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Another World Transcript Thursday 9/21/06

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Frankie: Oh, my God. What are you doing?

Dean: What does it look like I'm doing?

Frankie: That's my apple pandowdy.

Dean: I know. I was hoping it was blueberry, but, hey, how bad could it be if you made it?

Frankie: I'm calling the police.

Dean: Whoa, whoa, what for? Come on, sweetheart. It's me.

Ryan: Maybe I should've made reservations.

Vicky: We are actually on a date. Do you realize that? I mean, like a normal date, like a date date.

Ryan: Thank God for Bridget, giving up her day off to come back to us. What a woman.

Vicky: We actually got all the way here without fighting.

Ryan: Oh, I don't know, I think our fights are kind of invigorating.

Vicky: Hmm, I kind of like the making-up part.

Ryan: Well, so far so good. But, you know, if -- if everything goes wrong, we can always go back to horseback riding again.

Vicky: Oh, wonderful. Let's, please.

Ryan: Let's get a table.

Vicky: Ok.

Ryan: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

Vicky: Hi, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Dinner for two?

Vicky: Yeah, we don't have a reservation, though.

Sharlene: Oh, that's all right, I have a couple of tables that are turning over in just a few minutes.

Ryan: No, that's ok. We just -- we're here for drinks and a few appetizers. I'm supposed to be at my brother's press conference. He's pulling out of the race.

Sharlene: Yes, I know.

Vicky: What? Why didn't I know any of this?

Ryan: The thing is, is that I just can't get behind Grant getting out of politics. He's worked too hard for this.

Sharlene: Please excuse me. The maitre d' will seat you. Excuse me. Listen, you've got to cover for me, if you don't mind. I -- I have to stop someone from making a big mistake. Thanks a lot.

Vicky: Will you tell me what's going on?

Jamie: You've been thinking about me?

Marley: Yes.

Jamie: What exactly have you been thinking?

Marley: How something keeps throwing us together no matter how hard I try to stay away from you.

Jamie: What do you think that means?

Marley: I don't know. Maybe we are meant to be together.

Jamie: No, no, no, not maybe, we. All you have to do is stop fighting it.

Jake: You don't have to tell Marley a damn thing about Paulina and me.

Iris: You know when you get angry, that little vein of yours pulsates?

Jake: There is nothing to tell.

Iris: It's really very unattractive.

Jake: Nothing you can prove.

Iris: You hope.

Jake: You know, Iris, you can tell Rachel, you can tell Marley, you can tell anyone in Bay City anything you want.

Iris: Anything?

Jake: You can tell them that I bugged Paulina's phone. You can tell them that I slept with her to get information for you.

Iris: Oh, Marley's going to love hearing this.

Jake: She'll think you made it up, Iris. Everybody will. Everybody in Bay City thinks you're a crazy old lady who lost it when Lucas dumped you for an old flame! It's my word against yours! A hardworking, soon-to-be married man against an emotionally distraught lady who cried scam once too often.

Iris: You disgust me.

Jake: Face it, Iris -- you've lost.

Dean: All right, go ahead. Throw your favorite cousin in jail.

Frankie: Cousin? Dean?

Dean: It's been a long time, huh, Frankie?

Frankie: Oh, you -- you got so old.

Dean: You didn't. You look just like I remember.

Frankie: Oh, Dean! Oh! You were the biggest brat I ever babysat for. Oh, you look good!

Dean: Old?

Frankie: Well, you're older. I mean, you were just a little kid the last time I saw you. How are you doing?

Dean: I'm good, I'm good. I'm real fine.

Frankie: Yeah, and where have you been keeping yourself? Weren't you with my sister, Molly?

Dean: Oh, no, that was a long time ago. I've been in Iowa mostly, you know. I've been staying with my Mom's people.

Frankie: Wait, one second. How did you get in here?

Dean: How?

Frankie: Yeah, and how long have you been here?

Dean: I've been here a couple days.

Frankie: Oh, so Cass was right. It wasn't spirits.

Dean: Huh?

