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Another World Transcript Tuesday 3/28/06

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Derek: What are you doing here?

Paulina: I came by to see how you and Kyle Wergett are getting on, I didn't know I needed an invitation.

Derek: You don't.

Paulina: So, where is Kyle?

Derek: Out.

Paulina: Place looks good. And so do you.

Derek: Why'd you do that?

Paulina: Do what?

Derek: You--you're always hinting at something, but I know you're not interested. So why do you do it?

Paulina: What makes you think I'm not interested?

Olivia: Spiteful, hateful little witch!

Jake: Olivia, relax.

Olivia: Relax? How am I supposed to relax when I think about what she did to me, my own sister?

Jake: Hey, hey, it's over. Let's try to have some fun, or are you trying to ruin your time with me?

Olivia: Let's go.

Jake: Let's go.

[Knock on door]

Matthew: Hey. Hey, Olivia. Josie around?

Olivia: Oh, who cares?

Matthew: What, you two have a fight?

Olivia: More like an assassination, Matthew. Darling little Josie stabbed me in the back this afternoon.

Matthew: What the hell is she talking about?

Jake: Josie tried to take over Olivia's shoot, Matt.

Matthew: What? There's no way I believe that.

Olivia: Oh, get a grip, Matthew.

Matthew: On what, Olivia?

Olivia: The truth. Josie is no longer a sweet, innocent girl.

Josie: Lucas, thank goodness you're here. I need to be with someone.

Lucas: Josie, you're shaking. What happened to you?

Josie: I got another photo in the mail today.

Lucas: From the same person?

Josie: Yes, yes. It's--with the same handwriting, and--and he drew a heart around my face. And he said we'll meet soon.

Lucas: Where is it?

Josie: I--I must've left it back at my apartment. I didn't want to touch it. And I couldn't stand being in my apartment alone. Lucas, I had nowhere else to go.

Lucas: Josie, I'm glad you're here. You came to the right place.

Josie: I'm glad I'm here, too.

Rachel: You're here to pick up Vicky?

Ken: Yeah, I--I didn't think you'd be answering the door.

Rachel: It's my home. I'm afraid I don't understand.

Ken: Well, after you left the shop, I--I spoke to Vicky about this evening. And, uh, she asked me if I would pick her up here.

Vicky: Hi.

Rachel: You and Vicky have date?

Vicky: Yes, we do.

Rachel: Well, I had no idea you two knew each other so well.

Jamie: Neither did I.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Jamie, you know how quickly I make friends. Oh, Rachel, I want to thank you, too.

Rachel: For what?

Vicky: Introducing me to Ken. Thank you. He has such an interesting outlook on life.

Ken: Well, thank you.

Jamie: So, where are you going?

Ken: Well, we're going to the--

Vicky: We have plenty of activities planned.

Amanda: Oh, I can imagine.

Vicky: Amanda, I didn't hear you creep up.

Ken: Hello, Amanda.

Amanda: Ken. So, did I hear this right, these two are going out?

Rachel: Yes, apparently so.

Amanda: Oh, how appropriate. Perfect couple.

Vicky: Well, how sweet of you to say so.

Ken: I think we should, uh, get going. It's starting to rain. We don't want to get caught.

Vicky: Ok. Good night.

Ken: Rachel, again, sorry for having bothered you.

Rachel: No bother. Have fun.

Ken: Thank you.

Jamie: What was that all about?

Amanda: Well, it looks like Vicky is doing her very best to make everyone in this family as uncomfortable as possible.

Jamie: What, going out with Ken Jordan? They're nothing alike.

Amanda: Well, I wouldn't say that. Would you, Mom?

Rachel: I don't know. It beats me.

[Steven cries]

Rachel: Have you heard from Sam?

Amanda: No, nothing.

Jamie: That's Steven. Excuse me.

Rachel: How did it go at the Police station with Evan?

Amanda: Courtney thinks that Evan is guilty of the theft. If they have any more evidence they can arrest him at any time.

Rachel: I see.

Amanda: But they don't have the whole story, Mom. I don't think he did it. He's being set up.

Rachel: Amanda, I know you have very strong feelings for Evan.

Amanda: I'm not saying that he's innocent just because I slept with him. I found out something else today.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: The night of the break-in, when Evan was hit over the head, Sam said that he was with Mitch.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: I talked to Mitch today. He didn't see Sam that night.

Rachel: Sam was lying?

Amanda: Yes. And I don't know why. Unless--

Rachel: Unless Sam stole the funds from Cory and is setting up Evan? Is that what you're talking about? Is that really what you mean?

