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Another World Transcript Thursday 7/20/06

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Amanda: Be careful.

Evan: Whoa. Boy, you're a heavy sleeper.

Amanda: I was tired.

Evan: Yeah? Small wonder. Good morning.

Evan: I made you some coffee, or we can heat it up later and drink it.

Amanda: Oh, my gosh, look what time it is.

Evan: So?

Amanda: My mother is going to beat us to the office.

Evan: Well, Amanda, it's --

Amanda: She expects the work to be done, you know? I mean, I didn't go home last night, Evan. She thinks I was up all night at the office working, and if the work isn't there and if we are not there --

Evan: That's right. We got to fly. Let's go.

Amanda: Where's my other shoe?

Evan: There's one on the windowsill.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: Why are you smiling?

Ken: [Whispering] Good morning, Rachel.

Rachel: Why are you whispering?

Ken: Because you have a hangover. I am trying to be sympathetic.

Rachel: I don't have a hangover. I just had a bad night's sleep.

Ken: Ah, you're in denial already. How long you been up?

Rachel: How long are you going to gloat?

Ken: What, me gloat?

Rachel: It's all right. I understand. I was merciless to you when you had --

Ken: Ooh.

Rachel: -- Tied one on in San Cristobal.

Ken: Would you like me to make you one of those pick-me-ups you made me down there?

Rachel: No, I can manage. Thank you.

Ken: Would you like me to tell you where you left your car?

Rachel: My car? I remember.

Ken: Would you like some help?

Rachel: I will be fine. I will take my head off at the neck. I will feel better in no time. You may wait here.

Ken: Rachel, are you sure you are going to go out?

Rachel: I have to go out. I have to go to the office. Amanda's been there all night. Ken?

Ken: Yeah?

Rachel: In spite of the way I feel this morning, I do remember that I enjoyed dancing with you quite a bit last night.

Ken: I enjoyed it, too.

Rachel: Good. We ought to do that again when I am feeling better.

Paulina: I hope you weren't planning on leaving without saying good-bye.

Jake: Oh, honey, I -- I didn't want to wake you up.

Paulina: I'm up now. Come here.

Jake: Hey, did you look at the clock?

Paulina: It's morning.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it usually is when the sun comes in the east like that.

Paulina: But I thought -- you slept here all night?

Jake: Looks that way.

Paulina: Well, you got to get out of here. What if somebody sees you?

Jake: Hey, I am on my way. I'll call you later, all right?

Paulina: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: I don't like adventure. I never did. So what do I do? I get a job that centers around deadlines, and I am seeing a man that my family would love to have strung up --

Evan: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I'll handle that. Besides, we didn't do anything wrong.

Amanda: I know that, and you know that, but my mother is not exactly going to write it in my baby book that we're sleeping together, Evan, believe me.

Evan: Listen to me. What are you worried about? We went over the year-end summary. We went over the budget. We went over the figures. What do you have to worry about?

Amanda: That I look like I only got two hours sleep.

Evan: That's good. She'll think we have been up all night.

Amanda: She's going to know, Evan. She's just going to look at me, and she's going to know.

Evan: Look, we've done the work. We have the same clothes on. It's going to be a piece of cake.

Amanda: She's going to know. Mothers just know these things.

Evan: Well, she's going to find out sooner or later.

Amanda: Well, I just hope it isn't today because I'm -- I'm really not up for it, you know?

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: You understand that?

Evan: Yeah, I understand. As long as you're back to me, I don't care who knows or who doesn't know.

Amanda: Zip me.

Evan: Zip you. Hold still. All right, all right, all right, all right, here we go.

Amanda: That's good enough. Leave it there. All right.

Amanda: All right, this is getting really crazy, Evan. We still have to finish the report.

Evan: Ok, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll bring the little computer along. I'll go over the numbers, and you drive. How's that?

Amanda: Ok, sounds good.

Evan: Ok?

Amanda: Stop kissing me.

Evan: Ok, ok.

Amanda: I am not sorry about any of this. I want you to know that.

Amanda: We're going to be late.

Evan: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Amanda: I don't care.

Evan: Yeah? Oh, yes, you do care. Ooh.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Paulina, are you awake?

Paulina: Oh, great. Yes.

Rachel: May I come in?

Paulina: She's going to know something is wrong.

Jake: Look, she's not going to know something is wrong if she walks in here and finds me?

Rachel: Paulina?

