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Another World Transcript Friday 9/1/06

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Evan: There's plenty of time. Relax.

Amanda: They might arrive early. I just want to be there when they get off the plane.

Evan: Amanda, there is no traffic at this hour.

Amanda: I can't wait to see that big smile and hold that little face. I miss her so much. You know, the only thing that I'm not looking forward to is going back home.

Evan: Well, it's not going to be forever.

Amanda: It's been great staying here with you. Did you mean what you said about missing Alli?

Evan: Well, yeah, you know I'm crazy about her.

Amanda: Yeah, I know, but it's just -- you don't know what it can be like with a 2-year-old running around all the time.

Evan: Amanda, I love being with you and your daughter. We're going to be a family.

Amanda: I got her the greatest little darling snoopy watch. What did I do with that? Let's see.

Evan: I don't get it.

Amanda: What?

Evan: These are your divorce papers. You haven't signed them yet. Why not?

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Grant: If anything goes wrong between you and John, I will be there. I'll help you raise this child.

Sharlene: Please don't say that, Grant.

Grant: Why? Why not?

Sharlene: Because everything is already complicated as it is.

Grant: That's why I want you to know that you will never, ever be alone. I'll be there always.

Paulina: Ken and me, huh?

Iris: You really have this innocent look down to a fine art, don't you, sweetie?

Paulina: I don't know what you're talking about.

Iris: I'm talking about finding the appropriate moment to announce to everyone that you and Ken Jordan have been in collusion for months, and I think some people are going to be horrified.

Paulina: You have no proof, Iris.

Iris: I'm working on it. In any event, it's all over for you and Ken Jordan.

Rachel: What's this about Ken?

Olivia: So, you're not going to be in New York at all? This is a big audition for me, father. Well, of course, yes, I understand perfectly. Maybe next time, right.

[Doorbell rings]

Olivia: Yeah, look, I have to get off the phone, all right? There's somebody at the door. Thanks. Love you, too.

Sam: Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Sam: Sorry I didn't call first.

Olivia: Oh, that's fine. I'm not busy.

Sam: You left these in the loft last night.

Olivia: Oh, gee, I thought I'd lost those.

Sam: There you go. Liz isn't around, is she?

Sam: No, she's not. Come on in.

Sam: Whew, ok. So how did it go this morning when you got home?

Olivia: Oh, fine, I told her I was with a friend.

Sam: Yeah?

Olivia: Which I was.

Sam: Are you ok?

Olivia: Yes, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?

Sam: Olivia, now, I hope you don't think you need to cover up with me. I mean, you were almost raped by a guy last night.

Olivia: But I wasn't, thanks to you.

Sam: I'm just glad I was there, that's all.

Olivia: Me, too.

Sam: You're really ok?

Olivia: I'm really ok.

Sam: All right, good. I'll see you later, ok? I better get going.

Olivia: All right.

Sam: Ok.

Olivia: Sam?

Sam: Hmm?

Olivia: Um -- if -- if -- I want you to know, for whatever it's worth, that I really did grow up last night.

Sam: Even if it wasn't in the way you thought?

Olivia: No, it wasn't at all what I had in mind.

Sam: Olivia, someday you are going to meet the right man.

Olivia: And I'll be glad I waited. I know, I know.

Sam: She knows, ok. That was a dumb thing to say, wasn't it?

Olivia: No, I guess not. There's something I'd like to ask you.

Sam: What?

Olivia: If the timing had been different and if your life wasn't the way it is right now, would you have wanted to be with me?

Sam: I can't answer that.

Olivia: Try. Please.

Sam: Yeah, I would've been interested. But right now things are just --

Olivia: It's impossible.

Sam: You keep cutting my sentences off.

Olivia: I'm sorry. Go on.

Sam: Olivia, even though it is impossible now, I hope you know how much you mean to me. I mean, if I hadn't had you to talk to through all this -- you've been my best friend.

Olivia: Sam, there's something that I should --

Sam: Let me finish, let me finish. And if you're thinking about this timing bit, if it has anything to do with me hoping to get back together with Amanda --

Olivia: I wasn't sure.

Sam: Ok, that has nothing to do with it because I've already decided to go ahead and cooperate with the divorce.

Olivia: Really?

Sam: Yeah, she's probably signed them by now.

Evan: So why haven't you signed them?

