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Another World Transcript Wednesday 6/28/06

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Cass: Oh, just my luck. The city would finally get around to fixing this road now. Hey, how you doing? You're gonna let me through here, right?

Construction worker: Wrong.

Cass: Look, this is an emergency. My fiancée is being held, and I've got to get through here --

Construction worker: Hey, buddy, this road is closed. You're not going anywhere.

Man: Ted, Ted, now take it easy.

Ted: You might as well come on out of there.

Man: Ted, you're making a mistake.

Ted: I made a mistake when I left that girl with you, and now I'm going to fix it. Lady, if you can't see me from in there, I want you to know I'm holding a gun.

Frankie: So what? Get out of my way, you big gorilla.

Sharlene: No.


John: Sharlene, tell me what you see.

Sharlene: Oh!

John: What do you remember?

Sharlene: John -- Jason!

John: What about Jason?

Sharlene: I was only a little girl. He was my brother. How could he have done this to me?

Cass: Look, friend. I'm really very touched that you're concerned about my safety, but I'm going through here whether you like it or not.

Construction worker: Is that so?

Cass: Yeah. My fiancée has been kidnapped. Do you understand me? I just got my first solid clue, and I've got to get to her. Now, if the road is out, I'll walk. Are you going to help me, or aren't you?

Construction worker: Where are you looking, anyway?

Cass: Huntley hill.

Construction worker: [Sighs] Through there. You can't miss it.

Cass: Thanks a lot. I owe you one.

Man: We're ok, Ted. All right, I know how to handle this broad.

Frankie: What did you call me?

Man: So give me the gun.

Ted: You want me to shoot you both?

Man: Look, you're not going to be shooting anyone, so, come on, come on. Give me -- give me the gun.

Ted: Keep back.

Man: Look, Ted, we bagged the wrong woman, ok? You want to -- you want to shoot the wrong woman now, too? I mean, think about how stupid that sounds, Ted.

Ted: What do you want me to do, let her go?

Frankie: Yes.

Man: Listen --

Ted: Shut up!

Man: You can't just keep on knocking people off whenever anything goes wrong. You want to face a murder rap, too?

Ted: I am not going to state prison because of your screw-up.

Frankie: May I say something here, please?

Ted: No!

Frankie: Tough!

Ted: Now, look, lady, you are on the wrong side of the gun to give me any more of your lip.

Frankie: Look, look, we're in the middle of nowhere out here, right? Right?

Ted: So?

Frankie: So? So take off! You've got the car. By the time anybody finds me, you can be halfway to Mexico. I mean, no matter what I tell the police, you're out of here. You're history.

Ted: Look, Ryan, she's the only witness. We've got to get rid of her.

Frankie: "Get rid of her"? Didn't you just hear what I said?

Ryan: Shut up! Listen, listen, ok, we've still got to get the right woman, and that's not going to be easy.

Ted: I don't care. It's got to be done.

Ryan: How do you suggest we do that, Ted? How do you suggest we beat a murder rap and restage a kidnapping all at the same time?

Ted: Stop!

Ryan: No, Ted!

Sharlene: [Sobbing] Jason, it really hurts so much.

John: Sharlene, just take your time.

Sharlene: Jason took me down to the stream. But then he left me alone, and I didn't know why.

Sharlene: He never used to let me go anywhere alone. So he -- but I kept calling after him, and he just kept walking.

Sharlene: I was so scared. I was so scared.

Sharlene: Then I saw a reflection in the water. Tom Perkins was there.

John: Who's Tom Perkins?

Sharlene: I heard Jason moving away, jingling the coins in his pocket.

Sharlene: I saw the money in Jason's hands before he moved away. I saw the money in his hands --

John: Sharlene, Sharlene. Sharlene, just -- Sharlene, slow down. Slow down, you're fine.

Jason: I'll be back in a little while, Sharly.

John: Are you ok?

Sharlene: Jason called me Sharly. And he took money from Tom for me.

Tom: Jason's gone now. We can go swimming if you want.

Young Sharlene: I don't have my swim suit.

Tom: We don't need them.

Young Sharlene: Jason, Jason! Help me!

