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Vicky: I just want to talk to Mom alone for a moment.

Donna: Darling, your father and I are under a tremendous amount of pressure-- Lose Mikey.

Michael: What your Mom is really trying to say is that--Busy. I mean, we're busy getting-- Again, you know. So why don't you just say what you came here to say or leave?

Paulina: Who do I think I am?

Rachel: You heard me.

Paulina: Are you accusing me of stealing this?

Rachel: I asked you what you were doing with that.

Paulina: I was just looking at it. I can't believe you think I'd steal it.

Rachel: You were in my bedroom without my permission holding a personal object, Paulina.

Paulina: You're wrong about me, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Am I?

Paulina: Yes. And I think you should apologize.

Rachel: Paulina, you have lied to us on a number of occasions. Are you doing the same thing now?

Paulina: No.

Rachel: You just came in here to browse?

Paulina: If you knew who I really was, you wouldn't be saying these terrible things to me.

Grant: Nobody's going to pull us apart from now on. This is a night for romance. I'm going to-- oh...

Sharlene: Grant, Grant-- oh my God, Grant--

Grant: Sharly--

Sharlene: I--I'm right here, I'm right here. You're going to be all right. I'm going to take care of you.

Grant: Sharly.

Sharlene: What? I'm gonna be all--you'll be all right.

Grant: No.

Sharlene: What--what should I do?

Grant: Oh, I am not going to be...

Sharlene: What, what should I--

Grant: Call my doctor.

Sharlene: What?

Grant: Call my doctor, call Dr. John Hudson. Please...

Sharlene: Grant, honey, we're going to take it really easy, ok? Just--just--come here...

Grant: Ok...

Sharlene: Ok, all right, ok, hold on. You're going to try to stand now. Wait, let me help you.

Grant: Ok.

Sharlene: Don't--don't--ok.

Grant: Gonna sit just for a minute, while you--while you call the doc.

Sharlene: Listen, by the time they find him, I'll have you at the hospital, ok?

Grant: What?

Sharlene: Driving you. We are not going to waste any time.

Grant: No.

Sharlene: It's ok--why not, Grant?

Grant: Because you're afraid of the hospital.

Sharlene: No, don't worry about-- Don't.

Grant: Worry about you because I love you.

Sharlene: I know, I love you too. Come on, Grant, I love you back, can't I take care of you?

Grant: Just call him.

Sharlene: I can't. Grant, I--I'm going to love you back. I'll take care of you.

Grant: The--the hospital, that upsets you.

Sharlene: Don't worry about me, I can handle the hospital, I can handle anything, ok? Ok, ok, ok, are you ready? Ok, ok. Let's, let's go. Hold on, hold on, let's go.

Rachel: Who are you, then?

Paulina: Not who you think.

Rachel: So you've lied to us again?

Paulina: I lied when I first came here, but I am no thief.

Rachel: Well, you'll have to excuse me if I don't take your word for it.

Paulina: I was doing a favor for Mrs. Hobson.

Rachel: Oh, she sent you in here to poke around my personal things?

Amanda: Mom, have you seen Paulina anywhere? Oh. It's Steven.

Rachel: What about him?

Amanda: Oh, he woke up screaming and I can't calm him down, grandma can't calm him down, so Paulina, I was hoping you would--try?

Paulina: Sure, no problem. Where is he?

Amanda: He's is in the nursery with grandma.

Paulina: I'll go to him.

Amanda: Is there a problem?

Rachel: Nothing for you to worry about. So, you're up and around. Are you feeling better?

Amanda: Jamie is really lucky to have found Paulina, you know? I mean -- Just walk into a room and he starts beaming.

Rachel: You're changing the subject.

Amanda: No, I'm not; why would I do that?

Rachel: Are you feeling better?

Amanda: Yes, I'm feeling better.

Rachel: Well, you don't look as pale.

Amanda: I'm fine.

Rachel: Are you?

