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Another World Transcript Monday 8/14/06

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Sam: I'm going to go see the insurance agent this morning.

Olivia: Bill Levin, right?

Sam: Evan paid him off to say that I bought the life insurance policy for Amanda. Now all we got to do is get him to admit it.

Olivia: Well, you know, I've been thinking about that all morning.

Sam: Oh, yeah, why?

Olivia: That guy is not going to admit anything to you.

Sam: Who in the hell is he -- you don't think I'm going to let you do this, do you?

Olivia: I can do it, Sam.

Sam: No way.

Olivia: Come on, let me. I can -- I want to do it for you.

Sam: No.

Olivia: Why not? I can do it. Really, I can.

Sam: Olivia, look, this has got to stop. I know what you're trying to do.

Sharlene: No!

Grant: Sharlene.

Grant: I'm here, sweetheart.

[Fog horn blares]

Vicky: Are we dead?

Ryan: Not yet.

Vicky: We might as well be dead. Look at us.

Ryan: Well, how did you sleep?

Vicky: Oh, like a princess.

Ryan: Well, I consider that a royal snooze, considering the circumstances.

Vicky: Did the Boka Maru dock?

Ryan: Maybe.

Vicky: What do you mean, maybe?

Ryan: I couldn't see a thing until the sun rose this morning. The fog was as thick as oatmeal.

Vicky: I do not see any Japanese-looking boats down there.

Ryan: Well, if that boat did dock, it did its thing and left before sunrise.

Vicky: So, we missed the whole thing.

Ryan: What "we"? You were getting your beauty rest while I was staying up watching all night.

Vicky: I feel like a wet dog.

Ryan: Yeah, and you smell like something --

Vicky: Watch it. You -- you don't exactly smell like spring flowers yourself this morning.

Ryan: It didn't stop you from using my shoulder as a pillow all night.

Vicky: Oh, and I had a choice?

Ryan: Beautiful day, huh?

Vicky: Yeah, how much more of it do I have to spend with you on this roof?

Ryan: Well, no sign of don, yet.

Vicky: Yeah, well, what kind of partner is he, anyway? I mean, he knew that you were up here all night and he just left you here.

Ryan: He knew I was up on "a" roof. He didn't know which one.

Vicky: Oh, you are a careful little camper, aren't you?

Ryan: I try.

Vicky: What I want to know is how you became a cop. Who passed you, Jerry Lewis?

Ryan: Well, I'm glad I know ahead of time that you aren't a morning person.

Vicky: What do you mean, ahead of time? You think you're ever going to set his faccia without a full makeup on and at least two cups of freshly brewed coffee in my body? You wish.

Ryan: No, you're right. I don't, actually.

Vicky: I really want off this roof.

Ryan: Hey, wait a second. There's a woman over there, two buildings down.

Vicky: Where?

Ryan: There, over there, see? She's leaning over a potted plant or something.

Vicky: Hey, miss, help us! We're trapped! Yo, doll, over here! Oh, for crying out loud, is she deaf or something?

Ryan: Never mind, she can't hear you. She's got a set of earphones on.

Vicky: That's all she's got on. She's buck-naked.

Ryan: Hmm? Did you say something?

Vicky: Can't you at least give her a little bit of privacy?

Ryan: You almost poked my eyes out.

Vicky: I should've knocked you over the edge for being such a moron.

Ryan: Who is the one who forgot to look at the lock before you closed the door?

Vicky: Who's the one who didn't bring the walkie-talkie up here with him?

Ryan: Who was the one who didn't stay in the patrol car like she was ordered to and mind her own business?

Vicky: If this goes on much longer, I might jump.

Vicky: Get me out of here!

Evan: So, I'd like that table at 7:00, by the terrace. I want to be here for sunset, ok?

Caroline: Who's the lucky lady?

Evan: Ah, well, her name just happens to be Irv and he's a computer software designer and he's a very important man.

Caroline: Whatever you say, darling.

Evan: Why is it that you never, ever believe me?

Caroline: Because you seem to forget, I know exactly who you are.

Evan: Meaning?

Caroline: Meaning that Amanda's been out of town for, what, 36 hours? And I think that's your cutoff point for being unescorted by an adoring female companion. You'd probably shrivel up and die without someone fawning over you for the better part of the day.

