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Another World Transcript Friday 5/19/06

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[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: All right, you don't have to ring it twice. Jamie.

Jamie: I tried to call. I kept getting a busy signal.

Vicky: That's because the phone was off the hook. I had a little cocktail party and I was trying to calm Steven down.

Jamie: Oh. I was afraid he might be asleep.

Vicky: No, he's not. He's in his playpen. He was just a little wired after all the commotion.

Jamie: I should let him get his sleep.

Vicky: No, no, no. He's -- he's fine. He's dying to see you. Let -- let me help you. Gosh, come in.

Jamie: I got Steven a few presents.

Vicky: Yeah, a few? You dragged all these on the plane?

Jamie: I got quite a few stares.

Vicky: I'll bet. Well, when did you get back?

Jamie: About an hour ago.

Vicky: And you came here first?

Jamie: I couldn't wait to see Steven.

Vicky: Uh-huh. Well, sit down. Let me -- let me get you a drink.

Jamie: Just a club soda, if you have it.

Vicky: Club, got it. So, how was your trip?

Jamie: It was great. I mean, it was interesting, in an educational sort of way.

Vicky: Any other way?

Jamie: I always love travelling, you know that, Vicky, and Nice, it was a beautiful city.

Vicky: I guess you had a hard time communicating.

Jamie: I managed.

Vicky: With your lousy French?

Jamie: I had my little Berlitz book with me at all times.

Vicky: And Marley?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: My sister. She must have been a big help to you, n'est-ce pas?

Marley: Merci.

Marley: "Thinking of you. Jamie."

Matt: What is it?

Rachel: Some sort of legal paper.

Matt: From Mac?

Rachel: I don't know.

Matt: A legal document from Mac?

Rachel: Let's just go up to the house and see what it is.

Paulina: Yes!

Ken: Shh.

Paulina: Now you'll see.

Ken: Quiet. You deliberately trying to mess things up?

Paulina: So what if they heard me? Nothing can stop us now. Once they read that codicil, we are home.

Ken: I just wish we didn't have to hurt her.

Paulina: She can't ignore me anymore. I have won. We've won.

Peggy: You want them to stay?

Evan: That's right.

Peggy: While you give me a statement regarding charges against this man?

Evan: Yes.

Peggy: I find that most irregular, Mr. Bates.

Evan: Well, that's my style, but do you want the truth?

Peggy: Yes, I do want the truth.

Evan: And the sooner the better, right?

Peggy: Of course.

Evan: Ok. No charges are to be filed in connection with what happened to me. If they are, I will not testify. Sam Fowler is innocent.

Vicky: Was she?

Jamie: Was she what?

Vicky: Was my sister a big help to you?

Jamie: Oh, she's terrific, yes. A very good interpreter.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Great with tenses, especially the subjunctive.

Vicky: Hmm. She's a good little conjugator, my sister, huh?

Jamie: Oh, she's definitely good with languages.

Vicky: Good with a lot of things, from what I understand.

Jamie: I couldn't find the doctor I was looking for, but I did manage to track down some information for John.

Vicky: Uh-huh. With your charming little interpreter at your side at all times.

Jamie: I think I hear Steven.

Vicky: I think that you're embarrassed.

Jamie: Why would I be?

Vicky: Trying to hide something from me?

Jamie: Why don't I come back in the morning?

Vicky: Why don't you tell me how you and my sister ended up in the same hotel, in the same city, in the same country, on the same continent at the same time?

Jamie: Coincidence.

Vicky: Ah, yes. Life is full of those, isn't it?

Jamie: I really should get back home to see the family. Should I send Paulina over in the morning to pick up Steven?

Vicky: No, no, that -- that won't be necessary. Steven, you heard Daddy's voice!

Jamie: Steven!

Vicky: Hi, sweetie!

Jamie: Oh, my God, I missed you so much! Look how you've changed in such a short time! It looks like he grew two inches.

Vicky: He has been such a good boy. We went to the movies this weekend, didn't we? Oh, you wouldn't have believed how quiet he was. There was a couple sitting next to us, they said he was the best behaved boy they had ever met. Didn't they?

Jamie: Oh, did they really? Look, what do you say you and I spend all day tomorrow together, huh?

Vicky: How about all night together, too? Why don't you stay for dinner?

Jamie: I don't know if that's such --

Vicky: Oh, Steven would love it. I may not be French, but I do make one heck of a coq au vin.