Amanda: Yes, I'm fine. I'm going to be fine.

Michael: Vicky?

Vicky: Ok, I'll go. I'll--I'll be back tomorrow.

Michael: Great, tomorrow seems like a great idea.

Vicky: In the morning.

Michael: What the--what the hell was that all about?

[Door slams]

Michael: Was I too rough on her?

Donna: I don't think so, no.

Michael: I mean, she didn't say it was urgent or anything.

Donna: Well, Victoria has a flair for the dramatic.

Michael: I'm thinking maybe I was a little hard on her. You know, my feelings were hurt, she didn't want to include me in the conversation. I don't know.

Donna: Michael, let's not talk about Victoria right now. This is our time.

Michael: And it has been a very long time.

Donna: Very long.

Michael: So, where were we?

Donna: I think we were about right there.

Michael: Right there?

Donna: Right there.

Michael: I like right there.

Donna: Right there.

Michael: Right there.

Marley: In the future, I would just prefer it if you didn't give anyone my room number before checking with me first.

Man: [French accent] I understand, mademoiselle.

Marley: Thank you. Will you make sure the concierge knows this evening?

Man: Of course, I'll take care of it. It won't happen again.

Marley: Thank you.

Jamie: Hi--

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: ...Is everything ok?

Marley: Yes, yes. It's fine.

Jamie: Is there a problem?

Marley: No, not any more.

Jamie: Good. Did I tell you how beautiful you looked last night?

Marley: No, thank you.

Jamie: You looked like you were having a good time.

Marley: That' s what I'm here for.

Jamie: But it didn't look like the good time was continuing this morning.

Marley: Are you busy this afternoon?

Jamie: Totally and utterly at large.

Marley: Would you like to go shopping with me?

Jamie: Shopping?

Marley: Oh, now you have to bring back something great for Steven, don't you?

Jamie: True, but I was going to cram in all the sightseeing I could.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: I'll make you a deal.

Marley: Mm-hmm?

Jamie: You go see the sights with me--

Marley: Mm-hmm?

Jamie: ...And I'll go shopping with you.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: Deal?

Marley: Thank you.

Taylor: I tried every number you gave me.

John: Tried the Pelican?

Taylor: They haven't seen or heard from her. I tried your house I don't know how many times.

John: Sharly is out, I know it.

Taylor: I think so, too.

John: I hate sitting around like this doing nothing. I've got to find her.

Taylor: I'll keep on it.

Grant: Thanks.

Nurse: Dr. Hudson?

John: Yes.

Nurse: Grant Harrison was just admitted.

John: What happened?

Nurse: All I was told is that he's in bad shape.

John: Why didn't anybody page me?

Nurse: He's in intensive care now.

Donna: Michael--

Michael: Mm, what?

Donna: But--

Michael: No buts, I don't want to talk, I don't want to think, all right? We've done far too much of that lately.

Donna: I know. It does get tiresome, I know.

Michael: Tiresome? It gives me headaches, I get headaches.

Donna: We do have to talk some time, all right?

Michael: No, no... tonight let's just--let's just be the two kids who fell in love--

Donna: Oh, that was such a long time ago.

Michael: Yeah, I know, but it seems like yesterday.

John: Told you that something like this could happen again, Grant.

Grant: So what you're saying is that this disease is holding steady, huh?

John: Yes.

Grant: What about that experimental drug? Are we any closer to getting it?

John: Dr. Frame is in Nice. Hopefully he'll be speaking with Dr. Hiver soon.

Grant: You think it's going to help?

John: Let's hope so. You know, there is another alternative.

Grant: What?

John: You could be flown to France and be treated there.

Grant: Oh, I can't. I can't do that, I can't leave Bay City.

John: Why not?

Grant: Well, let me just rephrase that. I can't leave the woman that I love. She can't leave Bay City.

John: Come on, Grant, we are talking about your life.

Grant: I know we are. But my life won't be worth a nickel if I lose her.

