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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/11/06

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Vicky: Oh, we said everything in the park.

Ryan: Oh no, I have something more to say to you.

Vicky: Yeah, try the phone. I am really busy right now. Ryan.

Ryan: Yes.

Vicky: You had your chance.

Ryan: Wait a sec -- you think that I want another date with you --

Vicky: Right now, I have other plans.

Ryan: No, no, no now just a minute. Look, not until I get some answers. What the hell is this? What are you, a professional gossip?

Vicky: That's what you're all riled up about?

Ryan: What the hell is this?

Vicky: I'm a reporter.

Ryan: Oh, oh this is news. Oh, I see. "According to millionairess- turned-cub-reporter, Vicky Hudson, the rumblings about Grant Harrison are true. It turns out there is a woman and her marriage necessitates their clandestine meetings near her home." This is garbage.

Vicky: Why? It happens to be the truth. What do you care what I do?

Ryan: I don't. I care about the people that you are hurting.

Grant: [Whispering] You shouldn't be seen here with me.

Sharlene: I had to come as soon as I saw the newspaper.

Grant: Did anybody see you come?

Sharlene: No, no I don't think so.

Grant: Good, good.

Sharlene: Look, I just feel terrible about what's happened. I feel so guilty.

Grant: Shh. Don't, don't say anything, this morning there were some press people that were staked out here in the hall. So, just wait till you get inside.

Sharlene: [Whispering] Maybe -- maybe I should go.

Grant: No, no, come on -- you're here already. Come on in, we can talk inside.

>> And I know in your heart you feel this way too

Marley: Jake, it's beautiful. You've gone to so much trouble.

Jake: [Laughs] It wasn't any trouble, I wanted to do it. I mean, how else could I be sure that it would be perfect?

Marley: It is perfect. But I --

Jake: You didn't think I had it in me.

Marley: No, that's not it.

Jake: What's wrong?

Marley: This is hard for me to say.

Jake: You're scared.

Marley: No.

Jake: Ada told you what we were having for dinner and you decided that it was too fattening.

Marley: Something came up last minute. I'm sorry.

Jake: Don't tell me. This something's name is Jamie Frame, right?

Grant: It's really not as bad as it could be. I don't think they really even know you.

Sharlene: That -- that's just a matter of time.

Grant: Not if we are really careful. I mean, I've kept things under wraps before.

Sharlene: But people have seen us together at the Pelican, in New York. Everything could come out.

Grant: That's why I want you to let me handle everything.

Sharlene: I am worried about John, too.

Grant: Don't worry.

Sharlene: He's already in trouble with the hospital.

Grant: Don't, don't -- it'll never go that far.

Sharlene: It could. This could cost you your re-election.

Grant: That's not gonna happen.

Sharlene: How can you be so sure?

Grant: Because I'm not running because -- because of a lot of things. I want you to stop worrying about me. I'm gonna be fine.

Sharlene: You will. The country needs good men, Grant. I'd hate to think they lost one because of me.

Grant: The only thing I don't want to lose is you. I just -- I don't want you hurt. And I am the one that's responsible for all of this. I mean if -- if I wasn't in politics, I mean, nobody would care what you did or what I did. You know that's true.

Sharlene: I wish there was something I could do.

Grant: There is. There is something you can do. You can stop feeling guilty.

Sharlene: I can't promise you that.

Grant: Now look, you cared about me and you still do, I can feel it. That -- that's not a crime, no matter what anybody says.

Sharlene: A scandal could really hurt your career, Grant.

Grant: The only thing that could hurt me is losing you.

Sharlene: You know, none of this seems familiar.

Grant: I guess it would be hard for you to remember, because the last night that you were here was the night that John found us.

Sharlene: You and Sharly.

Grant: Yes. But before that we had some -- some wonderful times here.

Grant: I guess you are remembering how much we meant to each other, aren't you?

Jamie: John, have you got a minute?

John: Yeah, in the 30 minutes before I start to make rounds.

Jamie: Have a look.

John: Grant's test results?

Jamie: First ones, I thought you'd want to see them.

John: Thanks.

Jamie: Look, here's the level of concentration of the virus in the blood stream before and after treatment.

John: [Whistles] Boy, I am impressed.