Sharlene: I ran as fast as I could. I ran as fast as I could, but he was so much bigger than me. He was so much stronger than me. Oh, he caught me. He caught me.

Sharlene: Oh, it wasn't the first time. Oh!

Young Sharlene: No!

Tom: Stop crying, Sharly. No one can hear you.

Young Sharlene: No, no!

Tom: Stop it!

Sharlene: He held me down. And I screamed and I cried until I couldn't anymore.

Sharlene: I hurt.

Sharlene: And he was right. Nobody heard me. Nobody cared. They never heard me.

Iris: Jake, I'm sick and tired of talking to this machine. Now, will you ring me back immediately? Thank you. Oh, hello, Rachel. How glad I am to see you.

Rachel: Are you?

Iris: Yes. I have found a lovely new office for you right on this floor.

Rachel: Iris --

Iris: With a wonderful view of the park -- yes?

Rachel: I don't need a new office.

Iris: Well, of course you do, darling. I want you to feel as if you've never been away.

Rachel: Isn't that lovely?

Iris: And I want you to know how much I look forward to having you right back here where you belong.

Rachel: Well, good. Then you wouldn't mind if I moved back into my own office.

Iris: This is my office.

Rachel: You've been using it when I've been away. I'm back now.

Iris: All my things are here.

Rachel: Well, I'm sure we can find somebody to help you move all of your things into that lovely new office that you found for me.

Iris: Today?

Rachel: Iris, when I left, I made it very clear I was coming back.

Iris: Yes, I know that, I know that.

Rachel: I don't want to start off on the wrong foot with you.

Iris: Neither do I. And that's why I've spent all morning looking for this wonderful new office. It's very close to Amanda's. I mean, I thought after all the unfortunate incidents that she was involved with, that you would want to be able to supervise her more closely.

Rachel: I appreciate everything you've done for Amanda. But, Iris, I'm back. You're going to have to get used to that. I know it's not easy.

Iris: No, it isn't. While you were off trying to find yourself in the desert and the rainforest, I ran this company. I covered for Amanda while she was protecting Evan, and I gave this company the highest profit margin it's had in three years.

Rachel: I don't disagree with anything you've said. But, Iris, that's why I had you over last night. To prepare you.

Iris: I see. You're back, and I'm being demoted.

Rachel: You're not demoted, Iris. You're being relocated and relieved of some of the responsibilities that are not yours.

Iris: Fine. In that case, I'll have to relieve our little Amanda of some of the responsibilities that I gave her.

Rachel: Fine, I'll talk to her.

Iris: I think that's a good idea.

Rachel: Iris, please. I do appreciate your covering for me while I was gone. I'm very grateful for that. Don't for one minute believe I think I'm irreplaceable. But I am back and I am going to carry this company forward and I would like to do that with your very capable help.

[Buzzer] It's all right, I'll get it. It's for me. Yes, Wendy. Yes, I think he's a little early. Yeah, I'll buzz you. I think perhaps you'd like to stay for this.

Iris: Oh, really? Why? Who's here?

Rachel: Ah, an attorney. The man that drew up the codicil for Mac's will.

Frankie: So, I guess that proves you can hit the side of a barn with your eyes closed.

Ryan: Are you crazy, Ted? Do you want to bring the whole damn town in here with us?

Frankie: You tell him.

Ryan: Shut up.

Ted: Shut up, both of you. I can't think.

Frankie: [Indistinct]

Ted: Now, look, any more stunts like that and I'm not going to miss.

Frankie: You want to shoot me anyway, don't you? So why don't you just go ahead and do it?

Ryan: Listen, Ted. I want you to take a deep breath and listen to what I'm saying. Listen, this is a bad situation we've got here, I'll give you that. But a dead redhead is not going to get us any closer to our goal.

Frankie: You know something, biff, I wasn't on my way to a costume ball when your goon threw me into the back of that caterer's truck. I was about to walk down the aisle and get married.

Ted: So?

Frankie: So? So you ruined my wedding day. And I chose that day for my wedding because I had my charts done, and Pasham told me it was the only day that was in harmonic convergence with my sign. And you screwed that up, too! You owe me big time, buster.

