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Another World Transcript Friday 5/26/06

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Felicia: Oh.

Frankie: Huh? Huh? [Giggles] Ta-da! Oh -- oh -- and look at this. This is the best part. They carved their initials. Isn't that great?

Felicia: These are the people in here?

Frankie: In this wedding photograph that we found.

Felicia: And they actually got married here in 1890?

Frankie: July 1890. Isn't that amazing?

Felicia: Oh, this is right out of one of my novels.

Cass: Frankie thinks this is, like, really cosmic, you know.

Frankie: Oh, he laughs, but we are blessed. We are buying a house that is just oozing positive vibrations. The first owners were married right here in this house 100 years ago. To the day, practically. Oh, it's life-affirming, it's centered -- oh, it's perfect.

Cass: She wants to get married here.

Felicia: You know, whaow I think she's right.

Cass: Felicia, do you know how much work this place needs before it is ready for a wedding ceremony or reception?

Felicia: Oh, no, no. It needs a little color, that's all.

Frankie: Yes.

Cass: A lot of plaster.

Frankie: Oh, he is this close to whining, Felicia. What am I going to do with him?

Felicia: We will dress him up.

Cass and Frankie: Huh?

Felicia: Yeah. We will put a little waistcoat on you and maybe even a handlebar mustache. That's perfect.

Cass: I am gonna get married in costume?

Felicia: Ok, forget the facial hair. But I think a period -- period outfit is perfect, don't you? I think it's wonderful. I mean, you talk about being centered.

Frankie: Oh, I just hope we can be as happy as they were.

Felicia: Oh.

Frankie: It's a lot to live up to.

Cass: Now see what you have done.

Felicia: You are whining.

Cass: Oh.

Vicky: You're fascinating company this evening.

Jake: Yeah, well, so are you. I'm calling.

Vicky: Jake, leave her alone. She will be here.

Jake: To tell you the truth, Vicky, I am tired of waiting.

Vicky: I know a way we can pass the time.

Jake: I'll bet you do.

Vicky: Why don't you tell me what you're after? Or should I say, who?

Jake: Is this ever going to stop?

Vicky: Come on, Jake, who's the lucky jackpot winner? Is it my mother or my sister? Mother, sister. Oh, man.

Marley: Jamie, you shouldn't have come over here.

Jamie: I need to talk to you.

Marley: I'm sorry, I have nothing to say.

Jamie: I can't stop thinking about you, Marley. I never should have left France without you.

Marley: I -- I thought you understood.

Jamie: You said you needed time alone.

Marley: I did.

Jamie: Then why are you back already? Does it have anything to do with me?

John: Grant --

Sharlene: Get the hell out of here.

Grant: John, what the hell are you doing?

Sharlene: You have no right to be here. This is my life, not yours.

Grant: You have no right to barge into the suite.

John: Come home with me, Sharlene.

Grant: What did you call her?

Sharlene: Get away from me. Stay away from me.

Grant: What are you -- what are you -- what are you doing?

John: I'm getting her out of here.

Grant: You've got a hell of a lot of nerve.

John: She is my wife, Grant!

John: Sharlene, it's time to go.

Sharlene: You can't do this to me [Indistinct].

Grant: Stop calling --

John: Sharlene!

Grant: Stop it.

Sharlene: Go to hell! Go to hell!

John: I love you, Sharlene. I love you.

Sharlene: [Screams]

John: Sharlene, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, Sharlene.

Grant: What is going on?

John: I love you.

Sharlene: What? Oh, no -- oh, no.

John: It's ok.

Sharlene: Please, oh, no -- no -- no -- oh.

Grant: Sharly, please tell me -- tell me what is happening? Tell me.

Sharlene: Oh. Don't touch -- don't touch me.

John: Where are her clothes?

Sharlene: [Sobbing]

Grant: They are in there.

Sharlene: Get me out of here, John. Get me out.

Grant: You have no right to barge in here and tell me that the only woman I love is your wife!

Sharlene: Please, John, help me get out of here.

Grant: This makes no sense.

Sharlene: Help me -- oh! John.

Grant: This makes no sense.

Sharlene: Help me get out.

Grant: Sharly.

Sharlene: I don't know what --

Grant: Look, you're not going to be able to take her out of here unless you give me some kind of an explanation.

