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Another World Transcript Tuesday 4/11/06

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Donna: Michael Spencer Hudson, this is no longer funny. Hide-and-seek is not supposed to take this long. Michael... [Muffled giggling] Oh, well at least I know you are in here somewhere. Now, let's see, where are you? Under this pillow? No. Where could he be? I wonder if he could be--here! Got you. Got you. I got you. Come back here! Come back here! That was a pretty good hiding place. Did Daddy teach you that trick? Who did?

Mikey: Jake showed me.

Donna: Oh yes, well that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Ok, let's go see who is at the door.

Mikey: Who is it?

Donna: Who is it?

Jake: Jake.

Mikey: Yeah!

Jake: Yeah! Ha ha, yes!

Donna: Hi, we were just talking about you.

Jake: You guys were?

Donna: Yeah. I thought we agreed that the social visits would be a little less.

Jake: Well, Donna, I didn't agree to anything.

Donna: You here to see Marley?

Jake: Who else, besides Mikey here, of course.

Donna: She is not here yet. She is having a massage at the spa.

Jake: That's ok, I will wait.

Donna: Darling, would you go in the kitchen and ask Angela to start preparing your picnic basket?

Mikey: Ok.

Jake: Tortellini--save some for me, all right? Ha ha ha!

Donna: Go on. Chop, chop! I will be there in a minute.

Jake: Whoo!

Donna: Are you doing what I think you are doing?

Jake: What am I doing?

Donna: Trying to get back at me by reconciling with my daughter.

[Birds chirping]

[Water splashing]

Jamie: Hi.

Paulina: Jamie.

Jamie: Having fun?

Paulina: Yeah, is it all right?

Jamie: You know, you really should never swim alone.

Paulina: I wasn't exactly swimming; I'm just lounging.

Jamie: Oh, well then enjoy.

Paulina: Are we still on for tonight?

Jamie: That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Paulina: Oh, I will be there. In fact, I should probably get out of this pool and start getting ready.

Jamie: Come on.

Paulina: Oh, thank you.

Jamie: Here you go. Put this around you.

Paulina: Thank you.

Amanda: Sam? Sam?

Sam: Amanda, what are you looking for?

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Sam, we've gotta talk about something.

Ada: Hi, guys.

Sam: Hey, what are you two doing here?

Ada: Well, Alli and I were having an in-depth discussion about the heat wave that we are having.

Sam: Yeah, and what did my brilliant daughter have to say?

Ada: Well, she decided that we should grab the two of you, take you back to the house for a swim before you leave us forever.

Amanda: Now?

Ada: Well, not that I am trying to lay a guilt trip on you for moving back here.

Sam: Well, personally, I think it is a great idea, don't you?

Ada: Yeah.

Amanda: It is just Alli has had the sniffles all week. I really don't think we should chance it.

Sam: Well, that's true, you did have the sniffles.

Ada: Oh, Alli is not going.

Amanda: What?

Ada: Well, Alli and Stevie and Sharky and me, we have a double date to go in the merry-go-round in the park.

Sam: Oh great. I will get the suits! Shall we get the suits? Gotta get the suits!

Ada: Oh, honey, come on. I was looking at that great big beautiful pool with nobody in it, and I got to thinking about you two don't get time to have that much fun together anymore.

Sam: Personally, I do think it is a great idea.

Amanda: It's--I wanted to get a lot of things done here tonight, that's all.

Sam: Oh, come on, Amanda. Ada is right. We have to get our fun while we can. Besides, as they say, life is too short.

[Ada laughs]

Rachel: Enjoying the weather?

Jamie: Mom.

Paulina: Mrs. Cory.

Jamie: I was just firming up our plans for tonight. I am taking Paulina to Tops. By the way, I want to stop at the hospital, I have to see a patient before dinner. Would you meet me at Tops? Do you mind?

Paulina: No, not at all.

Jamie: I will send Ben for you.

Paulina: In the limo?

Rachel: Yeah.

Paulina: Ah, great.

Jamie: Look, the reservation is at 6:30. So, I want to be home before grandma gets there with Steve.

Paulina: 6:30. It is after 5:00 already. I better start getting ready. I will see you later.

Jamie: Ok, I will see you there.

Rachel: Any particular reason?

Jamie: For what?

Rachel: For taking Paulina to Tops.

Jamie: I just want to thank her for taking such good care of Steven the last few weeks.

Rachel: Ah, some thank-you.