Jamie: You, coq au vin?

Vicky: Oh, yes, I cooked it last night, slaved for hours over the stove, didn't I? I was cutting up tons of, um, vegetables, those -- those carrots and celery and... Bridget made it.

Jamie: Yes, yes, right.

Vicky: But it is wonderful. Why don't you stay?

Paulina: They will read it, won't they, I mean, right now?

Ken: You heard what she said to Matthew.

Paulina: Well, I just hope she doesn't lock it up or throw it away or something.

Ken: Why would you even think of something like that? That's ridiculous.

Paulina: Then why do you look so worried?

Ken: Of course I'm worried. I never know what you're going to pull next. I mean, this whole thing would've gone like clockwork if you hadn't been trying to jump the gun all the time.

Paulina: All right, take it easy. What's --

Ken: I mean, first you don't listen to me, and then you're bugging me about it because you're worried that things aren't going to go exactly as we planned them.

Paulina: I am nervous. I'm sorry.

Ken: All right, all right. Fine. She's going to be expecting a call from me about now. The way I figure it, she's going to ask me to come over to the house. I'm sure she's going to tell me that they found the document. I will try to find out how she and the rest of the family are treating it.

Paulina: You think she's going to tell the rest of the family?

Ken: Well, she'll have to. Matthew already knows. She'll probably bring Cass in on it, too.

Paulina: I want to be there when it's read.

Ken: Forget it.

Paulina: Why?

Ken: Because I am telling you to lie low. You get out of here and don't come back. I'll call you when it's safe. You're not going to argue with me about this, are you?

Paulina: No. Fine.

Ken: Good. Now, you go back to Vicky's and do whatever you normally do and wait for my call.

Paulina: Ok. I want to hear the minute you find out anything.

Ken: I will call you when the time is right.

Paulina: Right.

Ken: Now don't let anybody see you leaving here.

Matt: All right, that was Cass on the phone. He's on River road. He should be here in two minutes.

Rachel: Good. Strange, isn't it?

Matt: What?

Rachel: I didn't think I'd find anything from Mac again, and now this. He must have written this the last couple of days. I wish I had been with him. How many times have I said that?

Matt: You always said you say what you feel.

Rachel: I feel like setting a match to this.

Matt: Well, have you read it?

Rachel: I haven't looked at it.

Matt: Well, you're going to read it, aren't you?

Rachel: Mac would've wanted me to, I guess. But some part of me just wants to leave it alone, let everything stay the way it is.

Matt: It might say something about Paulina.

Rachel: Yeah, it might.

Matt: Including her in the will.

Rachel: Might say something about Iris.

Matt: Maybe forgiving her?

Rachel: Whatever it says, it's going to cause an uproar, and that's the last thing this family needs right now.

Matt: Well, listen, if Mac wanted something changed --

Rachel: If Mac wanted it, it's important, I know that. I'm not going to burn it.

[Doorbell rings]

Matt: I'm going to get that.

Cass: Matthew tells me that Mac left something important.

Rachel: Very.

Cass: What?

Rachel: It seems his will is complete now.

Peggy: An accident?

Evan: That's what I said.

Peggy: You fell?

Evan: Well, nobody pushed me.

Peggy: Nobody did anything, and there was no fight?

Evan: Uh-uh. I didn't say that.

Peggy: So now you're saying that you and Mr. Fowler did fight?

Evan: Yes.

Peggy: Why?

Evan: Come on, we've already been over all this.

Peggy: I have a short memory.

Evan: Yeah, well, I'm tired. Sam and I aren't the best of friends.

Peggy: Ah, now it's Sam. Would you mind telling me what happened to Fowler, that lousy son of a --

Evan: When did I ever say that to you?

Peggy: I have a dozen witnesses who can testify to your character analysis of Mr. Fowler.

Evan: What difference does that make?

Peggy: I'm asking the questions here. That's what I get paid to do, and I don't want to cheat the public.

Evan: Well, they're obviously wasting their money right now.

Peggy: Let's get back to what is fast becoming not only a non-fight but a non-incident.

Evan: Look, we had a fight. It was just one of those things.

Peggy: One of what things?

Evan: It was an argument.

Peggy: Mm-hmm?

Evan: It turned into a shoving match. I fell, accidentally. You see, I'm just as responsible for what happened to me as Sam is.

