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Another World Transcript Thursday 8/10/06

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John: Good thing I'm not a burglar.

Sharlene: [Exhales] Hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: Sleep all right on the boat?

John: Yeah, I guess so.

Sharlene: Good.

John: Woke up a couple of times. Guess I'm just not used to sleeping there.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I made an appointment and I have to -- with Taylor. I've got to go, and I've got to go to the feed store before.

John: No, that's all right. I -- I only came by now because I thought that you probably wouldn't be here, anyway.

Sharlene: I wouldn't -- I wouldn't have.

John: So I wanted to pack up a few things, get a suitcase and some of my -- some stuff.

Grant: Well, finally.

Ryan: What do you mean "finally"? You only called me 12 minutes ago.

Grant: Where's Lucas?

Ryan: Well, good morning to you, too.

Grant: You mean you haven't found him yet?

Ryan: I'll find him.

Grant: You even know if he is dead or alive?

Ryan: He hasn't shown up at the morgue.

Grant: You know what happens to me if something happens to him?

Ryan: What -- your star witness? Your headliner at the hearing?

Grant: I might as well forget about going back to congress. I mean, they won't even elect me sanitation commissioner.

Ryan: Listen, would you chill out for just a second.

Grant: Why? You don't have Lucas.

Ryan: But I do have Marius.

Grant: How?

Ryan: I know a lady that he's got the hots for.

Grant: A lady?

Ryan: You know her, too. Vicky Hudson.

Grant: [Softly] What?

Donna: So, you're determined not to tell me?

Vicky: Marley and I don't rat on each other, especially not to you.

Donna: Oh, right, she never told on you.

Vicky: I'm doing her a favor.

Donna: Victoria, just tell me -- just want to know where she went after the fundraiser.

Vicky: All I know is she didn't come here.

Donna: I knew it.

Vicky: What?

Donna: She's with Jake.

Vicky: Could be.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Ah --

Donna: You wouldn't be so blasť if you thought that was Jamie.

Vicky: Hello.

Marius: Morning, beautiful.

Vicky: Well, my, aren't we up early?

Marius: I have a great deal to do before I pick you up tonight.

Vicky: Tonight? Did -- did we say tonight?

Marius: I'm saying tonight. 6:00. And don't keep me waiting. You'll come to dinner.

Vicky: Oh, well, don't I have any say in this? What if I am late?

Marius: If you don't care to go out with me, just say the word. I'm listening.

Vicky: Oh, no, no, tonight will be fine.

Marius: Excellent. I'll see you then.

Vicky: Good-bye. Ok, time for you to go.

Donna: Who was that? Who was that?

Vicky: I will drop by Steven later this afternoon.

Donna: I just got here.

Vicky: Thank you very much for taking him.

Donna: I just got here.

Vicky: But I have a million things to do.

Donna: Oh, like go out and buy a dress for tonight?

Vicky: Perhaps.

Donna: I can find out who's on the telephone very easily, you know.

Vicky: I'm sure you can. Good-bye.

Donna: Victoria.

Vicky: Goodbye, Mother.

Lucas: One question, Marius. When am I going to get the hell out of here?

Jake: Who cares?

Marley: Thank you.

Jake: For what?

Marley: Just holding me last night.

Jake: Well, we have the rest of our lives after all.

Jake: Yes, come on.

Jake: As a matter of fact, you go upstairs because nobody is going to -- nobody is going to see you like that but me. Go.

Marley: Ok.

Jake: Go.

Marley: Gone.

Grant: Vicky Hudson?

Ryan: I don't like her either, Grant, but Marius does. She can be a real help to us.

Grant: Oh, sure, a loudmouthed little blonde.

Ryan: She's not stupid. Besides, she wants to get this guy as badly as we do.

Grant: Let me tell you something. This man -- Marius -- I mean, underneath that oil, he's a barbarian. He's a killer. How do you think he got to be head of the cartel in this country?

