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Another World Transcript Monday 6/12/06

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Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant's voice: Sharly.

John's voice: Sharlene.

Grant: I have been waiting all my life for you.

John: Look at me, Sharlene.

Grant: Things are just beginning for us, Sharly.

John: You can fight this.

Grant: We have our dreams, baby.

John: I'll help you.

Grant: I know you don't want to.

John: I promised that no one would come between us.

Grant: Sharly, think of our love.

John: Think of our love.

Grant: I love you, Sharly, I need you, Sharly.

John: I need you, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, no, no, I can't stand it, I can't stand it, I can't stand it. I can't stand it, I can't stand it, I can't stand it! Stop it!

Jamie: How's it going, John?

John: Hello, Jamie, not bad. I'm just trying to catch up before the residents' meeting.

Jamie: How's Sharlene?

John: About the same.

Jamie: At least she is getting the treatment she needs.

John: I keep telling myself that. Sometimes it even helps a little.

Jamie: Any of those charts Grant Harrison's?

John: Uh, yeah, right here.

Jamie: Thank you.

Jamie: I heard Hiver is in Chicago.

John: Yeah, I think he's looking for some funding from pharmaceutical companies.

Jamie: Any word from him?

John: Yeah, Grant was accepted into his program.

Jamie: John, I thought he refused to go.

John: He did. It's all right there.

Jamie: You know, John, the administration will want a copy of this.

John: They know about this?

Jamie: They know and they're not happy. Hiver asked the hospital for a verification of Grant's condition.

John: So?

Jamie: So, Rutherford is on the warpath.

John: Why?

Jamie: Because she feels that you sabotaged the attending physicians.

John: Come on, I took care of my patient.

Jamie: John, she is threatening to bring you up on charges.

John: Oh, that will blow over.

Jamie: She is serious. She has already recommended that the medical committee terminate your contract.

John: Oh, great. That's all I need.

Frankie: Are you still going to start with Donna's cross-examination?

Cass: I don't know. Eve Miller's arrest has changed everything.

Frankie: Tell you one thing, I would not want to be Stacey today.

Female reporter: Did you know Mrs. Miller is a hooker?

Male reporter: You think it will help you to hang on to the kid? Will the little boy take the stand? Will the little boy take the stand?

Michael: Knock it off. The lady will talk to you later. Are you all right?

Donna: Animals.

Michael: You ok?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session. The honorable Charles E. Levin presiding, in the matter of Miller versus Hudson.

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: Are you counsel for the petitioners?

Reuben: No -- no, your honor, I'm not.

Judge: Where is Ms. Winthrop? For that matter, where are the petitioners?

Reuben: Well, they're all together. They're at the county jail.

[Gallery gasps]

[Gavel banging]

John: What is it with Rutherford anyway? It's ok if the patients die as long as her papers are in order, huh?

Jamie: It's her job, John. She doesn't want the hospital to be sued.

John: Who's going to sue?

Jamie: Grant's father for one, but that doesn't matter here. The point is that you can't seek alternative treatment without getting the proper authorization.

John: I had the patient's authorization. Last time I looked, it was his life.

Jamie: John, I fought my share of regulations, too. I know what it's like to feel helpless when someone is dying or suffering, because we can't do anything about it.

John: There was something I could do, and I did it.

Jamie: But what about the next time? What if Dr. Rutherford gets the state to pull your license? You can't help anyone.

John: Grant wanted this. It may be his only chance as I see it. It's his call.

Jamie: You expect him to be objective about his own life, John? That's your job. Look, you've got to follow procedure. There's too much at stake here for you and for him.

John: Yeah, I know, I know. I probably shouldn't be treating him anyway.

Jamie: Why do you say that?

John: Ah, nothing, it's personal.

Jamie: John, you have to cover yourself. I know how hard it is for you to go on about your life with Sharlene in the hospital.

John: You know how hard it is to love someone and be separated from her?

Jamie: You can't think about anything else. Yeah, story of my life.

Emma: What are you doing here?

Grant: Oh, hi, Mrs. Ordway.

Emma: Don't "Mrs. Ordway" me.

Grant: I -- I hoped you wouldn't mind.