Ted: I am astounded that I am standing here with a gun and you are standing there whining to me about having ruined your wedding. Well, if I didn't want to kill you before --

Ryan: Ted! Look, can we please talk about this rationally?

Frankie: Now I know why your flunkies blew this. Look who hired them.

Ryan: Would you please stop yakking? Or else you're going to get us both killed, you idiot, ok?

Frankie: I'm the only one getting through to this guy.

Ryan: Listen, what you are referring to as getting through to this guy is what is making him want to kill you dead -- dead!

Ted: That's it!


Ted: The party is over.

Ryan: Ted, let me take her out.

Frankie: What?

Ted: What are you talking about?

Ryan: You don't have any training in this kind of thing. Give me the gun. Let me do it. No, Ted, don't.

Frankie: No!


Ted: Now, I don't think that I can miss from here, pal. Do you?

Ryan: Look, Ted, just let me take care of this, ok?

Ted: Put the girl down.

Ryan: I'd really love to, but I think she'll --

Ted: Put her down.

Frankie: Do what he says. I won't move.

Frankie: We're ok. We're ok, Ted.

Ted: Both of you, hands in the air.

Ryan: Get out -- ah! What are you -- get away! You're going to hurt yourself.

Frankie: I'm trying to help you!

Ryan: Get away -- with a pitchfork.


Ryan: Going to hurt --

Frankie: I am trying to help --

Ryan: Get out of here.

Frankie: He has the gun, doesn't he?

Ted: Damn it.

Frankie: Cass!

Cass: Frankie!

Frankie: No, no!

[Gunshot] Cass!

Jake: Well, thank you very much for coming.

Paulina: Welcome. Someone ought to put a padlock on your wallet, though.

Jake: Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Paulina: If I hadn't been there to stop you, you would've spent the entire August budget on new equipment for this place.

Jake: Well, I guess you come in handy.

Paulina: I guess I do.

Jake: Which reminds me -- I need you to fill this out.

Paulina: What is it? Insurance?

Jake: Mm-hmm, my broker's been breathing down my neck. If I don't get you bonded, I got a problem.

Paulina: Oh, ok, I'll fill it out tonight.

Jake: Actually, I need it done right now. Why don't you sit down? I'll ask you the questions, and I'll fill it in.

Paulina: It's that serious, huh?

Jake: Well, I want to do everything around here by the book.

Paulina: Hmm, I understand.

Jake: Ok, full name.

Paulina: I don't have a middle name.

Jake: All right. Paulina Cantrell. I got your address, I've got your phone number. I need your social security number.

Paulina: Oh, gee, I can never remember it. 303 -- something. It's on that job application I filled out.

Jake: I'll get it. Your parents' name?

Jake: I know you're going to prove that you're Mac Cory's daughter, but for this, why don't we just -- why don't we just put the name of your foster parents?

Paulina: Howard and Marsha Cantrell. 66 Gold Street, Chicago. I don't know if they still live there.

Jake: What, you don't talk to them?

Paulina: It's been a long time.

Jake: I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable.

Paulina: I just don't think about Gold Street very much or those people.

Jake: Why is that? They didn't treat you very well?

Paulina: Can we go on?

Jake: Sure. Give me your last job.

Paulina: With Vicky Frame.

Jake: I mean before that and before the Corys.

Paulina: I don't see what this has to do with insurance --

Jake: Paulina, let me tell you something, all right? You don't exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to employment. You're going to be a hard sell to the insurance companies, who are already trying to raise my premiums through the roof because I have a lot of expensive equipment here that is easily ripped off, especially by employees.

Paulina: I would never do something like that.

Jake: I hired you --

Paulina: [Sighs]

Jake: But I have to prove to them that you're not a risk. And my word of honor does not mean a whole hell of -- of a lot, if you get my meaning.

Paulina: All right. I was slinging hash at a roadside diner in Indiana. Before that, I was in Peoria, waiting on tables at a local strip joint. You won't put that down on your little form?

Jake: Systems analyst, State Federal Bank, two years. Assistant vice president, allied Advertising Agency, Boise, Idaho.

Paulina: This from the man who wants to do everything by the book?