Olivia: So, thank goodness I woke up. I rushed over to the video loft. And there was Josie prancing around in front of the camera in my place.

Matthew: Wait. Are you sure she turned your alarm off?

Olivia: Positive.

Matthew: Maybe the clock stopped, maybe the battery ran out.

Jake: Matt, Josie already copped to turning the alarm off and taking the phone off the hook.

Olivia: Oh, Matthew, you should've heard her. "Oh, I really didn't mean anything by it."

Matthew: I don't believe this. This is too weird. Why would she do something like this?

Olivia: Because she hates me.

Jake: Olivia.

Olivia: It's true. Matthew, you should've seen her when Iris Wheeler offered me the job right in front of her. She turned purple. And then she tried to pretend like she accepted the whole thing. Well, obviously she didn't.

Matthew: Josie's a little insecure, but for her to do something like this-- no, I don't--I don't buy it.

Olivia: She told Lucas she was freaked over this crazed-fan thing.

Matthew: Maybe she was.

Olivia: Oh, please. Somebody sends her a marked-up photo, and suddenly she can't handle the pressure of my modeling one shoot?

Matthew: Hey, you lighten up a little bit.

Olivia: Believe me, Josie can handle anything.

Jake: Come on, guys.

Olivia: Come on, Matthew, you really think this fan stuff excuses what she did?

Matthew: No, but when she comes here we can figure the whole thing out, all right?

Olivia: Oh, no, thank you. The last thing I want to do right now is have a little chat with sister dearest.

Matthew: Ok, ok.

Olivia: Jake, let's go.

Jake: All right.

Olivia: Look, Matthew...

Matthew: What?

Olivia: I'm sorry for the way I dumped all of this on you. You didn't do anything.

Matthew: Yeah, well, there has to be a better explanation for what she did.

Olivia: Than pure jealousy? Maybe. See you later.

Matthew: Yeah, Mark, I'm not going to be able to make it today. There's some things going--

Josie: I tried calling my mother and I tried calling Matthew but neither of them were in, so I just drove--I drove over here.

Lucas: Josie, you're soaked. What happened to you?

Josie: I didn't want to park in that garage. It's so deserted. So I parked out on the street and--and, well, it's pouring out.

Lucas: Ok. That note really upset you, didn't it? Ok, now, first of all, you go in there and you get out of these wet clothes.

Josie: But--

Lucas: I don't want my top model catching cold, ok? You put on my robe, and in the meantime I'll call the police.

Josie: Is that really necessary?

Lucas: Of course it's necessary. We don't know what kind of a nut we're dealing with. I just wish you had the photo with you. I'll tell you what we'll do. I'll have the Police meet us at your apartment.

Josie: Lucas, I don't think I could deal--deal with that right now. I'm too scared.

Lucas: Ok, Josie, calm down. We'll--we'll see if we can do it tomorrow, ok?

Josie: Thanks.

Lucas: Ok, now go on. Go change.

Josie: Ok. Lucas, I--I couldn't have handled this by myself. Thanks again.

Lucas: You're welcome. Go.

Josie: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Iris: I want to know what's going on.

Lucas: Nice seeing you, too, Iris.

Iris: Look, I am not in the mood for humor. Now, what happened?

Lucas: With what?

Iris: With this tape I had rushed over of Olivia Matthews. Only it wasn't Olivia, it was Josie. Now, I want to know why.

Josie: Lucas, is this all--

Iris: Never mind. I think I get the picture.

Paulina: How can you ever lift two of these?

Derek: I'm still waiting.

Paulina: For what?

Derek: For you to explain what you meant by being interested in me.

Paulina: Well, of course I'm interested in you, Derek. You're my friend. Practically the only friend I have in the world.

Derek: Well, this is not about friendship.

Paulina: No. Ok. So, you also happen to be my hero, and gorgeous.

Derek: Oh, Paulina.

Paulina: Well, you are. You know that. Every woman that sees you checks you out.

Derek: I thought we were talking about you.

Paulina: Well, if I were interested in you, would that be so terrible?

Derek: Yes.

Paulina: Why?

Derek: Because I love Stacey.

Paulina: I know that. Relax, Derek. I said "if."

Derek: Ok. All right. We'll just drop it, then, ok?

Paulina: Of course, if I did want to date you, your being with Stacey wouldn't stop me. But that's never going to happen because, while it is true that you are gorgeous, you're also totally wrong for me.

Derek: What?

Paulina: We'd be a disaster together.

