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Another World Transcript Friday 4/21/06

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Sharlene: What are you talking about?

John: I don't know how else to say it.

Sharlene: What do you mean? Who--who do I have to meet?

John: I mean I understand what's been happening to you... and I think you should, too.

>> The role of Sam Fowler is being played by Thomas Gibson.

Sam: You have to drink this, Amanda.

Amanda: I'm fine.

Sam: No, you're not. You're exhausted, and you're not sleeping, and that's why you need the sedative in this milk.

Olivia: Excuse me.

Amanda: Olivia.

Sam: What are you doing up here?

Olivia: Well, I just got here, and I heard that you were feeling sick, Amanda, and I...

Sam: I think you should have waited downstairs.

Olivia: Well, Rachel told me that Amanda almost fainted.

Sam: And I'm handling it.

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: She's my responsibility, and I'm gonna take care of her.

Olivia: I thought you were going to--

Sam: If I can get some time alone with her, everything is gonna work out fine.

Olivia: I hope you know what you're doing, Sam. This could be more serious than you think.

Paulina: I thought you were with Rachel.

Ken: She thought she saw a light on in her bedroom.

Paulina: Tell her some story.

Ken: I wanna know the truth.

Paulina: I found it, Ken.

Ken: You found what?

Paulina: The codicil to Mac's will. It was in one of his coats in a bag in the back of his closet. Nobody's seen it before.

Ken: How do you know?

Paulina: Because... it changes everything.

Ken: Let me see that. Well, what do you know?

Paulina: I'm gonna tell her.

Ken: Rachel?

Paulina: Yes.

Ken: And you think she'll believe you?

Paulina: Well, of course, she'll believe me. She has to believe me now--

Ken: This is a first step, Paulina--a first step. Don't kid yourself.

Paulina: Are you nuts? What the hell is wrong with you? This is the evidence we've been waiting for. You don't wanna miss this, do you, Ken?

Josie: [Whispering] Oh, Matthew, I am so scared.

Cass: Matt, have you been upstairs to see your sister?

Matt: No, she's upstairs resting. Sam's with her.

Frankie: Jos, can I see that doll?

Josie: Yes, it's--it's--it's just horrible.

Frankie: Oh, my God. Oh, what a creep.

Josie: Amanda opened it up, and she--she almost passed out. I just hope she understands it was meant for me.

Cass: You're certainly being a trooper about this, Josie.

Josie: Well, I'm not going to let this guy get to me. I'm not going to give in.

Matt: This time he's gone too far.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: Hi, Iris, Lucas.

Iris: Sorry we're late.

Rachel: It's all right, come on in. I'll try to fill you in on what's happened.

Lucas: Something is wrong?

Rachel: Yeah--

Josie: Lucas, that man, he--he sent a package for me here. He--he knows everything about me.

Matt: That's fine. That's all his fault.

Frankie: Lucas?

Matt: Yes, with all his publicity and everything. If it hadn't been for him--

Cass: Lucas isn't exactly my favorite person in the world either, Matt, but you can't blame all of this on him.

Matt: Why can't I?

Cass: This person is sick, and something has to be done to stop him, but what attracted him is Josie.

Rachel: Amanda sort of collapsed. I'm worried about her.

Iris: Well, maybe she's been working too hard.

Rachel: Well, I think it's this business with Evan. It's just gotten to her.

Iris: Well, that's not much of a birthday party for her, is it?

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: No, it isn't. Excuse me.

Iris: Sure.

Rachel: Hi.

Mitch: Hi.

Sam: I was looking for Paulina to take her downstairs, but I can't find her.

Amanda: Why don't you take her down?

Sam: Because I'm watching over you.

Amanda: I keep hearing all the cars pulling up--people still arriving for the party.

Sam: You're pretty popular.

Amanda: Maybe you should go down and greet the guests for me.

Sam: Amanda, I told you. I brought Alli in to say good night, and I'm going to stay up with you all night. You understand?

Amanda: Where did Olivia go?

Sam: Downstairs, I guess.

Amanda: What did she want?

Sam: To find out how you were.

Amanda: Like she cares.

Sam: And what's that supposed to mean?

Amanda: I didn't invite her.

Sam: I did.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: She's my friend.

Amanda: Sam, maybe you should go downstairs.

Sam: I'm not leaving you, Amanda.

Amanda: She looks so cute in her pajamas, don't you?