Evan: You miss me, don't you?

Caroline: Oh, but I do.

Evan: I know.

Caroline: But may I ask you a question?

Evan: No.

Caroline: Where is Amanda?

Evan: She's vacationing.

Caroline: From you?

Evan: No, from her soon to be ex-husband.

Caroline: Sam's back in town?

Evan: Caroline, don't play dumb with me. Now, you know you keep tabs on your star client.

Caroline: Well, have you seen him?

Evan: Yes, I've seen him.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Evan: He's a mess.

Caroline: Well, I'm sure he's not thrilled to come home and find you joined at the hip to his wife and playing Daddy to his daughter.

Evan: Well, he's already proved that he's an unworthy father. And by the way, when was the last time that you made money from that clown?

Caroline: You really are a cold son of a --

Evan: No, I'm just a lucky man, Caroline. I'll see you around town.

Caroline: Ooh, Congressman Harrison, 6:45 for two. You're going to be in for a pleasant surprise.

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Sam: You --

Olivia: What is it that you think I'm trying to do?

Sam: You are too -- you're too involved with me.

Olivia: I thought you wanted my help.

Sam: I do. I need your help.

Olivia: Well, then, what's the problem?

Sam: Olivia, I have told you I am not ready emotionally to be involved with anyone right now.

Olivia: I know that. I know that. I've told you that -- that I'm your friend.

Sam: Olivia, every time we are alone, you're looking at me like you're expecting me to give you something that I'm not capable of giving you.

Olivia: I do not.

Sam: Yes, you do.

Olivia: No, I don't. Sam, listen to me. I care about you a great deal, and I just want to make sure you get what you want.

Sam: And I care about you. But if you're feeling more, I don't want to hurt you. And I don't want to feel like you're feeling like I'm trying to take advantage of our friendship.

Olivia: Well, now, come on. How could I think that, ok? Now, you can't go to Bill Levin's office today. Your picture was in the paper when Evan was hurt.

Sam: But --

Olivia: If the guy has half a brain, he's already figured out why Evan had your signature forged. So he's going to be out of the office like a shot as soon as he realizes who you are.

Sam: All right, you're right. You're right.

Olivia: See, you do need me.

Sam: All right, look, Olivia, I don't know much about this guy, but I do know that he can be bought. Now, what if he's dangerous?

Olivia: He's not dangerous. He's just some insurance salesman who saw a way to make some easy money.

Sam: You're sure you can do this?

Olivia: I'm positive. Let me do it for you, ok? Now, let's get rid of all this stuff so that you can get on with your life.

Sam: [Sighs] This was such a great day.

Olivia: What?

Sam: The day this picture was taken. Alli was all dressed up and talking up a storm. And Amanda, she looked so --

Sam: Ah, well.

Olivia: Sam, I know how much you're hurting, but you have to move on.

Sam: It's just that some things are more difficult to throw away than others.

Grant: Better?

Sharlene: Yes, I am.

Grant: Do you want me to close this for you?

Sharlene: No, I -- I opened that trunk today because of what you said to me yesterday.

Grant: Well, you were so upset. I probably was wrong in pushing to --

Sharlene: No, no, you were right. I don't know how I hope to get better if I think I can pick and choose what I want to deal with from the past.

Grant: What did you find in there that upset you so much?

Sharlene: The first thing I saw was right on top of Jason's things.

Grant: What is it?

Sharlene: It's a letter. It's a letter from my brother to me. Obviously, he didn't have the guts to send it. I just read the first part.

Grant: What does it say?

Sharlene: See that date?

Grant: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: That's the date I eloped with Floyd.

Grant: That's your first husband, right?

Sharlene: And my dear, sweet brother wrote me a letter as a wedding present. It's like he's still running my life from his grave.

Grant: Sharlene, what is it about this that's upset you so much?

Sharlene: A few weeks ago, I remembered something from a long time ago about me and my brother.

Grant: What, in hypnosis?

Sharlene: No, I was with John. But Taylor told me that -- that what I was remembering was one of the inciting events that caused my personality to split.

Grant: Did your brother cause you a lot of pain? I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that. It's ok.

Sharlene: Jason called me Sharly. Read this.

Grant: Are you sure you want me to?