Jamie: Yeah, so is Hiver. Grant responded to the treatment immediately. Now that's happened in some of the cases where there's been total recovery. It's very hopeful.

John: You told Grant yet?

Jamie: I thought you might want to do that. You are really the one that got him into the program.

John: Maybe initially, but I'm out of it now.

Jamie: Are you sure?

John: Hey, your patient. You tell him the good news.

Jamie: I'm sure he could use some. Have you seen all this hoopla on the press about him and some mystery woman?

John: Yeah, yeah, I did read something about it.

Jamie: I am sure it's nothing, but I just don't want it upsetting him. Hiver made a point of telling me that Grant should avoid any stress while he's in the program.

John: Grant's used to being in the public eye.

Jamie: Not like this.

John: Poor Grant, he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders, doesn't he?

Jamie: Yeah, I am sure he does feel that way.

Michael: Jaime --

Jamie: Michael.

Michael: Excuse me. John, I've been looking all over for you. I had you paged and everything.

John: I've been in surgery.

Jamie: John, you keep those. I've got copies in my files and we'll talk about this later.

John: Yeah, yeah thanks, bye- bye, Jaime.

John: Mike, what the hell is the deal with Vicky? Since when did she start calling newspapers about other people's business?

Michael: Look, I don't know if it's consolation, I am sure she has no idea that the woman Grant was involved with was Sharlene.

John: Does she have any idea what this could do to us?

Michael: John, what can I do?

John: Get her to back off this story before anything else comes out.

Michael: All right. Look, I've already put in a call to her.

John: I don't know how much more of this Sharlene is going to be able to take.

Vicky: Who said I was hurting anyone?

Vicky: Why are you so riled up? The man is a politician.

Ryan: He has a right to a private life.

Vicky: He's supposed to be serving the public. If he is fooling around with some floozy instead, then the public has a right to know. And, it is my job to inform them all.

Ryan: Real noble calling, huh?

Vicky: I'm not asking you to like it.

Ryan: Good, because I think it stinks.

Vicky: No, you know what stinks? They stole this information. It's not even my article, it's some gossip column and I'm getting the heat for this.

Ryan: But look, you're the source. They are quoting you in this.

Vicky: Oh, come down off your high horse. The guy's having an affair with a married woman. Nobody's innocent here.

Ryan: You don't care that you may be ruining a woman's reputation and an entire political career? You're really that heartless?

Vicky: You play; you pay. They deserve what they get.

Ryan: Boy, you're all heart.

Vicky: What's with you? You're picking an argument over some three-line item.

Ryan: Maybe it's just that you don't know the whole story.

Vicky: Oh, but you do. You know more than you're letting on.

>> You're my angel

Marley: It's the fundraiser for the clinic.

Jake: And that means Jamie.

Marley: We -- we are in this together.

Jake: He needs you tonight and he can't wait, right?

Marley: Jake, I wish it could.

Jake: What's the rush?

Marley: Well, Caroline offered her gallery to us for the party, for the opening, and she said that we could only do it on a night that she's opening her gallery and that's coming up so soon that I --

Jake: So you're suddenly up against a deadline?

Marley: Yes. I have a guest list to make and I have to get the invitations set up so I can give it to the printers in the morning and I --

Jake: And Jamie's going to help you.

Marley: We're partners.

Jake: I understand.

Marley: You do?

Jake: Yeah. I don't want to get in the way of you doing a whole bunch of people good that need it. I don't want the whole neighborhood mad at me.

Marley: Ah, well I -- I am glad you're not mad...

Jake: Hey, give me a little credit. This is the new Marley. I -- I -- I am excited about this project.

Jake: And I love seeing you all charged up so I bought you something to celebrate all the changes. I was gonna wait till later but why don't I just give it to you now.

Marley: Jake.

Jake: You like it?

Marley: Yes, I love it.

Jake: It sort of reminded me of you. Try it on.

Marley: You know-- you shouldn't have spent all this money.

Jake: Yes, yes I should have. Put it on, come here. I wanted you to know I was with you --

Marley: Uh-huh.

Jake: Even though I don't always agree with everything you do.

Marley: Thank you.

Jake: Next time I give you something, it'll be a ring, huh?

[Knock at door]

John: I'm trying to work with Grant on this.

