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Another World Transcript Monday 5/15/06

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Woman: New way.

Matt: Josie. Josie, open up. It's me.

Josie: Matthew?

Matt: Yeah, are you ok?

Josie: Uh, I'm--I'm fine. I, uh, I'm just being careful.

Matt: Good, it's about time.

Josie: Uh, I was just getting dressed. I'll be right there.

Matt: Don't worry, I'll just use my key. You know, you really should deadbolt that--the top lock here.

Josie: Yeah, I know. Is something wrong?

Matt: Oh, Sam and Amanda.

Josie: I'll be two seconds.

Matt: All right. Scrapbook. What? Why would you save this? This is weird.

Josie: So, what's going on with Amanda?

Matt: What the hell is this?

Michael: Donna, now, come on. You cannot go hitting the ceiling every time Cass wants to have a meeting.

Donna: But a family counsel. It sounds so ominous.

Michael: It's not ominous. It's practical.

Vicky: I hope you guys are hungry. Bridget bought out the bakery...

Donna: I just want fruit, darling, thank you.

Vicky: And there's tons of fruit and stuff out there already.

Michael: I think it's really sweet that Victoria let us use her place for this.

Donna: Well, I certainly don't want Mikey to hear anything else. Yesterday, he asked me what custody meant.

Michael: No. That kid is too bright for words. It's frightening.

Donna: We can't lose him, Michael. We need him as much as he needs us.

Michael: Well, I tell you what. Why don't you look at the bright side? It took that small child to bring us back together.

Jamie: Marley?

Marley: Hmm.

Jamie: Marley?

Marley: Good morning.

Jamie: Try afternoon.

Marley: Oh, what--what time is it?

Jamie: Well, let's just say that we already missed breakfast.

Marley: Oh, my. Oh, I--I made you stay here all day. Oh, no.

Jamie: Easy for you to say. I have to go check on the car.

Marley: If it's fixed, does that mean we'll continue our search for the elusive Dr. Hiver?

Jamie: I'd like--

Marley: I bet you make me go to his house again and find his housekeeper and badger her until she tells us his complete itinerary.

Jamie: I have to go back, Marley, to the States.

Marley: [Sighs] Oh. Today? What--what about Hiver?

Jamie: We can't chase all over Europe for him.

Marley: No, I suppose not. But in a--in a way, I hope they can't fix the car. Then matters would be completely out of our hands, wouldn't they?

Josie: It's my scrapbook. Lots of models and actresses keep them.

Matt: Not like that one, Josie.

Josie: It's just things that have happened to me since I became the Fresh Faces girl.

Matt: Half the things in there are from that psycho who's following you around. You--you want to remember that?

Josie: Matthew, it's just publicity. I mean, I should know what people are writing about me.

Matt: Why?

Josie: It's part of my job.

Matt: I don't understand this. The guy scared you to death, now you want to read about it.

Josie: Matthew, it's been awful, but it's got me in the headlines. People know who I am now.

Matt: Great, now you're acting like the guy did you a favor.

Josie: No, I'm not.

[Sighs] I wish you'd stop worrying.

Matt: Everything's calmed down, right? I mean, you haven't got another letter from this guy or picture since the doll, right?

Josie: You said you came over here to tell me something about Amanda.

Matt: Yeah--oh, the other day after I left here, Sam and Evan had a fight over Amanda. Evan's in the hospital.

Josie: That's why I haven't seen you.

Matt: Didn't your Mom tell you?

Josie: No. Is Evan all right?

Matt: He was in a coma. He came out of it last night.

Josie: What happened?

Matt: He fell down an elevator shaft, or at least Sam says he fell.

Josie: Oh, no.

Matt: Sam's in jail being held for questioning unless someone bails him out. No one from our family is gonna do it.

Josie: I can't believe it.

Matt: [Sighs]

Josie: What--how's Amanda?

Matt: Well, I mean, she's a wreck. What can you expect? My Mom's not much good off, either. I mean, Mac died a year ago today.

Josie: Has it been a year already?

Matt: Seems like 10 years...all the changes that have gone on without him.

Josie: Yeah. I know how much all of you must miss him.

Matt: Yeah. Listen, my Mom's gonna have a little, you know, family dinner tonight. Can you make it?

