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Another World Transcript Monday 7/17/06

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Jake: I don't like this room.

Iris: Well, I'm sorry about that, Jake, but I have interns crawling all over my office, and this is the only place I could talk to you in private.

Jake: There is not much to say, Iris.

Iris: Well, I have something to say. I want to know why you didn't plant that bug in Paulina's room.

Jake: Because I haven't been in Paulina's room.

Iris: Well, haven't you tried the obvious approach?

Jake: Yes, I did.

Iris: And?

Jake: I felt like garbage, and it didn't work.

Iris: You mean she turned you down, Jake?

Jake: I mean, Iris, Paulina is very protective of her room in your father's house. She doesn't feel like entertaining. I can't blame her.

Iris: Look, Jake, Rachel is about to say that that creature is my father's daughter.

Jake: Well, then --

Iris: I have to prove that she is scheming to get my money.

Jake: Then why don't you plant the bug yourself, Iris?

Iris: I can't do that. You have to get in there.

Jake: What would you like me to do -- throw her over my shoulder, carry her up the stairs, and have my way with her?

Iris: Jake, I don't care what you do! You can knock her down for all I care, but you have to get into that girl's room and plant that bug.

Paulina: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Paulina, hi.

Paulina: Planning a new addition to the house?

Jamie: These are the preliminary sketches for the waterfront clinic I'm opening up.

Paulina: With Marley?

Jamie: She's doing a lot of the fundraising, and yes, she's involved.

Paulina: Must be very good for her right now.

Jamie: What do you mean?

Paulina: Well, a project like this that takes up so much of her time -- it must help her get through the loneliness.

Jamie: Marley is not lonely.

Paulina: Well, I know she wants to get back together with Jake.

Jamie: You do?

Paulina: Yeah, that's why I thought she'd be glad to have a project like this. I mean, if things don't work out, at least she can --

Jamie: What do you mean, "if things don't work out"?

Vicky: Yeah, we called the cops. What's it to you?

Ryan: What are you doing here anyway?

Vicky: I don't have time for this. My aunt is being badgered by reporters, we are waiting for the cops, and I really don't feel like talking to you.

Ryan: The cops are here.

Vicky: Where?

Ryan: Right in front of your face.

Vicky: You're not a cop.

Ryan: Yes, I am.

Vicky: You weren't a cop yesterday.

Ryan: That was yesterday.

Sharlene: Vicky, would you please let the officer in?

Vicky: Officer. Why me?

Grant: You are out of your mind.

John: Just leave town, Grant. Concentrate on your career, work on getting your strength back. Just let Sharlene get on with her life.

Grant: But I am part of that life.

John: You have no claims on my wife.

Grant: How can you say that?

John: Not legally or emotionally, and you know it. Look, your treatment with Dr. Hiver seems to be working, so there's no need for you to be around this hospital anymore. My wife and I want to get on with our lives. Leave us alone, Grant. Sharly is gone.

Grant: No, she's not, and you know it. So you can just forget it, John. I'm not going anywhere.

Paulina: I spend a lot of time with Jake at the office.

Jamie: Has he told you that things aren't working out with Marley?

Paulina: No, it's just a feeling, that's all. Besides, they're both so busy -- I mean, Marley is wrapped up at the clinic with you, and Jake puts in 18 hours a day at the office.

Jamie: With you.

Paulina: We're not involved, if that's what you're implying.

Jamie: Paulina, he obviously confides in you about his personal life.

Paulina: Not really. I just see things. You're the one who knows the two of them.

Jamie: I know Marley better than Jake.

Paulina: So, has she said anything to you about getting back together with Jake?

Jamie: Look, I really don't think this is any of our business.

[Doorbell rings]

Paulina: I know that, Jamie. I'm just concerned for Jake, that's all. He's been good to me, and I don't want to see him get hurt.

Jamie: Well, I don't think Marley is the one who's going to be doing the hurting around here.

Marley: Oh, Hilda said I could come right in.

Jamie: Marley, is something wrong?

Marley: Yes, I owe you an apology.

Rachel: Well, Jake, we're seeing a lot of you lately.

Iris: Um, Jake and I needed to work on a project.

Rachel: I thought you were in post-production on the "Brava" video?

Jake: We are.

Iris: Yes, but this is a different one. It's -- it's brand new.

Rachel: We've commissioned your company again, Jake?

Jake: No, not yet. However, I have a presentation ready for you.

