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Another World Transcript Friday 6/23/06

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John: Good morning.

Sharlene: Good morning. You stayed here all night, didn't you?

John: Wasn't so bad. You look beautiful.

Sharlene: Thank you. I'm feeling -- feeling pretty good this morning.

John: Good.

Sharlene: Oh, John.

John: Hey, it's ok. It's ok.

Sharlene: No, she could have -- I could have killed you yesterday. What if Sharly had --

John: Hey, come on, no, no. No what-ifs. It's over now and you stopped her.

Sharlene: Well, I'm beginning to understand who I am.

John: I know. You're on your way.

Sharlene: Uh, there is something I have to do.

John: What's that?

Sharlene: I have to talk to -- I have to talk to Grant Harrison.

Vicky: Bridget! The newspaper is -- in the doorknob. "You: Tuxedo, horse and an attitude." Mm. "Me: Intrigued in spite of myself. I owe you a 'thank you,' so call 555-2745 and cash in. Ask for V.H." Well, worked for Madonna. [Whistles]

Felicia: [Yelling] Not "deadhead," Mrs. Adams. Redhead. Redhead! Yes. Oh, yes, like Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball! Yes -- no, I know she passed away. No, no, Mrs. Adams, that really is not necessary. Right. Yes -- no. Mrs. Adams, thank you very much. Yes, thank you. Good-bye.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Oh, Lord. Oh, my, you look terrible.

Cass: Oh, good. I feel terrible.

Felicia: Do you?

Cass: Who's Mrs. Adams?

Felicia: Oh, it's your next-door neighbor.

Cass: Did she see anything?

Felicia: Oh, who knows. She certainly didn't hear anything. I have checked with everybody who lives in your neighborhood.

Cass: No leads?

Felicia: None.

Cass: Well, then it's a good thing I came up with one of my own.

Felicia: What?

Cass: I think I know who kidnapped Frankie.

Cass' voice: I love you, Frankie. Will you marry me?

[Horse neighs]

Frankie: [Sneezes] Oh.

[Horse neighs]

[Horse neighs]

Frankie: [Whispering] Hey, keep it down.

Frankie: Yes!

Man: Good morning, Mary Sunshine.

Frankie: That's Mary Frances Sunshine to you, bud.

Man: I brought breakfast.

Frankie: Give it to the horse.

Man: Oh, why so cranky, Frankie?

Frankie: Oh, gee, I'm sorry. I guess I should be happy to see the moron who kidnapped me on my wedding day on the morning after my wedding night. It's always the way I dreamed it would be.

Man: Well, maybe you'd equalize if you had some protein, some fruit maybe, hmm?

Frankie: I recognize that food.

Man: Well, that's nice.

Frankie: I paid for that plate.

Man: Well, you have good taste.

Frankie: You're bringing me food from my wedding?

Man: I hate waste.

Frankie: Oh -- oh, I am cursed. Only a cursed woman would be forced to eat the catered food from her aborted wedding with her kidnapper and his horse in a barn.

[Horse neighs]

Frankie: Would you keep it down?

Man: You've upset Cassandra's feelings now. Aw, there you go.

Frankie: Cassandra? Oh, I give up. Why -- why is this happening to me?

Man: Don't even think about that window. You know, despite the fact that my colleague botched this job and that you shouldn't be here to begin with --

Frankie: First sane thing you've said since I got here.

Man: Despite that fact, you really should be thanking me.

Frankie: Oh, in your dreams.

Man: Well, don't you want to know why?

Frankie: No, but I'm sure you'll tell me anyway.

Man: Why do you want to get married?

Frankie: Because I'm in love, you meathead.

Man: Don't you know what the success rate of marriage is these days? I mean, it's something like less than 50%. Now, why bother? Apple?

Frankie: Pig.

Man: I'm not gonna take that personally.

Frankie: I love Cass.

Man: Good for you. Do yourselves a favor and don't get married. It's a helluva lot more exciting and, heaven knows, less messy. I mean, what's -- what is it about marriage that makes perfectly sane, well-adjusted people throw their lives away? What, for the piece of paper that means nothing? For the rings? What? Tell me, Mary Frances.

