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Another World Transcript Friday 7/7/06

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Vicky: Oh, yeah? Well, I don't want to talk to you. Take a hike, Ryan. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Bridget: No reason.

Vicky: Is that the mail?

Bridget: Yes, it is.

Vicky: May I see it?

Bridget: Not unless you promise not to tear it up.

Vicky: Don't worry, Bridget. Unless there is nothing from that pompous, cognac-drinking horse lover, I won't have a reason to throw a hairy.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Vicky: The mail?

Vicky: Special delivery? Bridget, did you see this?

Bridget: Oh, yes, I --

Vicky: This is from the newspaper that I sent my story to.

Bridget: Oh, well, what story was that, dear?

Vicky: My expose on Grant Harrison's love life.

Bridget: Oh, my.

Vicky: This is probably a contract. Oh, those rotten, low-down nincompoops. I can't believe this.

Bridget: I guess that's not a contract, eh?

Vicky: They rejected my article.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: You're home early.

John: Thought I'd get some lunch.

Sharlene: Oh? I think I can handle that.

John: No, I -- I'll do it. If you're busy, it's no problem.

Sharlene: No, I'm -- I'm not.

John: Flowers really look good. I thought I'd killed them all when you -- when you were away.

Sharlene: I'm sorry about what happened last night.

John: So am I.

John: Sharlene, we really need to talk.

Sharlene: I know. I know.

John: I just don't know where to start.

Sharlene: I have an idea. How about you hate who I've become?

Rachel: This isn't over, not yet.

Paulina: I have nothing more to say. I can be packed and out of here in --

Rachel: I certainly understand why you've hesitated telling us about your past.

Paulina: I really don't want to listen to --

Rachel: You know, I've read about people like you. Never met one till now. What I don't understand is how do you live with yourself?

Ken: The dive team I want to use has been doing sonar testing in this area for the last two months, and they've pinpointed the sunken ship's coordinates to within a differential plus or minus four per cent.

Michael: Four per cent? That's pretty close. How deep?

Ken: 250 feet.

Michael: 250 feet?

Ken: It's a top-notch team. We're gonna use a helium-oxygen mix with open-bottom bell and surface support. We know what we are looking for, we know how to find it. The hard part was securing the coordinates.

Michael: Well, you seem very confident of yourself.

Ken: I'm putting my own money into it.

Michael: Right, and that is why you are here, right?

Ken: I think the Hudson Group could benefit greatly from a historic discovery like this.

Michael: [Laughs] Sit down, Ken.

Ken: Thank you.

Michael: I suppose it just happens to be a coincidence that I'm a civil war buff and that raising the ship not only might bring up some gold, but some very interesting information?

Ken: I did do some homework.

Michael: Uh-huh. Now, you think you can raise a 130-year-old war ship when no one else could?

Ken: I think we got a real good shot.

Michael: Well, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna talk to my advisors and I'll get back to you. I'll be in touch.

Ken: I can't ask for more than that. Thank you for your time.

Michael: My pleasure.

Ken: Why don't you keep the map?

Michael: Hey, thanks.

Ken: Oh, before I go, can I say something personal?

Michael: Sure.

Ken: I read about your custody case in the papers.

Michael: So what's your point?

Ken: Just want to say I'm sorry. Rachel told me how much you and your wife loved that little boy.

Michael: Well, we did and we still do. Just taking it one day at a time, you know? How is Rachel?

Ken: Well, I can't really say, not anymore.

Michael: Oh, I'm sorry.

Ken: Oh, that's all right. I guess people who knew her got used to seeing us together, but we're not anymore.

Michael: Kind of sudden, isn't it?

Ken: We argued all the time.

Michael: Well, arguing can be very healthy.

Ken: I guess. It can also be a real pain, but it's always a challenge.

Michael: Well, I've had a few challenges of my own, so I know what you're talking about.

Ken: So I've heard.

Michael: You mind if I give you some unsolicited advice, huh?

Ken: Well, I came here asking for money -- I guess I can take a little

Michael: Rachel loved Mac.

Ken: I know that.

