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[Woman clears throat]

Mitch: These photographs turned out so much better than I had ever expected. Do you know how lucky we were?

Felicia: I hoped as much. Happy anniversary.

Mitch: Felicia.

Felicia: I know I said I would call first, but then -- there it is, October 24, and, well, call me sentimental. It's good to see you, Mitch.

Mitch: You, too.

Sharlene: Doctor, is the baby --

Carol: You are very fortunate, Sharlene. The placenta is not separated. The baby seems to have suffered no ill effects from your fall.

John: And the contractions?

Carol: Have stopped.

John: By themselves?

Carol: Probably just some early Braxton Hicks.

John: Oh, thank God, thank God.

Sharlene: The baby -- the baby's all right? You're sure?

Carol: For now.

John: What do you mean, "for now"? What is it, Carol?

Carol: Your blood pressure is way too high, Sharlene, higher than it's ever been at a checkup.

John: Sharlene has been under a lot of stress.

Carol: I know about the emotional problems. But high blood pressure is not a good sign in a pregnant woman.

Sharlene: What are you saying?

Carol: That you've got to lower your blood pressure. Otherwise you could develop toxemia, pre-eclampsia. You and the baby could both be at risk.

Sharlene: Doctor, I'll do anything. I won't take any chances.

Carol: You can't, Sharlene. Not if you want a healthy, full-term baby. Am I understood?

Paulina: Are you sure about this, Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah, it seemed pretty clear to me that Marley was seriously considering breaking it off with Jake.

Paulina: She can't do this to me.

Amanda: What?

Paulina: I'm sorry. Um, Amanda I have to go. I have to go see Marley.

Amanda: Wait a second. Paulina, I thought you'd be happy that Marley isn't going to be hurt the way you were.

Paulina: We'll do it again another time, ok? I'm really sorry, but I have to go.

Jake: Oh, good. Vicky, have you seen Marley? Do you know where she is?

Vicky: Why is it any of your business?

Jake: Answer the question, Vicky. Where the hell is Marley?

Vicky: Do you think I would tell you anything about my sister?

Jake: I can make you do just about anything I want.

Vicky: Over your dead body.

Jamie: I started to think that no one was home.

Marley: Well, the phone has been ringing off the hook, and Steven hasn't even had a chance to get a nap.

Jamie: Are you here alone?

Marley: Just me and your son. Vicky is out with Ryan.

Jamie: You seemed worried when you opened the door.

Marley: I just don't want to visit with anybody.

Jamie: What about me?

Marley: Present company excluded.

Jamie: Thank you.

Marley: No, thank you for last night. You were very helpful and supportive.

Jamie: Marley, who are you avoiding?

Marley: Jake.

Jamie: Why? Don't you think that the sooner you break it off with him, the easier it will be for everyone? Marley, you are breaking up with Jake, aren't you?

Jake: You better watch who you threaten, Vicky.

Vicky: No, honey, you're the one who should be watching themselves, because I --

Amanda: Paulina, why don't we go for a drive?

Jake: Amanda -- Amanda, you were with Jamie and Marley. Where is she?

Amanda: Drop dead.

Vicky: Foiled again, loser.

Jake: Looks like I'm just going to have to shake it out of you.

Ryan: Do it and you are dead meat, McKinnon.

Jake: You know what's funny?

Vicky: No, nothing where you're concerned is funny, Jake.

Jake: I don't know what you've got, Harrison, but this lady spent so much of her life dodging cops, I can't believe she's hanging around with you.

Vicky: Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah?

Vicky: Could we get a table, please?

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Did she tell you about her last escapade with the law?

Vicky: Shut up, Jake.

Ryan: What's he talking about?

Jake: Guess she hasn't.

Vicky: Jake, shut --

Jake: She kidnapped her son, took him to Pennsylvania. There was a statewide manhunt, the whole thing.

Vicky: I hate you.

Jake: I bet you do, Vicky. Because I know what you really are.

Vicky: You think you know who I really am?

Jake: Yes, I do. I know every little trick of yours.

Vicky: Don't be so sure.

Ryan: I think we've had enough of this banter for one --

Vicky: You don't have a heart, Jake. That's why nobody loves you.

Jake: Marley loves me. That's why I dumped you for her.

Vicky: And she's been paying for it ever since.