Michael: I got to tell you, you're a much better man than I'd be.

John: Neither one of us want the press to get wind of his connection with Sharlene.

Michael: Can you trust him?

John: Trust him to look out for himself. Sit down. I can still go in after Sharlene. I'm afraid he's going to use this to get to her. Make some big public display of his love for her.

Michael: That's political suicide. Is he crazy? I mean -- he's still in love with her even though he knows she's your wife?

John: He hasn't backed off so far.

Michael: What has he said?

John: Nothing much. He's not big on details.

Michael: You want me to have a little talk with him?

John: You mean, put a little pressure on him? Like you did Kevin Dowling when he beat me up in the third grade?

Michael: You just say the word, brother.

John: Thanks, Mike, but this is up to Sharlene.

Michael: John, do you know how involved Sharlene got with Grant?

John: She doesn't remember everything. I did find out that they took a trip to New York together. They spent the night. It was a business trip --

Michael: Don't go jumping to conclusions.

John: Conclusions? Mike, I walked in on them in his hotel suite.

Michael: Oh man, you've really been through it.

John: Hey, I'm ok.

Michael: John, Sharlene loves you. From what she told me, she has no control over what Sharly did.

John: In my mind, I understand that. It's the rest of me that's having trouble dealing with these feelings.

Grant: Still feel like you might pass out?

Sharlene: No, that's over, thanks.

Grant: Good, you look better.

Sharlene: Sometimes, when I get a sudden memory flash, I get dizzy. But it passes.

Grant: Does this happen often?

Sharlene: More lately. Dr. Benson says it's because I am not repressing things.

Grant: Will you -- you are gonna be ok?

Sharlene: Well, I am having a physical today just to make sure because I have been very tired lately.

Grant: I'm not surprised. With what you have been through.

Sharlene: Sure, I'll be fine. Listen, I have to go. It's just a few minutes.

Grant: I wish I could drive you, but I can't.

Sharlene: Well, what will you do now?

Grant: Well, I -- I have several options.

Sharlene: Like what?

Grant: I can go into private practice. I can get well and have a life worth living with someone.

Sharlene: Grant?

Grant: Yes.

Sharlene: You know that someone won't be me. Just -- just because I am remembering things.

Grant: I told you that I would never interfere in your marriage to John and I meant that, no matter how hard that may be for me.

Sharlene: It's the right thing to do.

Grant: It is for you, and that's important to me. But, you know, I've -- it's funny, I've never put anybody before myself -- my work, anything, until I met Sharly.

Sharlene: Sharly doesn't exist anymore, not the way you knew her.

Grant: I miss her, too.

Sharlene: You'll find someone.

Grant: Yeah, will that someone touch me the way she -- she did? The way you did?

Sharlene: Let her go.

Grant: I'll have some more blood tests, later on, but...

Sharlene: Oh yeah? Maybe I'll see you.

Grant: I think maybe, if you do, we better act like we're strangers.

Sharlene: Do you think you're being watched?

Grant: Well, I wouldn't be surprised if I was, yeah.

Sharlene: Do I seem like a stranger?

Grant: No, not so much.

Sharlene: Am I becoming more like Sharly?

Grant: I like the woman that you're becoming, whoever she is.

Sharlene: Thanks.

Grant: Believe it or not, I'm more attracted to her than ever -- in spite of all my promises. Go on -- go get your check-up, and don't talk to anybody on your way out, ok?

Sharlene: I'll be careful.

Grant: You just take care of yourself.

Sharlene: You, too.

Donna: You two having an early dinner?

Jake: Not anymore.

Donna: Well, don't let me interrupt your plans. What an exquisite necklace. Is it new?

Marley: Yes, Jake just gave it to me.

Donna: Oh, how attractive?

Jake: Well, we were celebrating her new job, but she has to get to work. I guess that's what you get when you're indispensable.

Marley: Oh, what a shame.

Jake: I bet you wish there was something you could do, don't you?

Donna: As a matter of fact, I do.

Marley: You -- you mean that?

Donna: Well yes, I've raised money for a lot of things.

Marley: Because I need to make a whole -- an -- an entire guest list.

Jake: You know, I bet you Donna could probably do that from her memory.

Marley: I have a -- I have a list started in the car.

Donna: Oh.