Jamie: And I want to talk to her about my trip to France.

Rachel: Yes, you're right. It's awfully difficult to talk around here.

Jamie: She doesn't go out very much. She doesn't seem to have friends.

Rachel: I see. You want to be her friend?

Jamie: Mom, I feel like we have had this conversation before.

Rachel: No, we haven't.

Jamie: Sure we have. Except the last time I was 17 and so was the girl in question.

Rachel: The girl in question wasn't your employee.

Jamie: I am not interested in Paulina. I just think that she is sweet.

Rachel: I see.

Jamie: And I am a little too old to have my mother policing my social life, don't you think?

Rachel: I guess I will always think of you as my child.

Jamie: Believe me, Mom, Paulina is not interested in me in that way.

Rachel: Whatever you say.

Jamie: One night I asked her out for a drink and she turned me down flat.

Rachel: So?

Jamie: So, I think that she made it pretty clear that she doesn't want to get involved with her employer. Not that that's what I had in mind.

Rachel: Ok, ok.

Jamie: Look, I have got to get to the hospital before dinner. I will see you.

Rachel: Don't worry. [Laughs] Why should I worry? Everything always turns out all right. Should've kept my mouth shut.

Ken: You know what they say about people who talk to themselves.

Rachel: What do they say?

Ken: Never mind. Ok, so I am back.

Rachel: Yes, I see. Thank you.

Ken: It is hard to turn you down. For me, anyway.

Rachel: Good. So, sit down, tell me the rest of your story.

Ken: About Maria.

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: It is very hard for me to talk about her, Rachel. I never talk about her to anyone.

Rachel: I understand.

Ken: But you want to know anyway. Because of me, or because of Mac?

Rachel: Both.

Jake: What do you care what I do to you, Donna?

Donna: It means a great deal to me if Marley is going to be hurt again.

Jake: You think I'd hurt Marley?

Donna: I think you could.

Jake: I think we both could, Donna.

Donna: You see what I mean? You are playing around with Marley so that you can hurt me.

Jake: I am not the one that is playing around, Donna.

Donna: Then why are you here?

Jake: I am not quite sure. All I am sure about is that I have been tossed around by the women in this family for years, and I keep coming back. Call me masochistic, I just guess I can't stay away.

Donna: You can't be serious.

Jake: About what?

Donna: Do you want Marley back?

Jake: She wants me, I told you that.

Donna: Here we go. Here we go.

Jake: What, you don't believe-- you don't believe that, Donna?

Donna: I believe that you have a very distorted image of yourself and that you're convinced that every woman you have ever met is desperately in love with you.

Jake: I never said that.

Donna: What's the matter with you?

Jake: My ex-wife wants to try to make it work again. Her mother, who I have slept with, tells me to stay away from her. You tell me what I should do.

Donna: I think it is pretty obvious.

Jake: What, just go and tell Marley, "no way"? I lose both of them? That's great for my health, isn't it, Dona?

Donna: Shh. Why are you doing this to me?

Jake: Why are you doing this to me?

Donna: What have I done?

Jake: I come near you, you push me away. I move away, you start batting your eyes, swiveling your hips.

Donna: That's insanity!

Jake: You are doing it right now.

Donna: We have to come to an agreement about this, for all of our sakes, Jake.

Jake: Even for Michael's?

Donna: Michael has nothing to do with this.

Jake: Michael has everything to do with this. You are terrified he is going to find out about us.

Donna: What's wrong with you, Jake?

Jake: I am sick of lying. I am tired of pretending. Now listen. Either I can walk away from everyone, or we can tell everybody the truth.

Donna: Hi, Michael.

Michael: You want to tell me just what the hell is going on here?

Donna: We were talking about Marley.

Michael: Really? What about Marley?

Donna: Jake came over here to see her, but she's not here yet.

Jake: Oh, I see, so that's why he was yelling at you.

Donna: Michael, he wasn't--

Michael: I mean, I--I heard some talk here about telling the truth. Now, was I mistaken? Did I hear that? You want to tell me what that was about?

Donna: It was nothing. Really, it was nothing.

Michael: Was it nothing, Jake? You haven't said anything since I got here.

Jake: It's 'cause I have nothing to say to you, Michael.

Michael: Well, in that case, perhaps you'll be kind enough to leave.

Jake: Marley asked me to come over and see her.

Michael: Well, Marley is not here. So perhaps you go on your merry way and get out of my face.