Iris: And Jake as usual is behind schedule.

Jake: But I'm trying to make things right. I wouldn't want to waste any of the company's money.

Rachel: Well, that sounds good.

Iris: So you're going to work on what we discussed tonight, yes?

Jake: I'll do my best.

Iris: I'm sure you will.

Jake: Very nice seeing you again, Rachel. Iris.

Rachel: Well, that sounded mysterious.

Iris: Oh, no, not -- not at all. I just wanted to make sure the presentation was up to standard before Jake presented it to the board.

Rachel: I thought we were pulling back on our marketing budget this quarter, Iris.

Iris: Yes, we are, but I'm sure you'll think that it's worth it, Rachel. If Jake does what I ask, we'll all be the richer for it --

[Muttering] Except for the little orphan girl.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Iris: Oh, nothing, nothing. I'm surprised you're here so late.

Rachel: It's not even 5:00. Your department has gotten your portion of the annual report to the printers, haven't they?

Iris: Pardon?

Rachel: The annual report goes to press by 9:00 tomorrow, Iris.

Iris: I know that.

Rachel: So?

Iris: So Amanda is handling it.

Rachel: Have you talked to her about this?

Iris: Rachel, Amanda took on the responsibility to compile those reports when she became publisher of "Sophisticate."

Rachel: Iris, she is under the impression that you were handling this.

Iris: She what? That's absolutely ridiculous.

Rachel: Don't you two ever talk to each other?

Iris: I'm going to straighten that out right now. Hello, Wendy, could I speak to Amanda, please? She what? When? Well, did she leave a number? Well, that's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. She's been gone since lunch.

Rachel: Don't look at me, Iris. I've been in meetings all day. I don't know where she is.

Iris: Well, that leaves us with one big problem.

Amanda: I can't do this!

Evan: Well, that's because you went to all those private schools and they never let you close enough to the grass to try to learn to do a whistle.

Amanda: That's not true.

Evan: Sure it is. Too busy riding four feet above the ground, sitting sidesaddle in your little pinafore.

Amanda: Pinafore?

Evan: Yeah.

Amanda: Ok, fine, one more time.

Evan: Go ahead.

[Evan whistles]

Evan: Wow, that's great.

Amanda: Yeah, are you satisfied?

Evan: It really was. That was great.

[Evan laughs]

Amanda: I'm having a really nice time.

Evan: Good, I'm glad.

Amanda: I thought I blew it with you the other night at Tops.

Evan: Oh, five minutes into the evening when you said, "hey, you know, you should start seeing other women."

[Amanda laughs]

Amanda: I must make you crazy.

Evan: Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere.

Amanda: I can't believe that I took the afternoon off.

Evan: Why? You put a lot of long hours in. You're entitled.

Amanda: There was a discrepancy in the "Sophisticate" budget. I spent all morning trying to find it, and I couldn't solve the problem, so I thought if I took the afternoon off that I'd have a brainstorm.

Evan: So, did you get one?

Amanda: No.

Evan: Well, why don't you let me take a look at the numbers?

Amanda: I can't do that.

Evan: Sure, you can. You know I'd find an error in the budget like that. I mean, you're not -- would you rather stay up all night looking for it?

Amanda: I remember I used to count on you for things like that.

Evan: Well, you still can. So, what do you say?

Amanda: I don't know.

Evan: Come on. Let me help you. Come on, don't be afraid. Follow my lead.

Ryan: I'm officer Harrison, Mrs. Hudson. We received your complaint about trespassers.

Sharlene: Officer --

Vicky: Sharlene, this is Grant's brother.

Josie: I'm -- I'm Josie Watts. I'm Mrs. Hudson's daughter.

Ryan: It's nice to meet you.

Vicky: Why didn't you tell me about this yesterday?

Ryan: About what?

Vicky: When I saw you were carrying a gun, why didn't you tell me that you were a cop?

Ryan: I couldn't. I wasn't a cop when you asked me.

Sharlene: If you could just help us get these people off the property.

Ryan: Ma'am, my brother's spoken very highly of you.

Sharlene: Well, thank you.

Ryan: Listen, I understand the situation here. If you're not comfortable with me or you want another officer, please, I can radio in.

Sharlene: No, it's fine. There's no problem.

Vicky: No, I think we should get another guy out here, because this is a --

Josie: Officer, there are reporters all over this property. It is important that my mother remains calm.

