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Another World Transcript Friday 8/11/06

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Sam: Hello, Rachel.

Rachel: Sam.

Sam: It's good to see you.

Rachel: Uh, what can I do for you?

Sam: I'd like to see my daughter.

Rachel: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Sam: You have no right to keep me from --

Rachel: She's not here. Amanda took Alli out of town.

Paulina: Hello.

Jake: Hey there. How'd the location scouting go?

Paulina: Well, I thought it'd be fun, but you and Iris are so picky about what you want. I'm exhausted.

Jake: Well, you can head home for the night. I'm about to close up.

Paulina: Think I'm going to have a shower.

Jake: Paulina --

Paulina: I'm really hot, Jake.

Jake: And obviously bothered.

Paulina: Why don't you come with me? We could have an aquatic re-enactment of last night. Come on.

[Water runs]

[Knock on door]

Marley: Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Marley: I know, I know, you thought you had seen the last of me for today. I hope you remember what a pack rat I am.

Jake: It's just I --

Marley: Here is the first load of my things. Where should I unpack them?

Jake: Unpack now?

Marley: Is there any reason to wait?

Don: Whoa, Ryan, you're going to bust the transmitter.

Ryan: It's dead. Don, do you think Marius found the wire on Vicky?

Vicky: You think I'm up to something?

Marius: You think you're the first woman who's tried to do this to me?

Vicky: "Do"?

Marius: I know your kind.

Vicky: Well, I thought I was --

Marius: And I don't like it.

Don: Can you see anything?

Ryan: No. He moved her away from the window.

Marius: You like rich, powerful men, don't you?

Vicky: Who doesn't?

Marius: So, you like it when a man takes control?

Vicky: Control, yes. Suffocation, no. Do you think you could keep your hands off -- no.

Ryan: That's it, I'm going in.

Don: Ryan, we can't just bust in there. We're talking Marius.

Ryan: We've got to go get her. Come on.

Cass: Are you going to tell me about Africa?

Felicia: Africa?

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: Africa is beautiful.

Cass: That's nice.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: So you met Mitch in Kenya?

Felicia: Yeah, I did.

Cass: And he likes it?

Felicia: Oh, he's having the time of his life. You kidding?

Cass: So, he's happy?

Felicia: Yeah. Where's Frankie, anyway?

Cass: Oh, she's at her T.M. class.

Felicia: I thought Wednesday was yoga.

Cass: Except when her moon is in Saturn.

Felicia: Oh, of course.

Cass: So, what did you do?

Felicia: When?

Cass: When you were in Africa with Mitch.

Felicia: Oh. Well, I went on a couple of safaris, and they were wonderful. You would've loved --

Cass: Yeah, and Mitch?

Felicia: Well, he was working.

Cass: He worked the whole time?

Felicia: No, no, not the whole time.

Cass: So when did you see each other?

Felicia: Dinner, I mean, sometimes.

Cass: Oh, honey.

Felicia: Honey, what about you? What about your renovation on your house? How's it going?

Cass: Oh, it's not, but I don't want to talk --

Felicia: What do you mean it's not? Is it that contractor? It is that contractor, isn't it? I'm telling you, you've got to be tough with these guys. Otherwise, they bleed you dry, you know that.

Cass: I'll remember that, I'll remember that.

Felicia: You want me to talk to him? I can, you know.

Cass: Felicia --

Felicia: What's his name?

Cass: Anthony is his name.

Felicia: Anthony?

Cass: Anthony, yeah.

Felicia: All right, I'll talk to Anthony. You want me to? It'll be good. You know what, you and Frankie --

Cass: All right, that's it.

Felicia: What?

Cass: Are you going to tell me what really happened with you and Mitch or aren't you?

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Cass: No, don't apologize to me.

Felicia: I don't want to think about it.

Cass: Why not?

Felicia: Because it didn't go very well. Not at all.

Stacey: Oops. Doctor? What's the matter, is the market down?

Jamie: No, no, Stacey, come on in.

