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Another World Transcript Monday 5/8/06

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John: What is the problem here? No, no, it is not routinely suggested. Look, in the case of plasma monitoring, I think-- well, then you suggest it to the chief of staff, Doctor! See what she has to say! Jerk.

Sharlene: Guess I came at a bad time.

John: No, no, you--you didn't. I was hoping I'd see you.

Sharlene: John, I've never heard you lose your temper like that before.

John: Come on, I wasn't losing my temper; I was just getting warmed up.

Sharlene: No, no, don't joke.

John: Why not?

Sharlene: Because it's me. It's the way I am. It's making it impossible for you to do your job.

John: That's not --

Sharlene: John, how can you concentrate on anything if you' spending all your energy worrying about--

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: John, don't you think I know what you're going through?

John: Look, we have a problem. But we're gonna be ok.

Sharlene: I should be put away.

John: What?

Sharlene: It's what I want. I want to be in a hospital where I can't hurt anyone anymore.

John: Stop it, Sharlene.

Sharlene: John, don't you see? That way Sh--Sharly can't hurt anyone anymore.

Ken: Do I make myself clear?

Paulina: I have to do what you say.

Ken: Exactly what I say. No more, no less.

Paulina: Ok.

Ken: Don't give me "ok." I'm doing this for you. You put this whole plan into effect way too early and now we've got to cover ourselves.

Paulina: I know that.

Ken: You don't act like you know it. Now, if this whole thing blows up in your face, you're going to have nobody to blame but yourself.

Paulina: I never should have listened to you in the first place. You're so damn proud of your plan and all you've done is make Rachel hate me.

Ken: My--you shot my plan all to hell!

Paulina: You never cared about what I was feeling. You made me work here when I told you I couldn't stand it. And now all you've done is make my own family hate me.

Detective: Ok, I'm listening.

Amanda: I, uh---

Detective: You said you could explain everything.

Amanda: Yes.

Detective: Well, I'd be real happy to hear about it, Ma'am, especially the part about this gun. Can you explain that, too?

Amanda: It's my fault that Evan fell.

Detective: How?

Reporter: There she is.

Second reporter: Amanda Cory?

First reporter: I told you something was up.

Amanda: Sam and Evan were fighting over me.

Detective: Who had the gun?

Amanda: Sam.

Detective: So this accident may not be an accident at all. Ok, what we're going to have to do is go down to the station house and do some more questioning, find out what really happened.

Rachel: Oh, no, you don't. No one's going anywhere.

Sharlene: I'm ruining your life, John. Not to mention your career.

John: Sharlene, look at me. I love you. And no matter what is wrong, no matter what's happening, I'm going to see this through with you. You're not going to ruin my life. You are my life. You mean the whole world to me.

Sharlene: John--

John: No, listen. You're not going into a hospital. And that's all I want to hear about it, ok? I love you. So just take it easy.

Sharlene: All right.

John: I'll see who it is.

Grant: Hi, John.

John: How are you?

Grant: Fine. How you doing?

John: You look like you're on your way out of here.

Grant: Yeah, and I can't say as I'm all that upset about it.

John: Should I take this personally?

Grant: I think maybe you should just light a fire under Dr. Frame and tell him I'm waiting for that medicine.

John: He knows.

Grant: Maybe you should also tell him I'm madly in love. That might help, huh?

John: I will call you as soon as he comes back.

Grant: All right. Thanks for everything, John.

John: You take care of yourself.

Grant: All right, you, too. Bye-bye.

Sharlene: Who was that?

John: Oh, it was a patient. A guy who's always had everything, except now he's in love. It's changed his life completely. Now he wants to get better. It's made him strong. We're going to be ok, you know. We're going to get through this because we have each other.

[Knock on door]

John: What is this, Grand Central Station here?

Nurse: Excuse me, Dr. Hudson.

John: Yes, Barbara?

Barbara: They need you in the E.R. right away.

John: Ok, I'll be right there.

Sharlene: Go, go.

John: You ok?

Sharlene: Yeah. Sure.

Rachel: No one in my family is going anywhere until I know what's going on.

Detective: Now, Ma'am--

Rachel: My daughter has rights, doesn't she?

