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Another World Transcript Friday 5/12/06

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[French music playing]

Jamie: I think the music stopped.

Marley: Not for me, it hasn't.

Grant: Excuse me, could you do me a favor?

Woman: Sure.

Grant: The woman I was here with earlier--I'm gonna try and track her down at her apartment. If she shows up back here again, could you tell her that it is very important that she contacts me?

Woman: Oh, of course, Congressman.

Grant: All right. Thank you very much.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

[Phone rings]

Woman: Yes? Of course. Fine. Right away.

John: Sharlene, are you really sure you want to go through with this?

Sharlene: John, Sharly was here at the airport. Now, she was here meeting someone to go somewhere. I have to find out who that someone was and where they were going. If I don't, the next time she comes out, John, I could be lost forever.

John: Come on.

Sharlene: Let's go.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Get out.

Amanda: I want to talk to you.

Sam: I don't want to see anybody--least of all, you.

Amanda: So many questions I can't just walk away.

Sam: Look, you walked away months ago. You walked away from Alli and me, and--and our whole life. So how much clearer do I have to be. Get out, and stay out! I don't want you around here! You're the reason that I'm in this place!

Nurse: Code blue--ICU bed 6-- Code blue.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Doctor: What do we have?

Nurse: There's no pulse.

Doctor: Start compressions. I'll give a [bolus of epi.]

Nurse: One and two and three and four. One and two...

Emma: What are they doing?

Frankie: G--I have to call Amanda.

Emma: No, Mary Frances, don't you dare.

Nurse: Clear the bed.

Doctor: Come on--come on, don't die on me. Come on.

Nurse: Clear the bed.

Doctor: Come on.

Amanda: Evan is in a coma.

Sam: That could be me. We had a fight. He got hurt.

Amanda: Hurt? He could die.

Sam: Well, look, I don't want that to happen.

Amanda: He was trying to keep you from hurting me.

Sam: That is a lie. He talked you into believing that so that you would leave me.

Amanda: Leave you? I tried to work at this marriage. You wouldn't let me.

Sam: You know, if you hadn't slept with Evan, we wouldn't have anything to work on.

Amanda: That's not true. We had problems even before Evan.

Sam: I don't believe this.

Amanda: I made one mistake. And I would have tried so hard to make this marriage work. You wouldn't let me.

Sam: That is garbage.

Amanda: You said marriage is important to you.

Sam: You know--

Amanda: I think revenge is much more important. What would you call what you did?

Sam: Reacting. Evan started the fight. Evan started everything.

Amanda: You had the gun.

Sam: I'm lucky that he didn't. I'd rather be here than in a morgue some place.

Amanda: I have a whole box of evidence at home to prove that you were planning something. And I have seen the side of you that frightens me.

Sam: So you got a--a whole box of stuff that's going to hang me?

Amanda: It all has your signature on it, Sam--the insurance policy, the receipt for the gun--

Sam: All right now--go. No, go, take it to the D.A. Do whatever you want. Tell my daughter that I miss her, and that I hope I see her again.

Jake: I came to talk to you, Bridget, alone.

Bridget: Who could you possibly have to talk to me about?

Jake: About Marley.

Bridget: She's in France.

Jake: Well, I was just wondering if you knew how she was doing?

Bridget: Well, why don't you ask her sister?

Jake: Vicky's in no mood to answer my questions.

Bridget: What's happened to the two of you?

Jake: We'll work it out.

Bridget: Well, why don't you ask Miss Donna? I mean, after all, she must have heard from-

Jake: Donna's not exactly thrilled to hear from me either.

Bridget: Oh, my. You certainly have a knack at getting the ladies angry with you, don't you?

Jake: Have you heard from her?

Bridget: You're worried about her, aren't you?

Jake: Yes, I am.

Bridget: Now I'm beginning to worry about you.

Jake: I'm fine. And I am also late for work.

Bridget: Jake. You're not fine, you know.

Jake: I have to go.

