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Another World Transcript Tuesday 8/29/06

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Paulina: Anything there for me?

Hilda: No, Paulina. Should there be?

Paulina: I'm, um, kind of expecting a delivery, yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Paulina: I'll get it. What are you doing here?

Jake: Well, if Mohammed can't go to the mountain --

Paulina: I told you I'd call.

Jake: You did, but you haven't. I'm concerned, naturally.

Paulina: You'll get your money, Jake.

Jake: That's true. But we both know that we're not going to get it from Ken Jordan, don't we?

Paulina: What are you talking about?

Jake: He skipped town. Why don't you face the truth, Paulina?

Donna: Where have you been?

Marley: Running errands. Are you busy?

Donna: No, I'm not. Just tending to Steven. He's still napping. That boy can sleep.

Marley: Yes.

Donna: Then again, look who his mother is. Victoria can sleep --

Marley: Yes, I have. I need to tell you something.

Donna: It's good news, I hope.

Marley: I think it is. I hope you will, too, eventually. It's beautiful. Isn't it? Donna?

Vicky: Great. The closest bar to the courthouse and there's no air conditioning.

Ryan: Well, that shouldn't be a bother to you. I mean, you've got ice water in your veins.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, I was pretty cool back there, wasn't I?

Ryan: Cool? Let me tell you, honey. You were the model of self assurance.

Vicky: [Groans]

Ryan: Hey, could we get two beers, please?

Bartender: Bottles are coldest.

Ryan: We'll take them. I've got to tell you, Vicky. I have sat through grand jury hearings where the issues were more loaded than what you testified on today. I mean, I've seen grown men reduced to blabbering babies, but you --

Vicky: Well, you know what they say. You can't stand the heat, get out of the Jacuzzi. Man, it is hot in here.

Bartender: There you go.

Ryan: Thanks. Hey, wait, wait. A toast.

Vicky: I'm melting here.

Ryan: To Vicky Hudson, one cool customer. You ok?

Vicky: Hmm?

Bartender: Throw this on her face.

Vicky: Don't you dare.

Ryan: Gosh, I guess you really were hot. I'm sorry. Are you feeling better now?

Vicky: I will be once everyone stops staring at you undressing me.

Ryan: She's ok, folks. It was just a little heat exhaustion. Come on. There you go. Upsy daisy. Whoa. Go to the chair. You better?

Vicky: I don't think it was heat exhaustion.

Ryan: Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make sure the crowd got away.

Vicky: I guess I wasn't that cool after all.

Ryan: Yeah, you were, but you're not going to be able to pretend that you weren't frightened anymore.

Vicky: Oh, you mean because I passed out in front of you?

Ryan: Yeah.

Vicky: I'll tell you something. Swear you won't tell anyone else?

Ryan: Scout's honor.

Vicky: I was scared out of my mind in that courtroom.

Ryan: Well, you never would've known it.

Vicky: What if Marius gets out?

Ryan: He won't, Vicky.

Vicky: What if he sends one of his guys after me?

Ryan: He's not going to do anything, Vicky. I swear it.

Vicky: I testified against the leader of the biggest drug cartel in the country today. Are you telling me my life is going to normal again?

Ryan: Your life could never be normal, Vicky.

Vicky: I'm serious. I'm scared for me and for everyone else in my family.

Ryan: Listen to me, Vicky. Marius Sloan is behind bars along with all of his cronies. If -- and this is a big if -- if he ever sees the light of day again, you're probably at the bottom of his list of people that he wants to get.

Vicky: Probably?

Ryan: You're a small fry in the world of Marius Sloan's revenge, I swear it.

Vicky: I'll take your word for it.

Ryan: That a girl.

Vicky: I do have one question, though.

Ryan: Shoot.

Vicky: How could you've let me get involved in this mess?

Ryan: Wha -- how could -- are you serious?

Vicky: I had no idea Marius was such a dangerous man.

Ryan: I've told you at least a 1,000 times.

Vicky: Well, you could've been more forceful with me.

Ryan: I -- I don't believe this.

Vicky: Couldn't you have done something?

Ryan: Done some -- done something? What was I supposed to have done? Sort of, maybe, put you behind bars?

Vicky: No, I never would've made it there. I hate the wardrobe.

Ryan: You're impossible. Are you feeling better now?

Vicky: Yes, thank you.