Jake: What do you say, Donna, you know would you like to help Marley out so that she and I can have dinner?

Marley: It would mean so much to me.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Donna: All right.

Marley: You would? That's so wonderful. Where's my purse, Jake? Excuse me, I'm just going to go to the car and get you all my things. I'll come back -- we can drive to the space for the clinic and I'll fill you in on everything and I'll be right back. Thank you.

Jake: It's such a good cause.

Donna: Are you enjoying yourself?

Jake: I intend to be in a couple of hours, thanks to you.

Donna: What's the necklace for?

Jake: Michael gives you stuff. It seems to work.

Donna: Is that what this is about, romance?

Jake: What do you think?

Donna: I think I'm worried about you hurting Marley.

Jake: I don't think you should.

Donna: I know what you're capable of, Jake.

Jake: And you also know, Donna, better than anyone, that I can give 100% when I really care about someone.

Donna: Yes, I do know that. And, unfortunately, I know a lot more.

Jake: Don't try to make me out to be the bad guy.

Donna: You are the bad guy.

Jake: You've got what you want. You're back with Michael.

Donna: I didn't get what I want. I lost my son. And, as for Michael --

Jake: What?

Donna: He's cold towards me. He's acting very strangely. He doesn't understand anything. How could he possibly understand?

Jake: So you want to mess things up for me. Is that what it is?

Donna: Does it have to be Marley?

Jake: No, it doesn't have to be. It just is. You know you make it really hard to keep your little secret.

Donna: It's your secret too, Jake.

Jake: You know, if it was up to me I would tell Marley everything.

Donna: Then you are a fool.

Marley: I'm all ready to go. I have my folder. You ready?

Donna: Yes, let's get started.

Marley: I'll see you later.

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: I'm looking forward to tonight.

Jake: I am, too. Maybe this can be a whole new start for us.

Donna: Helping you with a fundraiser is one thing, but coming here is an entirely different story.

Marley: I know -- I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I really wasn't.

Donna: Stacey is the last person that I want to see. Why didn't you tell me we'd be working in her office?

Marley: Well, she is just letting us use this as headquarters until we clear the space next door and get some phones set up.

Donna: I can't believe you didn't think about my feelings.

Marley: I'm sorry.

Donna: It's just that if I run into Stacey, I'm afraid she's gonna bring all of my emotions up and I miss Mikey so much that I know I'm just going to --

Jamie: I thought I heard voices.

Marley: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi.

Donna: Hi.

Jamie: Don't tell me you recruited Donna.

Marley: Actually, she volunteered.

Jamie: Fantastic.

Donna: Where's Stacey?

Jamie: She's with a client. She'll probably be gone for a couple of hours.

Donna: Oh, so she's working on another case.

Marley: You know what?

Jamie: I guess so.

Marley: I'm going to go into the other room. I'm going to get the invitation, we'll get started on this. Excuse me, I'll be two minutes.

Jamie: Did Marley show you the space?

Donna: No, but I understand it has a lot of potential.

Jamie: Yeah, we think so.

Donna: While we have some privacy, I'd like to ask you something.

Jamie: Sure, what is it?

Donna: I'll be very blunt. I need a favor. I'm worried about Marley and Jake.

Jamie: And what's that got to do with me?

Donna: Well, do you think he's right for her?

Jamie: Donna, I'm sure Marley would say it was none of my business one way or the other.

Donna: But I can't talk to her. Victoria can't talk to her. Somebody's got to do it.

Jamie: Why?

Donna: Because she's getting serious about Jake again. And he hurt her so badly before that --

Jamie: I'm sure that maybe she's decided to forgive him.

Donna: And maybe he's decided to pull out all the stops to try to win her back.

Jamie: Look, whatever Jake does, it will only work if Marley really wants it.

Donna: That's just the point. I don't think she knows what she wants.

Jamie: Donna, why are you telling me all this?

Donna: Well, I thought that, since the two of you are working together, that you could distract her.

Jamie: How?

Donna: You could introduce her to some eligible men.

Jamie: What?

Donna: Yes, you must know some single young doctors that would like to meet Marley.

Vicky: Well, tell me, tell me, what do you know about the congressman and the bimbo?

Ryan: I don't have to know anything to feel bad for them.

Vicky: Why? What do you care?