Sam: Quit stalling. You've got to drink your milk.

Amanda: I don't want it.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Milk makes me queasy. You don't have to feed me, Sam.

Sam: You know, I think you'd feel a whole lot better if you would stop trying to fight the things that are going to help you.

Amanda: Alli, no!

Ken: Do you have to tell Rachel tonight?

Paulina: What difference does it make what night I tell her?

Ken: Her daughter collapsed tonight, Paulina.

Paulina: What?

Ken: Amanda fainted in the middle of her party. Didn't you know that?

Paulina: Well, I'm sorry, but that really has nothing to do with me.

Ken: Can't you have a little compassion?

Paulina: Not as much as you can, obviously.

Ken: I'm thinking of you, too.

Paulina: Yeah, right.

Ken: You're not gonna win anybody over if you grandstand.

Paulina: Don't you know what this means to me?

Ken: Yes, and I know you've been very, very patient.

Paulina: Do you know how I spent my last birthday? I was waiting tables in a diner in Indiana. I spent the night slinging greasy hamburgers at greasy truckers who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. So forgive me if I'm not overwhelmed with sympathy for the birthday girl who fainted amidst her emeralds and cashmere.

Ken: That doesn't sound like you, Paulina. I thought you liked Amanda.

Paulina: I don't owe her a thing.

Ken: She's never treated you like the help, and you know it.

Paulina: Stop working on me--

Ken: Look, I know you are angry, and I know you are hurt, and I know you've paid your dues 3 times over, but if you lay this on the Corys tonight, all you're gonna do is hurt them and ruin any chances you-Paulina!

Paulina: I have to do this, Ken.

Ken: Damn it.

Sharlene: Don't--you're scaring me. What are you talking about?

John: We should wait for Dr. Benson.

Sharlene: Tell me.

John: Sharlene, you've been fighting something that you knew nothing about... a second personality. Come here. I know how strange this must sound to you. I spoke to the other personality. Her name is Sharly. She acknowledged who she is and where she came from.

Sharlene: Where she came from?

John: It probably started when you were just a kid. These things usually do.

Sharlene: I'm scared.

John: I know. I think that you created her because you had no other way to handle the pain.

Sharlene: I didn't create her.

John: No, it wasn't a conscious choice. You did what you had to do to survive.

Sharlene: Oh, God, I can't do this.

John: Sharlene--

Sharlene: I can't listen to you say these things. I can't.

John: It is better that we know. Now, we can help. Now, we can fix it, but you have to trust me.

Sharlene: John, this doesn't make sense. It doesn't make s...

John: I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you to understand. Sharlene, I--I recorded my conversation with Sharly.

Sharlene: What?

John: I pressed the memo button on the answering machine. I taped our conversation.

Sharlene: I can't--I can't believe what you're saying.

John: When Dr. Benson gets here, I think you should listen to it.

Sharlene: No, I can't.

John: You should hear Sharly. She's part of you.

Sharlene: Does she know about me? Then how come--how co...

John: Let's just take this one step at a time.

Sharlene: John, I'm afraid.

John: So am I. So am I.

[Knock at door]

[Door opens] Come in.

Taylor: Sharlene. How are you?

Sharlene: John, uh... there's a tape of me.

John: Taylor, I confronted the other personality... had an actual conversation with her and recorded part of it on the answering machine. They are as different as night and day. Her name is Sharly. Sharlene knows that I taped the conversation. She hasn't heard it yet.

Taylor: Hmm. I see. Sharlene? Sharlene, how do you feel about listening to that tape now? John, may we run the tape?

Matt: Excuse me. I need your advice on something.

Frankie: Sure.

Cass: Yeah, anything.

Matt: Well, I need to know the best way to flush out this--to expose this lunatic who's following Josie.

Felicia: What did you have in mind, honey?

Frankie: You can't do it, Matt.

Matt: I'm the one who's with her the most. We have to catch this guy.

Mitch: Look, Matthew, I don't wanna see you try to be a hero. This guy could be very dangerous.

Matt: Someone has to do it, Dad.

Felicia: Yes, but, hon, it can't be you. I know you're worried, but you've called the police, and Lucas has people working on this.

Mitch: Look, I think the best thing that you can do is just try to be with Josie now and just try to support her.

Matt: I finished my last exam on Friday. Now, I'm not going to leave her side.

Mitch: What do you mean?

Matt: Meaning I'm not going to leave her alone.