John: I'm taking her to a hospital, Grant!

Grant: Why, for God's sake?!

John: She is sick, and she needs help.

Sharlene: [Sobbing] I don't know where I am. I don't know where I am.

John: Come on, Sharlene. Get out of the way, Grant.

Vicky: I'm not through with you.

Jake: I don't give a damn.

Vicky: Why don't you come with me? You need some air.

Vicky: Breathe.

Jake: I'm breathing.

Vicky: One more big one.

Jake: I'm not in the mood for this, Vicky.

Vicky: I'm not kidding with you, Jake. I want to know what you're planning.

Jake: I don't make plans, Vicky. That way I avoid being disappointed.

Vicky: You are not serious about getting back together with Marley, are you?

Jake: Such a beautiful night, don't you think? Not too hot, not too humid.

Vicky: Why do you want to tear my family apart?

Jake: You guys do a real good job of that without my help, Vicky.

Vicky: Are you the reason Marley came zooming back from France? Did you tell her that you want to get back together with her?

Jake: What did I do to deserve you?

Vicky: Do you really have to ask?

Jake: Marley and I are not thinking about getting remarried... yet.

Vicky: Are you out of what's left of your mind?

Jake: We are talking, no commitments, no nothing. All right?

Vicky: Yeah, that's fine. Tell me, when you two are talking, how does she react to your affair with our mother?

Jake: You are one sick puppy.

Vicky: You have -- you have thought this out?

Jake: No. And to tell you the truth, Vicky, I like it that way.

Vicky: Jake, you have got to know this won't work. God, why can't you pick somebody else to go out with? Somebody who is unrelated to me who doesn't care about your sordid past?

Jake: Can I go now?

Vicky: There is one more thing. Let's just pretend the worst-case scenario came to pass.

Jake: What's that? That I marry you, Vick?

Vicky: Oh, honey, I would rather offer myself to the gods as a human sacrifice.

Jake: Same here.

Vicky: The worst-case scenario being that you and Marley got back together. Just when did you plan on telling her that you slept with our mother?

Jake: Never.

Vicky: Oh, I see. So you would start off your second stab at marriage with a certified grade-a lie? That's a great way to build a future.

Jake: Oh, and you tell me, Vick, who is gonna tell her? You?

Vicky: Oh, honey, even if I kept my mouth shut, are you willing to risk it? Jake, this is Marley we are taking about here. She will never understand. Her standards for human behavior are a hell of a lot higher than yours or mine. Man, sometimes I -- I wonder how she dipped into the gene pool and found decency. It must have been at Dad's end.

Jake: Maybe she -- Marley is different, all right?

Vicky: Yes, she is. And she would never pull a stunt like you and I did. She wouldn't know how.

Marley: Why are you doing this?

Jamie: Because I can't get you out of my mind.

Marley: Jamie, what are you talking about? Nothing really happened between us.

Jamie: Plenty happened. You know that.

Marley: I don't mean to hurt your feelings by this, but I've already been through this before.

Jamie: What?

Marley: Well, when you go away to a romantic place on vacation and --

Jamie: And?

Marley: Things happen. And you come back to a more familiar setting, and the magic tends to go away a little bit. I -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to hurt you by that.

Jamie: I don't believe you.

Marley: You have to.

Jamie: Marley, can you honestly stand there and tell me that you have forgotten that all that happened between us?

Marley: No, no, of course I haven't forgotten it, but I know a vacation fling when I'm having one. And it wasn't even that, for heaven sakes.

Jamie: I won't accept that.

Marley: You have to.

Jamie: Answer one question for me. When you just said that you can't be with me and -- and what happened didn't mean anything, you just looked away, right?

Marley: No.

Jamie: Look -- look, you just did it again.

Marley: I'm not --

Jamie: Look, you're holding out on me, Marley. I can feel it. You want to be with me. Let me hold you.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: No, let me hold you. Then look at me and tell me to go. But let me hold you.

Felicia: What did I do? She looks like she is in a trance or something.

Cass: She is really into this stuff, you know, honey? She -- she feels in one of her charkhas that our lives are paralleling this couple's, and she is trying to figure out if their life was always happy.

Felicia: Nobody's life is always happy.

Cass: I mean in a cosmic way.

Felicia: Oh. Why doesn't she just talk to them?

Cass: Excuse me?

