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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/22/06

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Rachel: Doesn't look like Ken is here yet.

Jamie: Mom, we just got back from a whirlwind tour of Central America. Do you think you should have called Ken from the airport?

Rachel: I want to talk to him. I don't see any reason to wait.

Jamie: Ok. There are some messages from Vicky.

Rachel: I hope Steven is all right.

Jamie: Yeah, it says that Steven is fine, and they're both over at Donna and Michael's, but Vicky has to talk to me.

Rachel: Wonder what that's about.

Jamie: With Vicky, you never know. I'm going to take off.

Rachel: Ok, honey. Kiss Steven for me.

Jamie: Will do.

[Doorbell rings] No, no, no. Somebody else will get it. Mom, can't you just let this go?

Rachel: Why should I?

Jamie: Why not? So Jordan was in prison in Central America. That's his problem.

Rachel: It might be our problem. What if he blames Mac for everything that happened to him? What if that's the reason he came to Bay City?

Ken: Don't you think you should be asking me that question?

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: Welcome back.

Amanda: Well, officer, I am sure that you will take into consideration what I said about questioning Vicky Hudson. Yes. Yes, that's right. She was a former employee. She was fired. All right, no problem. I'll be here all day. Goodbye. Hi.

Sam: Hi. Talking to the cops, huh?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Listen, your secretary said you were in here.

Amanda: I just came in to pick up some files, that's all.

Sam: Yeah, do you have an hour or so for lunch with me?

Amanda: Oh--oh...

Sam: No, huh?

Amanda: You know, I'm swamped as it is, and now the Police want me to stay here so that they can talk to me.

Sam: It's ok, it's ok.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Sam: Don't be. So, how is the investigation going anyway?

Amanda: Well, I think it would be going a lot better if they would listen to what I had to say about Vicky.

Sam: Mm, I don't know. My money is still on Evan.

Amanda: If Evan is involved, it's only because of his loyalty to her.

Sam: So you think she is the mastermind?

Amanda: I know that you don't like him--

Sam: No, it's not that at all. I was just thinking it was the other way around.

Amanda: What?

Sam: That if Evan thought he was going to go to jail, he would let Vicky take the fall.

Amanda: I don't know.

Sam: Poor Vicky.

Amanda: Oh, please.

Sam: It's a good thing, really.

Amanda: What is?

Sam: That Evan is going after Vicky. Otherwise you'd be in deep trouble, wouldn't you?

Vicky: Ah ha ha. You did it! Want to do it again? Ok, put him back in there. Goodbye.

[Doorbell rings] Who's at the door? Who's at the door? Could it be Daddy? Oh, wouldn't that be great? We can show him some of our new tricks. Vroom. Oh, boy. Oh, uh, hi. Hi.

Man: Victoria Frame?

Vicky: No, Victoria Hudson.

Man: Your housekeeper said you might be at this address. Cute kid.

Vicky: Well, thank you. Can I help you with something?

Man: Actually, I am here to ask you a few questions about the break-in at the offices of Cory Publishing.

Vicky: Oh, you are.

Man: Now, don't--no, don't get nervous, honey. I got your name from a list of former employees--

Vicky: I don't care where you got my name. I had nothing to do with that break-in. I will not talk to you.

Man: Now, look, Vicky--

Vicky: And don't call me honey, and don't call me Vicky.

Man: Now, look, we can either do this here--

Vicky: Don't touch my baby.

Man: ...Or down at the Police station. The choice is up to you... Vicky.

Sharlene: What? "Congress' most eligible bachelor has finally been snagged." No, no, I don't believe this. "The engagement of congressman Grant Harrison and his long-time girlfriend, Ann Burlingame, was announced yesterday." But--no, no, no, no, not yesterday. No, we...

John: Sharlene, where were you last night?

Sharlene: John.

Sharlene: Well, there you are. I--I know what you must be thinking--hi.

John: Sharlene, I tried to call you several times last night.

Sharlene: Oh, you did?