Emma: Oh, looks like you hoped wrong.

Grant: Listen, I only came by because I -- I want to help Sharly -- Sharlene.

Emma: Aha. Well, you think snooping around out here is going to do the trick?

Grant: Listen, Sharly talks to me. Now, the doctors feel that I might be able to draw her out.

Emma: Mm-hmm, what does that mean?

Grant: To get her to talk about the past.

Emma: The past? What about what she's going through right this minute?

Grant: Well, she's going through what she's going through right now because of what happened in the past.

Emma: You really want to help Sharlene, just go away, ok?

Emma: Ah, excuse me. I don't remember inviting you in.

Grant: Well, now, please, just give me a few minutes, ok?

Emma: [Sighs]

Grant: Boy, what smells so good in here?

Emma: It's chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Grant: Hard to believe, you know?

Emma: What is?

Grant: The woman who cooked in this kitchen and -- it's just like a stranger to me.

Emma: Aha, my point exactly.

Grant: Yeah, but you have to remember, Sharlene was much more than just a friend to me.

Emma: I know that. I saw you in the hospital the night they brought her in.

Grant: I love her.

Emma: Yeah, well, she's married to John.

Grant: I didn't know that before.

Emma: Well, now you do.

Grant: And I still love her. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her -- nothing in the world.

Emma: Even if it meant just leaving her alone?

Grant: Of course. If it meant that that would be the best thing for her, yes, that's exactly what I would do.

Emma: You know it seems to me like what we've got here is a real complicated situation.

Grant: You raised her, didn't you?

Emma: Where did that come from? Ah, I get it. I raised her, so it has to be all my fault, right?

Grant: No, no, I just want to ask you a few questions, that's all.

Emma: Just mind your own business, hmm?

Grant: Now, look, Mrs. Ordway, you can be a great help to Sharly, if you would.

Emma: Oh, you really think so? I mean, it's not like anybody else ever asks me.

Grant: Yeah, but they should have, because nobody knows her better or longer than you.

Emma: This is true.

Grant: So, that's why I was wondering, what is your first memory of her?

Emma: Oh, Lord. Honey, I remember when Sharlene was born.

[Gavel banging]

Judge: Order, order! I said quiet! Quiet. Now why are counsel and Mrs. Miller at the county jail?

Reuben: Eve Miller was arrested last night.

Gallery: Arrested?

[Spectators murmuring]

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: Do you mind telling us why?

Reuben: It was a mistake.

Judge: What were the charges, Mr. Lawrence?

Reuben: Suspicion of prostitution.

[Gallery gasps]

Donna: Serves her right. She has no judgment at all.

Michael: Donna, this may not mean anything at all.

Donna: This could be a big plus for us.

[Gavel banging]

Judge: I don't want to have to ask for order again.

Frankie: Donna seems to be enjoying this.

Cass: Yeah, and she doesn't even look surprised.

Frankie: Hmm.

Stacey: I'm sorry that we're late, your honor.

Judge: Good morning, Ms. Winthrop.

Stacey: We were unavoidably detained.

Judge: On what matter?

Stacey: I was posting bail for my client.

Judge: Would both attorneys approach the bench, please? Ms. Winthrop, we have heard about your client's difficulties. In light of these new differences, I'm referring to the charges of prostitution --

Stacey: They were suspicion of prostitution.

Judge: Would you care to reconsider your petition?

Stacey: No, I would not.

Judge: The timing of this is not fortuitous?

Stacey: I believe that was the idea behind these trumped-up charges.

Judge: Ms. Winthrop, the police do not arrest people without cause.

Stacey: But they will arrest people if they have been given a false lead.

Cass: What are you implying?

Stacey: I don't think that it was coincidence that the raid at Sassy's took place during this hearing.

Cass: You think I had something to do with this?

Judge: Now, listen to me -- listen to me, both of you. I am not happy with this arrangement. And I will not allow my courtroom to become a battleground for a sibling rivalry, is that understood?

Cass: I apologize, your honor.

Stacey: It won't happen again.

Judge: Now see that it doesn't. Now can we proceed?

Cass: We're ready, your honor.

Stacey: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, do you wish to cross-examine Mrs. Hudson?