Frankie: Why did you hide out? Why didn't you just let us know you were here?

Dean: I didn't really know what -- what kind of welcome I was going to get, so --

Frankie: Why, what have you been doing, aside from hanging out in Iowa?

Dean: Oh, nothing. I was just bouncing around, you know, dropping in on family around the country. That's how I ended up here.

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Dean: You're my cousin. I'm just bunking in with you, you know.

Frankie: So you hid out?

Dean: Well, yeah, I needed a place, so I sort of borrowed your basement.

Frankie: You know, I wish you had just knocked on the front door.

Dean: Well, tell you what, I'll knock on the way back.

Frankie: From where?

Dean: New York.

Frankie: What's in New York?

Dean: Oh, the music business, record companies, publishers.

Frankie: Oh, so you're still into your music, huh?

Dean: Oh, I would've hit the big apple a whole lot sooner, but I didn't have the cash. Still don't.

Frankie: Well, then how do you expect to make it to New York?

Dean: Oh, I'll make it, I'll make it.

Frankie: Dean, my lad? When I used to watch you, you were the king of the fibbers.

Dean: I'm not -- I'm not fibbing to you.

Frankie: Yeah? Have you spoken to your Dad?

Dean: Nah, we don't talk. We haven't seen each other in years.

Frankie: Have you tried?

Dean: Hey, you -- you couldn't see your way clear of lending me a couple bucks, could you?

Frankie: Well, how much is "a couple"?

Dean: Just -- just for old time's sake, you know? You -- you were always my favorite. You were the hippest one in the family.

Frankie: That's real smooth, Dean.

Dean: You were a little nerdy in school, but --

Frankie: Hey, watch .

Cass: Frankie, what's taking you so long, huh?

Frankie: Um, ahem. I would like you to meet my cousin Dean. Dean Frame. And this is my husband, Cass.

Dean: Pleased to meet you.

Cass: We usually call before we come over this late, Dean.

Frankie: Well, he didn't actually just come on over. He's been hiding out in our cellar.

Jamie: No, don't turn away.

Marley: Jamie, how -- how can you always be so sure about everything?

Jamie: It's simple -- I know I care about you, and I know that because I miss you when you're not here, and when I do see you, I feel great.

Marley: You're very corny.

Jamie: Maybe, but it's true.

Marley: I feel like I'm going behind Jake's back.

Jamie: He hasn't gone behind your back? I mean, he got this guy to con you into going to San Francisco.

Marley: I know, I know.

Jamie: Did you ask Jake about that?

Marley: No, not yet. I don't want to talk about this.

Jamie: Fine. Believe me, the last thing I want to talk about is Jake McKinnon.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: I'd much rather talk about us. Can you really just sit here and tell me you don't feel the same way about me that I feel about you?

Marley: Jamie...

Jamie: Stop trying to intellectualize with me, please? Just tell me what you feel, please.

Marley: I feel like I want to do the right thing. I want to do the moral thing, and --

Jamie: Look, it's not immoral to do what makes you feel happy. Hey, hey, are you cold?

Marley: A little.

Jamie: I'll put another log on the fire.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: Better?

Marley: Yeah.

Jamie: Good. Well, what are you thinking about now?

Marley: I was just wondering what Iris was going to tell me about Jake.

Iris: All right.

Jake: "All right" what?

Iris: All right, you win. You and Paulina and Ken Jordan have beaten me.

Jake: Am I hearing you right?

Iris: I guess I just cried wolf once too often. People will think of me as this vindictive old witch who just lives to make people unhappy.

Jake: All you can do is take your best shot, Iris. You did and you lost.

Iris: C'est la vie.

Jake: Chalk it up to experience.

Iris: Oh, I will. I definitely will. But, of course, now that I've lost, I might as well tell Marley everything.

Jake: Everything?

Iris: Yeah, all the details, like how and why I hired you.

Jake: What would be the point of doing that?

Iris: Oh, it would be just so good for the soul. Besides, I've got nothing to lose, right?

Jake: Well, you'd have to tell Rachel that you paid someone to sleep with Paulina.