Derek: No, you're wrong. We'd be perfect for each other.

Paulina: Why, Derek, what are you implying?

Derek: Oh, come on, you know I'm not trying to start something here. It's just that-- what I meant was-- well, you and I are a lot alike.

Paulina: No. We're not.

Derek: We both grew up without family, without money.

Paulina: Exactly. And there's the difference.

Derek: Excuse me?

Paulina: You're still satisfied with being on the street, Derek. You don't mind living like this, not having anything else. I want more.

Derek: Of what?

Paulina: Of the world. And I need someone to help me get it.

Derek: Well, now, wait a minute. Aren't you forgetting about a lot of stuff?

Paulina: Like what?

Derek: Well, how about happiness, love?

Paulina: Oh, Derek.

Derek: You know, I used to think just like you. Until I met Stacey.

Paulina: She must really be something.

Derek: She is. You know, Paulina, I hope you find out what it's like to fall in love because when it happens, everything changes. And you find out what's really important.

Stacey: Hey, surprise!

Derek: Stacey.

Stacey: The meeting got postponed.

Derek: Hey.

Stacey: Hello.

Paulina: How you doing, Stacey?

Stacey: Oh, well, good. Oh, Paulina, hey.

Paulina: We were just talking about you.

Stacey: Yeah? So, what brings you here?

Paulina: Oh, I just came by to see how Kyle was doing.

Stacey: Hmm. Where is Kyle?

Derek: Oh, he's out with some friends. He'll be back soon.

Paulina: And I should get going.

Stacey: Oh, listen, before you leave-- tomorrow morning I'm going to talk to Rachel and Jamie, and I will be telling them about your fabrications in your resume.

Paulina: Well, you do what you have to do, but I've already spoken with Rachel.

Stacey: You did?

Paulina: Mm-hmm. I told her the truth and she understood. She's a very understanding lady.

Derek: Well, that's--that's great. Way to go.

Paulina: Yeah, I know. I mean, this job means everything to me. Even though I've only been there a short while, I just can't imagine leaving the Corys.

Amanda: Yes, I think Sam may be the one setting Evan up.

Rachel: God, I hate to think that. You can't really think that Sam is doing this.

Amanda: A couple of months ago I would've said no. But, Mom, he's changed. It's frightening. He must've known that Evan and I slept together.

Rachel: You think he's just doing this for revenge?

Amanda: Possibly. I've hurt him so much with what Evan and I did. I wish I could go back and redo everything.

Rachel: You just stay out of this and let the Police find out the truth.

[Alli cries]

Amanda: Sounds like Alli.

Rachel: Yeah, I think it is Alli. It is.

Amanda: What--what's she doing up?

Jamie: It was Alli who had a nightmare.

Amanda: Oh, come here, cutie. She's been having them ever since Sam left.

Alli: Mommy!

Amanda: I know.

Rachel: Is Steven ok?

Jamie: Safe in his crib where he belongs. I just wish I knew where Paulina was.

Rachel: She's not in her room?

Jamie: No. And I need to talk to her.

Rachel: Of course you do.

Jamie: I just wish that she was as honest with me, Mom, as she was with you about her past.

Rachel: Are you going to let her go?

Jamie: That depends. Look, I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something.

Amanda: No, no. Actually, we just finished.

Rachel: Oh, Amanda--

Amanda: No, I don't want to talk anymore. Besides, you have a concert to go to.

Rachel: Well, you have one, too.

Amanda: I don't think I can go, not with Alli feeling the way she is. You go ahead.

Rachel: Ok. Listen, if you don't mind, I think I will, but I'm late. I've got to change.

Amanda: Ok.

Rachel: Ok, sweetie. Listen, do me a favor. Don't do anything about Sam and all of this business with Evan until you talk to Sam, ok?

Amanda: All right.

Rachel: Ok.

Alli: Mommy!

Amanda: I know, I know. Look at you, you tight fisted hitter, you.

Jamie: Amanda, I won't ask what's going on.

Amanda: Thank you.

Jamie: But if there's anything I can do to help, please ask.

Amanda: Thanks. Actually, there is something. Did Vicky tell you where she and Ken were going tonight?

Jamie: You mean the odd couple?

Amanda: Does that bother you?

Jamie: Well, it's--it's just strange, that's all. I mean, she was acting so nice before Jordan showed up and then--wait a minute.

Amanda: What?

Jamie: When she was upstairs, she did say something about going to the Pelican later.

Amanda: We'll go soon. Thanks. I'll call there later.

