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Another World Transcript Friday 4/7/06

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Josie: Matthew, stay.

Matt: Hey.

Josie: I know you miss me. I know you miss this.

Matt: Stay here. Call the cops.

Josie: Matthew. This can't be happening.

Grant: Is this it, Andy?

Andy: The mailbox says Hudson-Frame, congressman.

Grant: Hmm. I never figured Dr. Hudson living in a place like this. Andy, drive on up towards the house, will you?

Emma: Ta-da!

Frankie: Carrot cake, everybody.

John: Hey. Hey.

Michael: I love carrot cake. Absolutely.

Sharlene: I want to talk to you.

John: Well, it's gonna have to wait.

Sharlene: What?

John: Because I want to say something first. Excuse me everyone, excuse me. I would like to propose a toast. A toast to Cass and Frankie, and to my wife Sharlene. Marriages aren't always smooth, they have a lot of tough times. I'm sure that Cass and Frankie will experience their share. What I want you all to know is that Sharlene is the best thing that's ever happened to me. And my fervent wish for you is that you'll someday learn what I already know. And that is, that it doesn't always have to be good times, as long as the person that's next to you makes you feel glad to be alive. I thank God every day that I come home to Sharlene. And I hope that the two of you can find the happiness that I've found in her. God bless you, my love. To you. And to Cass and Frankie.

Cass: Thank you, John.

Frankie: Thank you, John.

Cass: That was very nice, thanks.

Michael: Cheers.

Frankie: Cheers.

Cass: Sharlene.

Michael: Congratulations.

Sharlene: Cheers.

Frankie: Oh, mama. Wasn't that so sweet?

Emma: That was sweet.

John: I hope I didn't embarrass you.

Sharlene: You didn't. That was--that was nice.

John: I got a little carried away with my Lord Byronisms there and you wanted to say something to me. What was it?

Felicia: "Temptation." Why not? Chapter 10. "Angelique couldn't believe her good fortune. She stared across the great hall of the castle. Lord Gregory had left her side only a moment ago to greet some new arrivals at the mask ball.. Suddenly, she was aware of a presence around her. Ah, it was him. She didn't have to see him to know he was in the room. She could sense it. The power of her attraction to him was--was like that. It still happened when she leaned against him. Oh, the thrill that coursed through her own body was like electricity. 'I missed you,' he said, his voice husky with desire. 'But you only went to welcome the duke and duchess,' she replied, consumed by a desire that matched his. 'It seemed like an eternity,' he said. 'I don't care about the duke or the duchess. I can't think about anything but you. When I'll be with you next.' Angelique cast her eyes down modestly. Lord Gregory pulled her closer. She could feel his breath on her neck as he whispered, 'I want you.'"

[Screams] You're not, Mitch.

Lucas: Why would I be Mitch?

Felicia: Because this is my book and my fantasy, and you have to be anybody I tell you to be.

Lucas: Oh, look, I'm sorry.

Felicia: I mean, when I talk about desire coursing through her body with electricity, I'm talking about my own husband, of course. Not you. You have to get out of here.

Lucas: Well, of course this is your fantasy after all.

Mitch's voice: Felicia?

Felicia: Oh, that's him. Go.

Felicia: Mitch, hi.

Mitch: Are you coming to bed?

Felicia: No. Um,I--I really can't sleep.

Mitch: You want to talk?

Felicia: About what?

Mitch: Lucas.

Donna: Jake? Jake, are you here?

Jake: What are you doing?

Donna: Oh, hi. Nothing.

Jake: Donna, it's 11 O'clock. I was in bed.

Donna: Oh, I'm sorry. I know it's late. But I--I had some good news I wanted to tell you, and this is the first chance I had to get away from Michael. I'm sorry, I know it's late. I'll go home.

Jake: You know I don't want you to go home. So, tell me--what's your good news?

Donna: Well, the custody hearing for Mikey has been postponed. We're not going to court next week, and we may not be going to court for a very long time.

Jake: Great.

Donna: I knew you'd be happy.

Jake: So, what did you do?

Donna: What did you mean, what did I do?

Jake: Well, something tells me that this hearing didn't postpone itself.

Donna: Oh, well, I had a talk with Cass.