Iris: But I didn't pay you to do that.

Jake: Yes, you did.

Iris: I hired you to bug Paulina's room. Defiling her was your idea.

Jake: You told me to do anything I could to prove that she was a fake.

It doesn't -- this is crazy. No one's going to believe this anyway.

Iris: But you've forgotten something, Jake. You see, Marley's already suspicious of you. I spoke with her this morning. I think maybe she's within a hair of blowing you off.

Jake: What am I going to do with you?

Iris: Nothing. You're not going to do anything with me, Jake. It's what Marley is going to do to you. You know, she's sailing off. You're standing there at the dock just letting it slip through your slimy little fingers.

Jake: You're too much, you know that? You're too much.

Iris: If you want to stop the love of your life from hating you forever, then I think you should give me the proof that I need.

Jake: I told you --

Iris: And I told you that I know you're lying, Jake, and I know you have the proof. Ok. Ok. We'll play it the hard way. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call Marley.

Grant: Look, I'm sorry, gentlemen, my mind is made up.

Man: But, Congressman Harrison, we have --

Grant: I don't want to hear it.

Man: The polls still have you in a very good position.

Grant: I know I'm positioned well among the young voters, I know that.

Man: And blue-collar voters. Second

Man: And women.

Grant: Look, as soon as the reporters arrive, I'm going to announce my withdrawal from the race, all right?

Man: And just where do you think you're going?

Sharlene: I have to speak with Grant.

Man: Sharlene, I have warned you.

Sharlene: Just a few minutes, that's all I need.

Man: Haven't you said enough already? Will you ever learn?

Sharlene: Grant.

Man: Grant, I thought this whole thing was over.

Grant: Ann, please. I would like to speak to Sharlene. Just give us a few moments, please. I'm glad you're here.

Sharlene: I saw your brother at Tops. He told me what's happening, Grant.

Grant: Look, this is no place to talk. I have an errand to run. Now, if you want to say something, you can say it on the way. Let's go.

Sharlene: Grant --

Grant: Come on.

Cass: So he snuck into our cellar and he's been living there?

Frankie: For a couple of days.

Cass: Swiping our food?

Frankie: Cookies, Cass.

Cass: Hey, hey, do you mind?

Dean: Hmm.

Cass: Thank you.

Dean: No, I didn't mean to screw you guys up.

Frankie: No, you didn't. You didn't.

Dean: I wanted to be in and out without even being noticed, you know.

Cass: Look, call me a born skeptic, but this story really sounds a little complicated.

Frankie: Could you excuse us for a few moments please, Dean? Cass and I need to have a little talk.

Dean: Oh, sure, sure.

Frankie: You can wait in the study. It's down the hall --

Cass: I'm sure Dean knows where the study is. He's been living here for a while.

Dean: Yeah, it's a great house, you know. Needs a lot of renovation, though.

Cass: How did you break in, by the way?

Dean: Oh, there's a loose grille, leads directly into your cellar. By the way, I would do a big number down there, too, if I were you.

Cass: Would you?

Dean: Yeah, it's not too secure.

Frankie: Dean? Study.

Dean: Study, right.

Frankie: Cass, listen to me --

Cass: Look, before we get into this, I have a hunch.

Frankie: Oh.

Cass: Yeah, and my hunches -- I've had a lot of luck with them. So just listen to me, would you please?

Frankie: Ok, ok.

Cass: Come here. Why don't you give your relatives a call? You never know what you may find out about young Dean.

Jake: Keep running these bluffs, Iris.

Iris: You're a loser, Jake.

Jake: You're a dreamer.

Iris: You took your shot and you lost. Just chalk it up to experience. Isn't that what you said, darling?

Jake: I hung the phone up because I wanted to talk to you, not because I was giving up. I don't give up.

Iris: You weren't going to hit me, were you, Jake? Because if you did, then everyone would know that I was telling the truth. Losing your temper is not going to get Marley back. Besides, she's up in that cozy cabin with Jamie.

Jake: You were always bad news, since Lucas dumped you.