John: Have you explained things to her? Does she have any idea of how critical your condition is?

Grant: Where is she? She drove me here, where is she?

John: I wish you would worry a little bit less about her and a little bit more about yourself.

Grant: You think I'm not?

John: I'm sorry. I've had a rough couple of days. She's probably still down in the emergency room. I have to go down there; I'll see if I can find her. I'll send her up.

Grant: Thanks, doc. Thanks for everything.

John: I'm going to do my damndest to get you through this.

Grant: I know.

Taylor: How's your patient?

John: It's going to be a long night.

Taylor: It's that serious, then, huh?

John: He's not just a patient, he is a friend. A friend who needs me. If I don't find Sharlene...

Taylor: Well, maybe I will.

John: You're going to have to, because I can't leave.

Taylor: It's that bad?

John: We have no treatment for what he has got. Yeah...it doesn't look good.

Singer: You say I know it's a waste of time there's no use trying so scared that life's gonna pass you by your spirit dying not long ago I could feel your strength and your devotion what was so clear is now overcast with mixed emotion deep in your heart is the answer find it, I know it will pull you through get on your feet get up and make it happen get on your feet stand up and take some action get on your feet don't stop before it's over get on your feet the weight is off your shoulder Whoa way-oh whoa Get up and make it happen stand up, stand up stand up and take some action gotta get on your feet yeah, yeah don't stop before it's over get on your feet Way-oh whoa The weight is off your shoulders get on your feet get up, get up get up, make it happen get on your feet

Jamie: When you said lunch was on you, I thought you meant a restaurant.

Marley: No, but this was much more fun. Oui?

Jamie: Oui. Why don't I take you to dinner, return the favor.

Marley: I'm sorry, Jamie, I can't.

Jamie: Are you here with someone?

Marley: I've changed my mind. I would love to go to dinner with you.

Jamie: Great.

Michael: I've got to say I have enjoyed waking up this morning more than any other morning in recent memory.

Donna: I know it's been ages.

Michael: You know, for the longest time I've been so worried that I would never get you back. And now, Donna...

Donna: What?

Michael: Do I have you back?

Donna: You talk too much.

Michael: Ok, ok, ok. Well-- [Chuckles] ....I got a question, then. 'Tis well---

Donna: All right make it quick, make it quick.

Michael: I like that. I was--looking at you while you were asleep and I was thinking, I don't know, I was thinking about how much power you have over me.

Donna: What do you mean?

Michael: I mean that when you are happy, I'm happy, and when you are sad, I want to make you happy. And just how much more worthwhile life's worth living when you are in my life.

Donna: That's kind of dangerous, isn't it, giving somebody that much power?

Michael: Well, maybe. But I'm willing to risk it.

Donna: Well, I didn't want to admit this.

Michael: What?

Donna: That you have the same kind of power over me.

Michael: No.

[Donna laughs] Do I really?

Donna: You always have.

Michael: Is that right?

Donna: Yes.

[Michael laughs] And don't look so pleased with yourself.

Michael: Why not?

Donna: I've missed you so much.

Michael: Then why don't I stick around?

Donna: Michael...

Michael: I know it's too quick to make any major decisions. What about if we just take it one step at a time. One day at a time, ok?

Paulina: It was a picture of my father.

Ken: You had no business being in Rachel's bedroom looking through her private things.

Paulina: All I want to do is tell them, tell them that I'm a Cory. Then they won't treat me like this.

Ken: You do this your way and these people will tear you apart. You'll have no way of knowing the answers to the questions they're going to ask you. Now you've got to let me keep coaching you. You're only going to get one shot at this.

Paulina: You keep saying that, but I don't know--

Ken: No buts! Now you do things my way and we'll tell them, then they will understand why you had to lie. You do it your way, you could walk away with nothing.

Paulina: Why? It would be so simple just to tell them that you came to me.

Ken: And there goes the ball game, that's what I'm talking about.