Stacey: Wow, this place is really coming along. It looks great.

Jamie: Thanks.

Stacey: I was just on my way home from work and I thought I'd stop by and visit and --

Jamie: Look, can I offer you some coffee? I'm afraid that's all we've got.

Stacey: Well, you're probably really busy right now. I can come back and visit another time. It's no big deal.

Jamie: No, no, no, I'm sorry.

Stacey: I don't care if you're a grump with me. It doesn't matter. You want to talk? I'll listen. You're upset about Marley.

Jamie: Marley is going back to Jake.

Stacey: She's remarrying Jake?

Jamie: Maybe. She's moving in with him for now.

Stacey: Oh, wow.

Jamie: Yeah, "wow."

Stacey: This is bizarre. I thought Marley was sm--

Jamie: Smatter than that? So did I, Stacey. She's doing it all for the wrong reasons.

Stacey: What do you mean by that?

Jamie: She's doing it out of a sense of obligation and honor. Damn it, she doesn't love Jake -- not anymore.

Stacey: And you know who she does love, don't you?

Stacey: You obviously love her. Oh, Jamie, I'm sorry. I really am.

Jamie: I can't sit back and watch Jake rip her heart out a second time. I just can't do that.

Jake: You know how much I want you to be here. I thought you just said that you needed some time.

Marley: I do. I'm not moving in tonight.

Jake: Oh.

Marley: I just wanted to leave a few of my things here in case what happened last night happens again. Is that all right with you?

Jake: Yeah, I don't mind at all. Let me take your suitcase.

Marley: Jake?

Jake: Yes?

Marley: Are you having second thoughts about me moving in?

Jake: No, not at all, no.

Marley: Then why are you acting so nervous?

Jake: Honey, I'm -- I'm on a deadline.

Marley: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jake: It's ok.

Marley: I'm interrupting your creative process. Well, I'll leave you alone.

Jake: It's, uh -- it's Iris. She's really in a rush to -- she's really in a rush to get a copy of that first tape that I'm working on for her.

Marley: And you weren't expecting company. I'll get out of your hair.

Jake: You're not in my hair. And thank you for bringing your clothes by.

Marley: Thanks for last night.

Jake: For what?

Marley: I don't know, I just think a lot of men would've kicked their ex-wives out of bed if she just wanted to stay in the bed and not make love. You're very good to me. Really, you're very, uh -- very understanding. Did you leave the water on upstairs?

Jake: No. Yes, I left the water running.

Marley: Why would you do that?

Jake: I can't iron.

Marley: I know.

Jake: So I have a meeting first thing in the morning and I put my pants on a hanger and I turned the hot water on so the steam would get the wrinkles out.

Marley: How bad are the wrinkles?

Jake: They're bad, they're really bad.

Marley: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: Ok, well, that won't do it. Let me iron them for you.

Jake: No, no, I -- I don't want you doing my ironing. Really, I don't mind.

Marley: Why? I'll do it. It'll take me 10 minutes. I don't mind.

Jake: No, Marley, wrinkles are in.

Marley: You're crazy.

Jake: I am absolutely. I am definitely crazy. About you.

Marley: Ok, don't let the tub overflow.

Jake: I won't.

Marley: Ok. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Jake: All right.

Jake: Oh, man.

Paulina: What are you up to, Jake?

Vicky: I think you have the wrong idea about me.

Marius: Oh, I doubt that sincerely.

Vicky: I -- I like to get to know a man a little bit better before I let him crawl all over my body.

Marius: What's to know? What you see is what you get.

Vicky: Oh, no, I think there's a lot more to know about you than meets the eye.

Marius: I've always found mystery far more intriguing than the truth. Haven't you?

Vicky: Yes, actually. But that doesn't change --

Marius: You like me, don't you, Victoria?

Vicky: Call me Vicky.

Marius: Uh-uh, Victoria.

Vicky: What do you do?

Marius: I work.

Vicky: Good. Where?

Marius: Why all the questions?

Vicky: Um, pretty standard questions, don't you think?