Ryan: I know all about that.

Grant: Does Vicky?

Ryan: Two points -- first, Vicky's going to have cover.

Grant: Who?

Ryan: Me. Second of all, I couldn't stop her if I tried. Short of kidnapping her, I guess.

Grant: Don't use that word --

Ryan: Oh, forget it. I guess I've exhausted my quota in that area.

Grant: I'm telling you, fooling around somebody like Marius is not for amateurs.

Ryan: I understand the consequences, and so does Vicky. Besides, she is so damn determined to get even with this guy, after what he did to her father.

Grant: So, you're gonna stick to her?

Ryan: I'll be on her like a cheap suit.

Grant: Ha, right. Yeah, I guess you have got an interest in this, haven't you?

Ryan: Oh, I'm interested in seeing you return to congress, protecting the citizens so that they can sleep at night.

Grant: No, no, no, no. Don't deny it. I mean you got a little personal interest in the lady, maybe?

Ryan: Negative.

Grant: Oh, sure.

Ryan: Look, look, all I am is an old-fashioned male chauvinist pig, just like you are. I'm not taken with girls that have to call their own shots.

Grant: Not even if they're built like Vicky Hudson and look like Vicky Hudson?

Ryan: Listen, I tell you I'm not interested in her. Besides, she has got a thing for her ex-husband. Package-o-grief, wouldn't you say? Where can I reach you later?

Grant: I've got to press the flesh. Informal appearances, you know.

Ryan: Anywhere near the Frame place, by any chance?

Grant: Now, listen, you do your thing and I will do mine, all right?

Ryan: Yes, sir.

Grant: Ryan, wait, wait, wait, wait. Listen, watch your tail, will you?

Ryan: I am the tail, remember?

Grant: And make sure that you trust her. And make sure that she understands who she's up against, all right?

John: I'm not a bit sorry I did that.

Sharlene: Did I ask for an apology?

John: We are still married, you know.

Sharlene: Yeah, and -- and a lot of married couples hardly ever kiss.

John: I don't recall that that was ever a problem with us. It was never the case.

Sharlene: Is the case.

John: Is. How are you?

Sharlene: Pretty good.

John: So, you have an appointment with Taylor?

Sharlene: Yeah. 2:00. I called her right after you left last night.

John: I must say, Sharlene, you really threw me a curve when you told me you wanted to live all alone.

Sharlene: John, this isn't forever.

John: Isn't it?

Sharlene: A lot of married couples have problems for a lot of different reasons -- mine being fairly unique.

John: How are you -- physically?

Sharlene: Oh, I'm perfect.

John: Yeah?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Any kicks yet?

Sharlene: I don't know. Maybe a flutter or two, I'm not .

John: Well, you better get going.

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: You have an appointment.

Sharlene: How is the -- is the boat all right?

John: Yeah, boat -- the boat's fine. Auxiliary pump came on a couple of times during the night.

Sharlene: You were on shore -- shore, probably, weren't you?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: So, you -- just make sure you use the generator every once in a while and you can charge the batteries.

John: You learned a lot about boats, haven't you?

Sharlene: Heck yeah, I had a good teacher.

John: Your appointment's at 2:00, right?

Sharlene: It's really for the best, you know. I really believe that it's going to work out.

John: Right.

Jake: Good morning, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: You alone?

Jake: By golly, I guess I am.

Jamie: Good. Then we can pick up where we left off.

Jake: Which was where?

Jamie: Listen up, Jake, because I'm only going to say this once.

Jake: Good, Jamie, because as far as you're concerned, my attention span is very short.

Jamie: There is no way that you're going to screw up Marley's life the same way you did Vicky's.

Jake: Oh, you've adopted Marley?

Jamie: You know what I'm talking about.

Jake: Yeah, right, I do. I do and I don't care. I don't care, Jamie. Obviously, Marley doesn't either.

