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Another World Transcript Tuesday 5/2/06

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[Knock on door]

Ken: What are you doing here?

Rachel: Oh, it's nice to see you, too.

Ken: I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting you.

Rachel: Yes, I know. Peru?

Ken: Yeah, a project.

Rachel: Really?

Ken: It's complicated.

Rachel: Well, I've had a pretty good attention span since I graduated from high school.

Ken: That's what I mentioned to you the other night. It's an Incan treasure.

Rachel: Ah, so you really are going on that dig?

Ken: The one I've waited for all my life.

Rachel: So why don't you tell me about it?

Ken: There's something else I ought to talk to you about first.

Rachel: What?

Ken: Paulina.

[Woman shrieks]

Jamie: Bonjour, Guillaume.

Guillaume: Bonjour, Dr. Frame. No messages today.

Jamie: Thank you. Do you know Ms. Love? She's staying here at the hotel.

Guillaume: Yes, I do.

Jamie: Have you seen her today? I've been trying her room for a couple of hours and there's been no answer.

Guillaume: Oh, Ms. Love left just a few minutes ago.

Jamie: Oh, I see. Thank you.

Donna: Jake? Jake!

Jake: What?

Donna: Why aren't you up yet?

Jake: You don't quiet down, I'm gonna kick you out the window.

Donna: How could you?

Jake: How could I what?

Donna: Why didn't you tell me Victoria had seen the tape?

Jake: Because I didn't think it would be a good idea to talk about us sleeping together in front of your husband, who you were home with all night, all right?

Donna: It was awful. It was worse than I imagined.

Jake: Did Vicky tell Michael?

Donna: Not yet. But I don't know what she's thinking. I've never seen her this angry. Oh, Jake, what have we done?

Vicky: Wish I had a picture.

Donna: Victoria.

Vicky: Boy, oh, boy, I wish Marley was here to see this.

Jake: Watch it, Vicky.

Vicky: She thought she hated me when I slept with you, Jake. Just think how she's going to feel knowing you had an affair with our mother.

Rachel: You wanted to talk to me about Paulina?

Ken: Yeah, I think maybe I interfered there.

Rachel: No, you didn't. I asked for your advice and you gave it to me. I was ready to make a decision that wasn't mine to make.

Ken: About firing her?

Rachel: Yes, no matter what her story is, she takes terrific care of my grandson. Can't let her go now while Jamie is gone, so I might as well wait till he comes back and he can make the decision.

Ken: Well, I realize I was the one that persuaded you to wait.

Rachel: Yes, you were right.

Ken: Well, if anything went wrong, I would feel awfully responsible.

Rachel: Why should you feel responsible for Paulina's behavior?

Ken: I--I guess you're right. What does bring you here today?

Rachel: Oh. Well, I was wondering what kind of an answer I was going to come up with.

Ken: Any luck?

Rachel: Well, I wanted to get out of the house. I wanted to take a drive, and I wanted to come here.

Ken: Well, I'm glad.

Rachel: Good. I'm glad you're glad.

Ken: We're both glad. Now that we've established that, I have a proposition for you.

Rachel: What?

Ken: How would you like to let me take you out tonight?

Rachel: Where?

Ken: Can I surprise you?

Rachel: You can try.

Ken: Good. I will. I have something very special in mind.

Paulina: Oh, Steven, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted.

[Steven babbles]

Paulina: Yeah, that's a car. Here, this is a phone. You scared me to death.

Derek: Nice life, Paulina. Where do I sign up? Hey, Steven.

Paulina: How did you get in here?

Derek: I talked my way past the cook.

Paulina: What are you trying to do, get me fired or something?

Derek: What is with you this morning?

Paulina: Nothing. I just want to keep things cool around here until Jamie gets back, that's all.

Derek: Oh, are you in trouble again?

Paulina: No, what do you mean, "again"?

Derek: Well, the Corys found out that you lied to them, so I figured--

Paulina: No, I'm fine. Everything is fine. Mrs. Cory's just been riding me just a little hard these last few days and I don't want any problem, that's all.

Derek: Now, look, I can take off if you want me to.

Paulina: No, I mean, you may as well stay. She's not here anyway.

Derek: You really are watching your step today, aren't you?

Paulina: I don't have any choice.

Derek: Hey, I don't think this was such a hot idea after all. I'll just take off.

Paulina: Derek, wait. What are you doing here anyway?