Amanda: What's the big deal?

Evan: No, I just don't understand why you haven't --

Amanda: Can we just drop this?

Evan: Did you forget?

Amanda: No, I didn't forget.

Evan: Then why are you waiting?

Amanda: There are a few things I want to discuss with Sam before I sign them. Is that ok with you?

Evan: Did Cass tell you that?

Amanda: No.

Evan: Did he see a problem with the papers?

Amanda: No.

Evan: Well, then it's pretty clear cut to me. Sam's not asking for money, you'll deal with the custody later. Why haven't you signed them?

Amanda: This is my divorce, Evan. I know what I'm doing.

Evan: Well, you obviously do not know what you're doing because you haven't signed these papers.

Ok. I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry. Hey, I'm just a little anxious to see all this go through, that's all.

Amanda: I can't just sign a piece of paper and pretend that my marriage never existed.

Evan: I know, I know.

Amanda: Do you understand that?

Evan: Yes, I do. I'm sorry.

Amanda: I'm going to see Sam later. He's coming by to see Alli, so I'll talk to him. Hopefully I'll feel better about everything.

Evan: Yeah, hopefully.

Amanda: Let's get going. I want to be there when they get off the plane.

Jake: I'm sorry, Donna, I'm closed for business.

Donna: You're not only closed, you're finished. You're through, you're kaput.

Jake: You couldn't be more wrong.

Donna: Well, I opened my mail today, and what did I find but an eviction notice for Visions.

Jake: So what?

Donna: Apparently you didn't tell the landlord that I was no longer your partner.

Jake: You know, that must have slipped my mind.

Donna: Well, I set him straight.

Jake: Thank you very much.

Donna: You're welcome. You're about to get bounced, Jake.

Jake: I'm only a couple of weeks late for my rent, Donna. What's the big deal?

Donna: Try 4 1/2 months. You're going to be out on the streets by the end of the week.

Jake: We'll see.

Donna: Of course, all that could be avoided.

Jake: How?

Donna: I could give you the money you need.

Jake: Now, why would you do that?

Donna: As a matter of fact, I could come up with the same amount of money that I gave you to start Visions.

Jake: What's the catch, Donna?

Donna: You get your business back.

Jake: What's my end of the deal?

Donna: Leave Marley alone.

Jake: That'd be kind of tough, especially since I'm marrying her.

Donna: You're not going to marry her.

Jake: Nothing you can do to stop it.

Donna: Does she know about your financial difficulties?

Jake: What financial difficulties, Donna?

Donna: Don't you think she deserves to know?

Jake: Since when did you start caring about Marley, huh?

Donna: I always want what's best for Marley.

Jake: Is that why you went to bed with me?

Donna: Shut up! Shut up!

Jake: You always think about number one, Donna, just like when you pulled out of this business. You almost ruined my life because I tried to be nice to you!

Donna: You're going to be very sorry!

Jake: You're going to be my mother-in-law for the rest of your miserable life. And as for the rent, it will be taken care of by next week.

Donna: How?

Jake: That is something you will never know.

Iris: Hello, Rachel.

Paulina: I didn't expect you back till tomorrow.

Rachel: You mentioned Ken?

Iris: I was just wondering where he was.

Rachel: Nova Scotia.

Iris: Oh, really? Whereabouts?

Rachel: I've no idea.

Iris: You haven't been in touch with him?

Rachel: No.

Iris: Oh, that's a pity.

Rachel: Why?

Iris: No reason. Just asking. I'd better get going. By the way, those papers I need you to sign -- they're in the study. I'm really looking forward to this party and the chance to give everyone the news.

Rachel: What news?

Iris: Oh, just some information I think your guests will be pleased to hear.

Rachel: I don't like innuendo, Iris.

Iris: This is not an innuendo.

Rachel: You're planning on ruining the party?

Iris: Rachel, why do you think Ken's run off? I mean, just before this famous party?

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Iris: Well, don't you think it's a little odd?

Rachel: He's not running off, Iris. He's working on a project, something he loves.

Iris: One of the things.

Rachel: Iris, I know this has been difficult for you, breaking up with Lucas, but there's no point in taking it out on us.

Iris: Rachel, this has absolutely nothing to do with Lucas. This has to do with proving that Paulina's a fake, which I am prepared to do.

Rachel: You've been prepared to do that for months.