Detective: Sure. Sure, she does.

Rachel: Can I talk to you all, please?

Cass: The nurse didn't say anything?

Frankie: Only that Evan had been admitted and that Amanda gave me as next of kin. Look, there they are.

Rachel: Where's Evan?

Matt: Doctor said he's critical. He fell 4 floors.

Frankie: What, he fell?

Amanda: Cass, Frankie, I'm so glad you're here.

Rachel: We--we probably need a lawyer.

Frankie: Well, why did he fall?

Sam: Evan and I were fighting and he fell down the elevator shaft in my building.

Frankie: Why were you fighting?

Amanda: There was a gun.

Frankie: A gun?!

Amanda: I don't believe any of this is happening. I'm so worried about Evan.

Matt: Amanda--

Cass: Excuse me.

Rachel: What happened, Sam?

Sam: It--it--it was an accident, Rachel.

Rachel: What happened?

Sam: Evan walked into the loft and started saying all sorts of things and--

Rachel: Sam.

Frankie: So it's all his fault, is that what you're saying?

Sam: Rachel, somebody's got to believe me.

Rachel: I want to, Sam.

Sam: What is it between you and your daughter? You never believe a word out of my mouth!

Detective: The quicker we get down to the station house, the quicker we can find out what happened.

Amanda: I'm not leaving.

Detective: Detective Walker wants to hear your story.

Amanda: I'm not leaving here until I find out that Evan is out of danger.

Detective: Mrs. Fowler, as much as I would like to oblige you, I'm going to have to insist that you come with me.

Rachel: Do you want a lawyer?

Amanda: I don't need one.

Rachel: I'm coming with you. Matthew, you come, too.

Matt: Yeah.

Frankie: I can't believe this.

Cass: Neither can I.

Frankie: I want to see Evan.

Cass: Well, I just checked with a nurse. You can go in for a few minutes.

Frankie: Oh, thanks.

Cass: I'll be right here.

Frankie: I know. I love you.

Cass: I love you.

Frankie: Excuse me. I'm family. I'm his cousin. May I see him for a moment?

Felicia: Did you have that? Honey--

Mitch: Hi.

Felicia: Hi. What a nice surprise. You remember Stan?

Mitch: Hi, Stan.

Felicia: Ok, I'll call you at the end of the day about some other things, all right? Thanks. All right. Ok. Hi!

Mitch: You certainly seem to be enjoying your work today.

Felicia: Well, it makes me happy most of the time.

Mitch: I know you'll understand.

Felicia: Understand what?

Mitch: I came home for more than a romantic lunch with my wife.

Felicia: You have something to tell me, Mitch Blake. What is it?

Mitch: I've been made an offer of a lifetime.

Felicia: Well, great. Come on, tell me about it.

Mitch: Well, it has to do with a photographic assignment.

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: It's in Africa.

Felicia: Africa.

Mitch: It's a layout for endangered species.

Felicia: Honey, that's great. I mean, this is the break you've been waiting for.

Mitch: Well, I really feel that I can make a contribution--

Felicia: Of course you can.

Mitch: And that's one reason why I just haven't been able to turn it down.

Felicia: Of course you can't turn it down. Why do I get the feeling there's a catch in here somewhere?

Mitch: It's a year.

Felicia: A year? Well. That's a long time.

Mitch: I know it's a long time, and I know that it's too long for you to be away from Tops; your TV show, your publisher--

Felicia: [Sighs] Lord, a year.

Mitch: Look, I don't want to leave you. But I might never get a chance like this again.

Felicia: No. No, I--I want this for you. I--I mean, you deserve something of your own. We spend so much time with my work and my friends and certainly my problems.

Mitch: Look, you're my life.

Felicia: I know that.

Mitch: Before we met, I was never committed to anything or anyone, maybe--maybe because I was afraid of losing them.

Felicia: You'll never lose me.

Mitch: But when we married, that changed. I learned what it meant to be involved and dedicated, to be there. Maybe it was the first time ever I reached out--outside of myself.

Felicia: I understand what you're saying.

Mitch: That's why I think that now; I mean, things are better than ever--my work, my photography. Because of you, all of that's grown.

Felicia: I'm going to miss you like crazy.