Jamie: Amanda, I don't think that you should get involved with this Ken Jordan thing. That's for Mom to deal with.

Amanda: This isn't about Ken Jordan.

[Alli cries]

Amanda: I know.

Vicky: I can't tell you how happy I am that you invited me to be with you this evening.

Ken: I'm getting a pretty good idea.

Vicky: But, Ken--

Ken: That was quite a scene at the Corys'.

Vicky: Yes, it was, wasn't it? Happy accidents like that do happen.

Ken: No. People make them happen. And I think a scene was exactly what you had in mind when you insisted I pick you up there instead of at your place.

Vicky: I didn't hear you object. In fact, I think you enjoyed that scene just about as much as I did. I just can't figure out why. Did I hit a nerve?

Ken: You tell me, doctor.

Vicky: Is it Rachel you're after?

Ken: Why would I be interested in Rachel?

Vicky: She's single. Has more money than God.

Ken: Same could be said of you. Besides, after what you've told me about life with the Corys, I don't think that any amount of money could induce me to become part of that clan.

Vicky: You never would be. One of them, I mean. You can marry a Cory. You can never be a Cory. One can never be quite good enough.

Ken: Was it that bad?

Vicky: Not always.

Ken: Ever miss it?

Vicky: No.

Ken: Not even Jamie? Hmm? Is that really over?

Vicky: It's never really over when you share a child.

Ken: So the Corys are part of your life for keeps.

Vicky: Like malaria. Can never get quite free of it. Let me just put it this way-- if you do decide to be involved with Rachel, you'll see me around the estate once in a while.

Ken: That would be a pleasure.

Vicky: Yes, it would be. I think we get along just great.

Hostess: Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: Mm-hmm?

Hostess: Phone call for you.

Vicky: Thank you. Excuse me.

Vicky: Yes?

Amanda: Vicky, it's Amanda.

Vicky: How did you track me down here?

Amanda: I need to talk to you.

Vicky: Talk.

Amanda: In person.

Vicky: Have you gone insane in the last half-hour? I am on a date.

Amanda: Vicky, this is important. It has to do with Cory.

Vicky: I don't have anything more to tell.

Amanda: But I have something to tell you.

Vicky: About Evan?

Amanda: In part.

Vicky: Meet me at the bar.

Amanda: Can't you come over here?

Vicky: Why would I want to? Ken, I don't know how to tell you this.

Ken: Something's come up?

Vicky: Yes. I'm afraid we're going to have to cancel our plans for the rest of the evening.

Ken: Well, if we have to, then I guess we have to.

Vicky: I really am sorry about this.

Ken: Oh, that's ok. I'm not sure my plans for the evening were really your thing anyway.

Vicky: I'm sure Haydn would've been a groove.

Ken: A groove.

Vicky: Maybe you'll give me a second chance sometime.

Ken: I'll be around.

Vicky: I hope so.

Ken: You have a--have an interesting evening.

Vicky: I will.

Iris: I find her behavior inexcusable.

Lucas: I think Josie has found the error of her ways.

Iris: Quite frankly, Lucas, I'm very disappointed in your behavior. I think it's very bad taste to have any woman half-naked in your apartment. I think Josie is manipulating you.

Lucas: Nobody is manipulating me! Look, I've rescheduled the shoot with Olivia for tomorrow. I think the damage has been contained. Now we have to deal with this fan of Josie's.

Josie: Thank you for convincing the Police to talk to me tomorrow. I couldn't have handled that right now.

Lucas: No, I think it's better we see a--see them in your apartment. At least they can see the photo that way.

Iris: It's a pity you didn't think to bring the photo with you.

Josie: I couldn't carry that thing around. Don't you remember what the first one looked like?

Iris: He used a magic marker, dear, not a switchblade.

Lucas: Iris.

Iris: Look, all I am saying is that it's not unusual for a fan to send stuff through the mail. All sorts of stuff, and sometimes it's a bit odd. It doesn't mean to say that he's dangerous.

Lucas: We don't know what he is. That's the whole point.

Josie: What if he shows up at one of my shoots?

Iris: I think that's very unlikely, dear. Now, I have to get to a meeting at Tops. I have to meet Carl Nolan about that capitalization project.

Lucas: Will you be back soon?

Iris: Oh, you can count on it.

Josie: She hates me.

Lucas: No, she doesn't.

Josie: Yes, she does. She'll never feel the same way about me. Olivia hates me. Of course, I can understand why. I could handle all this, Lucas, I really could if it just--if I didn't have to worry about that fan.