Iris: Yes, but I have some new information.

Rachel: I think what you have is bitterness.

Iris: Well, we'll see.

Rachel: Yes, I'm afraid we will. What's this about?

Paulina: What?

Rachel: Well, you seem very upset.

Paulina: No, no, I'm fine. I'm great. How was your trip?

Rachel: Paulina, there's no reason to be evasive with me. Something seems definitely very wrong.

Sharlene: I've been leading you on.

Grant: No, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Let me finish, Grant, please?

Grant: Ok.

Sharlene: And -- and John, too. I've hurt him, too. I've been trying to do what's best for me, but I've ended up hurting both of you.

Grant: How could you possibly hurt me?

Sharlene: Oh, come on, Grant. Being involved with me isn't helping your campaign at all. I have seen the polls.

Grant: I don't care about that.

Sharlene: Well, I do.

Grant: Look, we have something that binds us. We have something that we can't share with anyone else. We're starting new lives.

Sharlene: Yes. We understand each other. But a future?

Grant: Look, from the first time that I started running for office, I had nothing around me but yes men. And when I finally understood what they were, I didn't trust them, and then I began to not trust anybody. And then you came into my life. You were the most flat-out honest person that I've ever met in my life.

Sharlene: Sharly was never honest.

Grant: Oh, in her own way she was completely honest.

Sharlene: Ok, Grant, I was honest. You're making too much of this.

Grant: I don't think so. It's that honesty that made me fall in love with you.

Sharlene: I have got to get back to work.

Grant: May I see you?

Sharlene: Didn't you hear anything I said?

Donna: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Hi, Donna.

Donna: Sorry, I'll wait till you get off the phone.

Sharlene: Yeah, just a second.

No answer.

Donna: He's following you now that John's away, isn't he?

Sharlene: No, Donna, it's not like that at all.

Donna: Well, it doesn't matter. You're not going to have to worry about rant for very much longer.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Hi, honey.

Cass: I must've left some important papers around here somewhere. Have you seen them around anywhere?

Frankie: They're right here.

Cass: Where?

Frankie: Right here.

Cass: Oh, great, great. Great.

Frankie: Anthony has left for the day.

Cass: Yeah, well, look at the bright side. He -- he was here for three hours. That's got to be some kind of a personal record.

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: At this rate, the restoration will be completed at the end of the century.

Frankie: We are all alone.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: Yes, we are, aren't we?

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Cass: I can't.

Frankie: You can.

Cass: I have a meeting with a new client in 15 minutes. I mean, I'm fast but I'm not that fast.

Frankie: Who's the client?

Cass: Mrs. Ramon.

Frankie: Oh. Sounds foreign.

Cass: Well, yeah, she's certainly not from these parts. She had the weirdest accent. She really -- bye.

Frankie: [Foreign accent] Is this that law person who takes cases to court for -- for suing the peoples?

Cass: You? You're -- she was -- you were her?

Frankie: [Normal voice] What is so weird about that accent anyway? It's kind of mid-European, mid-Atlantic, mid-Central American --

Cass: You are Mrs. Ramon?

Frankie: In the flesh.

Cass: You know, I knew something was phony there.

Frankie: Oh, as a $3 bill.

Cass: I knew it. So why would you do a thing like this?

Frankie: Because I thought it might be kind of fun to spend some time with my husband this afternoon and remind him that this is one marriage that is not going to lose its -- uh -- oomph.

Cass: Oh, I love the way you say that word so --

Frankie: I'll say it again if you like.

Cass: You're going to give me some "oomph"?

Frankie: Oh, you betcha, baby.

Sam: Now, what were you going to tell me earlier?

Olivia: When?

Sam: When I interrupted you.

Olivia: Oh, I was just going to say goodbye.

Sam: That's right, you're going to New York today.

Olivia: Mm-hmm, in a couple of hours.

Sam: Have you spoken to your father?

Olivia: Oh, yes. He's all excited.

Sam: That's great. Well, listen, you have a great time there. You knock 'em dead in that audition, you hear me?

Olivia: Ok, you keep your fingers crossed.

Sam: I wish I could take you to the airport, but Alli's coming in today.

Olivia: Right. Well, you must be very happy.

Sam: Yeah, I missed her.

Olivia: Well, listen, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I will just get a cab.

Sam: Ok, I'll talk to you when you get back.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Sam: All right. Bye-bye.