Jake: She's never stopped loving me, that's --

Vicky: Jake.

Jake: And she's mine.

Vicky: Jake, if she's so crazy about you, then how come you can't find her?

Jake: You know, you tried to break us up before. It didn't work, and it's not going to work this time either.

Vicky: Yes, it will, honey. Yes, it will. Because last time I did it for me, and this time I'm doing it for Marley. There is nothing, nothing I wouldn't do to keep you out of her life, nothing.

Jake: She's mine.

Vicky: Ha. I'll see you in hell first.

Can we please get a drink?

Rachel: Yeah. Three quarters, mm-hmm. For the next quarter. Right. Uh-huh, fine. Yeah, just leave the spreadsheet on my desk. I'll look at it tomorrow. Yeah, fine. Thanks, Amy. Talk to you. Sorry about that. That's our new V.P. of finance. I'm sorry, are you upset?

Ken: Upset?

Rachel: Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spend that much time on the phone.

Ken: Oh, no, forget about it. I'm not upset. I would like to finish our conversation, though.

Rachel: Uh, what was that about?

Ken: Paulina's inheritance.

Rachel: Oh, yes, what about it?

Ken: You said she borrowed some money from you the night of her party.

Rachel: That's right.

Ken: Because she'd incurred some debts?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Ken: What kind of debts?

Rachel: I have no idea. What's going on?

Ken: Well, a few months ago that little girl didn't have enough pocket change to buy herself a sandwich. Do you really think she knows how to handle all this money?

Rachel: Well, she better start learning. Otherwise she'll go right through it and there won't be any more.

Ken: Exactly.

Rachel: I'm sure she's spending it wisely.

Ken: How are you so sure?

Rachel: When you've been poor, you know the meaning of money. Besides, I haven't noticed her being profligate.

Ken: Rachel, people with a lot more experience than Paulina have fallen victim to scams.

Rachel: So what am I supposed to do about it?

Ken: Nothing you can do, I guess.

Rachel: The only person that I can imagine who would do something like that to Paulina would be -- Jake McKinnon, and he is no longer a part of her life, thank goodness.

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: I have spent the entire day going over my life with Jake. He meant a lot to me, Jamie.

Jamie: Yes, I know that.

Marley: He came into my life and I was very young. And quite frankly, he swept me off my feet.

Jamie: But now?

Marley: Now I know I can't be with him anymore. I realized something today.

Jamie: What's that?

Marley: I'm tired --

Jamie: Of Jake?

Marley: Of trying to love something that I can never have. I have spent so much time and energy reaching out to him, and trying to get him to love me, and trying to get him close to me.

Jamie: Marley, you don't belong together.

Marley: But this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. And even when I left him the last time, I somehow knew that it wasn't forever.

Jamie: And this time?

Marley: I'm through running after something that I don't really want. Or need. I'm just ready to go at my own pace.

Jamie: I understand.

Marley: Right now I just need some time alone, ok?

Jamie: Then you should have it. But what do you say I go with you over to see Jake?

Marley: No.

Jamie: No, I could wait in the car.

Marley: Please, I'll be fine.

Jamie: Look, he's not going to enjoy what you have to say to him.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: You may need some backup, Marley.

Marley: Jamie, don't worry about me.

Jamie: I do worry about you, Marley.

Marley: I can handle Jake. I just need to do this my own way.

Jamie: Then will you call me when you get back?

Marley: Yes. I just can't do anything right now until Vicky gets back because of Steven, so --

Jamie: Well, I can stay -- take Steven home with me now.

Marley: No, Jamie, please, I don't --

Jamie: You can go now. Do it, Marley. Stop churning about it. Do it.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: Great, I'll go get Steven.

Marley: No, let me, ok? Thank you. You've been wonderful.

Jamie: Yes.

Carol: I want you to stay here and rest for another day or two.

John: Sharlene will stay as long as you think it's necessary.

Carol: I want you on a low-salt diet, and you have to avoid stress. It's very important for you and the baby.

Sharlene: Whatever you say. Thank you so much.

Carol: All right. I'll check in on you before I leave.

John: Thanks, Carol.

Sharlene: Bye.

Sharlene: The baby's all right.

John: Thank God, thank God.

Sharlene: I really want to go home soon, John.

John: You really have to do what's best for the baby.

Sharlene: I know that, I know.

John: Do you?