Ryan: No, forget it.

Vicky: No, I mean really. Thank you for last night and everything.

Ryan: Yeah, well, it's part of the job.

Vicky: That's all?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: What else?

Ryan: I really liked seeing you the way you were last night.

Vicky: You mean vulnerable?

Ryan: Yeah, sort of.

Vicky: Well, it was an act.

Ryan: Baloney. You were being for real.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, you really think so?

Ryan: You weren't?

Vicky: Maybe, maybe not.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I got to make a call.

Vicky: To the station.

Ryan: Yep. Got to find out what's my new assignment.

Vicky: Yeah, another new assignment.

Ryan: Yeah. You didn't think I was going to be your nurse maid for the rest of our lives, did you?

Vicky: Oh, no, of course not, no.

Ryan: Yeah, well, my assignment's over, so it's time to move on.

Vicky: Mm, yeah, well, reality always sets in.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: I'll get this.

Ryan: No, no, let me.

Vicky: Really, it's the least I can do. I spilled mine.

Ryan: Thank you.

Vicky: I'm going to go hug my son. I mean, he -- he must have acne by now, I haven't seen him in so long.

Ryan: Yeah, well, he hasn't changed since the last time you saw him about a week ago.

Vicky: How do you know?

Ryan: Well, I've visited him once or twice. That doesn't bother you? Is -- is that ok?

Vicky: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's fine.

Ryan: Ok, well, let me call you a cab.

Vicky: No, I'll do it.

Ryan: Ok. Great. Um, night, Vicky. Congratulations.

Vicky: Night.

Ryan: Good night.

Vicky: You hungry?

Ryan: Well, starved, why?

Vicky: I don't like eating alone.

Ryan: Well, I'm sure some protein will put some color back in your cheeks.

Vicky: I'll buy.

Ryan: No, my treat.

Vicky: You know, even if you do buy me dinner, it doesn't mean you can take advantage of me, officer.

Ryan: I'll try to remember that.

Vicky: Let's go.

Amanda: Franco, hello.

Franco: Good afternoon, Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: I'm meeting Mr. Peterson here. Has he arrived yet?

Franco: Not yet, but I can seat you.

Amanda: Right, thanks. Thank you.

Evan: Well, you look gorgeous.

Amanda: Evan, how did you know that I was here?

Evan: I'm Dave Peterson. Nice to meet you.

Amanda: You made this whole thing up?

Evan: Well, it's the only way to get you out of the office before the sun went down.

Amanda: So the story about Devron Products pulling everything from the advertisement was a big lie?

Evan: Was a big fat lie, yeah. Impressed or you're mad at me?

Amanda: [Laughs] I'm getting over it. Why do I always fall for your stories?

Evan: Let's cut to the chase. I need to talk to you about something.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Sam.

Amanda: You know, I was thinking it'd be really nice just to have one night alone with you and not talk about Sam.

Evan: Well, we could, but let's deal with the reality of the situation.

Amanda: Let's forget reality for now.

Evan: Well, I would, but he's at a gun store right now.

Amanda: How do you know that?

Evan: Because I always keep an eye on Sam.

Amanda: What would he be doing there?

Evan: He's trying to convince them to say that he never bought a gun there.

Amanda: Is he ever going to let this go?

Evan: No, he's not.

Amanda: I can't live like this. I don't know what to do about Alli now. She and grandma are coming back. I know he's going to insist on seeing her.

Evan: Ok. That's the real reason that I got you here tonight. I think we should leave town tomorrow.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Yeah, you and Alli -- we go to New York.

Amanda: Wait a minute.

Evan: We can start all over there. No family, no Sam.

Amanda: This is a little sudden, Evan.

Evan: Amanda, we have talked about this over and over and over.

Amanda: I know, but you're making it seem like it's so urgent. You don't really think that I should be that afraid of Sam still, do you?

Evan: Yes, I do. That's why I don't want you and Alli anywhere near him.

Amanda: He is her father.

Evan: Well, he gave up that right when he walked out on you. Now, I'm going to go have a little talk with Sam.

Amanda: No, you're not. All you're going to do is --

Evan: Yes, I am. No, I'm not going to fight with him. I'll try a new tactic. Don't worry. Trust me.

Amanda: Ok.

Evan: Trust me?

Amanda: I trust you.