Paulina: I think they'll understand.

Ken: You don't understand the Corys. You'll be dead in the water.

[Phone rings]

Ken: Odyssey.

Rachel: Ken, it's Rachel.

Ken: Hello.

Rachel: You think you could come over here?

Ken: Today? I'm a little busy, Rachel; could it wait?

Rachel: I'm having a problem with Paulina. Everybody around here adores her, but I'm beginning to wonder if I can trust my judgment.

Ken: I'll come over.

Rachel: If you're busy--

Ken: Rachel, I want to see you. Now, just let me tie up a few loose ends here and I'll be on my way. I'll see you soon.

Paulina: Going to see Rachel.

Ken: To try to bail you out. Listen, we're not going to debate about this any longer. Either we do it my way or we walk away from it now.

Sharlene: Hi.

Grant: Hey, there she is.

Sharlene: Oh, how you doing? You ok?

Grant: I am hanging in there, hanging in there.

Sharlene: You're looking a lot better.

Grant: I look like hell. But that's ok, I feel like hell, too.

Sharlene: You want me to split, so you can rest?

Grant: No, no, no, no, stay. Stay.

Sharlene: Ok, I'm here.

Grant: Stay with me.

Sharlene: I'm here.

Grant: Where have you been since you brought me in here?

Sharlene: Well, I've been--I've been running around trying to get a straight answer out of those M.D. types.

Grant: Yeah?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Grant: Why don't you do me a little favor? Give me the only medicine that cures.

John: Man's been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and nobody bothers to check the computer? I mean, that's going to cost a hell of lot more than lab time.

Grant: That's--that's my doc. He's on the warpath. I want you to meet him, Sharly.

John: Would you go down to the lab and see if you can get those guys to get a move on?

Nurse: Yes, I'll take care of it.

John: Thanks.

Taylor: John, any news?

John: About Sharlene? No.

Taylor: [Sighs] I've been out trying to track her down. There's no trace.

John: Where the hell is she?

Taylor: I did get a chance to talk to Dr. Steinberg last night.

John: Steinberg?

Taylor: Chief of staff, psychiatry.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. What did he have to say?

Taylor: Well he has treated a number of persons--you know, multiple personalities before. So, I think maybe we should pick his brains.

John: When?

Taylor: Now, if it's convenient.

John: All I'm doing is waiting around for lab results and they're delayed so, sure, why not?

Taylor: Let's go get you something to eat. You look like you haven't had anything in days.

Grant: Did you hear what they were saying?

Sharlene: Yes, some, I did.

Grant: Was it about me?

Sharlene: No, it was about hospital business.

Grant: Mm...maybe I've been abandoned, huh?

Sharlene: No, I'm--I'm sure they'll be back.

Grant: Ha-ha, just kidding.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Grant: I'm just kidding. That John Hudson is the best. I want you to meet him, Sharly. Maybe later, huh?

Grant: Yeah, later. So--so tell me, how are you really feeling?

Grant: Ah, fine. Really. Hey, you must be dead on your feet. Why don't you go home? That's an order.

Sharlene: No, no. Grant, I'm not going anywhere till you're straight with me. How bad is this thing you've got?

Paulina: Walk away, what do you mean?

Ken: I don't know if we can pull this off, Paulina. I mean, I just don't think you have what it takes.

Paulina: I don't believe you're saying this.

Ken: Hey, it's not enough to be Mac's daughter. You've got to be smart enough and tough enough to make them believe you.

Paulina: No, you're not going to do this.

Ken: What?

Paulina: Use me as an excuse, so you can back out.

Ken: You're giving me no choice.

Paulina: No, this isn't about me, it's about Rachel. You don't want me to mess up your romance with her.

Ken: [Chuckles] Ok.

Paulina: Ok? Am I right?

Ken: Half right, half. It would cause problems.

Paulina: Finally, a moment of honesty.