Marius: I don't like to talk about business when I'm enjoying myself socially.

Vicky: Do you get a lot of time for social enjoyment?

Marius: As much as I want.

Vicky: So you gather -- I gather you travel a lot.

Marius: Why do I get the feeling that I'm being interviewed?

Vicky: I can't help myself. You're just so interesting.

[Doorbell rings]

Marius: You expecting someone besides me?

Vicky: No, no.

Don: Cable repair.

Vicky: Now?

Don: You call about an emergency repair?

Vicky: You -- yes, I did. Please, come in.

Don: Thanks. Where's your TV?

Vicky: Um, it's in the den. What?

Don: Well, your cable comes through here. I'll have to work here first. Don't mind me.

Vicky: There's a movie on at 3:00 this morning I wanted to tape. Sorry.

Marius: I need your phone. Does that work?

Vicky: Last time I checked.

Marius: It's me. Yeah, I just want to make sure everything's under control over there. The Boka Maru, tonight? When did this happen? All right, never mind. What time? 10:00. I'll be there. Listen, don't let him leave, you hear me? Yeah. I have to go.

Vicky: So soon? I thought --

Marius: Another change of plans.

Vicky: Is everything all right?

Marius: You ask too many questions.

Vicky: I'm sorry. Can we do this again sometime? Oh, another question.

Marius: Fortunately, there are a number of other things about you to admire.

Vicky: Well, I hope I didn't offend you before. It's just that I'm not used to big-city men, and you know what that means. You seem like such a well-traveled man. You just seem to move a little bit quicker than the local boys. But I can learn.

Marius: I'll be in touch.

Don: You really are one live wire.

Vicky: Too bad this thing isn't. Where is Ryan? Ryan!

Ryan: I just saw Marius leave.

Vicky: Why did you send this guy here?

Ryan: I couldn't risk him noticing me. Are you ok?

Vicky: Perfect, no thanks to you and cable Charlie here. What took you so long?

Ryan: The transmitter was shorted.

Vicky: Yeah, tell me about it. The guy's like an octopus. Had he got one inch closer, he would've found my wire. I need a drink. Ok, next time we do this, there is going to be a signal, and I am going to --

Ryan: There's not going to be a next time.

Vicky: Pardon me?

Ryan: You just worked your first and last undercover operation.

Sam: Thought I knew you better Rachel.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Sam: Amanda has no legal right to take my daughter from me.

Rachel: Nobody could get in touch with you. You did that all yourself.

Sam: None of that was my idea. I never meant to cut Alli out of my life. I just didn't want to confuse her.

Rachel: So you did not go out of town.

Sam: I need to know where Amanda has taken my daughter.

Rachel: They'll be back in a few days. They're with my mother. That's the truth.

Sam: I should've been told.

Rachel: You've been away, remember? Amanda's gotten accustomed to making decisions like this on her own.

Sam: I expect to be told when they get back.

Rachel: Sam? Please don't hurt Amanda.

Sam: I never hurt Amanda in the first place.

Rachel: That's not the way I saw it.

Sam: Rachel, you know I love Amanda more than anything. And I think deep down you know that I never would've done anything to hurt her.

Rachel: Yes, I did believe that once.

Sam: Can't you see it was set up and Evan was behind the whole thing?

Rachel: You're going to have to deal with that with Amanda, I'm afraid.

Sam: Evan lied to you and to the family from the moment he came into town, and you forgave him. And then he seduced my wife and everybody looked the other way. And then even after he admitted tampering with the company funds, you still forgave him again.

Rachel: I don't deny any of that, Sam.

Sam: So why do I not get the same benefit of the doubt? I lived in this house, with my family. I raised my daughter under this roof here. I have never done anything but love my family, and yet I'm the one who's exiled here. So explain to me how Evan Bates deserves forgiveness and Sam Fowler doesn't.

Rachel: I haven't forgiven Evan.

Sam: Amanda has forgiven him.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: You left, Sam. What was anybody supposed to think? All right, I'll think about what you said.