Sharlene: Josie, I'm only upset because there are strangers on the property, that's all.

Ryan: My partner is checking out the barn in the other building around back. We'll escort the strangers off your property line, but I'm afraid we're not going to be able to stay.

Vicky: Well, that's really helpful. You'll walk off the property, they'll come right back.

Sharlene: No, it's -- it's -- I understand. Anything you can do to help is fine.

Vicky: Officer, may I speak to you in private, please?

Ryan: Will that be all right, Mrs. Hudson?

Sharlene: It's fine with me. It's just --

Ryan: Excuse us.

Josie: You get the feeling that those two don't -- they don't like each other very much?

Vicky: Ok, Kojak, are you for real or not?

Ryan: Well, you saw my badge. See that guy over there? That's officer Sidney. He's got a badge just like mine. This is my police issue revolver.

Vicky: I care a lot about this. Sharlene is married to my uncle John.

Ryan: Oh -- oh, is that why you displayed their private life in a gossip column?

Vicky: I didn't know that your famous brother was going after my aunt. If I'd known that, I would have been much more direct. Now, are you going to get these vultures off the property and book 'em?

Ryan: That's impossible.

Vicky: Oh, excuse me, I thought that little piece of tin said something about protecting the people.

Ryan: Listen, I told you what I could do.

Vicky: Fine, I'll handle it myself.

Ryan: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Vicky: I will write an article about you and your slimy politician brother that will make the little gossip column nugget look like a tea party.

Ryan: Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? What could you possibly say about either of us?

Vicky: [Chuckles] You don't know me very well, do you?

Ryan: Just well enough to wish that I'd let that horse run you all the way up to Texas.

Grant: John.

John: I've got nothing to say to you.

Grant: Look, I just want you to know where I stand.

John: All right, where is that?

Grant: Well, in light of the change in my health, I have decided to run for re-election.

John: I know, I heard.

Grant: And I've set up my base of operations right here in Bay City.

John: A couple of weeks ago you told me that you didn't give a damn about politics, and now, all of a sudden you're running for re-election.

Grant: Well, look, I told you that, yes, but I told you when my health was in danger.

John: Bull. You don't give a damn about your political career. You never have. The only reason you're still here is to insinuate yourself into Sharlene's life, and let me tell you something, pal -- that ain't going to happen. I don't care where you live.

Grant: Now look, John, I know that Sharlene is going through hell because she can't figure out what happened to her when she was with me. But I will not get in the way of that.

John: You already have.

Grant: I cannot walk away from her now.

John: Why can't you accept the fact that Sharlene is not Sharly? She never will be.

Grant: Look, I swear that I will not get involved in your marriage, but if Sharlene suddenly remembers something one of these days and wants to talk to me about it, not you, then I'm going to be there for her.

John: What are you going to do? Hang around until she comes back? Trust me, Grant, that's not going to happen.

Grant: You wouldn't walk away from somebody that you loved.

John: My wife and I are going to have a baby. Please, leave us alone.

Grant: I'm not going anyplace until Sharlene tells me to leave, and if you think that's going to be before she has her baby, you're mistaken.

Vicky: I want police protection for my family.

Ryan: Your family shouldn't be in this predicament.

Vicky: Oh, and I suppose you think that that's all my fault.

Ryan: No, I don't. I just wish my brother had never met your aunt.

Vicky: Well, we agree on something. How did you end up here anyway?

Ryan: My lucky day, I guess.

Vicky: This is very important to me. Sharlene is having some problems, some big ones.

Ryan: I know. And then she met my brother, who's having some problems of his own.

Vicky: And then I opened my big fat mouth and screwed everything up.

Ryan: It's not just you.

Vicky: Ryan -- Ryan -- the reporters. I'm worried about what they are going to do to Sharlene. Would it help if I say please?

Ryan: Just so long as you know that I'm not doing this for you. Just so long as we get that straight right from the start.

Vicky: Yes, that's fine, that's fine.

Ryan: I think I can leave my partner here for two hours.

Vicky: Four.

Ryan: Three and a half.

Vicky: Deal.

Ryan: And another thing.

Vicky: What?

Ryan: I'm going to have to leave the car here, so I'm going to need a ride back to town.

Vicky: Fine.

Ryan: I hope you drive as well as you ride.

Vicky: Shut up. Officer Harrison has kindly agreed to leave his partner here for a few hours.