Ryan: Don't you? Don't you even have a little twinge of conscience?

Vicky: Not one.

Ryan: Oh, I see. As long it makes good copy, huh?

Vicky: Well, that -- that is definitely a plus -- definitely.

Ryan: Hasn't anybody that you've ever cared about ever gotten dragged through the mud? I mean, didn't this just happen to your mother and father?

Vicky: That was a completely different situation.

Ryan: Oh, because it was your family.

Vicky: No, because they were doing something for a little boy that they loved a lot. And what's Harrison trying to do?

Ryan: Just to live his life.

Vicky: Fine, I'm trying to live mine. Please butt out.

Ryan: Oh, is it because you've had some hard knocks? Is that why you keep on going after other people?

Vicky: I'm not going after anyone.

Ryan: Oh, come off it. You went after Grant. How else would you've gotten an article like this?

Vicky: I have my sources.

Ryan: Oh, that's right. You're real big time, right? You've got spies everywhere?

Vicky: I write about people that other people are interested in.

Ryan: Like Grant?

Vicky: It's my job. See, I have my opinions, and I write those too, and I really don't care if you or anyone else thinks that I'm obnoxious.

Ryan: Oh, good for you.

Vicky: You still haven't told me why you think I'm out of line. You married to this mystery woman or something?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: Then what gives?

Ryan: I'm Grant Harrison's brother, ok?

John: The timing on this physical was good. You're starting to look a little pale.

Sharlene: John -- there's something I have to tell you.

John: What is it?

Sharlene: I stopped by to see Grant on the way over here.

John: Sharlene, what the hell do you expect to accomplish --

Sharlene: John, I had to see him, I had to tell him how bad I feel about all this. He doesn't blame me.

John: That's real generous of him.

Sharlene: John, I had to see him. I feel guilty about what he's going through.

John: Is that all you're feeling for him?

Sharlene: I am starting to understand why it's so hard for him to let go.

John: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Sharlene: I'm starting to have more of Sharly's memories.

John: What kind of memories?

Sharlene: Him laughing, I know they were happy times for him and her.

John: Oh, great.

Sharlene: John, he really cared about Sharly.

John: Is that what you two talked about?

Reporter: You were seen coming out of Grant Harrison's suite. Are you the reason the congressman has left Washington?

John: Come on, get out of here, all of you, now --

Reporter: There's the congressman --

Second reporter: Congressman --

Reporter: Congressman Harrison --

[Talking over one another]

Grant: No comment.

Reporter: Married?

Second reporter: Any problem with your health?

Third reporter: Can you report on --

Grant: No comment, please. I have nothing to say--

[Talking over one another]

Grant: Wait a minute. Wait, hold it, hold it, hold it. Wait just a minute -- I mean, what is all this? I didn't remember calling a press conference.

John: Come on, wait over here.

Grant: Well, let me -- listen, what is all the fuss? I don't understand it. I mean, you don't believe everything you read, surely, do you?

John: Are you all right, congressman?

Grant: Yeah, I'll be fine. I just don't understand getting this kind of a reception for coming in for a routine check up.

John: Shall I call security?

Grant: No, no -- no, no, I think I'll be fine. As soon as I set these folks straight, it's going to be fine. Now listen, I'm going to make this very simple. I'm going to make it very simple. I'm going to make a statement and so get out your tapes and get out your pens.

Reporter: Well, let's hear about the new married woman in your life.

Grant: All right, this is for the record. There is no new woman in my life, number one. And number two -- I think it would be a little foolish of me to be spending time with a married woman.

John: Congressman, the lab is waiting.

Grant: I'll be there in just one minute. Oh, by the way, this is -- this is my physician, Dr. John Hudson. And I think, maybe, he might help me explain how some of these rumors got started. See, the thing is I came here to have a full physical work-up, because John, here, and I are old, old friends. And he and his wife have been wonderful to me and taking me around and making me feel very welcome here. So you see, I'm sorry, I don't have any kind of a scoop to give you.

Reporter: Mr. Hudson, do you have any comment about the health --

John: Congressman, you are going to be late for your appointment.

Grant: Ok, listen, I'll tell you what -- I'm going to walk my curious friends out and I'll be back in about 5 minutes.

[Reporters clamoring]

John: Are you all right?