Michael: It's very hard to start over, especially if you thought you'd never have to do that again. But you two seem really good together. I saw something in Rachel's eyes that I hadn't seen in a long time and I never thought I'd see again. It was really good to see her happy.

Marsha: Are you going to judge me?

Rachel: Did you neglect a child that was entrusted to your care?

Marsha: I tried to teach her some manners and a little respect.

Rachel: By neglecting her? That is your idea of taking care of a child?

Amanda: Paulina's foster mother?

Iris: Rachel is defending Paulina. I don't know why.

Marsha: She was a troublemaker. Someone had to discipline her.

Rachel: How old was she when you got her?

Marsha: A few months.

Rachel: She was a troublemaker at a few months?

Marsha: She was colicky and miserable. She cried all the time, and I had other kids to take care of, too. I couldn't do everything.

Rachel: How many other children did you have?

Marsha: At different times there were a lot.

Rachel: But you got paid for each child, didn't you?

Marsha: Look, let me tell you something, lady. Just because this one turned out bad, doesn't mean it was my fault. I had a lot of other kids who turned out just fine without --

Rachel: Without what, affection?

Marsha: I did the best that I could.

Rachel: Why didn't you just give her back to the agency? They might have placed her in a family that could've given her the care and attention she needed.

Marsha: You don't know what it's like.

Rachel: Oh, yes, I do know what it's like to be without money. And I know how difficult it is to bring up children. What I don't understand is how .....??

Marsha: Look, I don't have to take this garbage from you.

Iris: This is not the way this conversation should be heading.

Rachel: My driver's out front. He'll take you back wherever you came from.

Marsha: [Scoffs] It's easy for you to judge standing in this room, ain't it?

Rachel: As I just told you, I wasn't always standing in this room.

Iris: Rachel, we haven't asked her anything.

Rachel: I know everything I need to know about that woman.

Iris: Well, I don't. Excuse me.

Amanda: Mom, are you all right?

Rachel: I'm fine. What about you, Paulina? Are you all right?

Paulina: No one has ever defended me to anyone before. No one.

Vicky: How do they have the nerve to reject my article and then send it back?

Bridget: Well, I think it's standard procedure.

Vicky: "Dear Ms. Hudson, thank you so much for your interest in publishing your piece in our paper. We regret to inform you that we are unable to print said article at this time due to lack of verification." Do they think I made this up?

Bridget: Well, you see, I --

Vicky: Did I send it to the fiction department or the newsroom? Blah, blah, blah, "your idea is, however, intriguing. Please contact us again if you are able to prove your theory with evidence deemed acceptable by the editorial board of this newspaper." Miss bozo, editor-in-chief. I can't believe it -- I could scream!

Bridget: You are screaming!

Vicky: Fine. They want proof, I'll give them proof. I will find out Grant Harrison's bimbo's name if I have to sleaze my way into every smoke-filled room in this state.

Bridget: Well, at least they appreciate your determination.

Vicky: I don't like being told no.

Bridget: No, I know that. You know, I've known that long before anybody else knew it.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: I think you'd better get that. I'm gonna get Steven up now because he's going to cry if he sees his mother's face looking like that. It's a good thing that that child has inherited his father's --

Vicky: Oh, great, more good news.

Jake: You always in a bad mood, or do you just do it for me?

Vicky: Marley is not here.

Jake: I know. I just left her. We looked at the space for the clinic.

Vicky: Oh, how exciting for you both.

Jake: I came to ask -- you what you think of Jamie and Marley's little project?

Vicky: Why?

Jake: I'm just curious.

Vicky: I couldn't care one way or the other.

Jake: Bull.

Vicky: You know, I have better things to think about than my ex-husband and my twin sister playing doctor to the poor.

Jake: Oh, come on, Vicky. It doesn't bother you just a little bit?

Vicky: Why should it bother me? I've never had an ambition to heal the sick. Jamie fantasizes about it, Marley loves being organized. So I say leave the two of them alone, and let them be boring together.

Jake: I don't buy that. I don't buy that.

Vicky: Jamie's a lost soul. Marley's a lost soul. They love lost souls.

Jake: Right.