Paulina: Just a minute, Rachel.

Paulina: Yes.

Rachel: Good morning.

Paulina: Morning.

Rachel: You all right?

Paulina: I'm fine. I just overslept.

Rachel: Oh, yeah. I know all about that. What are your plans today?

Paulina: Plans?

Rachel: Are you going to work?

Paulina: Probably.

Rachel: Aw, I could really use some help.

Paulina: My -- my help?

Rachel: Yeah, you see, I've got to get to the office, and I have all of these errands to run. Could I -- could I come in and sit down for a minute?

Paulina: No.

Rachel: No?

Paulina: I -- I just got out of bed. I am not dressed yet.

Rachel: Oh, I am really not feeling really good.

Paulina: I am sorry. Do you have a bug or something?

Rachel: No, it's self- inflicted. You see, I left my car at a friend's house last night, and the limo is in the shop, and I have to get to work, so I was hoping you could call Jake and help me out this morning.

Paulina: W-well, I-I-I'll see if I can get in touch with him.

Rachel: Would you?

Paulina: Yeah.

Rachel: That would be really great.

Paulina: Sure.

Rachel: Thanks a lot.

Paulina: Ok.

Rachel: Wait a minute. I am really in a hurry. Do you think you could make it in five minutes?

Paulina: Five? Sure.

Rachel: Great. Ok.

Paulina: Ok.

Rachel: If you need some help with Jake, ok, I owe you.

Paulina: I can handle Jake, no problem.

Rachel: Good, ok, downstairs?

Paulina: Downstairs. See you then. You have to get out of here now.

Jake: No kidding.

Paulina: You can't go out the front door. I mean -- and Jake could be there or -- or -- Jake. Jamie, Matthew, anyone.

Jake: Fine, I'll go out the back.

Paulina: No, the kitchen stairway?

Jake: Yeah.

Paulina: No, the cook does the crossword puzzle there until 10:30 every morning.

Jake: Oh, so -- so, I -- I can't go out the front.

Paulina: No.

Jake: I can't go out the back. Is there a middle?

Paulina: Jake, this isn't funny.

Jake: Do I look amused?

Paulina: What are we going to do?

Jake: All right. You go put some clothes on because I have an idea when Rachel says five minutes, she really means three, and -- and -- and I'll just wait until you guys -- until you guys drive away. I'll sneak out. Hopefully, nobody will see us.

Paulina: Ok. No, no, no, no, you can't do that. The maid comes in here every morning to make up the bed as soon as she knows that we're up.

Jake: No way.

Paulina: Jake, think.

Jake: All right. I am not going out the window. That's a long way down, Paulina.

Paulina: All right, all right, all right, ok, listen, I'll go downstairs and wait for Rachel. She has to cross by here in order to go down. So you wait here. Wait till she crosses by. Then you go out into the hallway, a-a-a-and wait at the top of the stairs.

Jake: Then what?

Paulina: Take my cue. I'll keep her occupied, and then you can make a run for the front door.

Jake: Are you crazy? I am going to run for the front door?

Paulina: Oh, my --

Jake: What?

Paulina: Your motorcycle.

Jake: Oh, don't worry about that. I hid that last night so that nobody could see. It's not a problem.

Paulina: Oh, really? Pretty sure you were going to spend the night, huh?

Jake: Maybe.

Paulina: Don't you worry. I'll get you out of this.

Jake: Don't worry?

Paulina: After last night, I won't let anything happen to you. Be careful, ok?

Jake: All right.

Ken: Qin dynasty funeral urn.

Ken: Arabic for Sumerian shrub.

Paulina: Ken.

Ken: Hi.

Paulina: Does Rachel know you're here?

Ken: Unless she forgot our conversation of five minutes ago.

Paulina: We're going out.

Ken: "We"? Who?

Paulina: Me a-and Rachel.

Ken: She's actually going out?

Paulina: Yeah, she asked me to give her a lift to town.

Ken: No kidding.

Paulina: I think she's really beginning to like me.

Ken: Yeah, looks that way.

Paulina: Yeah.

Ken: I'm glad for you. Oh, there she is. You're looking better. Glad to see you left your head attached.

Rachel: It was not an easy decision. I'm sorry I got you out of bed so quickly, but I really have to go to the office.

Paulina: Oh, I don't mind, believe me. I did not mean to oversleep. Do you mind if I have some coffee? Would you like some?