Sharlene: Yes.

Grant: "Dear Sharly, I know I haven't been the best brother in the world. But today, finding out that you've gotten married, I felt it was time to do the right thing by you."


Donna: Good morning. Is everything all right?

Bridget: Miss Donna, yes, you see, it's just, um --

Donna: I assume Victoria is still asleep. You know, it's really not natural for her to stay in late every single day of her life. I'm going to go wake her up.

Bridget: Well, she's not there.

Donna: What?

Bridget: She's not in her bed.

Donna: Oh, she in the shower?

Bridget: No.

Donna: Is she out?

Bridget: Yes, it appears to be.

Donna: Our Victoria at this time of the morning? That's impossible.

Bridget: Not if you stayed away all night.

Donna: What? Bridget?

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Are you telling me that she stayed out last night?

Bridget: Miss Donna, what?

Donna: Bridget.

Bridget: Her bed hasn't been slept in.

Donna: Her bed, are you sure?

Bridget: Of course I'm sure. The bed's made. She hasn't made the bed ever since she was a wee little thing.

Donna: She had a date with a new man last night, didn't she? Oh, no.

Bridget: What?

Donna: Bridget, is she still putting those silly ads in the paper with her telephone number?

Bridget: Oh, no, she's past that phase.

Donna: Well, who was the man? Did you see him?

Bridget: No, she threw me out before supper.

Donna: Why did she do that?

Bridget: Well, Steven was with his father and she was meeting somebody and she wanted to be alone.

Donna: Do you think it's Jamie?

Bridget: Of course not.

Donna: But how can you be so sure?

Bridget: Well, it wouldn't -- it couldn't, could it?

Donna: Oh, Bridget, I don't know. Marley spent the night with Jake last week. I never thought I would live to see that day again.

Bridget: Oh, dear.

Donna: Bridget, does Victoria ever talk about me?

Bridget: No.

Donna: Never?

Bridget: Well, I can't remember a specific moment.

Donna: Try.

Bridget: Well, you see, I --

Donna: She thinks that I love Marley more than her, right?

Bridget: Well, I don't know.

Donna: Just -- just do me a favor. If she ever mentions this again, tell her that I love her very much, that I love her as much as Marley. Would you do that?

Bridget: Why don't you tell her yourself, Miss Donna.

Donna: Because she doesn't listen to me anymore, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, I am afraid she doesn't listen to me, either.


Donna: But she listens to you a lot more. Maybe she's lost her keys. Maybe this is her.

Bridget: No, it's not. If it was Victoria, she'd be ringing the bell down.

Donna: Well, I'll get it. I'll get it. Hello, may I help you?

Marius: I am looking for Vicky.

Donna: May I ask who's calling?

Marius: May I ask who's asking?

Donna: Her mother.

Marius: Oh, I should've known.

Donna: Known what?

Marius: Well, that a woman as beautiful as Vicky would have a beautiful mother.

Donna: Well, thank you. If you don't mind my asking --

Marius: Is she at home?

Donna: No, she's not, but if you just leave your name --

Marius: Thank you.

Donna: Who was that?

Bridget: I don't rightly know.

Donna: He's awfully attractive.

Bridget: He's awfully rude.

Donna: That's not rude, Bridget, that's money. I'll bet she met him at the country club.

Bridget: Why do you say that?

Donna: Well, look at his car. Now we're getting somewhere. She's finally meeting the right kind of man.

Bridget: I didn't like his eyes.

Donna: He has beautiful eyes, Bridget.

Bridget: I never trust a man that has eyes like that.

Donna: But if she wasn't with him last night, who was she with?

Vicky: Oh, help me open this damn door.

Ryan: Don't you ever say please or thank you?

Vicky: Please haul your lazy behind over here and help me open this damn door, thank you.

Ryan: What?

Vicky: Where are you, anyway?

Ryan: I just found the key to our freedom.

Vicky: That?

Ryan: Uh-huh, this.

Vicky: That's pretty lame, officer.

Ryan: Move out of the way. I am going to pry the door open with this piece of iron.

Vicky: Are you sure it will work?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Vicky: Well, then can I ask you a question? Why the hell did you wait until now to do it?

Ryan: Because I couldn't see it until this morning.