Evan: Good. So, I'll see you back at your house?

Amanda: Ok.

Evan: Give me a kiss. I love you.

Olivia: How did you know I was here?

Sam: Before you got mad at me the other night you said you'd let me sketch you here, remember? You had an appointment.

Olivia: Sam, don't you think it's a little late for all this now?

Sam: I hope not. Do you mind?

Olivia: I suppose I could still model for you if you need me.

Sam: I do need you. You matter to me.

Olivia: Where would you like to begin?

Sam: Ok. You give me the right arm up, please. Nice. There. That's perfect. How's Matt?

Olivia: Matt?

Sam: Yeah, I saw you two.

Olivia: Matthew is great.

Sam: That's great. I'm glad to see you two getting together.

Olivia: We're not getting --

Sam: It's about time.

Olivia: Oh, is it?

Sam: Yeah, I think you spend some time with someone who's unattached and a little younger --

Olivia: You have a whole lot of nerve, you know that, Sam?

Sam: Look, all I'm trying to say is that I think --

Olivia: All you're trying to say is that I'm too immature to deal with anyone over the age of 20, right?

Sam: Olivia, now, that is not --

Olivia: A whole lot of men are attracted to me, you know?

Sam: I know that, and I am one of them.

Olivia: But I am too immature for you.

Sam: And I am too complicated for you.

Olivia: What exactly does that mean?

Sam: It means that I'm in the middle of a breakup with my wife, and I have a child.

Olivia: And you think that I can't handle any of that?

Sam: You shouldn't have to. You're young. You haven't experienced anything.

Olivia: You sound exactly like my father.

Sam: You know, I think that's exactly what you need.

Olivia: That's it, that's it. I am out of here.

Sam: Olivia, wait.

Olivia: For what? For you to tell me how emotionally insecure I am? No, thank you.

Sam: That is not what I was saying at all. You know that.

Olivia: Damn it, Sam. I know what it feels like to care for somebody. I know what it feels like to -- to love someone. Just forget it.

Sam: Olivia, Olivia, wait.

Olivia: Tell me something, Sam.. If I'm such a naive little girl, why is it that I'm the only one who's smart enough to know what to do with the information that could save your hide?

Sam: What do you mean? Did you talk to the insurance salesman? Did he call you?

Olivia: No.

Sam: Well, then what are you saying?

Olivia: What I'm saying is that you don't care about me.

Sam: That's not true.

Olivia: Look, you want me to keep you company, but you don't want me to love you. You don't want to love me. You want me to follow you around and pat you on the back and pose for you and tell you what a great man you are. Well, I'm tired of it. I'm sick and tired of it. I want something for me. I want something back. Hi, Evan. He's all yours.

Sam: How did you know she was here?

Evan: I'm here to see you, Sam.

Sharlene: Yeah, Josie, I'm fine. Yes, I ate. No, I'm not going to rattle off my menu for the evening. [Laughs] I know you have to work. I do -- please, would you stop worrying? You're going to have little worry lines around your eyes in every picture they're taking of you. Ok. I'm fine. Yep. See you then. Bye. [Sighs] Well, hi.

Frankie: Hi. Why are you pacing?

Sharlene: I'm not pacing.

Frankie: You know, Sharlene, you look a little pale. Are you feeling all right?

Sharlene: No --

Frankie: I knew it.

Sharlene: It's not -- what?

Frankie: I knew it. I had this feeling you needed me.

Sharlene: You're right, I do.

Frankie: What is it, honey?

Sharlene: Oh, Frankie, get me out of this house before I scream.

Frankie: My guess is you're lonely. You know, why don't you stay with me and Cass while John is in France?

Sharlene: Oh, I'm sure your husband would just love that, Frankie.

Frankie: He would.

Sharlene: I'm not lonely.

Frankie: Then what are you?

Sharlene: I'm -- I'm bored. I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin if I don't do something, if I don't -- if I don't do something wonderful.

Frankie: Something wonderful.

Sharlene: Something wonderful.

Frankie: Ok, this is a challenge here. Um -- hey, want to -- you want to go to Izzy's ice cream heaven? They have this tofutti to die for.

Sharlene: No, I don't feel like ice cream.

Frankie: Ok, ok. Let's see. What have we got here? [Chuckles] Sharlene?

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: Do you look to bowl?