Felicia: Seance, you know, bring forth the spirits. I did that in "Passions Outpost." I'm telling you, everybody screamed over it.

Cass: Don't give her any ideas.

Frankie: I feel so warm here.

Felicia: Honey, it was 90 degrees in the shade at 5:00 -- I feel warm here, too.

Cass: Me, too.

Felicia: Really, and I think this is the perfect house for you and Cass to be married in, warts and all.

Cass: You know, Felicia is absolutely right. So what if the septic system backs out. Think about it. In 50 years, in our wedding anniversary, we will be able to tell all of our grandchildren about our wedding day and how all the guests had to use the neighbor's facilities all night. You know, it's a cute story.

Felicia: And, honey --

Cass: What?

Felicia: I know the perfect antique clothing store for you. You're gonna look just like that lady in the photograph.

Frankie: What do you think, Cass?

Cass: Oh, I have always fancied myself to be a 20th-century rhett butler.

Felicia: Ah, the decade is about 30 years off, but I do get the picture.

Cass: Oh.

Frankie: We don't have a whole lot of time to pull this together, Cass.

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no. You're looking at a woman who thrives on pressure. I will do everything.

Frankie: Ok, now I happen to know these two guys from my holistic healing class who play the banjo. Maybe we can get them.

Cass: We're going to march down the aisle to dueling banjos? I think it's an excellent idea.

Felicia: I do too

Cass: Truly excellent.

Cass: In fact, I think we should set this moment more officially. I'm going to go out and get a bottle of champagne and some upscale paper cups, ok?

Felicia: Oh, good idea, yes.

Cass: Give me about 10 minutes, and we will be drinking a toast to our wedding. And if you two kids get any ideas about hors d'oeuvres, you know, I have this thing for those little weenies in blankets. Don't tell anybody, but I do. I'll see you.

Felicia: He is crazy about you.

Frankie: I know.

Felicia: Ok, come on. Stand right over here, all right, and say something. Go ahead.

Frankie: Why?

Felicia: Because I'm trying to find out the perfect place for the altar. Now, go ahead.

Frankie: Well, what does my saying something have to do with the altar?

Felicia: No, this is not it. Acoustics, honey. We want to find the perfect -- no, wait -- let me just set you up here. I am so sick of going to those weddings, aren't you? Where you never hear the couple recite their vows. We're gonna change all that with your wedding. Now -- all right, now. Speak, go ahead.

Frankie: Do you really think the wedding will work here?

Felicia: Oh, absolutely, I do. Now just say "I, Mary Frances, take thee, Cass." Go ahead, say that.

Frankie: Now?

Felicia: Yeah, go ahead, right now. "I, Mary Frances, take thee, Cass, for my lawfully wedded husband," you know, that sort of thing. Go ahead.

Frankie: I, Mary Frances, take -- this isn't working.

Felicia: What are you talking about? It's perfect. There is no echo here, nothing. And the light from the window, it will highlight your red hair.

Frankie: I can't marry him, Felicia.

Marley: I missed you a lot when you left France. But I worked really hard to stop those feelings, Jamie. You should have done the same.

Jamie: Why? Why should I fight something that feels so good to me?

Marley: I know -- I know -- I know what we had was really perfect. It really was, but if we try to make that into something more, then we're going to ruin what we did have.

Jamie: What happened to you?

Marley: What do you mean?

Jamie: What happened to that woman that wanted to take chances?

Marley: I'm standing in my sister's living room with you, aren't I? I think that's a big enough chance for me for one night.

Jamie: Marley, you told me that everything changed for you on the Riviera. That's why you went swimming in the sea in the middle of the night -- you felt free.

Marley: Yes, and you told me that I would have drowned had you not come along, right?

Jamie: That night you learned how to take a chance. Well, take another chance. Take a chance with me.

Marley: No.

Jamie: Why not?

Marley: Because I have already messed up one marriage, Jamie.

Jamie: So? I have messed up three. See, I made you smile.

Marley: I can't do it.

Jamie: Marley, we are the wreckage of Jake and Vicky's mistakes. Why should we deny ourselves a chance at love? Is it too soon?

Marley: It's too late.

Jamie: I don't agree with you.

Marley: Vicky never told me you could be so persistent.

Jamie: Well, Vicky thinks that she has got the market cornered on persistence. But she doesn't. I do, and I want to be with you.