Mitch: They do have planes, you know. They have telephones.

Felicia: I know. I know. And we'll work this out somehow.

Mitch: I wish you could come with me.

Felicia: Yeah, can't you just see me now tramping through the jungles in my high heels and my pith helmet?

Mitch: We can do this, can't we? I mean, we can take this time apart?

Felicia: We've certainly been thrown some curves lately, haven't we?

Mitch: You mean Lucas showing up on the doorsteps.

Felicia: And Rachel hating you.

Mitch: We got through all that.

Felicia: I know.

Mitch: And we'll get through this.

Felicia: I know. We had some tough things. But we do have this wonderful love between us.

Mitch: And that's stronger than anything.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Mitch: Look, I've thought about this a thousand times, a hundred different ways.

Felicia: No. Don't, don't. Don't second-guess it. Go with your instincts. You want this. You have to do it.

Mitch: Do you know how much I love you?

Felicia: I know.

Mitch: Nothing is going to keep us apart, ok?

Felicia: I can always count on you. I always have. So, when do you have to leave?

Mitch: Friday.

Felicia: Friday? Oh, Friday. Well, that soon. Huh.

Mitch: The other photographer obviously dropped out at the last minute.

Felicia: Well, um, I guess you have to pack.

Mitch: Are you ok on this?

Felicia: I'm going to be fine. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to miss your arms around me or hate the fact that I can't come home to you every night.

Mitch: I'll be thinking of you every moment, every day, every night.

Felicia: I know you're going to come back happier. Because you're reaching out for something you really want. And in life, that doesn't happen very often.

Mitch: We've been very lucky.

Felicia: I know.

Mitch: To be able to be together, to get through whatever's come our way.

Felicia: That's why I can get through this. I have faith in us. I do.

Mitch: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Felicia: You know what? I couldn't love you more than I do this very minute. Ok. So, what do you pack to Africa? You need bug spray, I guess, and hiking boots...and a very large photo of your wife.

Mitch: I need to tell Matthew.

Felicia: Oh, yeah, you do. I'll go with you.

Mitch: Good. I was hoping you would.

Felicia: He's going to be so proud of you.

Mitch: That would be nice. I would like to think that one day he'll be telling his kid that his old man was something other than an ex-con.

Felicia: Oh, honey. Oh, and listen, you, I expect great stories from you. I mean, who knows, maybe my next book will be about jungle lovers.

Mitch: I figured you would come up with some way to make something out of this.

Felicia: Well, one has to expand, you know? I mean, I've written--I've written about Rome and Paris and New York, and maybe something a little outdoorsy might be a nice change of pace.

Mitch: Will you promise me something?

Felicia: Name it.

Mitch: If you need me, I'm on the next plane.

Felicia: Hmm. I'll keep that in mind.

Mitch: Will you keep an eye on Sam and Matthew?

Felicia: Yes, of course I will. You know that. They're my family, too, now.

Mitch: I don't know about Sam. His marriage seems to be--

Felicia: Oh, honey, he's an artist. He'll certainly understand what this means to you.

Mitch: I guess I'm on my way.

Felicia: You're going to do great things, Mitch Blake.

Mitch: I've already done the greatest thing. I married you, didn't I?

Ken: What the hell are you talking about?

Paulina: You. You've screwed everything up for me.

Ken: How do you figure that?

Paulina: If I had told them the truth from the moment I first came here--

Ken: You'd have been run out of town on a rail!

Paulina: They would've shocked, but after a while--

Ken: Rachel wouldn't have let you get within a mile of this house.

Paulina: Rachel called me a liar today...and she was right.

Ken: Because you didn't have the will, did you? The will is the one piece of concrete evidence that we have that proves that Mac thought he might've had a child by Maria.

Paulina: All right, all right. But we have it now. We have the will, right?

Ken: So what's your plan, you just want to give it to Rachel?

Paulina: Yes.

Ken: Don't you think she might ask where you got it?

[Paulina sighs]

Ken: No, no! You have to let Rachel find it herself. If she doesn't, she'll never believe it's valid, and if she doesn't believe it's valid, you'll never get to your share your father's estate.

Paulina: And neither will you.