Olivia: Bye.

Liz: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Goodbye, Liz.

Olivia: Don't start.

Liz: What "don't start"? I'm going to put away my groceries.

Olivia: You're not going to ask me what Sam was doing here?

Liz: No, no, no. Oh, did your father call while I was out?

Olivia: Yes, he did. He's not coming to New York.

Liz: Oh, dear. Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, I know you were hoping.

Olivia: Oh, it doesn't matter.

Liz: But of course it matters. But, you know, if he doesn't think it's important enough, it's his loss.

Olivia: Right.

Liz: And my gain. I'm going with you.

Olivia: You hate New York.

Liz: I love New York! I just hate the traffic, the subways, the crowds, the bugs, the noise --

Olivia: Aunt Liz, I'm going alone.

Liz: But, Olivia --

Olivia: I can handle everything just fine on my own. I always have.

Paulina: I just never realized until now just how much Iris hates me.

Rachel: I can't make excuses for Iris.

Paulina: All I wanted to do was find my family.

Rachel: Iris is upset, Paulina.

Paulina: I wonder what she meant when she said she was going to make that announcement tonight.

Rachel: I have absolutely no idea. When Iris is disappointed in life, she tends to try and hurt other people. You just have to learn to ignore it.

Paulina: But she had this look in her eye, you know, like she'd do anything to get at me.

Rachel: Well, she's going to have a hard time doing that now that I'm back, isn't she? As to the rest of the family, I've spoken to Mac's brother and to Sandy and Blaine.

Paulina: Oh. Are they all coming?

Rachel: No, I'm afraid not. But they understand the situation.

Paulina: They do?

Rachel: Mm-hmm. They have no objections to your getting your inheritance.

Paulina: You've been so good to me, Rachel.

Rachel: I've only done what Mac would want me to do, Paulina.

Paulina: But this party, you know, I -- I should've told you not to do it. I should have insisted.

Rachel: Why?

Paulina: Because I don't need it. I don't care about anyone else. All I want is for you to accept me.

Rachel: Well, I do. And besides, I love giving parties. So why don't we forget everything else and just look forward to a wonderful time? Now let's change the subject, ok? Oh, did Ken happen to call while I was gone?

Paulina: Why would he call me?

Rachel: Well, I didn't mean to imply that he would. I just meant, did he call here? The project that he's on is -- is dangerous.

Paulina: It's dangerous?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Matt: I thought I heard someone's voice in here.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie.

Matt: I missed you.

Rachel: I missed you, too.

Matt: So tell me about your trip.

Rachel: Oh, I would love to, sweetie. But, you know what, I haven't called the office yet, so why don't I do that first. I'll be back.

Matt: Ok.

Matt: Paulina.

Paulina: Matthew.

Matt: Could you do me a favor?

Paulina: Sure.

Matt: When you see Mom, tell her I had to run out for an errand, ok?

Paulina: Sure, no problem.

Matt: You ok?

Paulina: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Why?

Matt: Seem kind of nervous.

Paulina: Why would I be nervous?

Matt: Big party tomorrow.

Paulina: Oh, yeah.

Matt: Party in your honor -- make anyone a wreck. Unless you like being the center of attention. Personally, I get very nervous when surrounded by large groups of people.

Paulina: Oh, I don't believe that.

Matt: Ugh, it drives me nuts.

Paulina: But you're so cool and confident, Matthew.

Matt: Obviously, you haven't seen me in my public speaking class.

Paulina: Well, only nerds are cool in public speaking classes. What did you expect?

Matt: Thank you very much. I feel a lot better.

Paulina: You know, I keep -- I keep forgetting that you're not a Cory. You act a lot like one.

Matt: Hmm. How do Corys act?

Paulina: I didn't mean that the way it came out. I just -- I just meant -- well, even though Mac's not your real father, I have a feeling you're a lot like him. You don't mind me saying that, do you?

Matt: No, no. I take it as a compliment.

Paulina: I feel like such a fraud.

Matt: Why is that?

Paulina: I just meant -- nothing. I've tried so hard to fit in here. Sometimes I just think, who am I kidding, you know?

Matt: Well, I think you have to relax and not be so hard on yourself.

Paulina: Can I ask you a question, Matthew?

Matt: I guess so.