Cass: No, your honor, but we reserve the right to do that at a later time.

Stacey: Your honor, I recall Eve Miller to the stand.

Judge: Proceed, Ms. Winthrop.

Bailiff: You have so sworn to tell the truth?

Eve: Yes.

Stacey: Mrs. Miller, would you please tell us what happened to you last night?

Eve: I spent the night in jail.

Stacey: Why?

Eve: I was arrested. I was charged with prostitution. But the charges were dropped, though.

Stacey: I see. Why were the charges brought up in the first place?

Eve: I guess because of the place where I work.

Stacey: Sassy's, which is a rough club.

Eve: I guess. I've just worked there a few days.

Stacey: Why did you take this job?

Eve: Because I needed money. I left my other job to come to Bay City to find my son, and I needed a job that would pay for my hotel and my expenses. Because my -- my husband and I don't have very much money.

Stacey: I see. Did you work as a prostitute at Sassy's?

Eve: No, I -- I was a waitress. I just served drinks, that's all.

Stacey: Did you ever in your whole life work as a prostitute?

Eve: No, never. I -- I just needed money. I -- I'm trying to get my son back! I took a night job so I could see him.

Stacey: Do you plan on working at a bar when you return to your home in Cold Springs?

Eve: No. I was offered a job in a glass factory, and they have a daycare center there, so I could take Mikey to work with me.

Donna: Lovely.

Eve: And it would be a good way for us to make up for lost time.

Stacey: Thank you, Mrs. Miller. No further questions, your honor. Your witness.

Cass: No questions.

Donna: What? Are you trying to lose this case for us?

Taylor: In this dream, it's the first time you've seen yourself as one person.

Sharlene: I guess that's true.

Taylor: I mean, John and Grant were both making demands on you, but this time you were one person with both Sharly and Sharlene inside of you. I'm sure you felt confused, frightened.

Sharlene: I felt awful.

Taylor: Both sides of your personality were integrated in this dream. That is a very encouraging sign. I have arranged for your pass to the wedding.

Sharlene: Wedding?

Taylor: Your niece Frankie's wedding.

Sharlene: Oh, I would love to go to her wedding -- I'd love to be able to.

Taylor: I think it would be wonderful for you. There is a lot of happiness in the world, Sharlene. You deserve your share.

Sharlene: Thank you. It will happen -it will happen. We just have to convince Sharly that integration is not death, but survival.

Sharlene: How do we do that?

Taylor: I'd like to try some hypnosis this morning. Are you feeling up to that?

Sharlene: I'm not doing anything else, I guess.

Taylor: Sharlene, you have got to start thinking and acting in a positive way. You can't be passive. That's how Sharly takes control.

Sharlene: It is?

Taylor: Yes. Now, I want to try and take you back as far as we can and see what first brought Sharly to the surface.

Sharlene: You mean when Floyd died?

Taylor: No, further back to your early childhood, to those memories you've buried.

Sharlene: I feel scared. I'm short of breath.

Taylor: You don't like looking back on your early life. Why don't you sit over here.

Sharlene: Ok.

Taylor: Are you comfortable?

Sharlene: Yeah, I'm comfortable.

Taylor: I want you to breathe deep. Relax. You're safe here, Sharlene. That's it; close your eyes and count backwards from 100.

Sharlene: 100, 99...

[Knock at door]

Lucas: Took you long enough to get here. We've got a problem.

Ted: "We" or you do, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah, I guess that depends on how you look at things. True, I'm the one who's brought up on charges, but you are the one whose butt is going to be in a sling if a certain incriminating photo hits the press. I thought we had an understanding. I agreed to keep your favorite congressman's reputation intact, and you agreed to keep his committee off my back, and you broke your word, Ted.

Ted: Your arrest was out of my hands.

Lucas: Just another front-page piece of material, huh?

Ted: Well, Grant does have a re-election coming up. They needed something.

Lucas: Oh, his campaign is going down the tubes, and I'm the sacrificial lamb. Well, my blood doesn't come cheap.

Ted: What do you want?

Lucas: Call off your dogs.

Ted: I tried.

Lucas: Not hard enough.