Marley: Please, just stop this right now, ok? Please.

Jamie: Marley, I know this is complicated.

Marley: We are talking Vicky here.

Jamie: Then it's very complicated, it's treacherous.

Marley: Right.

Jamie: But look, what good is it to go sailing from one day to the next without taking chances? It's boring, it's limiting. We don't owe anybody any explanations. We are totally free.

Marley : No we're not. We both know it.

Michael: I talked to Cass about Eve Miller working at Sassy's.

Donna: That woman is a tramp. And she is foolish besides that. I don't know how she thinks she can work at a place like that and feel that we would not find out about it. She probably never even graduated from high school.

Michael: Donna, she waits on tables. That doesn't make her an unfit mother.

Donna: Michael, a woman works at a place like that for one of two reasons. Either she can't get hired by anybody decent, or she enjoys associating with the charming types that frequent a place like that.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Hence, it makes her unfit for just about anything, childcare being on the top of the list.

Michael: I see. Of course, all we know for sure is that she waits on tables. Just waits on tables.

Donna: And I'm just a woman. Michael, this is the first concrete break we've had.

Michael: Donna, do you realize that if you press this Sassy's thing, Stacey is gonna go to the wall. She is gonna do whatever she can. I mean, I want you to be prepared for this.

Donna: What exactly do you mean by that?

Michael: I mean that she could do some digging around of her own.

Donna: She can dig all the way to China, for all I care. I did not leave my infant son to fend for himself. I am not working as a waitress, as you euphemistically put it, in a strip joint.

Michael: Ok, all right. So what if she finds something damaging?

Donna: I'm not the one who worked for a secret government agency for 20 years, darling. You did.

Michael: Well, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about things, like, what if she brings up that Victoria was raised apart from you? Or that, maybe, Marley's childhood was spent being raised as your sister.

Donna: That wasn't my fault.

Michael: It doesn't matter. It matters what the Judge will see as an issue, and the issue is family, all right? It's not about work. It's not about me being a government agent. It's about family. And we must present ourselves as a stable one.

Donna: And we will.

Michael: Donna, don't take this lightly. Stacey may dig up something you wish no one ever talked about ever again.

Donna: I won't be intimidated by Stacey Winthrop. I know what she's capable of. She brought those pictures of Victoria into court during Steven's custody battle.

Michael: Yes, she did.

Donna: And that is why we have to be armed as well as she is.

Vicky: Hello.

Donna: Hi, you two.

Michael: Hi, how you doing?

Vicky: Good. Well, we're waiting for Marley. I was just about ready to give her a call. She is late.

Michael: Yeah, I mean, we can all have dinner like one big happy family.

Donna: Darling, would you mind asking the maitre d' if we could have a larger table while Victoria goes to call Marley?

Michael: Uh, sure, no problem. Uh, just let me get this straight here. Now I'm not including you in this dinner arrangement, am I, Jake?

Jake: Well, now that you mentioned it, Michael, dinner with the family does sound wonderful.

Michael: To you, maybe.

Donna: You enjoy this, don't you?

Jake: If you don't wanna bump into your ex-lover, I think you're gonna have to find other posh eateries in which to dine.

Donna: Have you done what I asked you to do?

Jake: Don't I always.

Donna: The tape, Jake.

Jake: You want to talk about business?

Donna: Please don't be glib with me. Have you destroyed the tape of me talking about our -- our liaison?

Jake: Affair? Can you say "affair," Donna?

Donna: Jake.

Jake: Sure you can. Actually, I was thinking of saving it for a souvenir.

Donna: You swore to me.

Jake: I don't want anybody to see a copy of that tape either.

Donna: If Michael or Marley see this tape, I'll lose everything. Do you understand that?

Jake: Don't lay this on me. If you can't get Michael back, it's not my fault.

Donna: I'll lose everything. Everything. Is that how you want my future to be?

Jake: No.

Donna: Then erase the tape. Destroy it. Please, tonight.

Jamie: You think I'm still hung up on Vicky.

Marley: I think you don't just decide that your feelings are gone and then they disappear like magic.

Jamie: It's taken me a long time to let go, Marley. But I did.

Marley: I know and I am happy for you. I just -- I don't think I have done the same thing.

