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Another World Transcript Wednesday 4/12/06

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John: You don't have to be quiet on my account.

Sharlene: Oh, well, you scared me.

John: Morning.

Sharlene: I didn't mean to wake you.

John: You didn't. I was having trouble falling off to sleep anyway.

Sharlene: Oh, you know, I guess you got in pretty late, huh?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Poor baby.

John: [Yawns] I was thinking about grabbing one of those books and reading myself to sleep.

Sharlene: Well, the best thing to do is just pull the covers up over your head and close your eyes.

John: Where's that mystery book that you were reading?

Sharlene: Mystery?

John: Yeah, the one that you told Ronnie about? The one with the sodium amytal plot? Where's that book?

Paulina: You wanted to see me, Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Yes, I did.

Paulina: Something wrong?

Rachel: I found Hilda making up Amanda's room this morning.

Paulina: Oh.

Rachel: She says that you were planning to move into Amanda's room, now that Amanda and Sam are moving back to their loft. Is this true?

Paulina: The way it happened was that--

Rachel: Don't you think you ought to have checked with me?

Amanda: This is driving me crazy. What could've happened to that receipt for the gun?

Sam: It'll turn up.

Amanda: I'm sorry for accusing you like that.

Sam: It's understandable.

Amanda: And I thought it was a little strange, but...

Sam: Amanda, the guy was wrong. I didn't buy a gun, ok?

Amanda: I know. I know that now.

Sam: Fine. Now, can I put some of this on your back?

Amanda: Sure. Thanks. Sam, I'm so sorry.

Sam: Will you please just drop it?

Amanda: You can imagine what I thought--

[Gasps] ...When I saw that bill of sale, you know?

Sam: Of course I can. I think the whole thing is very strange, personally.

Amanda: Obviously it was some kind of mix up, right?

Sam: Obviously.

Amanda: And you're going to get to the bottom of it?

Sam: Right. Now, would you just please put it out of your mind and relax?

Amanda: Ok, I'll try.

Sam: I'm going to get Alli so we can spend a nice family day by the pool.

Amanda: Ok.

Amanda: Get out.

Evan: I'm not going anywhere.

Amanda: Fine, then I will.

Evan: Not until we talk, Amanda. Listen to me. Now, I checked out the store that you went to. They deal in guns.

Evan: Sam bought a gun. Or did you buy one to protect yourself?

Amanda: Have you been following me?

Evan: He bought a gun, didn't he?

Amanda: No, it was all a mistake.

Evan: Who told you that?

Amanda: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Evan: I can't believe you bought the mistake line.

Amanda: I can't believe that you will not get out of my life.

Evan: Listen, Amanda, you are frightened and confused. And don't ignore what's going on.

Amanda: I'll ignore you.

Evan: Amanda, people like Sam, they go over the edge like that.

Amanda: Sam is just fine.

Evan: Oh, really? How do you explain what he did to your portrait and what he's doing to you right now?

Amanda: He's coming back here right away. I would really suggest that you leave.

Evan: Listen, you trust your instincts.

Amanda: Evan.

Sam: Get out of here, Bates.

Evan: Like I said, just like--

[Snaps] ...That.

Sam: What did he say?

Amanda: Nothing. Nothing, he's gone. Let's just forget about it, ok? Hi, cutie. Let's forget it.

Paulina: You've got it all wrong, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Do I?

Paulina: It was Amanda's idea to change rooms.

Rachel: Why would Amanda want you in her room?

Paulina: Well, her room is closer to the nursery and she thought it'd be easier to hear Steven in the night.

Rachel: Next time you check with me before you start rearranging my household.

Paulina: Maybe this isn't a good time to change rooms. I didn't mean to overstep my bounds. It won't happen again.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Ken: Kind of rough on her, weren't you?

Rachel: I don't see that that's any of your business.

Ken: Right. I'll come back tomorrow.

Rachel: Why are you here?

Ken: I was concerned about you after last night. Obviously, I was right to be.

Rachel: Why? Concerned about what?

Ken: It upsets you, the idea of Mac caring about someone else.

Olivia: There, all packed.

Josie: Well, I'm sure Aunt Liz will be thrilled to have you back.

Olivia: She's already stocked the fridge with all my favorites, bless her heart.

Josie: Oh, tofu, goat cheese, and alfalfa sprouts?

Olivia: There's a wonderful health food store right down the street from her.

Josie: Oh, Olivia, don't forget your herbal teas and organic vitamins.

Olivia: Thanks for reminding me. Oh, I left you a couple of my cashmere sweaters. Father bought them for me in England. They're absolutely fabulous.