Jake: Yes, and?

Donna: And I mentioned to him that I was aware of the fact that the Millers were operating with very limited finances and if we were to--

Jake: Screw things up.

Donna: I prefer to think of it as being thorough.

Jake: Whatever. The Millers might just run out of money.

Donna: Well, they should've thought about that before they started this whole situation. It takes a whole lot of money to raise a child properly and I'm not going to give Mikey up to people who are not able to raise him in the custom--

Jake: Why me?

Donna: What do you mean--you?

Jake: Well, why aren't you celebrating with Michael?

Donna: Well, he went to Frankie and Cass's engagement party.

Jake: And so you came here?

Donna: Well, I knew you'd be happy for me and I wanted to discuss where things stand.

Jake: What things?

Donna: Well, you know that my life has changed due to the situation with Mikey.

Jake: I noticed.

Donna: And I hope you realize that some of those changes aren't permanent.

Grant: What is it, Andy?

Andy: There's a call for you on the car phone, sir.

Grant: Can it wait?

Andy: I don't know. It sounds urgent.

Grant: All right, let's go.

Caroline: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Sharlene: I want a divorce. Just because he says a few sweet words to me doesn't mean that I'm going to put it off.

John: Want some cake?

Caroline: Oh, looks yummy.

John: It is.

Sharlene: John. What I wanted to say...

John: What? Listen, do you want to go outside and talk?

Sharlene: No, it doesn't matter. Look, I-John, I just want--

Frankie: Sharlene, come here. I want to show you something.

Sharlene: What?

Cass: Yeah, get over here. This is from Reuben. He said that he knows it's a weird gift to give at this time of year but he got a good price on it.

Frankie: Well, I love it. Now I can't wait for Christmas this year.

Sharlene: No.

John: Sharlene?

Michael: Looks to me like maybe she's speechless after that little speech you gave.

John: Couldn't help myself, I'm a man in love.

Caroline: Obviously.

Sharlene: I love you, too.

John: Listen, there's an extra bottle of wine in that refrigerator.

Michael: All by its lonesome?

John: All by itself.

Michael: I think we should go get it.

John: It needs to be rescued.

Michael: Yes, let's go. Right now.

Caroline: Off to the rescue.

Cass: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, that was quite a declaration of love.

Sharlene: What?

Caroline: Under the circumstances, understandable, after what John said. What else could you do?

Josie: Are you all through?

Officer: Yep. I might need you to look at mug books later.

Josie: Sure, anything.

Matt: Thank you very--oh, it's ok. That's a friend of ours. We-Reuben, we had a little visitor.

Reuben: What--the nut?

Matt: Looks like it.

Reuben: Oh man, I saw the squad car outside and I was hoping it wasn't you guys. Josie, what happened?

Josie: Reuben, someone was here.

Reuben: Oh, Josie. This weirdo is starting to get really bold.

Josie: It's worse than that.

Reuben: What do you mean?

Josie: Nothing I--I can't think straight right now.

Matt: Listen, can I get you anything?

Josie: A glass of water, my throat's really dry. Oh, Reuben, he--he's been so great. I don't deserve any of it.

Reuben: Why not, what did you do?

Josie: Nothing.

Reuben: Josie.

Josie: Oh, I'm still shaking. Reuben, someone was in my apartment.

Reuben: I know but--you're acting like it was for the first time.

Josie: Well, maybe it just hit me for the first time. You don't know what it's like until it happens.

Reuben: Yeah. Guess not.

Josie: Thank you.

Reuben: Look, you two don't need me hanging around, right?

Josie: Thanks for stopping by, Reuben. I know--I know you care.

Reuben: I'll be back tomorrow night. And we will talk. Goodnight, Matt.

Matt: Goodnight.

Josie: Matthew?

Matt: Yeah.

Josie: I know this doesn't change anything between us.

Matt: Josie.

Josie: No, just--just let me finish. You don't have to stay here if you don't want to, but could you please drive me back to my Mom's? I don't want to be alone.

Matt: You're really scared, aren't you?

Josie: I'm really scared.

Matt: I'll stay here tonight.

[Knock at door]

Matt: It's ok. It's probably the cops. What are you doing here?