Ken: I told you I cared about her. She's--she's been through a rough time. I don't want to cause her any more grief.

Paulina: What about me? Don't you know how I felt when you came to me and you told me about my mother, that you were with her when she died? Didn't you say to me that you were going to make sure that I got what I deserve? Didn't you? Didn't you?

Ken: Yes, all right, I did.

Paulina: We keep going?

Ken: Ok. But it's going to take a lot of work.

Paulina: Whatever it takes. It's a good thing for you we're going through with this.

Ken: Good thing for me?

Paulina: I could make a whole lot of trouble for you with Rachel, if I wanted to.

[Ken laughs]

Donna: Ok, all right, go on, before I make you skip your meeting all together.

Michael: I'd just like to skip the meeting.

Bridget: ...You can finish packing the basket.

[Michael giggles] Watch out for the doughnuts now.

Donna: And go before Bridget realizes what's going on.

Michael: What? Come on, I don't care.

Donna: I do, I do, I can just see her now.

[Imitating Bridget] "Oh, Miss Donna, I know you and Michael belong together. I told you so."

Michael: [Irish accent] All right, darlin', I'll be very discreet.

[Normal voice] Wow.

Donna: Mm...

[Kisses door]

Bridget: Remember the donuts go in the basket, not in your mouth. Boy, he is something, he really is. You're not dressed.

Donna: Oh, good morning. No, I had a late night.

Bridget: I don't believe it.

Donna: What?

Bridget: You fixed your own breakfast.

Donna: Yes, I did.

Bridget: Well, you hardly ever do that, you know.

Donna: Well, I didn't want to bother you.

Bridget: Oh, well I see you didn't even burn the--the muffin.

Donna: No, I did not.

[Bridget laughs] Leave me alone.

[Donna laughs] When are you and Mikey going over to Grandma Hudson's?

Bridget: Oh, we are on our way now. We're just--we're going to go over and pick up Peter, you know, the little boy that's Mikey's friend, and then we will be on our way. And Clara said that we could stay for the whole day.

Donna: Oh, that's lovely. The boys will love that.

Bridget: Good. Oh, well, she loves that little boy. You know how much she does. How she loves him, yes.

Donna: He's her grandson.

Bridget: Oh, my. Well, I better be on my way. There'll be a need for me. Have a nice day, now.

Donna: Yes, you too. Hello, Mrs. Miller? Hi, how are you? It's Donna Hudson. I'm just fine, thank you. I'm terribly sorry to tell you this, but Mikey is not feeling well today. Yes, and he's actually in bed with a fever and the doctor thought it would not be a good idea for him to have company. Well, what I'm just saying is that I think it would be better if you could visit him another day. Mm-hmm... all right, then. I'll--I'll speak with you then. Fine. Bye.

Vicky: Mother.

Donna: Couldn't you knock?

Vicky: Where's Dad?

Donna: He's at the office.

Vicky: Is Bridget here?

Donna: No, she just left with Mikey.

Vicky: Do you remember what you said to me--just yesterday, as a matter of fact?

Donna: I said a lot of things to you.

Vicky: You accused Jake of ruining Marley's life by sleeping with me. You did say that.

Donna: Well, yes, I did, but I was angry, I didn't mean to--

Vicky: You did mean. You did mean it, and you're right. I did something really wrong and I'm never going to able to forgive myself.

Donna: Darling, why are you telling me this?

Vicky: But if I ruined Marley's life by sleeping with Jake, just how much worse do you think it's going to be when she finds out her own mother slept with him?

Donna: Now Victoria, you have no right to say that to me.

Vicky: I saw the video tape.

Donna: What?

Vicky: I know everything that happened between you and him.

Sharlene: Grant, why are you laughing? I remember the headaches, I remember the pills, and all the other things you used to laugh off. I remember.

Grant: I'm not...I'm not, I'm not laughing now, ok?

Sharlene: I knew it.