Felicia: Honey, what about your internship?

Matt: I'm not going to take it.

Felicia: Oh, Matthew that was so important. I mean, it was such a great opportunity--

Matt: Don't try to change my mind. I'm not leaving Josie alone with that lunatic out there. Now, I can keep a better eye on her than any security guard.

Frankie: Matthew, I know you're worried about her, but I really don't think this--

Matt: Frankie, I love Josie very much. I'm not gonna let anything happen to her.

Mitch: Do you see what he's doing?

Felicia: Why don't I try talking to him--

Mitch: Wait a minute, I'm not talking about Matthew.

Felicia: What, then?

Mitch: I'm talking about Lucas. If he would just do things right for once.

Cass: Why don't we take a little walk out onto the terrace?

Frankie: That's a good idea. We'll see you later.

Cass: See you.

Felicia: Lucas is doing everything he can to protect Josie. He has even hired a private investigator.

Mitch: Look, first of all, he tried to break us up, and now he has my son taking chances he shouldn't be taking. When will you learn that the guy is nothing but trouble?

Iris: You feeling any better, dear?

Josie: Well, Lucas has been trying to make me smile.

Iris: Ah, well, I think he's tried long enough. I just saw Matthew leaving the room.

Josie: Where--he did?

Iris: Yeah, why don't you go find him?

Lucas: You going to be ok?

Josie: Yes, thanks to you.

Lucas: Ok, bye.

Josie: Hi, guys.

Reuben: Oh, excuse me, do we know you?

Josie: What's with you?

Olivia: Are you feeling sufficiently coddled for the evening?

Josie: You know, I thought at least you were my friend, Reuben.

Olivia: Oh, is that why you've been ignoring him since Lucas came here?

Josie: Maybe you didn't hear what happened, Olivia. I happen to be very upset.

Olivia: So is your boyfriend, but I think you missed that while you had your head buried in Lucas's chest.

Josie: Where--where is Matthew?

Reuben: In bed, if he's smart.

Josie: Oh, fine, fine. You two wanna treat me like I'm some kind of a leper, that's fine with me. I'm not even going to try and figure it out. I'm much too busy to be bothered.

Josie: Felicia, have you seen Matthew?

Felicia: Yes, I have. I had a little talk with him.

Josie: Is he all right?

Felicia: No, I don't think so. How about you and I having a little chat out on the terrace, ok?

Olivia: Holy cow!

Reuben: Yeah, you can say that again.

Olivia: I think Josie's about to get an earful.

Reuben: Good, it's about time. Maybe this time it will sink in.

Grant: Damn it, Sharly, where are you?

[Knock on door] Well, Ted, you look like your cat died.

Ted: Hello, Grant.

Grant: Come on in. I thought you were meeting with the Appropriations Committee in Washington tomorrow.

Ted: I'm leaving in the morning.

Grant: Good, lucky me.

Ted: Well, you look terrible, Grant.

Grant: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ted: Been taking your medication?

Grant: Of course I have.

Ted: Well, I haven't heard from you in two days.

Grant: Well, I thought you were out of town.

Ted: That's a lie.

Grant: What?

Ted: Why are you avoiding me?

Grant: What do you mean, avoiding you? I just let you in here just now, didn't I?

Ted: Now, don't patronize me, Grant. I care about what happens to you.

Grant: The only thing you care about is your job, Ted. That's all you've ever cared about.

Ted: Yeah, well my job used to be a hell of a lot easier.

Grant: Well, then maybe it's time you start looking for another one, huh?

Ted: It's that woman. This all started the night you met her--

Grant: Shut up, you are giving me a headache, Ted--

Ted: Just how long do you think you can keep this thing under wraps?

Grant: What the hell difference does it make? I mean, I broke off my engagement with Ann. It's not as though I'm cheating on my wife.

Ted: No, but you are spending most of your time with a woman who's going to make headlines that you certainly don't want.

Grant: So what is that? What are--what are you saying?

Ted: Your friend has a certain reputation in this town, Grant.

Grant: You know, I should knock your teeth right down your throat.

Ted: Look, you want to sleep with her? Fine, sleep with her. But stop missing meetings and canceling lunches and zoning out every time you talk to her--

Grant: Stay out of my life, Ted.

Ted: You are my responsibility, and I'm sick and tired of covering up for you.

Grant: Then don't. You are not my father. At least he's got the good sense to stay out of my private life.