Sharlene: What do you mean?

John: Sharlene, do you understand that every decision you make for yourself affects the baby, too?

Sharlene: Of course I do.

John: I can't go through this again.

Sharlene: Through what?

John: What were you thinking of when you went to this press conference?

Sharlene: John, what happened at the press conference was an accident.

John: Did you -- did you hear Dr. Holmes? Did you hear what she said? You could have lost our baby.

Sharlene: John, just a minute.

John: Look, I know that Grant Harrison doesn't give a damn about the welfare of this child --

Sharlene: What has this got to do with Grant?

John: But I thought that you certainly did. You almost lost our baby because of him.

Sharlene: John, how can you blame this on Grant?

John: I'm not. Not entirely. I'm blaming you, too.

Sharlene: John, there were people everywhere. I didn't think that there was any sort of a --

John: That's just the problem, Sharlene. You don't think, and you don't talk to me either. This is my child you're carrying.

Sharlene: This is our child.

John: You're taking chances, Sharlene. You're risking your life and the life of our baby and it must stop!

[Pager beeps]

Sharlene: You think I'm trying to hurt the baby? I -- I --

John: Look, all I know is that when Grant Harrison calls, you start running. And this time you almost got yourself killed.

John: Sharlene, it's time you started to think about what really matters.

Felicia: Thank you.

Mitch: You really caught me off guard, you know that?

Felicia: I hope you're not angry.

Mitch: No, I'm not angry, I just -- I feel bad.

Felicia: Why?

Mitch: Well, it's our anniversary and I haven't exactly made any plans. I haven't exactly gotten anything. I wish you would've called me. I would've picked you up somewhere. This place --

Felicia: This place is fascinating, really. I can see why you love it so much.

Mitch: It's not exactly the luxury you're accustomed to, is it?

Felicia: No, I know that.

Felicia: What is it, Mitch?

Mitch: Are you hungry?

Felicia: I've upset your routine, haven't I?

Mitch: No.

Felicia: I know you hate surprises.

Mitch: No, I just wasn't expecting anybody, that's all.

Felicia: Anybody?

Mitch: No, I -- that's not what I meant. I get up at dawn, I'm out all day. Sometimes I don't come back for days. That's all.

Felicia: Do you want me to leave? I sort of feel like I'm in the way here.

Mitch: No. No, I don't want you to leave.

Dominique: The new lenses still haven't arrived, but the ones that you did without --

Mitch: Um, Dominique, this is my wife, Felicia.

[Phone ringing]


Jake: Hello?

Iris: Jake, it's Iris Wheeler.

Jake: You got the money?

Iris: In one hour.

Jake: Good.

Iris: I'll bring it to the loft.

Jake: No, I'll call you and tell you where to meet me.

Iris: Jake, I'm not going to meet you in some alley with all this cash.

Jake: Do you want the goods on Paulina?

Iris: Don't talk to me like that.

Jake: When are you going to buy into this, Iris? I'm calling the shots, not you.

Iris: Jake, you better not double-cross me.

Jake: I'm kind of busy here, all right? I'm not going anywhere. You're just going to have to trust me.

Iris: I don't.

Jake: Fine.

Iris: You'll be at the loft?

Jake: You get the money. I'm not going anywhere without it.

[Music playing]

Jake: She's here.

[Knock on door]

Jake: I'm kind of busy, Chris, all right?

Chris: You got to watch the noise in here, McKinnon.

Jake: Fine, fine.

Chris: You're playing music so loud, I can barely think.

Jake: I'll turn it down, all right?

Chris: I'm just trying to tell you what's what.

Jake: Look, Chris, I'm in the middle of something, all right?

Chris: No loud music after business hours. It's in your lease, you can check it.

Jake: I'll check it, I'll check it!

Chris: All right!

Iris: Hello, Lucas.

Lucas: Iris.

Iris: I still had my key.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Iris: Well, my life was about to take an upward swing and I wanted to share it with you.

Lucas: Wait a minute.

Iris: Look, I know why you left me.

Lucas: Iris, I told you --

Iris: I know it had nothing to do with Felicia. It was my fault. I'm sorry I neglected you.

Lucas: Iris.

Iris: But this Paulina problem -- it's about to be solved, and I -- I just want you in my life again.

Ryan: Better?

Vicky: I'm sorry you keep seeing me at my worst.