Frankie: You are disgusting.

Man: Poor word choice. Despicable, maybe. Disgusting, not a chance.

Frankie: Don't talk with your mouth full. On second thought, go ahead. Maybe you'll choke.

Man: You know, you really should relax. All this stress you're holding in is gonna make your skin break out or something.

Frankie: Who is holding it in? I want to break your legs.

Man: You know, if you spoke to me nicely, you might just get somewhere.

Frankie: You kidnapped me 30 seconds before I was going to walk down the aisle and marry the man I love.

Man: All right. Poor timing, I'll give you that.

Frankie: You had better let me go, mister, or you'll regret the day you were born.

Man: Mary Frances.

Frankie: What?

Man: Have we forgot who is holding whom captive here?

Frankie: Ok, ok. Look, I'm not the broad you were after, right?

Man: Right.

Frankie: So let me go home, damn it!

Man: In case you haven't noticed, hissy fits don't sway me. No, no, no, no. No more fun and games now.

Frankie: Then let me go.

Man: Are you gonna behave?

Frankie: Let me go!

Man: You know, just -- lady, if you are testing me, you are getting in my way.

Frankie: Oh, oh, oh, I'm supposed to be afraid of you, right?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Oh, yeah, right. You can't even kidnap the right broad --

[Screams] You can't even kidnap the right person, and I'm supposed to be afraid of you?

Man: You're -- I don't -- damn it. I don't want to do this, but you have given me no choice.

Frankie: Do what?

Man: Tie you up, Mary Frances.

Frankie: Hold it right there.

Man: Then sit down. Stop behaving like a child, or I will shut your mouth for you. Clear enough?

Cass: Thanks.

Felicia: Thank you. Did you tell the police?

Cass: They called me.

Felicia: Really? What did they say?

Cass: Well, apparently the van was a catering van, was stolen out of my driveway, and the company reported it to the cops last night.

Felicia: So then there must be a connection.

Cass: Yeah, there must be. The cops are being a little cautious, so I did a little digging on my own.

Felicia: What did you find out?

Cass: Well, I called the caterer and he said that one of his guys claims the keys to the van were stolen out of his jacket pocket.

Felicia: So then the person who stole the van is the same person who stole --

Cass: Stole Frankie -- kidnapped Frankie. Exactly.

Felicia: Cass.

Cass: And the caterer also said that he only assigned four staff people to the wedding, but six were there. He figured that his partner had hired the extra two and -- and forgotten to tell him --

Felicia: Until he found out that the van had been stolen --

Cass: Exactly.

Felicia: And then of course he knew --

Cass: Can I have one of these?

Felicia: Yeah, go ahead. Four staffers were original. Tell me, did they give you a description of these guys?

Cass: Oh, yeah. One of them, kind of tall.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Muscular build. Strong, intense looking. Had his hair slicked back in a ponytail and dark --

Felicia: We saw him. Don't you remember I asked who the guy in the tuxedo was? He stood around all day, didn't do anything. In fact, I even had words with him.

Cass: You did?

Felicia: I did. I could identify this guy. I'm sure I could.

Cass: I've been trying to piece it together, you know? If one of the staff members told Frankie that something was wrong, she would've gone with him.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: He probably lured her to the van with some story and then --

Felicia: Oh, honey, I know how worried you are.

Cass: No, no, it's ok. It really is. I'd really be sweating it if I hadn't heard from her last night.

Felicia: Heard from whom?

Cass: Frankie.

Felicia: She called you?

Cass: Well, in a manner of speaking.

John: You want to see Grant Harrison?

Sharlene: I think I have to.

John: I don't think that's a good idea right now.

Sharlene: John, I can handle it.

John: Sharlene, Grant seems to incite Sharly to come out. In light of what happened yesterday, I really don't --

Sharlene: It's part of the process.

John: But what process? Grant is manipulating you to get to Sharly. They were planning to leave together.

Sharlene: If I don't confront him as Sharlene, he'll never understand who I am.

John: He wants Sharly, and he wants you to disappear.

Sharlene: And that's not gonna happen, is it?

John: No, not if I can help it.