Bridget: Jake McKinnon.

Jake: Yes, Ma'am.

Bridget: Now, I have known you ever since you were a wee little boy, you know. You think--you think I don't know when you're unhappy and confused?

Jake: You know me all too well, don't you?

Bridget: You bet I do, lad. And you're the one that's always blaming yourself whenever something happens.

Jake: Oh, Bridget, I really messed up this time.

Bridget: With Marley? Are you still in love with her, Jake?

Jake: I don't know.

Bridget: Well, the two of you--I mean, you were wonderful together, you know.

Jake: It was a long time ago.

Bridget: Oh, my, not for me--at my age. Another day, a week, a month, a year--it all just seems like yesterday. Jake, I don't know whether you really believe me or not, but I do want, and I'm pulling for, you and Marley to get together again. I hope you can find each other.

Vicky: Bridget!

Bridget: Oh, my God.

Vicky: Help. I got all these presents for Steven. I--I got him a rocking horse. And A... Jake, what a pleasant surprise. I got him a jolly jumper, and a Superman punching bag. Oh, Jake, maybe you would like to play with that. It's great for releasing tension. Good-bye.

Jake: I came to see Bridget.

Vicky: Is she next on your list?

Jake: I was wondering if she'd heard from Marley. I was worried about your sister.

Vicky: [Scoffs] Don't you think it's a little late? I mean you guys don't have a chance in hell-

Bridget: Victoria.

Jake: I was worried about your sister.

Vicky: Oh. Oh, you didn't seem too worried about her when you told me she was traipsing around France with Jamie.

Jake: Good-bye, Vicky.

Vicky: Have no fear, Jake. Marley likes nothing better than sightseeing. Why, she--she's probably wandering around the Louvre right now, soaking up culture.

[French music playing]

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Entrer.

Woman: Excuse moi. I have your wine, and some Framboise.

Jamie: Merci.

Marley: Oh, que belle fleur.

Jake: No, no, no. Especially.

Marley: [Laughs]

Woman: Oh, c'est incroyable.

Marley: P--pardon?

Woman: With a flower in your hair, you are so like me, a long, long time ago, when I was on my honeymoon.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: Merci.

Jamie: Merci.

Marley: Merci.

Woman: Au revoir.

Jamie: Au revoir.

Marley: [Laughs]

Jamie: You do look like you should be on a honeymoon. You look so beautiful.

Marley: Are you sure it's me that's beautiful?

Jamie: What?

Marley: Me that you're holding. Is it just a memory, Jamie?

Jamie: I was only aware of holding a beautiful, spirited woman. Tres sympathique, tres extraordinaire. Did I say that right?

Marley: Tu parles bien le Franšais.

Jamie: My French is terrible, but I do other things well.

Marley: I bet you do other things well.

[Phone rings]

Marley: [Laughs] Jamie, the phone is ringing.

Jamie: I can't hear it.

Marley: Jamie what--what if it's important. It's--

Jamie: I don't care.

Marley: Jamie. Oui? Oui. Tout de suite. The innkeeper said he remembered you were a doctor. A little boy cut his foot.

Jamie: Let's go.

Marley: Ok.

Sam: Look, I really don't want you to see me like this.

Olivia: You look fine.

Sam: You're a sweet liar.

Olivia: Amanda has done a terrible thing to you.

Sam: What did I do to deserve a friend like you?

Olivia: I hope that's a compliment.

Sam: I've always been able to count on you.

Olivia: Well, when I first came here, I was lonely and you were the only one who paid any attention to me. We count on each other. You'll be out of here soon.

Sam: Yeah, well, I don't think Bay City's finest will--agrees with you.

Olivia: You haven't done anything wrong.

Sam: I'm afraid it's only you and I in that majority.

Olivia: I have to go. I'll see you later.

Sam: You don't have to come back.

Olivia: I said I'll see you.

Sam: Olivia.

Olivia: Sam, when are you going to realize that you can't get rid of me that easily?