Ryan: I just wish you could walk away when Jake baits you like that.

Vicky: Can I change the subject?

Ryan: I'd love to. How come -- how come you never told me about taking Steven away from his father?

Vicky: Uh, it was just a really hard time for me. Being in a courtroom is really awful. Everyone stares at you and accuses you. I just -- I just couldn't go through something like that again.

Ryan: I want to know everything about you.

Vicky: You do?

Ryan: Yeah, can't you tell?

Vicky: You still haven't told me how I did today.

Ryan: You're changing the subject.

Vicky: Yes, I am.

Ryan: Oh, you want to find out if you've become a better horseback rider?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Well, when you do what I say, you're not half bad.

Vicky: But I don't do what you say enough?

Ryan: Not yet.

Vicky: Well, when you told me to do that thing with my knees, I did that.

Ryan: Yeah, you did.

Vicky: And then when you told me to go with the movement rather than lead the movement myself --

Ryan: You've got to go in with your mount.

Vicky: And I control my ride?

Ryan: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Vicky: There's still something I'm not sure of.

Ryan: I'm listening.

Vicky: When do I use my riding crop?

Ryan: That is a very delicate, delicate issue.

Vicky: Going to teach me?

Ryan: I think it can be arranged.

Vicky: Maybe.

Ryan: Tonight?

Vicky: I had something else in mind for tonight.

Ryan: Yeah?

Vicky: The opera.

Ryan: The opera?

Vicky: La bo-heem.

Ryan: No, Bohème, Bohème.

Vicky: Yes, that's the one.

Ryan: Yeah. You're serious?

Vicky: Yes, I'm totally serious. My father gave me two box seats.

Ryan: Well, I guess La Bohème is a perfect opera for a newcomer. So you're inviting me?

Vicky: Wait, you -- you like opera?

Ryan: Mm-hmm. I spent a little while in New York City and I would go to standing room only once, twice, maybe even three times a week.

Vicky: I've created a monster.

Ryan: I've got a tux, too.

Vicky: Yes, that I remember.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. Well, I'll tell you what. I'll take you back to your place, and then you can change.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: And then we'll go back to my place, and I can change. And then maybe after the opera, we can go back to my place and change again.

Vicky: Maybe during the intermission, because I don't think I'm going to like it.

Ryan: Oh, no, you're going to love it.

Felicia: You didn't mention Dominique in any of your letters, Mitch.

Mitch: Dominique has been assisting me. Actually, she's been more like a partner. She's been such a big help.

Felicia: Has she?

Dominique: I know you were anxious to see these.

Mitch: Thank you.

Dominique: I'll leave you two alone now, unless there's something else.

Mitch: No, that's all.

Dominique: Very nice to have met you, Ms. Gallant. Goodbye.

Felicia: What was that conversation we had the last time we spoke? Something about working out the problems of our marriage?

Mitch: I meant what I said.

Felicia: And where does your little partner fit into all of that?

Mitch: I'm not ready for things to end between us.

Felicia: What are you ready for, Mitch?

Mitch: In August in Mombasa I asked you to stay with me.

Felicia: And when I didn't, you hooked up with Dominique, what, to get even with me?

Mitch: She wants to be here. She's willing to stay here and work.

Felicia: Well, I'm not willing. When were you going to tell me about all this?

Mitch: Felicia --

Felicia: You're having an affair with her, aren't you? Oh, damn it, Mitch. Tell me, are you?

Mitch: Yes.

Rachel: Sorry about that. Hilda needed some help.

Ken: That's all right. Rachel and Uh --

[Door closes]

Rachel: Oh, hi, you two.

Paulina: Hi.

Rachel: How was Tops?

Amanda: It was fine. Jake was there and he was upsetting Paulina.

Paulina: Oh, no, he -- he doesn't bother me. I just hate running into him all the time.

Rachel: Did he say something?

Paulina: No.

Ken: Are you sure you're ok?

Paulina: Yeah.

Amanda: I don't blame her for still being upset. He's gotten so arrogant.

Paulina: I saw Alli's stroller in the hallway. Is she back from her visit with Sam?

Rachel: Oh, yes, Hilda's upstairs with her.

Amanda: Did you talk to Sam, Mom?

Rachel: No.

Amanda: He didn't leave a message for me?

Rachel: No.