Rachel: Fine, we'll set up a time --

Sam: Now, if you don't mind.

Olivia: Oh. I'm sorry, I came to see Matthew.

Rachel: Olivia, Matthew is at a late class. I, uh -- I will tell the staff that you're here, Sam. My studio is unlocked.

Sam: Thank you. Olivia, could you give me a hand please?

Olivia: What's happening? What's going on?

Sam: Amanda's taken Alli out of town for a few days.

Olivia: Oh, no.

Sam: It's just for a few days. At least that's what Rachel says.

Olivia: Do you believe her?

Sam: Yes, I do. But I'd like to arrange a little homecoming party for my wife.

Olivia: A homecoming party?

Sam: Proof that Evan had set me up.

Olivia: Do you think it's the right time?

Sam: Absolutely. I'm going to clear my name and I'm going to nail Evan to the wall all at the same time.

Olivia: Good.

Sam: People have been thinking I'm a psychopath long enough. Now it's time to prove to them and show them how wrong they've been.

Felicia: Mitch really loves it there.

Cass: I have a pretty hard time imagining Mitch Blake living in a tent in the wilds of Africa.

Felicia: In the first place, he's not living in a tent. He has a penthouse apartment right in the city of Mombasa. Mm-hmm, yeah, has a company car, he's got a jeep, he's got a darkroom that they built with his specifications.

Cass: How does he communicate? I used to wonder if English wasn't Mitch's second language.

Felicia: Oh, come on, stop it. Besides, the official language in Kenya is English.

Cass: Oh.

Felicia: And he's even learning to speak Swahili.

Cass: Did you fight in Swahili?

Felicia: We never fought.

Cass: Well, then what's the problem? Why did you say that things went so badly?

Felicia: He doesn't want to come home, Cass.

Cass: Did you try to talk him into breaking the contract and he said no?

Felicia: No, I would never do that, you know that.

Cass: Then --

Felicia: He doesn't want to come home ever.

Cass: Ever?

Felicia: Ever. I mean, you should see him there. He's a totally different person. He -- he's totally stimulated by his work, which is great, and, I mean, he's adored and respected by his peers and his staff. I mean, his photographs are being shown in every magazine around the world.

Cass: Ok, ok, so he's successful.

Felicia: I have never seen him this happy, ever.

Cass: But he misses you?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Well, then it can't be all that -- what, what aren't you telling me?

Felicia: He wants me to move there and be with him.

Cass: You?!

Felicia: What is that supposed to mean?

Cass: Oh, nothing. I just find it a little hard to picture you in the jungle in your boa with a battery-powered word processor strapped to your back, sending Iris the latest galleys of your novel by elephant express, that's all.

Felicia: You know what, you know what? You're starting to get thick, because you're not listening to me. I just told you, he has a 2,000-square-foot penthouse apartment with a terrace that wraps all the way around it in a city that faces the Indian ocean. He's making a fortune, he has no overhead. He's got everything. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

Cass: I understand what you're saying to me. So, are you considering a move to Kenya?

Felicia: No. No. I guess I'm just now realizing... that Mitch Blake and Felicia Gallant are really very different. I think the only thing we have in common is our love.

Cass: Then what? What?

Felicia: He's made up his mind.

Cass: And you have, too.

Felicia: I can't leave Bay City.

Cass: Why?

Felicia: It's my home. It's the only real home I've ever had.

Cass: Uh-huh, and your career is here.

Felicia: And my friends. My friends. I mean, you and I'd go into the toilet if I moved again.

Cass: I don't want to be in no toilet. Listen, don't worry about that.

Felicia: I can't go. I can't.

Cass: Ok. Did the two of you discuss getting a divorce?

Felicia: No.

Cass: Well, that's something anyway.

Felicia: Cass, I'm sure. I know it.

Cass: I'm so sorry.

Felicia: Do me a favor, will you?

Cass: Mm-hmm?

Felicia: Don't tell anybody about this, I mean, not yet. I -- I need to sort stuff out. I need to -- I need to talk to Matthew. I need to tell him about this decision. Just don't say anything.