Frankie: Doctor, how is he?

Doctor: Well, we've converted him to Sinus rhythm.

Frankie: In English, please.

Doctor: We were able to restore his normal heartbeat.

Emma: Then he's all right. He's going to make it.

Doctor: W--we brought him back this time, but his heart stopped. It may have been a reaction to the medication. We're not sure yet.

Frankie: So, he's the same as he was before.

Doctor: I'm afraid so. But look, we'll continue to monitor him very closely. But for now, he's stable.

Emma: That means he's not any better at all, doesn't it?

Doctor: Look, we're doing everything we can.

Frankie: Ok, thank you. Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: Sure.

Frankie: C'mon, Mom.

Emma: I...

Amanda: How is he?

Emma: Oh, his heart stopped for a while, but other than that he's fine.

Frankie: Come on.

Emma: Mary Frances, all of this is her fault--

Frankie: Mama, sometimes it's best not to judge.

Emma: Fine.

Frankie: Evan loves Amanda and that's what's important.

Amanda: Evan, you're going to make it. You have to. I need you.

John: Sharlene, we've been around this whole airport. Let's ask this clerk. Maybe she remembers something. Excuse me, Miss. We're trying to recreate something that happened here earlier today--

Sharlene: Do you remember seeing me at--at this counter?

Woman: I just came on duty, sorry.

Sharlene: Is the person who was on duty--is--is she still here?

John: It's very important.

Woman: Did you lose something? This is all we have here.

John: Someone left it? There's a name tag.

Woman: You tell me.

Sharlene: Is it Sharly Watts?

Woman: Sharly Watts. You've got it.

John: Thank you. This all there is?

Sharlene: Y--no, wait.

John: Keys. You recognize them?

Sharlene: No, I--I've never seen them before.

John: Small one looks like a key to a post office box.

Sharlene: John, these look like front door keys.

John: Front door keys... and an address. Let's go.

Sharlene: Right, let's go.

Felicia: Hey, you look ok. No, you don't. You look angry, very angry.

Sam: I have a right to be.

Felicia: I know. Would you please tell me what happened?

Sam: Somebody didn't tell the truth. Does that sound familiar?

Felicia: Yes.

Sam: And the police believe them instead of me. You can relate to that.

Felicia: I do remember how it was when it happened to me. I felt sort of that when I was--

Sam: Claustrophobic.

Felicia: Yeah.

Sam: I know exactly what you're talking about.

Felicia: All right, I'm going to get you out of here, Sam.

Sam: Look, Felicia--

Felicia: I remember the day that Mac Cory put up my bail--

Sam: I don't want your money.

Felicia: I'm going to do this for you.

Sam: I don't want your and Mitch's money.

Felicia: Why?

Sam: Because I want to handle this on my own. And I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't tell Mitch.

Felicia: What? I--he--I--he has a right to know.

Sam: He doesn't have to know.

Felicia: I have to tell him. He is your brother, for heaven's sake.

Sam: And he is on--he's on assignment--the most important assignment of his life, and I don't want to screw that up for him.

Felicia: And what happens when he calls me? What am I supposed to say?

Sam: You tell him I'm fine. You tell him everything's ok.

Felicia: And he's going to know I'm lying to him.

Sam: Look, I don't want him coming back because I've gotten myself in some lousy mess. I want to be able to take care of this my own way. He can't know.

Felicia: Ok.

Sam: Thank you.

Felicia: I hate this, but ok. Well, are you doing anything to help yourself?

Sam: Sure. I mean, I got myself into this.

Felicia: I thought you said that this was Evan--

Sam: No, I--I mean, I should have seen it coming. I thought I could stop it.

Felicia: You mustn't give up. You understand that?

Sam: That's the last thing I'm going to do.

Felicia: And you must let your friends help you if they can.

Sam: Just let me handle it.

Felicia: You cannot do this all by yourself.

Vicky: Oh, how sweet. Bridget wants you and Marley back together again.