Sharlene: John, I already talked to Dr. Benson about it.

John: When?

Sharlene: This morning while you were out. She told me that she'll -- she would allow me to do anything that I felt strong enough to handle. Now, John, I have to know that you support me in this.

John: Sharlene, I love you and I support you. I just don't want you to take any chances.

[Knock at door]

Sharlene: Yes?

Taylor: Hello.

John: Hi, Taylor.

Sharlene: I was just telling John that I would like to speak with Grant Harrison.

Taylor: Well, that's why I'm here. He's outside in the hall.

Sharlene: [Whispers] I love you.

>> If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the love shack love shack yeah

[Doorbell rings]

>> I'm headin' down the Atlanta Highway lookin' for the love getaway

Vicky: You're up early.

Donna: So are you.

Vicky: Mm-hmm. Yeah, Bridget made some oat bran muffins if you're hungry. They taste like cardboard, though.

>> I got me a Chrysler

Donna: No, thank you.

>> So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

[Music stops]

Vicky: Mother, I like that song.

Donna: I like it, too, but I like to hear myself think while we talk.

Vicky: Why, so you can scheme better?

Donna: I'm through scheming, Victoria.

Vicky: Have you heard from Dad?

Donna: He called, said that Mikey apparently thinks that he's on a holiday. I don't even want to think about what he's going to do when his father leaves him with the Millers.

Vicky: He's gonna think that you and Dad don't love him anymore.

Donna: I didn't come here for your lack of sensitivity.

Vicky: What did you come here for -- moral support? A shoulder to cry on? What?

Donna: I was hoping we could mend some fences.

Vicky: Oh, mending fences. It's a good expression.

Donna: You really hurt me the other day, Victoria.

Vicky: Well, good. I hope it made you think, mother.

Donna: I don't need to think. I know what I did. Every time I walk by Mikey's room, I know what I did.

Vicky: Congratulations.

Donna: What -- what would you have me do? Ruin your father's life? Ruin your sister's life? What would make you happy?

Vicky: What would make me happy? Having Jake McKinnon in Lassiter. If I had left him there years ago, then you and Marley and I would all be better off.

Donna: Well, that didn't happen, did it?

Vicky: No, it didn't.

Donna: You couldn't resist him, and I couldn't either. Why do you keep condemning me for it?

Vicky: Because you're my mother. You are supposed to know better.

Donna: I know I should, but I didn't. We have to find a way to go on as a family.

Vicky: We? We do?

Donna: I give up. I'll come back when you're in a better mood.

Vicky: Oh, honey, I was in a fine mood until you showed up today.

Donna: I'm leaving. What is this mess?

>> Love shack baby, love shack love shack baby, love shack

Donna: Victoria, are you out of your mind?

>> Love shack, love baby that's where it's at, love shack, love baby that's where it's at

Man: What are you doing with the horseshoe, Mary Frances?

Frankie: Nothing.

Man: Just drop it. Very good. Come on, away from the horseshoes.

Frankie: Ok.

Man: You know, if you ever decide to do this wedding thing, you should call up these people again. This stuff was great.

Frankie: [Sneezes] Thank you.

Man: Oh, you're welcome. Isn't it so much nicer to be civil to one another? I think it makes our time together so much more enjoyable, don't you?

Frankie: May I ask you a question?

Man: Yes, you may.

Frankie: Who was your bozo assistant trying to nab when he nabbed me?

Man: None of your business.

Frankie: Was it a Cory for the ransom?

Man: What's a "Cory"?

Frankie: What do you think I am, an idiot?

Man: No, I think you're a pain in the neck.

Frankie: Then why won't you tell me anything?

Man: What? You think I owe you something?

Frankie: Yes, yes. You're keeping me here against my will. You ruined the most important day of my life, and you just finished stuffing your -- your face with food that I paid for my guests to eat at my wedding yesterday. Yes, I think you owe me big time, creep!

Man: I know you feel put out.

Frankie: Put out?

Man: And I'm sorry that I put a damper on your nuptials.

Frankie: A damper -- oh, yes, that's what it was.

Man: But there is a situation here and I'm in control and I'm handling it.