Vicky: What did you do last night, anyway? You didn't see the Boka Maru dock, which means you didn't see Marius rendezvous with his underworld friends, which means you did zip. I don't think you should get overtime for this little stakeout.

Ryan: If you don't shut your yap.

Vicky: Good, it's working.

Ryan: Listen, why don't you go play with the pigeons or something.

Vicky: What if they never find us?

Ryan: Oh, that's stupid.

Vicky: No, I'm serious. It's like a Stephen King novel -- two people who can't stand each other stranded on a rooftop, alone. No one can find them -- no, that's not true. They're in the middle of the city and no one can hear them scream. No one can, how thirsty they are.

Ryan: Almost, almost got it.

Vicky: Weeks go by, months.

Ryan: Months?

Vicky: They die a slow, lonely, painful death. Bones are found years later.

Ryan: Shh.

Vicky: Bones and their dirty, smelly clothes. My hair long again. My shoes hopelessly out of style --

Ryan: Shh, be quiet.

Vicky: What's the matter, am I scaring the --

Ryan: Shut up. Someone's here.

Vicky: [Muffled]

Ryan: Shh, shh, shh. You sit right here. Don't move. I'm going to go over there and take him out. Are you going to be quiet? Stay out of this.

Vicky: Don't close that door!

Ryan: Ah, geez. I was wondering when you were going to show up.

Don: You two look terrible.

Vicky: If you closed this door without me on the other side of it, I was going to jump over the edge of this building.

Don: What is the problem?

Vicky: Is this the last roof you tried, you Nimrod?

Don: Are we going to ditch this broad soon or what?

Vicky: Is that food?

Don: A donut and a cup of coffee.

Ryan: Well, did you see anything last night?

Don: I couldn't watch the dock from the car. Someone would have seen me. Besides, I spent the entire night searching for you two.

Ryan: I've got to get out of here. I got to get some sleep or else I am going to miss my shift tonight.

Don: You can't sleep yet, partner.

Ryan: Don, I'll fill out the forms later. I'm bushed.

Don: Detective Cooper wants you in his office.

Ryan: Don, forget Detective Cooper. I'm going home.

Don: Ryan, he wants your hide.

Ryan: Why?

Don: He told me when I found you, if you avoided him, he'd put you on suspension without a hearing, today.

Sharlene: Read the part again where he said he loved me.

Grant: "I hope you know how much I love you, Sharly. You were the best little sister a guy could have."

Sharlene: Yeah, that's the part. That's the part that gets me, right there.

Grant: You want to tell me what more you remembered?

Sharlene: When I was very young, Jason, my brother, took money from one of his friends and left me alone with him. I was just a little girl.

Grant: What are you saying?

Sharlene: I was raped many times. That's why I created Sharly, because she could handle it and I couldn't.

Grant: Did you just remember that?

Sharlene: I just remembered this one specific incident. But, as I say, there were others, yeah.

Grant: That's horrible.

Sharlene: So giving me to his friends, selling me, I -- I suppose that made Jason feel that he was a big man.

Grant: I'm so sorry.

Sharlene: And now that you know, you can let me go.

Grant: No.

Sharlene: Grant --

Grant: Look, don't you know by now how much I care about you?

Sharlene: Yes, and I know that the more you know about me could hurt you. You're a public figure, Grant. How long do you think it'll be before the newspapers find out about me and destroy your career?

Grant: I don't care about that.

Sharlene: I was a hooker. Do you hear me?

Grant: Look, I'm not going to let you go.

Sharlene: It was my fault.

Grant: What?

Sharlene: It was. I am a horrible human being. I can't even tell John.

Grant: Then tell me. Tell me, Sharlene. I won't walk away. Would you please tell me?

Donna: So after the run-in we had the other day, I thought that I would come over and make amends.

Vicky: Did Bridget make breakfast?

Donna: Yes, there's some muffins here in the kitchen. Are you listening to me?

Vicky: Later, Mother.

Donna: You look like you've been sitting out in the rain all night.

Vicky: I was.

Donna: I assume it wasn't by choice.

Vicky: Tar, soot, and acid rain are my favorite skin conditioners. What do you ink?

Donna: Were you on a date?

Vicky: Does this look like something I would wear on a date?