Bridget: Why shouldn't I?

Vicky: I'll let Jake answer that.

Jake: Shut up, Vicky.

Bridget: Jake!

Vicky: Get out of my house.

Bridget: Victoria!

Vicky: Nobody tells me to shut up in my own house. Just get out, Jake!

Bridget: Victoria.

Jake: Shut up.

Vicky: Oh, save the macho act for someone who likes it. We both know who that is, don't we?

Bridget: Now, wait a minute. What's happened to the two of you? You used to be such wonderful friends. You used to take care of each other.

Vicky: No, Bridget. We used to take care of ourselves. Nothing has changed.

Jake: Speak for yourself.

Vicky: I don't want to speak for you. I don't want to speak for you or to you or at you or even look at you, Jake.

Bridget: All right, now. I have heard enough. I'm not gonna stay here and listen to this. You know what I'd really like to do? I'd like to knock your heads together, that's what I'd like. But I'm not going to do it. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to find my earplugs, and I'm going to put them in my ears. And I'm going to keep them there until the two of you come to peace with each other. And then, maybe I'll make dinner.

Jake: You can't keep me away from her, Vicky.

Vicky: Her? Who? My mother? Marley? It--it gets confusing.

Jake: Why don't you just leave me alone?

Vicky: You leave Marley alone.

Jake: You don't have anything to say about this, Vicky.

Vicky: I have plenty to say. You messed up my sister's life.

Jake: Just like you did with Jamie.

Vicky: Leave Jamie out of this.

Jake: Gee, are we a little touchy about Jamie there?

Vicky: Jamie didn't sleep with my mother.

Jake: I just figured this out.

Vicky: Why you're such a complete and utter screw-up?

Jake: Why you're in such a rotten little mood?

Vicky: Oh, it--it took you this long?

Jake: You can't keep your mind off Jamie and Marley, can you?

Vicky: Jake, I--I could really care less.

Jake: They're two innocents, all alone, romantic, French Riviera--

Vicky: Don't be an idiot. Oh--oh, I forgot. You can't help it.

Jake: This is driving you nuts, isn't it?

Vicky: You are talking about two people who spend their entire lives trying to be perfect. They would rather die than have a good time together.

Jake: You're right. I forgot. You got nothing to worry about, you know that?

Vicky: I have better things to think about.

Jake: You have thought about nothing else since you found out.

Vicky: Jake, if I was so concerned, I would have called him by now.

Jake: What good would that have done?

Vicky: I could have found out what he was doing. I don't have his number at the hotel.

Jake: What is this?

Vicky: His number... at the hotel. Sometimes it takes a long time for these overseas calls to connect, so, we'll just have to wait a minute.

Jake: Well, I'm in no hurry, are you?

Vicky: Yes. I--I'm calling from the States. Yes, the U.S. I--b--bonjour to you, too. Look, I--I need to get in touch with a Dr. Jamie Frame. Yeah. Oh. I see. Uh, no. Bye.

Jake: No luck.

Vicky: He's been out of his room for a while.

Jake: For a while? An hour? A couple hours? All evening? Let's see, it's 6 - 7 hours later. That it makes it--makes it...

Vicky: Makes it pretty damn late to be out.

Jake: Damn late.

Vicky: You see, he's probably at one of those medical things or--or something. You know those--those meetings tend to go on and on and on and on and--

Jake: Right, right. What do you say we call Marley and see if she's at one of those medical things too, huh?

Marley: I can't believe how good you were with that little boy. He was so scared, and you just held him and comforted him. You just--that was so sweet.

Jamie: When I was 5, I was scared of doctors, too.

Marley: You were? And now?

Jamie: Now I know that doctors are humans, too.

Marley: Mm.

Jamie: We try to hide our feelings, and most times we can.

Marley: Well, sometimes it's good to be able to control your emotion.

Jamie: Is it?

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Or do we just miss out on all the highs and the lows in life?