Ryan: We'll try and keep the reporters off of your property, at least as long as we can.

Sharlene: Well, thank you very much.

Ryan: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to my partner and radio in the change to headquarters.

Vicky: That was like pulling teeth.

Josie: He seems so nice.

Vicky: He's not.

Sharlene: I didn't know Grant had a brother.

Vicky: Sharlene, I'm going to have to drive him back into town.

Josie: Ooh, how'd you arrange that?

Vicky: Are you kidding? He begged me.

[Josie laughs]

Vicky: Anyway, I know I can't make this up to you, but I can try to keep these slime bags away from you as much as possible.

Sharlene: Vicky, just let it go. I know you didn't mean to hurt me.

Josie: You'll be fine.

Vicky: Call me if there's any problem -- promise?

Sharlene: Promise.

Vicky: I love your haircut.

Josie: Thanks, Vicky.

Vicky: Bye.

Josie: Bye.

[Door closes]

Josie: So, do you feel better?

Sharlene: Yeah, I feel better.

Josie: When is John due home?

Sharlene: Oh, he said he'd call before he left, but I think I'm going to call the hospital and just let him know that the police are here.

Josie: How does she do it?

Sharlene: Do what?

Josie: Well, Vicky treated that guy like dirt, and they'll probably be going out in two weeks.

[Music playing in distance]

Sharlene: Hello, this is Sharlene Hudson. I'm trying to get a message to my husband, Dr. Hudson. Oh, he has? No, that's all right, that's ok. Thank you very much. He's already left.

John: Good. I'll feel better when he's here.

Sharlene: [Sighs] Me, too.

Taylor: I thought I heard the door. I had the radio on, the shower was running.

John: I'm sorry. I should have called.

Taylor: It's ok, it's ok. Everything all right?

John: No.

Taylor: Sharlene?

John: Me. I really need to talk. You were the first person I thought of.

Amanda: Guess they've already gotten started in here.

Evan: Well, you know, I always liked this room.

Amanda: I know.

Evan: No, I liked working for "Brava." It was kind of like being with a family.

Amanda: These are the financials I was telling you about. The problem starts right here.

Evan: Amanda.

Amanda: What?

Evan: What you've got here is a mess.

Amanda: I know that.

Evan: So you're letting the Circulation department tell you how to publish a magazine?

Amanda: Their figures make sense.

Evan: Come here, let me show you something. Sit down here and call up the file. Ok, so what you've got here is the start-up cost which is taking a large chunk out of the budget, so it gives an appearance of a deficit, right? So what you have to do -- is move this over, and remind the board of how much time you are saving at press -- and voila! Now, that's what I call a balance sheet, young lady.

Amanda: How did you do this so fast?

Evan: Well, let's just say the kid's still got it.

Amanda: That's great! I don't believe it. Mom --

Rachel: What's going on here?

Amanda: Wait till you see what Evan managed to do.

Rachel: Did you let him in?

Amanda: Yeah, we came together.

Iris: Amanda, have you gone quite mad?

Rachel: Evan, you better get out of here before I call security.

Jamie: I hope seltzer is ok.

Marley: Oh, it's great, thank you.

Jamie: I was just looking over some of the plans for the clinic.

Marley: Jamie, I'm sorry about the other evening.

Jamie: Forget it.

Marley: No, I can't. I was just frustrated because my plans with Jake didn't work out once again, but I should not have taken that out on you. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Look, I'm sorry, too. I was grumpy because Vicky had pushed my buttons just before you got here. Maybe it was just bad timing for both of us. Can we leave it at that?

Marley: You got it.

Jamie: Good.

Marley: Well, did you get the lease for the space?

Jamie: The hospital has advanced the money.

Marley: Oh -- oh, thank goodness! Let's take a look. Is it a standard lease?

Jamie: Yeah, I think we should sign it right away, though. I don't want to lose that place.

Marley: Ok, well, I have got my attorney setting up a corporation. I will just have him take a look at this.

Jamie: Fantastic.

Marley: Oh, wonderful.

Jamie: Look, are you hungry? We could grab a bite here or we could go take a --

Marley: Oh, no, I can't. I'm having dinner with my parents and then I'm just going to stop by the loft, see Jake, and -- I'm sorry.

Jamie: No -- no, no problem.

[Doorbell rings]

Marley: Take a rain check, though.

Jamie: Let's do that.

Marley: Ok.