Cass: Ok. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to tease you like that.

Felicia: No.

Cass: I had no idea it was this serious.

Felicia: I know. I may -- I may need you around, friend, ok?

Cass: Just whistle.

Iris: Excuse me. Oh. I wanted to talk to Felicia for a minute.

Felicia: It's ok.

Cass: You all right, honey?

Felicia: Yeah, sure.

Cass: I have an appointment with Rachel, so --

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: I'll talk to you tomorrow, or sooner if you need anything.

Felicia: Yes, thank you. Thanks.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Iris: Um, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Felicia: Oh, oh, yes, thank you.

Iris: Well, welcome home.

Felicia: Thank you. This is about Luke, isn't it?

Iris: Yeah, I -- I need your help.

Felicia: What? What is it?

Iris: Well, I haven't heard from him for days, and we both -- we both know where he's gone.

Felicia: What do you want to do?

Iris: I want to find him before -- I want to find him before it gets -- I can't do it alone.

Jake: So, Paulina, why is it you always think I'm up to something?

Paulina: Because I'm not sure if I should trust you as far as I could throw you.

Jake: Sorry I missed that shower.

Paulina: Well, there's still plenty of hot water left.

Jake: Actually, I would love to, but I have an appointment in a couple minutes.

Paulina: Oh, my gosh.

Jake: What?

Paulina: Oh, my gosh.

Jake: Slow down. It's wet, you're going to slip.

Paulina: I've got an appointment with Cass and Rachel in, like, 22 minutes.

Jake: You're meeting with Rachel and her lawyer?

Paulina: Yeah, she's having him draw up a timetable to divvy up how I receive my inheritance.

Jake: So how much money are you getting?

Paulina: I really don't know. I got to get dressed.

Jake: You're only getting the money in segments?

Paulina: What do you mean "only"?

Jake: Well, Paulina, I'd hate to see you get stiffed. It sounds like Rachel's putting you on an allowance or something.

Paulina: No, no, no, that's not going to happen.

Jake: I mean, it should be your right to get all the money in one lump sum if you want it. You talk to a lawyer?

Paulina: A lawyer? No, should I have?

Jake: Well, I'm sure it's fine. It's just that you don't say thank you and walk away if you're not getting what you're entitled to. They could rob you blind, Paulina, and then what would you do?

Paulina: Oh, I'll handle it. I'm sure Rachel will be fair. She promised me a lot of money, Jake.

Jake: A lot of money. You may need that money sooner than you think, Miss Cory.

Ryan: Ok, I'll check on you later downtown, ok?

Don: Right. So long, Mata Hari.

Vicky: I don't like his attitude.

Ryan: And he doesn't like yours, either.

Vicky: And what you said before, you can forget about it. This story could mean my career. I'm in.

Ryan: Not with Marius you're not.

Vicky: You're going to tell me who I can and cannot date?

Ryan: Well, if bachelor number one is on the FBI's 10 most wanted list, yeah, you bet your steno pad I can.

Vicky: I am not covering flower shows and coming-out parties for a society column.

Ryan: Well, then talk to your editor.

Vicky: I don't have an editor. I don't have a job. I am trying to make a name for myself as an investigative journalist, and you are getting in my way --

Ryan: Look --

Vicky: Again.

Ryan: I should not have agreed to this to begin with, and now I'm putting a stop to it.

Vicky: Fine.

Ryan: Good.

Vicky: You'll never know what Marius said when you guys were off the waves.

Ryan: What? What, what did he say?

Vicky: You think I'm going to say anything to you without some sort of agreement?

Ryan: Vicky. Vicky!

Vicky: I'll give you a hint.

Ryan: For crying out loud.

Vicky: He's having a meeting with someone at 10:00 tonight.

Ryan: Where?

Vicky: My lips are sealed, unless you tell me I can do the stakeout with you.

Ryan: You are out of your bird, lady.

Vicky: Fine, I'll go alone.