Lucas: Take it easy, ok?

Josie: I'm really sorry about what happened with Olivia, I really am. It isn't like me at all. It's as if some stranger did it. Can you forgive me?

Lucas: Of course I can.

Josie: Lucas, I'm so relieved because you're the only one that really matters.

Jamie: Matt, what's up?

Matthew: Has Josie called?

Jamie: No. Was she supposed to?

Matthew: Damn it. I don't have time to go into it now. That guy sent her another marked-up photo in the mail.

Jamie: Oh, she must be scared to death.

Matthew: Yes, I think she is, but I can't find her.

Jamie: Have you tried Sharlene's?

Matthew: Yes, I've tried everywhere. Jamie, she could be in trouble.

Jamie: I'm sorry, Matt. I guess this is turning out to be a bad night for everyone.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Jamie: Paulina is missing. Amanda just left in a strange mood because Sam's taken off. And then there's Vicky.

Matthew: What about her?

Jamie: Vicky and Ken Jordan are having some kind of a date.

Matthew: Didn't even know they knew each other.

Jamie: Yeah, incredible, huh?

Matthew: Do you care?

Jamie: Why does everybody ask me that? I couldn't care less what Vicky does. I think that Mom is a little bent out of shape.

Matthew: Where is she now?

Jamie: She went to the concert.

Matthew: Oh, that's good. She loves music.

Jamie: Hopefully by now she's completely forgotten about Ken Jordan.

[Orchestra plays]

Ken: You never see the stars the way you do in the desert.

Rachel: No, you don't. The music is incredible.

[Ken laughs]

Ken: It's the only way to listen to this piece, I think.

Rachel: This the only way you listen to Dvorak? Out in the middle of a desert against a canyon wall?

Ken: If I can help it.

[Ken and Rachel laugh]

Ken: Excuse me.

Rachel: It's all right.

Vicky: Hi, Jake.

Jake: Hi. We didn't know you were going to be here. Are you all alone?

Vicky: Not for long. Nice to see you. And Olivia. Out late on a school night?

Olivia: Oh, call me wacky.

Vicky: Wouldn't call you that.

Olivia: Don't you know you can get a reputation sitting alone at a bar, Vicky? That wouldn't concern you, though, would it?

Jake: I see a free table. Why don't you excuse us?

Vicky: Gladly.

Jake: All right. I didn't know you had a problem with Vicky.

Olivia: Doesn't everyone? I think you're the only person in this town who can stand her.

Jake: Not tonight, Olivia. I don't want to hear another bad word about anybody. Not Vicky, not Josie, nobody. I came so that I could have a good time with you. Got it?

Olivia: Got it.

Jake: Good.

Jake: So, what are you having?

Olivia: Salad.

Jake: That's very exciting.

Olivia: Jake, I just remembered that I had to call my aunt Liz and let her know how the shoot went, ok? I'll be--

Jake: I am sure she'll have a lot of nice things to say about Josie.

Olivia: I promise to make it fast.

Jake: Ok.

Olivia: Excuse me.

Vicky: Why the sudden call? Finally realize what a sleaze Evan Bates truly is?

Amanda: No.

Vicky: Didn't you ask him about the numbers on the napkin?

Amanda: Yes, of course I asked him about the napkin. That's why I'm here.

Vicky: And?

Amanda: I want to ask you not to show that napkin to the Police just yet.

Vicky: Oh, I don't believe it. Evan has slimed his way out of something else. What does he have that Sam hasn't?

Amanda: It's not like that.

Vicky: Oh, of course it is. Otherwise you wouldn't be asking me, the person you loathe more than anyone in this world, to do you a favor. You're protecting your lover again.

Amanda: No, I'm not. I can't give you the details right now, but I'm almost certain that Evan didn't steal the money. And neither did you.

Vicky: Big of you. Suddenly I'm innocent?

Amanda: Yes.

Vicky: Why? Find the real person who did it?

Amanda: Let's just say that I found some evidence that makes me think that Evan is being set up.

Vicky: Well, who would hate Evan enough to set him up? You think Sam did this, don't you?

Amanda: That's not the point, Vicky.

Vicky: Of course it is. You are asking me to withhold evidence. I deserve to know why. What does Sam have to do with this?

Amanda: It's complicated.

Vicky: Try me.

Amanda: All right, all right.

Olivia: Yes. Yes, I will, aunt Liz, thanks. Ok. Bye.

Olivia: Amanda, this is a surprise.

Amanda: Yes, it is.

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Vicky: We're having a drink.