Jamie: Jake, I know how you are. And I know who you are, even if Marley doesn't.

Jake: Oh, well, why don't you fill me in?

Jamie: You're a user, Jake. You only care about yourself. You grab a woman because you take her for what she can do for you. And when you're finished, you don't care anymore. But I am telling you, I will not have you do that.

Marley: I don't think you understood me last night. There is nothing between us. There never was.

Marius: Ah, Lucas my friend.

Lucas: I'm your friend?

Marius: Well, it's a figure of speech. At any rate, in answer to your question, you're free to leave at any time.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Marius: Of course, I can't guarantee your safety once you leave my -- what would you call it -- protective custody?

Lucas: Let me put it in another way. How long?

Marius: Long enough for me to establish certain facts.

Lucas: Like am I loyal, honest --

Marius: Spoken like a true eagle scout. But, yes, in effect.

Lucas: Then you'll let me back in the business? Is -- is that the drill?

Marius: That is the drill, Lucas. With a special bonus -- the longer you stay here, the more likely someone may come looking for you.

Lucas: Like who?

Marius: Oh, you tell me -- the authorities, perhaps.

Lucas: No, I doubt that they're seriously concerned.

Marius: But if they should appear, that would tell me something about you, would it not? That you're one of them, that you're here under false pretenses, and that you're a mortal threat to my business. In which case, I would have to sever our relationship. I'd go my way, and you --

Lucas: Would be expendable.

Marius: You know, you're very perceptive, Lucas. That's why I hope we won't have to part company.

Lucas: Let me see if I can get this straight. I am here incommunicado until further notice. And even then, you may not let me back in the business.

Marius: That sums it up.

Lucas: And that could be for some time.

Marius: I'm afraid so.

Lucas: Well, at least let me make a phone call.

Marius: To whom?

Lucas: To my broker. I have some stocks that are doing rather badly, and I want to put in a sell order. Well, you can listen to be sure I am not saying anything I shouldn't.

Marius: Let me think about that. Meanwhile, why don't you take a walk around the grounds? Enjoy nature.

Vicky: I'm glad you came by. I need to give you a progress report.

Ryan: On Marius?

Vicky: What else do we have in common?

Ryan: You really want to push things with this guy.

Vicky: He's pushing things.

Ryan: What happened?

Vicky: He called. We're having dinner at his place tonight.

Ryan: You got to listen to me. I just came from talking to my brother and the main topic of conversation was you.

Vicky: Be still my soul.

Ryan: Would you get serious? To quote Grant, "Marius is a barbarian who doesn't -- "

Vicky: Yes, I know, you've told me all this before, and it hasn't changed my mind.

Ryan: Right.

Vicky: Marius has a thing for me right now. I've got to get the goods on him before he gets bored with me.

Ryan: Oh, and who could be bored with you, Vicky?

Vicky: Now, can you wire me so I can wear a tight dress?

Ryan: Now, that's the problem. You're just not taking this seriously. See now -- are we alone?

Vicky: Ryan, this is awfully sudden.

Ryan: Where's your son?

Vicky: He's at my mother's. Why?

Ryan: You love him a lot, don't you?

Vicky: More than life itself.

Ryan: And he's really nuts about you, right?

Vicky: Well, he thinks I'm the best thing since "Sesame Street."

Ryan: So, he --

Vicky: Would you please get to your point?

Ryan: He'd hate it like hell not to grow up with a mother, right?

Vicky: He won't grow up without a mother. I will be around until I am old and gray and driving him crazy.

Ryan: So, this is it. I can't convince you not to go there tonight.

Vicky: Well, unless, of course, you told me that you wouldn't be outside in your little van listening to all the charming garbage that I'm going to feed Marius. "Marius" is what his friends call him, isn't it?

Ryan: He doesn't have any friends. He only has business associates. And most of those are deceased.

Vicky: Quite a turnover in the cocaine biz, hey?

Ryan: Yeah, you got that right.