Josie: Of course I can. I wish there was something I could do.

Matt: Well, if--

Josie: But I've got a meeting and a shoot and I've really got to start getting ready.

Matt: Oh, I don't want to get in your way.

Josie: I'm sorry, Matt.

Matt: Work is work. Hey, I understand. Listen, you don't have another one of those scrapbooks around, do you?

Josie: What do you mean?

Matt: I mean, like one of us. I didn't think so.

Josie: Matthew.

Matt: I'll see you tonight, Josie.

Josie: [Sighs] Yes, this is Account 404. I have a pickup and a delivery for you ASAP. The package is ready. And remember, forget this job as soon as you finish it. Good, that's what I'm paying you for.

Lucas: I like this one. I think she's the best so far. What do you think?

Iris: Oh, I don't know. Just hasn't got Mitch's style.

Lucas: Come on, Iris, you said that about every one of these photographers.

Iris: That's because it's the truth.

Lucas: She has style. Her colors are exceptional. Why don't we give her a freelance assignment and see if she can cut it.

Iris: Ok, ok, whatever. Whatever, I don't care.

Lucas: Oh, well, that doesn't sound like you. Are you still mad at Mitch?

Iris: No, it's not Mitch...it's Daddy. He died a year ago today, and I just--I can't stop thinking about him.

Lucas: Thinking about your father usually doesn't make you angry.

Iris: Well, it's not him, it's the family. I haven't heard from one of them. I'm sure Rachel wouldn't let today go by without planning something.

Lucas: Iris, maybe she'll have to. Things are pretty chaotic over there, what with Amanda being on the scandal sheets.

Iris: Oh, yeah, well, I warned them about that.

Lucas: It can't be easy for any of them.

Iris: Well, it's disastrous for Cory.

Lucas: Cory will survive.

Iris: It better. Look, Lucas, I covered for her. If it hadn't been for me, she could have gone to jail, and this is the thanks I get.

Lucas: I'm sure they appreciate it. They're probably just swamped.

Iris: Oh, no, I know Rachel. I know Rachel. She's planning something, but she's just leaving me out of it.

Lucas: Iris, why let her call the shots? If you want to do something for your father, do it. Let them try and turn you down.

Iris: You're right. Oh, you're absolutely right, my G.

Lucas: I know, I...

Iris: Besides, I had him longer than any of them. Why shouldn't I plan a dinner in his memory?

Lucas: Absolutely.

Iris: I'll--I'll invite them all to a late lunch.

Lucas: I think your father would probably like that.

Iris: Oh, he'd love it. But he wouldn't like what's happening now with Sam and Amanda's marriage on the rocks.

Lucas: Well, maybe now you can stop feeling like the bad seed. Amanda's not perfect little Amanda anymore, is she?

Iris: No she's not, is she?

Lucas: No.

Iris: You know, that doesn't make me happy? There was a time when I dreamt of ruining her fairytale marriage.

Lucas: And now?

Iris: Doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Because he's gone and Amanda and the others are the only ones who can help me--help me remember him. Lucas, they're my family and I don't--I don't want them to shut me out.

[Phone rings]

Liz: I wondered if you had the paper.

Olivia: Have you seen it?

Liz: I have and so has all of Bay City, I'm sure. Poor Amanda.

Olivia: Poor Amanda?

Liz: She and Sam never should have gotten together. I said that from the very beginning. He has absolutely no breeding.

Olivia: Aunt Liz, please.

Liz: Olivia, that's why I don't want you getting any ideas about him.

Olivia: Sam is my friend. You know that.

Liz: Is that why you bailed him out?

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Liz: Oh, don't play innocent with me. It says in the newspaper that Sam Fowler was released on $30,000 bail.

Olivia: I read that.

Liz: Yes, you did a lot more than that. You know, I know all about bail bonds. You only have to put up 1/10th of the bail to release the criminal.

Olivia: Sam is not a criminal.

Liz: Is that why you gave him $3,000? The exact amount of money you borrowed from me yesterday.

Olivia: I told you that was for my master class in Chicago.

Liz: I called that ballet company this morning. They don't have a master class. Olivia, I can't believe that you would lie to me. This proves my point. This man has been a terrible influence on you.

Olivia: Sam is innocent. This is all Evan's fault.