Paulina: Do you think Mac would like me? Do you think he would understand someone wanting a family so much that -- that they would do what I did when I came to this house?

Matt: You mean when you came in as the governess and didn't tell anybody who you were at first?

Paulina: Yeah, look, I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry. I guess I'm more nervous than I thought.

Matt: Ok, everyone gets nervous. I get nervous on occasion, not too often.

Paulina: Wait till you see me tomorrow.

Matt: Don't worry about it. My Mom's parties are like everyone else's parties.

Paulina: Oh, I doubt that.

Matt: Ok, the food's a little better, but that's about it.

Paulina: Oh, I bet nobody puts a lampshade on their head and does a hula or decides to do a limbo with the coffee table.

Matt: You're going to do that?

Paulina: Yeah, I might see how things -- of course not.

Matt: Now, that I would've paid money to see. You have a nice smile.

Paulina: Thanks.

Matt: Listen, why don't I solve your problem? Why don't you come to the party with me?

Paulina: You -- you want to take me to the party?

Matt: Is there an echo in here?

Paulina: No. I mean, yeah, I -- I would love that.

Matt: If you -- if you get nervous, you know, you can clench on to me, no problem.

Amanda: Hey, uncle Matthew.

Matt: Hey, look who's back.

Amanda: She's been asking for you.

Matt: Ooh, how was your trip? Was it good? Oh, boy, we've missed you so much.

Paulina: We have missed you so much. Things have been much too quiet around here.

Matt: I'll tell you, Steven, I bet, is dying to see you. Where's grandma at?

Amanda: Oh, you know her. She had to stop by Paradise just to make sure it was still there.

Matt: Oh, yeah. You better take her.

Amanda: Oh, I'll take her, here we go. Want her? So how are things going? Is everything set up for the party tonight?

Evan: Come on, let's go.

Paulina: Yeah, yeah. Matt has offered to be my escort. Isn't that nice of him?

Amanda: Oh, what a prince.

Matt: But of course.

Evan: How would you like to go to the zoo with me and your Mom? Would you like that? Want to go to the movies? Huh? There's some great movies out. Would you like to go to the movies? I got to check the paper. Can you read the paper? Because I can read the paper. What do you think? You want to go?

Sam: Hey, sweetheart.

Cass: Oh, Rachel!

Rachel: Oh, my goodness.

Frankie: Hi.

Rachel: I'll come back later.

Cass: No, no, no.

Frankie: Why?

Rachel: Much later.

Cass: No. We were just --

Frankie: Laying carpet.

Cass: Right.

Frankie: In the bedroom.

Cass: We just tacked the last tack.

Frankie: So come on in.

Cass: Please.

Rachel: No, it's ok. I'm so sorry.

Frankie: No, come on in.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Frankie: Of course we're sure.

Cass: Don't be silly.

Rachel: I tried calling you at the office.

Cass: Yeah, I left early because --

Frankie: You know, the carpet needs --

Cass: [Coughs] Rachel, what can I do for you? Please sit down.

Rachel: Well, I just wanted to find out if everything is progressing all right about Paulina's inheritance.

Cass: Oh. Uh, what -- what exactly is it about her inheritance that you wanted to find out?

Rachel: Well, it would be really nice if we could have a check to give her on the night of the party.

Cass: It may be a day or two late. I'm running into a little red tape, unfortunately.

Rachel: Well, all right, as long as it's going all right.

Cass: There's something else. You wouldn't come all the way out here just for that.

Rachel: Well, it's Ken, actually.

Frankie: What about him?

Rachel: I guess I'm worried about him. No one's heard from him since he went to Nova Scotia.

Frankie: I didn't even know he'd left Bay City.

Cass: Wasn't he working on a project out on Lake Michigan?

Rachel: Yeah, well, he was and then he wasn't.

Cass: Why would he change his plans so suddenly?

Rachel: I don't know.

Cass: Did he tell you anything?

Rachel: Not much. We were involved in something concerning Paulina, and then the next thing I knew he had decided to go to Nova Scotia.

Cass: Could she have had anything to do with him changing his mind?

Rachel: I don't know, Cass. I -- I guess that's what I'm worried about. I just feel that there's something wrong.

[Door slams]

Jake: I'm getting pretty tired of this.

Iris: Jake.

Jake: Right on the first guess. That tape belongs to me, Iris.