Peggy: Is that a fact?

Evan: Yes.

Peggy: All right, if this was one of those little quarrels that got out of hand, as you put it, why was Mr. Fowler pointing a gun at you?

Evan: Well, he didn't mean to. I'm sure he picked it up out of surprise.

Peggy: Hmm, surprise, surprise.

Evan: At no time did I feel threatened. So you're wasting your time. I'm tired. End of discussion.

Peggy: Mr. Bates, I can see that without your truthful testimony, I don't have a case. But that smells, and I don't plan on forgetting you in a hurry -- any of you. Detective Walker.

Evan: Peggy's got a real attitude problem.

Courtney: Don't push it, Evan.

Evan: Well, I gather that the charges against Sam have been dropped?

Courtney: She said she had no case, didn't she?

Evan: That's what I thought.

Courtney: But I'm not finished.

Evan: But I am.

Courtney: For me to close my file on this case, I have to be absolutely certain of a couple of points.

Evan: What points?

Courtney: What is it with you, Evan? Suddenly there's money missing from Cory, and then just as suddenly it's no longer missing.

Evan: Well, that can be explained.

Courtney: And then suddenly you are thrown down an elevator shaft by a man who is now your good buddy.

Evan: I didn't say he was my good buddy. Now, you are wasting your time.

Courtney: Oh, it's my time, and I will waste it the way I choose.

Evan: Yes, ma'am.

Courtney: If you two would step out in the hall for a couple of minutes?

Amanda: Well, it's finally over.

Sam: What?

Amanda: The nightmare, it's over.

Sam: Over? I don't think so.

Amanda: What do you mean by that?

Sam: Evan got away with it again.

Amanda: Got away with it? He just dropped all the charges against you.

Sam: He wasn't doing a thing to help me. That was the farthest thing from his mind.

Amanda: And what does that mean?

Sam: He was out to cover himself.

Amanda: God, I really don't believe you.

Sam: Amanda, you might think -- you might think your boyfriend's some sort of saint, but what he is and what he's always been is a liar and a scum, and -- and one of these days you're going to realize I was the only one who told you the truth!

Jamie: I hope this isn't too small, but it goes with the boat.

Vicky: It's great. He'll love it. It looks pretty pricey, I must say.

Jamie: Don't ask. Oh, I also got him 10 stuffed animals, but I had those shipped.

Vicky: Aw.

Jamie: And there was this sling I found which you can carry him in. It's supposed to be a lot more comfortable than those front packs.

Vicky: It's hard, isn't it?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Being away from him.

Jamie: There's always that feeling that you should be with your kid.

Vicky: Hmm.

Jamie: It's always there. Wondering if he's missing you and wondering if you're missing him as much.

Vicky: It's all a part of parenthood, isn't it -- the guilt.

Jamie: The worrying.

Vicky: Well, I guess you managed to have a good time in spite of all that.

Jamie: Yes, it was fine.

Vicky: Oh, come on, it was more than that. You look relaxed.

Jamie: I guess I needed to get away.

Vicky: Yeah, I guess Marley did, too, although, she didn't discuss it with me.

Jamie: Oh, right.

Vicky: And I find it amazing that you both ended up going away to the same place.

Jamie: Some coincidence.

Vicky: Yeah, you keep using that word.

Jamie: It fits.

Vicky: Does any other word fit? I mean, was it awkward? Was it tense? Was it nice?

Jamie: It was nice, remember?

[Vicky laughs]

Jamie: Look, Vicky, I really wish that you would just --

Vicky: You wish that I would stop asking questions? Oh, come on, Jamie, you know me better than that. I'm a very nosey person, especially where my ex and my twin are involved. Now, if that doesn't pique my interest, what would? You sure can be one heck of a conversationalist, you know that?

Jamie: Vicky, I came here to see my son, not get the third degree.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I guess I'll have to ask Marley all the dirt. When does she come back?

Jamie: There isn't any dirt, and Marley didn't tell me when she's coming back. Now lay off, ok?

Vicky: Oh, my. Aren't we touchy? I wonder why.

[Telephone rings]

Marley: Hello?

Jake: Marley, it's me.

Marley: Jake.

Jake: It's good to hear your voice.

Marley: I didn't think --

Jake: I know, you didn't -- you didn't expect to hear from me, but things have changed. I need to talk to you.