Lucas: Matthew.

Josie: I called him right after I called the police.

Lucas: Are you all right?

Josie: I'm fine. And I'm so glad that you're here. I know you're going to take care of everything.

Lucas: Of course I will.

Grant: I told you the southwest corner of Taylor and Pine, didn't I, Andy? I wonder if we're at the right place.

Andy: Unless there is another Taylor and Pine somewhere in Bay City.

Grant: Wonder if our mysterious caller is playing games. I'll tell you what, Andy. You want to get out and take a look around?

Andy: Mm. I found this on a bench. It's addressed to you, sir.

Grant: Hold that for me, Andy. Hmm. Ok, let's start back, Andy. Let me have that. Ah, Ted. Ted, it's me. Yeah, somebody just gave me a little present. About our pal, Lucas. Mm-hmm. Yeah, every move he's made since he came back to Bay City. Well, he claims to have broken with the drug cartel. According to this, he's a liar.

Frankie: It was a good party though, wasn't it?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: Yeah, I'm glad you were here, mama.

Cass: Me too, Emma.

Emma: Do you have to leave?

Frankie: Well, don't worry. We'll stop by for breakfast before we go to work, ok?

Cass: Yeah, sure.

Emma: Mary Frances, could I talk to you for just a minute alone?

Frankie: Wha--um--

Cass: Why don't I just get some air?

Frankie: I'll be right there.

Cass: No problem.

Frankie: Mama, I'm getting real tired of the way you treat him.

Emma: Listen to me, you're staying with him tonight, aren't you?

Frankie: Not one word, mama, not one word.

Emma: Fine.

Frankie: I'm a grown woman; I make my own decisions.

Caroline: Hello.

Cass: Hello.

Caroline: Well, what are you looking at me like that for?

Cass: I still don't know why you're here.

Caroline: Despite everything, I really do care about you, Cass. And I'm very concerned that you're going to be happy. And I truly mean that.

Cass: Thank you.

Caroline: But if things don't work out, I sincerely hope you're going to remain an art lover.

Cass: And what did you just put into my pocket?

Caroline: My card.

Cass: You're incorrigible.

Caroline: Good night and good luck.

Cass: Good night.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: Don't tell me--your mother has fallen for me. She wants you to step aside, so she can have a clear shot. Is that it?

Frankie: Mm-hmm. And I saw Caroline put something in your pocket.

Cass: Yes, she did. Her card.

Frankie: Doesn't that dame ever give up?

Cass: I think she likes being an enigma. What she doesn't realize is I've never particularly fancied enigmas.

Frankie: Hmm. Let's go home.

Cass: Ok. You're sure you like this?

Frankie: I love it.

John: Sharlene, don't do that now. Wait till the morning; I'll help you before I go to the hospital.

Sharlene: Oh, come on. I barely made it here for the party. The least I can do is clean up.

John: Hey.

Sharlene: I got it--

John: You're going to be ok.

Mitch: Felicia.

Felicia: Ok, here we are. A nice little snack.

Mitch: You know, if I didn't know better, I would say that you were trying to avoid something.

Felicia: Why?

Mitch: Why? Well, let's see. Lemon wedges, chicken salad, tuna salad, you've even removed the crusts. I'd say there's definite avoidance technique going on here.

Felicia: Oh, honey, don't be silly. I'm just embellishing a few leftovers, that's all.

Mitch: I'm not being silly. You don't want to talk.

Felicia: You know what, I should get some cookies before we start. Ok, ok. Let's talk--about Lucas.

Mitch: Look, all I want to say is that I'm not going to continue to harp about him anymore.

Felicia: You're not?

Mitch: No. If you're not hung up on him, I'm not going to let him bother me.

Felicia: Well, then--do you take lemon wedges and--yes of course you do.

Mitch: I know how you feel about your friends, especially your old friends. That's one of the things that I love about you.

Felicia: Oh, honey, I love you, too. I do.

Mitch: So, all I'm going to say is, I wish you didn't hang around so much.

Felicia: Well.

Mitch: I trust you. I'm not going to say anything else.

Felicia: How about chicken salad and a little egg salad--

Mitch: Chicken salad--is that all you have to say?