Ryan: I can bring you down to headquarters and book you for withholding evidence.

Vicky: And where would that get us, huh? I would be in a holding tank, dealing out papers all night long, and Marius would have his little rendezvous without any interruption.

Ryan: Look, I can't do what you're asking, Vicky.

Vicky: You'll be able to keep an eye on me -- which I happen to know you enjoy more than you let on. And to top that all off, we'll be far away from him, so Marius will be no more the wiser. What do you say?

Ryan: Ok. All right. You tell me where he's going to meet, and if the place is safe and I can stake it out safely... maybe.

Vicky: Definitely. If it's safe.

Ryan: Ok.

Vicky: The meeting's at a place called the Boka Maru. Do you know it?

Ryan: Yeah.

Vicky: Is it safe?

Ryan: Yeah. You can come.

Vicky: Great! How's the food?

Ryan: Where?

Vicky: The Boka Maru. French, right?

Ryan: It's not a restaurant.

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: And you may want to rethink your attire.

Vicky: Not classy enough?

Ryan: Let's put it this way -- how do you look in overalls?

Marley: Hi.

Stacey: Oh, hey. You looking for Jamie?

Marley: Well, I thought I might find him here, yes.

Stacey: He went home. He had to pick up some papers. I was just using the phone.

Marley: Oh, ok.

Stacey: I got to get going. I'll talk to you later.

Marley: Stacey, can I ask you a personal question?

Stacey: Oh, sure.

Marley: Is there a man in your life right now?

Stacey: Uh, what are you getting at?

Marley: I'm sorry, it -- it's just that I've gotten to know Jamie pretty well in the last few months -- I mean, better than I knew him when he was married to Vicky -- and I would just like it if he could be in love with someone who could return the love equally.

Stacey: I'd like that, too, but I can't do it.

Marley: I'm sorry, I didn't -- I didn't mean to pry. I was just wondering.

Stacey: Yeah. There's only one woman who will make him happy. I just hope he finds her. Take care.

Rachel: Why don' t you come over here.

Cass: Your first check will be given to you on the day of the party Rachel and your family are planning in your honor.

Paulina: Oh, that's nice of you, Rachel.

Cass: And this is the amount of the first payment which Rachel suggested.

Rachel: That's --

Cass: I take it that's to your satisfaction?

Rachel: That's going to be just one of a few payments made out to you.

Paulina: I don't know what to say. I thought maybe I read it wrong. Rachel, thank you so much.

Rachel: You don't have to thank me.

Paulina: Yes, I do.

Jamie: Hi. Um, interrupting?

Rachel: No, just some family business.

Cass: I have lots of papers for you to sign.

Rachel: Oh, let's go out on the terrace then.

Cass: Good.

Rachel: Excuse us.

Paulina: Thank you.

Rachel: You're welcome.

Jamie: Are you all right?

Paulina: I don't know if I've ever been better, Jamie. How are you?

Jamie: I was looking for you at the clinic benefit.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, I never made it. I was with Jake.

Felicia: Iris, I don't know what options we have.

Iris: Well, I'm sure Stacey's been in touch with him.

Felicia: Well, he was supposed to, yes. Wait a minute, Stacey's here. Let's go find out.

Felicia: Stacey?

Stacey: Hi.

Felicia: Hi. Are you alone?

Stacey: I'm looking for someone. No, you remember Ryan Harrison? You met him the other night.

Felicia: Oh, yes, yes.

Stacey: Have you seen him tonight?

Felicia: No, I don't think so.

Iris: Wasn't he involved in Lucas' case somehow?

Stacey: It's important that I talk to him immediately.

Iris: Stacey, look, I'm his fiancée and I haven't heard from him for days and I'm worried sick.

Stacey: I can't say anything, Iris. Do you understand?

Felicia: Stacey --

Stacey: It's important that very few people know about this investigation.

Felicia: Stacey, listen, Iris and I are worried sick about him. We need you to know if anything has happened.

Stacey: Felicia, I can't say anything.