Vicky: Look, Marley needs new direction in her life. She went from living at home to living with you to getting divorced and coming back here again. She needs new interests. She needs new stimuli. She -- I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Jake: We were working on getting back together again. How are we gonna do that if she's playing Florence Nightingale by the sea?

Vicky: I don't know.

Jake: Come on, Vicky --

[Doorbell rings]

Jake: It doesn't bother you to hear me say that?

Vicky: What, that you're gonna get back together with Marley? Gone are the days when I fight with anyone over you. Thank heavens.

Jake: Oh, do you know how many times --

Vicky: What do you want?

John: I don't hate who you've become.

Sharlene: John, I don't blame you.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Sharly did terrible things to you, and you were understanding and patient.

John: I was because I love you.

Sharlene: John, now that Sharly is a part of me, you don't look at the...

John: [Sighs] Oh, wow, this is -- this is really difficult.

Sharlene: What you said last night, I understand.

John: Sharly hates me.

Sharlene: Sharly wanted to control you, and she couldn't.

John: When you say that you are starting to feel some of the things that Sharly felt, you seem like her.

Sharlene: So you think that means that I hate you? John, no.

John: I think it means that you look at me differently. Now, that's true, isn't it?

Sharlene: What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of losing me?

John: I almost did, Sharlene -- more than once.

Sharlene: It's not going to happen. I won't let it.

John: Sharly is tough. She is as tough as nails. I miss you. I miss you the way you --

Sharlene: The way I was before. John, it's not going to be the way it was before. We both know that.

John: What are you saying?

Sharlene: I'm not leaving you, John -- not today, not tomorrow. If you have to learn to love me again, I'll wait.

John: I wanted you last night. I wanted you so much, but I -- I just felt like it wasn't you, like I wasn't with you. Do you understand?

Sharlene: I wanted you. And if Sharly hates you so much, then who do you think wanted you in our bed last night? That was me. That was me. I love you. I want us to be lovers again. I need you back with me that way.

[Whispering] Please.

[Sharlene sighs]

Sharlene: Ok. Are you ok?

John: [Whispering] Yeah.

Sharlene: I think that's a good idea.

John: You know what I found when you were gone?

Sharlene: What?

John: One night I couldn't sleep, so I got up and I drove around and I found the Old Mill -- do you remember the Old Mill?

Sharlene: Oh, sure.

John: That place was so beautiful. I promised that I would take you there when you got home. Let's go right now.

Sharlene: I would love to.

John: Come on. Great, come on.

Sharlene: We haven't been there since that night when we threw coins over the bridge, and you brought dinner for --

Sharlene: Oh, John.

[John sighs]

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I thought --

John: You went there with Grant, didn't you?

Sharlene: It's not very clear. I wasn't thinking. I -- I'm sorry, it just came out.

John: Hey, it -- it's all right. I -- I better get back to the hospital.

Sharlene: You haven't had lunch.

John: I'll grab something there. See you later.

Sharlene: John.

John: Yeah?

Sharlene: I need you to help me through these things. I need you with me.

Rachel: I said what I felt, Paulina. I'm not taking sides.

Amanda: What did Mrs. Cantrell say, Mom?

Rachel: That for the 11 years that Paulina was in her care, she found it an onerous burden. But not so much of a burden that she was willing to give up the money she was being paid to do it.

Paulina: I was sure you'd listen to her.

Rachel: Why? Why would I listen to a woman who had neglected you for 11 years?

Paulina: Everyone else always did. Marsha convinced everyone. My teachers gave up on me. The adoption agency put me on their problem list. Everyone took Marsha's side.

Rachel: Not anymore. That's not going to happen to you anymore.

Paulina: Nobody ever cared enough about me to ask me if I was all right. I remember very little about my childhood. But I'll tell you, I remember almost every day with Marsha.

Amanda: You do?

Paulina: She made me feel pretty horrible about myself. It took me a long time to get past that.

Amanda: Well, I don't think things have been easy on her. She looks like she has had a rough life. I can see it in her eyes.

Paulina: I know that.

Rachel: There are some people who are just not cut out to be foster parents.

Amanda: Did things get any better after you left there?