Grant: But there is hope. Hudson is trying to get this new drug. It's sure to do the trick. I have been fighting, fighting like hell. That's why I am so tired.

Sharlene: That's--that's why you've been frightened. That's why you've been living each day as if it's...

Grant: Yeah, there's no point in saving it for on down the line.

Sharlene: No, there's no point at all.

Grant: When I first met you, you lived every minute like it was your last.

Sharlene: Yeah, I know how to do that.

Grant: I never did. I never did know how to do that. I--it was like I was always in training. And I was always waiting for somebody to come with the big future. And then I got this Protesia virus thing, and then, well, the future came, and it wasn't--it wasn't so big at all. I want this day, right now. That's what I have. You. You're my now.

Sharlene: And you're mine. And we're both fighters, aren't we?

Grant: Yeah. I guess we are.

Sharlene: Yeah, we are fighting to keep a foot on this damn planet.

Grant: I... I love you.

Amanda: The last thing that I need is a tour around a lake.

Rachel: Honey, it might do you good. It might give you both a chance to forget about everything except how much you love each other.

Amanda: Well, that's easy to say.

Rachel: It's really difficult to forget anything around here, especially when Evan keeps turning up every 10 minutes.

Amanda: Evan is not the bad guy here.

Rachel: You're defending him?

Amanda: He is my friend. He is worried about me.

Rachel: I see. So he is a friend now?

Amanda: Mom, Mitch is your friend now.

Rachel: Amanda, this is your marriage that is at stake. If Evan is coming between you and Sam, he is definitely not your friend.

Ken: Rachel?

Rachel: Out here. We will talk about this in a little while.

Ken: Good morning, ladies.

Rachel: Morning.

Ken: Beautiful morning.

Amanda: So beautiful, in fact, I think I'm going to go for a ride. Hmm. I will see you later, Ken.

Ken: All right.

Rachel: Ah, why don't you come in?

Ken: All right. It's good to see you. I wanted to return your picnic hamper. Dinner was delicious.

Rachel: You're welcome.

Ken: I'm glad you called. Want to talk about Paulina?

Rachel: Yes. I found her in my bedroom last night. She immediately thought I was accusing her of stealing.

Ken: What? Jewelry?

Rachel: No. No, she had a little silver picture frame in her hand.

Ken: That's an odd thing to steal. Are you sure?

Rachel: She denied it.

Ken: But you don't believe her.

Rachel: She has lied to us a number of times, Ken.

Ken: But stealing? That's serious.

Rachel: Yes, I know.

Ken: What did she say she was doing in your room?

Rachel: She was helping Mom with the laundry. I checked; that was true.

Ken: Then what's still bothering you?

Rachel: She's a rather strange young lady.

Ken: In what way?

Rachel: She implies she has some secret.

Ken: Oh, we've all had those, I guess.

Rachel: Well, I'm thinking about letting her go.

Ken: What does Jamie say?

Rachel: Jamie is not here.

Ken: But he hired her, didn't he?

Rachel: I see. You are telling me that I shouldn't let her go without his permission?

Ken: I am not telling you anything.

Rachel: Paulina?

Paulina: I left a note upstairs, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: What are you doing?

Paulina: I'm leaving.

Vicky: How could you do it?

Donna: I didn't think.

Vicky: Obviously.

Donna: It just happened.

Vicky: And then you lied right to my face. You lied to me!

Donna: What good would it have done? Victoria, if you hadn't been here yesterday, he would have given me that stupid tape and nobody would have found out.

Vicky: And you just could've lived with that lie?

Donna: I would've taken a stab at it, yes.

Vicky: Yes. I guess you would. Considering you're the one who tried to convince me to keep it quiet when it happened to me. This is so disgusting.

Donna: It wasn't an ongoing thing.

Vicky: Oh. It was--it's over?

Donna: It's all over. It was just one time.

Vicky: Oh, it was just one shot. Just one shot. Well. Hell, then. That means that it didn't mean anything, huh? I mean is that--is that the point?