Iris: They can't seem to keep away from each other.

Jake: What is it with you and men, Iris?

Iris: Jamie's forcing you out.

Jake: Why is it that you can't hold on to them?

Iris: He's -- he's feeding her doubts, you know. He's talking to her about you blackmailing Paulina --

Jake: Is it sex, Iris? Is that why men go bye-bye?

Iris: It's all over for you, Jake.

Jake: Are you just no good in bed, huh?

Iris: Don't!

[Phone rings]

Iris: Hello?

Iris: Just guess who it is.

Hello, Marley.

Marley: Hello, Iris. I'm sorry to call you so late.

Iris: Not at all.

Marley: I just wanted to give you an update on Amanda's condition.

Iris: Oh, how sweet. How is she?

Marley: She's sleeping. She's kind of upset, but Jamie says she'll be fine.

Iris: That's wonderful news.

Marley: Another reason I'm calling -- uh, we didn't get to finish our conversation before.

Iris: No, we didn't, did we?

Marley: You said there was something you were going to tell me?

Iris: Oh, yes. I was going to tell you a great deal.

Vicky: How come you're not talking?

Ryan: How come you're so nervous?

Vicky: I'm not nervous. I'm not. I'm just --

Ryan: What?

Vicky: I'm feeling --

Ryan: Go on.

Vicky: Odd.

Ryan: Still?

Vicky: Yeah, I just guess it's because, um --

Ryan: Because of the fact that we're on a real date?

Vicky: Yeah, there you go. That could be the reason, mm-hmm.

Ryan: Uh-huh. It's been that long, huh?

Vicky: No, it has not been long at all. I have been on hundreds of dates with very fascinating men, but --

Ryan: But you're not having any fun with me?

Vicky: Oh, no, I didn't say that. I mean, I am having fun. No, I'm -- I'm not exactly having fun. That wouldn't be the word I would use. But I'm having a good time. I mean, I am. I'm having a very difficult time expressing myself, Ryan, I am. I am, um, feeling good being here with you.

Ryan: I'm feeling good, too.

Vicky: You are?

Ryan: Uh-huh, yeah.

Vicky: Good. I thought maybe you would be upset about your brother.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I am, but I'm still very happy to be here with you.

Vicky: Well, good. Well, I guess you were right about me.

Ryan: Right about what?

Vicky: Well, when you said that I was kind of hiding after my -- my divorce. I was. You know, I did turn sort of into ice, but guess it's time to come out of that hiding, isn't it?

Ryan: I can't believe it.

Vicky: What?

Ryan: You're actually admitting that I was right?

Vicky: Oh, don't let it go to your head.

Ryan: I'm just amazed, that's all.

Vicky: Yeah, I'm amazed, too. I mean, you, um, seem to know what I'm about, and you're still here.

Ryan: Well --

Vicky: I mean, it's just, it's kind of strange. I don't -- I don't get it. It's very -- it's -- it's new. It's the first time.

Ryan: Good. I like being the first.

Vicky: Why?

Ryan: Why do I like being the first?

Vicky: No, why did you stick around?

Ryan: Because, um -- let's see, how can I put this?

Vicky: I don't know, put it the way you feel.

Ryan: Well, you've gotten under my skin.

Vicky: Oh. My heart is pounding.

Ryan: Yeah, so it is.

Vicky: Oh. Boy, this is not like me.

Ryan: What?

Vicky: I'm actually feeling like things are going to go well.

Ryan: No, that isn't like you.

Vicky: No. Kind of strange how things turn out, isn't it?

Ryan: Mm-hmm. And if you hadn't had been such a damn fool and ride some big ornery horse when you don't even know how to hold a riding crop, you never would've met me.

Vicky: It's not easy.

Ryan: What?

Vicky: Getting back on after you've been thrown off. Unless you have someone who cares enough about you to give you courage.

[Dean hums]

Cass: Why don't you take that stupid thing off and sit down? [Whistles] Sit down!

Dean: Sorry?

Cass: Frankie will be down in a couple minutes. Why don't you sit down?