Felicia: Honey, you're being silly. Lucas and Iris are practically married. I just think you're imagining things.

Mitch: Right, I'm imagining things.

Felicia: Here you go. Oh, no, look. Don't look at that, please.

Mitch: It's just a rough draft.

Felicia: Well, there's rough and then there's really rough, you know.

Mitch: What's wrong with it?

Felicia: It stinks. Angelique is about to ruin her whole life. Doesn't even know it.

Mitch: You know, I'm glad you're not Angelique. And I'm glad we've haven't messed up our lives.

Felicia: Well, I know. Me too.

Mitch: Although we've come very close.

Felicia: Yes, I know we have.

Mitch: I don't know what I would do if I lost you.

Felicia: Mitch, you won't. You are the center of my life. You are.

Mitch: I hope Lucas knows that.

Felicia: Lucas is just a friend, that's all. And from now on he'll just have to be on his own. Ok?

Josie: Lucas, you're still here?

Matt: Yeah, what a surprise.

Lucas: How did it go at the Police station?

Josie: I didn't recognize anyone in those pictures. I don't know why you thought I should go there tonight.

Lucas: I thought your memory would be fresh. How about you, Matthew?

Matt: None of the pictures I saw looked like the guy. I thought Josie might recognize someone who has been hanging around.

Josie: There's no one hanging around.

Lucas: Josie, Josie, come on.

Josie: I'm sorry.

Lucas: Look, I know your nerves are shot, but nothing is going to happen to you. Right, Matt?

Matt: Yeah, that's right.

Lucas: I'll tell you what, I'll hire more security guards. I will guard you myself if I have to.

Josie: Thanks.

Lucas: Hey, hey. You're my star. I want you to be happy.

Josie: I'll do my best.

Lucas: You know, that doorman of yours must be asleep on the job, otherwise this guy wouldn't keep getting in here. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Josie: No, you've been great.

Lucas: All right. I'm gonna go talk to your doorman. Matt, bolt the door after I leave, ok?

Matt: Ooh. Never would've thought of that. Thanks.

Lucas: Listen, Josie, if you need me, just call.

Josie: I will.

Matt: Don't hurry back. Why in the hell was he here?

Josie: Matthew, this is affecting my career and--don't be mad at me. I--I really can't take this right now.

Matt: I just don't understand you, Josie.

Josie: You should see the fan mail I've been getting. I mean, it's just pouring in. People say the nicest things.

Matt: After tonight I have to ask you one question.

Josie: What?

Matt: Is it worth it?

Jake: I just think you should make yourself more clear. I mean, you're saying some of these changes aren't permanent. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Donna: I called off the divorce with Michael so that he and I could have a stronger case against the Millers.

Jake: So your reconciliation with Michael is...?

Donna: Probably temporary.

Jake: Probably.

Donna: Yeah.

Jake: Ergo?

Donna: Ergo, the sooner that this custody hearing is resolved in our favor, the sooner I can drop this pretense with Michael. And the sooner you and I can--

Jake: Can what?

Donna: Oh, this isn't working--this isn't working.

Jake: What isn't working?

Donna: I need your help.

Jake: What kind of help do you need?

Donna: I was wondering about the Millers, and I don't think they are who they say they are.

Jake: Oh, yeah.

Donna: I mean, I have to know in any case, you know. And hiring a private detective is so sleazy.

Jake: How do I fit in, Donna?

Donna: I was thinking that I could hire you for a couple of days to follow them around with a handheld camera.

Jake: Oh. So, all this business with you and me is a--is a bunch of garbage, so I can do Michael and your dirty work.

Donna: I am sorry. I went about that the wrong way.

Jake: You are some piece of work, you know that? You are some piece of work.

Donna: Jake.

Jake: Get out of here, Donna.

Donna: Jake, just let me explain.

Jake: No, I am sick of hearing your explanations.

Donna: I gather you're not going to follow the Millers then?

Jake: Brilliant deduction. You know something? I really thought you had changed.

Donna: Well, I haven't. I'll do anything for a child of mine.

Jake: Shame on you.

John: Goodnight, Emma.

Sharlene: Night, Emma.

Emma: Goodnight, darlings.

Sharlene: See you.