Jamie: I think you have. I think you know deep in your heart that there is nothing left for you and Jake.

Marley: Vicky still cares about you, I know that.

Jamie: Look, it doesn't matter what Vicky thinks or what Jake thinks. It's you and me, what we want, what we need. That's what matters.

Marley: Jamie, I ran away. I didn't even give myself a chance to work out the problems Jake and I had. I just bolted and sulked about it for months. And when I finally realized that I had sold myself short and risked losing the man I love more than anyone, I came back. And Jake turned me away. I asked Jake to come back to me before I went to France. He said no.

Jamie: And you still want to give your marriage another chance?

Marley: We loved each other. I believed my vows. I believed his. He made a mistake, but I wasn't blameless.

Jamie: Marley, how much of this really has to do with Jake?

Marley: I just told you that I'm --

Jamie: And how much of it has to do with Vicky --

[Phone rings]

Jamie: And how she would react if she knew about us?

Marley: Hello?

Vicky: Hi, it's me. You fall asleep or what?

Marley: No.

Vicky: What's the story?

Taylor: Sharlene.

John: Hey, Taylor. I found her. She was --

Taylor: Sharlene. Sharlene, can you tell me what happened?

Sharlene: John saw. I didn't want to go there. She made me go there. She took me there.

Taylor: Sharly?

Sharlene: These are her clothes. Why can't I have my own clothes? I don't want -- I want my own clothes.

Taylor: We will get you something of your own. I have a room waiting for you. And I'll be right in. You are going to be ok.

John: Come on, let me go with you.

Taylor: John, wait with me a moment, please.

John: I'll be right there. I'll be right there.

John: I found her -- she was with another man.

Taylor: Oh, that must have been awful for you.

John: Sharly -- she wanted to kill me. She didn't hate me before she --

Taylor: When did Sharlene surface?

John: I was trying to get her to come with me, she lunged at me. She hit me. And I held her and kept calling her name over and over again. And finally Sharlene emerged. And she was completely out of it, scared. I didn't know what else to do, Taylor. If I hadn't found her, she --

Taylor: John -- John, you have every right to be upset. You have been through a lot. And after I see her, you and I better talk some more, ok?

John: Yeah.

Taylor: I should go to her now.

John: Taylor, she -- she is so ashamed.

Taylor: I'll take care of her. I promise you.

Grant: John.

John: What are you doing here?

Grant: Where is she? She needs me. And I'm not going to let you push me out of her life.

John: She is my wife. Don't you understand that?

Grant: Yes, and she's miserable in that marriage.

John: I am not going to deal with you, Grant.

Grant: Look, I can't believe this. I didn't know she was married. And I certainly didn't know she was married to you.

John: Would it make any difference?

Grant: Why did you bring Sharly here? What is wrong with Sharly?

John: Sharly isn't here.

Grant: Don't lie to me.

John: Sharly isn't here. And if I have anything to say about it, you will never see Sharly again.

Grant: What are you trying to say to me, John?

John: My wife has a multiple personality disorder.

Grant: Look, just speak English to me. Would you please?

John: The woman that I took out of your apartment is not the same one that went there to see you. She has two personalities, two distinct personalities that we know of. One is my wife and the other one is Sharly. We have only known about her for a short period of time. She is in therapy. And the goal of that therapy is to integrate the two personalities.

Grant: No, this is -- this is crazy. She is the only woman that -- look, John, I love her.

John: She is ill. And she is very unstable.

Grant: Sharly is not unstable.

John: Grant, it's the truth. And whether you choose to accept it or not really doesn't matter to me.

Grant: Look, this doesn't make any sense. How did you find this out?

John: Sharlene was not doing things that Sharly normally does, ever. The odd thing is that Sharly knows all about Sharlene. It doesn't seem to work the other way around.

Grant: I can't believe this.

John: Grant, did she ever act like -- like she didn't know you?

Grant: Yes.

John: Sharlene doesn't know anything about you. Anything that you have experienced with Sharly is not under consciousness. None of it.

Grant: I asked her why -- why she wouldn't leave her husband.

John: Did she know that I was your doctor?

Grant: I told her. I told her many times. But she always made excuses and she tried to change the subject. But how did I -- how did I -- how did I miss all the signs?

John: The same way I did.