Marley: Sometimes you have to act with your head, not your heart.

Jamie: I wonder. I spent a lifetime doing the proper thing. Even with Vicky I would--

Marley: Mmm, let's not talk about Vicky.

Jamie: Why not?

Marley: Can't erase her from your past.

Jamie: But you can learn from it. Marley, I am so tired of hiding my real feelings, of doing the proper thing. I mean--what you felt on the beach, what you made me feel, that was--

Marley: J-Jamie, this is a dangerous conversation.

Jamie: Good. I'm glad. Because I'm tired of being the good doctor, the--the perfect son, the dutiful husband. My heart's not even in it.

Marley: But that's who you are. You are just a good person.

Jamie: Then why am I so unhappy? And why, when I look at you, do I just want to touch you so much?

Marley: Jamie, this conversation is getting us nowhere.

Jamie: Because you won't let it.

Marley: [Laughs]

Jamie: Because you're honorable. Because, damn it, you can handle your feelings, too.

Marley: No, not always.

Jamie: Really?

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: I'd like to think that I'm not alone in this--that you do feel the way that I do.

Marley: I do--I do. It's just wrong.

Jamie: Marley, how could something that feels so good be wrong?

Marley: It's late.

Jamie: Is it?

Marley: Yes. Look.

Jamie: I guess it is.

Marley: I--I think we should--

Jamie: What?

Marley: Get some rest.

Jamie: That's true.

Marley: Big day tomorrow.

Jamie: Full schedule for me.

Marley: Absolutely. Me, too.

Jamie: So, I guess we both need some rest.

Marley: Mm-hmm. I personally need about 8 hours of sleep a night.

Jamie: Really?

Marley: Yes. It--it becomes a burden.

Jamie: Boy, if I could get just 8 hours a night.

Marley: You can, tonight.

Jamie: Oh, I don't know.

Marley: Why don't--why don't you take the bed?

Jamie: No, no. I can't--you take the bed.

Marley: No. I--I like sleeping in chairs.

Jamie: Marley, you probably have never slept in a chair.

Marley: You're right. But--but the idea is appealing.

Jamie: Why?

Marley: Because... because it's--it's different. I--I like trying different things.

Jamie: Come, come here--come here.

Marley: What?

Jamie: I'm taking the chair.

Marley: No. I won't sleep in that bed.

Jamie: You'll have to sleep someplace.

Marley: All right, I--I have an idea.

Jamie: Good night. [Snores]

Marley: [Laughs] Jamie! Listen to me. Listen to me, you. We can share the bed.

Jamie: What?

Marley: Only in a platonic way.

Jamie: Platonic bed-sharing?

Marley: Yes.

Jamie: I'm not too familiar with that concept.

Marley: Ok, I'll show you. See--see here. Now, you can have this side of the bed, and I'll have this side of the bed. The bed is so big. It's so huge. It's--it's like two beds, isn't it? It--it is almost like two beds--

Jamie: It looks like one bed to me, Marley.

Marley: Oh, come on, just--just, here, try it out. Don't squish my hat. Ok. All right. Good. All right, and then--then, I take this side, you see. And we're both very comfortable.

Jamie: Yes, yes.

Marley: [Exhales] This will be good. [Clears throat]

Jamie: I'll sleep on the chair.

Vicky: What a coincidence.

Jake: Marley is probably out shopping.

Vicky: This late at night?

Jake: Sightseeing.

Vicky: This late at night?

Jake: They're not together.

Vicky: No, of course not.

Jake: They don't have anything in common.

Vicky: No, not at all.

Jake: And they'd bore each other to tears.

Vicky: To tears. Absolutely.

Jake: They're both too...

Vicky: Too good.

Jake: Good.

Vicky: Good, good is a good word.

Jake: Good. And they both live by the rules.

Vicky: Yes, always have.

Jake: Unlike us.

Vicky: Don't lump us together.

Jake: Which is exactly why they wouldn't be together--why do I care anyway, Vicky?