Donna: Michael, please.

Michael: Please, what? I walk into my own home--every time I walk into my own home, he happens to be here causing trouble.

Jake: Give me a break.

Michael: I have given you a break. I have given you a lot of breaks. You cheated on Marley, you mess with Victoria's marriage, and now you're here with my wife, in my apartment, forgive me if I get a little upset that you're here in my face.

Donna: Michael, you've got this all wrong. Jake and I were arguing because he told me that--that Marley wants to get back together with him.

Michael: What, Marley?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Over my dead body.

Jake: I hate to be the one to break the news to you, Michael, but since when did either one of your daughters listen to what you have to say?

Michael: Almost never, Jake, but I love my daughters. And I'll be damned if I'm going to stand around while you ruin Marley's life one more time.

Jake: Who are you to give advice? Your marriage is a farce.

Donna: Jake, please.

Michael: Well, you would know about a marriage that is a farce, wouldn't you? And my marriage is none of your business.

Jake: Well, that's where you're wrong.

Michael: Oh, really, why don't you tell me about it?

Jake: Who was there to pick up the pieces, Michael, when your wife thought you were in love with another woman?

Michael: Oh, I see. Well, I'm curious about this, Jake. Exactly how--

Jake: It was me! I was the one who did that!

Michael: Uh-huh. Why don't you tell me what you want?

Jake: You want to know what I want? I want you to stay out of my life, Michael.

Michael: Well, that's no problem, Jake. You just stay out of mine. Stay away from my wife and stay away from my daughter--

Donna: Stop it, stop it!

Michael: And if you hurt Marley...

Jake: Can it, Michael. Open your eyes, man. If you paid any attention at all to your wife, you wouldn't be so concerned about mine.

Michael: Well, your ex-wife happens to be my daughter.

Jake: Spend a little less time giving everybody advice, they might be a little bit better at leading their own lives. And the next time you give someone advice about a marriage, why don't you take a good, long look at yours?

Josie: What else can I do? Just tell me and I'll do it. Are you going to stay mad at me forever?

Olivia: It's a distinct possibility.

Josie: I'm sorry! I don't know how else to say it.

Olivia: That's not good enough.

Josie: All right. All right, I made a mistake. Haven't you ever made a mistake before?

Olivia: Plenty. But I've never done anything quite as vindictive as turning off someone's alarm clock so they would miss a very important appointment. Nope, I've never done anything that low.

Josie: You still got to do the shoot, didn't you? I mean, there really was no harm done.

Olivia: Is that how you see it?

Josie: Yes. You got the job, you got the money. Iris gave you the job, you did it. What--what else matters?

Olivia: Oh, this little matter called trust.

Josie: When we were up for the "Fresh faces" campaign, you know you would've done anything to win.

Olivia: At the final interview, when your makeup case came up missing, I loaned you mine. I don't want to live here with you anymore, end of story.

Josie: Oh, you'd rather live with aunt Liz.

Olivia: At least she is not trying to make me look bad.

[Knock on door]

Olivia: That's for you, I'm sure.

Josie: I can't believe that you'd walk out on me when there's some stranger out there stalking me.

Olivia: Don't try and make me feel guilty, Josie. It won't work.

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Go answer the door.

Josie: Who is it?

Matt: It's Matt and Reuben.

Josie: Matthew, you didn't have to bring me flowers.

Olivia: He's blind, he's absolutely blind.

Matt: I didn't. They were outside your door.

Josie: Who--who are they from?

Reuben: Just happens to be a card right here.

Josie: "y' r the pt. I'll be back."

Matt: I'm going to go talk to the doorman.

Olivia: Just be careful, Josie, ok? See you, Reuben.

Reuben: See you, Olivia.

Josie: Why are you looking at me like that?

Reuben: Did you do this, or is this for real?

Josie: Reuben, I didn't do this.

Reuben: Oh, boy.

Josie: It had to be the same person that was here last night.

Reuben: So I guess that wasn't just a run-of-the-mill break-in, huh?

Josie: No someone really is after me, trying to scare me or worse. What am I going to do?

Ada: Okey-dokey, okey-dokey. We are just going to pick up Stevie and we are out of here.

Amanda: Ok, good. Have a good swim, you guys. We won't be late.

Sam: Isn't it cold?

Paulina: No, it's beautiful.

Sam: Really?

Paulina: You know what I think I.... tonight I haven't seen your mom in a while, and everyone else is going out.