Donna: The point is that I've suffered enough over this. The point is that I'm not proud of it and it will never happen again.

Vicky: Oh, it's comforting.

Donna: Victoria, have a little compassion.

Vicky: Just why--why did you do it?

Donna: Your father and I were separated. As far as I knew, he never wanted to speak to me again. I thought something was wrong with me. Or else, why would my husband fall in love with another woman and leave me? I was desperate to prove to myself that I was lovable and desirable. Can't you understand that?

Vicky: Mm-mm. No. Not with Jake.

Donna: But you did the same thing.

Vicky: First! I did it first. And that's what matters here.

Donna: No, it doesn't matter. Because you were scared and you were weak just like me! Don't you see that?

Vicky: I am nothing like you.

Donna: Then you're lying to yourself.

Vicky: What happened with Jake and me--

Donna: Was exactly the same thing!

Vicky: It was completely different.

Donna: No, it was the same thing. Yes, it ruined Marley's marriage and yours, but only because people found out about it.

Vicky: Oh. Oh, so you just want to keep this between us? You just think I can go happily along lying to my sister and allowing my father to make a complete fool out of himself.

Donna: I love your father.

Vicky: Then is that why you jumped into that sack with your son-in-law?

Donna: Oh! Don't you ever do that to me again?

Vicky: I will not ever lie to the people I love.

Donna: Fine. And you go ahead. Go be the avenging angel. Do the noble thing. Ruin my life. Ruin your father's life. Take whatever hopes your sister has of making a life for herself. You do that! And you see how good and righteous you feel then.

Vicky: Don't you try to pin this on me. You're the one who slept with Jake.

Donna: Yes, I did. Yes! But think how much worse it's going to be? Think of how many more people you're going to devastate, Victoria. Your father and I have just started to get our lives back together. For the first time in so long we have hope. Don't take that away from us, please? Don't take that hope away from us.

Vicky: Even if I don't do anything... you're going to regret what you have done. You just take it from someone who knows.

Jamie: Oh, I don't want to bore you with my problems.

Marley: Oh, please bore me. I'm dying to be bored.

Jamie: Ok. You asked for it.

Marley: Ok--go ahead.

Jamie: I had this wonderful exalted idea of what doctoring is all about.

Marley: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Healing people. Making them whole again, saving lives.

Marley: It's not like that?

Jamie: Yes, but there are all these other things. Things that are lousy that go along with it. Seem to get in the way.

Marley: Like what?

Jamie: Politics. People with ambition... afraid of progress or change because it might upset their apple carts or something.

Marley: Is it really that bad?

Jamie: It seems like it to me. I don't know. Maybe it's just my problem. Maybe I'm just afraid of change or something.

Marley: Oh, no. That's not what I've heard.

Jamie: What have you heard?

Marley: That you're going to be the next chief of staff at Bay City General.

Jamie: Ah. I used to want that very much. But now...

Marley: What?

Jamie: Oh, come on. Was that boring or what?

Marley: No. No. It most emphatically was not boring.

Jamie: I say we have a toast.

Marley: All right. To?

Jamie: To...

Marley: To?

Jamie: Our chance encounter.

Rachel: This is rather drastic, isn't it?

Paulina: Well, I just thought--

Rachel: In view of the fact we haven't discussed last night?

Paulina: I have lost the confidence and faith of my employer. I don't see how I can work here if nobody trusts me.

Rachel: I am the only one who doesn't trust you, Paulina. And I'm not your employer. Jamie is. You're just going to walk out on him with no notice? Don't you think it might be better if you were to hang around until at least he comes back?

Paulina: Well, I guess I could do that.

Rachel: Why don't we call this a probationary period? If there are no more incidents, I will forget all about yesterday.

Paulina: That's very good of you, Mrs. Cory. I'm grateful.

Ken: Rachel, if you've got some time, why don't we walk down to the garden?

Rachel: All right.

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