Sharlene: Oh, gosh, Frankie --

Frankie: I'm serious. You know, exercise is very good for you when you're pregnant. I read that if you keep up an exercise regimen, you can reduce the -- the pain of your contractions by, oh, I don't know, how much, but --

Sharlene: Please, can we talk about something else?

Frankie: You don't want to talk about the baby very much, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Look, Frankie, I just don't want to spend what could be the last summer evening of the year thinking about contractions, ok?

Frankie: Ok, I'm sorry.

Sharlene: And I -- I didn't mean to snap. I know you're trying to help, and I'm being a pain.

Frankie: Oh, I -- I brought you some books.

Sharlene: Oh, good. Anything juicy?

Frankie: Yeah, I think so.

Sharlene: Oh, "The Cosmic Experience of Childbirth." My Personal Fave. "Ten Steps to a Centered Pregnancy." "How to Raise Your Politically Correct Child." Hmm. Oh, thank you, Frankie.

Frankie: You hate them.

Sharlene: [Laughs]

Frankie: Well, what, they're -- they're too other-worldly, what?

Sharlene: They're --

Frankie: Get them off my face.

Sharlene: They're too -- they're too "too" Frankie.

Frankie: Too "too"? Ok.

Sharlene: Oh, boy, now I've really -- now I am feeling guilty.

Frankie: About what?

Sharlene: My first childbirth class is tonight.

Frankie: Sharlene! You didn't tell me. I'm supposed to be your coach.

Sharlene: Well, I think I'm going to skip it.

Frankie: What? You can't. What if -- what if the single most important thing you need to know is in the first lesson?

Sharlene: They've asked you to bring your significant other. I suppose I should go.

Frankie: Ok, um --

Sharlene: No, Frankie, forget it. I should have given you my schedule and then you could have arranged it --

Frankie: I'm there, I'm there, ok? What time?

Sharlene: It's in about an hour.

Frankie: All right, I have one more stop to make. Can I meet you there?

Sharlene: Sure, but, Frankie, if you made other plans --

Frankie: No buts, Sharlene. I am your partner until John comes back, ok? Look, I have this great idea. I'll teach you some special T. M. Breathing exercises. You'll love it, ok? I'll see you there. Bye.

Sharlene: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Sharlene: Hello?

Grant: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Grant.

Grant: Hi. Do you know what a beautiful evening is going on out there?

Sharlene: Yeah, I do.

Grant: Listen, I've got the keys to my brother's convertible. What do you say we go for a drive?

Sharlene: Now?

Grant: Sure.

Sharlene: [Laughs] I have appointment -- an appointment in an hour.

Grant: Ah, don't worry about it. I'll get you back there all windblown looking great.

Sharlene: Ok. All right, well, hurry over then.

Grant: Ok, be right there.

Sharlene: Bye.

Marley: Don't you think it's beautiful?

Donna: Jake gave it to you?

Marley: Who else?

Donna: Well, at least his taste has improved.

Marley: I am getting married, mother.

Donna: To Jake again.

Marley: I knew you wouldn't be thrilled about it.

Donna: I might be if you looked happier.

Marley: I'm happy.

Donna: Marley, I've seen more delight on your face over a sale at Anton's shoe salon.

Marley: I came back here to work out my problems with Jake and I have. Why wouldn't that make me happy?

Donna: Perhaps because while you were working on fixing your marriage, you realized that there were other options open to you.

Marley: I don't want to discuss this with you.

Donna: I mean, look at what you've done with your life. You've gotten a wonderful job. You've started this new clinic. You've gotten to know Jamie in a way that you never knew him before --

Marley: And I have fallen in love with Jake again.

Donna: Have you really?

Marley: Yes, Donna, please.

Donna: You divorced him one time. What do you think is going to happen if you marry him a second time --

Marley: You've gone back to Dad more than once.

Donna: Completely different.

Marley: Why, tell me.

Donna: No, no.

Marley: It's not different.

Donna: Your father was never unfaithful to me. Our problems were not based on a lack of commitment.

Marley: Jake changed.

Donna: Did he?

Marley: Yes.

Donna: How?

Marley: He made a commitment to his work. He has made a commitment to me. I'm -- I'm not obsessing about having a child anymore, and he doesn't feel rejected by me.

Donna: I can't believe you're saying this to me. You're blaming yourself for Jake's affair.