Vicky: It's a big money business with big stakes.

Ryan: You got it.

Vicky: So, if we get this guy, we're going to be doing a really good thing for our country.

Ryan: A very good thing, if we can pull it off.

Vicky: So, we're talking, maybe, Pulitzer prize --

Ryan: Oh, for crying out loud --

Vicky: What?

Ryan: You never think about anything but old number one do you?

Vicky: Oh, what do you care?

Ryan: Listen, you're in it for the personal glory, which makes you dangerous.

Vicky: To who?

Ryan: Whom? And the answer is to me, to Lucas, to Grant -- to anybody who wants to get this guy.

Vicky: Oh, and you're all doing it because of your high moral standards? You don't care about the good press or maybe the big raise for you?

Ryan: It's Marley, isn't it? You want to use this situation to give your twin sister a quick kick in the butt. Upstage her, get your ex-husband eating out of your hand again.

Vicky: You would make a really lousy shrink, you know that?

Ryan: Oh, would I?

Vicky: I sure as hell hope you make a better cop, because if you don't I will be dead meat tonight.

Ryan: Even with me you could be, sweetheart. Listen, there is no guarantees in this business, not with scum like Marius. Still want to go on that date? I've got his private number. Want me to dial it for you?

Jake: Maybe Jamie would like some of that Danish we had.

Jamie: No, thank you.

Marley: Why don't I just talk to Jamie alone for a minute?

Jake: That's what you want?

Marley: Yes.

Jake: I'll, uh, go upstairs and make the bed. Phew.

Marley: You never should have spoken to Jake that way.

Jamie: You were listening?

Marley: Yes, I was.

Jamie: How I speak to Jake is my business.

Marley: He's my lover. It's my business.

Jamie: He's not your lover.

Marley: How do you know?

Jamie: Because I know you, Marley. I know you wouldn't do that without making a commitment.

Marley: And how do you know I haven't?

Jamie: Because you're still trying to decide between him and me.

Marley: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you?

Jamie: No. I am not sure of myself at all. Marley, I'm afraid that you feel so sorry for Jake that I'm going to lose you.

Marley: I was never yours to lose.

Jamie: You can't even say the words, can you?

Marley: What words?

Jamie: You made love with Jake McKinnon.

Marley: I made love with Jake McKinnon. Now please leave.

Jamie: I don't believe you.

Jake: [Yawning] Get your stuff settled already?

Jamie: You listen to me, Jake. That woman up there is very special. If you hurt her in any way, I swear to you, I'll kill you.

Jake: I'm scared.

Jamie: You better be.

Jake: You don't have to worry, Jamie. I love Marley. She's like nobody I've ever met before. Why would I hurt her -- you answer me that?

Michael: Hey, buddy.

John: Hi, Mike.

Michael: Sorry, I kind of let myself in. The door was open. You and Sharlene going on a trip?

John: Moving out to the boat.

Michael: What?

John: Sharlene wants to be by herself for a while.

Michael: What happened, man?

John: I just told you.

Michael: But I thought you guys had worked all that stuff out.

John: Sharlene didn't.

Michael: Oh, what does that mean?

John: She wants the pressure off.

Michael: So, you're moving out?

John: It's her house, Mike?

Michael: Well, is this just a temporary thing? It is, isn't it? I mean --

John: We'll work it out.

Michael: Oh, man. Oh, man, I'm so sorry. Is there anything at all I can do?

John: You're here.

Michael: No, I mean -- can I do something? I just hate to see you hurting so much --

John: You know what I would really like to do?

Michael: I have a feeling you'd like to take Grant Harrison aside and give him a forearm.

John: Yeah, two or three rounds with Grant Harrison would probably make me feel better.

Michael: Yeah, well. Would it really?

John: The truth is -- the problems with Sharlene were here long before Grant showed up. He just kept on and on and on, and wouldn't quit.