Ted: Well, he doesn't have to explain your whereabouts to your constituents and half of congress.

Grant: You are getting on my nerves, Ted, do you know that?

Ted: Why don't you just dump her? I mean, really. She's no different from any other woman that you've taken up with, Grant. Are you willing to sacrifice your career for some small-town tramp?

John's voice: Now you listen to me--

Sharlene's voice: You just wasted a lot of good booze.

John's voice: I love Sharlene. I chose Sharlene, and I'm not about to give up until she is in control and you are gone.

Sharlene: She doesn't even sound like me. She sounds different.

John: She is--very different.

Sharlene: I can't believe this is happening.

Taylor: Tell me what you're thinking.

Sharlene: Ah...

John: I know this is a lot for you, Sharlene. It's a lot for all of us. But it explains so much. It explains all the--the clothes that were here, the money missing from that checking account, all the late nights at the Pelican.

Sharlene: No, John. No, there weren't that many late nights. There--

John: You don't remember them all... because it wasn't always you. It was Sharly. We know that now.

Taylor: Sharlene. Now, I need you to hear me. We have taken a very, very big step today. And I promise you from now on, we're going to move much more slowly. Now we know what we are dealing with. What's been hidden--

Sharlene: I--I have to get out.

John: Sharlene.

Sharlene: I have to get... what have I--what have I done? Oh--oh, John. Oh, John.

[Sobbing] Oh, God. Who am I?

Evan: All right, here you go. Now, you understand who and where this is to be delivered?

Man: Personally to Mrs. Fowler at the Cory mansion.

Evan: Right, first thing in the morning. Now, what I would like is a sense of security that this is being handled in the right way.

Man: No problem, Mr. Fowler.

Evan: Ok.

Man: No problem at all.

Evan: Here you go.

Man: Good night.

Evan: Thank you. Good night. Well, that about wraps it up.

Caroline: Talking to yourself, are we?

Evan: Caroline, do you always do this sort of thing?

Caroline: What sort of thing?

Evan: Cruise high-class bars alone.

Caroline: Ah ha. Well, that's how I met you. Wasn't it?

Evan: Yes, but that was a long, long time ago.

Caroline: Yeah, it certainly was. So what are you drinking?

Evan: Champagne.

Caroline: Oh, may I?

Evan: Well, allow me. Could I have a glass for this beautiful lady?

Caroline: So what's the occasion?

Evan: Well, I am just in a good mood, and I hope you are not here to ruin it.

Caroline: Well, you look like you have had a canary or two this evening. So what's up?

Evan: [Chuckles] You'll find out.

Caroline: It's a woman, isn't it?

Evan: All in good time, Caroline.

Caroline: Eh, come on. Do I know her? You are not serious.

Evan: Would you drink your champagne?

Caroline: You are not still trying to catch Amanda, are you?

Evan: Look, I am not--I am not trying to catch her. What I am going to do is my way. I hook 'em. And then I reel 'em in real slow.

Caroline: Well, this is one you are not going to be able to catch--for now, anyway.

Evan: What are you talking about?

Caroline: Sam is my client.

Evan: So?

Caroline: And we are working on a new show together.

Evan: That's old news.

Caroline: Well, do you also know that Sam and Amanda have reconciled?

Evan: Oh, I see.

[Laughs] Did Sam tell you that?

Caroline: Yeah, he said that they had gone through a really rough time, and now it's passed.

Evan: You know, if he could paint half as well as he fantasizes, he'd be a very, very rich man.

Caroline: Well, I don't know, darling. He seems pretty happy--the happiest I have seen him in ages--

Evan: Why don't we drink to something? Let's drink to something.

Caroline: All right, your choice.

Evan: Uh, to success.

Caroline: In love?

[Glasses clink]

Evan: In war.

Josie: Is something wrong, Felicia?

Felicia: Yes, there is.

Josie: Well, did I do something to upset you?

Felicia: I don't think I am the one you should be worried about.

Josie: The reason I was talking to Lucas was because he didn't know what happened tonight. I didn't know Matthew was upset.

Felicia: When was the last time you talked to Matthew about his life?

Josie: I'm sorry?

Felicia: Well, what do the two of you talk about?

Josie: Well, um, my career...

Felicia: And?

Josie: Look, ever since this fan thing started, Matthew's and my relationship hasn't been very much fun.

Felicia: What is Matthew doing this summer?