Ted: Sorry, no can do. Oh, anyway, one photograph will not bury Grant Harrison.

Lucas: Are you willing to take that chance? You don't know who she is, do you?

Ted: I'll bet the rent you don't either.

Lucas: That's it.

Lucas: This is Lucas. That negative I brought by -- that's right -- right. Well, we blew up the wrong part.

Cass: The charges were dropped, Donna. This means nothing.

Donna: I think F. Lee Bailey would have taken advantage of this situation.

Cass: Michael -- Michael, please talk to this woman. I want you to check out the raid at Sassy's. Find out who ordered it and why.

Frankie: Right. Timing was a bit too coincidental.

Cass: Thanks.

Frankie: See you.

Judge: Ms. Winthrop, you may call your next witness.

Reuben: Yo, you're going to call Jake to the stand?

Stacey: No, I haven't seen the tape yet, so I have nothing concrete on them.

Judge: Ms. Winthrop.

Stacey: No further witnesses, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, you may call your first witness.

Cass: The defense calls Michael Hudson, your honor.

Michael: My wife and I were initially married in a civil ceremony, and then we renewed our vows a second time in a church a while later. It is true, between our second and third marriage, we were divorced, but we quickly realized our mistake and we remarried. We do love each other. It is true, however, that last year I did ask for a separation to protect my family.

Cass: Could you explain to the court why that was necessary?

Michael: I was working undercover for the federal government.

Cass: Did your wife know about this?

Michael: No. Absolutely no one knew of my involvement, especially my wife. My cover at that time included another woman.

Cass: Why?

Michael: It included another woman to make my cover more believable, and I knew that my family would remain a target if I stayed at home.

Cass: So, you staged this separation in order to protect your family?

Michael: Absolutely, absolutely. I regretted it, but it had to be done.

Cass: And your wife believed that you had left her for another woman.

Michael: Yes, and that is when she asked for a divorce.

Cass: I see, but when she learned the truth, you dropped the divorce proceedings?

Michael: We intend to stay together.

Cass: What did Mikey -- what did he think was going on all this time?

Michael: Well, I told Mikey the truth from the -- from the very outset. I told him that I was working, that it was going to keep me away from home for quite some time, and I maintained contact with him as much as I possibly could.

Cass: Are you still involved with this government agency?

Michael: No, my association with them is finished.

Cass: So we can conclude that you and your family have no fear of further retaliation.

Michael: Absolutely. Absolutely. That was my final assignment.

Cass: Your first assignment was when, your last year of Vietnam?

Michael: My last year in Vietnam, I was assigned to a special tactical unit. I had been a MedEvac helicopter pilot there for some time.

Cass: What shape was Mikey in when you first met him?

Michael: Oh, when we first saw Mikey at the hospital, he was not in very good shape at all. He was so traumatized that he couldn't speak. None of the hospital staff seemed to be able to get through to him, but for some reason we could.

Cass: So you kept in contact?

Michael: Oh, yes, I -- I did, my wife, my daughter Victoria. We just developed a bond.

Cass: Go on.

Michael: I think Mikey felt it, too. You know, he -- he smiled and he talked to me. I was the first person he talked to. One day I -- I'd just been rambling on about something and I -- I -- offhandedly I asked him his name. And he said -- he said, "Mikey," my name, Michael.

Cass: So, before you finalized Mikey's adoption, you did make a thorough search of -- for the natural parents?

Michael: Completely. We used every government agency, every private agency we could. We found absolutely no connection for -- between him and anybody else. And, of course, by that time, we had begun to feel that he was a member of our family.

Cass: Why do you think Mikey should stay with you?

Michael: Because he is happy, he is stable, and he is very much loved.

Cass: And do you feel that your wealth allows you to provide a better home for him?

Michael: My wealth? My wealth has nothing to do with it. Our love provides a better home for him. I got to tell you something, Cass, I don't care who objects, and I don't care what obstacles stand in our way, I made a promise to Mikey that he would have a home with us forever, and I intend to keep that promise to him.

Cass: Thank you. Your witness.

Stacey: Mr. Hudson, when you left home last year, it was to protect your cover and your family.

Michael: Yes.