Felicia: He should never have gotten involved in all this, but since he has, we need to know if there's anything we can do to help him.

Iris: Stacey, I'm going to go public if you don't clue me in.

Felicia: Iris --

Stacey: Iris, don't do that. I'm doing this for Lucas.

Felicia: Please, Stacey, we're desperate. We need to know. I mean, if you tell us what you know, we promise to keep it confidential, right, Iris?

Iris: Of course.

Stacey: Ok. I understand what you're going through. Lucas called his stockbroker and he told him to sell.

Iris: Sell, in this market?

Felicia: What do you mean he called his stockbroker?

Stacey: It's a code. Lucas and I figured this out together before he left. Now, "sell" means that he can't directly get in contact with anyone, either one of you, but he is ok.

Iris: Oh, thank goodness.

Stacey: For now, for now.

Felicia: And there's nothing we can do?

Stacey: Well, no. Except to remember that he can take care of himself.

Felicia: Let's pray that he does.

Jamie: Your date was with Jake?

Paulina: No.

Jamie: You were so excited about going to the party with --

Paulina: With my date, but Jake and I had to work late at the office, so it never happened. I'm sorry I missed the party. Was it fun?

Jamie: He must have been really disappointed. Your date, I mean.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, he was, but he'll get over it.

Jamie: When are you going to see him again?

Paulina: You're awfully nosy, Jamie.

Jamie: You're part of this family now, right?

Paulina: Yeah.

Jamie: One thing you should get used to -- we're as nosy as hell. What's his name?

Olivia: Oh, Sam, that's beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen this painting before.

Sam: Yeah, I thought about this one a lot while I was away. Whenever I had that fear of losing the freedom to really let go, I -- well, I thought about this piece and how it made me feel when I worked on it.

Olivia: Well, once all this is over, you can devote yourself back to your work.

Sam: I would love that.

Olivia: Well, your model is anxiously awaiting the return of her artist.

Sam: I will not ask you to do that for me again.

Olivia: Why not?

Sam: Olivia, what do you get out of this?

Olivia: Out of what?

Sam: Being with me. I mean, this can't be too much fun for you, and you know I'm not ready to be involved with anyone.

Olivia: Yeah, I know that.

Sam: I hope so.

Olivia: I do. All I want from you is friendship. I care for you. I want you in my life.

Sam: And that's enough?

Olivia: What we have now? Absolutely. Ok?

Sam: Ok.

Olivia: Ok.

Sam: Well, I made an appointment with the insurance agent today that supposedly sold me the policy on Amanda's life here.

Olivia: Huh, and how did you track him down?

Sam: Well, it wasn't that difficult once I understood what questions to ask him. I should have enough evidence by this time tomorrow to rub Amanda's nose in it. And once she realizes everything that I've been telling her is true, she is just going to beg me to --

Jake: I suppose this means you've come to your senses.

Iris: I've come to repeat my final offer, Jake, and that's it.

Jake: Sorry, Iris, no deal.

Iris: Look, after what I've been through these last few days and your refusal to help me, I think that your greed under these circumstances -- it's inhuman!

Jake: You call me greedy, I call you cheap. It's all a matter of your perspective, Iris.

Iris: Jake, does that mean you're not going to give me the information to prove Paulina's a fraud?

Jake: Not at the bargain-basement prices you're offering me.

Iris: Ok. Ok, Jake, the gloves are off.

Jake: Oh, come on, Iris, you trash my place, then you tell me the gloves are off?!

Iris: I won't waste your time.

Jake: That's a breath of fresh air.

Iris: Do the names Richard Stein, David Douglass, Arnie Carillo, and Jeremy Stevenson mean anything to you? Ah, I thought so. I couldn't reach Betsy -- Betsy, now, what's her name, what's her name? Oh, yes, but I'm sure she'll be curious, too.

Jake: Ok, Iris, those are my biggest creditors.

Iris: I know, Jake, and they're absolutely furious.

Jake: What are you up to?