Jake: I'll tell you what, why don't you -- why don't you give me an address from these jobs and a couple of references, all right?

Paulina: My address book is in my purse. I left it in the van.

Jake: I'll wait.

Paulina: Ok. Jake?

Jake: Hmm? Yes?

Paulina: I want this job. I can do good work here.

Jake: I know. Why don't you go get that address book?

John: Can I get you anything?

Sharlene: He was my brother. How could he have done this to me?

John: Maybe he didn't know what the guy had in mind.

Sharlene: I was a child. He took money from Tom. He left me. I don't know how to deal with this.

John: I've called Taylor. She'll be here in a few minutes.

Sharlene: See, now, she -- she knew that something had happened to me all along. She kept pushing me to remember it.

John: Well, now you have.

Sharlene: I was a baby, and he sold me to -- I don't know. I can't believe -- I can't believe that -- I came back here to this house with my daughter to live with him. I brought my Josie here. What if -- I can't even think about it. I can't even think --

John: Sharlene, Josie is fine.

Sharlene: He sold me to his friends! He sold me over and over again. He sold me, and then when I turned into what he said I was, he held it over my head.

John: Sharlene, don't -- don't do this to yourself.

Sharlene: He was my brother. He was my brother, and he made me into a whore.

John: He was sick. He was sicker than anyone could ever have imagined.

Sharlene: You know, you hear about these things and you think that's out there somewhere, that's out there somewhere, that's not my family, but it was my family. It was me. I can't stand the look in your face anymore.

John: Sharlene, look at -- the look in my face has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the fact that I would love to have killed Jason myself. I love you. Don't you understand that?


Frankie: Help him!

Frankie: No! He's on our side.

Cass: Oh, sorry. Great.

Cass: Oh, baby. Shh.

Taylor: What you've remembered today, Sharlene, is going to allow you to make a complete recovery. The shock of what happened all those years ago -- it's so fresh. The anger, the shock. You have to give yourself some time.

Sharlene: You know, I was so protective of Josie when she was growing up. I never let that poor child out of my sight. And then the -- the night before we got married, when I saw her with Lucas --

Taylor: It was like seeing yourself. And that's why you needed Sharly to handle the pain. To bury your worst fears for Josie. But today you handled that pain. You felt it for yourself. Without her.

Sharlene: My brother went through his whole life hurting people. None of us -- none of us knew the terrible things that he was doing. Emma -- this is going to kill her. It's going -- and Josie. She loved her uncle Jason. Damn him. I -- damn him. How could he have done the things that he did? How could he? And how could I have done the things that I did? And why did I repeat them over and over again in my life?

Taylor: Sharlene, you were raped as a young girl. You were taken against your will. Later on, when Sharly made men pay to be with her, it must've made her feel very powerful. Now she was in charge. There may be other incidents you remember in time. You have to prepare yourself for that. That's very important. But each time you do, you're going to be breaking the pattern you set up -- when you needed Sharly to distance yourself from whatever was happening to you. We have a long, long way to go, but look how far we've come. All of us.

Sharlene: I can't do this alone.

John: You don't have to.

Man: This is my signature, and this is the document I signed in your husband's hotel room.

Rachel: Well, thank you for verifying the document, Mr. Smith. Now I would like to ask you some questions about my husband's state of mind that night. Did he seem at all ill or pressured or confused or troubled by anything?

Mr. Smith: No, he seemed very clear about what he wanted.

Rachel: I see.

Iris: Well, I don't. Mr. Smith, my father would never have left us with the burden of having to verify the information that was in that codicil. It just -- it just wasn't like him to do something like that to his family.

Rachel: Well, that's what he did, Iris. We have to accept that.

Iris : Well, I don't.

[Knock on door]

Iris: Are you expecting anyone else?

Rachel: No.

Jake: Ah, hello.

Iris: Jake, we're in the middle of a meeting.

Jake: Well, I'm sorry, Iris. There was nobody at the desk --

Rachel: Paulina, why don't you come in and join us?

Iris: Rachel, are you -- oh, fine, all right. Why don't we call Hilda and the gardener and anybody else who happens to be around? This is -- was -- a private meeting.