Marley: Yes, you're right, Jake, things have changed.

Jake: I want you to come home.

Marley: Why?

Jake: I need to see you.

Marley: Well, I'll have to think about it. I'll let you know.

Jake: Sure thing. You'll call, right?

Marley: When I decide.

Jake: I'll be waiting.

Courtney: I am going to be watching you very closely, Evan.

Evan: Good.

Courtney: If I find one little lie, one tiny thing that doesn't jive, I am going to nail you.

Evan: Well, you won't, so don't worry.

Courtney: I know someone's dealing off the bottom of the deck. Make sure it isn't you.

Evan: Courtney, I don't waste my time playing cards.

Courtney: Good line.

Amanda: What was that all about?

Evan: She didn't believe my story.

Amanda: Should she? Was it the truth?

Evan: Amanda, I've been doing a lot of thinking these last couple days, and I'm confused.

Amanda: About what?

Evan: Feelings, stirred up these emotions. I've come up with the fact that I think my emotions have clouded my judgment.

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Evan: I don't know whether I was pushed or I fell. But there's one thing that I do know, is I want all this suffering to be over.

Amanda: So do I.

Evan: I know that. That's why I made the decision to do what I did. You kept saying how much you hated all this and you wanted it to be over. Well, it is over.

Amanda: You did this for me?

Evan: I couldn't keep putting you through all this. I need you. I don't need revenge.

Amanda: Thank you.

[Telephone rings]

Evan: Would you get that? I really don't feel like talking to anybody.

Amanda: Evan Bates' room. Matt? Well, why? All right. All right, I'll be right there.

Evan: What's going on?

Amanda: I don't know, something at the house.

Evan: There something I can do for you?

Amanda: Yes, you can get a lot of rest and get better fast, ok?

Evan: Ok. One thing before you go.

Amanda: What?

Evan: You know how I feel about you?

Amanda: Evan...

Evan: And I'm not going to push you anymore. That's it.

[Door opens]

Evan: Amanda.

Olivia: Not quite. It's Olivia.

[Telephone rings]

Rachel: Hello?

Ken: You asked me to check on you. Consider yourself checked on.

Rachel: I'm glad you called.

Ken: Sounds like something's wrong.

Rachel: I think you'd better get over here right away.

Ken: It's that serious?

Rachel: I just found a codicil to Mac's will. I expect it has something to do with this Paulina situation. I think maybe you'd better get over here.

Ken: I'm on my way.

Matt: Is Amanda here yet?

Rachel: No, she will be. Did you reach Iris?

Matt: Yes, she should be here any minute -- there she is.

Iris: All right, what was so important about Daddy's will that Matthew couldn't tell me on the telephone? Oh, is that it, Cass? I want to see it immediately.

Cass: I need another minute with it, Iris.

Iris: Listen, if Daddy wrote it, I have a right to see it.

Cass: And you will, Iris.

[Doorbell rings]

Matt: I'll get that. Who can it be now?

Rachel: Iris.

Paulina: I came to pick up the rest of my things. Something the matter?

Evan: Olivia, I really appreciate the visit, but I'm sick enough already.

Olivia: I'm on to you, Evan.

Evan: Whatever that's supposed to mean, I'd love to hear your story. I need a good sedative.

Olivia: You're not going to get away with this.

Evan: Get away with what?

Olivia: I know you slept with Amanda.

Evan: Do you know that for a fact?

Olivia: I kept quiet because I didn't have any proof and I didn't want to hurt Sam. But if you let the district attorney prosecute, I'll tell every sordid thing there is to tell about you and Amanda. No jury in the world's going to convict Sam. They'll probably offer him a medal for trying to kill you.

Evan: You're a bloodthirsty little girl. But if you ever dream of threatening me, you'd better wake up and apologize. So all these little idle threats are for nothing. You see, I've had all the charges against Sam dropped.

Olivia: Oh, sure you have.

Olivia: Of course. You would've had to.

Evan: So being the big defender of Sam Fowler, I think you should run home to your hero, because I have a feeling he's going to be more receptive to you than he has in the past.

Olivia: You're about as slimy as they come, did you know that?

Evan: Thanks for the visit, Olivia. You made me feel a lot better.

Olivia: I hope not. I'd hate to see you recover too quickly. Then I'd have to look at your face around town.