Grant: Did you know about me? Because you always talked about Sharly. But when she talked about her husband, she talked about how you were destroying her. John, if I would have known --

John: Sharly doesn't want to integrate with Sharlene. To her, that is death. I only met Sharly -- Sharly face to face for the first time just a little over a month ago. She made it very clear how she felt. Listen, I think you should know I spoke to Jamie. There is a spot for you in Dr. Hiver's experimental treatment program. But you have to fill out some forms.

Grant: What kind of forms?

John: Application forms or something that have to be filled out and signed. And they have to be sent by overnight courier tonight or else you won't be considered.

Grant: Oh, no. I can't go now. I mean, I gotta go later --

John: Grant, you have to go now.

Grant: Look, I can't --

John: There's no chance of you getting in.

Grant: I can't run off to France right now.

John: If you don't, this disease could kill you. And if you stay here, you're going to destroy my wife's chance for recovery. Do yourself a favor, Grant. Forget all about Sharly. Maybe she will be gone when you get back.

Felicia: Frankie, could you try to explain to me what happened in the last 30 minutes that made you change your mind about marrying Cass?

Frankie: I have never stuck anything out -- never, ever.

Felicia: Oh, come on. I find that hard to believe.

Frankie: It all started back in the fifth grade when I had this wicked crush on Jeffery Linehart and he totally rejected me for this blonde named Jill.

Felicia: Are you serious?

Frankie: He dumped me for somebody who couldn't throw a baseball to save her life and had knobby knees besides.

Felicia: And that's why you can't marry Cass?

Frankie: I have never been the same since Jeffery left me.

Felicia: Honey, you were 11.

Frankie: That is a very important time in childhood, Felicia. Anyway, I have never had the same attention span after that. I kept changing hobbies. One day it was drum lessons, the next day it was CB radio. It drove Mama crazy. And then I grow up and what happens? I cannot keep a job for more than 6 months. I am the poster child for career changes and I have had one crush after another until I met Cass.

Felicia: Ah, ok, now you're starting to make a little sense. Come on, let's sit down. All right. When you found Cass, you finally found someone that you could love for your whole life. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Do you know how many people never get that chance?

Frankie: Ooh, you're good, aren't you?

Felicia: Yeah, I am.

Frankie: I'm a lousy cook.

Felicia: Cass eats out.

Frankie: I'm a terrible housekeeper. I don't know how to fold fitted sheets.

Felicia: Honey.

Frankie: Oh, I just want so much to make him happy, Felicia.

Felicia: You do.

Frankie: And I want him to make me happy.

Felicia: He will or I'll kill him.

Frankie: Just getting this far with him hasn't been easy, you know.

Felicia: True.

Frankie: So what if -- what if after a couple of years, the thrill is gone and all that is left is boxer shorts?

Felicia: Trust me, Cass will never wear boxer shorts.

Frankie: You think I'm overreacting?

Felicia: Yeah, I do. It's your standard case of nerves.

Frankie: Really?

Felicia: Really.

Frankie: You think so?

Felicia: Oh yeah. Ok?

Frankie: Ok.

Felicia: Good. I wonder where he is anyway.

Frankie: I don't know. He should have been back by now.

Felicia: Yeah. He probably knew you were about to lose it, wanted me to be here for you.

Frankie: He does know when a woman needs to vent to another woman.

Felicia: Yeah. Bless his heart. Well, why don't I go and see where he is, ok? And why don't you just stay here and, well, you can kind of visualize.


Frankie: Oh, thank you, Felicia. I do feel better.

Felicia: Good. I am glad I could be of assistance.

Felicia: Cass?

Cass: Oh -- oh!

Felicia: Oh, honey, I am sorry.

Cass: Oh, I knew this would happen.

Felicia: What would happen?

Cass: This is a sign. Somebody is trying to tell me something.

Felicia: When did you get superstitious?

Cass: I can't marry Frankie. I am no good for her.

Felicia: Oh, for heaven's sake. All right, I want you to come with me. And don't say boo until I tell you to. You got that? Come on.

Marley: I am sorry, Vicky, I just lost track of the time.

Vicky: Oh, hey, that's ok. I am -- I am ready to come home anyway.

Marley: That's fine. Is Jake still there?

Vicky: Yes. So are Mom and Dad. Everyone wanted you to come down.

Marley: Apologize for me, will you?

Vicky: Sure. I will be home soon. See ya.