Jake: I'll wait outside. I also have a schedule of your training tapes, Iris.

Iris: Fine, fine, I'll attend to it later. Thank you.

Rachel: Paulina, I'd like you to meet Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith, this is Paulina Cantrell. Mr. Smith is the attorney that drew up the codicil to Mac's will.

Paulina: It's nice to meet you, Mr. Smith. I'm Maria DeSilva's daughter.

Iris: Look, there's one question that nobody here seems to be attending to.

Rachel: What is that, Iris

Iris: Well, all Daddy had to do was call his attorneys in Bay City and tell them of his suspicions. I mean, the same attorneys who drew up his will could've attended to the codicil.

Mr. Smith: He thought the situation was too urgent for that.

Iris: I see. Well, Mr. Smith, could you please tell me what he talked about when you were witnessing the codicil? I mean, he must've given you some reason.

Mr. Smith: He said that he suddenly had the feeling that -- he didn't really understand what?

Paulina: Mr. Smith, my father didn't even know about the possibility of my existence until the night that you saw him. I have searched for my parents my entire life. If you could tell me anything, I mean anything at all that he might've said about me, it will be all that I have.

Mr. Smith: Ms. Cantrell, I'm sorry. I read the document. But Mac didn't comment on it, and he didn't seem willing to discuss it with me. And anyway, none of this is any of my business. If I had known the furor that was going to develop, I'm not sure I would've agreed to become involved.

Rachel: Well, Mr. Smith, thank you very much for coming in to see us about this. If we have any further questions, may we call you?

Mr. Smith: Of course. May I say one thing?

Rachel: Certainly.

Mr. Smith: Your husband obviously went through a lot of trouble to protect the idea that he had another child somewhere. Don't you think that you all owe it to him to find out for sure?

Iris: Well, that got us absolutely nowhere.

Rachel: Paulina, since you're here, would you like to see the complex?

Paulina: Oh, I'd love that.

Rachel: Then I'll take you. Iris.

Iris: Dear, sweet Rachel is taking that little twit on a tour of the company.

Jake: Well, that's nice, especially since she might end up with a good chunk of this company.

Iris: Listen, if she thinks that that lying little tramp is going to come anywhere near the company --

Jake: Why did you call me here, Iris?

Iris: Because I want to know what you've got on the child, that's why.

Jake: Got her foster parents' name and address.

Iris: Rachel and I found out that months ago.

Jake: I'm checking on her references.

Iris: Do I care about that?

Jake: Do you want my help or don't you?

Iris: Listen, Jake. I want to know every little secret of Paulina's. I know she's working with someone, and that's what I'm paying you to find out.

Jake: Are you always so nice to your employees, or am I just the lucky one?

Iris: And that's another thing. Don't come prying around this company.

Jake: I am here on official Visions business. I just happened to bring my assistant.

Iris: The more people who see your face around here, the more people are going to connect you with me and wonder what's between us.

Jake: Iris, what's between us?

Iris: I won't be toyed with, Jake. I do not take chances. Is that clear?

Jake: Crystal.

Iris: Good. Now, why don't you get out of here and try and achieve something?

Jake: Well, there's something I'm going -- I'm going to need before I can do that.

Iris: Oh, what's that?

Jake: Money.

Iris: Are you serious?

Jake: Well, haven't you ever heard anyone say, "if you want quality, you have to pay for it"?

Iris: All the time, Jake. All the time.

Cass: Are you ok? You look ok.

Frankie: I'm ok.

Cass: I'm ok. Did they hurt you?

Frankie: No, not -- I wasn't ever in any real danger until that Ted character showed up.

Cass: Which one was Ted?

Frankie: The one with the gun. But listen to me. What I -- what I found out was that they kidnapped me by mistake. They -- this other life form named Eddie threw me into the catering van, and Ryan -- Ryan has this whole other story altogether.

Cass: Who were they after? Someone at the wedding?

Frankie: I don't know. I don't know. I just can't figure this damn thing out. Just kiss me again, please.

Frankie: I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to do that again.

Cass: I was beginning to get a little worried about you.

Frankie: All the guests have gone home, huh?