Josie: Why would I want your sweaters? Well, they're a little big on me and I just thought that--

I'm not any bigger than you are, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, yes, but you do tend to--

Josie: Why don't you just give your sweaters to charity, ok?

Olivia: Fine with me, but you can't get cashmere like that here. Is there any more of that cottage cheese?

Josie: Have the rest of it. I'm sick of it.

Olivia: Mm, well, my, my, you're becoming quite the tabloid queen, aren't you?

Josie: Yeah, well, there's an article about me in just about every paper in Chicago.

Olivia: And that pleases you?

Josie: Oh, I didn't even see this one.

Olivia: You're actually enjoying all this attention, aren't you?

Josie: So what?

Olivia: Well, don't you find it just the teeniest bit sordid?

Josie: Oh--oh, maybe to you, Olivia, but you know what? Some of us didn't grow up doted and pampered on all of our--

Olivia: Now, what does that mean?

Josie: It means that people care about me.

Olivia: They care about selling articles.

Josie: They care about me, it's obvious. They write articles about me, don't they?

Olivia: Josie, this kind of attention--

[Sighs] Even if they were genuinely concerned, it would only be for 5 minutes, like Andy Warhol said.

Josie: It's 15 minutes, and I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

[Knock on door] Could you get that, please?

Olivia: Sure.

Lucas: Olivia, is Josie--oh, Josie.

Josie: Lucas, I wasn't expecting you.

Lucas: I know, but I think I've got some news that you're really going to want to hear.

Josie: Why, what happened?

Lucas: As--as frightening as this thing with this fan has been is--the attention is starting to pay off.

Josie: What do you mean?

Lucas: Ultra Cosmetics wants you to be their main model.

Josie: You're kidding?

Lucas: This could be a million dollar contract, Josie.

Josie: Oh, Lucas. I knew something wonderful was going to happen. I just knew it.

Grant: Hi.

Al: How's it going?

Grant: A little slow, looks like the same for you, huh?

Al: Yeah, it's early.

Grant: Listen, Sharly around?

Al: Not yet.

Grant: What time she get in?

Al: Later.

Grant: Uh, what about lunch time or so?

Al: You can check back then.

Grant: So, you wouldn't have a number where I could reach her, would you?

Al: Uh-uh.

Grant: I didn't think so.

Al: I don't give out the numbers of my employees.

Grant: Well, that's a good practice. More bosses should look after their people a little more like you do. Listen, I'll check back with you later, ok?

Al: Hey, wait. You know, if you want to hang out here, she'd be--she should be in pretty soon.

Grant: Ah, all right, thanks. I will.

Al: Here you go.

Grant: Thanks.

Al: Listen, I've got some work to do out back. Would you keep your ear open for the phone?

Grant: Sure.

Sharlene's voice: We have no future.

Grant's voice: This is just so difficult.

Sharlene: Oh, this is difficult. What do you think I am, some ditz? You think I'm some ditz and I don't know that you're trying to--you're trying to cover something up?

Grant: Look, I'm sorry. I can't talk about this anymore.

Sharlene: Oh, great! Wonderful. You come--comes time to bite the bullet and you can't talk.

Grant: That's not it.

Sharlene: Then what is it?

Grant: Just go, Sharly. Just go.

Sharlene: I'm not out of your life, don't--don't you even think that. I--I don't feel this way about anybody. I don't. I love you.

Al: You leaving?

Grant: Oh, yeah, listen, I got to go.

Al: You want to leave a message or something?

Grant: No--no message. I changed my mind. Thanks a lot. See you later.

Al: Ok.

Sharlene: Mystery?

John: Don't you remember?

Sharlene: No, not--not really. I don't.

John: You told Ronnie all about it.

Sharlene: Oh yeah, she said that?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Hmm.

John: She said that you told her all about the plot. About this guy who switches sodium amytal with saline.

Sharlene: Oh, oh, I know. That book, I know.

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Right.

John: Yeah. Where is it?

Sharlene: Oh, I gave it to a friend.

John: Oh, which friend?

Sharlene: The girls at the Pelican.

John: Who?

Sharlene: What difference does it make?

John: Difference is I don't believe you.

Sharlene: What?

John: Sharlene, I've known you for over two years. We've discussed books hundreds of times.

Sharlene: So?

John: You don't like mysteries.

Sharlene: What's gotten into you today?

John: I want you to tell me the truth.

Sharlene: About what?

John: Why you were talking to Ronnie about sodium amytal.