Michael: John, have you talked to Taylor about this --

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. I yelled at Taylor last night about this, nearly took her head off about it.

Michael: Well, what did she say?

John: She said that she didn't know anything about it. That's just it, isn't it?

Michael: What? What?

John: I can kick Harrison's butt, and I can yell at Sharlene's shrink, but it's not going to make any difference at all. This is what Sharlene wants. Every damn thing is what Sharlene wants.

Sharlene: Hi.

Taylor: Hi.

Sharlene: Hey, you look nice. New dress?

Taylor: No, just hanging on a hanger in the back of my closet.

Sharlene: Guess I haven't seen it before.

Taylor: No, I don't think you have. Come on in, sit down.

Sharlene: Oh, boy. So, how am I feeling, right?

Taylor: Right.

Sharlene: I'm not sure.

Taylor: Has John actually moved out?

Sharlene: As I was leaving he came for his things.

Taylor: I'm sorry.

Sharlene: I guess he won't be there when I get back.

Taylor: How would that feel? How will you feel when he's gone?

Sharlene: I hate to say this, but --

Taylor: What?

Sharlene: I think I'll feel relieved.

Taylor: Relieved?

Sharlene: Well, Taylor, the way it's been -- it's like I'm being watched all the time. It's like I'm up on some stage and -- and -- and John's out there in the audience. And we're both alone in our worlds, and he's waiting for me to make a mistake, you know -- forget my lines, or do something out of character. Or, maybe, I'm -- maybe I'm waiting for myself to make a mistake.

Taylor: Do something like Sharly might do?

Sharlene: I don't blame him. It's perfectly natural, perfectly. It's just that it -- it just pushes me to an extreme. It's like I can never, ever relax.

Taylor: Then maybe it's good that you took some action. You suggested a little breathing spell and you've given yourself some space.

Sharlene: Yeah, except --

Taylor: What?

Sharlene: I'm afraid he won't come back.

Taylor: Why?

Sharlene: When he was leaving, he said that I shouldn't expect him to wait forever. And he's right. I don't blame him.

Taylor: When people are hurt and under stress they -- they say a lot of things they don't mean.

Sharlene: No, not John. John is honest and he's direct.

Taylor: Do you doubt that he loves you, Sharlene?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Then you have to trust him now. You have to trust his love and trust that you know what you have to do for yourself.

Donna: Somebody there? Darling, oh, I'm so glad you're home.

Marley: I'm a grown woman. I can take care of myself.

Donna: I was worried sick about you. Where on earth were you all night? I was going to call the clinic but your father said --

Marley: I know, I wasn't -- I wasn't at the clinic.

Donna: Well, it's all right. You can tell me where you were. I'm not one of those old-fashioned mothers, you know.

Marley: Donna --

Donna: I know you and Jamie care for each other. I mean, that's very clear and --

Marley: It's none of your business.

Donna: Your happiness is absolutely my business. And then when it comes to Jake, you know that he can't bring you any happiness.

Marley: Stop it, stop it.

Donna: And I know that Jamie has feelings for you, and it seems to me that you have very strong feelings for him, too.

Marley: Yes, I do have feelings for him. I -- I probably love him.

Donna: That makes me very --

Marley: But I'm going to marry Jake.

Donna: I don't understand. You just said that you loved Jamie. Why would you be marrying Jake?

Marley: He was married to Vicky.

Donna: I know that. For God's sake, I know that.

Marley: I don't even know what he feels. I -- I don't know if he still has feelings for Vicky, and -- and if he does, I could just be a substitute.

Donna: So, you're going to marry Jake instead as a consolation?

Marley: He asked me to move in with him. I said yes.

Donna: I don't believe this.

Marley: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry you're taking it so badly.

Donna: How would you expect me to take it?

Marley: I don't know. We'll talk about this later. I'm exhausted. I have to get to the clinic.

Vicky: Ok, Steven's asleep like a log. Did I just hear Marley's voice?