Paulina: Not really. After a while, the adoption agency just gave up on me. I was out on my own pretty early. I figured if I didn't take care of myself, nobody else was going to do it for me.

Rachel: That's a pretty severe lesson to learn when you're that young.

Paulina: I was always trying to, I don't know, to matter to someone. But it never happened -- not until now.

Vicky: You should've called first.

Ryan: I did. You hung up on me.

Vicky: That's beside the point.

Ryan: You, uh, going to introduce us?

Jake: Vicky, this --

Vicky: Jake, Ryan. Ryan, Jake.

Ryan: You a friend of Vicky's?

Jake: That's a debatable point. I got to go, all right?

Vicky: Bye.

Jake: See you.

Ryan: Who was that charmer?

Vicky: What do you want?

Ryan: I've been thinking about our date.

Vicky: Oh, really? Do you get off on torture?

Ryan: Oh, I think we can improve on that first feeble attempt.

Vicky: A car accident where I break both my legs would be an improvement.

Ryan: No, no, no. See, a first date is always pretty harsh. I don't think we should judge our compatibility on one horrible evening, don't you think?

Vicky: Horrible?

Ryan: Too strong?

Vicky: No, I just think disastrous is more to the point. How could I conceive of going out with a man who dangled me from a building? It's a dead issue.

Ryan: I really didn't dangle you.

Vicky: You insult me. I dump cognac on your head. You risk my life. Where do we go from there? People like us end up on "Geraldo," Ryan.

Ryan: I want to try.

Vicky: Oh, you do?

Ryan: Yes, I do.

Vicky: Do you want to give me one good reason why?

Ryan: You're the most beautiful woman I've met in this town?

Vicky: I just thought of an adjective to add to my list of descriptives for you.

Ryan: Suave? Debonair?

Vicky: Cave man. Do you think I was just born yesterday?

Ryan: Uh-uh.

Vicky: What exactly does a date from hell part two mean to you?

Ryan: Something a little less formal than Tops. Something more low-key.

Vicky: Well, I don't feel like going to the chamber of music society or anything like that. If I have a desire to sleep, I've got a bed.

Ryan: Is that a yes?

Vicky: It couldn't get any worse -- let's go for it.

Iris: Are you out of your mind?

Jake: Just the woman I was looking for.

Iris: And you came here?

Jake: I found her, didn't I?

Iris: Jake, you know we are not supposed to be seen together.

Jake: Why not? Now that Paulina works for me, I have an excuse.

Iris: Ok, ok, what's so urgent?

Jake: Paulina didn't show up for work today.

Iris: I know that.

Jake: Any special reason?

Iris: Yes, we had a little chat with her foster mother.

Jake: And what did you learn?

Iris: Nothing -- absolutely nothing. Oh, yes, we learned that environment is more disastrous than heredity.

Jake: And?

Iris: And Paulina managed to put on a nauseating display that has Rachel feeling very sorry for her.

Jake: Well, I don't think Rachel snows too easily.

Iris: Well, that little orphan girl has a peculiar effect on her. Every time I turn around they are bonding and that's really sickening, and I want it stopped before it gets out of hand.

Jake: Tell me, Iris, what is your plan?

Iris: You, Jake. You're my plan, and I'm counting on you to get that creature out of my life.

Jake: Can I ask you a question?

Iris: Yes, of course.

Jake: What are you going to do if Paulina is Mac's daughter?

Iris: She is not Mac's daughter. She is not a Cory -- not by association, not by designation, and certainly not by birth. Do you understand that?

Jake: Ok.

Iris: Look, Jake, you get me the proof that I need, and I'll repay you in kind.

Jake: We never really talked in specifics, Iris. What does "in kind" mean to you?

Iris: More money, Jake, than you have ever dreamt of.

Iris: Ever.

Iris: So where is the fair Paulina now?

Amanda: Out on the terrace with Mom.

Iris: Too bad the drop isn't steeper. I would love to show her the view.

Rachel: Are you all right?

Paulina: I told her how I felt after all these years, and you stood up for me. It was worth it, believe me.

Rachel: Are you going into work?