Josie: This summer?

Felicia: Yeah, is he working? Is he going to summer school? What?

Josie: Well, he was going to take this internship thing, but he turned it down.

Felicia: Do you know why?

Josie: Sort of.

Felicia: He plans to spend the summer protecting you.

Josie: Felicia, I tried to talk him out of that, but he... well, he is worried about me.

Felicia: Of course, he is worried. We are all worried, but we are not giving up our day jobs to baby-sit you, Josie.

Josie: I didn't ask Matthew to give up anything for me. He is doing this on his own.

Felicia: Because he is a terrific guy, right?

Josie: Yeah, I know, and I love him a lot.

Felicia: Do you love him enough to let him to have his own life?

Josie: He is a big help to me right now. I need his support.

Felicia: He plans to try and catch this guy all by himself, do you know that?

Josie: We want it to end.

Felicia: You don't get this, do you?

Josie: What?

Felicia: He is giving his whole life over to you. He is putting it on hold. Not to mention the fact that he is now going to try and be a cop. And he has no idea what that entails. Honey, come on. Aren't you at all interested or care about Matthew?

Josie: I can't tell him what to do.

Felicia: What does Lucas say about all of this?

Josie: Well, he thinks that there is going to be a lot more publicity coming.

Felicia: Publicity?

Josie: Yes, and he is going to hire more security for me. Well, he takes very good care of me.

Felicia: Just like Matthew, huh?

Josie: No. It's different.

Felicia: Boy...you really have changed.

Josie: Why does everyone keep saying that to me? Nothing has changed.

Felicia: No, no, of course not, except you have got your face plastered all over every fashion magazine, right?

Josie: I worked very hard to get what I want--

Felicia: I just wonder what you are willing to fight to keep.

Josie: My career, my success.

Felicia: Not Matthew, right? Well, I think you better do some serious thinking.

Josie: I love Matthew.

Felicia: Do you? I hope so. Because I'd hate for you to have to choose.

Josie: Matthew would never give me an ultimatum.

Felicia: He wouldn't have to. His eyes will probably be open long before that. Spend a lot more time thinking, honey, and a lot less time plotting.

Amanda: I am sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, honey.

Sam: I think you overreacted a little.

Amanda: Sam, she was reaching for the milk. You said there is sedative in it.

Sam: But she wasn't going to drink it.

Amanda: Sam.

Rachel: Well, hi, you 3.

Amanda: Hi, Mom, come in.

Sam: ...Take you to bed.

Rachel: How are you?

Sam: Come, young lady.

Rachel: You got your duck?

Amanda: Mom, can you stay for a little while?

Sam: Amanda.

Rachel: Of course, I can.

Sam: Ok, you win. 5 minutes.

Rachel: Nighty night.

Sam: Nighty night.

Amanda: Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Rachel: Well, sweetie, you have some color on your cheeks.

Amanda: I am so sorry about all of this, Mom.

Rachel: Sam seems to be doting on you. Are you still frightened?

Amanda: Yeah, sometimes.

Rachel: Maybe that's because you don't believe that Sam could forgive you so easily. But he loves you, honey. He wants to put this behind you because he is so happy to have you back.

Amanda: Mom, I am not just imagining this. There are things that are happening.

Rachel: Honey, I am here now. I am sorry I wasn't here when you really needed me. I guess I have been having trouble figuring out just what it is I am supposed to be to you 3 now that Mac isn't around anymore. But just because I wasn't here doesn't mean I have stopped loving you, you understand that, don't you?

Amanda: You don't have to go through this.

Rachel: Yes, I do. You are my daughter, and I love you very much. And in spite of everything, I am very proud of you, you know.

Amanda: I don't know how you could be.

Rachel: Well, you don't know everything, do you? But I am. And you know what?

Amanda: What?

Rachel: Your father would be, too.

Amanda: Yes?

Rachel: Paulina.

Paulina: I have something to tell you, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: Please, come in.

Rachel: What is it you wanted to tell me?

Amanda: I wanted to thank you, Paulina, for helping out at the party tonight.

Rachel: Oh, yes, I am so sorry I had to ask you to serve. I just didn't know what else to do. But you look lovely in Amanda's dress.

Amanda: And Mom told me how-- how great you were doing down there. She even heard you calming Helen down in the kitchen, and that's quite a feat.

Ken: Paulina is very conscientious. I came up here to see how you were doing, and she was in there checking on Steven.