Cass: Everybody's been so helpful -- Felicia, even Lucas of all people.

Frankie: You know, I wonder if Ryan has caught up with that guy. He was really beginning to unravel at the end. He was blowing off so many shots, I wondered when he was going to hit something living. You haven't shaved.

Cass: Do you know how much I love you?

Frankie: Yeah, I think I do. Did you feel anything different while I was gone?

Cass: I got your messages, if that's what you mean.

Frankie: You did?

Cass: Yes!

Frankie: Really?

Cass: Yes. A couple times I felt things. The first night that you were gone - uh

I felt this warm something. I -- it's very hard to describe. And yeah...

Frankie: I actually telepathically communicated with you?

Cass: Yes, yes.

Frankie: Hot damn! My meditation classes have really paid off.

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: And you, you're the biggest skeptic in the whole world. Oh, this is great! This is so great.

Cass: Oh, Frankie.

Frankie: Yes, my sweet, open- minded love puppy?

Cass: I hated not having you with me. My little binky boo.


Cass: We need to formalize this thing as soon as we possibly can.

Frankie: You want to elope with me, Winthrop?

Cass: Let's discuss it telepathically.

Ryan: You really blew it this time, Ted.

Ted: Ryan, I'll increase your take. You name it, it's yours.

Ryan: Where's all this money that you keep promising me? I haven't seen any of it.

Ted: I'll split everything I skimmed from Grant's federal campaign funds. It's a fortune, I promise.

Ryan: Pac contributions, too?

Ted: Look, anything you want. It'll be enough. You can split this town and never look back.

Ryan: Yeah, must be quite a bundle.

Ted: No, look, the way I distributed those funds, there's nothing left for the campaign. I mean, not that Grant needs it or anything. He buried himself without my help. Listen, I earned that money. It's mine!

Ryan: You are a lying, cheating fraud, Ted.

Ted: What do you think you're going to do? Kill me and keep it all for yourself?

Ryan: Oh, no. I'd much rather see you rot away in jail for the next 20 or 30 years.

Ted: Oh, no, no. I'm not going to jail. I'm protected, pal.

Ryan: Huh?

Ted: If you have me busted, you're going down.

Ryan: Oh, I don't think so, Ted.

Ted: Listen. Listen, Ryan.

Ryan: Uh-huh?

Ted: 15 years I busted my butt for Grant Harrison. He treats me like some kind of minor annoyance. Just somebody to be tolerated. I got him elected to the Assembly. I got him elected to the House. He doesn't give me any credit. He just laughs at me behind my back with his cronies.

Ryan: So you stole from him.

Ted: It was easy. He left everything to me.

Ryan: That should be enough, huh, boys? Yeah, stakeout's over. Come and get him.

Sharlene: I need to get some fresh air.

John: Should I come with you?

Sharlene: Where is she now?

John: Who?

Sharlene: Sharly. Why isn't she coming out now?

John: Sharlene, you're being able to deal with those problems on your own now. You don't need her help anymore.

Sharlene: What -- what if her memories are worse? What if this is just the beginning and -- and I've blocked the others because they're so much worse --

John: Sharlene, look at -- you're right, you're right. There may be more. But you're going to get through them. We made it this far, haven't we?

Sharlene: You know that ever since I started therapy, I have learned one horrible thing after another about my life. And then I come home, and I see your face. And you love me. No questions asked. I have not had a whole lot of happiness in my life. First there was Josie -- there was Josie. And then there was you.

Paulina: Thank you for showing me around.

Rachel: I enjoyed it.

Paulina: And it meant a lot to me that you asked me to stay to meet that attorney.

Rachel: We all want to know the truth, Paulina, just as much as you do.

Paulina: Yeah, well, I don't think that Iris will be willing to accept me no matter what proof we come up with.

Rachel: She may have no choice.

Paulina: Seeing this place, I'm just so proud to be his daughter.

Rachel: Yes, well --

Paulina: I know you're not quite sure of me yet. But I hope that some day you'll come to believe in me.

Rachel: I hope so, too.

Paulina: You do?

Rachel: Sit down, Paulina. Your revelations to my family were quite a shock to us. More so because we had let you into our home without knowing why you were really there.