Marley: Can we please change the subject?

Donna: I want to get to the bottom of this --

Marley: Can't you at least be happy for me once? Wish me well?

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: I'd love to. I would love to tell you that I think marrying Jake again is the best thing you've ever done in your life. But I can't.

Jake: Thank you, Hilda.

Hilda: You're welcome. Anything else?

Paulina: That'll be all. Thanks, Hilda.

Jake: "That'll be all. Thanks, Hilda." From a girl that grew up on grape soda you sure have taken to the good life, I got to tell you.

Paulina: Well, Jake, I wouldn't want you to think that I'm not perfectly comfortable discussing this little issue with you.

Jake: Hmm, is that why your hands are shaking?

Paulina: Don't touch me.

Jake: I could fix that for you. Let's pass over the niceties, ok? Where's Ken and my cash?

Paulina: He's getting it.

Jake: How do you know that?

Paulina: He called me today.

Jake: What's the hold up?

Paulina: He's working on it. These things take time.

Jake: I don't have time. I have bill collectors. My studio, except for the paint on the wall, is about to be repossessed.

Paulina: Ken will come through, I promise you.

Jake: I can't believe you still have faith in this guy. Paulina, he's history.

Paulina: That's not true.

Jake: Look what he's done to you. He made you a promise he'd bail you out of this mess. You end up believing him. He hightails out of the country before Rachel finds out what he's set up. He has lied to you from the very start.

Paulina: And you haven't?

Jake: I'm not now. If you don't pay me before your big party, everybody finds out about your little secret -- bottom line.

Paulina: Look, even if Ken did cut out on me, you know I'm good for the cash.

Jake: Yes, I do.

Paulina: You'll get your money.

Jake: You know I will. If I don't get it from you or Ken, I'll get it from Iris.

Paulina: No. You don't go to Iris, do you understand? You come to me first. She's planning on taking everything away from me.

Jake: It must be hard to think about giving all this up, huh?

Paulina: I don't care about the money.

Jake: Right.

Paulina: Look, whatever it takes, I'm not planning on leaving this family.

Jake: Well, you know what it takes. I'm not kidding. You don't have my money by your big party, you'll be bussing tables in Indiana before you can say "inheritance." Paulina, enjoy your tea.

Sharlene: This is the wonderful thing I needed to do tonight.

Grant: I'm glad. Quite a car, isn't it?

Sharlene: It's great, it's great. It's wonderful. Oh! [Screams] [Laughs]

Sam: What, are you following me around now?

Evan: Let's start this conversation on the right foot. I'm not here to have a fight.

Sam: Oh, what do you want then, Evan, huh?

Evan: Well, I would like to make you an offer, man-to-man.

Sam: What could you possibly have to say that I would want to hear?

Evan: Well, I -- I'm just tired of the hostility.

Sam: You know, I don't think I need it, because once I bust you open for everything you've done, I'll never need to see you again.

Evan: Ok, then why don't we bury the hatchet for Alli and Amanda's sake?

Sam: Really? Should we?

Evan: Well, seeing as you're going to be in our lives.

Sam: Our? Are you including my daughter in that "our"?

Evan: Well, sure.

Sam: You will never be near my daughter ever.

Evan: That's very unrealistic on your part, seeing as I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her mother.

Sam: Oh, ok. You know, I think I'm late for something.

Evan: Listen, why don't we just -- ok. Why don't you be mature, accept the situation, and move on with your life?

Sam: First of all, don't touch me. You got it? And secondly, for someone who thinks they're so damn smart, you have this talent for showing what a mindless idiot you are.

Evan: You're pushing me, pal.

Sam: You know, because I'm this close to exposing everything you've done to me and my family. And right now, Evan, you are so panic-stricken, you're trying to make peace with me to get out of it. But I'll tell you what, pal. No dice. Because once I bust you, you are going to fall so low you're going to look up to tie your laces. Bye now.

Jamie: Donna.

Donna: Hi.

Jamie: Marley.

Donna: You've got perfect timing, Jamie.

Marley: Donna.

Donna: I mean, when it comes to your son, I think I just heard him chattering upstairs with Angela. He's just woken up from a nap.

Jamie: I'll go get him.

Donna: No, no, no, let me. I'll be right back.

Jamie: I didn't know you'd be here.