Donna: She's around somewhere.

Vicky: What's wrong?

Donna: She's going to marry Jake.

Vicky: McKinnon?

Donna: None other.

Vicky: Well, I guess that causes a little sticky situation for you.

Donna: I wasn't thinking about myself.

Vicky: For once.

Donna: I don't know why she has to do this. She has a lovely man like Jamie who's absolutely crazy about her and --

Vicky: Thank you. Thanks.

Donna: If it weren't for her feelings for you and her concern for you, she and Jamie would be together.

Vicky: Instead of with her ex-husband who happens to have slept with you?

Donna: I made a stupid mistake and I lost my son because of it. I don't want Marley to lose --

Vicky: What about what I lose?

Donna: You?

Vicky: What -- what if Jamie and Marley run off into blissful happiness? What if Steven doesn't know who to call Mommy?

Donna: Is that what you're worried about?

Vicky: Don't you make me lose my son. Don't you push Marley towards Jamie.

Donna: I won't. I won't.

Michael: Oh, Taylor.

Taylor: Michael, what a surprise.

Michael: Hi. I'm here for a board meeting but I was actually hoping that you might have a few minutes to talk to me.

Taylor: Oh, sure, sure.

Michael: Are you free?

Taylor: Come on in.

Michael: Thanks. I -- I just talked to John.

Taylor: How is he?

Michael: Well, Sharlene has asked John to move out.

Taylor: I know.

Michael: You know?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Taylor, is there anything I can do?

Taylor: What are you thinking about?

Michael: I really don't know. I mean, I was hoping you might have an idea. Taylor, you said that things would get better when Sharlene's personalities started to integrate --

Taylor: It was a hope, not a conviction. There's no guarantees in psychiatry.

Michael: You don't seem very concerned.

Taylor: Of course, I'm concerned.

Michael: Well, then, why don't you do something?

Taylor: Because Sharlene is my patient, not John.

Michael: Has John's work suffered at all?

Taylor: I haven't heard anything like that.

Michael: Well, his work means more to him than anything.

Taylor: You know, I really don't know him all that well. Why don't you tell me about him?

Michael: What do you want to know?

Taylor: Well, you're obviously very close.

Michael: Yeah, but I mean what exactly is it that -- that I can tell you? What?

Taylor: Well, anything that might be pertinent to this situation.

Michael: I -- I don't see what that's got to do with anything.

Taylor: Look, it just might help John get through this really hard time.

Michael: You really care about John, don't you?

Taylor: Well, he's Sharlene's husband.

Michael: Yeah, no, what I mean is he's -- he's -- he's more to you than just --

Taylor: I don't really get what you're -- you really mean.

Michael: He means more to you than just a number, I guess, is what I meant to say. A lot of doctors are kind of impersonal, but you seem to have taken the time to get to know Sharlene, and -- and now you want to take the time to get to know John.

Taylor: You know, it helps me to get a whole picture. And, um -- well, John -- he's a very special person.

[Knocking on door and whistling]

Grant: Hi.

Sharlene: What are you doing here?

Grant: Gee, thanks for that nice, cordial welcome.

Sharlene: Please answer my question.

Grant: Well, I just -- I just went to a luncheon with the league of women's voters, and now I got to go to a dinner with veterans of foreign wars. And I was in the neighborhood, so I thought that I would just drop by and --

Sharlene: That's not the truth, and you know it.

Grant: Well, maybe I just wasn't in --

Sharlene: Please, Grant.

Grant: Right in the neighborhood.

Sharlene: I told you last night that I needed time to myself.

Grant: I know, and I just wanted to check on you, that's all.

Sharlene: Well, I'm fine.

Grant: Well, you seem kind of like you're all tied up in knots.

Sharlene: Which is exactly why I don't need to be pressured at this point.

[Vehicle approaching]

Grant: Look, the last thing I want to do is pressure you. I mean, remember what I said last night, that any time you need help, I would do anything I could.