Olivia: Just two old friends out on the town?

Vicky: That's right.

Olivia: I can understand your being lonely with Sam away.

Amanda: I am.

Olivia: Hear from him?

Amanda: All the time. He's very busy working on his new show. Doesn't have a lot of time to call anyone else.

Olivia: How many canvasses has he completed?

Amanda: It's really none of your concern, is it, Olivia? Vicky, I could really use some fresh air. Would you want a ride home?

Vicky: Oh, yes. Absolutely, yes. Good-bye, Olivia.

Olivia: Vicky.

Vicky: Jake.

Olivia: Sam, Olivia. Call me as soon as you get this message. It's urgent.

Paulina: So, when I realized I'd put you in such an awkward position, I knew I had to set things straight.

Stacey: Well, good. That's very responsible of you.

Derek: So you just told Rachel Cory the whole tale, right?

Paulina: It was a bit scary, but I did it.

Stacey: So, was Rachel angry?

Paulina: A little bit, but she really seemed to understand, you know?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. Yeah, how'd Jamie take it?

Paulina: Well, I haven't actually gotten around to talking to Jamie yet.

Derek: Oh, no.

Paulina: I will. I promise you, Derek. Listen, Stacey, again, I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

Stacey: Oh, no, listen, you know, as long as the truth comes out soon, everything will be ok.

Paulina: Right. Look, I'm sure you two want to be alone, so I'm going to take off. Say hi to Kyle for me, will you?

Derek: Will do.

Paulina: Bye, Stacey.

Stacey: See you later.

Stacey: Well. Unusual girl, huh?

Derek: Oh, come on now, she's trying to make things straight, you know?

Stacey: Yeah, how do I know that?

Derek: Well--

Stacey: She snowed me once before. Who's to say she's not snowing me now?

Derek: So check it out with Rachel.

Stacey: Yeah, I will. I don't trust her.

Derek: You don't understand her.

Stacey: I don't know about that.

Derek: No. She grew up very different than you did, Stacey. She grew up poor, alone. And she had to fight for a place at the dinner table. And I know about that because I went through it.

Stacey: But you are nothing like her.

Derek: You know, she just said the same thing.

Stacey: Well, this time she's right. Derek, I feel like--I feel like she's got some sort of hidden agenda. And I just--I have this hunch that I ought to try to figure out what it is.

Derek: Oh, Stacey, come on now. She makes one lousy mistake and you just think she's out for blood or something.

Stacey: No, that's not what I meant. What I meant-- I am not going to fight with you. Let's let Paulina cause trouble for someone else. Not us, ok?

Lucas: Are you feeling better?

Josie: Much.

Lucas: Good.

Josie: Thanks for listening to me.

Lucas: Any time.

Josie: I'm so much trouble.

Lucas: No, you're not. But I do have a word of advice about what happened with Olivia.

Josie: I thought you understood.

Lucas: I do understand. You were trying to protect what you considered yours. Done it myself plenty of times. With better results, I might add.

Josie: You have?

Lucas: Yes. It's a tough world out there, and sometimes you have to fight to stay on top. But, Josie, you are never going to be secure in what you've accomplished unless you get more self-confidence. You're good enough. You don't have to go after Olivia or anyone else.

Josie: I wish I could see myself the way you do. I owe you everything.

Lucas: Come on, Josie.

Josie: No, really, you--you've been like a father to me. I'd be a wreck tonight if it weren't for you. I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Lucas: Just be your best.

[Knock on door]

Lucas: What now?

Matthew: Lucas, sorry to bother you. Have you seen Josie? What the hell is going on here?

Lucas: Look, I'll let you two talk. Excuse me.

Josie: Matthew, the most horrible thing happened today.

Matthew: You got another photo in the mail. I saw it at your apartment.

Josie: Yes, wasn't it awful? Oh, Matthew, I'm so glad you're here.

Matthew: Are you? Are you really?

Rachel: Ken.

Ken: Rachel, what are you doing here?

Rachel: I'm a subscriber. And you?

Ken: Just a lover of good music. You didn't say anything to me before about being here.

Rachel: Neither did you. Where's Vicky?

Ken: Something came up. Besides, I get the feeling that Haydn isn't really her thing.

Rachel: So, are you alone?

Ken: Hey, look, this is a complete coincidence.

Rachel: Yes, there's always a lot of those where you're concerned, aren't there? Excuse me.

Woman: Do you mind?

Ken: I'm sorry. Look, I really didn't know you were going to be here tonight. You said you wanted to keep some space between us. I heard you.