Sam: Perfect. I'll get the towels.

Amanda: So, are you going out?

Paulina: Mm-hmm. Jamie's taking me out to dinner.

Amanda: Oh.

Paulina: He's bringing the limo to take me to the restaurant.

Amanda: Great, have fun.

Paulina: Well, I hope I get to see you guys sometime. I hear you are not going to be living here anymore.

Amanda: No, we moved back to the loft.

Paulina: Oh, well, enjoy it.

Amanda: Thanks. Paulina, you know, why don't you move your stuff back into our old bedroom? It's closer to Steven.

Paulina: Really?

Amanda: Yeah.

Paulina: Oh, that is so nice of you. Thank you.

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: So, are we going swimming or what?

Paulina: Oh, I forgot to tell you. There were several calls for you this afternoon.

Amanda: From the office? They know that I'm going to be at the loft.

Paulina: No, actually, they were from Evan Bates. I wasn't sure if I should tell you.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Right, thank you, Paulina.

Paulina: Have fun.

[Phone rings]

Paulina: Cory residence.

Woman: Hello, Paulina Cantrell, please.

Paulina: This is Paulina.

Woman: Oh, hello, dear. This is Dr. Frame's secretary, Gladys.

Paulina: Yes?

Woman: Dr. Frame asked me to call you. He has to cancel your dinner plans for this evening. His patient is in a crisis.

Paulina: In--in a what?

Woman: Emergency surgery. Couldn't be helped.

Paulina: All right, thank you. I understand.

Woman: You have a good evening dear. Good-bye.

Paulina: Thank you for calling.

Vicky: [Sniffs]

[Clears throat] Table for two, please.

Ken: Rachel, do you know how long ago these things happened? It's ancient history.

Rachel: It's history about Mac and I didn't know about it.

Ken: Didn't you ever keep anything from Mac?

Rachel: Not for long. Was Mac involved with Maria?

Ken: I can't talk about this here.

Rachel: Why not?

Ken: Because this is Mac's home. Every time I move from one room to another, I feel like I'm going to see him coming around the corner.

Rachel: I know how you feel. I feel that way, too, sometimes.

Ken: So, how about you let me take you out, some place quiet.

Rachel: Neutral.

Ken: What's wrong with neutral?

Rachel: Nothing, as long as you don't keep putting this off.

Amanda: Mom. Hi, I thought you guys were going to be gone.

Ken: We are going, actually.

Sam: Good, have a good time.

Amanda: Oh, why don't you guys stay? We were just going to go for a swim and then we can have dinner together.

Sam: Amanda, I think they had plans of their own.

Rachel: I'm afraid we do.

Ken: I'll bring the car around.

Rachel: Ok.

Sam: See you, Ken.

Ken: See you.

Sam: Excuse me, I'm going to go change.

Rachel: So, sweetie, how's it going at the loft?

Amanda: Fine. It's not easy, though.

Rachel: Of course it isn't. But you've made your decision and you are working at it. That's what's important.

Amanda: Sam still seems so angry.

Rachel: Of course he is, sweetie; he loves you.

Amanda: You still sure of that?

Rachel: You just give him time, ok?

Amanda: Mom, I found out something else.

Rachel: What?

Sam: So, are we going to go swimming or what?

Rachel: What were you going to say, sweetie?

Amanda: Ken is waiting. I will--I'll find you later, ok?

Rachel: Ok. Have fun, you guys.

Sam: So, we going to take that thing off, or are you going to wear it into the pool?

Amanda: Well, what's the rush?

Sam: Don't you want to do this?

Amanda: I told you I'm not really--

Sam: Hold it, hold it, hold it. There, how's that?

Amanda: Sam, you know it's going to be getting dark. You-- we won't be able keep it like this for very long.

Sam: Yes, but it is such a nice twilight. It is a shame to waste it in all these lights.

Amanda: I think it's scary.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, I'm here to protect you. There's nothing to be afraid of.

[Piano music playing]

Vicky: Hello, Jamie.

Jamie: Vicky.

Vicky: Meeting someone?

Jamie: Paulina, actually.

Vicky: Oh, really. Is our son changing his own diapers this evening?

Jamie: He's with grandma.

Vicky: I see.

Jamie: Are you expecting someone?

Vicky: Well, yes, but he's late.

Jamie: Listen, I wanted to ask you a favor.

Vicky: Sure, what?

Jamie: I'm going to be going back to France in a few weeks and I wanted to know if you could take care of Steven full time.