Ken: What?

Paulina: Get your share of what's coming to you.

Ken: That isn't important now.

[Doorbell rings]

Paulina: I'll get that. You told Hilda to stay--

Ken: You stay here. I'll get it.

Reporter: Do you know where the Fowlers are now?

Olivia: Look, if you don't go away and leave everybody alone--

Ken: What are you doing here?

Reporter: Was it a love triangle?

Olivia: I'm calling the police.

Reporter: Where's Mrs. Cory? Is she at the hospital?

Ken: No comment, no comment.

Olivia: Jeez. I went to the art gallery to see Sam's show and he wasn't there, so I came over here.

Ken: What do the reporters want?

Olivia: They drove up when I did. They said something about an accident with Evan Bates. Do you know anything? Did you hear anything?

Ken: That must have been what Matthew called about. Rachel just took off for the hospital.

Olivia: Oh, no.

Ken: What are you doing?

Olivia: I'm calling the hospital. I have a feeling something is very wrong.

Ken: Looks like you dumped the truth on Rachel at the worst possible moment.

Grant: Al, how are you?

Al: Congressman.

Grant: How you doing?

Al: How are you? Good, thanks.

Grant: Say, when do you expect Sharly around?

Al: Next time she gets thirsty.

Grant: What--what does that mean?

Al: She quit.

Grant: She what?

Al: She walked out on me. Best damn hostess I ever had.

Grant: When did this happen?

Al: Oh, go figure women. Sharly was building up a real bunch of regulars. Guys would come here after work just to kid around with her, knock back a couple.

Grant: I--I thought she loved her job here.

Al: Yeah, she was a real gold mine. Well, now the guys come in, they don't see her, and my bottles empty real slow.

Grant: I'll have a beer if you got one.

Al: I got cases.

Grant: Maybe she--maybe she got a job at another bar, huh?

Al: Nah, this is the best saloon in town. Nope, they were straight with me when she quit.

Grant: "They"? Who's "they"?

Al: Sharly and her husband.

Grant: Husband?

Al: She never told you she was married, huh?

Grant: No.

Al: Well, you know, she--she found out pretty early that if she took off the wedding ring, she got bigger tips.

Grant: I see.

Al: Yeah, it was better for business all around. You could tell she was always looking over her shoulder. Like her old man was coming to get her, you know?

Grant: Yeah, I always got the feeling that she was kind of nervous about something.

Al: Yeah, well, she's gone now. Life goes on, right?

Grant: Right, mm-hmm.

Ted: Oh, congressman, should you be drinking?

Grant: How did you find me, Ted?

Ted: I decided to play Super Sleuth. Tracked you down from the hospital, followed you to here. So, is this is a private party or may I--

Grant: Sit, sit, sit.

Ted: You look pretty good, considering you were just released.

Grant: Well, thanks.

Ted: Have something for you.

Grant: What? Numbers?

Ted: Loan numbers. The coffers are getting mighty low, Congressman.

Grant: Working capital for campaign.

Ted: Well, we've been done around there before.

Grant: Yeah, it's never been quite this low, Ted.

Ted: Ok. We got to get ourselves in gear. Media blitz. Show that "Honest as the day is long" face to the nation.

Grant: Somehow I thought you were going to say that.

Ted: You start tomorrow. I've set up a couple interviews. Then we head for Chicago.

Grant: She's married, Ted.

Ted: What?

Grant: Sharly's married.

[Sharlene sighs]

[Bells chime]

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair--

Sharlene: Ugh! Just in the nick, Sharly girl. Just in time to get yourself out of this place. No way am I going to let those idiots keep me.

Taylor: You going someplace, Sharly?

Sharlene: Damn right I am. Why should I stay cooped up here?

Taylor: You shouldn't. Not if you're afraid of hospitals.

Sharlene: I'm not afraid of anything.

Taylor: Then why are you leaving?

Sharlene: Because it depresses me.

Taylor: I know.

Sharlene: You don't know anything about me.

Taylor: Ah, but I do. From the work I've done I've figured out that you were the one who was placed in a locked ward some time ago.

Sharlene: Jerks.

Taylor: But you got out. Sharly got out.