Rachel: Yes.

Paulina: Great. How about you, Ken?

Ken: Sure.

Paulina: Terrific. I didn't -- I didn't know Ken was here.

Rachel: Yes, he came over to tell me where I put my car last night, and to find out if I still felt like living.

Ken: I gather you do.

Rachel: Barely.

Paulina: That's the problem with partying. It's no fun the way you feel the next morning. Here you go.

Ken: Thank you.

Paulina: I'm a terrible drinker myself. You know, couple glasses of wine, that's it. That's my limit. So what did -- what did you two do last night?

[Doorbell rings]

Paulina: I'll get that.

Paulina: Marley.

Marley: Hi, Paulina. I'm glad you are still home.

Paulina: I -- I am.

Marley: I was wondering, have you seen

Paulina: Jake McKinnon?

Marley: Do you know another Jake?

Paulina: This morning?

Marley: Well, I called him last night and left a message asking him to meet me at Paradise after dinner, but he never showed up.

Paulina: No kidding.

Marley: Then I stopped by the loft this morning, and he wasn't there, either.

Paulina: He wasn't?

Marley: I guess you haven't seen him.

Paulina: No, no, I --

Marley: Shoot, I'm starting to get a little worried about him.

Paulina: Oh, don't, don't, he's fine.

Marley: He is?

Paulina: I just spoke to him on the phone.

Marley: You did?

Paulina: Yeah, just -- just a few minutes ago. He was in Chicago last night. He went to rent out some equipment, and the traffic was really bad on the Dan Ryan getting back, so he didn't get home till real late. He was probably sleeping when you went by the loft.

Marley: Yeah, probably. Well, I'm glad I thought to talk to you.

Paulina: Yeah, I'm glad you're glad.

Marley: Hi.

Rachel: Everything all right, Marley?

Marley: Rachel, yes. Hello, Mr. Jordan. I -- I was just stopping by to see where Jake was, and Paulina set me straight.

Rachel: Oh, well, would you like to stay and -- and wait to see Steven? Vicky should be bringing him over later.

Paulina: I -- I think that Steven has a play date this morning.

Rachel: Oh.

Paulina: Yeah.

Rachel: Well, I didn't know about that.

Paulina: You ready to go?

Rachel: Yes, I am. It was nice to see you, Marley.

Marley: It was nice to see you, too.

Ken: I'll meet up with you at the office in a little while, and we will see if we can track down your car.

Rachel: All right, that would be great.

Felicia: May I come in?

Lucas: Of course.

Felicia: I just wanted you to know that I'm leaving town today.

Lucas: That makes two of us.

Felicia: I'm going to Africa to see Mitch.

Lucas: Hope you packed your bug spray.

Felicia: I did. Hope you packed your lead vest.

Lucas: I don't want to talk about this, Fanny.

Felicia: Oh, come on, Luke. You are not still going ahead with that idiotic plan?

Lucas: I am in no mood.

Felicia: Do you have any idea what kind of risk you are taking?

Lucas: I don't have a choice.

Felicia: These aren't people that you can con. You know that.

Lucas: I don't know anything until I try.

Felicia: This is organized crime. This isn't a bunch of punks on Gold Street.

Lucas: I'm aware of that, Fanny.

Felicia: Well, then what is it? What -- what? Do you have some kind of a death wish?

Lucas: No, no. I want to live, but I'm not going to wait around until Harrison and his boys put me behind bars for the rest of my life. I've made up my mind. There's no compromise.

Felicia: What deal did you make? I mean, who's backing you up?

Lucas: I don't need anybody.

Felicia: Oh, right. Right. You're just going to take on a whole room of these guys with nicknames like "killer," and you're going to do it all by yourself.

Lucas: Fanny, I sat on my behind, and I waited for months until the government came in and spoke to me, but they didn't do that. They just revoked my immunity and went on about their business. Well, now it's time for me to take action, and you know something? It feels great.

Felicia: If you think I'm going to let you just sacrifice yourself, you got another thing coming, Luke.

Lucas: Oh, now you are going to threaten me, too?

Felicia: Luke, I could make your life miserable, and you know it.

Rachel: They're not here. I guess they must be in Amanda's office.

Paulina: Do you want me to check?

Rachel: No, it's all right. I'll call them in a minute. Thank you so much for chauffeuring me around this morning.

Paulina: Oh, it's no problem. In fact, I'm glad you did.