Sharlene: There was no one there. I was so careful.

John: Obviously not careful enough.

Sharlene: Did they all leave?

John: Yes, for now. All right, Sharlene, tell me what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feel when you two can't stay away from each other?

Vicky: Grant's your brother? Are you serious?

Ryan: I'm serious.

Vicky: Well, why didn't you say something before?

Ryan: Well, it's not something that you drop casually into a conversation. By the way, my brother is in the House of Representatives.

Vicky: Why not? I would.

Ryan: I rest my case.

Vicky: Oh, come on, now. There's more to it than that.

Ryan: I just make it a policy to stay out of my brother's life.

Vicky: I find that hard to believe.

Ryan: Why?

Vicky: Didn't you just hear yourself defending him?

Ryan: I just don't like seeing him smeared in the press. That doesn't make us close.

Vicky: And why is that? You vote against him or something?

Ryan: I just don't like trading off on the fact that he's my brother.

Vicky: Ah, can't stand being in his shadow, can you?

Ryan: I am not in his shadow.

Vicky: Calm down, I'm not criticizing you. Believe me, I know what it feels like. Ever met my sister, the saint? See, now that's better. So? Going to tell me who this woman is?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: Ryan.

Ryan: That's none of your damn business.

Vicky: Well, you shouldn't have told me you were Grant's brother.

Ryan: I guess not.

Vicky: I never would have guessed it, not in a million years. Grant is so charming, so charismatic.

Ryan: And what does that make me?

Vicky: Crabby.

Ryan: Thanks a lot.

Vicky: I can see why you didn't go into politics.

Ryan: Look, I can't charm people that I don't like. I don't like living in the public eye. Grant can -- I mean, I respect that. He's given up a lot.

Vicky: Specifically, his personal life?

Ryan: That and his freedom. Dad's been grooming him for the presidency ever since he could recognize a picture of George Washington.

Vicky: What did your father want you to be?

Ryan: Grant's right hand man.

Vicky: Ouch.

Ryan: Yeah. No, actually, I was the lucky one. I didn't have to put up with any of the pressure that he did. Dad didn't expect much out of me.

Vicky: And you didn't disappoint him by doing something super fantastic, did you?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: Too bad. I'm sure you could have had fun rocking the boat.

Ryan: You know you are really very good at this, aren't you?

Vicky: What?

Ryan: This -- getting people to say things about themselves that they hadn't planned on saying.

Vicky: Does that mean you're going to tell me who Grant's latest friend is?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would break the rules much. She must be somebody really special.

Ryan: Drop it, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, come on --

Ryan: I'm not telling you anything. No, don't you take no for an answer?

Vicky: No, I don't. Come on --

Ryan: Good-bye.

Vicky: You may be a quitter, but I am not.

Marley: I called Ada, she would be happy to cater the party. She just needs to know a budget and the number of guests that we're expecting.

Jamie: Can you believe how organized she is?

Marley: I get that from my mother. Here are some copies of the invitation, a couple of other things -- here you go. I -- I don't know what kind of donations to ask for.

Donna: Well, we'll make up categories. We'll do, "patron, sponsor, benefactor," people like to have a choice.

Marley: Okay.

Donna: Now, I'll look all of this stuff over tonight. And I'll add to it and then we can have a meeting in the morning. All right?

Marley: Wonderful, thank you. I love working with you.

Donna: Me too. I have to run. I'm going to have dinner with your father.

Marley: Ok, give him my --

Donna: Bye, darling. Jamie, good-bye. I enjoyed our talk.

Jamie: Bye.

Marley: Talk? What talk? My palms are sweating here. What talk?

Jamie: Your mother is very direct.

Marley: When she wants to be.

Jamie: She wanted to be.

Marley: Oh no, I should have known better than to leave her in a room with anyone. What did she say?

Jamie: She wants me to look after you.

Marley: That's it? It's not very direct.

Jamie: She thought that the best way I could do that would be to -- to introduce you to available doctors.

Marley: She wants you to set me up on dates?

Jamie: So you'll forget about Jake.

Marley: I don't believe her. I leave her in a room for five minutes and she's already setting me up on dates. I'm sorry -- she -- she caught you in the middle of this.

Jamie: No, no, don't worry. She thinks she's helping.