Marley: Jamie --

Jamie: So, how does your mother like that ring on your finger?

Marley: I wish she could be happy for me.

Jamie: That's a lot to ask for.

Marley: I never meant to hurt you, Jamie.

Jamie: Too late.

Jamie: Hey, there's my guy.

Donna: Here you go, to your auntie Marley.

Marley: Hey, hi, sweetie.

Donna: All right. I'll be right back. I've got to go get something in the kitchen.

Jamie: Ok.

Marley: Hi. Jamie, Steven had a rash on his arm that maybe --

Jamie: He had a rash?

Marley: I should show you. Yes, it's probably just prickly heat, but he -- he has it here. Ok, sweetie. Maybe he doesn't want to show you the rash. What about the car?

Jamie: How about this car?

Marley: But you've let -- what's this?

Jamie: You love this car.

Marley: That -- yes, you do. What's that face? What? This? This guy?

Vicky: Some things never change.

Marley: Vicky?

Vicky: Can I hold my son please?

Marley: Of course.

Jamie: Here you go.

Vicky: Hiya, sweetie. Hi. Oh, did I miss you. What do you, you have cars that you were playing with. Oh, I missed you. He remembers his mommy.

Ryan: Hi.

Marley hello, Ryan.

Vicky: Well, the hearing was fine. Ryan said I had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

Jamie: Good. I hope Steven doesn't either.

Donna: Oh, I thought I heard voices.

Vicky: Steven was never in any danger.

Jamie: Is that his bag?

Vicky: Yes.

Jamie: I'll call you tomorrow, Vicky.

Vicky: We're not getting any time together, are we, sweetheart?

Donna: Jamie, why don't you stay a little while?

Jamie: I have to take Steven home. Good night.

Donna: Good night, darling. Good night, my love. Mmm.

Marley: I have to make a phone call. Excuse me.

Vicky: Well, see how I clear a room?

Ryan: Yeah, got it.

Donna: What are you looking at me like that for?

Vicky: That was very cozy. Jamie and Marley here with my son.

Donna: Jamie is Steven's father, and Marley is your sister.

Vicky: And she wants both of them. But you know something? It will be a cold day in hell before she gets either one of them. Ryan.

Paulina: Call me as soon as you can, please. Jake's making threats. Call me. Hi, you're home early.

Amanda: Yes, Evan got me out of work early so that we could have dinner together. But then he had something to do, so I came by here to get something quick. How are you?

Paulina: I'm fine.

Amanda: Are you all nervous about the big day?

Paulina: Oh, yeah, the party.

Amanda: Mom's really into this, you know that? We haven't had a party -- well, it's been a long time.

Paulina: Well, I think we could all use good party.

Amanda: Yep.

Paulina: Amanda?

Amanda: Hmm?

Paulina: How're you doing? You know, with Sam and everything? Must be --

Amanda: It's tough.

Paulina: Yeah, I'll bet.

Amanda: I really thought I knew him. I thought our love was real.

Paulina: I know how that feels.

Amanda: It's pretty awful, isn't it?

Paulina: I know you'll be all right. You seem to know what you want.

Amanda: You ok? Is there something you want to talk about?

Paulina: No. But thanks. I'm really lucky to have a sister like you.

Woman: Oh, hi. I was looking for Olivia.

Sam: You know, she actually left a little while ago.

Woman: She got a callback for the New York company.

Sam: Oh, you're kidding me. She's been waiting to hear that news. I'll tell her. That's great.

Woman: Well, she wanted me to meet her at Sassy's tonight, but I can't make it.

Sam: You know, that's all right. I'm going to head over there right now. I'll take care of it. I'll tell her, ok?

Woman: Ok, bye.

Olivia: What's going on?

Bartender: The A.C.'s busted. We were passing out in here. I'm closing early.

Olivia: Oh, wow, you're kidding.

Bartender: I remember you.

Olivia: Couldn't I just have one drink?

Bartender: I thought I told you you're too young to drink in my bar.

Olivia: Even if it's an unofficial visit? Oh, come on. If the place is closed, what's the harm?

Bartender: Real bad day, huh?

Olivia: I have had a lousy day. Come on, just one drink.

Bartender: Why not? You like this song?

Olivia: Yeah.

Bartender: I'll turn it up. You're a dancer, aren't you?

Olivia: How did you know?

Bartender: Dated a dancer for two years.