Rachel: What on earth is this?

Paulina: Something wrong?

Rachel: These are all the old notes.

Paulina: Is that bad?

Rachel: What on earth were they doing last night?

Amanda: Hi, Mom, what time did you get here?

Rachel: You didn't finish.

Amanda: Mom --

Rachel: The annual report was supposed to be at the printers a half an hour ago. These are all of the old notes -- the incomplete notes.

Amanda: I know. These are the old numbers here.

Rachel: I know what they are. What I don't know is why you didn't finish this job. What on earth were you two doing last night?

Lucas: You can't do anything to me you haven't already done, Fanny.

Felicia: Luke.

Lucas: And don't look at me with those eyes and expect me to melt like jell-o because it doesn't work anymore.

Felicia: I know you are mad at me. Well, I'm mad at you, too.

Lucas: No kidding.

Felicia: I just want you to listen to me. Can you do that? I -- all the trouble that you've had with so many peoples so many times I can't even begin to recount them all to you.

Lucas: Ok, come on, Fanny, read me the list of dirty laundry. Come on.

Felicia: I am the only one who ever stood by you. You know that. You remember it, don't you?

Lucas: Yeah, and you've written me off how many times?

Felicia: Yes, and do you know why? Because you never learn anything. I keep thinking maybe I could teach you a lesson. Maybe you'll see that you can't walk all over everybody -- people who you care about, people that you don't care about -- and come up smelling like a rose, because it doesn't work like that. You're just so damn stubborn, Luke, and this time -- this time, you are heading for a fall, I know it.

Lucas: I don't see it that way.

Felicia: Would you just try and listen to me, please?

Lucas: I'm listening, Fanny. I'm listening.

Felicia: This is your last chance.

Lucas: I know. That's why I have to go to the cartel.

Felicia: No, no, no, don't you see it? This is your last chance to prove to me, to -- to prove to the authorities, but mostly to prove to yourself that you can live by the law.

Lucas: Oh, the law. The law wants me to make license plates for the next 25 years. I find that a terrible waste of my potential.

Felicia: How can you joke about this?

Lucas: When are you going to realize I've made up my mind?

Felicia: Ok, ok. You are just so hell bent on being this stupid hero that you think the only way you're going to clear your name is to just hand yourself over to the wolves. At least, can't you agree to get some help?

Lucas: Who? Harrison and one of his --

Felicia: Yes, why not?

Lucas: No, thanks. Now, you can't be serious.

Felicia: I am serious. I know if you go to the investigating committee, I know if you tell them what you want to do, I know that they will help you.

Lucas: This is my game, not --

Felicia: What kind of game? What? What are you trying to prove here? What -- that you are some kind of a macho -- macho stud? Criminal stud?

Lucas: That's what I'm trying to prove.

Felicia: I'm not going to let you do it.

Lucas: What are you -- my mother?

Felicia: No. I am your friend. I am probably the only friend you still have, and I don't know why you are pushing me away.

Lucas: Because I have to, Fanny. I have to do this by myself. Don't you understand that?

Felicia: Luke, Luke. Ok, ok. Let's say by some miracle, you pull off this asinine stunt, what? What then? I mean, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Lucas: Do you really want to know?

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: I'll start my life all over -- away from this town, away from all of those people who tried to nail me to a rug, away from you, Fanny Grady. You don't want me, and neither does this town. I'll clear my name and get out of here.

Amanda: What do you mean, what were we doing?

Evan: We just came back from the printers. Amanda was going over the revised report.

Rachel: You did finish?

Evan: Yeah, she wanted to go over the revised edition before it went to the printer.

Rachel: Well, how did it look after the rewrite?

Amanda: Well, I mean, it was tough work, but I think you're going to like it.

Rachel: Oh.

Evan: She did a great job, Rachel, didn't she?

Rachel: What a relief. I'm sorry I snapped. I just -- I came in, you guys weren't here, and -- and these are all the incomplete notes.

Amanda: Well, why don't you come with me down to typeset and w-we'll proof it there so that we can save some time.

Rachel: Ok, let's go. Oh, Paulina, honey, thanks a lot for driving me over here. You can go to work if you have to.

Paulina: Are you sure you don't need me anymore?

Rachel: Absolutely. Are you ready, Amanda?

Amanda: Yes. I'd like Evan to come.

Rachel: Why?