Derek: I felt like talking, and now, I don't, ok? So, that's it.

Paulina: No, Derek, I'm sorry. Listen, I was being a pain. Forgive me. What is it? What's wrong with you?

Derek: Oh, a lot. Paulina, a lot is real wrong.

Paulina: Is it Stacey? You guys haven't patched things up yet?

Derek: No, and I don't think we're going to.

Michael: Ok, so what you do is you get the sports page right here and then here's the box score. And when you learn how to read these symbols right here, you can tell, like, how well, let's say, Ryne Sandberg did yesterday or how well Len Dawson did yesterday.

Mikey: I like the Mets.

Michael: You like the Mets? You can't like the Mets. You got to like the Cubs. The Cubs are really great. You can't like the Mets.

Mikey: Why?

Michael: Because it's--it's--it's a rule. It's a rule that I just made and you got to listen to me! You got to do what I want you to do! That's why, that's why, that's why.

[Doorbell rings] It's the door.

Mikey: Uh-oh.

Michael: Uh-oh. I'll tell you what--I'll go get the door, you stay here, ok? Maybe color. Jeez, it might be the cops. Ok, I'll be right back. Stacey.

Stacey: Michael, hi. Can I come in?

Michael: Please, come on in.

Stacey: Thanks.

Michael: Stacey, you know Mikey, my son.

Stacey: Hi, Mikey.

Michael: I was just trying to brainwash him into liking the Cubs, but I don't seem to be having a lot of success.

Stacey: Yeah, listen, there's something important that I have to talk to you about.

Michael: Uh, is it about the custody?

Stacey: Yeah. Something has been bothering me, and I cannot talk to you about it anymore.

[Telephone rings]

Michael: Ok, please, sit down. Make yourself at home. I'll be right with you.

Stacey: Ok, thanks.

Michael: Hello?

Stacey: Hey, Mikey. What are you up to?

Mikey: Coloring.

Stacey: What are you coloring? Oh, wait; this is my favorite color--magenta. I used to use that all the time.

Michael: Stacey, I have to go down to the office, and Donna's not here and the housekeeper--it's her day off. Look, I really have to sign these documents. Um--

Mikey: Daddy, can I come, too?

Michael: Well, you might have to, buddy, although it'll be really, really boring.

Stacey: Michael, would it be ok if I watched him?

Michael: Would you?

Stacey: Yeah, I'd love to. I--I'd still like to talk to you, though.

Michael: Well, I very much want to talk to you. Look, it won't take me very long. I should be back in less than an hour.

Stacey: That's fine.

Michael: Sport, look, I'm going to go down to the office by myself. I'm going to sign these papers, I'll come back. You stay here with Stacey. You'll be ok? Huh, huh, huh? Ok, I'll see you then in a little while. Ok. Stacey, thank you very much. Let me get my coat here.

Stacey: Oh, you're welcome, yep.

Michael: Look, you can have lunch, make yourself at home, but don't let him talk you into having popcorn for lunch. We had it for breakfast.

[Stacey laughs]

Stacey: Hey, would you mind if I did some coloring, too? Is there any particular color you think would be good? Should I use the same one as you or different? Oh, what color is this? "Raw umber." I never even heard of this color. Let's see what it is. Oh, it's like a green. You know, I once had a daughter that loved to color. It was one of her favorite things to do.

[Doorbell rings] Somebody at the door. I'll be right back, baby doll. Hello.

Eve: Are you the babysitter?

Stacey: No. Who is it you wanted to see?

Eve: Is Mikey all right?

Stacey: Yeah.

Eve: Please, I'm his mother and I need to see him.

Donna: Marley must never know about this.

Vicky: Really? Why do you say that?

Jake: Can it Vicky. Your threats won't wash.

Vicky: You know, you do look good together. Too bad it's so repulsive.

Donna: I know you're still upset.

Vicky: Upset? Me? No, furious and sick to my stomach maybe, but--but not upset.

Donna: What do you want?

Vicky: Don't get uppity with me, mother. I hold all the cards here.

Donna: It's not going to do any good to get angry.

Vicky: Oh, it makes me feel a hell of a lot better!

Jake: I think I'm going to go take a shower.

Vicky: Make it good and cold.

Jake: Go to hell, Vicky.

Vicky: I'll see you there, Jake. Oh, good, let's get into some real serious girl talk, ok?

Donna: Stop it. Just stop it.