Paulina: Oh, I hope I still have a job. I don't know if I'll be any good for Jake, though. I'm all wound up.

Rachel: Well, why don't you go take a drive? Maybe that'll do you some good.

Paulina: Would that be all right?

Rachel: Yes, you may use one of our cars.

Paulina: Thank you.

Rachel: You're welcome. So you saw Mrs. Cantrell out?

Iris: Yes, and we neglected to ask her a lot of important questions.

Rachel: Oh, Iris, she has told us everything she knows.

Iris: Rachel, you are letting that girl get to you, and it is clouding your judgment.

Rachel: Iris --

Iris: Look, I have very high stakes in this, too, you know. And I will not let you railroad this family into a sympathy vote just because you are trying to hold on what you think is a part of Daddy.

Vicky: Want to sit here?

Ryan: Sure.

Ryan: Nice day, isn't it?

Vicky: Yeah, if you like 98% humidity.

Ryan: You're not the outdoorsy type, are you?

Vicky: Yeah, sure, I am. I just happen to be very fond of central air-conditioning. Aren't you hot?

Ryan: Nope.

Vicky: You're not sweating.

Ryan: That's because I'm not hot.

Vicky: I'm melting here.

Ryan: So, tell me about yourself.

Vicky: Haven't we tried this once before?

Ryan: Oh, come on. Were you born here?

Vicky: Yeah, but I was raised in a lovely little ghetto called Lassiter, PA. Ever heard of it?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: Good for you. It was a garbage dump, but it was home.

Ryan: So now you're loaded.

Vicky: Right.

Ryan: Well, how did that happen?

Vicky: Oh, it -- well, for one thing, I wasn't raised with my parents.

Ryan: Oh --

Vicky: Long story. You know that -- that woman Bridget?

Ryan: She is the one who has been taking care of your son, right?

Vicky: She raised me.

Ryan: Were you happy?

Vicky: Bridget did the best she could.

Ryan: Well, it seems like you've left whatever was miserable about Lassiter behind you.

Vicky: I hope so.

Ryan: So, how did you get to be so well-off?

Vicky: Wealthy grandfather.

Ryan: Lucky girl.

Vicky: Confusing story -- very complicated. How about you?

Ryan: What about me?

Vicky: Where are you from?

Ryan: Are you hungry?

Vicky: I'm always hungry. Why are you avoiding my question?

Ryan: Because I saw a hot dog vendor down the way back there. How do you like yours?

Vicky: Do I make you nervous?

Ryan: Hardly.

Vicky: But every time I ask you a question about yourself, your eyebrows wiggle. That's normal?

Ryan: My eyebrows don't wiggle.

Vicky: Extra mustard, sauerkraut, hold the relish, and I'll take two.

Ryan: See? I told you if we worked at this thing, we can make it work out. What, what, what?

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: Do I have a bug in my head or --

Vicky: You got a gun!

Ryan: Ok, don't overreact now.

Vicky: Overreact? You're packing a piece and you are telling me not to overreact?

Ryan: It's licensed.

Vicky: What do you mean, it's licensed? This is Bay City, not Dodge City, and I ain't miss kitty.

Ryan: How about those dogs, huh?

Vicky: All right, listen. You can avoid any questions I ask you about your past, your future, or anything else you want. But if you don't tell me why you're carrying that gun, I'm taillights, you got me?

Ryan: Now, don't be afraid, ok? You just got to trust me.

Vicky: See you. It's been nice.

Ryan: No, no, no.

Vicky: Oh, God! Don't shoot me!

Ryan: I'm not going to shoot --

Vicky: Thank you.

Ryan: Now, let me explain, ok? Sit down. There you go.

Vicky: Are you a cop?

Ryan: A cop?

Vicky: A cop.

Ryan: No, I'm -- no.

Vicky: Bye.

Ryan: No. Shh shh shh shh shh.

Vicky: Oh, God. I can scream -- I can scream so loud all of Chicago is gonna hear me.

Ryan: Look, I'm not a cop --

[Vicky wheezes]

Ryan: And I'm not a murderer. I just want to have a peaceful date with you. Come on.

Vicky: If you wanted peace, you should've left your little friend at home.