Olivia: Don't tell me we're all the same.

Bartender: No. What gave it away is the bag you brought in. Here you go. I think you'll like it.

Olivia: What is it?

Bartender: Special recipe. Go ahead.

Olivia: [Clears throat]

Bartender: That bad?

Olivia: Kind of strong.

Bartender: Too much?

Olivia: No. Ah. I like it.

Bartender: I'm glad.

Grant: You sure look happy tonight.

Sharlene: I am happy as a clam. I am. I thank you for rescuing me from myself tonight.

Grant: Well, I feel pretty happy, too.

Sharlene: This is great. This is great. I wish I had the time and the chance to do what I want when I -- you're very lucky, you know that?

Grant: Well, you're the one that made me want to enjoy life again, you know.

Sharlene: That was Sharly.

Grant: Mm-hmm. My good luck charm.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. What am I?

Grant: [Laughs] The best thing that ever happened to me, I'll tell you that. Bar none.

Sharlene: Oh, you know, I've been denying my feelings for so many years. It just feels so good to cut loose.

Grant: Yeah, I understand.

Sharlene: You're probably the only one who does. Oh, no.

Grant: What's the matter?

Sharlene: Oh, no, look at the time. Oh, I completely lost track of the time. Frankie's going to kill me. [Laughs] Oh! We've got to get out of here.

Grant: Ok.

Sharlene: Oh, Frankie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Did you wait for me at the hospital?

Frankie: Just like I said that I would.

Sharlene: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Grant asked me if I wanted a ride and -- and we completely lost track of time. I didn't even know what time it was until just a few minutes ago.

Frankie: I cancelled dinner plans to go to your birthing classes with you tonight, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Frankie, I'm sorry. I wish I could make you understand.

Frankie: Understand what?

Sharlene: I needed some air. You knew that.

Frankie: You also asked me to go to the class with you, and if you had no intention of doing that, why the hell did you bother to ask?

Sharlene: Look, I was having fun, ok? I don't do that too often. I just forgot --

Frankie: Me. You forgot about me. Let alone the baby.

Sharlene: No. I did not forget about this baby. I'm perfectly aware of --

Frankie: No, you are not aware of anything except for what Sharlene wants. And what Sharlene wants is to forget that she has a husband who adores her and that she's carrying his child.

Sharlene: If he adores me so much, why he'd go off to some medical conference in France?

Frankie: Did you ask him to stay? Maybe Grant should be your birthing partner, Sharlene.

Sharlene: That's not fair, Frankie.

Frankie: None of this is fair.

Sharlene: He's a good friend --

Frankie: Oh, don't be coy with me, ok? Now, do you love him or what?

Sharlene: I care about him. I am trying to let myself grow, Frankie. And he -- he lets me do it. He's the only one in -- right now that does besides Dr. Benson.

Frankie: So what are you going to do?

Sharlene: I don't know yet.

Frankie: Do you want the baby?

Sharlene: Of course I want the baby. But I'm going to have this child on my terms.

Frankie: And what does that mean?

Sharlene: You know, Frankie, I'm sorry if I'm not behaving the way I'm supposed to. It's the best I can do. It's -- it's the most I can offer. It's enough for me, and it seems to be enough for Grant.

Frankie: Oh, for Grant.

Sharlene: I'm sorry, Frankie. He is the only person in my life right now who's giving me what I need to go on.

Ryan: Well, isn't this pleasant? A nice, relaxing dinner.

Vicky: She always wants everything that I have.

Ryan: Marley?

Vicky: No, the coat check girl. Of course Marley.

Ryan: What do you have that she wants?

Vicky: Jamie.

Ryan: You don't have Jamie.

Vicky: I did.

Ryan: What else?

Vicky: My baby.

Ryan: Oh, now, that's going a little bit extreme, don't you think?

Vicky: No. Marley can't have children, so she wants mine.

Ryan: You're just jealous.

Vicky: No, I'm not jealous. She once asked me if she and Jake could raise my son.

Ryan: Look, I thought she was interested in getting back together with this Jake guy.

Vicky: Yeah, she is. But she keeps looking at Jamie like he's prince charming and she's going to ride off on his steed to Doctor and Mrs. Wonderland.

Ryan: You know, Marley is the most agreeable woman that I've ever met, and all you can do --

Vicky: Oh, great. I have got to find another place to eat in this town. Well, my evening is complete.