Paulina: Jake.

Jake: I come bearing gifts.

Paulina: Why are you carrying that large box?

Jake: Well, in this large box I have a VCR for you.

Paulina: Are you serious?

Jake: Last week we bought the new stereo four-head jobs -- made these obsolete, but I figured you could use one in your room.

Paulina: I would love to have my own VCR.

Jake: Well, you have your wish. Just show me the way.

Paulina: You -- you want to hook it up now?

Jake: Sure.

Paulina: I'm not sure that that would be such a good idea.

Jake: Paulina, my arms are breaking. Where is your bedroom, honey?

Marley: "Where's the bedroom, honey?"

Jake: I'm --

Marley: Yeah?

Jake: I'm just installing this VCR in Paulina's bedroom.

Marley: Yeah, I -- I thought that. Maybe you'd better put it down. You look a little bit faint there, Jake.

[Jake laughs] Huh?

Jake: I'm fine.

Marley: Well, I was just about ready to stop by and see you. It's a good thing I ran into you here.

Jake: That's a good thing.

Marley: It is a good thing.

Jake: Yes.

Paulina: Marley, I'm really sorry about taking Jake away the other night from your dinner.

Marley: Oh, Iris is a demanding boss. I understand.

Jake: Oh, well, maybe I should get cranking with this thing. What do you think?

Jamie: Nice of you to make a house call, Jake.

Jake: I'm a nice guy, Jamie.

Paulina: Maybe you should come back another night, Jake, to hook it up.

Jake: Why is that?

Paulina: Well, Iris seems to be leaving us alone, and Marley was just on her way to see you, so maybe you could pick up your dinner where you left off.

Marley: Oh, no, I can't have dinner with Jake tonight.

Jake: You can't?

Marley: No, I can't. I've got to have dinner with Mom and Dad. But I was thinking tomorrow night would be nice.

Jake: Yeah, tomorrow night would be fine.

Paulina: You know, Jake, I really am pretty good at these things. I could hook it up myself.

Jamie: I'll help.

Jake: No!

Jamie: No?

Jake: Yeah, no.

Marley: What?

Jamie: Why not?

Jake: Well, it's just that these, uh --

Paulina: What is it, Jake?

Amanda: I asked Evan to come here.

Iris: Oh, that's terrific, and he can really be trusted.

Rachel: Evan doesn't belong in this building, Amanda, much less in front of a computer terminal going over our financial statements.

Iris: Shifting funds again for old times?

Amanda: I had a real problem with this budget. I told Evan about it and he offered to help.

Iris: You should have asked Rachel or me.

Amanda: He solved the problem in two minutes. He did us a favor.

Iris: Oh, I'm very familiar with Evan's favors.

Evan: I'm so sorry you both are still angry at me.

Rachel: Angry? Evan, we're talking about the illegal diversion of over $1 million of this company's money.

Amanda: He put it back.

Iris: Amanda, can you hear yourself?

Amanda: He acknowledged the mistake and he put it back. What more do you want from him?

Rachel: That's just the point. I don't want anything from him.

Iris: Look, we haven't got time for all this. Amanda, have you -- have you prepared "Sophisticate's chapter for the annual report?

Amanda: You said you were doing that.

Iris: Oh, great, just great. We haven't got one word of text for that annual report. We've got an ex-employee who should be in prison for embezzlement. We've got a child who has no sense of responsibility. She hasn't been paying any attention to this magazine for months, making excuses for her and her ex-boyfriend as if they'd been out on a broken curfew. Oh, yeah, everything's just ducky, just ducky.

Rachel: You are not entirely without blame in this, Iris.

Iris: What? Me? What have I done?

Rachel: For openers, it's inexcusable that you two have not been communicating. Secondly, the text for this annual report should have been written weeks ago and edited a number of times by now. And thirdly, the figures and the budget should not be addressed the night before the annual report goes to press. So make yourself comfortable, ladies, because we're staying in this room tonight until the figures are balanced, until the text is written, and until the in-fighting stops.

Evan: Excuse me.

Rachel: Why are you still here, Evan?

Evan: Well, about these numbers, I worked with them a lot before I was --

Rachel: I understand that.

Evan: Well, then why don't you let me give the three of you a hand?

Rachel: That's absolutely out of the question, Evan.

Amanda: Mom, please, we need him. I need him.

Vicky: Well?

Ryan: All done.