Vicky: I don't know. I don't. I'm getting a fresh start with my life.

Jake: Oh, how many times have I heard this before?

Vicky: This time it's for real. I'm even having a big bash on Friday night. I'm--I'm gonna meet new people and friends, get Jamie out of my life once and for all.

Jake: Oh, all this is going to happen in one party?

Vicky: It's gonna start there.

Jake: Gee, Vick, am I invited?

Vicky: No.

Jake: Why not? We go back a long way.

Vicky: And I'm going forward a long way.

Jake: Is thins what---

Vicky: Jake, stop, stop. Jake, shut up.

Jake: We have to get past this.

Vicky: Why? Why do I have to forgive you?

Jake: I don't want you to forgive me. I don't want you to do that. You're not my mother.

Vicky: No, I know what you need. You just don't seem to get enough of it.

Jake: Ok, all right. Forget it.

Vicky: I'm trying, desperately, and I'm going to start with this new party. Hell, maybe--maybe I'll even meet a new man.

Jake: So that's what this is all about--meeting a new man.

Vicky: The right man. Someone who can keep up with me.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Who is sweet--

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Smart, not taken. Perfect.

Jake: There's not too many of us left.

Vicky: I'll search Bay City until I find him.

Pearl: What's going on? I hear doors slamming, drawers being opened. She didn't do a moonlight on me, did she?

Grant: I've got to find her, Pearl.

Pearl: Huh?

Grant: If--if you know anything, if you can tell me anything, please--please, tell me.

Pearl: What are you talking about, Bub?

Grant: Sharly. Sharly is gone.

Pearl: Where?

Grant: Well, I don't know. I thought maybe she might have talked to you.

Pearl: Not me, uh-uh. No more.

Grant: Why not?

Pearl: Beats me. But she stopped coming around as often as she did--asking me in for a couple of cold ones, telling her jokes.

Grant: Well, you think maybe-- maybe her husband might have gotten wise?

Pearl: Maybe he got tipped to her having this place. That would be bad news.

Grant: Hmm. You're a good woman, Pearl.

Pearl: I wouldn't argue with you there.

Grant: Listen, I want you to do me a favor. Call me if you hear from Sharly. Tell her that I have to talk to her, ok?

Pearl: Ok, I'll call, if you'll go easy slamming drawers and things.

Grant: I promise.

Olivia: It's in a box, it's in a box. Ok, here we go. Insurance policy, power of attorney. There is no way I am letting the police get a hold of this, Sam. No way. Hi..

Sam: What are you--what are you doing here?

Olivia: I didn't mean to startle you. I--I just came to welcome you home.

Sam: How did you know I was out? It was you, wasn't it?

Olivia: What?

Sam: You paid my bail, didn't you?

Sharlene: No, wait.

John: Sharlene, we don't have to do this now.

Sharlene: Just--just tell me again what Dr. Benson said when you called her.

John: Only not to push. If you feel like it, fine. If not, we can wait.

Sharlene: Do you think she should be here?

John: She said that if you wanted her, she could do this tomorrow.

Sharlene: No, now. I need--I need to do it now. Just--just give me a minute, ok?

John: Take all the time you want.

Sharlene: Ok, let's go. Oh, John.

John: It's ok. Listen, we'll just take this slow and easy.

Sharlene: It's all so--so--so crazy. I actually stayed here?

John: Well, maybe this will tell us something. Something that'll help us unlock that side of your mind that's Sharly.

Sharlene: What did she... what did I--

John: Do you recognize any of this?

Sharlene: No.

John: Do you remember anything?

Sharlene: Nothing.

John: Well, maybe it would help if you just sat down, relaxed.

Sharlene: No--how--how can I relax?

John: Open the cupboards and-- and hold things.

Sharlene: John.

John: Open the--open the dresser. Look in the dresser and--and touch the clothes.

Sharlene: Stop--John, stop it.

John: Ok--ok.

Sharlene: Please just--you have to stop.