Vicky: I asked you if it was over between the two of you, and you said yes!

Donna: It is over!

Vicky: Oh, is that why you have your hands all around him when I walked in the door?

Donna: Victoria, let me ask you a question. Are you upset because of what I did with Jake?

Vicky: I think it's quite enough.

Donna: Or are you jealous of me?

Vicky: Jealous? You think I'm jealous of you?

Donna: I don't know what you are.

Vicky: Well, I know exactly what you are.

Donna: I didn't abandon--

Vicky: Stop it! Just don't compare yourself to me anymore.

Donna: I'm not perfect. I never pretended to be.

Vicky: Just how long did it take you to jump into bed with Jake after you and Dad split up, huh?

Donna: You're speaking from your anger, and I'm not going to dignify that with an answer.

Vicky: What are you going to do when Dad finds out?

Donna: He isn't...is he?

Vicky: I don't know. I mean, I--I never thought anybody would find out about Jake and me. Then next thing I knew, everyone was talking about it at the dinner table, so who knows?

Donna: Is this how we're going to co-exist, Victoria? Every time I turn my back, I have to wonder if you're going to tell your father what I've done? Well, it's not going to be like that, I'm telling you that right now.

Vicky: Really? Oh, how--how is it going to be?

Donna: Tell him, tell him! Tell him if you have to, but let me know one way or the other, right now. I'm not going to be strung along for the rest of my life, and I'm not going to live in fear of you.

Vicky: I don't think you're in any position to make ultimatums, mother.

Donna: Well, I'm issuing one right now. Are you going to tell your father I slept with Jake or not?

Eve: He seems fine. Is he running a temperature?

Stacey: No.

Eve: Well, maybe it broke this morning after I called to check on him.

Stacey: Ms. Miller, I don't understand what you're talking about. Mikey isn't sick.

Eve: Oh, that's wonderful, because for almost a week now Mrs. Hudson hasn't let me visit with him because he's been too ill for visitors.

Stacey: I don't believe this.

Eve: I'm sorry, what's your name?

Stacey: Stacey Winthrop. I'm a--a friend of the family.

Eve: Ms. Winthrop, I know you don't know me, but--

Stacey: Actually, I do know you. I know a lot about you.

Eve: Well, I just wouldn't feel right leaving without spending a little time with him and making sure that he's--

Stacey: No, it's all right. Listen, I understand, believe me I do.

Eve: He doesn't know who I am, and I'm not about to say anything. If I could just--

Stacey: Please, go. Go and talk to him.

Eve: Thank you very much. Hi.

Stacey: You deserve to be with your son.

Vicky: How is Dad?

Donna: Answer my question.

Vicky: Let's talk about something else, ok?

Donna: He's fine. As a matter of fact, he hasn't been this happy in a long time.

Vicky: Why don't you tell me how he really feels?

Donna: Your father and I have taken a tremendous step forward. It was a very long and difficult separation.

Vicky: What--what do you mean, "it was"?

Donna: You remember the other night when you were there and your father said, "I'd like to be alone with your mother"?

Vicky: Oh. You two are--

Donna: Yes, we are. And it's been a long time.

Vicky: But you had Jake there through it all as your lover, right?

Donna: You don't know what you're talking about.

Vicky: You're telling me you still love Dad?

Donna: I've always loved your father.

Vicky: Is that why you kicked him out and filed for divorce?

Donna: Victoria, you know why! He's the father of my children. We have a lifetime together. We've had separations. We've had hard times and a lot of pain, but we've always come back together--always--in spite of ourselves, in spite of everything. Can you understand that?

Vicky: What I know is not just something I can ignore for the rest of my life.

Donna: So you're going to use that to hurt everybody that you care about? I know that you find it very difficult to conceive of forgiving me right now, but one day you might regret that. One day you may need me again. You can take your love away from me, but you can't make me stop loving you. I'm your mother. I always will be. You think about that. I have to go home. I promised Michael I'd spend the day with him and Mikey.

Jake: Did Donna leave?

Vicky: Yes.

Jake: Damn it, Vicky, I needed to speak to her.

Vicky: Well, obviously, she has nothing to say to you, Jake.

Jake: Look, I know you're a little ticked off, but I am not in the mood for one of your lectures.

Vicky: One question.

Jake: Later, Vicky.

Vicky: When you were in bed with my mother, were you thinking of Marley?

Man: Hello.