Sharlene: Well, this is it, John. I have really had it.

John: Just answer the question.

Sharlene: I am so tired of being under suspicion all the time. Having you check me out.

John: What, are you going to deny that you talked to Ronnie?

Sharlene: You know, you pumped Emma too, didn't you? You tried to get her to tell you all about my past. What are you trying to prove?

John: Come on, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, what do you think I'm crazy? Is that it?

John: I don't know what to think.

Sharlene: Are you starting to feel sorry you married me?

John: No.

Sharlene: Well, I am.

John: What?

Sharlene: I'm starting to feel real sorry I ever married you.

John: I don't regret marrying you, Sharlene. Not for a minute. I never will.

Sharlene: Yeah, well...

John: I love you. That's why I'm worried about you.

Sharlene: Well, don't bother.

John: Where do you think you're going?

Sharlene: Going out of here. I'll go right through you.

John: There's something very wrong here--very, very wrong. You know it as well as I know it.

Sharlene: Get out of my way.

John: You're just as scared about this as I am.

Sharlene: Scared?

John: But we can work through this, Sharlene. If you'll just talk to me. If you'll work with me.

Sharlene: The only thing I'm scared of is being trapped with a man who doesn't understand me.

John: Then help me understand!

Sharlene: I'm suffocating. Are you going to let me out of here?

John: Sharlene, I am not trying to trap you. I love you. There are no two people on the face of this earth that know each other any better than we do.

Sharlene: You don't have a clue who I am!

John: Then tell me! Come on, Sharlene! Help me understand!

Sharlene: I have to go to work.

Lucas: Josie, this is a great opportunity for you.

Josie: And I'm not going to disappoint you, Lucas. I'm going to be gorgeous, I swear.

Lucas: You already are gorgeous.

Josie: No, I got--I've got to lose some weight. I've got to get to the spa and I've got to start getting facials--

Lucas: Come on--come on, they want you just the way you are.

Josie: They said that?

Lucas: I know that.

Josie: Oh, Lucas, this is a dream come true.

Olivia: But maybe it's not the best thing for you right now, Josie.

Josie: What?

Olivia: Seems to me the last thing you need is more exposure.

Josie: This could be a million dollar contract, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, sure, but if that crazy person's still--

Josie: Why don't you just not worry about that?

Lucas: Why don't you two stop--

Olivia: Josie, you'll be even more visible.

Lucas: Nothing's going to happen to Josie. I will take care of her.

Josie: Right, and I'm not going to let you rain on my parade.

Olivia: I'm just trying to talk some sense into you.

Josie: You just can't stand it when I'm happy, can you?

Olivia: I'm going to go and make sure I didn't forget anything.

Josie: And I'm going to call my mother and give her the great news.

Lucas: Oh, hey, could you hold off on that? I told my secretary I'd be here. I'm waiting for a very important call.

Josie: Oh, sure. I won't tie up the line then.

Lucas: Come here. Sit down. I want to go over your schedule and make sure you're going be available.

Josie: Are you kidding? My calendar is wide open. When do I start?

Lucas: Well, apparently the beginning of next week. Monday, they'll do some test shots--

Josie: Monday? Monday's great. I can get to the spa on Saturday.

Lucas: Good, and then I guess they'll give you the bookings right then.

Josie: And I want to be booked like crazy. Will I get to travel? Oh, I hope I get to travel.

Lucas: I'm sure you'll get to travel.

Josie: And tons of exposure.

Lucas: I hope so.

Josie: I am going to be a major force in the modeling world. This is really happening, isn't it?

Lucas: I knew it was going to.

Josie: Ah, there goes my social life, not that I care. Oh, I'm sorry, I'd love to have lunch with you, but I'm flying off to Rome today. Oh, next week--no, I'm sorry, I'm going to be doing numerous commercials.

Lucas: Well, I just hope you don't forget us little people.

Josie: Never. What was your name again? What--um... what does Iris have to say about all this?

Lucas: Iris thinks it's great for "Sophisticate."

Josie: Of course.

Lucas: And what do you think Matt's going to say about this?

Josie: He'll be fine.

Lucas: And what if he isn't?

Josie: I will handle Matthew.

Lucas: I just hope--

Josie: Lucas, I will handle Matthew. Now, I think that we need to have a toast, don't you?

Lucas: Sure.

Josie: Well, I don't really have anything.

Lucas: Oh.

Josie: How does a diet root beer sound?

Lucas: [Chuckles] Diet root beer sounds just fine.

Josie: Ok, you got it.