Stacey: Then why was your wife attacked in your own home by agents from the other side?

Cass: Objection.

Grant: So, Sharlene and Jason let the bull into the orchard so he could eat the fermented apples.

Emma: Absolutely, yep. Sharlene wanted to see him wobble, or at least that's what Jason said. Whoo!

Grant: That sounds like her.

Emma: That bull was a mean drunk, honey, a mean drunk. He was raging. He went butting up that tree. I mean, the two of them were sitting at the top of the tree, they were hollering -- they were praying for help.

Grant: Oh, boy.

Taylor: You just finished fifth grade?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: How old are you?

Sharlene: 10 1/2. Jason's letting me go fishing with him, if I -- if I dig up the worms. Jason always hated worms.

Grant: Sounds like Sharly, even when she was little.

Emma: What's that supposed to mean?

Grant: I mean, I was just wondering when she changed, that's all.

Emma: I -- look. Just don't read too much into this, ok?

Taylor: You're at the river?

Sharlene: He left me there...alone.

Taylor: You can't see him?

Sharlene: No, no. [Whispering] There is someone in the bushes.

Taylor: Is it Jason?

Sharlene: No, someone else.

Taylor: Is Sharly around?

Sharlene: Who?

Taylor: Have you caught any fish?

Sharlene: No, not one.

Emma: This isn't some game where you win or lose, like you people do in politics.

Grant: I know that.

Emma: Then why didn't you just clear out the minute you found out Sharly was married?

Grant: Because I love her, and she loves me. And if a doctor told me to stay away from her, that's exactly what I would do. I would go away.

Emma: Lord, I hope that's true. And please don't say one thing to my face and then go do something else.

Grant: Now you sound like her.

Emma: Like who? Like Sharly? Please, don't say that -- don't.

Taylor: Why are you alone?

Sharlene: Someone came and talked to Jason, and then Jason went away.

Taylor: Go on.

Sharlene: And everything was ruined.

Taylor: Oh, what happened?

Sharlene: It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my -- I didn't do anything -- I didn't do...

Taylor: That's enough, Sharlene. We are going to stop now. I want you to wake up.

Sharlene: What happened?

Taylor: You're starting to remember.

Sharlene: We made progress, didn't we?

Taylor: We are getting very close. I can feel it.

Grant: You think it's bad to be like Sharly, don't you?

Emma: I want you to leave.

Grant: Now, wait a minute. Miss Ordway, I...

Emma: Just go. Go.

Jamie: John, let me help you with Harrison's case.

John: Come on. You don't need Rutherford as an enemy.

Jamie: I'm in a much better position to handle her than you are.

John: You're right. It might be a good idea.

Jamie: I think so, too. I hear Hiver is in Chicago.

John: Yeah, I'm supposed to meet with him this afternoon.

Jamie: Why don't you let me take the meeting?

John: You speak French?

Jamie: I've got it covered. What do you say?

John: I say I'm late for a residents' meeting.

Jamie: Go.

John: Hiver is registered at the Lowell Hotel in Chicago.

Jamie: You got it. I'll be there. I'll keep you filled in.

John: Thanks. Jamie, thanks for being a friend.

Jamie: Bridget, hi. No, no, it's Jamie. Look, is Marley there? Oh, no, no, no. No message right now. I'll reach her, thank you.

Stacey: Are you so certain that your family won't become a target, or that some agent with a grudge won't come after you again, or your family, just to settle some score?

Michael: Miss Winthrop, anyone who is aware of my government involvement is out of circulation. We are quite safe, I assure you of that.

Stacey: Well, I'm glad that you are certain of that. Are you just as certain of your marriage and that it's going to last this time?

Michael: Absolutely.

Stacey: And this time it is the truth.

Cass: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Stacey: Question withdrawn. Let me ask you one more question, Mr. Hudson. Why is it -- or shall I say what is it about your wife that you didn't feel confident in confiding in her and instead you left home?

Cass: Objection.

Stacey: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Hudson. Mr. Winthrop, call your next witness.

Cass: Defense calls Jake McKinnon.

Donna: Cass, are you crazy?

Cass: What's wrong, donna?

Donna: Well, he always puts his foot in his mouth.

