you are tying my hands. Here the cops are building up a pile of circumstantial evidence. All they need is one piece of physical proof that you and Jake struggled -- whether you shot him or not -- and they probably have enough to arrest you.

Marley: They do?

Cass: They do. And I can't mount a proper defense for you unless you are completely honest with me.

Marley: Forensic evidence. I didn't know about this. I should have read detective novels rather than Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Cass: Marley. What really happened when you broke off with Jake?

Marley: I wanted to leave, and he grabbed me. And we struggled.

Cass: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Marley: I couldn't.

Cass: Why not? Marley -- did you shoot Jake?

Donna: Do you know how long ago they took Marley?

Vicky: Yeah, about an hour ago. How did you find out?

Donna: I was with Cass and your father when Cass called you. I thought you might know something more.

Vicky: No, I don't, and it's driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to go with her, but she wouldn't let me.

Donna: That's exactly what Cass told us.

Vicky: So where's Dad?

Donna: He's calling a friend of his who's on the board of directors at Jake's bank.

Vicky: Why is he doing that?

Donna: He's decided to conduct his own investigation of Jake's life.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I guess you love that.

Donna: I want him to find anything he can to help Marley, yeah.

Vicky: Except that you and Jake did the dirty deed.

Donna: Victoria, I don't want any of this from you. I got enough of it from Stacey.

Vicky: You saw Stacey?

Donna: Of course I did. She's the only other one that knows anything about this, and if she talks to Michael --

Vicky: Wait a minute. You didn't do anything stupid like ask her to lie, did you?

Donna: Of course I did.

Vicky: I don't believe this.

Donna: Of course Stacey wouldn't agree to anything.

Vicky: Mother, she doesn't like you or me. Of course! She just doesn't approve of us.

Donna: Well, that's exactly what I told her.

Vicky: So you almost guaranteed that she is going to say something.

Donna: I paid for what I did. I lost Mikey.

Vicky: You are not the only one who paid. Dad lost Mikey, too.

Donna: That's why you have to help me.

Vicky: Excuse me?

Donna: You don't want to see him suffer any more pain than he needs to.

Vicky: What do you want me to do?

Donna: Just help me deflect him.

Vicky: Will you stop thinking about yourself for once?

Donna: It's not just me, Victoria!

Vicky: The fact that you slept with Jake has nothing to do with him getting shot. Does it?

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Answer the door.

Vicky: Mother?

Donna: No, of course it doesn't. Answer the door.

Michael: Hi, honey.

Vicky: Hi, Dad.

Michael: Oh, good to see you. Look, have you talked to Marley?

Vicky: No, not yet. Come on in.

Donna: Hi. Did you reach Greg Ramsey yet?

Michael: No. As a matter of fact, he's away until -- well, after the weekend. But I did gain access to Visions. I can get in there. Called in a little favor from the governor.

Donna: Oh. Are you going over there now?

Michael: Yes, as a matter of fact, and I'd like you to go with me.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Because I've taken a look at your version of the books of Visions, and now I need to go through Jake's.

Vicky: Yes, you know Jake's books better than anyone.

Donna: But I don't know anything, I --

Michael: Donna, please. Donna, the police have our daughter.

Donna: I know that.

Michael: All right. This is not gonna just go away, all right? We've got to find out the truth or they're going to arrest her.

Vicky: Dad's right, Mom. We have to do whatever it takes.

Marley: I can't tell you any more.

Cass: Ok. Ok. Got a buck?

Marley: What?

Cass: A dollar. Give me a dollar, please.

Great. Now it's official. Now I am your legal counsel. Anything you say to me, I am sworn to keep in strictest confidence.

Marley: I know that.

Cass: Then why won't you talk to me? Are you covering for someone else, Marley? What made you decide to tell me that Jake tried to prevent you from leaving the loft?

Marley: Because they were going to find out anyway.

Cass: Why are you doing this? Why are you dolling information out to me a little bit at a time?

Ryan: Let me handle this.

Billy: You see that you do.

Ryan: We need to talk, Marley.

Cass: I haven't had enough time with her yet.

Ryan: Look, I know I keep on coming out looking like the bad guy, but I've been straight with you so far and I don't think you're doing the same thing with me.

Cass: Are you going to charge my client?

Ryan: I want her to make her statement over again.

Cass: And if she cooperates?

Ryan: You're not in a position to cut a deal, Cass.

Cass: I'm advising you not to answer any more questions. Let's go. Here.

Ryan: He was fooling around on you --

Cass: That's enough, officer!

Ryan: That's why you went to the loft that night -- to break it off with him because he was getting a little action on the side.

Cass: You have her statement.

Ryan: And it's a lie. If Jake was so calm when you gave him the news, how come there's fibers from your clothes under his fingernails?

Marley: Ryan, please!

Ryan: Jake wasn't calm and collected at all, was he? What, did he get a little mean with you when you told him that you knew all about him and his bimbo?

Cass: Marley, don't say anything.

Ryan: That's right. You don't have to say a word, but with or without you, Marley, the evidence keeps building. Marley, it's time you told the truth. And I think you know what that is.

Stacey: Does anybody want any more coffee or an after-dinner drink maybe?

Amanda: No, thank you.

Jamie: I think maybe we should call it an evening. Amanda and I are a little preoccupied.

Stacey: You're really worried about Marley, aren't you?

Jamie: I know the cops are pressuring her, and she just won't let anyone help.

Amanda: Sometimes there's nothing anybody can do.

Jamie: There has to be something. She didn't shoot Jake.

Amanda: I guess I shouldn't have said that.

Stacey: Amanda, have you and am talked lately?