Jake: I saw you on the 6:00 news.

Vicky: How did I look?

Jake: Great.

Vicky: That's nice, see you.

Jake: Have you seen Marley?

Vicky: Yes, actually I just left her drooling over Jamie at my mother's.

Jake: What did you think of the ring?

Vicky: What ring?

Jake: Come on, I mean, it was two carats staring you in the face. I'm surprised she didn't -- she didn't tell you anything.

Ryan: We didn't have too much time for small talk.

Vicky: You're engaged.

Jake: Yeah, you happy for me?

Vicky: I just didn't think she'd go through with it, that's all.

Jake: You thought -- you thought wrong.

Vicky: What are you going to go for this time around? Four years, five?

Jake: Ryan, would you -- would you mind if I -- if I talk to your friend on the terrace alone for a couple of minutes?

Ryan: Oh, yeah, no. No problem. Just don't dangle her off the edge. She gets antsy.

Jake: I really need you to be happy for me.

Vicky: I may not like my sister all that much or all that often, but I wouldn't wish you on anyone. What did my mother have to say about all of this?

Jake: Oh, she was as nasty as you are.

Vicky: Yeah. Maybe that's because we were both unfortunate enough to have the poor taste and poor judgment to have been in the sack with you.

Jake: I don't remember complaints from either of you.

Vicky: You're on thin ice, Jake. I -- I never liked it rough if you remember.

Jake: I remember a lot about us.

Vicky: You're a pig.

Jake: I still get to you.

Vicky: Yes, you do. I get nauseous every time I'm in the same room with you --

Jake: You know what you don't like about me? I dumped you.

Vicky: Go to hell.

Jake: You've never been able to be yourself with anybody that came after me, have you, Vicky?

Vicky: Is that what you think?

Jake: That's what I know.

Vicky: I hate to break it to you, Jake. But you just weren't very good.

Jake: You know why you hate me, Vic? Because I remind you of what you are and what you pretend not to be now.

Vicky: Drop dead.

Jake: Feel better?

Vicky: You lousy son of a --

Ryan: Is everything ok out here?

Jake: It's great, it's great. She's all yours, Ryan. I just hope that she's as lively for you as she was for me.

Paulina: Did I hear a messenger? Oh, it's for you.

Amanda: Yes, it is.

Paulina: I've got to make a phone call.

Evan: Hey, how you doing?

Amanda: Look what I just got.

Evan: What is it?

Amanda: It's the first draft of documents from the divorce from Sam.

Evan: Well, that's great. Aren't you relieved?

Amanda: Yeah, I am.

Evan: Well, I'll tell you what. Why don't we go back to my place and celebrate, huh? All right? Listen, everything's going to be ok. Don't worry, all right? I want a smile on your face.

Olivia: That drink is sort of hitting me, kind of funny. Think that maybe I'll -- I'll go over there and sit down for a second.

Bartender: I'll hold you. I'll hold you.

Olivia: Well, no, Greg. I -- I want to sit.

Greg: So do I.

Olivia: No, sit. I -- I want to sit.

Greg: You're so beautiful.

[Doorbell rings]

Paulina: What're you still doing here?

Jake: Oh, we have to talk.

Paulina: Amanda's here.

Jake: No, she and Evan just drove off.

Paulina: If you're trying to scare me, Jake, it's not working.

Jake: I just want to make sure that you're aware of the stakes.

Paulina: I can't write you a big check. Ken will get you your money.

Jake: Ken dumped you. You better come through for me.

Paulina: Stop threatening me.

Jake: That wasn't a threat. This is. If you don't come through by the time you have your big welcome to the family party, I'm going to tell everyone who you aren't. Clear enough?

Ryan: Boy, I never thought I'd see the day.

Vicky: What?

Ryan: Plate of untouched food in front of you.

Vicky: My appetite left with Jake.

Ryan: You two don't get along too well, do you?

Vicky: It's long story.

Ryan: Well, tell me.

Vicky: Suffice it to say that everything bad that happened to me or my family in the past year and a half traces back to Jake McKinnon.

Ryan: Well, that's a bold statement.

Vicky: If he marries Marley again --

Ryan: I don't think it's a question of if anymore.

Vicky: If he hurts my family one more time, I'll kill him.

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