Liz: No, I think if he was innocent, the Corys would have put up his bail.

Olivia: The Corys are wrong about Sam and so are you. He was set up.

Liz: He's using you. I don't want your name dragged into this. Your father would--

[Doorbell rings]

Liz: Sam Fowler.

Sam: Hello, Liz.

Liz: How dare you show your face in this house. Using an innocent girl like Olivia, taking her money and--

Olivia: Aunt Liz, please.

Liz: I mean it.

Olivia: Hi, would you excuse us for one minute?

Olivia: Stop this.

Liz: Olivia, he is a married man in trouble with the law. I mean, it doesn't get any worse than that.

Olivia: Would you stop being so dramatic? Look, if you can't trust me, I'm going to have to move back in with Josie.

Liz: No, that would be the worst thing you could do.

Olivia: I will do it unless you let me talk to Sam right now.

Liz: [Sighs] Very well. I have to go to a fundraising meeting for the Bay City Arts Council. I expect Olivia to be alone when I get back.

Olivia: [Sighs] I'm sorry, Sam. She believes everything she reads in the papers.

Sam: It's ok.

Olivia: How are you? Do you want some breakfast?

Sam: No, thanks. I can't stay.

Olivia: Oh, well, I read in the paper today that Evan's been--

Sam: Look, I don't want to talk about that. I just want to give you this.

Olivia: Oh, look, Sam, you don't have to do this now.

Sam: Yes, I do. Look, I really think that this will calm Liz down, and I didn't want you going out on a limb for me anyway.

Olivia: I wanted to help.

Sam: Yeah, I know and I appreciate that, but I agree with Liz. I think you should stay out of it.

Olivia: Do you really think I'd turn my back on you?

Sam: That's not what you would be doing, Olivia.

Olivia: I want you to know that there's one person in your life who believes in you no matter what.

Jamie: Voila.

Marley: Oh, how wonderful. How's the car?

Jamie: In good hands. Robert, the mechanic, speaks fluent English.

Marley: Oh, good.

Jamie: Yeah, it is. My flight's this afternoon.

Marley: Mm... you must be anxious to get back.

Jamie: I miss Steven.

Marley: I'll bet.

Jamie: I had a wonderful time, Marley.

Marley: Jamie, I've been thinking a lot about the last few days.

Jamie: Me, too. I'll miss you.

Stacey: No, it's not a pro bono case. George, I already told you it's charity . It's a good cause. As a favor to me, could you? Right, right, never mind. No, that's all right. I understand, but is there somebody else that you could recommend? Ok, well, if you think of anybody, let me know, all right? You know where to reach me. Talk to you later. Yeah, come on in.

Eve: Hi Miss [Winthrop--]

Stacey: Hi.

Eve: ...I hope this isn't a bad time.

Stacey: No, no, not at all. Come on in, sit down.

Eve: Thanks.

Stacey: You look tired.

Eve: Ah, I got up early to apply for a job.

Stacey: Oh, where?

Eve: Wait [s I g at a t] stop. They hired somebody else. So, have you had any luck finding anybody to represent us?

Stacey: Uh, no, not really. How about you?

Eve: ---.Guess nobody wants to go up against the Hudsons. ---- . We didn't really like him, but he said he could wait for the money.

Stacey: Well, what's his name?

Eve: Louis Hogan.

Stacey: Louis Hogan?

Eve: You know him?

Stacey: No, but I know of him.

Eve: Is he any good?

Stacey: He's terrible. He was almost disbarred twice. He's no match for Cass. You'll lose if you hire him.

Eve: Well, I don't know what else we can do. So far, Mr. Hogan is the only attorney who's been willing to take our case.

Stacey: Um, I tell you what. Why don't you go home for a couple of hours and get some rest? Maybe I can come up with something.

Cass: These are the questions their attorney will probably ask you.

Vicky: If their attorney resigned, aren't their questions going to be different?

Cass: No if the Millers find someone good to represent them.

Donna: Then it's official? They can't get him back?

Cass: Oh, it's official. Boynton formally withdrew his counsel for the Millers. I received a notification in writing.

Michael: And did he give a reason?

Cass: Not to me, but he cleared it with the court and that's all he has to do.

Vicky: Whoa. So they're responsible for finding another lawyer?