Dean: Oh. Ok.

Cass: So, how do you like Bay City, you know, from what you've seen of it?

Dean: Not much of a town.

Cass: What's missing, in your estimation?

Dean: Well, the music scene, it's -- it's like from the stone age. Way out of date. Way.

Cass: Way? Really?

Dean: Well, the clubs that I crash, they play strictly top 40 stuff.

Cass: I hate it when that happens.

Dean: It's poseur music, you know, sellout stuff. These bands, they lip-sync. They don't even play their own material, you know?

Cass: Oh, talk about crimes against humanity.

Dean: Yeah, well, I take my music pretty seriously, man.

Cass: Yeah, of course you do. Hey. I'm sorry.

Dean: Ah --

Cass: Come on, tell me a little more about yourself. How was Iowa?

Dean: It's fine, if you like cornfields. I -- I think I'm going to cut out for a walk, work out the kinks.

Cass: It's a little late for a walk, isn't it?

Dean: Oh, I'm a night person.

Frankie: Where's Dean? Is he still in the study?

Cass: No, he's outside, working out the kinks, whatever that means.

Frankie: Did he mention anything about car trouble?

Cass: No, why?

Frankie: I just spoke to my sister, Molly, and you were right.

Cass: I'm always right. What's the matter?

Frankie: He didn't leave home. He ran away from home and stole the car.

Iris: I just can't help thinking about what Amanda's going through.

Marley: Well, Jamie says she'll be back to normal in a couple of days.

Iris: Oh, I don't mean physically. I mean emotionally.

Marley: I don't want to pressure you, Iris, but I really want to know what you were going to tell me.

Iris: Marley? Can you call me back in, say, 10 minutes? I'd be very happy to talk to you about Jake, but I'm sort of heavily involved at the moment. There are people here.

Marley: Ok, fine.

Iris: 10 minutes. Bye.

Jake: You'd better not.

Iris: Now you listen to me, Jake. I know that you love Marley. God, I know what it's like, and we can both have what we want if you just give me the proof I need. I know you've got it.

Jake: You know nothing.

Iris: Jake, I promise, I will make absolutely certain that no one knows where I got the information.

Jake: It's too late, Iris, don't you see that?! Paulina is dying to spill her guts to Marley.

Iris: Well, perhaps she won't, perhaps she won't.

Jake: Perhaps nothing! Unless...

Iris: Unless?

Jake: Let's say I have the information you want.

Iris: Yes?

Jake: If you get it, I should get what I want, right?

Iris: Which is?

Jake: I want a quarter of a million dollars in cash.

Sharlene: What about your errand, Grant? Wait a minute, what are we doing here?

Grant: I lied.

Sharlene: I'm leaving.

Grant: No, no, no, Sharlene --

Sharlene: Grant, why -- why did you bring me here?

Grant: Because this -- this is where we came that very first night.

Sharlene: When I was supposed to be a -- a hostess for the big shots, and I ended up with the guest of honor.

Grant: Yeah, I thought I was dying.

Sharlene: And I was Sharly. So much has changed since then.

Grant: You know, I remember my reaction to that -- that joy that Sharly brought to everything she touched. Suddenly, I -- I saw the point to everything. Suddenly, I wanted to live. You -- you gave me a reason to go on, Sharlene. You gave me a reason to fight.

Sharlene: I'd like to give you a reason to fight now, Grant.

Grant: I don't think that's going to happen. I mean, you're right, so much has changed.

Sharlene: But, Grant, that's crazy. It's just crazy. You can't give up your entire career because of what's happened.

Grant: Why, why, because I can't have you?

Sharlene: Yes.

Grant: But my motivation is gone, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No. That motivation doesn't come from me. It comes from inside you. Now, don't you make me responsible for you giving up what you love most.

Grant: What I love the most --

Look, you'd better get back. I've got to talk to the reporters.

Sharlene: Grant, Grant. You have a chance to win this election, to see your ideals come to life, to make things better for this state. Don't give it up now.

Grant: Come on.