Frankie: Stuffing your face and irritating me is handling the situation?

Man: Look, if it makes you feel any better, you make a beautiful bride, as brides go, I guess.

Frankie: Wait -- wait a second here.

Man: What?

Frankie: You're -- you're not getting any slimy thoughts, are you?

Man: Ooh, slimy thoughts?

Frankie: I know judo. I have a black belt.

Man: Oh, I have a black belt, too, in tae kwon do and, uh, karate.

Frankie: [Wailing] Cass. Cass, can you still hear me, baby?

Man: Did you say something?

Frankie: Not to you. Cass?

Man: Well, that's a relief, but why are you talking to the hayloft, hmm?

Frankie: Cass, I'm still thinking about you, baby.


Man: What are you doing?

Frankie: I'm sending a message to my -- to Cass -- to the man you prevented me from marrying yesterday.

Man: Oh, and you think that he can hear you?

Frankie: He did last night.

Man: Oh. Oh, he did, did he?

Frankie: Yes. He's probably worried sick about me, and I want him to know I'm ok.

Man: Well, um, send him my regards.

Frankie: Don't mock the supernatural, pal. You may need it some day. [Chants] Om. I have to ask you something, and I'd appreciate an honest answer. Am I ever going to see Cass again?

John: What's taking them so long in there?

Taylor: John, he's only been with Sharlene for a few minutes.

John: What if he coaxes Sharly out?

Taylor: Look, you're standing there, I'm standing here -- she's not gonna go anywhere.

John: I wonder sometimes if our life will ever be the same as it was.

Taylor: Well, probably not. As Sharlene allows Sharly to more and more integrate into her consciousness, she's not going to be the same person. You're gonna have to be prepared for that. Um, there's one other thing.

John: What's that?

Taylor: Well, Sharlene is much more in control now.

John: I know.

Taylor: I want her to go home. I want her to continue her care on an out-patient basis.

John: Are you sure?

Taylor: Well, as she is moving further and further towards integration, she's allowing intensely painful memories to surface. And that's because she feels supported every step of the way by friends, by family -- people she knows and she trusts. It's important to her. She really does need that. I don't -- also, John, it's just not a secret anymore. Everyone knows and they're looking out for her. She doesn't need to be in a hospital. She needs to be in her life.

John: It'd be good for all of us to have her home again.

Taylor: Well, I think if she's agreeable, we should do it in the next couple of days. What do you say?

Grant: So how are you feeling today?

Sharlene: I'm feeling stronger.

Grant: Good, that's good.

Sharlene: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Grant: Well, you know, I couldn't believe it when Dr. Benson called me this morning.

Sharlene: What you and Sharly did -- were planning to do -- was wrong.

Grant: Well, I -- I know. I know and I'm sorry.

Sharlene: I'm not blaming you. I, uh, I just had a feeling that Sharly can be very, very persuasive.

Grant: You know, I -- I just wish you wouldn't think of Sharly as -- as the enemy.

Sharlene: How would you have me think, congressman?

Grant: I just don't want there to be a fight with either of you to the death, that's all.

Sharlene: Has she ever talked to you about me?

Grant: Some.

Sharlene: What did she say?

Grant: Well, she said -- this is not very easy for me, you know. I'm standing here talking to you about Sharly, and it's as though she's not even here. And I look at you and all I can see is Sharly.

Sharlene: She told you that I was weak, didn't she?

Grant: No, that's not --

Sharlene: She told you that I was trying to destroy her. Mr. Harrison?

Grant: Oh, please, don't -- don't call me that. Please, call me Grant.

Sharlene: You may never see her again, you know.

Grant: What are you saying?

Sharlene: I'm saying that I may not need Sharly to handle the painful parts of my life for me anymore. And if I have anything to do with it, Sharly won't be back. At least, not -- not in the way you know her.

Grant: So this is that integration that you're -- you're gonna go through.

Sharlene: Yes.

Grant: And when this integration happens -- you know something? You -- you're gonna remember a lot of things, a lot of things that happened between Sharly and me.

Sharlene: I know.

Grant: So it's possible that when you're well again and if you still have those feelings for me, what are you gonna do about them?