John: Yes, I did. I got a double shift at the last minute.

Sharlene: Oh, well--oh, well, I don't know why I wouldn't get your calls then.

John: Well, the machine picked up. I assumed that you would call me back.

Sharlene: I can't believe I didn't tell you this. The--

John: What?

Sharlene: The message light on the machine is--is out.

John: Oh. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. I just didn't want you to be worried, that's all.

Sharlene: I wasn't--I wasn't worried because I called and I found out you were on duty. And, uh, I left a message for you. I guess you didn't get my message.

John: No, I didn't.

Sharlene: No? Oh, well. The person I left it with sounded like a real air-head. It was around midnight.

John: I really hate this. I hate being at the mercy of operators and broken answering machines.

Sharlene: Well, John, I am here now, aren't I?

John: Yes, you are. You know, I keep thinking to myself this is all going to be over soon, but it sure is frustrating right now.

Sharlene: I know--I know exactly what you mean.

John: Come on, sit down. Tell me what you did last night.

Sharlene: Oh... put on a patsy cline tape. Then I just cranked it up full blast and let it go. And, uh, guess that's maybe why I didn't hear your call. Then, uh, I got a toothbrush out and I, uh, I got the grout behind the drain in the bathtub.

John: Oh, a fun night.

Sharlene: It was a fun night. I know Liz Taylor is envious of my lifestyle. You know what? I can't stay. I've got to go.

John: No, wait.

Sharlene: Oh, I do. There is this recipe in here I'm just dying to try.

John: Sharlene, forget the recipes.

Sharlene: What?

John: My shift is ending soon. Let me take you to lunch at Tops.

Sharlene: Now, John, that's very expensive.

John: I don't care.

Sharlene: Well--now, you're tired, come on. This is a long--

John: No, Sharlene, come on. I'm not that tired. All I want to do is just forget about this place and take my beautiful wife out to have lunch at some place that's very nice.

Sharlene: Josie is coming over. I'm sorry. Do you want me to call and put her off?

John: No, no, no.

Sharlene: No, let me--I'll call her.

John: No, don't-don't. That's ok. Have you, uh, told her about seeing Dr. Benson?

Sharlene: No.

John: Hmm. Well, maybe you should.

Sharlene: Why?

John: Well, I was talking with Dr. Benson again, and--

Sharlene: Again?

John: You know that she wants to see you on a regular basis?

Iris: Olivia?

Olivia: Mrs. Wheeler, hello.

Iris: Hi. You were so intent on your book. What are you reading?

Olivia: It's book of poems by Robert Browning.

Iris: Oh, I'm impressed.

Olivia: Don't be. The choreographer I am working with asked me to read them. He is the intellect.

Iris: Oh, I see. Well, you're dancing again, hmm?

Olivia: Yes.

Iris: I am glad. Uh, look, I've been meaning to call you. Can we talk for a minute?

Olivia: Sure. I'm just waiting for Josie.

Iris: Right, I'm hiring some extra models for a "Sophisticate" layout, and I would like you to do it--if you're interested.

Olivia: Oh, yes, I'm interested. What's Josie going to think of the idea?

Iris: What's that got to do with it?

Olivia: Well, won't she be one of the models, too?

Iris: No.

Olivia: No?

Iris: No. I'm looking for a more innocent look, and I--I think you would be a natural. So, what I want you to do is please give me a call.

Olivia: Ok.

Josie: Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. Hello, Iris.

Iris: Hi, Josie.

Josie: I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about what I'm going to be wearing for the fashion show.

Iris: Well, I'm sorry. I'm late for a meeting. We'll have to discuss it later. Don't you forget now. Call me. Bye.

Olivia: Bye.

Josie: So, you're the reason why Iris has been treating me this way, sister.

Ken: I told you everything you needed to know.

Rachel: Except for one small detail--that you spent several years in a Central American prison.

Ken: The place wasn't exactly a spa, you know what I mean? The memory of those years isn't something I like to think about in detail.