Cass: Yes, and it won't be easy.

Donna: That's fabulous. I don't know how they thought they could afford Boynton in the first place. Their case must be in shambles.

Michael: Is this gonna cause another delay, Cass?

Cass: It might postpone the hearing for a few weeks, but we have to remember this judge is getting pretty fed up.

Michael: Good. Well, then, we better get down to the questions, don't you think?

Cass: Yes, and your answers are going to be crucial. In fact, a little coaching wouldn't hurt. Now, the most important thing is that you present yourselves as a close-knit, loving family--the kind that sticks together no matter what.

Donna: We do.

Vicky: Will Marley have to testify as well?

Cass: Yes, she will. What the two of you have to say about your parents' marriage will carry a lot of weight. Especially since the Millers are going to play up the fact that Michael and Donna were considering a divorce.

Michael: I mean, considered. It didn't happen.

Cass: Right. And we're going to have to prove that you are completely reconciled, and that your marriage is stronger than ever.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Excuse me. Yeah, hello? Hold on a sec. It's your sister.

Cass: Thank you. Hi.

Stacey: Cass, could you please come back to the office?

Cass: Gee, Stace, I'm right in the middle of it here.

Stacey: Yeah, it's real important. It might affect what you're doing there.

Cass: All right, I'll be there as soon as I can. ---- I'm sorry, folks. I'm gonna have to leave for a while.

Michael: Is there a problem?

Cass: I'm not sure.

Donna: Are you coming back?

Cass: Yes, I'll phone you from the office when I know when. In the meantime, why don't you go over this list and see if you have any questions.

Michael: Sure, will do. Look, I hope that there's nothing serious going on.

Cass: Yeah, me, too.

Donna: Well, tide seems to be turning.

Vicky: Oh, I think it's a blessing that that Boynton guy decided to pull out of this whole thing.

Donna: Maybe he did it because he found out that the Millers left Mikey alone.

Michael: Donna, I wouldn't be getting too optimistic prematurely, all right?

Donna: Why not? They can't get Mikey now. Marley's gonna come back from Europe, and we're all going to fight this thing together.

Jamie: I never really had the chance to get to know you before.

Marley: No, we haven't. It's been fun.

Jamie: It's been more than that.

Marley: Jamie, it can't be.

Jamie: Why?

Marley: Vicky. She may have renounced all claims to you legally, but emotionally it's very different.

Jamie: That's no reason why I can't move on.

Marley: Not with me...not with her sister. Jamie, I won't do that to her.

Jamie: I'm beginning to think I got close with the wrong sister.

Marley: Thoughts like that aren't going to help anyone.

Jamie: Ok...if this is what you want.

Marley: It is.

Marley: Are you ready to go back to the hotel and pack?

Jamie: Uh-huh. Or we could change our clothes and take one last sightseeing trip before I go.

Marley: Let's do that.

Jamie: Great.

Marley: Ok.

[Laughs] Whoa!

Jamie: [Laughs]

Cass: Stacey? Hey, Stace, I'm here. What's going on?

Stacey: Hey, Cass. Thanks for coming back to the office.

Cass: Stacey, have you been crying?

Stacey: Just read this. It'll explain everything.

Cass: It's from you.

Stacey: Mm-hmm. If you could please read it?

Cass: You're resigning?

Stacey: Keep reading.

Cass: "Because of my conscience and personal beliefs, I can no longer serve the interests of this firm. In addition, I have elected to serve as counsel for Eve Mil-- Miller." Are you serious?

Stacey: Why, does it look like I'm kidding?

Cass: You can't do this. It's a direct conflict of interest.

Stacey: No, it's not. Not if I'm not working here.

Cass: That's what this is all about? Eve Miller? Stacey, this is crazy. You're sabotaging your career and this law firm.

Cass: Well, I don't see it that way, Cass.

Cass: Well, I do, so I refuse to accept your resignation.

Stacey: All right, that's your choice, but I'm still leaving.

Cass: It's that important to you?

Stacey: Yes, it is, Cass. How can I let a child be taken from his parents because they can't afford to fight a decent court battle?

Cass: If they lose Mikey, it won't be just because of their lawyer, believe me. You know, they weren't exactly perfect parents.

Stacey: Yeah, well, neither were Donna and Michael.