Iris: A quarter of a million dollars?

Jake: I want it all in hundreds and all on my terms.

Iris: And what exactly are your terms?

Jake: This town is too hot for me and Marley. Everybody's too hell-bent on telling her what I did with Paulina, what I did with --

Iris: Who?

Jake: I just want to get out of here.

Iris: How?

Jake: We'll elope.

Iris: How desperately romantic.

Jake: We'll go on a round-the-world honeymoon.

Iris: Is this your answer?

Jake: Everything first class.

Iris: You're just going to run, Jake?

Jake: And I'll live to fight another day.

Iris: Well, what about Visions?

Jake: I'll make up a reel of my best stuff and I'll take it with me. Wherever Marley and I settle, I'll set up shop.

Iris: Just let me get this straight. You are going to give me what I want, aren't you?

Jake: If you keep your big mouth shut and I get my quarter of a mill.

Iris: That's a considerable amount of money, Jake.

Jake: It's chump change for you, especially when I have what you want.

Iris: All right. All right, if I agree, if I agree to your scheme, it's going to take time.

Jake: Stroll to the bank, Iris.

Iris: It's a little more complicated, Jake.

Jake: Uncomplicate it.

Iris: If you give me the proof first.

Jake: You should try standup, Iris. You're a natural-born comic.

Iris: I just don't see anything funny about this.

Jake: You get nothing until I get my cash.

Iris: Hmm. Ok. Having you out of town for a long period of time, it -- it would be best.

Jake: I knew you'd see this my way.

Iris: And it would be almost worth the money to see Rachel realize that she was taken by her loved one Paulina.

Jake: When do I get my money?

Iris: Let's say I'll get the money by the close of business tomorrow.

Jamie: Here. How's that?

Marley: Thanks.

Jamie: What are you thinking about now?

Marley: A bunch of things.

Jamie: Maybe you'll want to share one or two of them with me?

Marley: I -- I don't think there's anything I haven't shared with you.

Jamie: Marley?

Marley: Hmm?

Jamie: I remember when you and Jake were trying to have a child.

Marley: What made you think of that?

Jamie: You felt guilty because you couldn't give Jake what he wanted so badly.

Marley: Why are you bringing that up now?

Jamie: Maybe you've allowed the guilt you felt then to confuse your thinking.

Marley: No, I'm not confused. I've just been ignoring what's happening.

Jamie: What do you think you've ignored?

Marley: All the signs. You should've heard that Sullivan guy's message. It was some macho garbage about how he should "pull one over" on another dumb woman.

Jamie: And you had to hear that?

Marley: I guess it's a good thing I did. I found out that Jake was with another woman. Or is with a couple of other women. And he's lying to me, and keeps lying to me, and has been lying to me.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Marley: Well, I guess I could call Iris. I could ask her some more details. But I don't need them.

Jamie: Come here. Come with me, over here.

Jamie: I know what you mean by ignoring what's obvious. I've done that myself a lot of times, but no more.

Marley: Jamie, what have you ever ignored?

Jamie: Vicky, for one thing.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: The fact that -- that she's moving on with her life. She's the past, Marley. I'm in the present.

Marley: And you think that I'm ignoring that, too, don't you?

Jamie: I'm just saying that I think you should see the reality of what's going on.

Marley: Hmm, and what's that?

Jamie: Vicky is dating Ryan.

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: She seems happy. Happier than she ever was with me, believe me. She's moving on with her life. I just think that you and I should, too.

[Knock on door]

Marley: Jake.

Jamie: Look, I'll come to town tomorrow and we'll take care of everything, ok?

Officer: Appreciate it. Ma'am.

Marley: Good night.

Jamie: Thank you for coming by, officer. I appreciate it.

Marley: Amanda was very lucky.

Jamie: And you were so scared.

Marley: What?

Jamie: The look in your eyes, the fear. You thought that was Jake at the door.

Marley: Oh, he's -- he's just been really on edge lately.

Jamie: Marley, you have to stop this. You have to stop thinking about Jake and concentrate on yourself.