Ryan: You know what I think?

Vicky: What?

Ryan: I think that we're never gonna have a good time unless we do something that doesn't require talking.

Vicky: Hold it right there, buster.

Ryan: A movie. A movie. You know -- popcorn, twizzlers, uncomfortable seats. Come on, you'll love it.

Vicky: The only way I'm going to sit in the dark with you is if you unload that friend, that thing.

Ryan: Fine, fine.

Vicky: Where are you going?

Ryan: I'm going to get a paper so I can see what's playing.

Vicky: I'm serious about the ammo, Ryan.

Ryan: I'll let you watch me do it if you're good.

Vicky: [Scoffs] Oh.

Vicky: Me -- this could only happen to me.

Taylor: It's happening more often, isn't it?

Sharlene: I keep remembering things that aren't very clear. Like pieces of dreams that you can't quite remember or place. And then I realize that what I'm remembering didn't happen to me, it happened to Sharly.

Taylor: Does it frighten you?

Sharlene: No -- no, it doesn't. But it can be a problem sometimes.

Taylor: How so?

Sharlene: Uh, I remembered something earlier. And for a second, I thought that it was a memory of mine with John, but it was Grant and Sharly.

Taylor: Did you tell John?

Sharlene: He was there, and I really hurt him. But, Dr. Benson, I can't pretend that I don't want to know all about her. She doesn't scare me anymore. She fascinates me.

Taylor: But?

Sharlene: But John -- well, I think that he is just now realizing how angry he's been with Sharly, and now she is becoming a part of me.

Taylor: Did something happen?

Sharlene: [Sighs] I found this negligee. It was something that just a couple of weeks ago probably would've made my face turn scarlet. But last night, I liked it and I put it on and I -- I thought John would like it, too.

Taylor: He didn't want you to wear Sharly's things?

Sharlene: He wants me to be back to the person I was and that is not gonna happen.

Taylor: No -- no, it isn't.

Sharlene: Dr. Benson, what if he can't accept me anymore?

Taylor: Sharlene, you are under tremendous pressure. You are going through tremendous changes now. On top of which, you have to understand that John is going through changes of his own.

Sharlene: I know, I know.

Taylor: And he has to give you more time to find out who you're going to be. But I think it might help you to have more patience and understanding of his reticence with you.

Sharlene: I feel her living inside me, and I want him to love us both.

John: You sure you're not busy?

Michael: No, please, come in.

John: Good, 'cause I need to talk.

Michael: I want to talk to you. How's Sharlene?

John: Ok, better.

Michael: That's good, right?

John: I worked the midnight-to-noon shift. I couldn't wait to get home to see her, and when I did, I --

Michael: What? What happened?

John: I was there about 10 minutes. I told her I had to get back to the hospital. I lied. I've been driving around for the last hour and a half and finally came here.

Michael: Ok, fine. You want to tell me what is going on?

John: This integration process, it's finally happening.

Michael: That's good. That's what you want, right?

John: What I want and what I'm getting are two different things.

Michael: I'm sorry, you're just losing me.

John: Sharlene is becoming this whole new person, completely different from the other two identities, but --

Michael: John, do you fully understand what is going on here?

John: How can I understand, Mike? How can I understand a woman who tried to kill me?

Michael: What?

John: Sharly tried to kill me.

Michael: John, what do you mean she tried to kill you?

John: Frankie's wedding -- the one that didn't happen.

Michael: Yeah?

John: Sharly had a gun.

Michael: Are you serious?

John: It's the incident that got Sharlene to fight, finally -- fight harder than she ever has before.

Michael: So that is when the integration process started?

John: You know, when I look into Sharlene's eyes, I don't see the hatred that I used to see in Sharly's, but I don't see my wife either.

Michael: John, look, this may be a hell of a lot easier to say than it is to do, but you're gonna have to let go of that experience and just accept the fact that Sharlene is going to be different --

John: Look, I know that! I know that intellectually, but I love her. I married Sharlene. I want her back.

Michael: So what are you saying to me now? You can't love her the way she is?