Sharlene: I can't even begin to think that far ahead.

Grant: Dr. Benson tells me that you've been looking at some videotape of Sharly. What do you think about her?

Sharlene: She hates me, like I used to hate myself.

Grant: Sharly doesn't hate.

Sharlene: You sound so sure.

Grant: I know you. She loves me.

Sharlene: I can't imagine Sharly loving anyone. She uses men, that's all.

Grant: That all changed when we met.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I find that hard to believe.

Grant: Look, you were never ever the -- I'm sorry. Sharly -- Sharly never used me. But believe me, she could have because I'm crazy about her. I just wish that you could remember more of the moments that we had together.

Sharlene: There are some things.

Grant: Yeah. Everything I ever did for Sharly, everything I ever gave her, she took it. She took it as a great -- a great gift. I mean, she was wonderful. She was curious. She was -- she was funny and she was fun and she was enthusiastic. Nobody -- nobody ever made me laugh as much as she does.

Sharlene: What was it about her?

Grant: She lived every day like there was never gonna -- never gonna be another day. She gave me something to stick around for, something that nobody else has ever been able to do.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Grant: She's the reason that I don't give up.

Sharlene: Don't give up?

Grant: Maybe in time, when you -- when you understand her more, you'll know what I mean.

Sharlene: Thank you for coming -- coming over, Grant.

Grant: Well, thank you for letting me.

Grant: I -- I was wondering, can I see you again?

Sharlene: Yeah, I'd like that.

Felicia: You're telling me that Frankie sent you some kind of a cosmic message last night?

Cass: You don't believe it.

Felicia: No, no, it's not that. It's just I don't believe that you believe it. It's very enlightened of you, honey. I'm very impressed.

Cass: Oh, well, thank you. We're very attuned to each other, Frankie and me. I feel like I can finish her sentences for her, and she always finishes mine for me. I really need her with me, Felicia.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. Now, this little call that she made to you, did she happen to tell you where she was?

Cass: No.

Felicia: No.

Cass: No, it was just a sense of peace, a sense of warmth. No, locations weren't involved in this transmission.

Felicia: Ah.

Cass: Yeah, you think I'm crazy.

Felicia: No.

Cass: Yes, you do.

Felicia: No, no, I don't. It's just -- you're not gonna chant or anything like that, because I really don't think I could stand it --

Cass: No, I'm not going to chant.

Felicia: [Sighs]

Cass: What was that?

Felicia: What was what?

Cass: That.

Felicia: What's a "that"?

Cass: Oh, I love you, too.

Felicia: Cass, honey, look at me.

Cass: Felicia, she's talking to me again.

Felicia: Hold on, I'll -- I'll get a pen.

Frankie: Well, are you going to answer my question? Do I get out of here alive or not?

Man: Well, you're the psychic. You tell me.

Frankie: I am not psychic, you rocket scientist.

Man: What did you say?

Frankie: Look, do you have any idea of how many people are out there looking for me? Do you?

Man: They won't look here.

Frankie: Oh, this is like a "Monty Python" sketch for Pete's sake. Look, why don't you just let me go? I have no idea of who you were really trying to kidnap, so I'm no threat to you.

Man: Oh, no, not at all. You just memorized every last inch of my face and just can't wait to tell the police all about it, hmm?

Frankie: You know, there's another thing about this that's bothering me.

Man: Ooh, surprise, surprise.

Frankie: I bet half of Bay City thinks that I got cold feet and left Cass at the altar.

Man: That would be a logical conclusion to make.

Frankie: So everybody who knows better is worried sick about me, and everybody else thinks I ran away. Either way, I don't like the image I'm putting out, and I want you to do something about it.

Man: Moi?

Frankie: You. Just shut up and leave me alone for a minute, will you?

Man: Hey, where are you going? Oh, please.

Frankie: [Humming]

Felicia: [Whispering] Anything?

Cass: [Whispering] Not yet.

Felicia: [Whispering] I bet if we burn some incense -- I'll go get some. We should have some in the back.

Cass: [Normal voice] Wait.

Felicia: What?

Cass: I see something.