Marley: I am.

Jamie: Oh, sure, after Vicky, after Jake, after your parents. The only person you treat worse than yourself is --

Marley: It's you, right?

Jamie: What?

Marley: It's you. I've been really letting you have it for the past few months.

Jamie: No, no, no, it's -- it's ok.

Marley: Why?

Jamie: Because when I was having my troubles with Vicky and you were having yours with Jake --

Marley: Mm-hmm?

Jamie: You were the person I could talk to. In fact, I think you were the only person who would listen to me go on and on and on.

Marley: No, no, no, in the first place, you never went on and on, and in the second place, I like listening to you. Do you know that you never feel sorry for yourself?

Jamie: What, are you kidding me? Never feel sorry for myself? I felt miserable for myself!

Marley: Oh, come on.

Jamie: Wait, wait, and you are changing the subject away from yourself, as usual.

Marley: I don't like talking about me.

Jamie: Fine, you don't have to talk about you. I'll talk about you. All you have to do is listen.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: Come here, come here. Starting tonight, you are going to look out for number one, for Marley. You are going to worry about how you feel and you are not going to care about how Vicky feels, how Jake feels, how Donna feels, how I feel. Now, these are doctor's orders, you understand me? Good.

Vicky: Excuse me. God, it's like a mob scene in here.

Ryan: I can't see him anywhere.

Vicky: He's got to be here somewhere.

Ryan: There's Ann. Where is Grant?

Ann: Oh, hello, Ryan. He left.

Ryan: Where'd he go?

Ann: That woman showed up and just -- she dragged him off.

Ryan: Sharlene?

Ann: He acts like a 15-year-old with her, and he's throwing away his entire career because of her.

Grant: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Man: Congressman, the reporters are waiting.

Grant: I know that, I know that. Just give me a few minutes.

Man: They need a statement from you, sir.

Grant: They'll get one, ok?

Ryan: Grant, what is going on here?

Grant: Ryan, Ryan, I'm glad you're here. Sharlene, listen, don't run away. Stay, ok? Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Vicky: You just can't stay away from him, can you?

Sharlene: Vicky, I'm sorry, but really, this is none of your business, believe me.

Vicky: John is my uncle.

Sharlene: I am not being disloyal to John.

Vicky: Prancing in here in front of all these reporters? What do you call it?

Sharlene: I had no other choice, Vicky.

Vicky: We all have choices, honey. I learned that after I got divorced.

Sharlene: Look, I'm sorry, but this really is none of your business. I don't need this now.

Vicky: Sharlene, I know you are going through a rough time. I just don't want you to go through what I have.

Sharlene: Vicky, what are you talking about?

Vicky: Your baby.

Sharlene: My baby is fine.

Vicky: Is he going to be if you keep chasing after Grant? You think John won't try and divorce you and get custody of your child?

Sharlene: He would never do that.

Vicky: Jamie did, and he won. You've never thought about that, have you?

Sharlene: No, I never thought about that.

Vicky: I've been through it. I don't want you to go through it. Just think about it. Can we get out of here? This place depresses me.

Ryan: Come on, I'll drive you home.

[Phone rings]

Iris: Put her through. Hello, Marley. Look, I am so sorry, but I'm working on this high-profile deal at the moment and, you know, there's half a dozen attorneys sitting around. You know, the meter's ticking. Oh, I wish I had time to talk to you, too. But you know, what I've got to tell you is -- is far too important to gloss over. So maybe you could call me tomorrow? Sure. That would be just great. Bye. Anything else?

Jake: You won't regret this.

Iris: I hope not, Jake. I've already regretted dealing with you.

Jake: Later.

Iris: You know what's truly amazing, Jake?

Jake: What's that, Iris?

Iris: After really getting to know you these past few months, I'm simply amazed that you're still alive.

Marley: What you said before made a lot of sense.

Jamie: Well, actually, I said a lot of things. What particular jabber are you referring to?

Marley: When you were talking about my feelings.

Jamie: They have to come first this time, Marley. There's too much at stake for you.