Donna: At the moment, it doesn't look like anything that Angela would even dust the furniture with. Here, let me have that. Goodness' sakes. Well?

Vicky: Did Steven call this morning?

Donna: Your 18-month-old is doing the telephone now?

Vicky: No, the staff at the Corys' call me every morning when he hasn't stayed here and we chat.

Donna: Well, Bridget didn't mention anything.

Vicky: Where is Bridget anyway?

Donna: She's out shopping.

Vicky: Oh, good, because this house has no food in it.

Donna: So, what happened?

Vicky: I was locked on a roof in a stakeout with a cop. The skies opened up. We only had one jacket to cover both of our heads. And nobody rescued us until this morning, ok?

Donna: Wait a minute, the first part again, please.

Vicky: We got locked on a roof --

Donna: In a stakeout --

Vicky: With a cop.

Donna: Why?

Vicky: I'm a writer, remember?

Donna: I know you're a writer --

Vicky: I let the story of a lifetime pass through my fingertips last night, but that is not going to happen again. I am going to write the most important feature article that American journalism has seen since -- since, uh, the last big thing.

Donna: Victoria, I love you. I don't want you in dangerous places, on roofs with policemen all night in the rain. I want you to be happy.

Vicky: Don't I look happy?

Donna: You should be out having fun, meeting people, going out with interesting new men like the one who was here before.

Vicky: Who was here before?

Donna: I don't know what his name was.

Vicky: What did he look like?

Donna: Well, he was very elegant. And you should've been here to receive him. Heaven only knows what he thought.

Vicky: Did he have riveting eyes, strong jaw, Italian suit?

Donna: Yes, and he had a pinky ring, but nobody's perfect.

Vicky: Marius.

Donna: So, who is this man, Victoria?

Vicky: A guy.

Donna: A guy. Are you dating this guy?

Vicky: I might be.

Donna: What does he do?

Vicky: He's an undertaker.

Donna: An undertaker?

Vicky: I don't know what he does, Mother. We haven't gotten that far.

Donna: Well, I think you should pursue it -- I mean, pursue him. This is the kind of man that you should be seeing, Victoria.

Vicky: Do you really think so?

Donna: Oh, yes. I mean, he's a little mature for you. But other than that, he's perfect.

Vicky: You would think that.

Donna: Well, he's obviously wealthy. At least he's not after you for your money.

Vicky: Gee, thanks, Mom.

Donna: You know what I'm talking about.

Vicky: What are you doing here, anyway?

Donna: I told you what I was doing here. I came to make amends.

Vicky: You came to check up on me.

Donna: Now, I resent that.

Vicky: Don't. Anyway, I have to take a shower in case you haven't noticed.

Donna: I'll wait.

Vicky: I do not want to talk about Jamie and Marley.

Donna: I don't want to talk about Jamie and Marley, either.

Vicky: I am in a hurry, Mother.

Donna: Victoria, now just stop this. I want to know what's going on here.

Vicky: Nothing is going on. I want to be alone.

Donna: I hope you know what you're doing.

Vicky: Of course I know what I'm doing. Haven't you learned that by now?

Donna: Frankly, no, I haven't. Victoria, one of these days you're going to get into a situation that you just can't bat your eyelashes and get out of it. Do you hear me?

Vicky: No!

Donna: You're an impossible child.

Mr. Levin: Sit down. Sorry about the mess.

Olivia: Oh.

Mr. Levin: I'm expanding.

Olivia: That's all right. Thank you for seeing me without an appointment, Mr. Levin.

Mr. Levin: Billy.

Olivia: Billy.

Mr. Levin: Hmm, and what can I do for you --

Olivia: Olivia.

Mr. Levin: Olivia, pretty name.

Olivia: Well, thank you. I would like to buy some insurance, but I'm really stupid about all that kind of stuff.

Mr. Levin: You know, a lot of young people are not smart enough to be thinking about the future.

Olivia: Well, it's just me and my Mom. And if anything should happen to me, I want to make sure she's cared for.

Mr. Levin: Hmm, smart, smart.

Olivia: Thank you. So, could you tell me what sort of things you have?

Mr. Levin: Things? Sure. You know, I think a smart girl like you should go in for a comprehensive, whole-life package. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of two --

Olivia: Well, what about term insurance?

Mr. Levin: What about it?