Lucas: Well, looks like you're going to need a couple more scrapbooks, huh?

Josie: All thanks to you, Lucas. I mean, you're the one that made it happen.

Lucas: No, no. It's you, Josie. I keep telling you that. You're going to be a star. You have everything it takes.

Olivia: Are you sure about that?

Lucas: What kind of question is that?

Olivia: I think there's something you should know about Josie.

Rachel: Did Mac care? I thought you said that he backed off as soon as he found out you were interested in Maria. That doesn't sound like someone who cares very much.

Ken: It was a euphemism. They had a relationship.

Rachel: Mac was a very wealthy, very attractive middle-aged man by the time I came along. He had known many women. I was the one who wanted to know about Maria. I was the one that asked you.

Ken: I want you to be clear about the relationship.

Rachel: I'm clear about it. They had an affair. I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm glad to know.

Ken: Rachel, I was with him at the end. He loved you more than anything. Nobody else compared with you. As--as far as Mac was concerned, you were the love of his life.

Rachel: What happened to Maria? Are you still in touch with her?

Ken: No.

Rachel: Why not?

Ken: She died.

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Ken: So am I.

Rachel: Were you with her?

Ken: No. I never saw her after I was put in prison.

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Ken: When I got out, I searched for her, but by the time I found out where she was, it was too late. She was dead.

Rachel: That must have been difficult for you.

Ken: I hit rock bottom. It took me a long time to get myself together after that. I'm still not sure I succeeded completely. One thing I was sure of--I would never care that much about a woman again.

Rachel: Rather sweeping decision.

Ken: I know, and I was wrong.

Ken: You and I have been backing away from our feelings for each other.

Rachel: I don't think I want to deal with this right now.

Ken: I don't know what this is, Rachel.

Rachel: Feelings?

Ken: Look, all I know is that, roundabout this time, I'd be busy planning my next expedition. But somehow, nothing interests me. That's scary.

Rachel: I know that feeling.

Ken: So?

Rachel: So?

[Loud bang]

Rachel: Who's out there?

Ken: Is it one of the gardeners?

Rachel: No, it's not their day.

Ken: I'll take a look.

Rachel: Thanks.

Rachel: What was it?

Ken: A broken flower pot. Looks like a squirrel might have knocked it over.

Sam: [Indistinct] Just like that duck. Here, here. Whoa. A ball. See, it's all wet. You want a wet ball? Want a wet ball? See, it's all wet. Now, throw it in the pool. There you go. Tons of fun. See, it floats, too.

Alli: Give me another one.

Sam: Give you another one?

Alli: Yeah.

Sam: I can't reach it.

Man's voice: This is the bill. He left it here and we really don't like to be responsible.

Amanda's voice: All right, a bill for what?

Man's voice: A pistol.

Amanda's voice: What?

Man's voice: Your husband bought a hand gun. 32 caliber, a very fine weapon. I'm sure he'll get a lot of pleasure out of using it.

Sam: Throw it into the pool. I'm going to teach you to swim, Alli. Daddy's going to teach you to do a lot of things.

[Chuckles] Because I love you. I love my girl. I'm not going to put you in the pool. No, I'm not; I promise. I promise.

Amanda: Oh, it can't be.

Sam: You see?

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Hmm?

Alli: Can I [Indistinct]?

Amanda: Are you happy that we're back to together?

Sam: How can you even ask that?

Alli: Can I get it?

Amanda: So, then you really have forgiven me?

Sam: Sure, I figure it's best we forget what happened and just work on the future. Isn't that right, girl?

Alli: Get it.

Sam: Get it.

Man: Excuse me? I have a package for Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: Oh, yes, thank you.

Sam: Come here, Alli. Go to mama.

Amanda: Oh, but--ah. Hi.

Sam: I'll take that.

Man: Please.

Amanda: Hey, look at you.

Sam: There you go.

Amanda: ...Little jacket and everything.

Man: Listen, I'll catch you next time.

Man: Right, ok.

Sam: Thanks.


Amanda: Let me see.

Sam: Ah, no.

Amanda: Sam, it's for me.

Sam: Well, I'm not going to give you this.

Amanda: Sam, come on, please.

Sam: I don't want you running back to the office.

Amanda: I won't.

Sam: Ha, ha, ha--you promise?

Amanda: I promise. Great.

Sam: Come here, Alli.

Amanda: Here you go.

Alli: I can't go--[Indistinct].

Sam: You're not going to go into the pool. I promise. Maybe later, ok? Ok?

Sam: Looks like a contract.

Amanda: Yeah, it is. I had legal draw it up.