Amanda: Just in case there's any problems he can clear up. He knows what I wrote.

Rachel: All right. Evan?

Evan: Sure. I'd be glad to.

Ken: Comfy?

Paulina: Rachel's not here.

Ken: Oh, I know that. You're looking mighty pleased with yourself.

Paulina: This has been the best morning I have had in a long, long, long time.

Ken: Oh, I'm glad to hear it's improving. You looked a little nervous over at the house.

Paulina: I was. I'm nervous around Rachel. I mean, I'm always worried about what I'm saying and doing the right thing and --

Ken: She doesn't expect you to be perfect, you know.

Paulina: I don't want to blow it, Ken.

Ken: Paulina, you are doing wonderfully. Rachel is really beginning to take a liking to you.

Paulina: You know, I always feel like my father is still alive when I come in here.

Ken: Well, I have a feeling you're going to be able to call him that to everyone before long. I'm happy for you.

Paulina: Do you think my mother would have been happy about all this?

Ken: I'm sure she would have been happy.

Paulina: Well, I better get going. Jake is expecting me.

Ken: Mm, I have a feeling it won't be long before you won't need that little job at Visions anymore.

Paulina: I like my job.

Ken: You like your boss.

Paulina: Ken.

Ken: Come on, Paulina, don't play coy with me. I'm too old to fall for it.

Paulina: Well, what would be so wrong with it if I did?

Ken: I'm not going to get into that again.

Paulina: I like Jake. A lot.

Ken: Eh, well, I don't trust Jake a lot.

Paulina: Well, that's too bad, because I do. He's a very special person, and I'm glad he's in my life. Bye, Ken.

Paulina's voice: I'll get you out of here. Don't worry.

Jake's voice: Don't worry?

Paulina's voice: I wouldn't let anything happen to you, not after last night.

Jake: It's working.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Ok.

Marley: Hi, you're back.

Jake: Yeah, how did you know I, uh -- how did you know I was gone?

Marley: Paulina told me you went to Chicago. Didn't she tell you?

Jake: Tell me what?

Marley: That she told me.

Jake: Well, I haven't seen her all day.

Marley: Oh, you haven't? That's funny.

Jake: What?

Marley: Well, when I came to the or, I was so sure that I heard her voice.

Jake: I was listening to the messages on the machine. The last one was from Paulina.

Marley: Oh. Could have sworn I heard the two of you having a conversation.

Jake: Yeah, I was talking -- I was talking back to the machine. I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm a little grumpy.

Marley: Yeah, I remember that mood.

Jake: I'm sorry about last night.

Marley: It's ok, I just got a little worried, which is why I stopped by the Corys' to talk to Paulina.

Jake: I -- I should have called.

Marley: No, I was just being silly, but --

Jake: Just what? What?

Marley: I just haven't felt that feeling in a long time -- that -- that worried feeling for you. When we were married, I felt it all the time. You know, I would sit in the dining room at Vince and Mary's, peek out the curtains until you drove up.

Jake: I never knew that.

Marley: I never told you before.

Jake: That's why I never knew.

Marley: You'd be whistling, carrying flowers, have a bag of groceries on the back of the motorcycle. I must say, that is one of my favorite sounds in the world -- hearing you gunning up the motor when you were coming up the hill until you got into the driveway.

Marley: So how is your mistress?

Jake: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Marley: Your mistress. Visions. You really are grumpy this morning.

Jake: Well, you just -- you just caught me off -- a little off guard with that. Why would you call Visions my mistress?

Marley: Because it keeps you away from me at night. Not that I mind. I'm glad it's your job and not another woman. I --

Jake: Marley.

Marley: Really respect how dedicated you are to this place. And everybody is -- is really impressed with -- with what you've done here.

Jake: That's great. That's great.

Marley: I do wish we had more time together. I have a good feeling about us.

Jake: So do I.

Marley: This project that Iris gave you takes up all of your time, doesn't it?

Jake: That's the one that's taking up all the time.

Marley: Well, do you think it's going to be tapering off anytime soon?

Jake: I hope so. But this project is -- this is making us a lot of money.

Marley: That's good.

Jake: Marley, I am doing this for you.

Marley: No, I want you to do it for yourself.

Jake: No, I -- I -- when I start over I want to be 100 miles ahead of where we were. I do not want to blow this.

Marley: Jake, give yourself a break, honey. I'm here, aren't I?

Jake: Yes, you are.