Olivia: Well, I've heard that it's --

Mr. Levin: I thought you were really stupid about these kind of things. You're not going to buy anything from me, are you?

Olivia: Yes, I am, Billy.

Mr. Levin: Don't "Billy" me, sweetheart. What, are you from some Consumer Affairs advocate?

Olivia: No, no, I swear.

Mr. Levin: You're trying to set me up.

Olivia: I'm not.

Mr. Levin: Look, I don't even have a shingle on this new place and already you guys are snooping around looking for something.

Olivia: Ok, you caught me.

Mr. Levin: Get out.

Olivia: I'm not from Consumer Affairs.

Mr. Levin: Better business bureau.

Olivia: Hardly. I'm a friend of Evan Bates, and he told me that you do great work. So what do you say, Billy? Can you write me a phony policy like the one you did for him?

Mr. Levin: So why didn't Evan call me and tell me he was sending a friend over?

Olivia: I don't know. I thought he would --

Mr. Levin: Well, maybe I should call him and see.

Olivia: Do you want me to take my money someplace else?

Mr. Levin: Why weren't you straight with me when you walked in?

Olivia: I'm nervous, Billy. Surely, you understand that.

Mr. Levin: I -- I don't like this.

Olivia: Why? So now you're saying you won't do it for me?

Mr. Levin: Yep, that's what I'm saying.

Olivia: Fine, then maybe I should go and tell the police.

Mr. Levin: Lady, what is your game?

Olivia: I need a phony policy, something that pays big and names my boyfriend as beneficiary. I'm willing to pay. Now, look, I don't want to go to the cops. And Evan told me that you were the best. So are you with me or aren't you?

Mr. Levin: Do you know the name I put on the policy for Bates?

Olivia: Will that convince you that I'm on the up and up?

Mr. Levin: Yeah.

Olivia: Sam Fowler. Satisfied?

Mr. Levin: Well, I'm not cheap.

Olivia: I'm not poor. Now, this is a sample of my boyfriend's handwriting. Can you handle it, Billy?

Mr. Levin: Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

Detective: I'm going to have to call you back. Are you trying to get yourself fired?

Ryan: Are you going to give me a chance to explain?

Detective: Explain what? You have been employed here for what, a month? And you're acting like you're the commissioner or something.

Ryan: Well, I'm trying to follow the rules.

Detective: Organizing your own stakeout is standard operating procedure?

Ryan: Well, no, but when --

Detective: But nothing. Your job is on the line.

Ryan: Are you going to let me explain?

Detective: Explain what? You're interfering in a federal investigation.

Ryan: I was asked to be a part of that federal investigation.

Detective: What?

Ryan: Because one of the citizens of this city is involved.

Detective: Who?

Ryan: Lucas.

Detective: Oh, this is priceless.

Ryan: And my brother is involved in a congressional investigation looking into the dealings that Lucas has had with one of the leaders of the nation's largest drug cartel.

Detective: I know who Marius Sloan is, Ryan.

Ryan: Well, then you know how high the stakes are.

Detective: Oh, so you and your brother have decided to run your own little commando squad on this department's time and money.

Ryan: I have not neglected my responsibilities as a police officer. I have not broken the law.

Detective: Did you have your service revolver on you last night?

Ryan: Of course.

Detective: That's against the regulations, Ryan! And you know it. You cannot use a police-issued firearm for anything other than official police business.

Ryan: Look, call my brother's office, he'll explain --

Detective: You are on probation, Officer.

Ryan: Probation?

Detective: If I had the man power to put you on suspension, I would. But much to my regret, I need you. But I'm telling you, if you cross over the line like that one more time, you are out of here, even if I have to pick up your shift myself.

Ryan: Do you mean to tell me that you made detective, detective, without ever once bending the rules, just a little bit?

Detective: If you want to play vigilante, turn in your badge and your gun right now. Am I understood?

Ryan: May I go now?

Detective: Don't think you can get away with this again, Ryan. I meant what I said. [Exhales]

Grant: Sharlene, you can't blame yourself for any of this. I mean, it's not your fault. You were a child.

Sharlene: Grant, what if I led them on?

Grant: What are you talking about?