[Vehicle door slams]

Sharlene: Fine. I know that I can call you if I need to. What on earth is that?

Grant: It looks like a delivery truck.

Sharlene: We didn't expect anything. At least, I didn't.

Grant: Can I help you?

Man: Mrs. John Hudson?

Grant: Here, give it to me. I'll take care of it.

Man: All right, where does she want this?

Grant: Oh, bring it in here. Roll it off the porch, so she won't have to do it.

Man: All right.

Grant: I can sign right here?

Man: Sure. That's good.

Grant: Ok -- here you go. Let me give you a little something.

Man: No, it's all paid for.

Grant: That's all right. Here, just take it.

Man: Thanks a lot. Ok?

Grant: You bet.

Man: Have a nice day.

Sharlene: Get rid of this thing. Throw it away. Just get it out of here. Thanks for calling Dell.

Sharlene: Anyway, I just -- that trunk just brought back so many memories.

Grant: From your childhood -- and not all of them happy, obviously.

Sharlene: I can't imagine why Emma sent that thing.

Grant: Well, maybe she just wanted to help you, looking through all the things that are in there.

Sharlene: Ghosts.

Grant: Pardon?

Sharlene: That's what's in there. That trunk belonged to my brother, Jason. He's dead now.

Grant: Were the two of you close?

Sharlene: I thought we were. I was wrong.

Grant: Did he do something to hurt you?

Sharlene: And I carried him around with me, just like I carried that trunk around with me.

Grant: You know, maybe it's time you just get rid of all that stuff. What do you say?

Sharlene: You know, Jason asked me to take care of that thing while he was in the Navy. And I did it, 'cause I always did what Jason asked me to do. Even when Floyd died, I took care of that damn thing and I didn't take care of myself.

Grant: Sharlene, I think you got the right idea. Why -- why bring all this stuff back? You know? I mean, what is important is -- is the here and now.

Sharlene: Sharly was a prostitute. You know that?

Grant: I only know that I don't care what she was or what she did. I love her.

Sharlene: Was it really that simple?

Grant: Absolutely. The past doesn't mean anything to me. You taught me that. Don't you believe me?

Sharlene: Yeah, I do. And thank you.

Grant: No, no, don't thank me. Sharly gave me so much. She gave so much to me, so much for me. Look, I don't give a damn about this trunk. And neither should you.

Sharlene: I should tell you about my brother, Jason -- all about him.

Vicky: You like?

Ryan: It's great. But where am I going to hide the wire?

Vicky: Oh, it's hidden. Don't worry about it.

Ryan: Oh.

Vicky: Wanna find it?

Ryan: Ooh.

Vicky: Come on, don't be shy.

Ryan: I feel like I am committing a third class felony here.

Vicky: Why don't you try for second? Oh.

Ryan: Here.

Vicky: Yeah. You're good.

Ryan: Mm-hmm, I am. Marius won't see it.

Vicky: Now, could any of your policewomen pull this off like I can?

Ryan: You haven't pulled off anything yet.

Vicky: Can't you be nice?

Ryan: Well, if I did, you'd probably think I was a sucker.

Vicky: Yeah, right -- anybody who's nice to me, I think is a sucker. Your brother knows I am doing this, huh?

Ryan: Uh-huh.

Vicky: Bet he was tickled pink.

Ryan: Well, those weren't his exact words, but --

Vicky: No, bet they weren't.

Ryan: Besides, you don't have the training for this.

Vicky: Nope. But I've got the intangibles.

Ryan: You have pretty fair tangibles, too.

Vicky: You can be nice. I'm going to prove something to you.

Ryan: Hmm?

Vicky: To you, your brother, and all those people who want to get Marius. I'm going to trap this guy so neatly, it's going to go so smoothly, we're gonna --

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Go hide.

Ma n: Hudson?