Emma: Sharlene, could I talk to you for just a minute?

Sharlene: Sure.

Emma: Honey, Johnny's real worried. He keeps asking all kinds of questions.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Emma: You know what I mean, Sharlene. He's the best thing that's ever happened to you. Don't mess it up, ok? Ok?

Sharlene: Emma?

John: What was that all about?

Sharlene: Nothing. You don't--you don't mind having her here do you?

John: No--no, I don't mind. She seems to put a little pressure on you, though.

Sharlene: No, I'll survive.

John: What do you say we go to bed, and pray that Emma is a sound sleeper?

Sharlene: You're bad.

John: Come with me. I'll show you what bad is.

Sharlene: Ooh.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. You go on upstairs, ok? I'm gonna put a few things away.

John: How many things?

Sharlene: 5 minutes. I am taking 5 minutes.

John: You got 5 minutes.

Sharlene: I'll be there. You stupid cow. You ruined everything, you stupid cow! What am I going to do? What am I going to do?

Felicia: Oh, honey. Have a wonderful day.

Mitch: We got off to a good start.

Felicia: Yeah, didn't we? I want you to think about me slaving over my lousy book.

Mitch: Ok, ok. Well, here it is. Ready when you are.

Felicia: There's that chapter--

Mitch: Wait, wait--wait a minute, wait a minute-- "Temptation"?

Felicia: Yeah. Catchy little title, isn't it?

Mitch: What's it about?

Felicia: Are you going to be home for dinner-Mitch.

Mitch: Why don't you want to talk about this?

Felicia: Because it's tripe. That's all.

Mitch: What's the story?

Felicia: The usual--you know, woman falling in love with two men. Basic triangle.

Mitch: Romance novel or is it autobiographical?

Felicia: What?

Mitch: What is it? She lives with one man and she keeps thinking about another, is that it?

Felicia: Why are you talking about this? I told you last night, Luke is out of my life.

Mitch: Right. He's out of your life for now, but it certainly seems he's not out of your mind, does it?

Felicia: Mitch? I can forget him, I can.

Cass: And then, I thought maybe we could go to Tahiti for a honeymoon.

Frankie: Tahiti?

Cass: Yeah.

Emma: I suppose those places are all right, if you don't mind wasting all that money it takes to fly there.

Frankie: Mama.

Cass: Well, you know--maybe your mother is right. Maybe we should forget about Tahiti and buy a couple of those 28-day bus passes and make it a real economy trip. We could do a tour of toxic waste dumps, maybe set a whole new trend, the--the punitive honeymoon.

Frankie: We have to go to work, mama.

Emma: All right.

Cass: Thanks for breakfast, Sharlene.

Frankie: Yeah, thanks.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Help me.

Sharlene: I know.

Frankie: I am--I am going to come back to pick up some more gifts, and can you try to get rid of mama so we can talk?

Sharlene: Sure.

Frankie: Ok.

Cass: Bye.

Sharlene: Good-bye. Take care.

Cass: Emma, I can't tell you how real it's been.

Frankie: Mama, ca--I'll see you later, mama. Good-bye. Cass.

Emma: Now, I really do think he ought to call me Mrs. Ordway.

Sharlene: I think he ought to call you few things I wouldn't say in company.

Emma: Don't start, Sharlene. I'm not the problem here and you know it.

Sharlene: What are you talking about, Emma?

Emma: You see, now you can't just turn your back on me and run off to John like you did last time.

Sharlene: Are you upset with me because I was with my husband?

Emma: I am upset because it's starting all over again. I don't know, maybe it never stopped.

Sharlene: All right. I don't have to listen to this.

Emma: Yes, you do. Sharlene, I couldn't--I couldn't help you back then. I mean, I didn't think too much about it because well--I mean, you were young and young people go through these spells where they--they don't act like themselves. And Mary Frances is planning to get married during one of hers.

Sharlene: Frankie is not a child.

Emma: And neither are you. Honey, I couldn't do anything to help you back then, and I thought maybe the doctor could. But now, Sharlene, you are the only person that can help yourself. And you better start because this is exactly the way you were acting then.

Sharlene: How? What did I do?

Emma: Oh, I don't--well.

Sharlene: What did I do?