Marley: Bye. You have to leave.

Jamie: Why? So Vicky doesn't see us here together?

Marley: Please don't make this any more difficult for either one of us.

Jamie: I just want you to answer my question before I go.

Marley: It will not work.

Jamie: You haven't given it a chance, Marley.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: Go ahead, say it. You don't care about me?

Marley: Not that way. It's not you, and it's not Vicky. It's not Jake. It's me. I can't be with you, Jamie.

Jamie: I will leave you alone then.

Jamie: We had something really special, Marley. I am really sorry about this.

Marley: Me, too.

Michael: So, correct me if I am wrong, but was that a little argument you were having with Jake?

Donna: Oh, Jake and I argue all the time.

Michael: Uh-huh, well, this seemed just a little bit more intense than usual.

Donna: Well, we had a difference of opinion about a -- a tape that he made.

Michael: Ah, a tape, a tape, a tape. That's all, huh?

Donna: Yes. Why are you asking?

Michael: Well, let's just say that I have a feeling that your relationship with Jake is something that Stacey could use in a -- in a trial against us.

Donna: How?

Michael: Donna, because of his relationship to our family. I mean, he is your ex-son-in-law. He has been involved with both of our daughters, and now you happen to be in business with him. I think Stacey could find something to use there.

Donna: Fine, let her. She will make a fool of herself. I've been thinking about selling my share of Visions anyway.

Michael: What do you mean? You love the business.

Donna: I know I do. But the more time I spend working with Jake, the more I realize how serious our differences are. And besides, I think it would be a good idea for me to spend as much time with Mikey as I can until the trial is over. What do you think?

Michael: Well, I think that, uh, I think that Mikey would -- would like that an awful lot. But I think that, well, you will make up your own mind and you will make the right decision.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: You are welcome. I do, however, have just one little -- little bit of advice.

Donna: I knew you would.

Michael: Well, it's just that I don't think Jake is going to take too kindly to you quitting the business just like that.

Donna: That's all right. I will make him an offer that is very attractive to him. I will -- I will tell him that he can pay --

Michael: Donna, look the point here is -- is that if Jake feels like you are putting the screws to him, be careful how you handle it. The last thing we need in our lives right now is a jerk hellbent on revenge.

Cass: I am sorry about the bubbly, hon.

Felicia: Shut up and come on. Frankie.

Frankie: What's going on? Hi, sweetheart.

Cass: Hi, honey.

Frankie: Do I smell champagne?

Cass: Oh, a little accident on the front steps.

Frankie: Oh.

Felicia: All right, you two. Go sit on the window seat. Go on and sit, and face me. Go on, sit down.

Frankie: What did we do?

Cass: I am not sure.

Felicia: Ok, Cass, I want you to tell Frankie what you told me outside.

Cass: Felicia.

Felicia: Sit. Now go on.

Cass: I told her I couldn't marry you.

Frankie: You did?

Felicia: Frankie, I want you to tell Cass what you told me when he left before. Go on.

Frankie: I said I couldn't marry you.

Cass: You did?

Felicia: Very good. Now, did either one of you mean it? Do you love each other?

Cass and Frankie: Yes.

Felicia: Do you want to be together? Do you admit, at least, that you are skittish because this is a big step? All right, here comes the big one. If either one of you think that this marriage does not have a snowball's chance in hell of working, stand up.

Felicia: I rest my case. If you care about each other, and I know you do, don't you owe it to yourselves to be together? I mean, are you that stupid that you would just throw everything away when most people never get this chance in life? Now, I am going to go out and I am going to buy another bottle of champagne. And I will not drop mine. When I come back, I expect the two of you to be dancing, necking, something. Am I understood here? Good. Do you know that you could give a girl a migraine, both of you?

[Wedding march begins playing]

Frankie: She brought a recording of the wedding march with her.

Cass: She is nothing, if not resourceful.

Frankie: I don't see her or a radio.

Cass: Hey, people who can paint, paint. People who can make magic write romance novels. It's nice. Oh, I will risk it, if you will.

Frankie: I always liked taking chances.

Cass: Will you marry me, Mary Frances?

Taylor: This sedative should help you sleep, Sharlene. John is outside.

Sharlene: I was with another man. John -- John saw me.

Taylor: He knows that was not you. He knows that was Sharly.