Paulina: I probably needed a jump-start after that rude awakening this morning so --

Rachel: Well, that went so well I'm wondering what's going to go wrong now.

Amanda: Nothing's going to go wrong, mom.

Ken: So the annual report is complete.

Rachel: Amanda saw it through.

Amanda: With a lot of help from evan.

Evan: Well, I think it's the least I could do.

Rachel: Oh, come on, it can't be fun to numbers crunch all night long.

Evan: Well, actually that is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm told I'm quite good at it.

Rachel: Well, yes, we know that. You all right?

Amanda: Yes. Just a little punchy. Over tired.

Rachel: Oh, I expect so. Well, why don't you go home and get some rest? Probably feel like you haven't been in bed for a week.

Amanda: Yeah, I do feel that way.

Rachel: Where's iris? She didn't come back last night, did she?

Amanda: That's all right. I don't really think she would have been much of a help to us anyway.

Rachel: Well, she shouldn't have left you with all of it.

Amanda: I'm going to go down and make sure the bindings are the right ones they're putting on these reports.

Rachel: I'll see you at home.

Amanda: Evan, do you -- do you want to come with me?

Evan: Yeah, I'd like to go with you.

Rachel: Well, I'm proud of you, sweetie.

Amanda: Thanks, mom. That's nice to hear. Good-bye, ken.

Ken: Congratulations, you two.

Rachel: Am I imagining it?

Ken: No. I was beginning to think I was imagining things.

Rachel: Oh, I don't trust evan.

Ken: Apparently, Amanda does. I think you're going to have to come to terms with it, Rachel. Those two can't keep their eyes off each other.

Felicia: Why are you doing this, Luke? Are you deliberately trying to drive me crazy? Is that it?

Lucas: End of story, fanny. I'm through talking.

Felicia: Well, I'm not.

Lucas: Yeah, I got that impression.

Felicia: Don't get wise with me, Luke. I know you think that no one has ever given you a chance.

Lucas: I don't think. It's just a plain and simple fact.

Felicia: All right, all right. I'll even agree to maybe you're right, but do you really think your odds are good if you're going to go down and wiretap this cartel?

Lucas: They are as good as they are here.

Felicia: No one here is trying to blow your head off.

Lucas: You don't see, do you, fanny? Getting my head blown off or spending the rest of my life in prison hold the same appeal for me.

Felicia: You could stay here. You could defend yourself. You could clear your name.

Lucas: I don't have a chance, and you know it. Fanny, I'm not doing this for you. I'm not doing it for Iris. I am doing it for me.

Felicia: You are not thinking straight, Luke.

Lucas: Oh, I'm thinking perfectly straight. I tried to talk to Harrison. He turned a deaf ear to me. Then I tried to get to him personally, and you know what a fiasco that turned out to be.

Felicia: Doesn't that tell you anything? Doesn't that tell you that you can't break the law? Because you are going to get caught.

Felicia: You're not going to budge, are you?

Lucas: I've made up my mind.

Felicia: Ok. Ok, fine.

Lucas: Oh, you understand?

Felicia: Sure. I mean, if you want to go down there and risk your life, sure, I understand.

Lucas: .

Felicia: That way, at least I can keep my eye on you.

Lucas: Excuse me?

Felicia: I'm going with you.

Lucas: In your dreams. Go to Africa, Fanny. Go to your husband. Go see the wildebeests migrate or something.

Felicia: I'm going with you, or you're not going at all. Wow, last year I had a baby,

Jake: Marley, the espresso is really good. You sure you don't want some?

Paulina: I would have brought you some, Marley, if I had known --

Marley: Really, I'm ok. Paulina, when you came to the door, you said that Jake had had a bad morning?

Paulina: I wouldn't call it bad exactly. Would you call it --

Jake: No, it was just kind of busy, though.

Marley: I was just wondering if you had talked to Jake since I had seen you at the Corys' today.

Jake: Oh, why would you talk to me when --

Paulina: When he called me to tell me he was coming back into town, he told me it was going to be a busy day.

Jake: Yeah, that Iris is something else. Lucky I went to Chicago the way I did. Otherwise, she would think I was slacking on the project.

Marley: What exactly is this project?

Jake: It's corporate practices.

Paulina: Ad sales.

Marley: That specific?

Jake: Well, actually, it's a little bit of both. That's why it's so complicated.

Paulina: And so time-consuming.

Jake: Right.