Rachel: How did you wind up in prison?

Ken: You mean you didn't find out on your little fact-finding mission?

Rachel: The prison burned down. That's how you escaped, isn't it? This is still very painful to you, isn't it?

Ken: It's ok.

Rachel: No, it isn't. I'm sorry. I've gone too far. Why don't you just go?

Ken: No, I'll tell you about it.

Rachel: No, please, don't.

Ken: Because maybe then you'll understand.

Amanda: No, I said a 5-color run, and it's final.

Sam: Go get 'em, tiger.

Amanda: Everything is so hectic. I'm sorry I can't go to lunch with you.

Sam: Oh, I am, too.

Amanda: How about tomorrow?

Sam: Can't. That's the other reason I wanted to talk to you.

Amanda: What other reason?

Sam: I'm going out of town for a few days.

Amanda: When did you decide this?

Sam: This morning. Caroline is putting the pressure on.

Amanda: To do what?

Sam: To paint, to put out work. I do have a show coming up, remember?

Amanda: Well, so, you are going to go away for that?

Sam: Yeah, I figure that way there'll be less distractions.

Amanda: Can't you just go to the cabin or something?

Sam: No, not the cabin. Listen, I have a lot of business to take care of so...

Amanda: Well, then I guess you don't need me to pose for you,

Sam: It's a good thing. You wouldn't be able to do it anyway, right?

Amanda: Right. Sam?

Sam: Hmm?

Amanda: Aren't you even going to say goodbye?

Sam: Goodbye, Amanda.

Amanda: Where are you going? I mean, how long are you going to be there?

Sam: I--I don't know. Um, when I know, I'll let you know, ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Iris: Oh, Amanda, there you are.

Amanda: Hello, Iris.

Iris: Hi. I want you to meet Henry Jackson. Henry was the security guard on duty the day of the break-in.

Amanda: Hello, Mr. Jackson. I'm Amanda Fowler.

Henry: Hi, I know. I see you coming in everyday.

Iris: Now, Henry--oh, may I call you Henry?

Henry: Sure.

Iris: I want you to tell us what you told the Police. I mean exactly what you saw that day.

Henry: All right.

Evan: Amanda, I need to speak to you.

Henry: I don't believe it.

Iris: What?

Henry: Well, the guy I saw-- that's him.

Sharlene: Because we can't afford for me to see a shrink every week.

John: Sharlene, listen, we have insurance. And even if we didn't, you should still do this because it's important.

Sharlene: Just because this doctor says that I'm nuts, that's--

John: She--she didn't say that. She thinks that you have a problem--that we have problems. I think she's right.

Sharlene: Well, I don't.

John: Sharlene, there are areas of your life--feelings--that you're just not able to talk about.

Sharlene: Everybody has those. Everybody has--

John: I think that it's more of a problem for you, and so does Dr. Benson. Now, she has designed a course of treatment for you.

Sharlene: Oh, well, I can't wait on this one.

John: There is a test that you can take.

Sharlene: A test?

John: Yes. A diagnostic tool. Dr. Benson would like to administer a drug. It's called sodium amytal.

Sharlene: And what is that?

John: Well, it's a drug that will allow you to drop your defenses and talk more freely.

Sharlene: Truth serum?

John: That's kind of a crude name for it, Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, but that's-- that's what it is, right?

John: Now, wait a minute. Just listen to me.

Sharlene: No, no, you listen to me. I went through hypnosis. Now, wasn't that enough? I think it was enough.

[Pager beeps]

John: Listen, I've got to get that. Don't go away. We need to talk about this.

Sharlene: [Indistinct mumbling] I should have stayed in New York City. I should have stayed there. Just stay cool and think of something. You always think of something. Just think of it. I don't believe this. Everything is falling apart. "Ms. Burlingame confirmed rumors from her hotel suite in Bay Ci--" oh, I get it. Oh, I get it. You did this, lady. You did--well, let me tell you something. While you were busy confirming rumors, I was making some with your fiancÚ in New York City. "Ms. Burlingame stated that she would be meeting this afternoon with the congressmen's press representatives to discuss her role in his forthcoming campaign. The meeting is scheduled to take place at a Bay City restaurant called Tops. The congressman will not attend." Well, maybe I will. Maybe I will kill... two birds with one stone.