Sharlene: That's right. That's right, I made them take me out. And I wasn't afraid then and I'm not afraid now.

Taylor: You're a brave person, Sharly.

Sharlene: Yeah, don't you forget that, lady doctor.

Taylor: Why were you hospitalized, Sharly?

Sharlene: Look in your notes.

Taylor: I never really understood.

Sharlene: That's because you don't care. You don't give a damn about me. All you want is for Sharlene to drop me. Isn't that right?

Taylor: No.

Sharlene: Isn't that right?

Taylor: No. I want to know what you're about.

Sharlene: Well, you're never going to find out. No way. You can save your voodoo head-shrinking for somebody else because no way are you going to figure me out and no way am I going to let Sharlene go alone.

Taylor: Is that what you think I'm trying to get you to do?

Sharlene: I know that's what you want me to do. But you're beating your head against the wall, Doc. It's never going to happen. And the real kicker is Sharlene doesn't even want it to because she needs me.

Taylor: I think you're right.

Sharlene: I know I am. Of course I'm right. Sharlene is too fragile. She's--she's thin-skinned. That's why I came out.

Taylor: Because you're tough.

Sharlene: I can handle anything. Nothing ever gets Sharly down.

Taylor: You're lucky.

Sharlene: Yeah. I have a good time no matter what--no matter what, see, because I don't--I don't think everything right into the ground the way Sharlene does. I don't let anybody rain on my parade. No way. Life is too short.

Taylor: I agree.

Sharlene: So, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to blow this joint.

Taylor: Sharly, do you really think you can make it on your own, without John?

Amanda: You really don't have to hang out here anymore, Mom.

Rachel: I'm going to stay.

Amanda: I'd like you to go home and check on Alli.

Rachel: You don't want me to stay?

Amanda: Mom, I'm worried about Alli. I don't want her to be afraid.

Rachel: All right, but call me if this gets more complicated.

Amanda: All right, I will.

Rachel: And don't spend all of your time with Evan.

Amanda: Mom, this man is in critical condition.

Rachel: You will make a bad situation worse, Amanda.

Amanda: I know what I'm doing.

Rachel: I hope you do. Call me.

Amanda: I will.

Sam: Amanda, I'm trying to understand. You accused me of trying to kill Evan.

Amanda: I don't want to talk about this.

Sam: You don't want to talk about it. You told the cops that I'm a murderer.

Amanda: I never said anything like that.

Sam: Then what did you say? I'm--

[Amanda sighs]

Sam: Amanda, you've talked to everybody else, now talk to me.

Amanda: You said that you had forgiven me. But you hadn't. It wasn't true.

Sam: My God, he's really poisoned you against me.

Amanda: You are the one that's poisoned, Sam. I saw it, but I couldn't do anything about it.

Sam: What did you see, Amanda?

Amanda: All that hatred inside of you.

Sam: You saw exactly what Evan wanted you to see. He's done his best to cut me down.

Amanda: Don't you dare play the victim.

Sam: I'm not playing anything!

Amanda: Evan didn't need do anything. I'm not blind.

Sam: To what? You say you saw hatred. When? Where?

Amanda: All the time, everywhere. Ever since I told you about Evan and me. Even before that.

Sam: What did I do? How did I act?

Amanda: You frightened me. You still do. You're doing it right now.

Sam: By trying to talk to you?

Amanda: Talking to me? Yes, you talked. You said all the right things. But I looked in your eyes and I still saw how much you hated me.

Sam: I loved you. I love you now.

Amanda: No, you are too angry to love.

Sam: I'm angry because I can't believe that you're buying all this garbage that Evan is feeding you!

Amanda: Don't blame Evan anymore. It's you. You wanted revenge.

Sam: I wanted my wife back... the wife that I promised to love for the rest of my life. That's all.

Amanda: You had me. I tried so hard to make you happy. You wouldn't let me.

Sam: No, Evan wouldn't let you. He was always showing up, he was always calling, he was always hanging around.

Amanda: Sam, that's what I mean with you. That's what's sick. You are imagining all of this.

Sam: Oh, he didn't hang around? I imagined that he was calling all the time? I imagined him showing up at the house?

Amanda: That's still no reason for you to want to kill him.