Marley: Well, it looks like you two have more than you can handle.

Paulina: We're doing fine.

Marley: Why don't I help? I have nothing to do today. I have no fundraising, and I hate being idle.

Paulina: Jake?

Jake: It's really sweet of you, honey. It really is, but there's not really much for you to do. Really.

Marley: I understand. You don't want me around.

Jake: I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

Marley: Oh, I'm kidding. You don't have to walk on eggshells with me. I know where I stand with you.

Marley: We still on for dinner tonight?

Paulina: We could be tied up here for hours.

Jake: I'll call you as soon as I'm done. All right?

Marley: I'll see you then.

Jake: See you then.

Marley: Paulina, don't let him work too hard.

Paulina: What are you thinking?

Jake: You really don't want to know.

Paulina: Is she deaf? Is she blind? You made it so obvious to her that you didn't want her around. I wonder why she didn't get the hint.

Jake: Well, I told you I didn't want to hurt you. I --

Paulina: You used me. Didn't you, Jake?

Jake: Wait, wait.

Paulina: You got me into bed. You told me it was all over with Marley, and it was all a lie wasn't it?

Jake: I told you I didn't want to hurt her.

Paulina: No.

Jake: Do you understand?

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Come in.

Ken: Got a minute?

Amanda: Sure.

Ken: I wanted to thank you for last night.

Amanda: Me?

Ken: Yeah, I know that you encouraged your Mom to come see me. We ended up having a really nice time together. First time in a long time.

Amanda: Well, good. I'm glad she had a good time.

Ken: Even if it was with me?

Amanda: You seem to make her happy, Ken. I'm not going to stand in the way of that. Not anymore.

Ken: Times have changed.

Amanda: Yes, they have.

Ken: I mean, you and Evan. You two must have put in quite a night to get everything you got done.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. We did.

Ken: I mean, you sacrificed your evening so that your mother could get out of here. I thank you.

Amanda: Welcome.

Ken: If I can ever return the favor, you know where to find me.

Rachel: You still here?

Evan: Yes, I was just straightening these books up for you before I go.

Rachel: Well, don't let me stop you.

Evan: Ok.

Rachel: Evan?

Evan: Yes.

Rachel: I'm going to ask you something, and you're probably not going to want to answer me.

Evan: Ok.

Rachel: It would seem that you and Amanda have reached some sort of an understanding.

Evan: Yes, we have.

Rachel: So the two of you are --

Evan: We are trying.

Rachel: I see.

Evan: Do you still have a problem with that?

Rachel: You know I do. I told you I did.

Evan: Yes, you did.

Rachel: You are tough, Evan. I don't think you bruise easily.

Evan: No, Rachel, I've been hurt.

Rachel: Amanda isn't like you, Evan.

Evan: I know. That's why I'm taking my time, and I'm not going to rush anything.

Rachel: She's gone from her mother's house to her husband's house and back to her mother's house again. She needs some time to be by herself, single for a while. Do you understand what I am saying?

Evan: I think so.

Rachel: Before she jumps into another relationship, Evan, she needs to do some soul searching.

Evan: Rachel, I know that's what you want, but we have to let Amanda make her own decision.

Rachel: Yes, and we will.

Evan: Now, I love her, and I will not do anything to hurt her.

Rachel: If you love her, Evan, you'll put her needs before your own. It's very easy to hurt the people we love.

Lucas: This isn't funny.

Felicia: I'm not joking.

Lucas: I'm not going to trot down and see the boys with Felicia Gallant on my arm.

Felicia: Why not? I'm willing to take that chance.

Lucas: Well, I'm not.

Felicia: Why? Because you know it's so dangerous?

Lucas: Fanny, listen, you go to Africa or do what you want. I'll take care of everything, ok?

Felicia: Don't patronize me, Luke.

Lucas: Don't tell me what to do.

Felicia: Then stop acting like an over-aged Rambo. You're asking for your own death warrant. Don't you see that? And I can't let you do it.

Lucas: Why should you worry about that? If I left this town today, what impact would it have on your life?

Felicia: Stop it.

Lucas: You don't want me. O wait around for a husband who cares so much that he takes an African job for God knows how long.

Felicia: Stop it.

Lucas: No, I won't stop it. You don't see it, do you?

Felicia: See what?

Felicia: You want me around when Mitch is not here but not when he is here, and I'm tired of being in the middle.