Iris: I've completely destroyed your credit. They'll be expecting payment within 24 hours. I would take my offer so you can at least save your face and perhaps this precious company.

Jake: Do you realize Paulina is with Rachel right now bathing in your father's money, if you do what I asked, you'd be on her butt by midnight? How can you be so thick?!

Iris: Because I offered you a fair price and because then you started to play this ridiculous bargaining game! And you have lost!

Jake: Yeah, well, we'll see who's going to lose, Iris.

Iris: Yes, we will. It'll be you, Jake.

Jake: You're bluffing.

Iris: And you're a fool. Don't you know? I'm the only game in town. No one else is interested in your information. And even if they were, I'm the only one who's willing to pay for it. Do you have any choice?

Paulina: You're making too much of this, Jamie.

Jamie: I can't help but be concerned about my new half sister. Come on, Paulina, who's this guy that's after your heart?

Paulina: You see, it's kind of an iffy relationship right now and I don't want to act like I found the love of my life if I haven't, know what I mean?

Jamie: Sure. When won't it be iffy?

Paulina: You are terrible.

Jamie: I told you.

Paulina: Tell you what, if everything goes according to plan, he'll be my date for the party that Rachel's planning on throwing for me.

Jamie: Oh, can't wait.

Paulina: See you later.

Jamie: Bye, Paulina.

Vicky: Oh! Oh, man.

Ryan: I told you to wait at the car.

Vicky: I got bored. How'd you know the Boka Maru was a boat?

Ryan: "Maru" means "ship" in Japanese. I called the dock dispatch office and they told me the Boka Maru was going to be docking here tonight at 10:00.

Vicky: Hence my tip-off.

Ryan: I wanted you to stay in the backup car.

Vicky: He doesn't like me.

Ryan: Who, Don? Do I look like I like you?

Vicky: What's your plan?

Ryan: I'm going to sit here, wait for the ship and for Marius, and watch.

Vicky: That's it?

Ryan: This isn't "Miami Vice," Vicky.

Vicky: You sure ain't Don Johnson.

Ryan: Ok. That's it. I'm taking you back to the car myself.

Vicky: Oh, no, don't -- what? What?

Ryan: You closed the door.

Vicky: Yes.

Ryan: How could you be so -- the door locks from the inside.

Vicky: What?

Ryan: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Vicky: How could you blame this on me?

Ryan: Well, who else should I blame it on?

Vicky: Help! We're locked out here! Would somebody please help us, please?!

Ryan: Ok, all right, all right, cut it! If I have to spend an evening alone with you trapped on a roof, I'm not going to do it arguing. Don will figure out what's happened and he'll come and get us, eventually. I can still get done what I need to get done. Things could be worse. Things could definitely be worse.


Ryan: I can't see anything through this rain. The titanic could dock tonight and we wouldn't be able to see it.

Vicky: I am not spending an entire night on the roof in the rain with you. There is a story of a lifetime down there, and I am stuck! I'm --

Vicky: This is not happening to me.

Ryan: Found some shelter over here.

Vicky: Enjoy it.

Ryan: I'll let you under if you're good, even though this entire mess is your fault.

Vicky: Arrogant, selfish, inept...

Ryan: You'd better get away from that door. It's metal.

Vicky: Oh!

Ryan: You'll fry like a lamb chop. Come on over, sit next to me. This window is grounded. It's got rubber all at the bottom of it. Come here. Kind of cozy, isn't it?

Marley: I was, um, just on my way home.

Jamie: Where is home tonight, Marley?

Marley: Let go of me.

Jamie: Here. Go back to Jake. He's going to hurt you. Unless I make sure he can't.

Iris: Time's up, Jake. What's your answer?

Jake: I want the price I named.

Iris: You think I've made your life miserable? You haven't seen anything yet. I'm going to bury you.

Jake: We'll see.

Iris: Pity about the robbery. Very lucky, however, that no one was hurt. Accidents can so suddenly happen.

Jake: Not to me.

[Gun cocks]

Iris: Lots of people have guns, Jake. Even the people you least expect.

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