Sam: If I wanted to kill him, Amanda, he'd be dead.

Amanda: And me?

Sam: What are you talking about?

Amanda: You had this plan for a long time. But you made some mistakes. You were a little too obvious.

Sam: About what?

Amanda: You wanted to kill me, too.

Sam: You say that as if you actually believed it.

Amanda: I do.

Sam: Then guess it really is over between us, isn't it?

Courtney: I am ready for you now, Amanda.

Matt: I think Sam was trying to hurt Amanda.

Frankie: Are you serious?

Cass: What makes you say that?

Matt: She told me a few things and she was scared--really scared.

Cass: She was upset when she came to talk to me about getting a divorce, more than just the normal upset, but she wouldn't say much of anything except to ask me about her legal options.

Frankie: Evan is very much in love with Amanda. It is no accident that he's in there.

Cass: Let's find out some facts before we accuse anyone.

Frankie: Well, it doesn't matter anyway, does it, because whatever they charge Sam with, he'll get off because he's married to a Cory.

Matt: Oh, right.

Frankie: Sorry, Matthew.

Cass: Frankie, you're jumping to conclusions here. I'll bet there's a lot more to this than we know.

Matt: Evan is not completely blameless in all this, you know.

Cass: Matt--

Frankie: Even if he isn't, is that any reason for him to be in there?

Cass: Come on, you two.

Frankie: John, how is he?

John: This is what's going on. Evan has had a severe head injury. He's drifting in and out of consciousness. It also appears that he has bruised his heart. So we're going to keep him in Intensive Care.

Frankie: For how long?

John: I'm not sure. We can monitor him better here.

Frankie: Can I see him again?

John: Sure.

Frankie: Evan, honey? It's Frankie. You hang in there, ok? You come back to us.

Olivia: I don't believe I'm hearing this.

Sam: Well, I don't believe I'm saying it.

Olivia: I wish I could just go right in there and tell them exactly what----

Sam: No, I don't think that that would help.

Olivia: Evan and Amanda are not exactly blameless in this.

Sam: I feel so bad. I just can't believe it.

Olivia: Well, of course you can't. Who would?

Sam: Evan and I were fighting. I was just defending myself. I mean, it could've just as easily been me who fell.

Olivia: And Amanda won't even listen to you?

Sam: He's got her completely brainwashed.

Olivia: God, it makes me so angry. I wish I could do something.

Sam: Well, there's nothing to do. There's nothing to do but wait.

Olivia: Well, I'm going to wait with you.

Sam: You don't have to do that.

Olivia: If I don't, who will?

Sam: Good point.

Olivia: Sam, you're not alone.

Courtney: So what we have here is either a felony or an unfortunate accident. Now, when Evan showed up, what did he want?

Amanda: I asked him to come over.

Courtney: Why?

Amanda: Because I wanted his help. I was afraid.

Courtney: Now, you said earlier that Evan called here the other day. I assume you know why he called?

Amanda: [Sighs] This is so hard.

Courtney: Take your time.

Amanda: He called because he wanted to tell you, the police, that I was afraid of my husband.

Courtney: Why?

Amanda: Because Sam was--I thought he was planning something.

Courtney: Because he knew that you had an affair with Evan?

Amanda: How did you know? Oh, God, I didn't want this to happen.

Courtney: You'd better tell me about it, Amanda.

Amanda: It was brief.

Courtney: But Sam knew that, and that made you afraid?

Amanda: He said he'd forgiven me, but he hadn't.

Courtney: How do you know?

Amanda: Because of the things that he did.

Courtney: What things?

Amanda: He took out a power of attorney for no good reason. He took out a life insurance policy on me without even discussing it.

Courtney: Maybe he thought that he was taking care of his family.

Amanda: The brakes on my car failed. The lines were cut. Is that taking care of his family?

Courtney: No, if he's the one that did it.

Amanda: I found a pistol. Sam hates guns.

Courtney: Did Sam know that Evan was afraid for you?

Amanda: Well, I think by today there was no doubt.

Courtney: Amanda, do you think Evan's fall was accidental?

Amanda: I don't know. I can't be sure.

Courtney: What's the matter?