Cass: I'll keep that in mind.

Jake: Donna was my business partner. She provided financial and business expertise to visions.

Cass: Could you tell us in a little more detail what her role was?

Jake: Yeah, I shot the -- I shot the videos and she recruited clients, handled the books, paid the bills. She did just about everything.

Cass: Did Mikey ever come out to the studio with her?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, I mean, he always had a blast.

Cass: In your opinion, what kind of mother is Donna Hudson?

Stacey: Objection, your honor. The witness is not a child -- an expert in child rearing.

Judge: He doesn't have to be to answer the question, overruled. Go ahead, Mr. McKinnon.

Jake: Donna loved her kid. She did it in her own way, but he always seemed happy to me.

Cass: What do you mean "she did it in her own way"?

Jake: Well, she wasn't always making him cookies and stuff, but she talked to him, you know, she really talked to him. She -- he would come to the loft, and she would show him how the cameras worked. I mean, when -- when his baby-sitter got hurt -- Bridget -- he called 911 because Donna taught him how.

Cass: Do you think her job interfered with her relationship with Mikey?

Jake: No, no, she always made it clear that Mikey was a priority.

Cass: Thank you, no further questions. Your witness.

Stacey: Mr. McKinnon, that was very touching. Now, why don't you tell us the truth?

Jake: I don't understand your question.

Stacey: If Mrs. Hudson was so good at juggling motherhood and her job, why did she resign from Visions, and why did she break off your partnership?

Jake: She wanted to spend even more time with Mikey.

Stacey: I see, and you believe that?

Cass: Objection.

Judge: Sustained. Restate the question.

Stacey: Did Mrs. Hudson ever state that this custody hearing influenced her decision to resign?

Cass: Objection, irrelevant.

Judge: Sustained. Mrs. Hudson's employment is not at issue here.

Stacey: No further questions.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. McKinnon. The court will take a 10-minute recess.

[Gavel bangs]

Michael: Now, Cass, Stacey got nowhere with Jake. That's good, right?

Cass: I just wish Eve hadn't been picked up.

Donna: Why?

Cass: It created sympathy for their side.

Donna: That was poetic justice, Cass.

Cass: I don't like surprises in the courtroom, Donna. You wouldn't happen to know anything about the raid, by the way, would you?

Donna: Why would you ask that?

Cass: Because you sure didn't look surprised when the news came out.

Donna: Well, I saw the 10:00 news last night. So did Michael.

Cass: That better be the truth.

Michael: What was that about?

Donna: You were brilliant. You were so touching and you were wonderful.

Michael: I meant every word of it.

Donna: I know. Stacey didn't do very well, did she? She didn't get any points that time.

Stacey: Just don't worry about everything. Everything is going to be all right.

Eve: Do you really think they believe me?

Toby: Well, of course they did. Right, Stacey?

Stacey: Yeah, absolutely.

Reuben: Yeah, come on. They know a setup when they see one.

Stacey: Ok, well, they're going to call us back in a few minutes, so we'll meet you inside, all right?

Toby: Stacey, you're doing a really good job.

Stacey: Thanks.

Reuben: All right, man. Take it easy. Well, they're gone. How bad is it?

Stacey: It's bad. We're in a lot of trouble.

Reuben: I know. Michael's testimony really blew them out of the water.

Stacey: Michael and Jake, they made her look like a saint. Who would have thought that could've happened?

Reuben: Yeah, poor Eve. She is just sticking up for herself, as usual.

Stacey: She doesn't exactly come off like a fighter. If we don't get an edge, Reuben, we are sunk, do you get it?

[Gavel banging]

Stacey: Come on. Let's go back inside.

Jake: You're making me blush.

Marley: Well, I mean it. You could have said a lot of things about Donna after how much she hurt you.

Jake: Well, I just said what I thought was right.

Marley: For whom?

Jake: Everyone.

Marley: Hmm.

Jake: Hmm.

Marley: For?

Jake: Mikey. He's the one that matters anyway, right?

Marley: I know.

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: Jamie, hi.

Jamie: Hi, look, I hate to intrude, but I could use your help.

Marley: Well, what is it?