Sam: So, what is it?

Amanda: It's done all wrong.

Sam: So, then you are going back to the office.

Amanda: No. Nope. Contract can wait. This is time with my family.

Evan: Hold on a second. Did you just deliver that package to Amanda Fowler?

Man: Sure did.

Evan: In person?

Man: Yes, sir. She's out there by the pool.

Evan: Oh, good, good. Here you go.

Man: Thank you.

Evan: Thank you. Shouldn't be long now.

Al: Hey, hey, we making our own hours these days?

Sharlene: What?

Al: You're late.

Sharlene: So, fire me, Al. See if I care.

Al: Ooh. You wouldn't be in a bad mood or anything, would you?

Sharlene: You think it's funny, Al?

Al: I think you better snap out of it. We've got an executive-office party coming in and I need your help setting up.

Sharlene: Terrific, terrific. A bunch of yuppies got their hands all over you. They think they own you.

Al: Hey, hey, hey. You can handle them.

Sharlene: Yeah, I'll dump some beers in their laps. Yeah.

Al: None of that. When they come in, I want you to be my party girl. Hey, wait a second. I've got something for you.

Sharlene: Oh, [Indistinct]! Just forget him, just forget him.

Al: These ought to cheer you up.

Sharlene: What?

Al: These came in a few minutes ago.

Sharlene: For me?

Al: It says, "Sharly."

Sharlene: There's a card?

Al: Yep.

Sharlene: Oh, oh. Oh, there must be at least 3 dozen of these things.

Al: They smell good.

Grant's voice: I've never apologized to anyone in my life until now. I hope you'll let me explain yesterday. See you later, Grant.

Sharlene: [Laughs]


Al: Good note, huh?

Sharlene: Good note. Where's the music, Al? Let's party, ok? It's time to get down and stay down. Sharly's going to make everybody happy.


Be yourself you got to be yourself be yourself you can't be no one else be yourself why should you just be yourself? Got to, got to, got to be yourself

Sharlene: What are you--what are you doing here?

John: Since when do I need a reason to see my wife?

Sharlene: John, I'm sorry.

John: What for?

Sharlene: For going on like I did. I--I sort of had a fight with Emma and she left, and I've been on edge.

John: I think it goes a little deeper than that.

Sharlene: No, it doesn't, honey.

John: You told me you didn't want to be married anymore.

Sharlene: I was upset. I didn't know what I was saying.

John: Oh, I think you do. Told me you were suffocating, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, I didn't say that.

John: Well, that might not be the exact words but that's what you meant.

Sharlene: I'm sorry.

John: I felt like I was talking to a complete stranger.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. It was a bad day.

John: I think it's more than just a bad day, Sharlene.

Sharlene: You know what? I--I--the book, see the book thing. I forgot all about it, and what it was is that Caroline gave me the book. She gave me the mystery book and along with a couple of others.

John: Caroline?

Sharlene: Yeah. And I gave it back to her the other day.

John: Ah. What about the flowers?

Sharlene: The flowers?

John: Caroline give those to you, too?

Sharlene: No, don't be silly.

John: Where did they come from, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Al gave them to me, along with a couple of the other bartenders because of all the nights that I've worked overtime. Isn't that sweet?

John: Sweet?

Sharlene: Look, I know you're upset with me, and I don't blame you, and we need to sit down and have a nice long talk.

John: I couldn't agree with you more.

Sharlene: All right. Can't right now because I have a lunch party coming in.

John: I don't care.

Sharlene: Al needs me, John. Two other girls are out; doesn't have anybody else. Now, you know how important this job is to me.

John: All right, sweetheart, whatever you want.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: After lunch?

Sharlene: After my shift.

John: All right, that--that sounds just fine. Whatever you need. I'm sure that you'll come right home.

Sharlene: Sure.

John: I know how much this job means to you, but I hate like hell what it's done to us.

Singer: Be yourself got to, got to, got to, got to be yourself you got to be yourself be yourself you can't be no one else oh, be yourself why should you just be yourself be yourself

Sharlene: [Laughs]

Singer: Be yourself

Olivia: This is just between you and me, ok?

Lucas: Ok.

Olivia: I'm terribly worried about Josie.

Lucas: Is that so?

Olivia: She's very naive.

Lucas: That's a part of her charm, isn't it?

Olivia: Oh, sure, yeah.

Lucas: That's what you wanted me to know, that--that Josie's naive?

Olivia: Well, I just think that this new job might be a mistake.

Lucas: Really?

Olivia: It could make things more dangerous for her.