Vicky: Sorry about that. These dirt roads are murder on my radials.

Ryan: You know, you really should learn how to change a tire, Vicky. You're not always going to be able to find some schlep like me to do it for you.

Vicky: Oh, I don't know. I'm always pretty good at finding a schlep in a pinch.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm getting that idea.

Vicky: Why did you lie to me?

Ryan: I already told you that I haven't been lying to you.

Vicky: Oh, you just woke up this morning and said "I want to be a cop," so you went to the police precinct and they said "yeah"?

Ryan: Listen, if I tell you the whole story, will you leave me alone?

Vicky: Gladly.

Ryan: You see, I was working for the government until about two days ago -- the Federal Government. So I resigned and took up an empty spot in the local precinct.

Vicky: That's the whole story?

Ryan: Yup.

Vicky: So you were a g-man one day, and the next day you're playing law and order for some sleepy little town in the Midwest.

Ryan: Sounds like a movie, doesn't it?

Vicky: Sounds like a crock.

Ryan: Well, it's the truth.

Vicky: It's a little career move backwards, isn't it?

Ryan: Well, I never do anything conventionally.

Vicky: I don't like cops.

Ryan: Well, this cop doesn't like you either.

Vicky: We're even.

Ryan: I'm going to take the test for detective soon. Do you like those?

Vicky: No.

Ryan: Oh. Do you have a record?

Vicky: That's one of the few things I don't have.

Ryan: So, why the paranoia?

Vicky: 'Cause when I was growing up, I spent a lot of time dodging you boys in blue.

Ryan: Ah, juvenile delinquent, huh? Sorry I missed that.

Vicky: Are you ready to go?

Ryan: You know, when I was changing your tire, I found about 35 unpaid parking fines.

Vicky: You should check out the glove compartment. It's a lot more interesting.

Ryan: Do you want me to drive?

Vicky: Nobody drives my car but me. I guess your little career move is going to keep you in Bay City for a while, isn't it?

Ryan: Looks like that.

Vicky: Any special reason?

Ryan: Maybe.

Vicky: Want to tell me what it is?

Ryan: It's got nothing to do with you.

Vicky: I knew that. And if you get any of that grease on my glove leather upholstery, your next paycheck from the precinct is going to be mine.

Josie: Mom.

Sharlene: [Sighs] Hi, Josie.

Josie: Is the officer still here?

Sharlene: Yeah, he is. I just took him some coffee and a piece of that pie.

Josie: How are you?

Sharlene: I'm tired.

Josie: Mama, I want you to be careful. I mean, it's really easy to get run down when you're pregnant, and I know you -- I do. You'll feed everyone in sight except yourself.

Sharlene: I'm ok. I really am. I'm taking care of the two of us.

Josie: Two of you. I've got an idea.

Sharlene: Uh-oh. What?

Josie: Why don't you go out there and put your feet up and I'll cook dinner?

Sharlene: Really?

Josie: Really.

Sharlene: Josie.

Josie: Yes?

Sharlene: Whatever will you cook?

Josie: Don't you start with me.

[Sharlene laughs]

Josie: I've lived alone for quite a while now, and I've cooked myself plenty of dinners.

Sharlene: Well, I'm sure you have. It's just that when John comes home from a hard day at work, I'd like to think of cooking him something more than peanut butter sandwiches with bananas, something a little more substantial.

Josie: Just go outside and relax and leave everything to me.

Sharlene: Well, now, honey, I could -- I could do the salad.

Josie: Go. Go and relax.

Sharlene: All right.

Josie: No back-talk, please.

Sharlene: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Josie: Hello?

Grant: Hi, Josie? It's Grant Harrison.

Josie: Hi.

Grant: May I speak to your mother?

Sharlene: Who is it?

Josie: It's Grant.

Sharlene: Uh, it's all right.

Sharlene: Grant, hello.

Grant: Hi, Sharlene. How are you feeling?

Sharlene: I'm fine. We've had a little trouble with reporters around here today.

Grant: Oh, really? I'm sorry.

Sharlene: It's not your fault.

Grant: Listen, is John home yet?

Sharlene: No, why?

Grant: Well, I just saw him at the hospital a little earlier.

Sharlene: Oh, you did?

Grant: Yeah, I don't think he's going to be in real good spirits when he gets home. Our conversation didn't really end on good terms.

Sharlene: Why are you telling me this?

Grant: Because John asked me to leave town.