Marley: I asked you to leave me alone. Why won't you listen to me?

[Speaking French] No, no!

Jamie: The lady wants to be left alone.

Man: The lady doesn't know what she wants.

Jamie: Marley!

Eve: Hmm, I would love to see your new baseball.

Mikey: Ok.

Eve: Do you want to go upstairs and get it? Ok, great. I'll wait here. You can go and get it. I don't know how to thank you.

Stacey: You don't have to thank me. You've got permission from the courts to see him.

Eve: Listen, he said he wasn't sick at all. I didn't ask any questions. I didn't want to confuse him.

Stacey: Right, of course not.

Eve: But, um--do you have any children?

Stacey: Um, actually, I had a daughter, but she died a couple years ago.

Eve: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Stacey: Thank you.

Eve: I know how you feel. I really do. I thought I'd lost my son forever.

Stacey: But you haven't.

Eve: No. And now I have a chance to get him back. And I feel very blessed that I have a second chance with him.

Stacey: I know.

Michael: I'm home.

Stacey: Michael.

Eve: Hello, Mr. Hudson.

Michael: Mrs. Miller. I didn't expect to see you today.

Stacey: Oh, why don't I explain the situation to Mr. Hudson?

Eve: Mikey's upstairs. I could take him that balloon, if you don't mind.

Michael: No, go right ahead.

Eve: Thank you.

Michael: Explain what? What the hell's going on?

Stacey: She rang the bell and she told me who she was and she practically begged me to see Mikey.

Michael: Begged you? Why would you do that?

Stacey: Because Donna told her that he was sick all this week and he couldn't have visitors.

Michael: What?!

Stacey: Yeah, so she came by just to make sure that he was all right. I couldn't say no, Michael. She broke my heart.

Michael: Stacey--

Stacey: And it was wrong of Donna to say that.

Michael: Look, I'm not going to defend Donna's behavior, all right, but she has--she has her reasons.

Stacey: There is no reason that is good enough to keep a mother from her son.

Michael: You're exactly right. And Mikey is Donna's son. You are an attorney. You of all people should know that.

Stacey: I also was a mother and I lost my child.

Michael: Well, forgive me, but I think that you may have lost your objectivity here.

Stacey: Maybe I have. But I still don't buy it. And I'm not going to sit around and watch you destroy those people.

Michael: "Those people"? Stacey, those people were negligent. They allowed Mikey to be kidnapped. Do you know that?

Stacey: I know that Donna is trying to get Cass to drag out these proceedings so that they go bankrupt and they don't even have an opportunity to fight for their son. How could you take Mikey like that from--after you destroyed his biological parents? Michael, how could you live with that?

Paulina: Have you talked about it?

Derek: Paulina, Stacey and I spent more time talking about us than being an "us."

Paulina: I don't understand. You guys are crazy about each other, right?

Derek: Yes, we are. Well, at least I am.

Paulina: Well, then I don't see the need for the melodrama.

Derek: Look, Paulina, it's not that simple. Stacey and I are from two very different worlds. I mean, it's--it's like you and the Corys. Look at this place.

Paulina: Stacey isn't a Cory.

Derek: She might as well be.

Paulina: Well, so what?

Derek: Look, Paulina, I don't want to hurt your feelings, and don't take this the wrong way, but if you haven't been there, you can't really talk about it. The differences between Stacey and me are real.

Paulina: More real than your love for each other?

Derek: Well, sometimes you just have to let it go... even if you love somebody.

Paulina: Derek?

Derek: Yeah?

Paulina: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Derek: Think so, huh?

Paulina: Yes, it is. And now you've totally depressed me, thank you very much.

Derek: Oh, hey, anytime. You know, first 3 visits are free. Hey, and I got a painkiller prescription for you. I think you need to cool off.

Paulina: What?

Derek: No, I think you need to go back in the pool.

Paulina: What are you thinking about?

Derek: No, I think you should go back in the pool, don't you?

Paulina: Don't you even think about it! Don't you dare, Derek!

Derek: You know, you're pretty cute when you beg.

Paulina: You put me down!

Rachel: I think that would be an excellent idea, Derek, don't you?

Derek: I'm sorry, Mrs. Cory. I really wasn't going to throw her in the pool.

Rachel: Of course you weren't. That would've been dangerous, wouldn't it?

Derek: Yes, ma'am.

Paulina: I'm sorry, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: We have definite rules in this house, especially when the children are around.