Iris: It's the conversation between Paulina and Ken.

Jake: I know what's on the tape.

Iris: I'm going to play it for Rachel.

Jake: Put it back.

Iris: It mightn't be proof positive, but it will stop the party and Paulina's inheritance, at least temporarily.

Jake: You're not going to do anything with the tape.

Iris: Jake, I paid for the damn thing, it's mine.

Jake: You can't do this.

Iris: Watch me.

Jake: I said you can't do this.

Iris: You're hurting me.

Jake: Why don't you sit down and relax, Iris.

Iris: Jake -- Jake, I need this.

Jake: The tape belongs to me and I don't want anyone to hear it -- not Rachel, not anyone.

Iris: Why not? What do you care?

Jake: Because knowing Rachel, she'll want to know where you got it, and knowing you, you'll tell her my part in it. Marley will hear this and my marriage will be over before it starts.

Iris: Well, you should've thought of that, Jake, before you accepted my money.

Jake: No, Iris, you should've figured that I would never give you the tape.

Iris: Well, I did -- I did think of that possibility.

Jake: If you're figuring on coming back here with a couple of goons, Iris --

Iris: How else could I persuade you?

Jake: You don't have to persuade me. You don't have to come back here with any goons --

[Tape winds]

Jake: Because there'll be nothing to come back to.

Iris: What are you doing?

Jake: Erasing the tape, I think.

Iris: No, Jake!

Jake: Goodbye, Ken! Goodbye, Paulina!

Amanda: I see you're right on time.

Sam: I wouldn't be late to see my daughter.

Matt: How are you, Sam?

Sam: I'm ok. Thanks, Matt.

Matt: Hmm. I'd better get out of here. See you later.

Paulina: Bye, Matt. Thanks for everything.

Matt: Sure.

Paulina: Do you want me to take Alli upstairs for you?

Amanda: If you wouldn't mind, that'd be great.

Paulina: Of course not. I bet you missed your bunny, didn't you? You want to go upstairs? Want to go upstairs?

Sam: Amanda, can we do this without your friend here?

Evan: I'm not leaving.

Amanda: Evan, I think Sam and I should probably talk to Alli alone.

Evan: Sure?

Amanda: Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks.

Evan: Oh, by the way, how was your trip to the gun store? Total loss, just like your whole life?

Sam: Goodbye, Evan.

Evan: Oh, wait, Sam, when are you going to give all this up?

Sam: When hell freezes over, bud.

Amanda: Why don't we just get this over with, ok?

Sam: You want to talk to Alli now about this?

Amanda: What's the point in waiting?

Sam: I'm just not sure what she can understand.

Amanda: I think we just have to be as honest as possible.

Sam: How do you explain to a little girl, two people that were so much in love with each other, and then one day one of them just loses faith in the other?

Amanda: Sam, please.

Sam: I don't understand that myself, so how can I explain it to her?

Amanda: We just tell her that we're going to be living separately. I mean, we don't have to go into any details. She doesn't need to know that, not yet. Does she?

Sam: No, she doesn't.

Paulina: Here she is.

Amanda: Hi, cutie. Come here, you've got your bunny. Why don't you come sit down with us?

Sam: Go to Mommy, ok?

Paulina: Sure.

Amanda: Got her.

Sam: Thanks, Paulina.

Amanda: Want to sit down with us? We want to talk to you just for a couple of minutes, ok? That's it. Sit down.

Sam: Hi, sweetheart.

Amanda: There we go.

Sam: I'm just going to tell you something that's very important and maybe a little bit difficult to understand. You and Mommy are going to be living here the way you always did, but Daddy's going to be living someplace else, ok?

Amanda: But he's still going to see you all the time.

Sam: And I'll still be able to take you to all the places you love to go, like the zoo and the park and the duck pond -- all those places.

Amanda: It's just that Mommy and Daddy won't be married anymore.

Sam: And, baby, you have to know this, ok? We love you so much, even if Mommy and Daddy aren't together.

Amanda: Even more than we did before.

Sam: We love you so much, sweetheart. We'll always love you, always.

Donna: Congressman.

Grant: Well, Mrs. Hudson.

Donna: Hi. Please, call me Donna.

Grant: Ok, Donna.

Donna: I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you'd be out on the campaign trail.

Grant: Well, everybody has to eat, you know.

Donna: Right. I'm going to vote for you, you know.