Cass: Mikey hasn't come to any harm under their care, which is more than you can say for the Millers.

Stacey: All right, we can discuss it in the court. I've made up my mind, Cass.

Cass: Stace... this is an emotional response, Stacey. You realize that, don't you?

Stacey: No, it's not. I'm doing it, Cass, because I know what it's like to lose my daughter and what is final and what isn't, and this isn't and I'm not gonna give up on it.

Cass: Great, so you're just walking out on me.

Stacey: I don't see it that way.

Cass: Yeah, well, how else am I supposed to see it? Zack just left. You're not only leaving me in the lurch, we're gonna be on opposite sides of this case.

Stacey: Cass, we don't agree on everything. We never did.

Cass: But Stace, that's no grounds for--

Stacey: I know, Cass! But if I don't do this, then I feel like I'm afraid I'm gonna lose the part of me that wanted to be a lawyer in the first place!

Cass: Oh...

Cass: ...I see. All right.

Stacey: Thank you.

Cass: Come here.

Stacey: [Sighs] Do you still love me?

Cass: Oh, sometimes you make it real difficult...but yes, I do.

Stacey: Cass, everything is gonna be just fine.

Cass: Yeah, well, we're gonna see about that. We'll find out, won't we? And since I'm being such a nice person about all of this, there is something you can do for me.

Stacey: You name it.

Cass: Explain this to the Hudsons.

Stacey: I don't think they're ever gonna understand what I'm doing.

Cass: Yeah, well, to be perfectly honest, I don't think I will ever really understand it either.

Matt: Oh, great, you're here.

Sam: Hi, Matt.

Matt: What are you doing here?

Olivia: Oh, Sam just stopped by.

Matt: Wait a minute. Who bailed you out? You bailed him out, didn't you?

Olivia: He doesn't belong in jail.

Matt: I don't know. He can't hurt anyone when he's in jail.

Sam: How's Amanda? How's Alli?

Matt: They're fine, now that you're away from them.

Sam: Look, Matt, I wasn't trying to hurt her.

Matt: I suppose you weren't trying to hurt Evan, either.

Sam: I don't think you know the whole story.

Matt: I know Evan's lying in the hospital half dead.

Sam: You actually think that I would hurt Amanda? Do you think that I would do anything to cause suffering for Amanda or Alli?

Matt: Hey, hey, hey. I don't know. People snap.

Olivia: Sam, why don't you go get us something to drink?

Sam: Good idea.

Olivia: You know where the kitchen is, right?

Sam: I do. I guess I haven't snapped completely.

Matt: I'm sorry. I wouldn't have come over if I had thought he was gonna be here.

Olivia: Why did you come over?

Matt: It can wait. Believe me, it can wait.

Olivia: Matthew, I'm your friend, too. Now, what's the matter?

Matt: It's Josie. Something very strange is going on.

Iris: You can have everything ready by 1:00? Well, that's wonderful. Oh, thank you so much. Bye. [Sighs] That's a perfect menu. You're an absolute genius, darling.

Lucas: Feeling better?

Iris: I'm much better, thank you. The caterer is delightful. Hey, you must be a very good customer there or a very big tipper.

Lucas: It's part of my charm. Now, can we get back to work?

[Doorbell rings]

Iris: Certainly, sir.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Josie.

Josie: Good morning, Lucas.

Lucas: You know, I'm right in the middle of something with Iris.

Josie: Well, we had a meeting, remember?

Lucas: Oh, it slipped my mind.

Josie: Hello, Iris.

Iris: Hello, Josie. What a surprise.

Lucas: Uh, can we reschedule?

Josie: Well, it's just it's about my screen test. I could wait around a few minutes if you want to finish up with Iris.

Iris: I'm sorry, but I think this takes precedence, dear.

[Phone rings]

Josie: Well, I guess Lucas will decide that, won't he?

Lucas: Hello. No, no, fine. Uh, this might take a minute. It's my--my London rep.

Iris: I guess he will.

Lucas: No, put him through. Hello, Monty.

Josie: So, I guess I'll be seeing you tonight at the Corys.

Iris: No, why?

Josie: Well, Matthew gave me the impression that the whole family was gonna be there to remember Mr. Cory. I just assumed that...

Iris: Well, I guess you shouldn't assume.