Amanda: I'm afraid. I'm still afraid for myself and for my little girl.

Courtney: You know, we can get a court order to keep Sam away from you.

Amanda: No. Everything is public now. I'm safe. We're not going to be living together. I don't think there's any need for a court order.

Courtney: It's up to you.

Amanda: Are we finished yet?

Courtney: Just about.

Amanda: Can I go see Evan now?

Courtney: Sure. Sam, I'm ready for you.

Amanda: I'm going home...to my mother's house.

Olivia: You're wrong about Sam. You always were and you'll live to regret it.

Reporter: Mrs. Fowler--

Second reporter: A few words please?

First reporter: Will you seek a divorce, Mrs. Fowler?

Second reporter: Do you think it was an accident?

Sharlene: None of your damn business.

Taylor: I just thought that it was some huge--

Sharlene: You just thought I was going to spill my guts out to you. I know how you shrinks operate. I'm not stupid.

Taylor: No. No, that you're not.

Sharlene: I will tell you one thing, though. Sharlene needs me a hell of a lot more than I need her.

Taylor: You really think so?

Sharlene: I know so.

Taylor: Well, maybe if Sharlene is willing to do the work to become integrated.

Sharlene: No, no!

Taylor: I'd like to speak to Sharlene now.

Sharlene: She can't handle it on her own. Didn't I just tell you that?

Taylor: I want to hear that from Sharlene.

Sharlene: She doesn't have the guts!

Taylor: I'd like to hear that from her because I think she's changing. I think she's realizing that she has to find other ways of dealing with her pain.

Sharlene: I am her way of dealing!

Taylor: Sharly, you no longer have to carry that burden all alone. I'm going to speak to Sharlene now. Sharlene? Sharlene, understand that you have John--someone who loves you, someone who wants to help you to get well. Sharlene, this is something you haven't had in a very long time. Hello, Sharlene. I was just telling Sharly that what you want is to get well and to be with your husband.

Sharlene: Yes. Yes, I want to get well.

Elaine: I thought I might find you here, Dr. Hudson.

John: Well, Dr. Rutherford. What's the problem?

Elaine: Your lack of professionalism is the problem, Doctor. You see, I'm tired of getting calls from the Chief Resident saying he can't locate Dr. Hudson because you're off somewhere on the phone with your wife.

John: That is a complete distortion.

Elaine: I don't think so. It's painfully obvious to me and your co-workers that you're putting your personal problems ahead of your job.

John: Are any of my patients complaining?

Elaine: I have to protect this hospital, Doctor. And as far as I'm concerned, your job is on the line.

John: What?

Elaine: And I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't be relieved of your duties, right now.

John: Are you threatening me?

Elaine: You should've been in E.R. Now, I'm putting you on warning, Doctor. Whatever's going on in your personal life is affecting your proficiency here at this hospital.

John: Elaine, you have the compassion of a rock.

Elaine: My job here is patient care. And that means if one patient isn't getting what he or she is entitled to, I'm going to be all over you like a virus.

Taylor: She can be really tough.

John: Yeah, well...it's no big deal. Hi.

Sharlene: It is a big deal.

John: No.

Sharlene: It's my fault.

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: John, I'm ruining your career.

John: Come on, come on, Elaine Rutherford is nothing more than an uptight pedant with a grudge, and you certainly didn't have anything to do with that. Besides, you're infinitely more important to me than my career. If being a doctor means not having enough time with you, then to hell with it, it's just not worth it.

Sam: I told you what happened. Evan and I were arguing. It got physical. He slipped and he fell.

Courtney: Who threw the first punch?

Sam: I repeat--I don't know. You know how things like this get started.

Courtney: Yes, I do. Now, how did you say Evan lost his balance?

Sam: I didn't. All I said was that he had me pinned and I was trying to get up, which I did, and the next thing I knew, he fell.

Courtney: How do you feel about Evan Bates?

Sam: What kind of question is that? How would you feel about somebody who's trying to steal the person that you love?!

Courtney: How long has this been building up?

Sam: What does length of time have to do with anything?

Courtney: Because when Amanda was in here, she said she thought you wanted to hurt her.

Sam: He put that in her head. He's been--he'll do anything to try to turn her against me.