Grant: Are you? Great, great.

Donna: I've read all about your campaign against organized crime. I think it's wonderful. I loathe organized crime. And your opponent certainly seems to have some dubious connections, wouldn't you say?

Grant: I certainly would, yeah.

Donna: That's why it would be an awful shame to see him walk all over you on election day.

Grant: Oh, why do you say that?

Donna: Well, in spite of his dubious connections, he has been married to the same hefty, blue-haired woman for the past, what, 42 years?

Grant: Ah, I see.

Donna: What?

Grant: Your husband sent you here.

Donna: Congressman --

Grant: Please, call me Grant.

Donna: Grant, my husband doesn't send me anywhere. As a matter of fact, I disagree with him about you. He wants you out of the public eye, and I, on the other hand, would like to see you win this election as much as you want it for yourself.

Grant: Ooh, then maybe you can do a little canvassing. You know, we're always looking for volunteers.

Donna: That's very witty, very witty. No, actually, I'm here to help you in a different way.

Grant: A different way?

Donna: Mm-hmm. I know you're not here to eat. I know that you're here because you're waiting for Sharlene. I'm aware of how infatuated you are with her.

Grant: It is not an infatuation.

Donna: Grant, I'm sure in your eyes that you see Sharlene as wonderful and virtuous and beautiful, all the things that we all think she is because we know and love her.

Grant: Why don't you just get to the point.

Donna: My point is that those of us who know the real Sharlene are a very precious few. And to your John Q. Public, the average voter who can only go on appearances, Sharlene is an unsophisticated, pregnant farm girl married to somebody else. And if you think that you can have Sharlene and win this election, you're too much of a fool to be in congress.

Grant: Oh, you know something? Your husband may not have sent you, but he'd certainly be proud of you.

Donna: Think about what I said.

Grant: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Dr. John Hudson. I don't know his room number. Would you just tell him that his -- that Sharlene called? Sharlene. E-n-E. That's right. Thank you.

Sharlene: Donna.

Donna: Oh, good, you're free. Sit down.

Sharlene: Yeah. Listen, I wanted to ask you, what -- what did you mean earlier when you said that I wouldn't have to worry about Grant anymore?

Donna: Oh, Michael just had a talk with him, that's all, and I just reminded Grant.

Sharlene: Now, why would Michael talk to Grant?

Donna: Because he's causing you and John so much pain.

Sharlene: Donna, he had no right to do that.

Donna: He had every right to do it. John is his brother. And Michael also has considerable political clout, and he let Grant know in no uncertain terms that if he didn't back off that he would cause trouble during his campaign.

Sharlene: Donna, I don't want you or Michael hurting Grant.

Donna: Sharlene, we're just trying to help you.

Sharlene: No, Donna, you're not trying to help. If you were trying to help, you would've talked to me. That man nearly lost his life. Now he's trying to start his life over again. He deserves that chance.

Donna: And your marriage to John deserves a chance as well. Sharlene, we're just trying to help you.

Sharlene: Please, just mind your own business.

Donna: Well, excuse me for trying to lend a helping hand.

Sharlene: Donna.

Frankie: I'll tell you what, Rachel, why don't I make a few phone calls to Nova Scotia and I'll see how the job is going?

Rachel: I just don't want it to look as though I'm checking up on him.

Frankie: Oh no, no, no, I won't do that. I'll just -- I'll ask a few questions and see that things are going smoothly.

Rachel: That would be great.

Frankie: Ok, so I'll call you later?

Rachel: Ok, thanks a lot, Frankie.

Frankie: Sure thing.

Rachel: Thanks, Cass.

Cass: You bet.

Frankie: See you later, ok?

Cass: See you, Rachel.

Frankie: Ooh. She is gone on him.

Cass: Yeah, I wish I thought that was a good thing.

Frankie: Still don't trust him, huh?

Cass: Let me put it to you this way -- he'd better be in Nova Scotia like he said.

Liz: Look, why don't you take one of my bags? You need -- is that all you're taking with you?

Olivia: This is all I need. I'm not going to be there very long. Listen, I can't find my leather gloves. Have you seen them anywhere?

Liz: They're in the hall closet. That's right.

Olivia: Oh.

Liz: Oh, dear, I wish you'd think about letting me go with you, huh?

Olivia: We've been all through this, aunt Liz.