Lucas: No, no I think that's a terrific approach. You go with that and give me a call right after the presentation. Terrific, bye-bye. Now, where were we?

Iris: We were trying to choose a new photographer, darling.

Josie: Well, couldn't you just give me a few minutes, Lucas?

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Now what?

Lucas: It's addressed to you.

Josie: To me?

Lucas: Yes.

Josie: Well, why would I get something here?

Josie: No...

Iris: What does it say?

Lucas: [Sighs] "Give up."

Josie: Oh, Lucas.

Lucas: We're not going to give up, and we'll find this guy.

Olivia: Well, maybe she needs to talk to someone like a therapist. Well, come on. It's got to be traumatic having some nut chase you.

Matt: Ok, maybe I can take her scrapbook to a therapist, get an expert opinion before I drag her down there.

Olivia: Why are you playing this so safe?

Matt: Because I don't want her to think I'm overreacting.

Olivia: Well, that's probably better than sitting by and watching it all get worse.

Matt: Like what I did with Amanda. Wonderful.

Olivia: Have the cops seen any real evidence against Sam?

Matt: Real ev--the gun. They found his gun.

Olivia: He says it's not his.

Matt: And you believe him, no questions asked, right?

Olivia: He's telling the truth, Matthew. I wish you could believe that.

Matt: Listen, I wish I could, too. I have to go. Thanks for talking with me. My family has enough problems.

Olivia: Anytime.

Olivia: Matthew left.

Sam: I know. I waited for him to leave. What was on his mind?

Olivia: He wanted to talk about Josie. He thinks this stalker could be pushing her off the deep end.

Sam: He really loves her, doesn't he?

Olivia: Sure seems that way.

Sam: I remember that feeling. There's nothing like it, no matter how bad it gets.

Olivia: Right. Josie doesn't even know how lucky she is.

Iris: Why don't you give this to me, and maybe you'd like to go to the bathroom and freshen up your makeup?

Josie: Well, all right, as long as Lucas is handling everything.

Lucas: I'm gonna have my limo take her home.

Iris: Oh, she'll love that.

Lucas: I'm not sure she can love anything right now.

Iris: I wouldn't be too sure about that, darling.

Lucas: Hello, um, I want you to come up and take Ms. Watts home. Good, thank you. Now why are you being so hard on her?

Iris: Because I think Josie's getting too much mileage out of this.

Lucas: Are you serious?

Iris: Yes, I am. Well, look at it. I mean, the notes arrive. She gets upset. You comfort her, and then nothing.

Lucas: What are you getting at?

Iris: I think she's doing this to manipulate us.

Lucas: Josie wouldn't do that.

Iris: I wouldn't be too sure about that, darling. She's not the innocent, young thing you think she is.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Josie. I--I'm gonna have my driver take you home.

Josie: Well, maybe I could go to my next appointment first.

Lucas: Um, are you sure you're up for that?

Josie: I'm not gonna let this guy win. He's not gonna do this. He's not gonna do this to me.

Lucas: Ok, ok.

Josie: I'll just--I'll take this with me.

Lucas: Ok, then, and we'll get in touch with the police.

Josie: I'll call you right after my audition.

Lucas: Ok. Um, take her anywhere she needs to go.

Josie: Thank you.

Iris: Fairly quick recovery, don't you think?

Cass: Hi.

Vicky: I hope she won't be advising us.

Cass: No, but Stacey does want to talk to all of you.

Stacey: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Stacey: Uh, this is rather difficult.

Michael: Please, would you like to sit down?

Stacey: No, thanks, I'd rather not. I'd rather just say this and get it over with. I'm resigning from Winthrop and Winthrop.

Vicky: So what?

Stacey: I'm doing it because I'm representing Eve Miller.

Michael and Donna: What?

Vicky: You just don't stop, do you?

Donna: You've been fighting us since this whole thing started.

Michael: Can you do--is this-- can she do this? Is this legal, Cass?

Cass: It is legal. I tried to talk her out of it.

Donna: Do you hate us that much?

Stacey: I don't hate you at all. I'm doing it because I think it's the right thing to do. And I trust that eventually you will understand that.

Vicky: Oh, I think we already do understand. You've already taken one Hudson baby away, and now you're trying to take another one.