Vicky: Oh, of course I can. Just give me the dates.

Jamie: Great, and maybe Paulina can move in and--and help you.

Vicky: Oh, no, no. That won't be necessary.

Jamie: She will have nothing to do otherwise. Alli is moving back with Sam and Amanda to the loft.

Vicky: That's really happening?

Jamie: It seems to be.

Vicky: Amazing. Well, anyway, I have Bridget to help me, if I need it.

Jamie: Think about it, ok? Steven's crazy about Paulina.

Vicky: We're lucky to have found her.

Jamie: Yes. I wonder where she is.

Vicky: Well, you know, I have to call your Mom and give her a message from my Mom, so why don't I just see when Paulina left, ok?

Jamie: You don't have to. I could do that.

Vicky: Please sit, it's no problem. I'll be right back.

Jake: Hey, boss, give me a beer.

Olivia: Jake.

Jake: Hello, young lady.

Olivia: Hi. We meet again. Same place...same frame of mind.

Jake: What are you drinking?

Olivia: Oh, hard stuff, orange juice.

Jake: I'll buy you another one.

Olivia: All right. So, I'll tell you my story if you'll tell me yours.

Jake: It's pretty complicated.

Olivia: I hear your wife is back in town.

Jake: You hear right.

Olivia: So, that's it?

Jake: That entire family is driving me crazy.

Olivia: Do you want to have dinner with me?

Jake: Sure.

Olivia: I will make you a deal. We don't have to talk about the Hudsons at all.

Jake: That sounds like the best offer I have had in months.

[Glasses clink]

Donna: Darling, I'll be with you in a few minutes. You and Angela go ahead. Oh, he's so sweet. He built this little cardboard tent. And he wants Angela to have a picnic with him in the park in his tent. I think that's--

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Stop avoiding the issue, all right?

Donna: What issue?

Michael: Come on, you're dodging my questions.

Donna: Do you like answering questions, Michael?

Michael: No, I like getting answers, Donna. And I want to know why you're trying to keep your arguments with Jake a secret.

Donna: Don't you dare call me on secret-keeping, Michael.

Michael: Oh, this is about me now?

Donna: Yes, you kept secrets from--from me for years.

Michael: You're changing the subject.

Donna: I most certainly am not.

Michael: Donna, you--I know you understand why I did what I did. And I know you believe I did it to protect you.

Donna: I believe you. It doesn't mean I excuse it.

Michael: Are we going to go on like this forever?

Donna: I don't know.

Michael: Donna, we live in the same house, but I could hardly call us living like husband and wife.

Donna: Michael, I can't just pick up where everything was left off. You left me; I moved on.

Michael: Without me.

Donna: I had no choice.

Michael: Do you have any idea how much I miss you? Do you know how far away that guest room is? A million miles from you, Donna.

Donna: I just can't do it Michael, not yet.

Michael: What do I have to do?

Donna: It isn't you.

Michael: Well, then what is it?

Donna: Can't you understand that?

Michael: What is it, Donna? What is standing between us?

Olivia: So, how about those jays?

Jake: Hmm?

Olivia: Jake, you might as well tell me about your wife.

Jake: No.

Olivia: Come on. You haven't said a word. I know you are thinking about her.

Jake: Ok. She wants to give it another try.

Olivia: The marriage? Why?

Jake: Thanks a lot, Olivia--

Olivia: Come on, you know what I mean.

Jake: ...For the support.

Olivia: I thought she was the one who wanted the divorce.

Jake: She was, and apparently she has had a change of heart.

Olivia: Oh, you mean she's playing around with your mind.

Jake: I loved her very much.

Olivia: And now?

Jake: And now, I still care about her.

Olivia: But--is there a but?

Jake: But a lot of things have changed since we broke it off.

Olivia: Like what?

Jake: Can we talk about something else?

Olivia: Absolutely not.

Jake: I haven't exactly been a monk, ok?

Olivia: You were a perfect gentleman with me.

Jake: Right, I know.

Olivia: Someone else, isn't there?

Jake: It is not that simple.

Olivia: Are you involved with someone else?

Jake: In a manner of speaking.

Olivia: Are you in love with someone else?

Jake: It's not that complicated.

Olivia: Are you afraid to tell Marley that you have feelings for another woman?

Jake: Right.

Olivia: She'd have to understand.

Jake: I don't think so.