Amanda: I'm going to go up and see Alli.

Rachel: I'll go with you. Excuse me.

Ken: Mm-hmm. He's blackmailing you again, isn't he?

Paulina: Give it up, Ken.

Ken: That's what the cashier's check was all about. You're paying off Jake out of your inheritance.

Paulina: You don't know what you're talking about.

Ken: This will not work. Why the hell didn't you come to me?

Paulina: I did come to you. Look where it's gotten me.

Ken: I will not let him do this.

Paulina: Ken -- Ken, wait. Ken. You can't go to Jake.

Ken: After what he's done? Sure I can.

Paulina: If I give him every penny I have to keep his mouth shut, that's my business.

Ken: You can't pay Jake off for the rest of your life. He's just going to want more and more, and then one day you're going to find out you don't have anymore to give to him.

Paulina: I'll find more.

Jake: And then he'll go ahead and tell Rachel anyway and you'll lose everything.

Paulina: Look, I don't know what's going to happen years from now, but I do know this -- if you go to Jake, we're both going to lose everything that matters to us.

Ken: He's not going to incriminate himself. He'd lose Marley.

Paulina: She's leaving him anyway.

Ken: What?

Paulina: I spoke to Amanda today. She told me that Marley wants to break up with Jake.

Ken: I don't believe it.

Paulina: And once that happens, he has nothing to lose -- do you understand? -- Except money.

Ken: I'm not going to let him bleed you dry.

Paulina: I have to do this, Ken. It's the only way to stop him.

Ken: No, it's not.

Paulina: Please don't do this.

Ken: You can't give your life over to a blackmailer. Look, I got you into this mess. I'll get you out.

Paulina: Ken!

[Door closes]

Lucas: I'm sorry I hurt you, Iris.

Iris: That doesn't matter anymore.

Lucas: Look, you're not going to like what I'm going to say, but I'm going to be with Felicia.

Iris: Look, I know you used to love her.

Lucas: I still love her.

Iris: But she's gone, Lucas. She's with her husband.

Lucas: She's ending it with her husband. That's why she's there.

Iris: Oh, is that what she told you?

Lucas: No.

Iris: I think they're working it out together.

Lucas: A lot has happened, Iris.

Iris: I know a lot has happened. I know why you turned to her. But I'm back, and I've changed.

Lucas: Look, Iris --

Iris: Can you tell me that you've forgotten what we were like together?

Lucas: No, I haven't forgotten!

Iris: You loved me.

Lucas: I loved Felicia first. That has never changed.

Iris: Come on. I knew you couldn't ever say it. But you showed me. You showed me over --

Lucas: Look, Iris, don't do this. I don't want to hurt you again.

Iris: You won't hurt me. You'll be the one who's hurt if you keep waiting for Felicia.

Lucas: I guess I'll have to take that chance.

Iris: Lucas, why would you wait for someone who is so unsure of their feelings?

Lucas: Because I've waited for her all of my life.

Iris: And she still hasn't made up her mind! Lucas, look at me, look at me. I know what I want. I want you. And I know that you won't regret being with me. You want me, too, don't you?

Felicia: My God, Mitch. I thought we agreed we would try.

Mitch: I've asked you, I've wanted you to be with me.

Felicia: This is where you want to be. This isn't my life.

Mitch: And you want to be in Bay City.

Felicia: Because it's my home.

Mitch: What about me? You don't have any problem leaving me.

Felicia: You're the one who left.

Mitch: Why can't you just let go? What is it that keeps us from being together?

Felicia: So I'm the one that's supposed to pack up and just follow you wherever you need to be, is that it?

Mitch: Look, why don't you just say it?

Felicia: Say what?

Mitch: You can't leave Bay City because you can't let go of Lucas.

Felicia: And so you just hop into bed with Dominique?

Mitch: Look, what's the difference between that and what you and Lucas --

Felicia: Don't you dare compare your sleeping with that woman and me and Lucas.

Mitch: Why not?

Felicia: Because I have known him most of my life. Because we have a child together, that's why.

Mitch: Yes, I know that, I know that. Every time the two of you are in a room together, it's thrown in my face.

Felicia: I -- I never did that to you and you know I didn't.

Mitch: No, you just couldn't see it.

Felicia: And I never chose between the two of you.

Mitch: Exactly. But you have now? Have you been with Lucas since I've been here?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: What's happened to us?