John: Mm-hmm. No, that's fine. Right. Ok. Hi.

Sharlene: I'm sorry.

John: You don't have to be.

Sharlene: You know what I was thinking?

John: What?

Sharlene: We need... we need to talk and not here. So, why don't you--why don't you make some reservations at Tops, and I will call Josie and put her off, ok?

John: You really want to go?

Sharlene: I can't think of any place I would rather be right now. Ok?

John: Ok.

Sharlene: So, I'll see you.

Grant: Hey, John?

John: Oh, Grant, you're back.

Grant: How you doing? You busy?

John: No, I was just talking to my wife. She just left. You missed her.

Grant: Good, there's something I want to talk to you about. Something I read about.

John: Shoot.

Grant: Not here. I would rather go back to my room as soon as you can, ok?

John: Sure. Listen, how was your trip?

Grant: Oh, great. As a matter of fact, better than great. Oh, it's the first time I really feel like getting well.

John: First time?

Grant: Mm-hmm. This--this woman, John, has done great things for me. I want you to meet her.

John: Well, I would love to but, uh...

Ann: Darling, there you are. Where were you last night? I was calling for you everywhere.

Man: Is your little boy asleep already?

Vicky: He is in bed. I didn't think he needed to hear you grilling his mother.

Man: Oh, come on, Vicky. We're just talking about a couple of routine questions here.

Vicky: No, you come on, officer.

Man: Detective. Detective Ed Hogan.

Vicky: Impressive. Listen, Ed, I didn't go anywhere near Cory Publishing. I don't want their stinking money, and if somebody told you that I did, then they are completely mistaken.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Excuse me. Oh, Jamie, I am so glad you're here.

Jamie: Hi, I just got back, and I got your message.

Vicky: Do you have anything to do with this?

Jamie: With what?

Vicky: Him.

Ed: Ed Hogan, Bay City P.D.

Vicky: Your charming family put me on a list of suspects.

Jamie: Wait just a--

Ed: Who's he?

Vicky: He is my ex-husband, Rachel Cory's son. He thinks that I am the one who knocked over Cory Publishing.

Jamie: Nobody is saying that. I understand the Police are questioning recent former employees.

Ed: That's right.

Vicky: Recent former employees? That's what you call the mother of your son? A recent former employee.

Jamie: Officer--

Ed: Detective.

Jamie: ...Detective Hogan, do you think maybe you could delay this for a while?

Ed: The reason I'm here is the captain said Mrs. Fowler is anxious for information.

Vicky: Naturally.

Jamie: I'll square it with Mrs. Fowler. She's my sister.

Ed: Whatever. I'll be seeing you... Vicky.

Vicky: What a pig.

Jamie: Vicky.

Vicky: And thank you so much for sticking up for me. It really made me feel great.

Jamie: I got rid of him, didn't I?

Vicky: You'll square it up with Mrs. Fowler? Mrs. Fowler is trying to put me in jail, Jamie, and you don't even care.

Jamie: I care a lot, Vicky. I have always cared--

Vicky: Yeah, I can tell, I can tell.

Jamie: But you'll have to forgive me if I don't automatically buy it when you swear that you're telling the truth. Where are you going?

Vicky: To get my son. I can't believe you thought that I would still do something like that.

Josie: Excuse me, I have a call to make.

Sam: Oh, what's wrong with her?

Olivia: Lots of things. Sit down.

Sam: Thank you. Oh, Robert Browning. Great psychological stuff.

Olivia: How have you been?

Sam: Fine. Listen, I'm glad I ran into you. I wanted to let you know that you can use the loft whenever you feel like it over the next couple of days.

Olivia: I can?