Felicia: What?

Cass: Hay.

Felicia: Hay?

Cass: A dark horse and hay.

Felicia: Horse and hay?

Cass: A bridle?

Felicia: Uh, maybe you're seeing a bridal gown, bridal registry --

Cass: No, no, no, a horse's bridle. You know, the metal thing with a leather strap.

Felicia: I know what a horse's bridle looks like, Cass. Now, what does it have to do with Frankie? Maybe you're just thinking you're seeing a bridle. Maybe it's a gown. She's in a gown and then --

Cass: She's still wearing her wedding dress -- I think. Or is the horse wearing the wedding dress? Oh, it's getting fuzzy. Come on, Frankie, talk to me. Come on. [Humming]

Frankie: A horse is eating my wedding canapés.

Man: You know, maybe you should take off your clothes.

Frankie: Excuse me?

Man: Yeah, maybe your corset's too tight and that's what's making you so irritable. I'll see if I can find you a pair of nice overalls or something.

Frankie: Overalls, huh. You know, I had a different negligee picked out for every night of my honeymoon. Tonight was going to be this black number with red. And I had six different perfumed oils picked out for our baths -- lilac, musk -- [Sneezes] I feel like I'll never smell anything again that doesn't remind me of the fertilizer in my Mama's garden. Overalls should be the cherry on the sundae of my day.

Man: You know, I'm not gonna bump you off or anything, if that makes you feel any better.

Frankie: You're not?

Man: No. You're gonna go back to this guy that you keep talking about -- who, incidentally, is a saint for being able to put up with you till death do you part.

Frankie: Now, I resent that.

Man: Aw, now, come on. Now, look, if you want to get back home safe, you're gonna have to play by my rules. Considering what your alternative is, I don't think you have any choice. So sit tight, stop being so mouthy, and let me figure it out, ok?

Frankie: [Sighs]

Man: Ok.

Frankie: Hey!

Man: Just gonna look in the paper to see if there's anything about this fiasco yet, huh?

Vicky: I know what I'm doing, mother.

Donna: But a personal ad. Victoria, you're one of the richest women in the state. You're gorgeous. You're a Hudson. If you'd like to meet men, your father can introduce you to 20 of them --

Vicky: No, this isn't to find a date. It's to find the man who saved my life.

Donna: Who what?

Vicky: If you haven't noticed, I'm limping.

Donna: And what happened?

Vicky: This horse called Baby took me for a nasty ride and I'm sore. I twisted my ankle and some guy came up from behind me and took control of the horse. If it wasn't for him, then I would be in Montana with the horse by now.

Donna: And he didn't tell you his name?

Vicky: No, he was very mysterious angry. Don't worry, I can handle him. I've handled worse, heaven knows.

Donna: I told you you didn't know how to ride. You could've been seriously hurt.

Vicky: Yeah, but I wasn't. And in the meantime, I met this really elusive, handsome guy, and I am going to find him. Even if that means I have to get back on Baby.

Donna: I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Vicky: No, you're right. Maybe I wouldn't go that far, but there will not be a stone unturned.

Donna: Victoria, it's not a good idea to be obsessing over some man about whom you know absolutely nothing.

Vicky: Oh, oh, instead I should just live my life as sensibly as you do?

Donna: That is uncalled for.

Vicky: Well, I'm sorry. Anyway, it's too late. I'm hooked.

Vicky: And once he reads this ad, that hunk is mine. Mm. [Sighs]

Frankie: I guess it's true that only criminals get dates through the paper.

Man: Hey, I'm not looking for a date.

Frankie: Oh, yeah? Is that why you circled this? "Ask for V.H." Is that guy you? And Cassandra?

Man: That's us. Satisfied?

Frankie: Yeah, where did you meet this girl?

Man: In a park.

Frankie: Made quite an impression.

Man: Well, I usually do.

Frankie: So -- so was this park in town or something?

Man: Yeah, why?

Frankie: Oh, no reason. Just, uh, tell me about "V.H."

Man: Boy, you really get off on this romantic baloney, don't you?

Frankie: Yeah -- yeah, I really do, so tell me.