Sharlene: He what?

Grant: Yeah, he said if I really, really cared about you that I would leave Bay City and I would let you live your own lives.

Sharlene: Grant, he never said anything to me. I didn't -- I didn't know.

Grant: Look, the real reason I'm calling is that I just want to know if that's what you want.

Sharlene: Grant, I -- I don't know.

Grant: Well, I also wanted to call you and tell you myself that I told him that I couldn't do it. I will stay out of the way.

Sharlene: You haven't been in my way.

Grant: I will be close by. But I want you to promise me something.

Sharlene: What's that?

Grant: That if you ever need to speak to me, don't stop yourself from calling me. Whenever you -- whenever you need anyone or anything, I'll always be right there for you.

Sharlene: Thank you for calling.

Grant: Bye.

Josie: Mama?

Sharlene: Where is John? He should have been here by now.

Taylor: Mind staying out here?

John: No -- no, not at all.

Taylor: My air conditioner imploded last night.

John: Oh.

Taylor: It wasn't pretty.

John: Want me to take a look at it?

Taylor: I thought you needed to talk.

John: I do. I ran into Grant Harrison at the hospital today. I asked him to leave town.

Taylor: Hmm, I see.

John: He didn't agree.

Taylor: Well, I'm not surprised.

John: Taylor, do you think I was out of line?

Taylor: I don't think so. I think you're entitled to tell Grant what you feel. I just think maybe it's a little more complicated since he used to be your patient.

John: Everywhere I look, every place I turn, he is there -- even when he's not, you know? Sometimes when I look at Sharlene and I see her battling with something deep inside, and she's all alone, I can't help but think what things would be like if she'd never met Grant Harrison.

Taylor: I understand that, John.

John: I can't stand to look at the guy anymore. I can't even pretend to be civil to him. And I can't be happy about Sharlene's pregnancy, because somewhere deep inside me, I'm wondering if that baby is his. Am I rambling?

Taylor: No.

John: Guess you're going to have to start charging me if I don't stop.

Taylor: I thought you came here as my friend.

John: I did.

Taylor: Well, then I'll let you know when you're infringing on my time, ok?

John: Ok.

Taylor: I think I know what's going on with you.

John: Well, then would you please tell me, because I don't think I have any perspective on this anymore.

Taylor: John, you have been completely supportive to Sharlene through all of this. And believe me when I tell you, you've been an enormous help in her treatment.

John: You really think so?

Taylor: You don't know that? John, Sharlene is getting better.

John: Yeah, she is.

Taylor: And she's strong enough now for you to feel some of the anger that you've been suppressing.

John: Look, I'm not angry with Sharlene.

Taylor: Are you sure?

John: No. But she couldn't help what she did.

Taylor: And you can't help the fact that it hurt you. And now you feel hurt, angry, and left out.

John: Left out?

Taylor: Well, when she was in the middle of her illness, she was more dependent on you. And now she is stronger, and she is healing things that only she can heal. So you feel more shut out, helpless. And on top of that, you got Grant Harrison working your nerves.

[John laughs]

John: So, that's it in a nutshell, huh, doc?

Taylor: That's it. That's why they pay me.

John: So, basically, what you're --

[Wood creaks]

John: Oh -- what you're telling me is that I need to relax.

Taylor: No. What I'm telling you is you need to have all your feelings.

John: I'm sorry I made you drip all the way to the door.

Taylor: [Giggling] I didn't mind. Did you just get off work?

John: Yeah.

Taylor: Sharlene is expecting you.

John: Uh -- yeah, I guess I'm a little late.

Taylor: Maybe you should go to her -- huh?

John: Thanks, Taylor.

Taylor: Anytime.

John: You know, you should get this fixed. It's dangerous.

Taylor: I kind of like it.

John: Well, if you ever want it fixed.

Jake: Well, you know, VCR hookups with -- with cable can be tricky.

Jamie: I think we can handle it.

Jake: I doubt it.

Marley: Oh, would you let him help? You know, I would really love to stay and mediate, but I've just got to get home and change in my clothes.

Jake: Then get going, go.

Marley: I'll call you first thing about the lease, Jamie.

Jamie: I'll be home in the morning.

Marley: Can't wait till tomorrow.

Jake: Yow.

Paulina: Ben, do you have a minute?

Ben: I do.

Paulina: Could you bring up this VCR to my room for me?