Evan: You know, you're getting on my nerves, twinkle toes, so why don't you tighten up your little tutu and sashay out of here.

Olivia: My pleasure.

Evan: And I've made it easier for you to snare old Sammy. I would be a little more grateful.

Amanda's voice: I can't believe how lucky I am to have you. You mean more to me than anything in this world.

Sam's voice: Amanda Cory, will you marry me?

Sam's voice: I'll love you forever, Amanda.

Amanda's voice: I love you, Sam.

Amanda: What's going on?

Rachel: I found a codicil to your father's will. Cass is going over it.

Iris: I have had it up to here with that creature popping up everywhere uninvited.

Cass: So?

Iris: So you're supposed to be a hotshot lawyer. Do something.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: That was quick.

Ken: I wasn't far off.

Rachel: Everyone's in the living room.

Ken: What is she doing here?

Rachel: She came to pick up more things. She might as well be here.

Iris: I think anyone who isn't family should leave.

Paulina: I am family, Iris.

Rachel: You all know why you're here. I just found a codicil to Mac's will. I'm going to ask Cass to keep it with him safely.

Iris: What on earth for? We came here to hear it read. Go on, Cass.

Rachel: I was going to have Cass read it, but I've changed my mind. He will keep it safely until I tell him otherwise.

Iris: Oh, this is absurd.

Amanda: Why don't you want it read, Mom?

Iris: I mean, this is why we're here, isn't it?

Rachel: Not everyone is here, Iris. Mom isn't here, Jamie isn't here.

Iris: Oh, Jamie's not related to Daddy.

Rachel: He is my family, Iris. I need some time to check things out first. And until that's done, Cass will keep the will safely.

Paulina: I was mentioned in that document, wasn't I, Rachel?

Rachel: I'm not going to discuss it, Paulina.

Iris: Oh, how serendipitous. I should've known. I should've known about this --

Matt: Known what, Iris?

Iris: Well, when this -- barged in on my apartment with that ludicrous story. All of a sudden, now there's a codicil in Daddy's will.

Amanda: Was Paulina mentioned in the will, Mom?

Rachel: I'm not going to discuss it, honey.

Iris: Something is wrong here.

Rachel: Yes, the timing is wrong. I just found it, Iris. I should've found it sooner.

Iris: Don't you see that that's why we have to have it read now?

Rachel: I know that that's your point of view, but it's my call and you're going to have to live with it.

Iris: So you're locking it away?

Rachel: Yes, until I investigate further, that's exactly what I'm doing.

[Telephone rings]

Jake: Hello?

Marley: Jake, it's -- it's me. I told you I'd call you back.

Jake: I didn't expect it to be today.

Marley: Is this a bad time?

Jake: No, no, not for me. What are you doing? Why aren't you sleeping? It must be 2:00 in the morning there.

Marley: I -- I was out on the beach, walking and thinking.

Jake: Yeah, I've been doing a lot of that myself.

Marley: You've been thinking? I can't imagine that.

Jake: Well, you're not the only one that's changed.

Marley: So you've noticed?

Jake: Who wouldn't? Not that you weren't terrific before, but now it seems like you're stronger, that you know what you want, you know?

Marley: I'm -- I'm working on it.

Jake: Everybody here misses you -- Donna, Michael, Mikey. I was wondering maybe you missed --

Marley: Go on.

Jake: Maybe you just missed being home.

Marley: You're right.

Jake: It's -- it's crazy for you to be over there, I mean, when you could be over here.

Marley: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Jake: I'm right?

Marley: Yes, you're right.

Jake: Then... are you coming home?

Jamie: I missed you so much.

Vicky: Well, we missed you. Little boy just needs his Daddy, doesn't he? Yes, he does.

Jamie: He'll never have to worry about that.

Vicky: Oh, it was so nice that you stayed for dinner. Gave us a sense of family, huh?

Jamie: But unfortunately, I do have to go.

Vicky: Already?

Jamie: I haven't seen the family yet and I still want to give Alli her present before she goes to sleep.

Vicky: Oh, you can't leave yet.

Jamie: Everyone's going to be wondering about me.

Vicky: We have to talk.

Jamie: We will.

Vicky: Now.

Jamie: What's the emergency?

Vicky: Um, well, I've got to tell you about --

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Oh, it can wait. No, it can't wait. I'm --

Jamie: Vicky, what?