Jamie: Dr. Hiver is in Chicago, and I have to meet with him this afternoon. I was hoping that you could translate.

Marley: Oh, let me check with Cass and see if he needs me today, ok?

Jamie: Great. I appreciate that and so will John's patient.

Jake: It's a good thing Marley speaks French, huh?

Jamie: Yes.

Jake: Or you wouldn't be able to help out your patient, would you?

Jamie: Well, I guess I'd have to find someone else.

Jake: Well, then, why don't you?

Jamie: Because Marley wants to do it.

Marley: Ok, Cass says he doesn't need me, and my Mom and Dad said to please go and help John. You -- you understand, don't you?

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: Ok, thanks.

Jake: Bye.

Marley: Thanks again.

Cass: So, separating Mikey from the parents that he knows, from the Hudsons, would be injurious to his emotional health and stability.

Man: It could be devastating.

Cass: Then, in spite of the compassion that you feel for the birth parents, for the good of the child, you would recommend that Mikey stay with the Hudsons?

Man: I would.

Cass: Thank you, doctor. Your witness.

Stacey: Dr. Loftus, isn't it true that, oftentimes, children that are kidnapped are successfully reunited with their parents?

Dr. Loftus: Oh, yes.

Stacey: Then why do you think that it's not possible in this particular case?

Dr. Loftus: Because he was so young at the time of separation, and because so much time has elapsed, he seems to have no immediate memory of the Millers.

Stacey: Seems, but you can't be positive about that, can you? As a matter of fact, you cannot definitely predict that Mikey, at some point, won't resent the Hudsons for keeping him from his natural parents.

Dr. Loftus: Psychiatry is not a clinical science. I say, based on my knowledge and experience, that it would be very risky to uproot this child. When he's older, perhaps then it would be appropriate to tell him he is adopted and perhaps even introduce the relationship with the birth parents.

Stacey: Dr. Loftus, are you being paid by the Hudsons to testify?

Cass: Objection, your honor, please.

Judge: Ms. Winthrop, you are fully aware that expert witnesses are paid for their testimony; this does not discredit them. Do you have anything relevant to ask the doctor?

Stacey: I have no further questions.

Judge: You may step down, doctor. This court will be in recess until 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Bailiff: All rise.

Stacey: Come on, we've got an errand to run.

Reuben: Oh, yeah, where?

Stacey: We're going to Lucas'. We've got to get that tape that Donna -- Jake and Donna don't want anyone to see. Now, come on. We'll be back later. Come on.

Frankie: You were right.

Cass: We have to talk, right now. Let's hear it, Frankie.

Frankie: I have a buddy down at the Precinct. He pulled a few strings and let me hear the tape of the phone call that tipped the raid at Sassy's.

Michael: So what did you find out?

Frankie: Guess who that voice sounded like, Donna!

Donna: I don't know.

Cass: I think you do.

Frankie: It was you.

Cass: I can't believe you'd do this. Do you know how badly this could hurt us if it gets out?

Michael: Cass, let me handle this, all right?

Cass: I think you'd better because I've had it.

Michael: How could you do such a thing?

Donna: It was just one phone call. The judge needed to know what she was doing.

Michael: This could cost us our son.

Donna: Nobody will know.

Michael: Are you sure of that? I'm not.

Donna: Well, let them find out. I'm not afraid of Eve Miller. She is not a proper mother for Mikey.

Michael: Donna, that is for the court to decide.

Donna: So now you are on her side.

Michael: This is not about sides. This is about what's right, what's fair.

Donna: You think it's fair that she's trying to take Mikey away? If we get to keep our son, that's what matters.

Michael: Donna, what matters is that some day we're gonna have to tell our son what happened here, and I don't want to have to tell our son that we slandered his mother. Donna, I love you, but sometimes I just don't get it. Sometimes you just have to trust. You got to leave well enough alone.

Donna: I did this for you, too.

Michael: No, no, no, don't say that to me. You did not do this for me. You didn't do this for Mikey. You did this for you.

Donna: That's not true.

Michael: That is true. We had this case in the palm of our hands, and you just blew it.

Lucas: Here you go. Thanks.

[Knock at door]

Lucas: Stacey, hi.