Courtney: Did you know Evan and Amanda had an affair?

Sam: That's irrelevant.

Courtney: It isn't if he dies.

Sam: Look, I knew. And it killed me. But it was over. Amanda said it was, and I wanted her back.

Courtney: Badly enough to threaten him with a gun?

Sam: Look, I didn't know that the gun was there. I have a daughter who lives with us in that loft. Do you think that I would keep a gun in that apartment?

Courtney: I see.

Sam: No, you don't.

Courtney: Yes, I do. And I understand. Ok, that's it.

Sam: I can go?

Courtney: I'll need you for further questioning later, so don't leave town without telling me.

Sam: Ok.

Olivia: Come on, let's go.

Reporter: Mr. Fowler, did you do it?

Second reporter: Was it self-defense?

First reporter: Did you push him?

Felicia: Well, is Evan going to be all right?

Rachel: He's on the critical list.

Mitch: What about Sam?

Rachel: He's all right. I didn't talk to him, though.

Mitch: Where is he now?

Rachel: He's, uh--he's at the police station with Amanda. They're there for questioning.

Mitch: Are you saying the police could-- think I better get over there. If Sam loses his temper--

Felicia: Honey, whatever you find out, let us know, all right?

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: He's right about Sam's temper.

Felicia: What about Amanda? I mean, is she ok?

Rachel: She's all right. She will be if the press leave her alone.

Felicia: You mean they already know about this?

Rachel: They were all over the police station.

Ken: They even came out here.

Rachel: Obviously, they're going to turn this into some sort of sick morality play.

Ken: Rachael, what I think you need is a little rest.

Felicia: Yes, I think Ken' right, and I'm going to get out of here so you can do just that.

Rachel: No, please don't go. I--I need you. I need a friend right now.

Felicia: All right.

Rachel: What are you doing here? I can't believe you have the nerve to be in my house still.

Paulina: I--I was just--

Rachel: I wanted you out of this house, Paulina.

Paulina: I was worried about Amanda.

Rachel: Oh, I see. Now you're going to pretend to be concerned about your sister, is that it?

Felicia: Honey?

Rachel: She claims she's Mac's daughter.

Felicia: What?

Rachel: She claims Mac knew her mother in Central America.

Felicia: Well, is there any truth to that?

Rachel: Of course there isn't. She saw the bit, that' s all. She's being doing research ever since she worked here. It's just been a really lousy day.

Ted: Well, it's been a long time since I've been in a tenement like that.

Grant: Well, it's because you're such a snob, Ted. Sharly works for a living, unlike some of the rest of us. Al, how about a couple of beers here, please?

Ted: Well, the landlady said she hadn't seen her for a couple of days. It's possible that she just missed her.

Grant: Nothing gets by that landlady. Am I crazy, Ted, wanting her?

Ted: Well, I think that what you heard may be for the best-- help you get over her.

Grant: I don't want to get over her. I love her.

Ted: All right, all right. Onward and upward. Let me tell you about a couple of the interviews I've set up. Now, the first one is with a lady who's got no idea of what to do with her money--and she's got a lot of it--and she fancies herself a freelance writer.

Grant: So what am I doing talking to her anyway?

Ted: Well, you know, chat her up a little bit, flatter her.

Grant: I know, and then she'll give us a check. Stop, it's all too exciting for me.

Ted: Yeah? It could be worse. At least she's good-looking. In fact, she's very--

Grant: You don't have to sell me, Ted. I will do it. But you got to do something for me. I want you to track down Sharly. I don't know how you do it or how you're going to do it, but just track her down for me.

[Monitor beeps]

Amanda: This is all my fault. Please try to come back. Please. I need you here with me.

[Evan mumbles]

Amanda: What?

Evan: Sam.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Forgive me, Amanda.

Amanda: Forgive you for what? What would I ever need to forgive you for?

[Monitor slows]

Amanda: Evan? What was that? What--what's going on?

John: Amanda--

Amanda: What?

John: Amanda, you better leave.

Amanda: What is it?

John: Evan, this is John Hudson. Can you hear me? Evan?

Amanda: What's wrong?

John: His blood pressure's dropping. He's lapsing into a coma.

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