Stacey: I'm not trying to steal Mikey.

Vicky: Huh? What--what would you call it?

Stacey: Well, I'd call it following my conscience.

Donna: The same conscience that ordered a photographer to take incriminating pictures of Victoria?

Vicky: You tried to make me out to be a slut to get my baby away from me. Where was your famous conscience then?

Stacey: I'm not getting personal, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, what--what would you call it?

Michael: This hurts us.

Stacey: I don't mean to hurt you. I mean to help Eve Miller. She is the biological mother of the baby.

Vicky: You didn't give a damn about biological mothers when you took Steven away from me!

Stacey: Eve Miller has no money. No one is going to represent her if I don't.

Vicky: And--and if you can screw the Hudsons in the meantime, all the better, right?

Stacey: Well, I can see this isn't getting us anywhere. I really wish that you understood. I really did.

Vicky: Oh.

Donna: Why did she have to stick her nose into this? It was none of her business.

Cass: She says she's doing what she thinks is right.

Donna: You agree with her?

Cass: No, I don't agree with her, but it's her choice to make. Look, under the circumstances, I understand completely if you prefer to look for another attorney.

Michael: No, we--we don't.

Cass: Are you sure? There could be some considerable publicity.

Michael: Yeah, well, I tell you, I think that if you can stand the heat, we can, right? It's settled.

Cass: Ok, but I think we've all had enough for today. So why don't I call you later, and we can arrange to get back to these questions.

Michael: Good. Thanks, Cass. Cass, look, I'm sorry. I know this must have caught you by surprise.

Cass: That's putting it mildly. I'll talk to you later.

Michael: Good night. All right, now, everybody don't worry, all right? Everything is gonna work out for the best. Cass knows what he's doing.

Vicky: Let's just hope he knows what he's doing when he's up against his sister.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. Now, come on. We're gonna win.

Donna: We have to. We just have to.

Matt: [Sighs]

Josie: Matthew. You won't believe what happened while I was meeting with Lucas. Look what was delivered to his suite. It's worse than anything before.

Stacey: Eve? Hi, sorry I took so long. Have you been here a while?

Eve: Oh, just a few minutes. I didn't mind.

Stacey: Ok, great. Come on in.

Eve: Thanks. I'm almost afraid to ask, do you have any news?

Stacey: Uh, yeah, actually I do. Since the last time I saw you, I resigned from my brother's law firm.

Eve: I don't understand.

Stacey: Well, I'm going into practice on my own, and I'd like to represent you and Toby if you want me to.

Eve: Do you mean it?

Stacey: Yeah, I do. What do you say?

Eve: I say yes, of course. I'm thrilled, but isn't this going to cause problems for you and your brother?

Stacey: Let me worry about that, all right?

Eve: I'll have to. I have so many worries of my own.

Stacey: Yeah, I understand. So, uh, let's get started. Do you have time to talk today?

Eve: Sure, all day.

Stacey: Great, terrific.

Eve: Why are you doing this?

Stacey: Because I was a mother once also.

Donna: I wish Michael hadn't left.

Vicky: He can't keep postponing his business meetings. This thing could go on for months.

Donna: Better not. I could wring Stacey's neck.

Vicky: You'll have to stand in line.

Donna: And you were right, I can't sit still for this. Especially, not after what she did to you. If she hadn't gotten those photos of you and Evan, Jamie wouldn't have gotten custody of Steven.

Vicky: I know. I know.

Donna: I think we should deal Stacey a few of her own cards.

Vicky: What do you have in mind?

Donna: I think we should get our own photos, have somebody follow Eve Miller around.

Vicky: Why not? She can't be a saint, right?

Donna: Exactly.

Vicky: Nobody else in this world is.

Donna: And then if--if we get her doing something incriminating...

Vicky: It doesn't have to be incriminating. It just has to look incriminating.

Donna: I know that, but we'll have photos in black and white. What do you think?

Vicky: I think it's time we gave Stacey a taste of her own medicine. She fights dirty. Better hope she doesn't go asking Jake questions...

Donna: Don't even think about it. If anything comes out about me and Jake...

Vicky: I know.

Donna: You're not going to say anything, are you?

Jamie: I don't think I can do it.

Marley: Do what?

Jamie: Go back without you.

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