Emma: All right, first you'd-- you'd be the Sharlene that I know and that I love. You were fun and you were sweet and you cared about other people. And then it was--it was like some change just came over you. Your face would get different, you'd get this mean, smart mouth. And you'd act like you didn't care about a living soul except yourself.

Sharlene: Well, Emma, I can tell you one thing, sweetheart.

Emma: Oh, my God. That's it, there it is.

Sharlene: I sure as hell don't care about you or anything you have to say.

Emma: Sharlene, what is the matter with you?

Sharlene: Nothing. And if you think you're going to turn me into some meek little church mouse, and make me follow all your dumb rules, you can just think about it twice.

Emma: Sharlene.

[Knock at door]

Matt: Who is it?

Reuben: Reuben.

Matt: Come on in.

Reuben: Hi. Hi, Josie.

Josie: Hi, how--do you want some orange juice or something?

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, sounds good.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Listen, I got to get going.

Josie: You do?

Matt: Yeah. I got a test in about an hour. I've to get over to university now.

Reuben: Tell you what--I'll stay with you, Josie.

Josie: Thanks. Will I see you later?

Matt: Yes. Now, don't worry about anything. And don't open the door to anybody you don't recognize, ok?

Josie: Huh, don't worry. I won't.

Matt: All right. Lock the door behind me.

Reuben: Will do. Bye, Matt.

Matt: Bye.

Josie: [Sighs] I'll get your orange juice.

Reuben: Forget the juice. We got to talk, remember?

Josie: Ok.

Reuben: Some things just aren't adding up for me, Josie. I want to know what they are.

Josie: Uh--I don't know what you mean.

Reuben: First, you get your pictures all messed up. Then you get nasty phone calls. Then you come home and your whole apartment's trashed but you're real cool about that. I'm saying to myself, "man, that--that Josie must be real tough." Because I'd be shaking in my shoes, if some pervert was after me.

Josie: Well, I am shaking now.

Reuben: I can tell. Why is that?

Josie: Because--because he was at a distance before. Reuben, he ran right past me last night. He was closer to me than you are right now.

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, that could be it.

Josie: That is it.

Reuben: Farm girl, I know you. Now, there's something else that got you all wired up in there. Something to do with what you said last night--about not deserving Matt being so good to you?

Josie: Oh, Reuben.

Reuben: Come on, Josie. What gives?

Josie: All right. There is something.

Reuben: I knew it.

Josie: But you can't tell anyone.

Reuben: Ok.

Josie: You were right. I didn't get upset about the photos or the phone calls or when this apartment got trashed.

Reuben: Why not?

Josie: Because I did it myself.

Reuben: What?

Josie: Iris had me on suspension. I had to beg Felicia for an interview. Reuben, the phone had just stopped ringing.

Reuben: So you had plan, huh?

Josie: Yes--yes, I did. I put the photo in with the fan mail Felicia asked me to bring. Reuben, it was amazing how easy it all was. The newspapers picked up on it. The mail started pouring in, and suddenly everyone knew who I was.

Reuben: The model who somebody's after.

Josie: Yes.

Reuben: Josie-Josie, you are my friend, but that is sick.

Josie: Why? It worked, and everyone is on my side now.

Reuben: Everybody except that guy who was here last night.

Josie: Oh, Reuben. You know what really scares me? What if that guy--what if I've set him up to really do something to me?

Reuben: Josie, you've got to tell people what you've done.

Josie: No.

Reuben: Josie-Josie, what if you're right? What if there is some--some weirdo copycat out there who thinks he can do whatever he wants to, because the only person that's going to get the blame is that fan? Only there ain't no fan, Josie.

Josie: But what if you're wrong? What if--what if he's just a nobody who--who wanted to steal my television set?

Reuben: So, you're going to wait around and find out?

Josie: Yes--yes.

Reuben: Josie, you are out of your mind.

Josie: I am just getting back together with Matthew and Lucas is on my side now, really on my side. If I tell them the truth, I lose them both.

Reuben: It's a chance you got to take, Josie.

Josie: I am not saying anything and neither are you. You promised me, Reuben.

Reuben: Ok. For now. I sure hope things go your way. I am scared for you, Josie.