Sharlene: I was like Jason's shadow. I went everywhere with him and he let me and I was crazy about him. He made me feel so important. You see, he wasn't ashamed of me. He used to show me off all the time, buy me ice cream and candy, even when Mama said I couldn't. He was so good to me until he started --

Grant: It's ok. It's ok.

Sharlene: Those boys that he hung out with, I liked them a lot. But there weren't any other little girls who were my age around. Jason was my only friend, and he used to share his friends with me.

Grant: None of this -- absolutely none of this is your fault, you know.

Sharlene: But see, when I look back now, I can remember how I used to tag along with him. And for a while, I did -- I felt like I was his best girl. He used to put me on his shoulders and the boys would be so nice to me. And then all of that stopped. I would be with Jason and the others, and the boys would look at me. Jason wouldn't pay any attention to me. And the boys would whisper and laugh.

Grant: Sharlene, your brother and his friends did a terrible thing to a little girl. I mean, she -- she didn't deserve it. And she did everything she could to fight it.

Sharlene: Oh, Grant, I made Sharly handle it. I made her handle it. No wonder she hated me so much. I should have stopped him. I should have hurt him if I had to.

Grant: Are you ok now?

Sharlene: I needed to talk to someone about this. I am glad you were here. Thank you.

Grant: I can't tell you how happy that makes me to hear you say that.

Sharlene: Are you sure?

Grant: Of course I'm sure.

Sharlene: I haven't driven you away, too?

Grant: No. I mean, I can't believe it, but I think I'm more in love with you now than I ever thought I could possibly be. You know, I -- I've been here a long time.

Sharlene: I'm sorry.

Grant: No, don't be.

Sharlene: Can you stay a while longer?

Grant: I'd love to, but I -- I can't.

Sharlene: Oh, ok.

Grant: I've got a dinner with a lobbyist and I got to go by the office to check on some things. And you can tell how thrilled I am about that prospect.

Sharlene: Well, then you -- you do that.

Grant: Uh, only, I would like to come back and check on you.

Sharlene: Well, I'm fine. I -- I really am.

Grant: You're sure?

Sharlene: Look, I'm fine. I promise. I thank you for being a good ear.

Grant: Good-bye. And it's really time for you to move on from the past and stop punishing yourself so much.

Sharlene: It's not easy.

Grant: I know, so call me. Call me anytime, ok?

Sharlene: I will.

Grant: Good-bye.

Evan: Billy.

Mr. Levin: Evan, how are you doing?

Evan: Well, I'm doing -- what are you doing? I've never seen you here before.

Mr. Levin: Well, I just got a new office. It's around the corner. Besides, you send me that business like you did today, I'll be able to eat here every, oh, 20 minutes.

Evan: Yeah, what are you talking about?

Mr. Levin: The girl you sent me, you know, the gorgeous one? How do you do it?

Evan: Wait a second, Billy. What girl?

Mr. Levin: Oh, what was her name? Olivia something.

Evan: What did you tell her, Bill?

Mr. Levin: I didn't tell her anything.

Evan: Well, what did she say? What did she want?

Mr. Levin: Well, she wanted a policy like the one I did for you.

Evan: And you gave it to her?

Mr. Levin: She had the cash.

Evan: You're about as bright as an ice cube, Billy.

Mr. Levin: Hey, hey, what the --

Grant: Thank you. Well.

Caroline: Congressman.

Grant: How are you?

Caroline: Good evening. Do you want to buy me a drink?

Grant: Well, unfortunately, I'm having dinner with a very boring lobbyist. Otherwise, I'd love to.

Caroline: Well, can't we ditch him?

Grant: Who said anything about "him"?

Caroline: Intuition, darling.

[Grant laughs]

Caroline: So how about that drink?

Vicky: Bridget, did anybody call me while I was taking a nap?

Bridget: No.

Vicky: What?

Bridget: Nobody phoned at all today.

Vicky: The phone works. Are you sure? Ryan Harrison didn't call me?

Bridget: Victoria, why wouldn't I tell you if somebody called?

Vicky: I don't know. Did you make dinner?

Bridget: No, you will have to fend for yourself tonight. I'm going out.

Vicky: Where are you going?

Bridget: Just out. Good-bye.

Vicky: What -- Bridget Connell, do you have a date?

Bridget: Good night, Victoria.