Olivia: Why not? She divorced you. So now she has had a taste of being single and she doesn't like it and she's coming back to you. I think that stinks.

Jake: Love stinks.

Olivia: It does, doesn't it?

Jake: Yeah. What about you?

Olivia: Oh, I'm not seeing anyone.

Jake: Let me tell you something. That's a real waste.

Olivia: Thanks.

Jake: You're welcome.

Olivia: Ok, listen to me.

Jake: I'm listening, all ears.

Olivia: Are you going to get back together with Marley?

Jake: I don't know.

Olivia: Have you told the other woman?

Jake: Told her what?

Olivia: That you can't see her anymore, because you still have feelings for your ex-wife.

Jake: Not exactly.

Olivia: You really are hung up on this new one, aren't you?

Jake: I will tell you what. Why don't we talk about something a little more cheery, like root canal?

Vicky: I spoke to Hilda. The only people in the house are Sam and Amanda, and they are by the pool.

Jamie: Then Paulina must be on her way.

Vicky: Well, but Hilda said she didn't see her. The chauffeur said that Paulina told him that she wouldn't need him tonight after all.

Jamie: That's weird.

Vicky: Or maybe she forgot.

Jamie: No, I--I think that she's a little nervous or scared of me or something.

Vicky: Of you? You are a pushover.

Jamie: You would know.

Vicky: I called my machine. My date didn't call to cancel either.

Jamie: Well, I just ordered this bottle of wine here and it looks like we both have been stood up.

Vicky: Oh, I hate waste, don't you?

Jamie: Looks like we're stuck with each other.

Vicky: Again?

Matt: Well, the doorman hasn't let anyone up here all day except us.

Reuben: Anyone else in the building get a flower delivery?

Matt: No. Must've used the service entrance, probably how he got here last night.

Josie: That must be it.

Matt: Listen, I got a plan.

Josie: Matthew, I don't want you to do anything crazy.

Matt: Josie, I want this stopped.

Reuben: So, what's this plan?

Matt: A stakeout.

Reuben: What?

Matt: I already checked it out. If he's using the service entry, there's a great place to hide right by the freight elevator.

Reuben: Are you crazy?

Matt: You got a better idea?

Reuben: The guy might not show up. Right, Josie?

Josie: I don't know.

Matt: The creep is getting braver and braver all the time. Now if we can hide out there long enough, we can nab him.

Reuben: We?

Matt: Well, yeah, you-I thought you would help me out.

Josie: Matthew, I can't ask you to do this.

Matt: You didn't ask. I'm just doing it.

Josie: Lucas said he would hire security guards--

Matt: I don't want Lucas' help. No, no, no, no. I can take care of you myself. What do you say?

Reuben: Yeah.

Matt: Great. Ok, I'm going to clear this with building security. You--you coming, Reuben?

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, I'm right behind you.

Josie: Hey, thanks for not saying anything.

Reuben: You owe me big time, Josie.

Sam: Still out here, I see.

Amanda: It is cold, Sam.

Sam: It's nice in here.

Amanda: I think I will just stay out here.

Sam: No, it's not that bad.

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: Whoo! Ha ha!

Amanda: Sam, stop it!

Sam: Come on. It's no big deal.

Amanda: No!


Amanda: Why did you do that?

Sam: What? I'm sorry.

Amanda: I told you I didn't want to get wet.

Sam: I'm sorry; I was just fooling around, ok?

Amanda: I thought you understood that. I'm going to go see if grandma is back with Alli.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: So that she can be ready to go with us.

Sam: I told her that Alli is staying here tonight.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because we agreed that Alli wasn't going to come to the apartment till it was finished. And that we needed to spend some time together.

Amanda: Sam, I miss her. I want her with us.

Sam: She will be with us, ok? But tonight I would like to have you all to myself. All right?

Michael: I love you.

Donna: So you keep saying.

Michael: Donna, we may have broken up plenty of times, but we always come back together again. There's a reason for that.

Donna: Michael, I can't just fling my arms around you and say that everything is fine. It's not that simple for me.

Michael: You know, Jake said that our marriage was a farce and he's right. What about Mikey? I mean, what gives us the right to think we have more of a right to him than his own biological parents?

Donna: What?

Michael: Donna, a happy marriage is our defense and it's a lie. We sleep in separate beds, we hardly have a civil conversation anymore, and Mikey's real parents are agonizing somewhere that they can't get him and we're telling ourselves we're the better ones?

Donna: What are you saying?