Paulina: Steven is fine. We just finished playing--

Rachel: One of those rules involves babysitting. We certainly don't entertain guests when we're working.

Derek: Mrs. Cory, now, Paulina did not ask me here. I just came by here to talk to her.

Paulina: Derek, I think I better speak with Mrs. Cory alone.

Derek: No, no, no. See, the problem here, if there is one, is mine. Paulina had nothing to do with this, you know? I--I think I'll go. Goodbye. I am sorry.

Rachel: It's all right.

Paulina: He's my friend. He needed to talk.

[Steven squeals]

Rachel: I see. So he was just going to throw you in, break the ice?

Paulina: I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry.

Rachel: My concern is for Steven.

Paulina: Steven is fine. I'd never neglect him.

Rachel: Why don't you just take the afternoon off, Paulina?

Paulina: What about the baby?

Rachel: I've raised 3 children by myself. I think I can handle one toddler for an afternoon.

Paulina: But I want to be with him.

Rachel: Just take the afternoon off, Paulina.

Paulina: Whatever you say.

Rachel: Well, that's what I say. Come on there, champ.

Paulina: He hasn't had any lunch yet.

Rachel: Ok, ok. We can handle it. Ok?

Paulina: I'm not going to take this anymore.

Eve: Thank you for letting me see my son, Miss Winthrop. I'll be in touch, Mr. Hudson.

Michael: Thank you, Ms. Miller. You want to tell me how you know that--that Donna is trying to bankrupt the Millers?

Stacey: Well, as I said, she's trying to get Cass to delay the proceedings. I know it's Cass' case and not mine, but we work in the same office and I overheard.

Michael: But nobody said anything to me about this.

Stacey: Yeah, well, I didn't think they would.

Michael: What is Cass thinking?

Stacey: He's angry at me for butting in, but frankly, I don't know where he stands on this.

Michael: Well, look, I can tell you this, Stacey. I'm going to have a conversation with Donna. I'm going to talk to her about this. I mean, no one is going to be exploited here, but-- I want you to understand that Donna is trying to protect her son in the only way she knows how.

Stacey: And the only way she knows how is unfair. How can you accept that?

Michael: I have been in love with that woman all of my adult life. I know her strengths, I know her weaknesses. And I accept that we sometimes do things very differently.

Stacey: Well, I just hope that she rethinks her position. I know it's hard for you to accept, but the Millers have rights, too--the same rights that you have. Well, thanks for listening to me.

Michael: Thank you for watching Mikey.

Stacey: Yeah, no problem.

Donna: Hello, Stacey. What are you doing here?

Stacey: I had business with Michael.

Donna: Oh, I see you're just leaving.

Stacey: You had a visitor while you were gone. Eve Miller came by to see how her son was doing.

Donna: He's my son.

Jake: Marley left me, and there's nothing I could do to stop it.

Vicky: Oh, so you just started up with my mother?

Jake: You don't know what this is about, Vicky, so why don't you just shut up.

Vicky: I don't know what it's about? Have you forgotten who you're talking to, Jake?

Jake: Go home, Vicky.

Vicky: How could you do it?

Jake: Oh, things just happen. Remember, Vick?

Vicky: Not--not you, too.

Jake: What do you mean?

Vicky: Just forget it. Forget it.

Jake: I didn't plan this, you know?

Vicky: No, I don't know. I think you planned every single minute of it, Jake.

Jake: That's because you've been hurt so bad so many times, you wouldn't know special if it hit you between the eyes.

Vicky: "Special"?! Oh, it's special now?! You seduce my mother, and now it becomes special?!

Jake: We started a business together, Vicky! It just turned into much more!

Vicky: Pass the bicarbonate.

Jake: Her husband left her.

[Vicky sighs]

Jake: Know what that feels like, Vicky? Her husband left her. She felt abandoned, unloved, --unattractive.

Vicky: Oh, and you showed her the error of her ways?

Jake: I took care of her when your famous father wouldn't. I cared about her when she was so fragile I thought she was going to break in two. We spent a lot of time together, we became friends. I-- I liked her for the very first time in my entire life. When we made love--

Vicky: Spare me. The visual image I'm conjuring doesn't warm my heart.

Jake: Don't you see, Vicky? We really care about each other. All the physical stuff came later. We didn't try to hurt you, we didn't try to hurt Marley, we didn't try to hurt anyone. It just happened.