Marley: I know. And sitting here, feeling the way I feel about you, I know I can't marry Jake.

Marley: Jamie... it doesn't mean that I can be with you right now.

Jamie: I understand that. I'll take it as it comes.

Marley: One day at a time?

Jamie: Yeah, one day at a time.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: So what happens tomorrow, now that you know how you feel?

Marley: Oh, about Jake?

Jamie: Yeah.

Marley: Ahem. I have a lot of thinking to do before I talk to Jake.

Jamie: You'll do what's right for you.

Frankie: What should we do, Cass?

Cass: Well, if he were my cousin, I know what I would do. I would call the cops. But he's not my cousin.

Frankie: Would you really? Would you really call the cops?

Cass: Frankie, the kid is probably miles away by now. But it's the right thing to do.

Frankie: I can't. I can't call the cops just yet. I need to give him a little time.

Dean: Whoo! It's getting downright cold out there. Early winter, I think.

Frankie: Sit down, Dean.

Dean: Sure. Hey, Frankie, you got any of that pie left?

Frankie: There is something you neglected to tell us.

Dean: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Frankie: About the car you stole from Molly and Rick.

Dean: Say what?

Frankie: You heard me.

Dean: Stole? I --

Frankie: That's why you're hiding out in our cellar.

Dean: Come on, Frankie, that -- that doesn't make any sense.

Frankie: I just spoke to Molly and Rick and they were making a whole lot of sense.

Dean: Well, I can't believe that they would say that I stole it.

Frankie: They said a lot of things and they were pretty angry with you, Dean, and you know how Rick is when he gets angry.

Dean: Well, it's a misunderstanding! They probably just forgot that we talked about me borrowing it.

Cass: You borrowed their car to drive it from Iowa to New York City?

Dean: Yes, yes, I was going to, you know --

Frankie: Cut it, Dean. Just cut the bull.

Dean: Look, don't turn me in, Frankie, ok?

Cass: So you admit you stole it?

Dean: It was important, man.

Dean: Come on, look at me. I don't -- I don't belong in a small town. I never had, like, a real family, and the only time that I ever fit in anywhere is with my music, and when I saw this chance to sell my songs in New York, I jumped all over it.

Cass: And swiped the keys to your cousin's car?

Dean: I would get there any way I could, yes. Look, I know that I'll hit it in New York, ok? I just have to get there.

Cass: Oh, is that all?

Dean: Well -- look, I will make this up to Molly and Rick. I'll make it up to everybody. But don't turn me in. Look, just forget that I was even here, ok? Is that --

Cass: No, it's not ok!

Frankie: Can we all sleep on this?

Cass: Grand theft auto, Frankie.

Frankie: We'll talk about it tomorrow, ok? It's real late. Nobody has any energy left. All our endorphins are low.

Cass: Mine aren't.

Frankie: Cass, listen to me -- I know this kid. And I trust him. And I will call Molly and explain.

Cass: Ok. Ok. It's your family. But you listen to me, young Dean, if you so much as steal a toothbrush from us or anybody else in Bay City, I'll come after you.

Frankie: Cass does not make idle threats.

Dean: I believe it.

Frankie: I'm going to turn in.

Dean: Yeah, me, too. I -- I got a big day tomorrow.

Frankie: Dean, you're not going to sleep in the cellar.

Dean: I'm not?

Frankie: No. Our guestroom is a lot more comfortable. Come on. I'll show you where we keep the towels.

Dean: Thanks, Frankie. I'm going to remember this. I am.

Frankie: Don't make me regret it.

Reporter: Congressman Harrison, are you ready to make a statement, sir?

Grant: Ladies and gentlemen -

Reporter: Are you pulling out?

Grant: Please, please, please, just could you please back off for a minute? Just back off for a minute, please? Look, I know that you're all here for the announcement of my political demise. The thing is I just had a very long talk with somebody that's very close to me, somebody who really knows me much better than I know myself. So I took a long, hard look at myself, and I'm here to say that I am back in the race to stay and to win. Sharlene!

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