Amanda: Sam doesn't want to talk. You know, it seems like the life that we had was a million years ago. I just threw it all away.

Jamie: A lot of things happened. Mac died. You weren't yourself.

Amanda: Well, now I am myself and I'm all alone. Oh, jeez. Listen to me. I am sorry. I'm going to leave you two here to have the after-dinner drink, ok?

Stacey: No, come on. Just stay and have one drink.

Amanda: Dinner was wonderful, really. I'm just in a horrible mood. I'm exhausted and I want to get home to see Alli.

Stacey: Well, I understand that.

Amanda: Thanks again. Jamie, you take the car. I'll grab a cab outside.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm sure. No problem. Thanks again.

Stacey: Amanda. You know that it will get easier.

Amanda: Right. Good night. Jamie and

Stacey: Good night.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Stacey: Oh, don't be.

Jamie: I thought a night out would do her good.

Stacey: Well, you know what? It probably would have if it hadn't been directly across the hall from where her life with Sam was.

Amanda: Sam? Amanda's voice: Here, I made you some coffee.

Sam's voice: I could have done it.

Amanda's voice: I didn't want you to have to leave your painting.

Sam's voice: You know, you are, without a doubt, the perfect wife.

Amanda's voice: You have got to learn to pick up your clothes.

Sam's voice: That's not what you said last night.

Amanda's voice: Sam!

Olivia: Finish your story, Sam.

Sam: Oh, yeah. I'd been driving my mother nuts for like three weeks, and she finally got it out of me that my baseball team was having a father and son banquet. And my father was dead.

Olivia: Oh, Sam.

Sam: She was great, though. I mean, my Mom -- she wasn't perfect, but she always handled stuff like that really well.

Olivia: What did she do?

Sam: First, she said, "you are certainly going to that banquet. I'll take you myself."

Olivia: Instant mortification.

Sam: Right. So, what we ended up doing was, she ended up flying Mitch in, and he ended up taking me. I still don't know where she got the money to do that. It doesn't make any sense. But before I left, she gave me my father's watch and she told me how much it would have meant to him for him to be there with me.

Sam: Is this boring?

Olivia: No. Do you still have the watch?

Oh, Sam, it's beautiful. Does it open?

Sam: On the bottom there.

Olivia: "To Benjamin S. Fowler. From his father." And now it's yours.

Sam: Yeah. I think I'm going to give it to Alli someday.

Olivia: Do you know that we've never had a chance to talk like this before? I feel like I know you so much better.

Sam: You've always known me.

Olivia: I still can't believe this is happening.

Sam: What?

Olivia: That we're here together and you're holding my hand.

Sam: Are you happy?

Olivia: I'm very happy.

Sam: Me, too.

Olivia, what --

Olivia: Sam, I know what you're going to say, and you don't have to worry. Just because we've had a date, I promise I will not bother you or want you to make any kind of commitment. I realize everything you've been through --

Sam: That's not what I was going to say.

Olivia: It wasn't?

Sam: No. What I was going to say is that I think I've tipped every employee in this restaurant. I think we've paid our bill. So, why don't you and I go back to my place?

Olivia: Your place?

Sam: But if you're not comfortable with that, we can --

Olivia: No, Sam, don't be ridiculous.

Sam: ...Our waiter Pierre for a bottle of wine. I think that was his name.

Olivia: His name was Pierre?

Sam: If it wasn't Pierre, I don't know what it was, but that's perfect.

Olivia: Whatever his name was, he didn't like you very much.

Sam: Pierre loved me. Are you kidding me?

Olivia: [Indistinct response] I told you not enough, not for Pierre.

Sam: Well, I told him that we just needed more privacy, so --

Olivia: Why don't you just open the door.

Sam: I think I will.

Olivia: I want you so much.

Stacey: Why won't Marley let you help her?

Jamie: For one thing, it's the way she is. She just goes inside of herself when things get bad.

Stacey: Yeah. Sounds like things are pretty bad, too.

Jamie: A lot of people in this town had problems with Jake. Big problems. Really bugs me that they're just sitting back, letting Marley take the rap.

Stacey: Boy, it is terrible. Especially considering that someone -- one of them probably shot him.

Jamie: Look, I better be going. I promised Marley that I'd pick her up and take her for a drive -- get her out of the house.

Stacey: Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah?

Stacey: You know, I don't think everyone is going to sit back. Not forever.

Jamie: I hope you're right, Stacey. And I hope they make the decision soon before it's too late for Marley.

Cass: That fiber match only proves that Jake had his hands on Marley sometime during the day.

Ryan: There's a ring that was thrown hard enough to bust a diamond from its setting.

Cass: So what?

Ryan: And the testimony of an eyewitness?

Cass: Please. He didn't even know whether he saw Vicky or Marley.

Ryan: Her fingerprints were all over the place.

Cass: Are they on the gun?

Ryan: You know it was wiped clean.

Cass: Yeah, I also know you don't have one single piece of concrete evidence that links Marley to the shooting. Where's your smoking gun?

Billy: Right here, counselor.

Cass: What's that?

Billy: Oh, something the boys in the lab just finished with -- microscopic specks of blood lifted from Miss McKinnon's coat. And guess what type blood they are?

Marley: Jake and I struggled.

Cass: Marley.

Marley: It's not what you think.

Ryan: Do you wish to change your statement?

Marley: I was just trying to stop him.

Cass: Marley, please. Don't say any more.

Billy: No, come on, counselor. Looks like the lady has something to get off her chest.

Cass: She has nothing to tell you -- not now.

Marley: It's all right. It's all right, Cass. I'll tell you the truth.

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