Lucas: She'll be protected around the clock.

Olivia: Well, that might not be good enough.

Lucas: This is a very important opportunity for her. I'm not going to let her pass it up because of some half-wit fan.

Olivia: Well, couldn't she just wait until some of this horrible publicity dies down? Won't there be other opportunities?

Lucas: Not like this. This is a big career move.

Olivia: What about her safety? Her relationship with Matthew? Aren't those things important, too?

Lucas: Wait a second. You can do this with Josie, but you can't do it with me.

Olivia: Do what?

Lucas: This concern. This bogus sisterly affection, covering up how jealous you two are of each other.

Olivia: That's not true. Look, maybe Josie's forgotten what's important in life, but I haven't.

Josie: Why don't you just shut up and mind your own business?

Olivia: I was just--never mind.

Josie: Well, I do mind. Lucas, don't pay any attention to her. She's just pretending to be concerned. You know what, I know better. You're just trying to get back at me for that silly little stunt I pulled.

Olivia: That's not true.

Josie: I tried to apologize, didn't I? But that just wasn't good enough. Now, you want to see me fail.

Olivia: That's a very cruel thing to say, Josie.

[Phone rings]

Lucas: That'll be for me. I'll take it in the bedroom.

Olivia: I was only trying to help you.

Josie: No, you weren't. You were trying to steal my job away from me.

Olivia: Oh, for heaven's sake.

Josie: That's all you've ever done. You're always trying to take away what's mine. You know what, you can't stand the idea that I might be a bigger success than you are.

Olivia: Ha.

Josie: That you might be known as Josie Watts' sister.

Olivia: You really have snapped, Josie.

Josie: No, Olivia, no. I've gotten smart, and I know when someone has it in for me.

Olivia: I'm getting out of here.

Josie: Oh, go ahead. Go, and stay out forever!

Rachel: I thought Amanda was out here.

Sam: Well, she's in the cabana with Alli, changing. How are you doing, Ken?

Ken: Good. How about yourself?

Sam: Can't complain. Sitting by the pool, you know, soaking up the sun.

Rachel: What did you do to your hands?

Sam: Oh, I just put the baby seat in the car and got to cleaning out the trunk. I stopped before I got too compulsive.

Rachel: Was Alli up at the terrace?

Amanda: Alli is right here.

Rachel: Hi.

Amanda: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: Hi, cutie.

Ken: Hello, Amanda.

Rachel: Were you guys just up at the terrace?

Sam: Why do you ask?

Rachel: Well, somebody knocked over one of the flower pots. It's not important. I just thought maybe--did you enjoy your swim?

Sam: Yeah, she's going to be a regular Esther Williams.

Rachel: Ah.

Amanda: Well, I don't know. She's got a few years to go on that one, but she sure liked those water wings that you got her.

Sam: Yeah, we don't need to hold her up anymore.

Rachel: Oh, that's good. Well, it's nice to see you all together down here at the pool.

Amanda: I wish I could stay.

Rachel: You're going back to the office?

Amanda: Yeah, I have to for about an hour or so. So, what do you say--you want to go with me?

Alli: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah?

Sam: No, Alli, you want to stay with me. I don't see you very often, so come here.

Rachel: Don't you want to stay with your Daddy?

Sam: Come here, girl.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: There we go. Listen, when you finish, why don't you meet me at the loft, ok?

Alli: Toy!

Amanda: Sure, ok. Bye, I'll see you soon.

Sam: See you.

Amanda: Bye.

Rachel: Bye, sweetie.

Sam: So, listen, is your tummy hungry? You hungry? Say yes, you're hungry. Well, I'm hungry. Let's go to the kitchen. See you guys later.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: Yeah.

Rachel: Well, sit down.

Ken: Thank you.

Rachel: Enjoy the sun. It's a gorgeous day.

Ken: It's beautiful.

Rachel: Oh, Paulina.

Paulina: Yes, Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Ah, Sam is going to need some help with Alli in a few minutes.

Paulina: Oh.

Rachel: They're up at the kitchen.

Paulina: Sure.

Rachel: While you were up there, would you ask Hilda to bring us down some iced tea?

Paulina: Iced tea, right.

Rachel: Oh, I'm hungry, are you? Would you like to stay for lunch?

Ken: You're not going to kick me out on my ear?

Rachel: No, my mood is improving, and I think you're probably to blame.

Ken: [Chuckles] I will take full responsibility. I'd love to stay.

Rachel: Good. Salad?

Ken: Sounds fine.