John: Look, I checked out on this town, I checked out on you, and I checked out on Mom -- everybody for over 20 years. In that whole time, I never let anybody get close to me. I left here with a big chip on my shoulder. Sharlene is the only person that I ever let get close enough to me to knock it off. She accepted me with all my emotional baggage and she loved me.

Michael: And she still does love you, John. She still does.

John: You know what I'm really afraid of, Mike?

Michael: What?

John: That I'm not good enough for her.

Michael: That's ridiculous.

John: If I were, I would be there for her.

Michael: Damn it, John, you are there for her. You've been there for her throughout this whole ordeal.

John: I don't know if I can do it anymore, and that's what scares me. It scares me to death because I don't want to lose her.

Michael: John, you'll get through this, man. You'll get through this, and Sharlene will get through this. You have to believe that.

John: She is all I have, Mike.

Paulina: Ken.

Ken: I need to talk to you.

Paulina: I've had the best day.

Ken: Oh, what happened? Isn't that Rachel's car?

Paulina: She gave it to me.

Ken: She what?

Paulina: To borrow. But I feel like I just hit the jackpot behind door number three.

Ken: I gather things went well with Marsha Cantrell.

Paulina: I told her off, Ken, and Rachel stood up for me.

Ken: She did?

Paulina: She nailed her. It was beautiful. She saw right through the woman. She told her she should be ashamed for the way that she's treated me. Then she told me that she believed in me. Then she gave me the keys to her car so I could go off for the afternoon and clear my head. My head is so clear, I just -- I feel like cleaning the slate and starting from scratch.

Ken: Yeah, well, first we're gonna -- what do you mean, "starting from scratch"?

Paulina: I know that you miss being with Rachel, and I know it's my fault.

Ken: No! No, it isn't. We never argued about you.

Paulina: But if our secret has made you feel like you can't be honest with her, then it is my fault, right? So I was driving around, and I made this decision that's gonna fix things for both of us.

Ken: You're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting, are you?

Paulina: Come back to the Cory house with me now. Let's tell Rachel the whole truth.

Taylor: Every time I leave you now, Sharlene, I feel you are making giant steps forward.

Sharlene: I just wish that I could describe what this feels like. It -- I can't find words.

Taylor: Well, you will.

Sharlene: See, sometimes I want to laugh and the next minute I want to cry.

Taylor: It's ok. It's ok, it's ok.

Sharlene: I just -- I know that if John gives it time, he's gonna like what he sees.

Taylor: I think so, too. You just have to remember to give him the time.

Sharlene: I will, I will.

Taylor: You know, when you were in the hospital, I talked to John a lot. Now, that man is not going anywhere.

Sharlene: I know that. I just want things --

[Sighs] I want them to be normal again.

Taylor: I'm very proud of you.

Sharlene: Are you?

Taylor: You don't know that? I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Sharlene: Dr. Benson, um, I -- Taylor?

Taylor: Yes?

Sharlene: I know I'm not supposed to say things like this because you're my doctor, but you are one of the finest friends I have ever had.

Taylor: Thank you, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Sharlene: [Gasps] How could this have happened?

Ryan: Great.

Vicky: Boo. Scared you, didn't I?

Ryan: I don't scare so easy.

Vicky: Oh, yeah. Guess your little friend gives you a lot of confidence, huh?

Ryan: Where were you?

Vicky: I left. Then I thought better of it and came back.

Ryan: Really?

Vicky: Yeah. Well, where is the dog?

Ryan: Oh, I couldn't find the guy.

Vicky: You couldn't find him?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: How could you miss him? He's got the big blue and yellow umbrella --

Ryan: Look, do you want to go see this movie or not?

Vicky: What's playing?

Ryan: Gee. Oh, we could see "Die Hard 2."

Vicky: Too much shoot-em-up for an afternoon. What about that?

Ryan: What's it about?

Vicky: I don't know, but I heard there's a scene where there's this guy in a limousine and -- never mind.

Ryan: "Dick Tracy"?

Vicky: Saw it with Steven.

Ryan: "Pretty Woman"?

Vicky: Saw it with Bridget.

Ryan: Really?

Vicky: Oh, yeah. She was blushing through the whole thing.