Vicky: Yeah, that's me.

Man: For you, from Mr. Marius Sloan.

Vicky: Thank you.

Man: You're welcome.

Vicky: Please tell him I said thanks.

Vicky: Coast is clear. Come see this.

Ryan: From Marius?

Vicky: I must have made a damn good impression.

Ryan: Well, you know the old saying. He's come across -- so now it's time for you to come across.

Sharlene: No, no, you don't want to know about this.

Grant: I told you that I would be there for you. And if you want to tell me what terrible things brought Sharly out -- I mean, for the first-- you told John, haven't you?

Sharlene: Yes.

Grant: Why haven't you told me?

Sharlene: Not today, ok?

Grant: I am pushing a little too much, huh? Ok, ok, I'll back off. But I can handle it, I promise you, and maybe I might be able to help.

Sharlene: Well, thank you.

Grant: Ok, but the pleasure is really mine. Good to talk to you. I'll talk to you soon.

Sharlene: Grant -- you know, at first when I started remembering all that happened to me, it was difficult. But then when I did, it was pretty awful.

Grant: Ok, but you know if you ever want to talk about it, just let it all out --

Sharlene: Yeah, but it might change everything.

Grant: Never, never.

Grant: Take care.

Donna: Do you mean that you told this Dr. Benson all about John?

Michael: Well, I -- I told her what I thought might help. I mean, I don't know -- couldn't hurt at this point.

Donna: Did she say she would help?

Michael: Well, she said that she would do what she could. That she'd keep an eye on him.

Donna: Well, what else can she do, Michael, if John won't go and get help for himself?

Michael: Are you inferring that I might be interfering?

Donna: If John were my brother and I went to his wife's psychiatrist, what would you say?

Michael: Ok, I'd say you were interfering.

Donna: It's hard to see people that we love in so much pain.

Michael: Are you -- are you still talking about John?

Donna: Marley told me that she was in love with Jamie, but she is going to marry Jake.

Michael: What? What's she thinking of?

Donna: She feels sorry for Jake, and she's concerned about Victoria's feelings.

Michael: Oh, oh -- that makes-- that makes sense. We are not going to get involved in this. We're just going to stay out of it.

Donna: You're telling me that you are going to sit back, and watch her remarry Jake McKinnon?

Michael: Yes. If that's what it takes, yes. I mean, she's an adult, she can make up her own mind. She's a grown up.

Donna: No, I don't care. I'm not going to let my daughter throw her life away.

Jake: Iris, Iris, Iris. You will get your material when I get my money. It's as simple as that. Iris.

Marley: Hello.

Jake: Listen, pal, gotta run. Hello.

Marley: Hello.

Jake: At the clinic?

Marley: Oh, at the clinic.

Jake: See Jamie?

Marley: Oh, be direct?

Jake: That guy's got a thing for you, you know that?

Marley: Well, he shouldn't. He should know I'm taken, by you, you, and only you.

Marius: May I say, my love, you are an absolute vision.

Vicky: Thank you.

Marius: And this place, what a sense of style.

Ryan: What a line of bull. You still got him in your -- in your glasses?

Man: Perfect view.

Marius: I hope you liked my little gift.

Vicky: Oh, who wouldn't?

Marius: It goes perfectly with your coloring.

Vicky: Really? I hadn't noticed.

Marius: Well, I did. Your eyes, your skin, such beautiful skin.

Man: He's kissing her.

Ryan: Oh, man, I hope she can handle this.

Vicky: Marius, may -- may I call you Marius?

Marius: Why not?

Vicky: You know, just because you didn't give me this --

Marius: You know something? You talk too much.

Man: Man, is he really coming on with her.

Ryan: Damn, transmitter's dead.

Man: You're kidding?

Ryan: Did he get the wire?

Vicky: [Panting] Marius, I mean, we hardly even know each other.

Marius: Oh, I know who you are. And I know exactly what you're up to, my love.

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