Stacey: Hi, Lucas.

Lucas: I thought you were still in court.

Stacey: We finished up early. I hope you don't mind that I came by. I just wanted to see if you had signed those other copies of the statement.

Lucas: Well, I've read them, but I haven't signed them. I have them right here, and I'll do that right now.

Stacey: Oh, great.

Lucas: How's everything going in the Hudson case?

Stacey: Well, it's not easy going up against a family with that much money. They've mounted quite an elaborate defense, so I've been forced to be inventive.

Lucas: Well, I have great confidence in you. I mean, I have to, right?

[Man yelling]

Stacey: What was that?

Lucas: I don't know. It sounds like someone's in trouble.

Stacey: Yeah.

Lucas: I'll go check.

Stacey: Thanks.

Lucas: Well, whoever it was, they're not there anymore.

Stacey: Yeah? Gosh.

Lucas: I'm going to call the doorman and have them check --

Stacey: Ok, listen -- no, don't call the doorman. You know what? I'll let him know on the way down. I'm leaving now anyway. I've got to run, Lucas. I'll see you.

Lucas: Yeah, sure.

Stacey: Ok, bye.

Lucas: Uh -- uh --

Stacey: Yeah, what?

Lucas: Don't you want these?

Stacey: Oh, gosh, my head -- this case, I'll tell you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Stacey: Anyway, I'll see you later, thanks.

Lucas: Sure.

Lucas: Well, what do you know? The congressman's girlfriend is none other than Sharlene Hudson. All right.

John: You had no right to go out to the farm and talk to Emma.

Grant: Look, can we just drop this for a minute? I've got a medical question I have to ask you anyway.

John: You can address all of your medical questions to Dr. Frame. He knows your case -- he's agreed to help.

Grant: Fine. That might just be for the best anyway.

John: I think so, too.

Taylor: I'm glad you're here.

John: Grant, why don't you leave us alone? I'd like to speak to Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Well, actually this concerns you both.

John: Oh.

Taylor: During hypnosis, Sharlene regressed to a young girl. She was very agitated, very frightened, which leads me to believe we're getting very close to the incident that created Sharly. And that, gentlemen, could end this nightmare for all of us.

Jamie: This is nothing like sitting in a café by the Mediterranean with a breeze blowing.

Marley: No, the weather is not as nice, and we're not on vacation.

Jamie: Does that change everything?

Marley: It's nice for the memories.

Jamie: This isn't a memory for me.

Marley: Jamie, please don't.

Jamie: The way we talked on the way over here, it's just like we did in France. We talked about everything and nothing -- the weather, the movies, your family, my family, everything but us.

Marley: It's because there is no "us." It's Jake and me.

Jamie: All over again?

Marley: Jamie, I think we're going to get back together.

Michael: I would like you to wait here for me, please.

Donna: By myself? Why?

Michael: Because I need to talk to Cass, and Cass doesn't want to talk to you. I'll be right back.

Jake: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hi.

Jake: Things are going really well for you and Mikey, huh?

Donna: Yeah, it seems that way. Thank you for what you did.

Jake: Oh, it's ok, it's ok.

Donna: Thank you for what you said and didn't say.

Jake: Hmm.

Donna: You could have made me look like --

Jake: Look like a lying slut.

Donna: Well, I wasn't going to put it that way.

Jake: Let me get something perfectly straight with you. I don't give a damn what Michael thinks or the rest of the world thinks about you, but I wouldn't do that to Marley or Mikey. That's the only reason I kept my mouth shut, Donna.

Michael: Well, I have some good news. Cass feels that in spite of what you've done, Dr. Loftus may just have won us this case.

Donna: Oh.

Donna's voice: I really think you have gone around the bend, Jake.

Jake's voice: Will we ever be lovers again?

Donna's voice: I don't know, and I certainly wouldn't...

Stacey: I can't believe it.

Reuben: You thought it was going to be pornography.

Stacey: This, my friend, is a different kind of dirt.

Reuben: Oh, yeah, I mean, this can definitely destroy Donna's perfect image as a mother now, couldn't it?

Stacey: No, this could do more than that; this could destroy any chance she ever had of keeping Mikey from Eve.

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