Vicky: Nothing just happens with you.

Jake: She matters to me, Vicky. I am not just going to walk away.

Vicky: Are you saying you're in love with my mother?

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: I saw you this afternoon.

Marley: You did?

Jamie: Come on, let's talk.

Jamie: Merci. Marley, I hope you're not angry with me.

Marley: For buying me lovely cake and tea? Of course not.

Jamie: No, no, for making you come and talk to me.

Marley: I like you, Jamie. I always have. And I know you're worried about me. I think it's very sweet.

Jamie: This guy I saw you with...he's the same one from the other night?

Marley: Mm-hmm, yes.

Jamie: If I'm being too nosy, just tell me.

Marley: You're being too nosy.

Jamie: Oh. Well, you looked a little uncomfortable when you were with him and I just wanted to make sure that everything was under control.

Marley: I've seen him a few times since I've been here. He thought I was a typical American tourist and assumed some things about me he shouldn't have. But I set him straight and I allowed myself to relax and enjoy myself with him.

Jamie: I kind of had the feeling that was the problem.

Marley: It's nothing I can't handle.

Jamie: I told him off earlier.

Marley: What did you say?

Jamie: Well, I saw you in the market and you moved away from him, and I didn't like what I saw and I told him to leave you alone. I'll punch his lights out if you want.

Marley: You'll what--you'll what?

Jamie: I thought you just said that he was bothering you.

Marley: I haven't needed a babysitter for a long, long time.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Marley: I'm not sweet Miss Polly pure-bred. For crying out loud, a man came on to me a little too strongly and the next thing I know, the mountain police are coming to my rescue.

Jamie: I--I had no idea that you felt this way.

Marley: Do I look like I can't take care of myself?

Jamie: Well, I--

Marley: I can. I can take care of myself. And I don't need anyone else's help. Ok?

Michael: Donna, Toby and Eve Miller can come and see Mikey anytime they like. I talked to Eve. She was, I must say, very understanding.

Donna: How generous of her.

Michael: Donna, these dirty tactics are going to backfire on us. I mean, if Eve tells the judge that you lied to her about Mikey's health--

Donna: All right, all right. You've made your point.

Michael: I hope so.

Donna: I just can't bear the idea of that woman having unsupervised visits with my child.

Michael: Donna, that woman has a court order. She's his mother.

Donna: I don't trust them. They neglected Mikey once and he was stolen from them. Some people deserve a second chance in life. Endangering the welfare of a child does not come under that category, not in my book.

Michael: Look, I know that you think you've been doing the right thing.

Donna: No, I don't know that I have done the right thing. It was the only thing I could do at the time. I don't always make the right choices, but I can't--I don't know how to justify every single decision I make. Sometimes decisions have to make themselves. And now I'm going to go upstairs and kiss our son hello.

Stacey: Hi.

Derek: I've been waiting for you. I hope that's ok.

Stacey: Yeah. It's fine. I didn't know when I would see you again.

Derek: I'm sorry it's taken this long.

Stacey: It's been a hard time.

Derek: I think about you all the time, Stacey.

Stacey: Yeah, I do the same. A lot of times I look at my watch and I'll try to figure out where you are, what you might be doing.

Derek: It's not enough though, is it?

Stacey: I don't know. I don't think it is.

Derek: Boy, I never thought I'd see this day.

Stacey: For a long time, I didn't think I'd see it either.

Derek: You know, when I first met you, I really gave you a hard time, didn't I?

Stacey: Yeah, you did.

Derek: Yeah, but you hung in there and we got together anyway.

Stacey: I loved you very much. I remember when we would spend time alone together. I used to think, "God, I can't imagine ever wanting anything more out of life than that."

Derek: I couldn't believe that you wanted to be with me.

Stacey: Of course I did. I really did. You know, I--I told a stranger about my daughter today.

Derek: Yeah?

Stacey: A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to do that. You helped me out a lot, Derek.

Derek: Oh, how can you say that?

Stacey: I had my emotions buried for years. And you helped dig me out of that.

Derek: Remember that time we went to the motor vehicles and I got my license? I didn't even know when my birthday was. You gave me one. Stacey, you gave me a real life.

Stacey: I didn't give you that.

Derek: Oh, well, maybe you took me to a place where I could make one for myself, you know? I think that's what happened.

Stacey: Derek, I'm so glad you were a part of my life. There were things that I never enjoyed before, and now I do. And you gave me that.