John: Ok.

Sharlene: It's too much.

John: You want to go?

Sharlene: Yeah, I want to go.

John: Come on.

Sharlene: No I--no I-- I don't know. Maybe I want to stay. Maybe--maybe Sharly wants to stay. I don't know.

John: Then I think we should go.

Sharlene: [Sighs] You're wonderful. Do you know that? Do you know how much I love you?

John: It's the only thing that I'm absolutely sure of.

Sharlene: I want to help myself--I do. I'm going to try to do what you said. I'm gonna try.

Pearl: Sharly! You finally showed up.

Amanda: He's your brother-in-law, of course you're going to defend him.

Felicia: I'm not defending him, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, what are you doing?

Felicia: I'm just trying to find out what really happened.

Amanda: You don't care that Evan is lying in there!

Felicia: Amanda, calm down. I came here to see Evan. I didn't know you were even going to be here.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Felicia: I'm sorry, too, about everything. When I talked to Sam, he said that, well, things have just gotten very twisted.

Amanda: What things?

Felicia: The way the police heard the story--

Amanda: My story.

Felicia: Honey, isn't it possible what Sam said is the way it happened?

Amanda: Sam had the gun. I'm not making this up.

Felicia: Just because he had a gun doesn't mean he had any intention of using it. I mean, believe me, I know.

Amanda: He hates Evan. And he was threatening him with the gun.

Felicia: You're positive about that? Really positive?

Amanda: Mention Evan's name and look at Sam's eyes and you'll know.

Felicia: Listen to me. Sam is the father of your child. He's your husband. I remember how you worked at your love for him. I remember how you defended him to your own family because you knew that there was good in him. If you have any doubts about what's happened, Amanda--

Amanda: How could this have gotten this far? I love Sam. Evan--I--I never meant for this to happen. I'm the cause of all this--I know that. I never thought Sam would go this far.

Sam: Liz gave you the money, didn't she?

Olivia: Loaned me the money. She was more than happy to do it.

Sam: Oh, yeah, sure. Sure.

Olivia: Anyway, it's done and you're out.

Sam: You shouldn't have done it, Olivia.

Olivia: Of course I should have. I had no idea how long it would take you to get your hands on some money. From the looks of things, neither did you.

Sam: Well, it was just a matter of time.

Olivia: So, I saved that time. Look, there was no way I was going to let a close friend of mine spend one more second in that place.

Sam: One minute I'm--I'm planning a weekend of sailing and trying to reconcile with my wife, and the next I'm being read my rights and thrown in jail.

Olivia: You didn't deserve this, Sam.

Sam: [Sighs] How can you fall in love with someone and--and--and live with her for two years and then discover that you don't even know who really--she really is? And I wasn't trying to kill Evan. I--I found the gun seconds before he walked in, just as I realized how far he would go to destroy my marriage.

Olivia: Passion like--it must drive people to do things. I--I suppose they can't help themselves.

Sam: Look, you can't stay.

Olivia: Why not?

Sam: I appreciate what you've done, and I'm glad that I've got a friend like you, but...

Olivia: Sure you won't be needing a shoulder to lean on?

Sam: Yeah, I--I--I got to think and I just need to be alone, ok?

Olivia: Ok. What are you going to think about?

Sam: [Laughs] My life. I've got some choices to make and... nothing is very clear at the moment.

Olivia: It will be. You'll see. I'll be home if you need me, ok?

Sam: Thanks.

John: Well, that woman is a genuine character. Her apartment looked like something right out of "the Addams family."

Sharlene: What'd she say?

John: It's all worked out. She has tenants that are eager to get into the building. She said that she will tear up the lease as long as we leave the stuff that's here.

Sharlene: Sharly's stuff.

John: Sheets, pots, pans, that sort of thing.

Sharlene: I went through--went through her things, John. What was she like?

John: Sharly?

Sharlene: The woman who would-- who would wear things like--like this. Tell--tell me about her.