Rachel: That's why you showed up at the house?

Ken: Now, wait a minute, that was--that was not what it looked like.

Woman: Would you take your seat, please? The performance is starting.

Ken: Look, I meant what I said. I respect your decision.

Woman: Shh!

[Orchestra plays]

Josie: You're angry.

Matthew: Yes, Josie, I'm angry with you. You're damn right I'm angry.

Josie: But you know what that fan did to-- Olivia. She told you about that clock thing.

Matthew: What do you mean, that clock thing? You turned off her alarm, right?

Josie: Well, yes. Matthew, I can't think about that right now, not after what happened to me today.

Matthew: You were scared when you got the photo.

Josie: Yes, I was.

Matthew: Why didn't you call me? I would've come right over.

Josie: I did.

Matthew: No, you didn't. I was home.

Josie: What I meant was I tried to call you but the line was busy.

Matthew: Come on, Josie, why didn't you drive over to my place? What are you--why are you here?

Josie: Because I couldn't take the chance that you wouldn't be home. Besides, Lucas and I had business to discuss.

Matthew: Business. This is business? I thought you said you were upset, Josie.

Josie: I was. Matthew, don't be angry with me, please. I can't handle you being mad at me right now. We'll go back to my apartment. I'll--I'll explain everything.

Matthew: No, I don't think so, Josie.

Josie: Matthew.

Matthew: I don't like what you're doing. I don't like you being here, and I don't like what you did to Olivia. It stinks. And I don't want any--

Iris: Oh, Matthew, I'm so glad to see you here. Did Josie tell you what's been happening?

Matthew: Yeah, sort of. Yeah.

Iris: Am I interrupting something?

Matthew: No, you're not interrupting.

Iris: Look, Lucas, why don't we leave these two alone.

Matthew: No, it's ok, Iris. I was just about to leave. The three of you must have a lot of business to discuss.

Josie: Matthew, please!

Iris: Matthew seems a little bit out of sorts, hmm?

Lucas: Yes. How was it with Nolan?

Iris: Oh, the capitalization is on.

Lucas: That's excellent.

Iris: Isn't it? Now that that problem is solved, I've had a little time to think about this--this fan situation. You know, Josie, I realize you must have been under tremendous pressure. I mean, what if this guy did turn up at one of the shoots? It'd be terrifying.

Josie: I'm so glad you understand.

Iris: Oh, I do, dear, I do. And I've talked to scheduling and we've decided to cancel all your photo shoots, at least for the time being.

Josie: What?

Iris: Well, don't worry, don't worry, you'll still be paid, I promise you. But it's just too much to expect you to deal with this crazy man and sparkle in front of the camera, too.

Josie: But I want to sparkle in front of the camera! Lucas?

Lucas: I have to go with Iris on this one.

Josie: You, too?

Lucas: Josie, you need to unwind, and I'm sure that your mother would agree with the decision if she knew what was going on here.

Josie: I can't believe this is happening.

Lucas: Listen, tomorrow morning you'll realize it's the best thing. Now, you go and get your clothes on and I'll have my driver take you home. Don't worry about your car.

Josie: You mean I have to spend the night in my apartment all alone?

Lucas: Don't worry, I'll have a security man right outside. You'll be perfectly safe.

Iris: See, Josie, there isn't a crisis that Lucas and I can't handle.

Jamie: Where have you been?

Paulina: Jamie, you're home.

Jamie: I asked you a question.

Paulina: Just out. Why?

Jamie: Do you have this evening off?

Paulina: I thought I did. If I made a mistake, I'm sorry.

Jamie: So am I.

Paulina: You spoke to your mother about me, didn't you?

Jamie: And I wanted to let your parents know what a great job you were doing here. You really had me going there, Paulina.

Paulina: Jamie, I'm sorry about that. I wanted to tell you the truth from the beginning, I did.

Jamie: Well, why didn't you?

Paulina: I couldn't. If I had told you the truth, I wouldn't be here now.

Jamie: You don't know that.

Paulina: Yes, I do.

Jamie: Forget it.

Paulina: Jamie-- you're right. I was wrong. But you don't know what it's like to be me. Yeah, I know you grew up poor, but you had a mother and a grandmother who loved you. Nobody ever wanted me. And I learned--I had to learn at an early age that you don't let people know who you really are or what you feel. Because if you do, they'll just use it against you. That's the world I lived in.

Jamie: But you don't live there now.