Derek: Well, maybe we can call it even, huh? You think, maybe, I guess?

Stacey: We can call it even.

Derek: Yeah. Stacey, will you promise me something, please? Uh--sorry. If you--if you ever need anything--anything--would you please call me first, ok?

Stacey: Derek, I want you in my life.

Derek: Oh, no, Stacey, I-- I don't think I can be just your friend.

Stacey: It's ok. I understand.

Derek: I love you.

Paulina: The bottom line is I can't hack this charade any longer.

Ken: I'm getting very tired of this conversation, Paulina.

Paulina: You know Mrs. Cory wants to fire me?

Ken: Don't worry about that. She won't do it without Jamie, and Jamie thinks you're fine.

Paulina: Sometimes I wish she would fire me. I can't play servant any longer, Ken. It's driving me crazy.

Ken: So what do you want to do?

Paulina: What do you think I want to do? I want to tell her.

Ken: Oh. Ok, fine. Let's do a little dry run. I'll be Rachel.

Paulina: All right.

Ken: You going to take this seriously or you want to fool around? Sit down.

Paulina: Ahem.

Ken: Ok, I'm Rachel. So, you never knew your mother?

Paulina: No, but I received a letter from her right before she died.

Ken: But you'd never heard from your mother until you received this letter, is that right?

Paulina: Right.

Ken: Then how did you know the letter was genuine?

Paulina: Why would anybody--

Ken: Where did the letter come from? You do have the envelope, don't you? What was the postmark? What town was it sent from?

Paulina: I don't know, Ken. We never discussed that.

Ken: Exactly. All right, now pretend I'm Iris.

[As Iris] Now, look, darling, you really can't expect us to accept you. You couldn't possibly be my father's child. You're such a common little thing. No bone structure, no brains. You can't really expect us to accept your ridiculous story.

Paulina: Ken...

Ken: [Normal voice] You don't think she's going to try to intimidate you with insults? She's going to eat you alive. She will have no mercy. All right, now I'm Ada.

[As Ada] Look, kiddo, you waltz in here with half a torn photograph taken God knows when, and you expect us to kill the fatted calf? What do you expect anyway, your own coming-out party? Why didn't you go find your mother, huh? Oh, no, you didn't really care about your mother. Let's get the fortune first and worry about good old Mom later.

Paulina: All right, enough!

Ken: [Normal voice] I make my point?

Paulina: Look, they can say whatever the hell they want to me, but I'm Mac's daughter and they can't take that away from me.

Ken: It's all in the timing, kiddo, all in the timing.

Paulina: But Rachel is out for blood, and if she fires me before--

Ken: Hey, don't you worry about that. You just get our story straight, inside and out. I'll handle Rachel... somehow.

Jamie: I'm really sorry I got in the way.

Marley: No, no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.

Jamie: Oh, it's ok.

Marley: It's not ok. I--let me take care of this, please? It's the least I can do.

Jamie: Whoa, whoa. This has something to do with Jake?

Marley: Uh, maybe a little.

Jamie: Marley, I thought the two of you were divorced.

Marley: You and Vicky keep dancing around each other and you two are divorced.

Jamie: We may be dancing, but as far as marriage is concerned, I think we've realized we have two left feet.

Marley: Maybe if we all hadn't jumped into the divorce thing so quickly, everything could've been settled and the pain would've been gone. Maybe we'd all still be married.

Jamie: I couldn't have done it. I don't think you could've either. Too much happened.

Marley: Jamie, you don't have the answers to everything.

Jamie: I didn't say I did. Marley, have you talked to Jake about getting back together?

Marley: Yeah, I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Jamie: Marley--

Marley: Just leave me alone, ok?

Jamie: Marley?

Jake: I have had my fill of this for one day.

Vicky: Yeah, ok, I'm leaving. I just want to warn you about one thing before you go barging in on my mother again.

Jake: Oh, Vick, what might that be?

Vicky: Mommie Dearest and Daddy are back together. I just heard that little tidbit of information from her, so you can ask her yourself. They're trying again. And maybe this time they can make it work.

Jake: Why don't you get on your little broomstick and fly to someone else's house, Vicky.

Vicky: Don't mess with her head, don't mess with their marriage. They go back a long way.

Jake: Like us.

Vicky: Like something you and I will never be lucky enough to know. You know, I guess you're going to have to find that "special feeling" with someone else's wife.

[Door closes]

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