Lucas: You shouldn't have done that.

Iris: Lucas.

Lucas: Iris, I don't know what you're trying to do, but whatever it is --

Iris: I'm trying to get you to see that we belong to each other!

Lucas: No, we don't.

Iris: I love you!

Lucas: Iris, I think you love the idea of us together.

Iris: Well, you used to like that idea, too, once.

Lucas: For different reasons, Iris. None of them had anything to do with love.

Iris: Thanks.

Lucas: I'm sorry, Iris. Look, I want to tell you something. I promised Felicia when we were kids that I would take care of her.

Iris: That was a long time ago.

Lucas: Yes, and I never had the chance to keep my promise. Well, now I have that chance, and I'm not about to let it slip away again.

Iris: And what if she goes back to Mitch?

Lucas: Listen, Iris, you need love in your life. I can't give you that.

Iris: And what am I expected to do about my feelings? What am I expected to do, Lucas?

Lucas: I can't change my feelings either. And it's Felicia that I want. I'm sorry, Iris.

Iris: It's Paulina. I -- her claim on my family -- it ruined my life. I let you slip through my fingers.

Lucas: Iris -- Iris, listen to me. You never really had me. It's not you. I just want you to know that it's not you. It's me, me.

Iris: Yeah. Yes, you're right, it -- it wasn't meant to be. It -- it never was.

Lucas: Iris, please don't do this.

Iris: What do you expect me to do, Lucas? Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg?

Lucas: No, I just want you to say what you feel. Don't be afraid to say what you feel.

Iris: I'm not afraid of anything! I can't be.

Lucas: Why?

Iris: Because -- because I've had to make it on my own for so long. Because when I met you, I thought I'd finally met someone I could share my life with. You know what, I let you see things in me I hadn't shown to a soul. I thought that we could actually make it together. I waited for you to change. I waited for you to wake up one morning and look at me and tell me that you love me.

Lucas: Iris, I wanted to be in love with you, I really did.

Iris: You'd think I would know because I've been through it before.

Lucas: Iris, don't do this to yourself. Don't close yourself off. Let somebody love you. Just let somebody love you the way that -- that you can be loved.

Iris: I'm fine. I can take care of myself. I've done it before.

Vicky: All right, this could take a lot of time.

Ryan: What is?

Vicky: Well, I've got to decide what I'm going to wear tonight.

Ryan: Vicky, I don't want to miss the curtain. The first act is really beautiful.

Vicky: [Laughing] You are really into this, aren't you?

[Pager beeps]

Vicky: What is that?

Ryan: My beeper.

Vicky: I know what a beeper is. I used to be married to a doctor, remember?

Ryan: I'm on call.

Vicky: Yes, but you're a cop.

Ryan: Cops can be on call.

Vicky: Ryan, I don't want to go to this thing alone. I'm not going to understand any of it, and I don't understand German.

Ryan: La Bohème is in Italian.

Vicky: Well, you see there?

Ryan: Sit tight, and I'm going to take care of this because it's probably not anything.

Vicky: Ok.

[Vicky and Ryan imitate opera]

Ryan: Yeah, hi, Alice, it's Harrison. Uh-huh. Yeah. No. No, look, I've got a date tonight, and I am not going to...

He said that? Yeah. Look, I said yeah, didn't I? I'm not yelling at you, I'm sorry. I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Vicky: No. No!

Ryan: I can't get out of it.

Vicky: No, I don't want to go to this thing alone.

Ryan: Look, why don't you give me a ticket, and I'll meet you by the second act.

Vicky: All right, all right. Why don't you give me a little story summary before you go because I'm not going to understand this.

Ryan: Well, it's a love story, so I'm sure you can figure it out.

Vicky: You promise you'll try and show up?

Ryan: I promise.

Vicky: You going to give me a kiss?

Ryan: Um, I think I can do that.

Ryan: And there's no popcorn at the opera, so you better eat something before you go there.

Vicky: Oh, I'll just put a bag of potato chips in my purse.

Ryan: Vicky --

Vicky: I'm kidding. Now, go be a good cop, and answer your phones, and you get your butt over to the opera house in one hour.

Ryan: Ok.

Vicky: One hour I'm giving you. Another one.


Ryan: Bye.

Marley: I thought I heard you come in.