Sharlene: I am gonna lose him.

Taylor: I do not think that is gonna happen.

Sharlene: But you're the one who keeps telling me that Sharly is a part of me. And if that is true, then -- then -- then I wanted to be there with that -- how can John stand it?

Taylor: Maybe you should talk to him and see how he feels.

Sharlene: I can't.

Taylor: Sharlene -- Sharlene, please. Please don't do this alone. Now let me go get John.

Sharlene: No, don't go. I can't even look at him. I can't. He is scared and he is hurt. And I did it to him. I waited all my life for someone like John. To love him. And now I have killed it, I have killed it. I was in that man's bed. How do I get past this? How does John? I love him so much. I love him so much. I love him, but I have ruined it. I've ruined everything. I ruined it, I ruined it.

John: Did you read everything over before you signed it?

Grant: Yes.

John: I will get it to the overnight courier.

Grant: John. Why do you care? I mean, after what happened tonight, after finding your wife with me. Why do you care if I live or die?

John: You are still my patient.

[Cass and Frankie humming]

Felicia: Ah, now, that is more like it.

Cass: Hi.

Frankie: So how did you do it, Felicia?

Felicia: Do what?

Cass: The music.

Felicia: What music?

Frankie: Oh, she is going to play dumb. Didn't you hear music when you came in?

Felicia: No.

Cass: Ooh.

Frankie: Like I said, centered.

Cass: Perfect.

[Door opens]

Vicky: Ah-ha! Caught you.

Marley: "Handsome, athletic, and outgoing, seeks a thinking beauty, female 22 to 35, to share and explore the wonders of the city with"? I can't believe you are trying to find a guy through this. Hi. Hi, Jake.

Jake: We missed you.

Marley: I am -- I am sorry. I was just so tired, I couldn't stand up.

Jake: Well, that's all right. Maybe we'll go have dinner later this week, huh?

Marley: Oh, that -- that would be great if you will call tomorrow.

Jake: Sure.

Vicky: "Likes walks in the wheat fields at nights under the stars." I.E. He has no money and can not afford a car or a hotel.

Marley: [Chuckles]

Jake: I will talk to you later.

Marley: Great.

Jake: Great.

Vicky: Bye, Jake.

Marley: You two still aren't getting along?

Jake: Oh, this, too, will soon pass. You look incredible. Good night.

Marley: Good night.

Vicky: Marley, get in here. You have got to hear this. I think this is it. You ready?

Marley: Sure.

Vicky: Ok. Boy, this is perfect. "Single man, twenty-something, hardworking, honest, and true."

Marley: This appeals to you?

Vicky: Shh. "I like Italian foods, strong women, and subtle wine. Have taken chances before and failed. But I will never stop trying. If you don't want someone who will love you, no question" -- oh no, "if you want someone who will love you," even better, "no questions asked, someone you can laugh with, travel with, talk with, and love with, send picture and phone number. I will treat you like a queen, and all I ask in return is your love." Little simpy at the end, but no one's perfect. Well?

Marley: I think it sounds familiar.

Vicky: What do you mean?

Marley: I think it sounds just like Jamie.

Vicky: He does not.

Marley: Jamie is the only man you have ever loved, isn't he? I think it's time you face facts.

Vicky: What facts, Ann Landers?

Marley: You still love Jamie as much as you ever have.

John: Taylor, how is she?

Grant: Is she all right?

Taylor: I didn't know you were here.

John: Can I see her?

Taylor: Maybe we should go to the staff lounge.

Grant: Look, I have a right to know how she is, too.

John: You have no rights.

Taylor: She is distraught, so I gave her a sedative and she should sleep the night.

John: She didn't want to see me, did she?

Taylor: She is not ready yet, John.

Grant: Has Sharly said anything yet?

Taylor: No -- no, she needs to calm down. Maybe after a good night's sleep, she will be better able to tell us what's happened. Go home and get some sleep. I suggest you do the same, congressman. John, I will take very good care of her.

Grant: I know how you feel.

John: I don't want to talk anymore, Grant.

Grant: How do we know which is the real personality?

John: I know who my wife is.

Grant: And I know who Sharly is, damn it. Neither one of us know who is gonna win.

John: Win? This is not about winning.

Grant: It is in there. And when the real one comes out, how do we know who she is gonna love?

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