Paulina: I know. I never meant to hurt you.

Rachel: But you did. It hurt a lot knowing there was a whole part of my husband's life I knew nothing about.

Paulina: The relationship he had with my mother upsets you.

Rachel: You know it does. Mac and I were married a long time. We were very close. I didn't think that there was anything we didn't know about each other. It was quite a shock to know I was wrong. But apparently, Mac had quite a shock finding out that they -- he may have fathered another child. The codicil indicates that he wanted to find out the truth, and we will do that. And in doing that, maybe -- maybe that will help us to cope with the shock and hurt. I'm hoping it will.

Iris: Well, did you two have a nice little tour?

Paulina: Yes, very nice.

Iris: Good.

Paulina: But I should be getting back to the office. Jake and I just came by to drop off those sketches. I kind of deserted him.

Iris: Ciao.

Paulina: Thanks again.

Rachel: I'll see you, Paulina.

Iris: Well, did little Paulina find that the inner workings of the company were to her satisfaction?

Rachel: She seemed very interested.

Iris: Oh, I'll bet.

Rachel: Iris, she just may be Mac's daughter. Don't you think you better start preparing yourself?

Iris: Rachel, I was wondering if maybe you're free for dinner this evening.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Iris: Well, I just feel terrible about losing my temper with you --

Rachel: Oh, Iris, it's fine.

Iris: So could you please come for dinner about 7:00?

Rachel: Who's cooking?

Iris: Well, not me.

Rachel: Fine, I'll be there.

Iris: Wonderful.

Rachel: Excuse me, Iris. I have a meeting. I'll see you later. Thank you.

Iris: Wendy, could you find Ken Jordan's number for me? Thank you. Ken, Iris Wheeler. Oh, fine, thank you. I was just wondering, are you free for dinner this evening? Well, because I thought we might discuss your expedition and do a series in "Brava." Oh, 6:30 is perfect. Thank you, bye.

Man: We've got every word on tape.

Ryan: We should get a conviction out of this one.

Ted: You haven't heard the last of me, Ryan.

Ryan: No, I don't doubt it.

Ted: You're not going to get away with this. Neither will Grant.

Ryan: Well, I think I did a pretty good job on that one, don't you?

Man: Yeah, I just spoke to headquarters.

Ryan: Oh, yeah? They want to buy me a dinner, right?

Man: Uh-uh. Chief wants your hide.

Ryan: What? I just delivered Ted Briar. He should be kissing my feet.

Man: If you still have your badge by 5:00, I'll eat my hat. Good luck, kid.

Cass: Oh, you feel so good, Frankie. Even better than I remember.

Frankie: Is that a compliment?

Cass: I missed you. Do you have any idea how much I missed you?

Frankie: I never stopped thinking about you. Every time I looked down at my dress, I would think of how handsome you looked standing at the altar in your wedding outfit. You didn't think I ditched you, did you?

Cass: Not for a second.

Frankie: I was beginning to think I would never see you again. And I was never really afraid of those guys, but the one thing I was afraid of was that if they did hurt me, and I never saw you again, I would never get a chance to tell you what you really mean to me. You are the only man I have ever loved, Cass. Did I tell you that?

Cass: No.

Frankie: It's true.

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: Yeah. And I never thought I would find someone to love.

Cass: I love you so much, Frankie. Don't ever forget that.

Cass: Not yet.

Frankie: Hmm?

Cass: Ok.

Frankie: Ok.

Cass: I think there's something that we have to do as soon as humanly possible.

Frankie: I need a shower, don't I?

Cass: Aside from that.


Cass: Let's call Felicia.

Frankie: About a shower?

Cass: About a wedding.

Frankie: You really want to marry me, huh?

Cass: Tonight sound all right to you?

Frankie: Is there a full moon?

Cass: Do you care?

Frankie: No. Tonight I'm throwing caution and harmonic convergence to the wind.

Cass: Is that an "I do"?

Frankie: That's an "I do." Where's your car?

Cass: About a mile down the hill.

Frankie: Race you.

Cass: Frankie. Let's get hitched.

Frankie: Yes!

Cass: Yeah!

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