Sharlene: I'm glad to see you.

Caroline: Well, are we alone?

Sharlene: Yeah, we're alone for a little while. Emma went upstairs to lie down. She got a little upset about something.

Caroline: Cass and Frankie?

Sharlene: Yeah, that's probably it.

Caroline: Well, I had to come by this morning, especially after last night.

Sharlene: Do you believe that John, can you believe that guy going on and on like that in front of everybody?

Caroline: Well, he very effectively stopped you from asking him for a divorce.

Sharlene: Yeah. He sure did.

Caroline: He doesn't share your feelings about this marriage.

Sharlene: Well, I don't care. I'm getting out of this marriage, no matter what. I want to get out of this dump.

Caroline: How?

Sharlene: I don't know, Caroline, but I don't think the direct approach is going to cut it.

Caroline: Well, what are you going to do, then?

Sharlene: I'm not sure yet. But I know--I got to be tougher and stronger then I ever realized. And--and I will be soon.

Caroline: Excuse me?

Sharlene: I'm sorry, I know I'm acting strange but, Caroline, I got a lot of things on my mind right now--not just leaving John.

Caroline: Look, if you need someone to talk to, I do seem to have lot of time on my hands these days.

Sharlene: Thank you, I appreciate that, I do.

Caroline: I better get going. I haven't even opened the gallery.

Sharlene: Oh.

Caroline: Would you please take care of yourself?

Sharlene: I always do. I'll call you later, ok?

Caroline: You better.

Sharlene: Hi, Emma.

Emma: I heard what you said.

Sharlene: About what?

Emma: About divorcing John.

Sharlene: What the--are you spying on me now?

Emma: John is the best thing that's ever happened to your life, Sharlene. What's the matter with you?

Sharlene: Stay out of my life.

Emma: It's John's life, too, and I bet he doesn't even know what you have in mind, does he?

Sharlene: Where're you going? Emma, where're you going?

Emma: I am going to look for your husband.

Sharlene: Oh, no you don't.

Emma: Sharlene, somebody has got to save you from yourself.

Frankie: Hi. Something wrong?

Grant: I almost stopped by your house last night.

John: Almost?

Grant: Yeah, but something else came up.

John: You should've stopped by. My wife and I were having little party; you could have met her.

Grant: It wasn't really a social call. John, listen about that--about that experimental drug. I've got to know where we stand.

John: [Sighs] The D.T.A. turned us down, Grant.

Grant: What?

John: I'm sorry.

Grant: But don't they know how important this drug is to me?

John: There are other medications. We haven't been through the whole spectrum yet.

Grant: I've been through enough. I've tried every pill that's available ever since they diagnosed this virus.

John: I know how you feel.

Grant: No, you don't. You have no idea. Otherwise you'd recognize that there are other ways to get a hold of that drug. John, look, tell me. Do you think that it could help me?

John: A lot of these wonder drugs aren't as wonderful as they're cracked up to be. I mean, they're designed to go after a specific bacillus, allowing others to grow that are even worse.

Grant: Even this new one?

John: Well, this one does look like it's tailor-made to go after an infection in the bloodstream.

Grant: Which is exactly what I've got.

John: Yeah.

Grant: So, you think my only way of getting this drug is to not play by the rules?

John: See what I can do.

Grant: You will?

John: Yes.

Grant: Why?

John: Because I feel like I'm up against a wall--a wall of red tape and not enough time.

Grant: Thank you, John.

John: Don't mention it.

Donna: Hi. What are you looking at?

Jake: Rough cut for the "Sophisticate" presentation.

Donna: Can we talk?

Jake: Oh, I think we just about said it all.

Donna: No, we haven't

Jake: Come on, Donna.

Donna: Jake, I'm sorry about last--

Jake: And so am I. I'm sorry for being suckered by you once again.

Donna: I should've asked you right up-front, but I was afraid you wouldn't do it. And I was desperate; I am desperate.

Jake: Listen--listen--I know you're worried about losing Mikey and I'm sorry about that. But last night you walked in here, and then you said there was a chance for us. There isn't, is there?

Donna: No.

Jake: Is... that's what I thought. Look, Donna, why don't you just get out of here, huh?