Amanda: Oh, Mom, did you know that she got me the most beautiful, leather-bound diary?

Rachel: Oh, that was sweet.

Amanda: It's very nice. I used to write in one all the time, but then I got too busy so I am glad I get to start it up again.

Paulina: I have always kept one. It's like my friend.

Ken: You seem to be kindred spirits.

Rachel: Well, Paulina, what is it? You seem upset.

Paulina: No, I... I am fine. I just wanted to tell you that the guests are leaving downstairs.

Rachel: Well, that's probably for the best.

Amanda: I really know how to throw a party, don't I?

Ken: Rachel, why I don't go downstairs with you and see who is left?

Rachel: All right. Paulina, would you mind staying with Amanda until Sam gets back?

Paulina: No, of course not.

Amanda: Thanks, Paulina.

Rachel: I'll check on you before I turn in.

Amanda: Ok. Thanks, Mom.

Grant: I think you better leave now.

Ted: I didn't come here to fight.

Grant: Well, then you should have kept your opinions to yourself.

Ted: I care about your future. Don't you see that?

Grant: Right. My future. Mm-hmm.

Ted: You used to feel the same way just a couple of months ago.

Grant: That was before I was given a death sentence, Ted.

Ted: Don't say that.

Grant: It's true, and you know it's true. I am sick. And the doctors keep giving me medicines and empty promises because they can't think of anything else to give me. This disease is only treated well in Europe by a drug that I can't have in this country so forgive me if I can't feel really secure about my future.

Ted: We are going to take care of all that.

Grant: Oh, are we, now?

Ted: Yes. In the meantime, we've got to preserve your political career... throughout all this and the association with this woman.

Grant: That woman happens to be the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Now, you get out of here, Ted, because I can't stand the looks of your face, and I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Ted: I'll call you tomorrow.

Grant: Do whatever you want to do, but just get out.


John: Hello?

Grant: John, this is Grant.

John: Are you all right?

Grant: John, I am just calling to ask you about the medication from Europe, if you've heard anything.

John: I'll let you know.

Grant: Well, you know how important this is to me.

John: This is not a good time. I have to be with my wife.

Grant: Oh, I am sorry. I am sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you.

John: I'll call you soon. Are you cold? Here.

Sharlene: Thanks.

John: How does that feel?

Sharlene: Feels fine.

Taylor: John, may I speak to you for a moment?

John: Sure. You ok?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

John: What do you think?

Taylor: Well, she is holding up remarkably well. John, I understand you want to do everything in your power to hold on to Sharlene. But this is very tricky. We don't even know what it is that causes her to alternate her personalities. You must be very careful--very, very patient with her. And if anything changes, you call me immediately.

John: Of course.

Taylor: Ok. So how are you?

John: Oh, I am fine.

Taylor: Look, you did the right thing. She can help us now. Now, we can treat her.

John: I want my wife back, Taylor. Help me get her back.

Taylor: Sharlene? I'll call you tomorrow, ok?

Sharlene: Ok.

Taylor: Now, you try and get a good night's sleep. Good night.

John: Thank you, Taylor. Can I bring you anything?

Sharlene: I have a headache.

John: Well, you... Sharly had a couple of drinks.

Sharlene: Why do you put up with me? How can you?

John: I love you so much.

Sharlene: But I've hurt you so much--

John: No. No, you haven't. You haven't hurt me or anyone else. You have to remember that--you must remember that. We are going to make it through this. Because I know how much you love me, and I love you more than anyone I have ever loved in my life.

Sharlene: What if she comes back?

John: Then we will be prepared for it.

Sharlene: But how--how can I-- how can I stop her? She knows about me. She--how--how can she push me around? Why can't I do the same to her?

John: You can. You can fight as hard as she can.

Sharlene: Yeah, but she knows about me, John. She knows how to fight me.

John: And now, you know about her, too, don't you?

Sharlene: Yeah. But... what if she--what if she comes back and she wins?

Rachel: I made myself a promise after Mac died... that I would never again be so dependent on anyone.

Ken: Like you depended on Mac?

Rachel: I will never suffer a loss like that again.

Ken: That's why you are looking at me like that.

Rachel: I am grateful to you, though.

Ken: Grateful isn't dependent. Give yourself some credit.

Rachel: Oh, I do. My family will survive these problems. But you have helped me a great deal.