Man: Well, she was about, um, this high.

Frankie: Blonde?

Man: Yep.

Frankie: You like blondes?

Man: Sometimes.

Frankie: So tell me some more. Was she, uh, thin --

Man: Uh-huh.

Frankie: Pretty?

Man: Yeah.

Frankie: Talks a mean game?

Man: Uh-huh. She was a terrible rider. And she looked the part, but -- she wore the most expensive clothes you could buy -- big, flashy earrings, perfect makeup. But she couldn't tell a horse from a collie. Why are you asking me all these questions for?

Frankie: Oh, no reason. Did you like her?

Man: She was about as obnoxious as you are.

Frankie: Bingo! I knew it.

Man: You know what?

Frankie: I can introduce you two. You deserve each other, believe me.

Man: Oh, you think you know her?

Frankie: I know I know her. Her name is Vicky. So let me use your cute little cordless phone and we'll tell her your chosen profession. Even though you're completely unsuited to it.

Man: Oh, you think so?

Frankie: I know so. I mean, you're just -- you're just not the delinquent type. You obviously -- you know, you're obviously pretty new at it or you would be in prison by now. I hate to break this to you, sweetie, but you're really not very good. I'm a P.I., you see. I know a criminal when I see one.

Man: Whether or not you think that I'm cut out for this, you're just lucky that I'm babysitting you and not one of the big guys.

Frankie: Guys? You mean this stupid operation is run by more than you and the jerk from yesterday?

Man: My boss thinks that you're expendable. I'm all you've got now.

Donna: Lord, help you. You're just like me.

Vicky: Close, no cigar.

Donna: Victoria, don't fall into another relationship right now.

Vicky: I thought you wanted me to start dating again.

Donna: I want you to start dating. I don't want you to obsess.

Vicky: I'm going after him. It's a challenge, it's new.

Donna: What's new? You always go after what you want. You always get it and then you lose it, because what you want isn't what you need.

Vicky: Say that again.

Donna: You're vulnerable right now. The last thing in the world you need is some mysterious man who may not have any sensitivity to your feelings whatsoever.

Vicky: You are the one who is vulnerable, not me.

Donna: We're not talking about me. We're talking about you.

Vicky: Oh, you were so emotionally stable that your daughter's ex-husband looked good.

Vicky: Hi, Marley.

Donna: Hi.

Marley: Hi. Donna, I didn't know you were stopping by.

Vicky: Neither did I.

Marley: Are you all right?

Donna: I'm trying.

Vicky: Mom's a "tryer," aren't you, Mom?

Donna: Victoria --

Marley: Can't the two of you have a civilized conversation ever?

Donna: Not lately, darling.

Marley: Vicky, she needs us right now. Why are you always mean to her?

Vicky: What did I do?

Marley: She gave up her son to his biological parents. She did it so he wouldn't have to go through what you did as a child, and all you can do is be angry with her.

Donna: Thank you for your support, darling. I have another stop to make this morning.

Marley: Oh, Donna.

Donna: See you later.

Marley: Ok.

Vicky: Stop looking at me like that. It's weird.

Marley: Vicky, I know you're upset about Mikey being given back to his parents, but that's no reason to --

Vicky: I loved that kid, Marley.

Marley: I know. We all did. But Donna is suffering right now, and all you can do is walk all over her.

Vicky: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Marley: I just want to make it clear that it is not any of --

Vicky: Done. Over. I'm changing the subject.

Marley: Don't sit on my dress. I'm wearing this out to dinner with Jake tonight.

Vicky: You're going out with Jake again?

Marley: Yes.

Vicky: I don't want to talk about that, either. All right, listen. I have a hypothetical situation for you, ok? I want your opinion.

Marley: You're impossible. Go ahead.

Vicky: Suppose you meet this guy in this really unusual place, and you know in your heart of hearts that he's trouble. You know that there is no way on this earth that you should risk getting involved.

Marley: Why are you bringing this up right now?

Vicky: Just -- just let me finish, please?

Marley: Ok, go on.

Vicky: All right, this guy makes you feel something, and you realize that you haven't felt anything in ages. You get my drift?

Marley: Oh, perfectly.