Rachel: All right. Would you see if Helen would make us up a couple of salads and Hilda can bring them down with the iced tea.

Paulina: Iced tea and a salad, coming up. Anything else?

Rachel: I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier.

Paulina: Oh, I understand.

Rachel: Ooh, that sun feels great.

Ken: Yeah, it sure does.

Rachel: So, now I know everything, right?

Ken: Do any of us?

Sharlene: Well, hey, hey, it's about time you showed up.

Lucas: Sharlene.

Sharlene: [Chuckles] Gee, how long has it been?

Lucas: It has been a while, yeah.

Sharlene: Yeah, I was wondering--I was wondering if you would ever show up again. 'Cause then I started thinking, "gee, is it me or is it the food here?" Nah, it's me.

Lucas: What?

Sharlene: [Chuckles] Did I give you a hard time the last time you were here?

Lucas: No, not at all.

Sharlene: Well, I--if I did I want to apologize.

Lucas: Hey, you have nothing to apologize about.

Sharlene: How about a table?

Lucas: Actually, I'm--I'm going to meet somebody here but he should--he should be here by now.

Sharlene: So, wait with me, ok? Come on, grab a table. Sit down.

Lucas: Sure.

Sharlene: Uh-Al? Al, can weave a couple of beers here for my friend and I? Beers ok?

Lucas: Great, fine.

Sharlene: Good. Gosh, I was thinking about the last time I saw you. I bet I kind of rubbed you the wrong way with all that talk about Josie.

Lucas: You were just being very protective.

Sharlene: That's me, protective to a fault. I mean, what's the point? What am I going to do? Shelter the kid from reality? What?

Lucas: I don't even think it's possible.

Sharlene: It isn't even possible. You've got that. Al, what about the beers? I need them. I mean, what am I doing beating my head against the wall? What am I doing that for?

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know.

Al: Here you go.

Sharlene: Thanks, Al.

Lucas: Thanks, Al.

Al: You're welcome.

Sharlene: Cheers. You know, we also talked a little bit about me, I think. The old me, if you know what I mean.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Sharlene: [Chuckles] I bet I drove you crazy with all those questions about what did I wear, how much did I spend, what I do.

Lucas: No, you didn't drive me crazy.

Sharlene: No, you're just being nice.

Lucas: Come on, I don't mind answering your questions.

Sharlene: It's funny, isn't it? Here we are again; after all this time we're still involved. Come on, it's different. Lord knows it's different, but we're still involved, Lucas.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Well, I... and here I am--all married, settled down, boring.

Lucas: Sharlene, you could never be boring.

Sharlene: You said it yourself--I used to be a lot more fun when you and I were the life of the party. Raise a hell. [Chuckles] We'd go on all night; have a lot of fun.

Lucas: Yeah, you were--you were all those things.

Sharlene: I was, and then now what am I? I'm a wife to a doctor, no less. Dullsville, Dullsville.

Lucas: Are you having second thoughts?

Sharlene: No, no, it's not that. It's just that--I was thinking maybe I--I want to have some more fun. I'm missing out on the few things like freedom and excitement and... I don't know, what the hell else is life for, you know?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe you're feeling a little stifled.

Sharlene: Ah, that's the word for it. It's stifled, Lucas. That's it.

Lucas: Sharlene, I--


Sharlene: Oh, not that I'm complaining--I'm not. It's just I-Lucas, I wouldn't mind wearing all those clothes again. Traveling--traveling and seeing all those people and partying and throwing caution to the wind. You know, I wouldn't mind.

Lucas: I'm-Sh-Sharlene, I--

Al: Telephone call for you, Mr. Lucas.

Lucas: Al, thanks. Excuse me. Thanks, Al. Lucas. Yeah? Well, that's--that's just great. Why didn't you tell me a little bit before? What do you think, I have nothing else better to do? All right, fine, yeah. Thanks, Lucy. Jesus. Well, seems that the man who's supposed to meet me wants to meet me at my apartment now.

Sharlene: Well, some people can't make up their minds, huh?

Lucas: Yeah. Well, I guess I'll be going.

Sharlene: Yeah, at least--at least we had a chance to catch up.

Lucas: Yeah, we did. I liked that.

Sharlene: Me too, and...

Lucas: I'll see you.

Sharlene: Ok. L-l-Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah?

Sharlene: Never mind. Go on. Good to see you.

Lucas: So long.

Rachel: Ranchipur?

Ken: In India.

Rachel: I know where it is. It's the land of the monsoons.

Ken: "The rains of Ranchipur," very good. Anyway, the maharaja there was very fond of feasts.