Vicky: Wow.


Vicky: There is Ryan Harrison. Oh, hi.

Marius: Hi. You look surprised.

Vicky: Uh, I am.

Marius: I'm taking you to dinner.

Vicky: Now?

Marius: Yes.

Vicky: Why, I'm not sure you asked me, Marius.

Marius: I didn't ask you. Let's go.

Vicky: Where are we going?

Marius: Tops.

Vicky: Oh, well, then I have to change my clothes.

Marius: Oh, no, you don't. You look fine.

Ryan: "Marius Sloan has evaded prosecution for a series of crimes connected to him and his organization by carefully shielding himself behind the army of his soldiers. But it is commonly known and accepted by those who have had contact that he is not above getting his own hands dirty if it means protecting his interests. An unnamed source was quoted in August as saying, 'Marius Sloan is about to clean house.' That includes his partners in the cartel in order to consolidate his power. He is a cold-blooded killer without any conscience at all."

[Knock at door]

Olivia: Oh, what do you want?

Evan: I know where you've been.

Olivia: Oh, good for you. Have you packed your bags yet?

Evan: Don't be so sure of yourself.

Olivia: I have good reason to be sure of myself.

Evan: Is Sam here?

Olivia: No, he's out.

Evan: Well, that's good. So he doesn't know about the policy. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll write you a check for whatever you want. You just give the policy to me, and we'll say we forget the whole thing.

Olivia: Dream about it, sweetheart. Do you know what? I cannot wait to watch you lose everything you've sleazed your way into. Actually, I've been looking forward to it.

Evan: Oh, I see. You think once I'm out of the picture, Sam is going to want to be with you.

Olivia: He doesn't love Amanda anymore.

Evan: Now you're dreaming.

Olivia: Get out.

Evan: You see, if you prove what I did to Sam, Amanda will be in his arms by tomorrow.

Olivia: He hates Amanda.

Evan: Sam would ask Amanda back in a second if she --

Olivia: No, he wouldn't.

Evan: Olivia, do you want to take that chance? See, if you get rid of me, you lose every, every opportunity to ever be with Sam. Do you understand? Think about it.

Grant: Well, I've been granted a reprieve. My lobbyist cancelled, and now I don't have to have dinner alone.

Caroline: Well, sometimes things work out for the best, don't they?

Grant: Mm-hmm. I'd much rather have dinner with a beautiful lady like you than an old, boring talker.

Caroline: Well, then we're both in luck. I'm all yours.

Grant: Mm. I must say I've had a very gratifying day.

Sam: Hey, Olivia.

Olivia: Hi.

Sam: Well, did you get the information?

Olivia: Uh, Sam, I --

Sam: I'm finally going to get Evan out of Amanda's life. What did he say? Tell me.

Olivia: Bill Levin called in sick today.

Sam: You're kidding me.

Olivia: No, I'll have to go again tomorrow.

[Sam groans]

Olivia: I'm sorry.

Sam: [Sighs] It's ok. I suppose we can wait one more day. It's ok. Olivia, I do need your help. You're the only one I can trust. Come here.

Ryan: Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Harrison, Victoria is not at home.

Ryan: Oh, well, do you know where she went?

Bridget: Um, no. When I left earlier this evening, I saw this big, black limousine had pulled up.

Ryan: A limousine?

Bridget: Yes, I was watching from across the street and I saw this man get out and it was the same man that was here this morning. But he was driving a sports car then.

Ryan: Well, do you know who he is?

Bridget: No, I don't. But I don't like him. That's why I came back. You see, I was having a very nice dinner with a friend of mine, but I couldn't eat anything because I was so preoccupied about Victoria. So I came back to see if she left me a note of any kind, but -- but she didn't. There's nothing -- nothing here.

Ryan: Well, Bridget, I'm sure she'll be fine. Just tell her I stopped by, ok?

Bridget: Oh, I will -- I will. You know, I can't even go out and have a nice dinner by myself, as much as I try. That girl's going to be the death of me yet.

Ryan: Damn it, Vicky. You can't handle Marius alone.

Vicky: You just missed the road to Tops.

Marius: Change of plans.

Vicky: Says who? You didn't tell me.

Marius: We're going to my house. You will love it. I've wanted to have you there alone since the day we met.

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