Vicky: Paulina.

Jamie: What about her?

Vicky: A lot. Actually, well, let me just -- let me take Steven and put him in bed and we'll be right back, ok? Well, I'll be right back. I'm going to put him in bed.

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Are you ready to go? Ok, you're going to have a big day tomorrow, aren't you?

Vicky: Nice picture of Marley.

Jamie: Of you, too.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, gorgeous.

Jamie: Tell me about Paulina.

Vicky: Talk about changing a subject.

Jamie: I don't have much time.

Vicky: All right, fine, I'll make it quick. Um -- Paulina is living with me now.

Jamie: What? Why?

Vicky: Because your mother kicked her out on her you-know-what.

Jamie: My mother kicked her out?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. Jamie, she's not working for your family anymore. In fact, she's on their "who can we treat like dirt and make feel totally inferior and worthless" list.

Jamie: What did you do to get her on that list?

Vicky: Oh, of course -- this is all my fault. Like the hole in the ozone layer or the warming trend and inflation. There just isn't one damn thing that I am not responsible for in your book.

Jamie: Why would my mother throw Paulina out?

Vicky: Because she is claiming to be Mac's daughter.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Well, I think there is a resemblance, maybe around the eyes.

Jamie: This is crazy.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I had a feeling you wouldn't react very well.

Jamie: My Mom must be going mad.

Vicky: Perked everyone's attention.

Jamie: Just what she needs, just what we all need. Why didn't you just tell me when I came in here?

Vicky: Well, because you wanted to spend time with Steven, and I -- what do you mean why I didn't tell you? Why didn't your own mother call you long-distance and tell you herself? Why am I suddenly responsible for letting you in on everything? God, you don't tell me a damn thing. Would you stop looking at me like that?

Jamie: There's more, isn't there?

Vicky: Go home to your family and find out.

Jamie: I will, after I say good night to Steven.

Iris: Procedures? What procedures?

Cass: There are certain steps that have to be taken to verify a codicil, pursuant to the laws of the state.

Iris: Then take them and let's get this damn thing over with.

Cass: Rachel has to give me the go-ahead.

Rachel: And I will when I'm ready.

Iris: Rachel, it is ridiculous to drag this thing out. If this Maria person's child is mentioned in the codicil, then the sooner we find her the better.

Paulina: I'm Maria's daughter.

Iris: Listen, a questionable letter and a dog-eared, tatty photograph do not, do not make a convincing proof make.

Cass: Actually, Iris has a very good point there, Paulina. You're going to have to pass several more tests before you can be considered a true heir.

Paulina: I can pass any test you come up with.

Ken: I think you should leave, now.

Paulina: I have a right to be here.

Iris: You have no rights as a Cory whatsoever.

Paulina: All right. I'll go. But I'll be in touch.

Cass: I'm sure you will.

Iris: I want that girl buried.

Cass: Oh, relax, Iris.

Iris: I can tell you she'll be sorry she ever tangled with this family.

Rachel: Cass will take care of her, Iris.

Iris: I can't believe that you want to sit on this.

Rachel: You've made that quite clear, Iris. But Mac was my husband. It's my right.

Iris: Is it, Cass?

Cass: The codicil was addressed to Rachel. Yes. Listen, I've got to get going.

Rachel: All right.

Iris: Cass, I've given my limo driver the afternoon off. Would you mind being a darling and giving me a lift?

Cass: Oh. I'm going in the other direction, Iris.

Iris: Come on, Cass. It'll only take you five minutes out of your way. You could try being a gentleman for a change. The practice will do you good.

Cass: We'll talk later, Rachel.

Rachel: All right, Cass.

Iris: Bye, everyone.

Ken: I should get going, too.

Rachel: Would you mind staying a few minutes?

Ken: Sure.

Rachel: Thanks. I know it was a shock to you.

Amanda: Actually, I think I'm getting used to shocks.

Matt: Mom, there are a couple things I still don't understand about it.

Rachel: I don't -- I don't think I want to talk about it any longer.

Matt: Ok.

Rachel: Tell me, how did it go this afternoon?

Amanda: Evan decided not to press charges.

Matt: Are you serious?

Amanda: Yes, he told the D.A. That -- that nothing happened.

Rachel: Oh, honey, that's good news.

Amanda: Yes, I know, it's a relief.

Rachel: It really is.