Vicky: Oh, what do you wear to the opera?

Marley: Jamie came by and took Steven back to his house.

Vicky: Why?

Marley: Well, because I didn't know when you were coming home and I've got to go out.

Vicky: Where are you going?

Marley: Um, I'm going to give my ring back to Jake.

Vicky: Really?

Marley: Yeah, it's not going to work between us.

Vicky: Well, are you ok?

Marley: I'm a little shaky.

Vicky: Well, just say what you have to say, don't let him twist your words, and get out of there, ok?

Marley: You've been really wonderful, Vicky. You've never pushed me and I know that you've always been supporting me. Thank you.

Vicky: Want me to come with you?

Marley: No. I can handle Jake.

Vicky: I'm really proud of you.

Marley: I've got to call him.

Vicky: All right. I'm going to go to the opera tonight.

Marley: Ok. Don't wear anything of mine. And don't wear leather.

Vicky: I won't. You're going to do great, kid.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Hello?

Marley: Jake, it's Marley.

Jake: Marley, I've been looking everywhere for you. You all right?

Marley: Yes, I'm fine. What's going on there?

Jake: I'm working. Where have you been?

Marley: I spent last night with a friend.

Jake: You want to come over?

Marley: Yes, I do, very much.

Jake: Listen, I've got this great idea and I'll tell you about it when you get here, all right?

Marley: Yes, I have to tell you something, too.

Jake: Marley, I love you.

Marley: I'll see you soon.

Jake: I miss you.

Sharlene: Is everything all right?

John: How are you feeling?

Sharlene: Tired.

John: Yeah, I bet.

Sharlene: You?

John: I'm sorry.

Sharlene: Oh, you are?

John: I came down pretty hard on you before.

Sharlene: Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

John: About what?

Sharlene: You're right. You were coming down hard on me before.

John: I was afraid for you and for the baby.

Sharlene: You don't think I'm well, do you?

John: What?

Sharlene: You don't think I can be a good mother to this child.

John: Come on, Sharlene, this has nothing to do with your --

Sharlene: What does it have to do with?

John: Look, why am I the heavy in this? You're the one that went to see Grant. You're the one that is taking chances that you never would've dreamed of six months ago.

Sharlene: John, don't you think I feel terrible about this? Don't you think that I am blaming myself enough all on my own?

John: Then why do you do it? Why, when Grant Harrison says jump, do you jump?

Sharlene: Are you ever going to forgive me? Or am I going to have to spend the rest of my life paying for what I've done?

Felicia: I guess it would seem that we have some decisions to make.

Mitch: I guess we do.

Felicia: I don't suppose we can ever expect things to be the same again, right?

Mitch: I guess not.

Felicia: I guess there is something we -- we do need to talk about.

Mitch: Where do we go from here?

John: This is getting us nowhere.

Sharlene: What do you want from me, John?

John: I want our life back, without Grant. I'm beginning to think that that might never happen.

Sharlene: I need you to trust me.

John: How can you expect my trust when you keep him waiting in the wings?

Sharlene: John, can't you trust me enough to let me figure this out? Trust that I won't hurt myself and I won't hurt the baby and I won't --

John: Well, I thought I could.

Sharlene: But, John --

John: Do you have any idea how scared I was when I walked in here and saw you lying in this bed? The thought of what might have happened to you and to the baby?

Sharlene: It must have been horrible.

John: Why did you do it, Sharlene? Why did you go to the press conference?

Sharlene: Because he was going to withdraw his candidacy.

John: So what? What does it matter? Who cares what he was going to do, Sharlene? What did he do?

Sharlene: He's not like that, John. He's not.

John: Come on, Sharlene.

We can't even have a discussion anymore without an argument. Look, I'm sorry. Really, I'm sorry.

Sharlene: Me, too, I'm sorry. I don't --

John: I love you.

Sharlene: I love you, too.

John: You get some rest. I'll -- I'll check on you later.

Sharlene: Ok. This has got to stop. I have got to do something.

Paulina: Jake, it's Paulina.

Jake: What do you want?

Paulina: I have to speak to you.

Jake: I'm busy.

Paulina: It's important, Jake. Please.

Jake: Paulina, get out of my life. You paid the money, you took your best shot, now stay away from me! I got a wild idea and I got it all planned out. What do you say we get on a plane and we go to Europe and we get married tonight?

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