Rachel: And he invited you to one?

Ken: Lunch, on a veranda the size of a polo field, overlooking a pond.

Rachel: The size of Lake Michigan?

Ken: Close, but that was not the most interesting thing about this pond.

Rachel: Oh, I hesitate to ask what the most interesting thing was.

Ken: This pond was packed with piranha.

Rachel: Piranha?

Ken: Fish with incredibly sharp teeth.

Rachel: I know what they are. But they're from South America, aren't they?

Ken: The maharaja spared no expense. He had imported caviar, imported scotch, salmon, imported piranha.

Rachel: And just why did he feel he needed piranha?

Ken: To stimulate dull guests. The maharaja was very hard to please.

Rachel: Even for you?

Ken: Especially for me. I ended up in the pond.

Rachel: How did you get out?

Ken: I didn't.

Rachel: I almost believed you.

Ken: Why--what's not to believe?

Rachel: I think I'll pass on the maharaja's piranhas.

Ken: All right, have I ever told you about the time we spotted the yeti in the Himalayas?

Rachel: Please don't.

Ken: I don't know how much credence you put by the abominable snowman.

Rachel: Not much.

[Beep] Oh, saved. You're saved by the bell. Yes? Yes. Oh heavens, yes. I'll be right up. Mom, Helen, 10 paces.

Ken: Oh.

Paulina: Well, don't you look right at home.

Ken: I'd be careful if I were you, Paulina. You don't want Rachel to mistrust you.

Paulina: No, I don't. But it seemed necessary to remind you not to forget about this... and our agreement.

Evan: Don't.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Evan: I'm worried about your safety.

Amanda: I am worried about yours. If you keep this up, I don't--

Evan: I am being serious.

Amanda: And I'm not?

Evan: Sam is a very demented person.

Amanda: No, Evan, you're the demented one. I really--

Evan: Listen to me.

Sharlene: So, when the rest of your friends get here, we'll just pull some tables together and do that. So, I hear chips and peanuts and stuff like that. Ok, fine. Be right back.

Grant: Hi.

Sharlene: Thanks for the roses.

Grant: Does that mean that you accept my apology?

Sharlene: I don't know. I was real hurt the other night. I was real hurt.

Grant: I know.

Sharlene: What was that about?

Grant: I wish I could explain, Sharly.

Sharlene: Try.

Grant: Well, the way we feel about each other, what we've got going with one another...it suddenly hit me how serious it is.

Sharlene: Keep going.

Grant: I am--I'm just trying to make sure that I say this just right.

Sharlene: Ok. I'll be quiet.

Grant: I realize that you're giving up your life and your man, whoever he is, and that you--that you expect a future from me.

Sharlene: Wait a second. Is what I'm hearing a U.S. Congressman telling me he doesn't think he's good enough for me? Is that right?

Grant: Something like that.

Sharlene: No, I don't buy it. The other night you wanted me more than anybody has ever wanted me. I've never felt anything like it, never. And then bingo, just like that, you want me gone. Now, why don't you just cut the double talk and tell me the truth?

Amanda: Let go of me.

Evan: Not until you listen to what I have to say.

Amanda: I have heard this all before, Evan.

Evan: Ok, fine. Then I will follow you until you do listen to me.

Amanda: I have got to get to work.

Evan: Then let me drive you. Let me inside. I'll state my case, and I'll never bother you again.

Amanda: Never?

Evan: Never. Just give me the time and that will be the end of me--promise.

Amanda: This has got to stop.

Evan: You're doing the right thing, you know that?

Evan: Wait a second here.

Amanda: What? What's wrong?

Evan: You've got no brakes. Strange.

Man: Here they are as promised.

Lucas: Good. Now, let's see what skeletons the congressman has. [Chuckles] So this is what he's up to.

Sharlene: If you're not going to tell me the truth, then I want you to leave and I don't want you to come back.

Grant: No.

Sharlene: Take your hand off me.

Grant: No, I'm not letting you go.

Sharlene: All right, then you tell me what you've been hiding. Grant? Grant, what is it?

Grant: Ah, it's--it's all--it will--

Sharlene: Grant, what is it? This is the same thing that happened the other day, isn't it? You said it was because of the medication; that's not it, is it?

Grant: No.

Sharlene: Then you tell me. What's going on, Grant? Tell me. I want to help but I can't if I don't know.

Grant: Ok, look, all right. You want me to tell you the truth. The truth is that I came to Bay City to go into the hospital.

John: Sharly Watts?

Sharlene's voice: You haven't got a clue who I am.

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