Liz: But I don't want you roaming around this -- that city, don't you see, alone.

Olivia: I'm not going to be alone. I have lots of friends I can call.

Liz: You have to promise me you won't get in that subway at night. Do you understand?

Olivia: I don't get in the subway in the daytime. I either take a cab or walk.

Liz: You have to call me every night the minute you get home.

Olivia: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Liz: Oh, why don't you get that, dear?

Olivia: All right.

Matt: Great, I caught you. You haven't left yet.

Olivia: How did -- how did you know?

Matt: I called. Aunt Liz told me your great news.

Olivia: Oh, did she?

Matt: Yeah. I thought I'd give you a ride to the airport, unless you already have one.

Olivia: No, no, I don't.

Liz: It's lovely to see you, Matthew. Now, I know the two of you want to be left alone, and I have lots of things to do.

Olivia: So, she told you to come?

Matt: No, she told me you were leaving.

Olivia: Right.

Matt: Why didn't you tell me?

Olivia: I was going to call and tell you, but I was embarrassed.

Matt: Who wasn't? I wasn't exactly Mr. Smooth myself.

Olivia: I thought that you were terrific.

Matt: Oh.

Olivia: You were also right, you know.

Matt: Well, of course I was. About what?

Olivia: It's a good thing that we didn't go to bed together.

Matt: Yeah, I guess we both learned something.

Olivia: Yeah. Do you think it could ever be right?

Matt: Who knows? Maybe someday.

Olivia: Yeah.

Matt: Anyway, I think that's great news about your audition.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Matt: I think that's just what you need, to get out for a little while. Don't you hate that when someone tells you what you need? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it.

Olivia: No, no, no, I don't mind, if it's a good friend.

Matt: I just think New York's a perfect place to get a little perspective on things.

Olivia: A chance to forget Sam. Is that what you mean?

Grant: I heard what you said to Donna. You were defending me.

Sharlene: She and Michael have no right to threaten you.

Grant: Oh, come on, I can handle Michael Hudson.

Sharlene: You shouldn't have to.

Grant: Let him do his worst. I don't care. I mean, I've got a new lease on life and so have you.

Sharlene: Yes, I guess so.

Grant: Look, I don't want to go back to the old person that I was. I want to be the person that I became after I met you. It's -- I want to be with you. I want to -- I want to help you with your life. Don't shut me out, please.

Sharlene: I can't promise anything.

Grant: I know. I do. No false hopes.

Sharlene: Oh.

Grant: What? What's the matter?

Sharlene: Oh.

Grant: What?

Sharlene: The baby kicked. It's the first time.

Evan: So Sam took her for a walk?

Amanda: He said he was going to bring her back to the house in an hour.

Evan: So I think you should call and check on them.

Amanda: I don't have to do that.

Evan: So, how did the talk go? Good?

Amanda: Yeah, it went fine. I really don't know if Alli understood everything that we were trying to say to her.

Evan: Well, I think she's a little young to understand.

Amanda: I have to give Sam credit, though. He really put Alli first. He didn't take any cheap shots at me or you. I think he really made her feel safe and secure.

Evan: I'm glad.

Amanda: Yeah, so am I.

Evan: So after the talk about Alli, did you bring up the divorce?

Amanda: You know, that was funny.

Evan: What was funny?

Amanda: Sam never even mentioned that he had sent me the papers.

Evan: And you?

Amanda: Evan, it just wasn't the right time.

Rachel: Paulina? You all right?

Paulina: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Rachel: Was Iris here again while I was gone?

Paulina: No.

Rachel: Good, I didn't think she would be. I don't think she has anything to go on. So I think we can just forget about her, ok?

Paulina: All right.

Rachel: And we'll concentrate on having a terrific party.

Jake: All gone, Iris. No more conversation, no more proof that I was in Paulina's bedroom. You may go.

Iris: You think you're smart, don't you?

Jake: I'm not dumb.

Iris: It's not over, Jake.

Jake: Ta-ta, Iris.

Iris: Not for you, and not for Paulina. You double-crossed me.

Jake: I told you I didn't have any proof that Paulina was a fake. I guess you two are sisters after all.

Iris: I don't believe you. And I'm going to get you for it if I have to dance on your grave.

Jake: That is some threat.

Iris: Better start wearing a gun. I've got nothing to lose.

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