Sam: Yeah, I'm going out of town.

Olivia: You and Amanda?

Sam: No, just me. I have something to set up.

Olivia: Where are you going?

Sam: Have you seen my brother?

Olivia: No.

Sam: Here's the one I like. "And thus we sit together now, and all night long we have not stirr'd, and yet God has not said a word!" Great, huh?

Olivia: That's from "Porphyria's Lover."

Sam: Right.

Olivia: After--after he kills her.

Sam: Like I said, great psychological stuff. "My last duchess" is another one. Enjoy the loft.

Olivia: Sam, I think--

Sam: See you in a few days.

Olivia: "That's my last duchess painted on the wall, looking as though she were alive."

Josie: Sam gone so soon?

Olivia: Yes. Why did you take off like that?

Josie: I was just leaving you alone with him. I shouldn't have butted in between you two in the first place.

Olivia: What?

Josie: Then maybe you would have stayed out of my life.

Grant: I'm sick of being monitored and lectured to by you and my father.

Ann: I can tell.

Grant: And if you don't like what I'm doing, then both of you can just check out of my life right now.

Ann: I don't know about your father, but I never meant to order you around, Grant. I--I thought I was helping you get something you wanted.

Grant: What about what you want?

Ann: You know, yesterday, I received a call from one of those tabloids. They wanted me to confirm the rumors about our engagement.

Grant: Oh, really? And just what did you say?

Ann: Not much. But I did call your press people and set up a meeting. As a matter of fact, I need to leave soon for Tops.

Grant: What the hell business do you have meeting with my press people?

Ann: I think I should. Your life is very interesting to the press, and I am a part of your life.

Grant: My life is nobody's business but mine.

Ann: Darling, unless you've decided to give up politics altogether, you know that simply is not true.

Grant: I will make my own decision about politics. Got it?

Ann: Well, maybe you better make that decision soon, before you do something in your personal life that makes the decision for you.

Sharlene: Excuse me.

Man: Yes.

Sharlene: Hi, I'm Sharlene Hudson. My husband, Dr.--Dr. Hudson, uh, he made reservations for us. Table for two.

Man: Yes, Mrs. Hudson. Dr. Hudson called. He's been tied up. Sorry, but he can't keep his lunch date with you today.

Sharlene: No, oh. Hmm. Well, it doesn't matter. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll just wait--I'll wait for my friend, Ann Burlingame. I believe she said she was having lunch here today at 2:00.

Man: No, Madam, it's 2:30.

Sharlene: Well, that's ok. I'll wait.

Rachel: So, you committed no crime.

Ken: The crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rachel: What happened?

Ken: Well, they knew I was an American. But when I tried to explain that I had lost my identification in the plane crash, they didn't buy that. No, they figured I was either a smuggler who was trying to talk his way out of something or C.I.A.

Rachel: And that's why Mac couldn't find you--because you were in that place.

Ken: Mac didn't intend to leave me stranded there. I know that now.

Rachel: But then?

Ken: At the time, I hated his guts. I blamed him for everything, but that hate is what got me through all those years.

Rachel: He never would have left you there, you know.

Ken: I know.

Rachel: He would have found you. He did everything. I'm sure he did.

Ken: I am, too.

Vicky: Paulina, I'm glad you're here. Please take Steven [Indistinct].

Jamie: Look, will you calm down? You'll upset Steven.

Vicky: [Indistinct] Change it. Don't you think Steven is going to be a little upset when he finds out that his aunty Amanda turned his mother into the cops, and his father didn't give a damn?

Rachel: What's going on here?

Jamie: I'm sure Vicky will be very happy to explain this. I'm going up to Steven.

Vicky: Well, I'm glad you're here.

Rachel: What's happened?

Vicky: Look, I know Amanda hates me. But if you could, for Steven's sake, talk to her and get her off my back.

Rachel: What would you like me to tell her?

Vicky: You weren't a saint when you were my age. I doubt you appreciated people continually using your bad and old mistakes against you.