John: I think I should wait for a session with Dr. Benson--

Sharlene: No, John. How did she act?

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: John, I have to know. When--when Sharly takes me over, what am I like? I have to face it sometime, John. Did you hate her?

John: No. No--she tried like hell to make me mad, but I didn't hate her. She was a spirited woman.

Sharlene: What do you mean, "spirited"?

John: Spirited, you know--I mean, it's a side of you that's... no. This is no good. I'm gonna wait for Dr. Benson before I get into this.

Sharlene: John, I want to get through this. I want Sharly to go back where she came from.

John: That will happen.

Sharlene: John, I don't want to live like this. I don't want to be like this. I don't want to sneak out and come to places like this where I don't know where I am, where I--where I don't know where you are.

Pearl: Sharly, you still there? Oh, sorry for butting in, but I--I want to borrow a cup of sugar or a cup of Bourbon before you left for good.

John: We were just leaving.

Sharlene: John, would you-- would you go bring the car around front, please?

John: The car is around front.

Sharlene: Please?

John: Yeah, sure. I'll--I'll have it out in a minute.

Pearl: He's a looker. Sex on a stick.

Sharlene: You can--you can have all the Bourbon you want, Pearl.

Pearl: You're not gonna join me?

Sharlene: No, I--I--I've been having a little bit too much lately.

Pearl: Yes, you have been knocking it back, all right. But a short one won't hurt you.

Sharlene: Oh, no, no. That's ok. Thanks, anyway.

Pearl: You always did have the best Bourbon.

Sharlene: [Laughs] Was I--was I a good tenant, Pearl?

Pearl: What kind of question is that? I used to love our all-night sessions--pretzels, beer, Bourbon.

Sharlene: I was never lonely with you around, I guess.

Pearl: High good times is what we had.

Sharlene: All by ourselves.

Pearl: I'm afraid you had high times with whoever you were with. I've known girls like you right here.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Pearl: Girls that want to get out of things, get out of their rut, find time for themselves, blow out all the steam that fills them up.

Sharlene: I guess I had a lot of steam to blow off, huh?

Pearl: You did whatever the hell you wanted to do, and that's the way it should be. You're serious about giving me all this Bourbon?

Sharlene: Sure it's--it's all yours, Pearl.

Pearl: If you ever want a glass of Bourbon or a good laugh, you know where to find me.

Sharlene: Listen, Pearl, I really wanted to--to ask--

John: All set.

Pearl: I'll really miss you, d--honey. You're something.

Vicky: Believe me, I will find him.

Jake: If you can figure out what you're looking for.

Vicky: Well, don't worry about that.

Jake: Let's see, Vick. You'll get married, have five or six kids, and live happily ever after.

Vicky: Sounds good to me.

Jake: I wonder.

Vicky: What?

Jake: If that's what you really want.

Vicky: I know what I don't want.

Jake: Well, that's a start.

Vicky: It's going to be hard not to compare everyone to--

Jake: To me?

Vicky: Jamie made me feel like I was better than what I am.

Jake: I know the feeling.

Vicky: Guess we both blew it.

Jake: Yeah. Yes, we did. You know, I've been thinking--

Vicky: Forget it.

Jake: Forget what?

Vicky: I'm not letting you back into my life.

Jake: Fine, Vick. You're on your own. But you're not gonna like it.

Jamie: Are you awake?

Frankie: Checking medications?

Emma: What does that mean?

Doctor: He's obviously not responding. We need to find a way to treat him. Look, I--I hate to cut this short, but they need me in the lab. We'll talk later, huh?

Frankie: Yes, thank you very much, doctor.

Doctor: Sure.

Amanda: Evan, you're going to be all right. You're going to be all right. You have to. You have to be, for my sake. Please fight. Please. Evan. Evan. Evan, look at me. Evan, look at me. Look at me. You're going to make it. You're going to be all right. And I'm going to make sure that nothing happens to you. I swear it. I swear it. You're going to make it.

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