Michael: You know what I'm saying? I'm saying, "I can't." I don't know how to fight for Mikey any more.

Donna: Michael, we stopped the divorce because of this, so that we could prove to the--we agreed upon this, Michael.

Michael: I know. Fine, we agreed on it and it seemed like a great idea at the time. Who knows, Donna? Maybe I just wanted to be close to you. Maybe I wanted to find a way. We were so distant. I feel like a hypocrite right now. What are we going to do if we get custody of him? Tell me, what do we do?

Donna: I don't know.

Michael: Exactly. What, we finalize the divorce and then you get him one weekend and I get him another weekend? What kind of home is that for him? How can I stand in front of a judge and swear that we can give him a better home than the millers can?

Donna: Michael, I'm not going to give up my son. Do you understand that?

Michael: Fine--you want--you're going to give up your marriage? I'm sorry. You're not going to win this case without me.

Donna: Are you trying to blackmail me with our son?

Michael: No, no, no. But I'm tired of the pretense, Donna. I want a change, one way or the other, now.

Donna: Michael. Michael! You're not going to get away with this. I am not going to lose my son.

Josie: Oh, Freddie, it has just been awful. Well, scared? Of course I'm scared, I'm--I'm terrified. Thank you. But I am trying to--to make the best of it. Your talk show? Of course I'll do it, but I don't want to do it for the publicity. I think--I think that this kind of thing needs to be talked about. Right. I'll have Lucas call you tomorrow. Freddie, thanks again.

[Laughs] Ciao.

[Door slams]

Josie: Oh.

Reuben: You're loving this, aren't you?

Josie: Reuben, you frightened me.

Reuben: If you're so frightened, why did you leave the door open?

Josie: I was just waiting for you and Matthew.

Reuben: Josie, I want you to tell Matt the truth.

Josie: Oh, how many times do I have to tell you? I didn't do this thing with the flowers.

Reuben: You should see the boy, Josie. He's out there in the hall making a fort and he is planning to spend the next 3 days there.

Josie: Well, maybe he'll catch him.

Reuben: Josie, he should know the first few times weren't real.

Josie: He won't understand.

Reuben: I don't understand.

Josie: Oh, why are you being so pushy about this?

Reuben: Because the boy is out there acting like Rambo. You--you are up here twirling your hair and booking yourself on talk shows.

Matt: There are dozens of photographers, reporters in the lobby.

Olivia: I'm so glad I am moving out of here, I cannot tell you.

Matt: How am I going to flush this guy out if there's tons of people here day and night?

Reuben: Josie has something she'd like to tell everybody.

Matt: What? You got another crank call? Did he call again?

Josie: I--just want you to know how much all this means to me. I mean, really having--having all your support. [Whispering] Reuben, please.

Vicky: Oh, I think it's going to work out with me back at "Sophisticate." Amanda and I can get over all of our little differences.

Jamie: Those little differences?

Vicky: Yes.

Jamie: And World War II is just a little difference of opinion.

Vicky: All right, so we hated each other. We can put it in the past. I know I have; I'm sure Amanda can do the same.

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: Why--well, she--she is-- loves having me around the office. I keep her on her toes. She just doesn't know it yet.

Jamie: You're really enthusiastic about this, aren't you?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. I have decided that the only thing important to me besides Steven is my career. It keeps me in order, makes me feel important. Oh, I have my priorities all worked out.

Jamie: Do you?

Vicky: Yes.

Jamie: And what about, you know?

Vicky: You kn--you know?

Jamie: Yes, you know, guys, romance.

Vicky: What about it?

Jamie: Well, I thought that was one of your priorities before.

Vicky: Well, sometimes you find romance when you least expect it, right?

Vicky: Hmm?

[Glasses clink]

Rachel: Jamie?

Jamie: Mom.

Rachel: I thought you had an emergency.

Jamie: Why would you think that?

Rachel: Well, Paulina said as we left that your secretary had called and said--

Jamie: So do I.

Ken: Nice try. No cigar.

Vicky: I wanted to spend time with you alone, but I knew you wouldn't agree.

Jamie: Why couldn't you ask?

Vicky: Because you said once that we could never be friends.

Jamie: Obviously I was right. You're still lying to me and we are not even married anymore.

Ken: Maybe we should get our table.

Rachel: Good idea.

Jamie: You are incapable of making a single honest move.

Vicky: Oh admit it, you were having fun.

Jamie: So?