Rachel: Of course I didn't.

Vicky: Well, I do, too. I've changed, Rachel. I may not be perfect, but I certainly don't try to hurt people. I wish I could say the same for your daughter.

Rachel: Vicky, wait a minute.

Vicky: I'm just a little too upset to talk, Rachel.

Rachel: Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Vicky: Later. I will be at Tops if anyone needs me.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Ken: Find out what's the matter with her.

Evan: What are you trying to do, sweat it out of me?

Iris: Evan, I don't have to. I've got security working on it. I've got the Police working on it. If you stole that money, I'll find it.

Evan: Amanda, tell her I wouldn't do this.

Amanda: He wouldn't do it, I know.

Iris: That was your plan, wasn't it?

Evan: What plan?

Iris: From the very beginning, from the first day you worked here, you were just waiting for your revenge to take the money in cash.

Amanda: Iris, he couldn't have done it.

Iris: How would you know?

Evan: Because he was hit over the head the day of the robbery.

Iris: Oh, what's that got to do with anything?

Amanda: He was in my office.

Iris: What?

Evan: That's right. Somebody is trying to frame me.

Iris: You were in the building? You're actually admitting it?

Amanda: I told you. He was hit over the head.

Iris: Yes, but he was well enough to get past the security guard.

Amanda: Iris, I don't care. He couldn't have done that to himself.

Iris: No, but somebody else could have done it so he appeared the willing, innocent little victim. I think Evan would have been prepared to have taken a little knock on the head to be able to carry off over a million dollars of Cory money.

Evan: If I was going to rip off Cory, I would be more clever than that, Iris.

Iris: Oh, really? Well--

[Telephone rings] Excuse me. Iris Wheeler. Yes, lieutenant. Ye--are you sure? Thank you. Well, guess what?

Evan: I have no idea.

Iris: Every time funds were embezzled from this company, a similar amount was deposited in a series of bank accounts.

Amanda: So?

Iris: So the Police think that those accounts can be traced... to Evan Bates.

Iris: You knew about this?

Evan: Iris, wait a minute.

Iris: You knew he was in the building, and you didn't bother to tell anyone about it?

Evan: Iris, leave Amanda out of this. Now, I do not know anything about some damn bank account.

Iris: Now, you save your excuses for the Police.

Evan: Let me tell you something. If we got a problem, it's between you and me.

Iris: Oh, we've got more than a problem, sweetie.

Amanda: Iris, anybody could have opened up those accounts and put Evan's name on them.

Iris: And anyone could have knocked him on the head.

Amanda: Yes, that's right.

Iris: Look, are you blind?

Amanda: No, I'm loyal, just the same as you are to Lucas.

Iris: Lucas is my fiancÚ. He's the man I'm in love--

Evan: Iris, that's enough.

Iris: ...With. You know, I never really believed all those rumors. It seems that was a very costly error in judgment.

Josie: Mama.

Sharlene: Josie, hi.

Josie: Hi. What are you doing here?

Sharlene: Oh, John and I are going to lunch. He wanted to take me out to a fancy place for lunch.

Josie: Oh, that's nice.

Sharlene: Yeah, are you coming or going?

Josie: Going, I guess. I, um, just had lunch with Olivia.

Sharlene: Ooh, you don't look too happy about that.

Olivia: You ready to go? Hello, Mrs. Hudson. It's nice to see you.

Sharlene: Yeah, thanks.

Josie: Where were you?

Olivia: I was leaving a message for Mrs. Wheeler.

Sharlene: Oh, gee, what were you doing speaking to Mrs. Wheeler?

Olivia: She asked me to do some modeling for her. Just a one-shot thing.

Sharlene: Oh, isn't that nice you could fit that into your schedule. That's good.

Olivia: Well, you know, it's time for me to go, and I have a rehearsal. So, I'll see you later, Josie.

Sharlene: Bye, Olivia.

Olivia: Bye, Mrs. Hudson.