Ryan: How about this?

Vicky: You've got a thing for arbitrary bloodletting, don't you?

Ryan: Look, you've already seen everything. What do you want me to do?

Vicky: All right. Since this movie idea is a washout, along with a number of washouts, why don't we try something new and different?

Ryan: Like what?

Vicky: Like, why don't you be honest with me?

Ryan: You are impossible.

Vicky: You're carrying a gun, you won't tell me why, and I'm impossible?

Ryan: Look, why does everything have to be an argument with you?

Vicky: You know what? I'm gonna go home. I'm gonna draw myself a nice, cold bubble bath. I'm going to turn my central air-conditioning on full blast. I'm gonna file my nails. I'm gonna do my hair, and I'm gonna go out -- without you. And I suggest you mosey on down to the old creek and shoot yourself some tin cans, because that seems like a perfect pastime for someone like you.

Ryan: Oh, really? Well, why don't you tell me what someone like me is, in your esteemed opinion?

Vicky: A lying loner who doesn't have one redeeming quality except his pretty face.

Ryan: You're not very attractive when you are angry.

Vicky: Oh, no? Well, you should just go find yourself some bimbo with cream cheese for brains to do your ego-stroking for the rest of the afternoon, because you, buddy, knocked on the wrong door when you chose me, you jackass!

Ryan: I didn't choose you. I saved your butt, Vicky!

Vicky: Next time, don't be such a hero. It doesn't suit you.

Ryan: "According to millionairess-turned-cub reporter, Vicky Hudson, the rumblings about Grant Harrison are true. Congressman Harrison's extended stay here in Bay City apparently is confidential all right, but it's not state secrets that are keeping the handsome rep in town. Turns out there's a woman, and her marriage necessitates their clandestine meeting near her home." Damn it!

Iris: We're going to have to talk to Marsha Cantrell again.

Rachel: Iris, if Paulina is Mac's daughter --

Iris: But she isn't.

Rachel: If she is, you're going to have to face that fact and understand what it is going to mean to you and to this family.

Amanda: Mom, you're not actually starting to believe this, are you?

Rachel: We know more now. We know she's from Central America. We didn't know that before.

Iris: Yeah, and so are thousands of other children, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm not closing myself off to the possibility that she may be Mac's daughter. It's not fair to her, it's not fair to Mac. We read the codicil. He wants us to pursue this.

Iris: Yes, and she's manipulating you.

Rachel: No one manipulates me, Iris.

Iris: She knows how vulnerable you are. She knows how desperate you are to find out everything you can about Daddy's past.

Rachel: Well, she's right about that.

Iris: Look, if you believe that, she's gonna milk us dry.

Amanda: She's got a point, Mom.

Rachel: All right --

Iris: Thank you.

Rachel: Both of you, wait a minute. For once and for all, no one is using me. We will find out Paulina's parentage. But whether or not she is Mac's daughter, she has clearly lived a very loveless life. And as long as she is in this house, we are gonna try to make that up to her. That's the least we can do for her. But if she turns out to be Mac's daughter, then she is a Cory and she is entitled to be known as one. That's my position on this. Is that clear?

Ken: Forget it.

Paulina: Ken --

Ken: You can't go running off your mouth every time you get excited about something, Paulina.

Paulina: I know you think that Rachel deserves to know the truth.

Ken: Don't get carried away.

Paulina: I am not.

Ken: You're not? Paulina, Rachel nearly threw you bodily out of the house when you told her you were trying to prove you were Mac's daughter. Now you've won her over a little bit, you want to tell her everything. Are you crazy?

Paulina: If you had seen her today, if you had heard her -- she would forgive us, Ken. I know she would.

Ken: Paulina, please, promise me you're not gonna do anything stupid.

Paulina: You are really against this idea.

Ken: Well, I have to be. Paulina, you're Mac Cory's daughter. You're entitled to everything that that means. You're entitled to your share of the inheritance. You're entitled to his name. Don't blow it. I want you to have all those things, Paulina.

Paulina: Ok.

Ken: Ok.

Paulina: Everything is falling into place, and it's all because of you.

Jake: Jackpot.

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