Ken: I haven't done anything.

Rachel: Oh, yes, you have. You've kept me on my toes. And you have been very supportive. I am grateful. I hope some day that if you ever need me to, I can be the same way.

Ken: You know me. I can handle anything, remember?

Rachel: I think you are a good man, Ken. And now that we don't have any secrets between us, we should be able to move forward.

Ken: Right.

Paulina: What was it like growing up in this family?

Amanda: Complicated.

Paulina: Really?

Amanda: Bet you thought it was easy, huh?

Paulina: Well, I know that you were provided for and always cared for.

Amanda: Yeah, that's true. But that can't grant us immunity from the outside world. This house can't keep me from feeling afraid or lonely. And it can't keep my parents alive forever. My whole world revolved around my father. He protected me, and he taught me. And just when I was ready to find my own way, he died. I feel like I have been floating ever since.

Paulina: I am sorry.

Amanda: I tried to fill the space that my father left with work. I tried to fill it in all the wrong ways. Nothing worked. Nothing is going to bring him back. I can't tell you how much I would give to just have him standing at that door... saying, "good night, Amanda," like he always used to. He'd blow me a kiss, and I would sleep so well.

Sam: Thanks, Paulina. I think Amanda should get some rest now.

Paulina: Sure.

Amanda: Thanks, Paulina.

Paulina: Good night, Amanda.

Sam: Good night. Now, it's ok. Now, I am back.

Amanda: I was just telling Paulina--

Sam: I know. I heard. It's been a rough [Indistinct] Year for you. That's all going to change. You'll see.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Sam: Your pain will be over soon. Trust me.

Caroline: You are playing with fire, love.

Evan: Well, I like it hot. And I know what I am doing.

Caroline: I have seen you like this before in New York. You were lucky that time. At least you didn't have to pay for your obsession.

Evan: What on earth are you even talking about?

Caroline: Evan, darling, if you cross the Corys, they are good people, but they are certainly not going to let you get away with anything to do with Amanda.

Evan: Save it, Caroline, would you? Good night. Thank you.

Caroline: Would you just listen to me? You told me that you love Amanda.

Evan: I do love Amanda. And I love her a lot better than Sam does.

Caroline: If you really loved her, you'd let her go. But you won't do that, will you? Well, then you don't really love her, darling. You want her, and you want to possess her, and you want to win. And you want her to throw everything away for you. And how long do you think that's going to keep you happy?

Evan: Caroline, doesn't anybody understand that I really do love Amanda? And I will do anything I have to to get her.

Caroline: All I understand is that you love a challenge. If you win this, you are just going to be off looking for another challenge.

Evan: You know what your problem is? You are too cynical.

Caroline: Well, I learned from the master. Good night, Evan. And thanks for the drink.

Evan: Caroline, I really appreciate your advice, but this is a different situation.

Caroline: I know the names and the faces have changed, darling. And you know that as well as I do. I just hope this one doesn't destroy you.

John: Listen. Listen to me, ok? You won last time, didn't you?

Sharlene: I don't know...

John: This hasn't happened to you since before Josie was born so you controlled Sharly for almost 20 years.

Sharlene: But it happened again.

John: Yes.

Sharlene: It happened again.

John: Yes, it did. But this time... this time, we are prepared. You've got a wonderful therapist in Dr. Benson, and you've got me.

Sharlene: I am afraid.

John: It will be ok now.

Sharlene: I have to ask you to promise me something, John. I have to ask you.

John: Anything.

Sharlene: If it looks like I can't do it--if it looks like she is starting to take over, I want you to promise me that you'll do something so that-- that I can't hurt you and I can't hurt Josie--

John: Shh.

Sharlene: No, John. Swear it. Promise me.

[Coins jingling]

[Coins jingling]

Grant: Sharly? It's Grant. Look, I am sorry that I keep calling, but... Sharly, where are you? I feel like something is wrong, and I need you here with me. Look, if you are in trouble, please call me. I can help you. You know there is nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for you. I have got to have you next to me. Sharly, I'm... I am afraid that... I think that I am falling in love with you, and I don't think that I can live without having you next to me.

Paulina: "To Amanda. On this, your birthday, I wish you only love and happiness always. Do not dwell on past mistakes or loss. Your father never did. And no one ever loved a child more than he loved you. So I wish you joy from me and Daddy, too." And soon you'll all know he loved me, too. Good night, Daddy.

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