Sharlene: What's the matter?

Josie: The--the way you were with Olivia. You--you stood up for me.

Sharlene: Oh, Jos, come on. That Olivia, I'm onto her. You know, she comes off sweet, but she hadn't been pushed around since she was in a baby carriage.

Josie: She--she thinks I'm too ambitious.

Sharlene: She doesn't understand what it's like to wish you were someone.

Josie: You understand that?

Sharlene: Better than anybody.

Josie: It's just that you never said it.

Sharlene: Josie, listen. If this--this modeling stuff makes you feel special, then you go for it, ok? To heck with Olivia.

Josie: Right, thanks.

Ann: Hello, Franco.

Franco: Ms. Burlingame.

Sharlene: Uh, listen, I got to go freshen up. So, um, you go. I don't want to keep you, ok? I'll see you later.

Josie: Mama?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Josie: I love you.

Sharlene: See ya.

Josie: Ok.

Ann: I'll just be here a few minutes. My party hasn't arrived yet.

Sharlene: Oh, honey, your party is just starting.

Vicky: Let's just do another one of these, shall we?

Bartender: And for you, sir?

Ken: What's she having?

Vicky: Scotch on the rocks.

Ken: How many so far?

Vicky: 3.

Ken: Well, I'll have 3 scotch on the rocks. Just line them up.

Vicky: Why are you doing that?

Ken: To attempt to prove to you that I'm not one of those people who judges every move you make.

Vicky: Are you Rachel's new boyfriend?

Ken: No.

Vicky: Oh.

Ken: Why?

Vicky: Oh, I was hoping you could talk to her for me. I didn't seem to do a very good job earlier.

Ken: Did you steal money from Cory Publishing?

Vicky: [Chuckles] Can we have those drinks? Great. I'll just borrow--thank you.

Ken: Cheers.

Vicky: Mud in your face.

Ken: Did you?

Vicky: What?

Ken: Take the money.

Vicky: Do I look like someone who would steal a million dollars?

Ken: You look like someone who would do pretty much whatever she sets her mind to. I find that admirable.

Vicky: Thank you. But I didn't take it. They're just trying to pin it on me because I said I was going to take over the company. What's the matter?

Ken: You were going to take over one of the biggest publishing houses in the country?

Vicky: Yes, but I got bored with the idea after they fired me. Besides, I don't need the money. I'm loaded.

Ken: Have you always had money?

Vicky: Are you kidding? Actually, I think that's why Rachel and I get along.

Ken: Explain that, please.

Vicky: She didn't have two dimes to rub together before she met Mac Cory. She knows what it's like to be poor and desperate.

Ken: I heard you say back at the house that she's no saint.

Vicky: That's a mild way of putting it. Do you know she tried to pass off Jamie as Russ Matthews' son? Tried to pass off Jamie--no, her son, Matt, as Mac Cory's son? But then he found out, of course. You know, she's--she's been around the block, but she is cool, you know?

Ken: Yeah, I know.

Vicky: Unlike the rest of them, the rest of them are a real pain. Jamie can be ok once in a while.

Rachel: Vicky, are you all right?

Ken: Rachel.

Vicky: If you'll excuse me.

Rachel: Is she all right?

Ken: I think so. Want a scotch on the rocks?

Rachel: No, thank you.

Ken: You followed me.

Rachel: I was worried about Vicky.

Ken: Ah.

Rachel: Also, I didn't feel sure I'd see you again unless I did.

Ken: Would that bother you?

Rachel: Yes, it would. Although, I'm not sure I understand why.

Jamie: Sam.

Sam: Hey, Jamie, you're back.

Jamie: Yeah, we got back around noon.

Sam: I hope everything went ok.

Jamie: I guess it did. You got a minute?

Sam: Sure, what's up?

Jamie: I've been a little concerned about you and Amanda.

Sam: Why?

Jamie: Evan Bates.

Sam: Has Amanda talked to you?

Jamie: No, but, uh, I don't trust Evan.