Marley: Well, I don't really care what she thinks. I'm sorry she got you involved.

Jamie: I'm already involved.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: Look Marley, don't worry. I didn't say anything to your mother.

Marley: Well, I hope not. She wouldn't be any happier about you and me than she is about Jake and me.

Jamie: Well, I'm eligible. I'm a doctor.

Marley: You were married to Vicky.

Jamie: And you were married to Jake. But that doesn't mean he was good for you. Look, Donna is certain that he's going to cause you a lot of pain.

Marley: Well, I wish Donna would stay out of this. She has a habit of making things worse.

Jamie: I'll tell you one thing. I'm going to be watching.

Marley: You, too?

Jamie: Marley, it's been hard enough for me to give you up. I certainly don't want you throwing yourself away for someone who is not good enough for you.

Grant: Well, I thought there'd be a mob scene at the lobby.

Ryan: They know where you live. They'll be back.

Grant: Maybe not for a while, they got their fill at the hospital, hopefully.

Ryan: Real mob scene, huh?

Grant: I think they're after Sharlene. I think they followed her back to the hospital.

Ryan: How did they find out about her?

Grant: She was here earlier.

Ryan: Oh, that was real smart.

Grant: Look, she's just beginning to find out how persistent the press can be. I think I diffused the situation for a while, but they are not going to drop this until she talks, I know.

Ryan: What are you afraid she'll say?

Grant: I'm not afraid of what she'll say. It's what I'm afraid that they'll do to her.

Ryan: Didn't she know what she was getting into?

Grant: Ryan, she is -- she is a very good, kind woman. She doesn't deserve to be raked over the coals.

Ryan: That's not the way Ted described her.

Grant: Just forget about Ted. Don't mention that name to me, all right?

Ryan: Look, she is going back to her husband, right? You forget about her and the press will forget about the two of you.

Grant: I'm not going to forget about her.

Ryan: Look Grant, I have escorted enough pretty women in and out of your life to know there is always somebody else waiting in the wings.

Grant: That is not the way it is, Ryan. I love her.

Ryan: Oh, you love her? Oh, come on, give me a break.

Grant: You don't think I'm capable of loving anybody, do you?

Ryan: Oh, I know that you -- you like a challenge.

Grant: So that's what you think she is to me is a challenge?

Ryan: Yeah, just another campaign to win.

Donna: Hi.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: What's wrong?

Michael: Among other things, I talked to John today.

Donna: Oh, how is he?

Michael: John is furious.

Donna: At Victoria?

Michael: Yes, at Victoria.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Well, among other things, Grant Harrison happens to be John's patient.

Donna: So, he saw the column.

Michael: Yes, he saw the column.

Donna: And he objects to a little small talk about a patient?

Michael: Donna Hudson, that's hardly small talk. She's slandered a U.S. Congressman.

Donna: Michael, for heaven's sakes, that was a little, tiny blurb on page six. I can hardly wait to see who this mystery woman is.

Michael: No, you are not -- Donna, this is a lot more complicated than that.

Donna: Why? They're going to try to sue Victoria? I've gotten her out of trouble before. I can help her out with this.

Michael: No-no-no-no-no, you are not to get involved here.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Donna, there is a very good reason why you are not to be involved here. Promise me you won't tell anyone, especially Victoria.

Donna: What is it, Michael?

Michael: The woman in Grant Harrison's life is Sharlene.

Marley: You know, I'm getting really sick of this. I am not yours to give up.

Jamie: I always seem to say the wrong things --

Marley: And I don't want to be protected, not by you, not by Jake, and certainly not by my mother.

Jamie: Well, when you were in Nice you didn't seem to mind.

Marley: That's what you thought you were doing? You thought you were protecting me?

Jamie: That's what people do when they care about each other.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: You needed someone that night on the beach and I'm glad I was there.

Marley: Yes you were, you were there. That's true, that's true.

Jamie: And you still need someone, just like I do. We were good for each other, Marley. We still are, admit that.

Marley: I already told you I was grateful.

Jamie: Oh no, I don't want gratitude. I want the chance that you're giving Jake.

Marley: I can't give that to you. I'll -- I'll drop these things off in the morning about the party after I meet with Donna.

Jamie: Marley, I said what I have to say. You don't have to rush out.