Jamie: I'll help you, Ben. I want to prove a point.

Jake: You know, if you just give me five minutes, I have that thing put in like that, you know.

Paulina: Thanks, guys. I have some business to talk over with Jake. It'd be a real help.

Ben: No problem, Ms. Paulina.

Jamie: You really know how to install one of these things, Ben? I thought you only worked on cars.

Jake: Why wouldn't you let me do what I came here to do?

Paulina: Get in here.

Jake: What are you doing?

Paulina: What's your game, McKinnon?

Jake: What?

Paulina: If you are using me to get your wife jealous, I quit, Romeo.

Rachel: I need you, Iris.

Iris: Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait, Rachel.

Rachel: Wait for what? We don't have any time, Iris.

Iris: I have a dinner meeting with Barton Smith.

Rachel: Is that tonight?

Iris: Yes, and I don't want to cancel it again.

Rachel: All right -- no, you can't. You'll just have to come back after that.

Iris: Don't worry, I'll be back. And I can tell you one thing, this will not happen again.

Evan: You know, I remember the last time we were in this room. We pulled that all-nighter when we put the first issue of "Sophisticate" out.

Rachel: Yes, I remember that very well.

Evan: So do I. I mean, Amanda really came through that night. I mean, after that night I knew that you could do anything.

>> When I see you smile I can face the world oh you know I can do anything when I see you smile I see a ray of light oh I see it shining right through the rain when I see you smile baby, when I see you smile at me oh, yeah

Vicky: Oh, I thought you were having dinner with Mom and Dad.

Marley: I am -- I'm on my way.

Vicky: Oh. Have fun.

Marley: Is everything all right?

Vicky: Yeah, I got a flat tire today.

Marley: You did?

Vicky: Yeah, it was no big deal, though. I got some cop to fix it for me.

Marley: Bats her eyelashes and the whole world falls at her feet.

Vicky: What did you say?

Marley: Nothing.

Vicky: Oh.

Marley: Vicky?

Vicky: Huh?

Marley: I need to ask you something.

Vicky: Who took the short bread from the freezer and ate it?

Marley: Vicky?

Vicky: What?

Marley: Jamie told me about your visit yesterday.

Vicky: That guy has got the world's biggest mouth.

Marley: I would appreciate it if you were going to speculate about me or my feelings, that you do your speculating with me.

Vicky: This has nothing to do with you.

Marley: You asked Jamie if he was interested in me.

Vicky: I wanted to know.

Marley: And then you said if he were, it was only because I remind him of you.

Vicky: Logical, don't you think?

Marley: Why do you care, anyway?

Vicky: What do you mean, why do I care? The guy is my ex-husband. You're my twin sister, for goodness --

Marley: Well, why don't you let us both live our lives and make our own decisions?

Vicky: Are you falling for him?

Marley: No.

Vicky: Oh.

Marley: It's just that we are going into business together, and I would rather there not be any awkwardness between us before we even begin.

Vicky: I believe you. It's not you I'm worried about, though. It's Jamie.

Marley: Don't worry about Jamie.

Vicky: Marley dearest, the guy was obsessed with me. Take it from an expert -- obsessions don't go away like head colds.

Marley: I think Jamie knows where he stands with you.

Vicky: Yeah, so do I. I just think there is something in his mind that makes him sweat every time he thinks about me.

Marley: And you?

Vicky: Oh, I stopped sweating about Jamie a long time ago. I did. Doesn't mean my claws don't come out every time --

Marley: Well, maybe it's time you let go of that.

Vicky: Maybe. I need a soda. Can I get you anything?

Marley: No, thanks.

Vicky: You know, it must be hard for Jamie to look at you every day and not think of me. I have this habit of lingering in a man's mind. It's a gift, really. A gift.

Jake: You don't quit, Paulina. You're wrong about Marley.

Paulina: I don't like being used, Jake.

Jake: That's good, because you're not being used.

Paulina: You told me it was all over with Marley.

Jake: It is.

Paulina: Then what was that little exchange in the hallway just now? "I can't wait till tomorrow, Jake."

Jake: She said it, not me.

Paulina: You didn't exactly discourage her.

Jake: I don't want to hurt her. I want to let her down easy. I told you how I feel about you. Don't you believe me?

Paulina: Why should I?

Jake: That's why I brought the VCR over here. I needed an excuse to see you.

Paulina: Well, here I am.

Jake: There you are.

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