Matt: So what's going to happen...I mean, with you and Sam?

Olivia: I just heard. It's fantastic.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Olivia: "Yeah, yeah, it is"? That's all you're going to say? Come on, Sam, you must be happy?

Sam: Well, yeah, I mean, I'm glad the charges have been dropped, sure.

Olivia: Oh. What's all this?

Sam: Oh, those are suitcases.

Olivia: No, you can't leave town now.

Sam: Yes, I can.

Olivia: But why would you? You haven't done anything wrong.

Sam: Well, the Corys aren't running me out of town, if that's what you're thinking.

Olivia: No, I guess nobody can make you do anything you don't want to.

Sam: I'll be back.

Olivia: When?

Sam: When -- when I get some things clearer in my head.

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: Look, I've got some packing left to do. I really should get to it.

Olivia: Ok.

Sam: Wait. Wait. I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your being there for me.

Olivia: If I helped you, I'm happy.

Sam: You did. I don't know how I would've gotten through all this without you. You were the only one.

Olivia: When you do come back, will you call me?

Sam: You'll be the first one.

Vicky: Oh, Jake.

Jake: Good, you're here.

Vicky: Jake, I am really very busy.

Jake: Oh, is that right?

Jamie: Hi, Jake.

Jake: Jamie, I didn't know you were back.

Jamie: I just got back.

Jake: Hmm.

Jamie: This was my first stop.

Jake: Well, I spoke to Marley.

Vicky: Oh, no kidding? She's probably happy as a clam, having such a fabulous time, she doesn't want to come home and see any of us, right?

Jake: No.

Vicky: I've been wrong before.

Jake: Her flight arrives tomorrow at noon. Marley's coming back home.

Amanda: What are you doing in here?

Paulina: Oh, I was just --

Amanda: Put that down.

Paulina: Why are you yelling at me?

Amanda: What do you think you're doing in here?

Paulina: Rachel mentioned that some of Mac Cory's things were out here, and I just got curious, that's all.

Amanda: I said put this down. Take it off!

Paulina: Hey. All I was doing was looking at my father's things.

Amanda: He is not your father, and don't you dare call him that.

Paulina: You know, Amanda, of all of the people in this family, I really expected you to understand. I mean, we were friends. We used to talk. You were --

Amanda: Oh, I remember our conversations very clearly. You asked a lot of questions. You just pumped me for information.

Paulina: We talked about a lot of things.

Amanda: You used me, Paulina.

Paulina: I'll admit I did want to know about my -- Mr. Cory. But I felt close to you, Amanda. I mean, it really felt like we could become sisters, you know?

Amanda: We are not sisters.

Paulina: Well, I am Mac Cory's daughter, and you're just going to have to get used to that.

Amanda: Well, if you thought that we were such good friends, then why wouldn't you tell me what you say is the truth?

Paulina: Have you always told the truth?

Amanda: I don't believe you. Never. Now get out.

Amanda: Please leave.

Rachel: I'm sorry about that. I had to take that call.

Ken: Well, it's all right. I'm in no particular rush.

Rachel: I just -- I just wanted to thank you.

Ken: Please, I haven't done anything.

Rachel: Oh, yes, you have. You've been terribly supportive to me and my family. You know that, don't you?

Ken: Yeah, well, no great effort.

Rachel: You can't accept a compliment?

Ken: Thank you.

Ken: So what are your plans now?

Rachel: What makes you think I have any plans?

Ken: Well, I know you well enough to know you're not going to sit back and wait.

Rachel: I'm just going to go away for a few days and think.

Ken: Have you decided on a destination? Maybe I could drive you.

Rachel: Oh, that's very generous of you, but --

Ken: I'd be happy to.

Rachel: It's not necessary. I would like to be alone.

Ken: Well, I'll miss you.

Rachel: I'll miss you.

Ken: I do think it's wise of you to lock that codicil away for a few days. Obviously, you do have a plan.

Rachel: Hmm.

Ken: I really should head out.

Rachel: All right. Thank you again.

Rachel: Cass? Yeah, it's Rachel. Yes, I -- I will be leaving town for a few days. Going to Central America, yeah, that's right. I'll let you know as soon as I know where I'm staying. I'll call you regularly. Yeah, I want you to keep me informed. Yes, I'll make sure and tell you. Thanks. Yes, please, keep it very quiet. Bye-bye. I like it.

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