Paulina: Yeah, I know that. Look, I don't know, maybe if you had known the truth about me, maybe you would've hired me. But I know I wouldn't have got past Stacey. Look, all of this doesn't matter anyway. I'll be out of here by morning. Promise you.

Jamie: Who said that you were fired?

Paulina: You mean I'm not?

Jamie: No. I'll talk to you in the morning. Paulina, you do something like this again and you're gone.

Amanda: I should never have borrowed the company car. I can't see 20 feet.

Vicky: Amanda, enough with the weather report. I want to know the truth. Do you think Sam set Evan up?

Amanda: I think it's possible, yes.

Vicky: You're a real piece of work.

Amanda: What?

Vicky: You look so innocent. Who would think you'd kill with a touch?

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Vicky: Evan and Sam. You know, I really thought Evan pulled that robbery off, and part of me didn't blame him one bit. You led him on. You tortured him with mixed signals.

Amanda: All right, stop it.

Vicky: You finally let him have you and then you pushed him away and denied the whole thing to your husband. And Sam--if he has freaked out, who can blame him? You slept with Evan. You lied--all right, Amanda! All right, I'll shut up! Just slow down.

Amanda: I saw him.

Vicky: Who?

Amanda: Sam.

[Orchestra plays]

[Music stops]

Ken: Rachel, if you'd just let me explain.

Rachel: I don't think much of your explanations. You know, I don't get you, I really don't.

Ken: I told you coming here was a complete coincidence.

Rachel: What about Vicky? Of all of the women you could've picked to see in this whole town, you had to pick Vicky? Knowing how my family feels about her and picking her up at our house? What were you trying to do, be deliberately cruel?

Ken: Of course I wasn't.

Rachel: Well, then I don't understand you, and you know what, I don't think I want to.

Ken: I see.

Rachel: That's all you can say?

Ken: No, I think you deserve an explanation. Look, the--the truth is that me picking Vicky up at your house and me taking her out at all was a mistake. I should've known better.

Rachel: Well, then why didn't you?

Ken: Because I wanted to see you.

Rachel: What?

Ken: Yeah. I know you said you wanted to keep your distance between us, but I wanted to see you. And I thought if I picked Vicky up at your house, then maybe I'd get a chance to see you a little bit, just for a couple of minutes. I know--it was stupid, and I'm sorry.

Rachel: Did you see what was next?

Ken: Yeah, the music we listened to under the stars. Another incredible coincidence.

Woman: Would you like to change seats?

Rachel: No, it's all right.

Ken: Yeah, suits me. Thanks.

Rachel: Ken.

Ken: It's no problem, I'll just--there we go. Seems stupid not to sit together when we're both here.

[Orchestra plays]

Jake: So, how is the salad?

Olivia: It's ok. Thanks again for bringing me here, Jake. Dinner's been great.

Jake: I don't think I've ever heard anyone say the dinner here was great.

Olivia: I was referring to the company.

Jake: Oh. Well, any time. I know all the restaurants in town.

Olivia: Don't cook much?

Jake: Not much anymore.

Olivia: What happened?

Jake: To what?

Olivia: Your marriage.

Jake: Where the hell did that come from?

Olivia: You never talk about Marley. Do you hate her? Oh, look, I'm sorry. It's really none of my business.

Jake: No, I don't mind. I--I don't hate her. It just didn't work. I mean, we made a lot of mistakes. I think we'd have had a rough time despite all that. Why is it that we always fall in love with someone who's all wrong for us?

Olivia: I don't know. Why is it that men are so stupid?

Jake: I didn't know falling in love with the wrong person was a gender-specific quality.

Olivia: It is.

Jake: Well, that sounds like you're talking from experience. What gives?

Olivia: Well, you know, there's this guy I told you about that I liked.

Jake: Right.

Olivia: Well, we'd be perfect for each other, except that he's all wrapped up with this confused air-head who's completely wrong for him, and he just doesn't see it.

Jake: Listen to me.

Jake: If he really loves her, nothing you say or do is going to change that.

Olivia: I wouldn't be so sure.

Vicky: You really are a nut case, you know that? You could've killed both of us.

Amanda: I had to get away from Sam.

Vicky: That wasn't Sam.

Amanda: How would you know?

Vicky: I saw the driver. He was wearing a hat. Have you ever known Sam to wear a hat in your entire life?

Amanda: Maybe he didn't want me to recognize him.

Vicky: What? Amanda, even if it was Sam, why would you have nearly killed both of us to get away from him?

Amanda: Because I can't see him, not now.

Vicky: My God. You're afraid of your own husband, aren't you?

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