Marley: Yes, I do. I'm having dinner with Jake.

Jamie: Marley, I just --

Vicky: Sorry, wrong sister.

Vicky: I just saw Marley. She was really in a rush.

Jamie: She had plans with Jake. And she was afraid she was going to be late.

Vicky: Is that all?

Jamie: As far as I know.

Vicky: She looked upset. You don't know anything about that?

Jamie: No, I don't. What brings you down here, Vicky?

Vicky: Advice.

Jamie: From me?

Vicky: Yeah, you don't mind, do you?

Jamie: Actually, I'm flattered. I mean, it's been a long time since you've wanted my advice on anything.

Vicky: Yeah well, when we were talking last week, I just got the feeling that you wanted to be friends again.

Jamie: I think it's best for everyone, especially for Steven. And I do like you, Vicky.

Vicky: You like Marley, too?

Jamie: Marley and I are working together and that's all. Now what's on your mind?

Vicky: You and Marley. I just -- I want to know how I'm supposed to handle it.

Jamie: What's to handle?

Vicky: Why don't you tell me?

Jamie: Vicky, nothing is going on.

Vicky: Come on, Jamie, this is me you're talking to. I kind of have a sixth sense when it comes to you and women, even if that woman is my sister.

Jamie: Well, I think your sixth sense is working overtime.

Vicky: I don't think so.

Jamie: That's your problem.

Vicky: You know, Jamie, every time I turn around you're there with her.

Jamie: Vicky, Marley is with Jake now. And you are imagining things.

Vicky: Jake?

Jamie: Has he talked to you?

Vicky: A little.

Jamie: Vicky, Marley and I became friends in Nice.

Vicky: Is that all?

Jamie: Yes.

Vicky: You know what, Jamie, I am really tired of tiptoeing around this subject. Now, there's something besides friendship going on between the two of you and I want you to tell me what it is.

Marley: I still can't get over all this.

Jake: Don't tell me. You were expecting pizza and beer.

Marley: Lately I don't know what to expect from you.

Jake: I hope that's good, because I've been much too predictable in the past, especially when it comes to screwing up.

Marley: Is this you?

Jake: It is when I am with you. You bring out the best in me.

Marley: I do?

Jake: Mm-hmm. You know you are the only person that I can go to dinner with wearing a tuxedo when I don't feel like I'm a waiter. It's when I'm not with you, and you're not around and things don't seem so real, that I get into trouble.

Marley: What does that mean?

Jake: Marley, when you were gone this time I got into some major trouble.

Marley: What? Jake, you know you can tell me anything.

Jake: The way I feel right now, you know that I believe I can.

Marley: What happened?

Donna: Now, let me get this straight. Sharlene's other personality had an affair with Grant Harrison?

Michael: No one -- no one's calling it an affair.

Donna: It has to be an affair. John said that the man was in love with Sharlene. I can't believe this.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Michael, I've always thought that she was so mousy.

Michael: Please, John is miserable. And I tried to help him, I don't know if I did a very good job.

Donna: What are you supposed to do?

Michael: Try to help, try to understand, try to help him understand. I just felt like such a hypocrite.

Donna: Why?

Michael: I told him that what Sharlene did while she was Sharly didn't matter, that she's in treatment now and that everything would be ok.

Donna: And that's true, isn't it?

Michael: Yes, but it still must hurt terribly. You think he can forget that his wife was with another man? Donna, I know I couldn't stand it.

Donna: Even if she was as sick and unhappy as Sharlene must have been?

Michael: All I know is that John is going to have to call on all the love that he has for Sharlene.

Donna: You think he will, don't you?

Michael: Donna, if I found out that you'd been intimate with someone else I don't know if I could. I don't know if John can either.

John: How did it go?

Announcer: Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton--

Sharlene: You are not going to believe this.

John: What?

Sharlene: I'm pregnant.

John: Are you sure?

Sharlene: Doctors are positive. Oh, John, I know it's an accident, but I have wanted a baby so much. And then that dream got lost when we realized I was sick, but I'm better now. I am better now and everything is going to be right again. We're going to have a baby. I know -- I couldn't believe it myself. You gonna say anything? John.

John: Sharlene.

Sharlene: You don't think this baby is yours, do you?

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