Vicky: So, we can be friends. You just have to relax and let whatever happens happen.

Jamie: You're impossible, Vicky. And I'm an idiot.

Vicky: Oh, hey, don't be so hard on yourself.

Jamie: You pay for the wine.

Vicky: Fine.

Jamie: Fine.

Vicky: Where are you going?

Jamie: To find the woman I was supposed to have dinner with, and try to salvage what's left of this evening.

Vicky: Well, good luck. It doesn't get any better than this. Having fun?

Ken: Thank you. That Vicky sure is something.

Rachel: I'm not exactly sure what.

Ken: [Laughing] Come on, don't be so hard on her.

Rachel: You're procrastinating.

Ken: You're very persistent.

Rachel: I have to be with you.

Ken: I am not going to get out of this place until I tell you about Maria, am I?

Rachel: No, you are not.

Ken: Ok. Mac and I were in Central America. The Red Swan tavern had become pretty much a home away from home for both of us. One night I was there by myself. Maria came in. I took one look at her, she smiled at me and I was gone. I fell all over myself from that moment on, every time I saw her.

Rachel: And then Mac met her.

Ken: Yeah. Now, Maria wasn't interested in me the way I was interested in her, not--not really. And I never talked to anyone about my personal life.

Rachel: Surprise, surprise.

Ken: Right. Well, anyway, like I said, Maria was beautiful. She was stunning, really. And Mac--well, he didn't know how I felt about her.

Rachel: Mac had an affair with her?

Ken: Now, Rachel, this was long before he knew you, obviously--

Rachel: Yes, I know that.

Ken: Then why do you look so upset?

Rachel: Because he didn't tell me this and I'd like to know why.

Ken: Well, I can't answer that.

Rachel: Did he love her?

Ken: No.

Rachel: How do you know?

Ken: Because eventually he did find out how I felt about her and he backed off immediately.

Rachel: He left her?

Ken: Rachel, look, it wasn't like that. This was the jungle. We came and went every couple of weeks. Believe me, we weren't the first Americans that she'd ever come across, and I'm sure we weren't the last.

Rachel: But you loved her.

Ken: Desperately. And the day after Mac backed off, we crashed my plane in the jungle and you know that story already. You're sorry I told you?

Rachel: No.

Ken: Then what is it?

Rachel: I obviously didn't know my husband as well as I thought I did.

Ken: I never meant to mess up your memories of him.

Rachel: You can't. My life with Mac doesn't change because of this information. I just wish I had known this all before. I don't know why I didn't. But obviously Mac is the only one who would answer that question. And he's gone.

[Door slams]

Jamie: Paulina? Paulina, I'm so sorry about tonight.

Paulina: Hey, it's ok. I understand.

Jamie: No, no, you don't. There was a mix-up and someone--ah, never mind. I just want to make it up to you.

Paulina: You don't have to do that.

Jamie: Yes, I do. Is there another night that we can have dinner?

Paulina: Sure.

Jamie: We'll do it first-class and we'll pretend that none of this ever happened.

Paulina: Jamie, really, it's all right. I've had a perfectly nice quiet evening at home. You don't have to make such a big deal about this.

Jamie: I know that you were really looking forward to tonight.

Paulina: How do you know that?

Jamie: I could just tell.

Paulina: Did your father teach you to be so observant?

Jamie: Do you mean Mac?

Paulina: Yeah, the other night you said he was like a father or something.

Jamie: Well, Mac was my step-father, but I really never felt any less love than Amanda or Iris. He really made us a family. He was good at that.

Paulina: You are, too. You have made me feel very comfortable here. It is almost like being part of a family.

Amanda: Sam, I need to talk to you about something.

Sam: I was wondering when you were going to ask that.

Amanda: What?

Sam: You have been on edge all evening long and you have been walking around me like you are walking around on eggshells. So, what's up?

Amanda: I got a call from a sporting goods store today. They wanted someone to go down and pick up a receipt. So I went down; I thought I'd be doing you a favor.

Sam: Ok, what, so?

Amanda: When I got there, he showed me the receipt and told me that you would need it when you applied for your license.

Sam: License for what?

Amanda: Sam, why did you buy a gun?

Sam: I didn't.

Amanda: It's in your name.

Sam: I didn't buy a gun, Amanda. The guy's wrong.

Amanda: You lying to me?

Sam: Let me see your receipt.

Amanda: It was here, it was right here.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I have no idea what is going on.

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