Donna: I could sell you my half of the business, and we wouldn't have to see each other again.

Jake: I don't think so. Marley is back in town.

Donna: I know that.

Jake: Do you also know that she thinks it's a really bad idea that we got divorced?

Donna: Marley said that?

Jake: She really did.

Donna: She still cares for you?

Jake: Well, it seems like it to me.

Donna: What did you say?

Jake: I thought it was best to keep her at arm's length, since I've been sleeping with her mother.

Donna: Once.

Jake: Once, in this particular case I think is enough, huh?

Donna: Oh, how could I have been so stupid? How could I let you do that to me?

Jake: You didn't let me do that, Donna. You were a willing participant; don't you forget it, ok? You needed somebody and I was there. Not Michael, me. You have never been stronger in your life and you know something? You owe that all to me, Donna.

Donna: That doesn't matter any more. It doesn't matter. Can you imagine what would Marley--what would happen to her if she found out about this?

Jake: I think Marley is a little stronger than you all give her--

Donna: She couldn't take this, Jake. Especially not if she still cares for you. Nobody can ever find out about that night.

Jake: For Marley's sake?

Donna: Of course, for Marley's sake.

Jake: Right.

Donna: What else would it be?

Jake: I just hope you're as cool about this divorce as you seem to be.

Donna: Of course, I am.

Jake: Because that marriage of yours doesn't stand a prayer if Michael ever finds out we did the dirty deed.

Donna: You wouldn't. Would you?

Emma: I'm going to go upstairs to get my purse, Sharlene. I'll talk to you later, Mary Frances.

Frankie: Mama... what's the matter?

Sharlene: Don't you know?

Frankie: No.

Sharlene: You haven't exactly made things easy for her, Frankie.

Frankie: What?

Sharlene: You know, you didn't even give her a chance to get to know Cass before you rubbed her nose in the fact that you've been sleeping with the guy.

Frankie: I didn't do that.

Sharlene: What have you done? You haven't spent any time with her; you never listen to a thing she says.

Frankie: I came here because I thought you understood, Sharlene.

Sharlene: I understand that Emma's feelings are hurt and you did it.

Frankie: I don't have to listen to this. You were the one person in the world I thought I could count on, Sharlene.

Emma: What's wrong with Mary Frances?

Sharlene: I tried to calm her down, Emma. But she just can't take it any more.

Emma: Take what?

Sharlene: You.

Emma: Me?

Sharlene: You know, come on, you haven't had a civil word to say about Cass since you got here. All Frankie wants is for you to be happy for her, but you won't oblige her, will you?

Emma: And you're the great one to talk about upsetting things, after what you said about divorcing John.

Sharlene: She wants you to go back to Oklahoma.

Emma: She does not.

Sharlene: That's what she said. She said it; she's hurt, Emma. She thinks you almost destroyed everything she and Cass have, and she wishes you'd never come to Bay City.

Emma: If I am not wanted, I'll go.

Sharlene: Well, I think that probably would be a good idea.

Emma: I'll call Mary Frances.

Sharlene: Oh, come on, Emma. The girl's happy for the first time in her life. Now, why are you going to call her and make her feel guilty?

Emma: Is that what my family really thinks, that I want to hurt them and make them feel guilty? If that's true I'd--I don't have any place here.

Ronnie: Hey. There you are.

John: Hi, Ronnie, what's up?

Ronnie: Hi. I just want you to take this home to Sharlene. It's the new P.D. James.

John: P.D. Who?

Ronnie: She's a mystery writer. She always uses lots of medical stuff in her books and I know Sharlene likes that.

John: She does?

Ronnie: Yes. See, you don't know everything about your wife.

John: No, I guess I don't. The whole time I've known Sharlene, I've never known her to pick up a mystery novel.

Ronnie: Well, tell her I think this one is much better than the one with the sodium amytal plot.

John: What about a sodium amytal plot?

Ronnie: Oh, it's this mystery that Sharlene was telling me about. I mean, the whole plot hinges on this man trying to fool everybody while he's on sodium amytal.

John: How does he do it?

Ronnie: Oh, he just substitutes a sterile saline for the drug. I mean, it's real simple. Sharlene loved it.

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