Vicky: I mean, he gets to you real bad. What do you do?

Marley: What do I do?

Vicky: Yeah, I mean, do you go after him, or do you just kind of let the moment pass?

Marley: Oh, let the moment pass. What?

Vicky: What fun is that?

Marley: I don't know.

Vicky: You are so not impulsive, Marley. But I knew that. I mean, maybe it's a good thing I don't take advice. Maybe it's a good thing you do.

Cass: Good-bye. They haven't heard anything yet.

Donna: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Cass: Donna. What's wrong? Have you heard from the courts about --

Donna: No, no, no, no, I came over here to see you because I heard about Frankie. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do, but I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.

Cass: Well, Donna, thank you.

Donna: I know I haven't been making very many friends lately, and I'm certainly not endearing myself to my family at the moment. And you fought so hard for me during the court hearing, and I know I let me down.

Donna: Just the same, I'd like to try to make it up to you. And if I can help, I would like to.

Cass: The longer she's gone --

Donna: I know. I know it's not easy. I'm finding that out myself.

Taylor: Sharlene, how do you feel?

Sharlene: Fine.

Taylor: Do you remember John is here?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: All right, I'm gonna talk about that day again. That day in July, do you remember? Can we go back to that day together?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: Where are you?

Sharlene: The stream.

Taylor: Are you alone?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Tell me who's with you.

Sharlene: It's so hot. I want to get my feet wet, but I don't want to -- I don't want to drop the flowers. I picked my flowers. Careful, careful, don't...

Taylor: Sharlene, what's happening at the stream?

[Children singing "Ring Around the Rosie"]

Sharlene: Stop!

Taylor: Stop what, Sharlene?

Sharlene: I can't go there alone.

Taylor: To the stream?

Sharlene: Yeah, I can't -- I can't go.

Taylor: Are you alone?

Sharlene: Oh, Jason brought me there after I told him to stop. It was nice of him to bring me there today. It was -- it was nice 'cause it's so hot. So hot. Jason said it was a special day.

Taylor: Why is it special? Where are you now, Sharlene?

Sharlene: What is that? [Whispering] Jason? Tell me what it is. I won't tell anybody. [Normal voice] Answer me or I'll tell Mama. I'll --

Taylor: What does Jason have, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Jason, you can't leave me here alone. You can't. You can't leave me here alone. I'll get in trouble!

Taylor: Where is Jason going?

[Children laughing]

Sharlene: The water's so clear. The water's so clear I can see -- it's like a mirror. I can see everything that's -- that's happening on the surface. I can see. No! No!

Cass: Hey.

Felicia: So, what did Donna have to say?

Cass: She was actually nice.

Felicia: Really?

Cass: Yeah, can you believe it?

Felicia: [Chuckles] No.

Cass: She said she would do anything she could to help.

Felicia: Oh, well, there's something definitely in the air today. Wonder what brought that on, huh?

Cass: Well, she's been pretty much alone since she made her decision about Mikey.

Felicia: Mm.

Cass: I guess she's learning the hard way that "as ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Felicia: I guess. So, any luck with the, uh, positive vibrational telepathy?

Cass: All I'm getting is a headache.

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: Honey, I'm starting to panic.

Felicia: Oh, Cass.

Cass: I'm starting to think the unthinkable. I mean, where is she? Who would want to take her away from me?

Ted: Grant, we have got to talk about Lucas.

Grant: Well, Theodore, don't we even say good morning anymore?

Ted: I never know when your attention span is gonna check out on me.

Grant: Ted, listen. I'm tired, I don't feel well, and I want to go lie down for --

Ted: How long do you think you can get away with this, congressman?

Grant: I just came from the hospital. Sharly is very sick and I don't want to --

Ted: Can you stop talking about that woman for five minutes and pay attention to your job?

Grant: No!

Ted: I can't keep --

Ted: It's me. Listen, they're gonna trace that woman to us, and we can't afford to be found out.

Man: I'm taking care of it. My partner's off the case, ok?

Ted: That's not good enough. I want you to take care of her.

Man: Could you be a little more specific, sir?

Ted: Get rid of her.

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