Felicia: I know how angry you are at me.

Lucas: I told you what I wanted months ago, but you made it abundantly clear that you didn't. But you wouldn't let me go, either. You wanted me around so I could moon over you.

Felicia: That's not what I wanted -- it's not.

Lucas: Well, it's not what I want, Fanny. I am not Michael Hudson or one of your other squeaky clean friends. I am me, and I do things my way.

Felicia: Luke, please listen to me.

Lucas: I have listened to you. I listened to you the night that I told you about Grant Harrison. I am sorry I screwed up. I am sorry Frankie got kidnapped. And I listened to you when you let me have it, but that's over now and I'm going to -- I'm going to change my life, Fanny.

Felicia: What are you saying?

Lucas: I don't need you anymore. Don't give me that hurt look, Fanny. You haven't wanted me to need you since we were 16 years old, but you couldn't end it. But I'm going to make it easy for you. I'm going to do it for you.

Felicia: Luke.

Felicia: You're wrong. You are so wrong.

Evan: Well, your mother knows.

Amanda: She what?

Evan: She's got the picture about us.

Amanda: I thought that's what was going on.

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Ken was in here a little while ago hinting around. What did she say to you?

Evan: Told me to be careful and not to hurt you.

Amanda: You know, we're not going to have an easy time with her.

Evan: Well, I didn't think that we would.

Amanda: Everybody's going to have to get used to us, even my mother.

Evan: Well, I like that.

Evan: Whoa. Are all those messages for you?

Amanda: Yeah, these are all from the printer. Except this one. It's from Hilda.

Evan: Hmm.

Amanda: Sam called to talk to Alli.

Evan: Hmm.

Amanda: I suppose that means he is coming back to town.

Evan: Well, do you think that he will?

Amanda: He's going to have to come back some time.

Evan: Yeah, I know that.

Amanda: How does that make you feel?

Evan: Well, as long as I know you want me, I don't care.

Amanda: I do.

Evan: Well, let him walk through that door right now.

Rachel: Jamie's had very unusual hours lately, but he has managed to tell me a little bit about the clinic. He's terribly excited about it.

Marley: Oh, good.

Rachel: I'm happy to make this donation, but I don't understand why he didn't ask me himself.

Marley: There are two reasons, I think. One, I'm handling all the fundraising. But two, I don't think he wants to ask you for money or for anything.

Rachel: You understand him.

Marley: I'm starting to, yes.

Rachel: Did you find Jake?

Marley: I did.

Rachel: How is he?

Marley: We're trying to get back together.

Rachel: Well, I hope you get what you want.

Marley: Rachel, Iris has him working on a project, though. It's taking up most of his time.

Rachel: Oh, that must be the new project. I don't know much about it.

Marley: Jake makes it sound very complicated. We don't have much time to work things out. Excuse me.

Rachel: Oh, because of Iris? She can be very demanding.

Marley: Well, we don't even have time to have dinner together lately.

Rachel: Oh, it's all right. I'll talk to Iris.

Marley: Oh, no, you don't have to do that. I just --

Rachel: No, it's all right. It's important to have a personal life. This way I can ask her a little bit about this secret project of hers.

Jake: Wait.

Paulina: We made love last night, Jake.

Jake: I'm aware of that.

Paulina: And then you have the nerve to ask your ex-wife out on a date right in front of my eyes?

Jake: I didn't have a choice.

Paulina: I don't like the way this whole thing is playing out.

Jake: I need time. I thought you understood that.

Paulina: I've been down this road before. I think I told you that. I've been a stand-in for a broken heart before, and I just -- I just can't do it anymore.

Jake: Tonight, when I take her out to dinner, I'll explain it to her. I'll, uh -- I'll tell her it's over between us.

Paulina: Are you going to tell her about us?

Jake: I don't know.

Paulina: You know, Jake, it might be easier for her to accept it if you tell her that you're seeing someone else.

Jake: This is crazy.

Paulina: Look, I don't want to crowd you.

Jake: Yeah.

Paulina: Jake. Jake, look at me. I like you. I like being with you, but I'm not looking for any marriage proposal.

Jake: That's a relief.

Paulina: I just -- I think we could have fun together.

Jake: So do I.

Paulina: So let me help.

Jake: How?

Paulina: I don't like lies. I've dealt with too many of them in my life.

Paulina: If you don't want to tell Marley, I will.

Jake: Wait.

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