Sam: He's your cousin.

Jamie: I don't care, Sam. And I don't think you should trust him either.

Sam: I wouldn't worry about that. I think I've got that situation under control.

Jamie: I hope so. I just wish I could keep him away from Vicky.

Sam: You still care about Vicky?

Jamie: I always will.

Sam: Do you love her?

Jamie: No, I don't.

Sam: Then I wouldn't worry. Evan only likes taking things that belong to someone else.

[Telephone rings]

Jamie: Cory residence.

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: Vicky?

Vicky: Is Steven all right?

Jamie: He's fine.

Vicky: Oh, good. Jamie?

Jamie: Vicky, are you drunk?

Vicky: Yes. I'm sorry I was such a jerk earlier.

Jamie: I'd never turn on you, Vicky. Don't you know that yet?

Vicky: Jamie, I don't care what other people think of me. But you're--you're different.

Jamie: It's ok, I understand.

Vicky: You do? I hope so, because that's why I was so mad earlier.

Jamie: What do you mean?

Vicky: I was scared. I--don't tell anyone, ok?

Jamie: What were you scared of?

Vicky: How much I would hurt if you just put me out of your life.

Jamie: Vicky.

Vicky: Jamie, you're still a very big part of my life. You feel the same way, don't you?

Bartender: What'll it be?

Sharlene: Know how to make a fuzzy navel?

Bartender: Peach schnapps and orange juice?

Sharlene: Very good. I always get funny looks when I order that drink.

Ann: Excuse me?

Sharlene: I said, I--hey, don't I know you?

Ken: Captivity changes everything. Time is something you measure by how hungry you are... and when was the last time you were questioned... if it's your turn again. Space is something that you live for...you fight for. Sometimes there were as many as 15 men in a single 8 by 8 cell. There was no day, no night, just a window that looked out onto a dark corridor. A single 60-watt light bulb that never went out, hanging from the ceiling. And it was never quiet because most of the time there was screaming.

Rachel: How do you live with a memory like that?

Ken: By keeping it where it belongs, which is in the past.

Rachel: Are you sure that's the best way?

Ken: Oh, I know what you want. You want me to dredge it up and examine it and come to terms with it.

Rachel: No, I didn't mean that.

Ken: Well, that's what might work for you, but not for me. I can't. Now, if you, for whatever reason, keep trying to get me to go over and over it, I will walk away and I won't look back. Yes, I hated Mac back then. But that was then, this is now. I have come to terms with it. I realize it probably wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference if he had come back for me. Except maybe he would have gotten himself arrested, too. That's what you were thinking, wasn't it? Is that what this is all about?

Rachel: If he had been in prison and hadn't survived, I never would have met him. He couldn't save you, Ken, but he saved me.

Ken: From what?

Rachel: From myself, mostly. While you were down there, I was living less than a life. He was turning my life around. He was with me. So if you feel you have to resent someone, maybe the person to resent is me.

Maybe that's how I figure in all of this.

Ken: Maybe I did hate you without even realizing it. But it doesn't matter now.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Ken: Yes. Look, that night, I was following you.

Rachel: The night of the car accident?

Ken: Yes. I saw that car veer towards you, and I heard this voice screaming, "no, no, not her, too!" I was somewhat surprised to realize that the voice was mine. I ran over to you, I held you in my arms, and you were so still. But then I realized you were breathing, and I thought maybe you're gonna make it after all. And I told myself then, "if she makes it, then, by God, this thing is over." She will get on with her life, and I have to do the same thing.

Rachel: So that was what the card was at Christmas? About new beginnings--that was for both of us.

Ken: Yes, I guess it was.

Rachel: Mac has been the center of both of our lives in very different ways.

Ken: He has been that. I don't think he's ever been a minor influence in the life of anyone he knew.

Rachel: Maybe that's what he meant. Maybe he knew. Of all the people who would understand my rage and pain at his death, it would be you.

Sharlene: No, I know--I know where I saw your face.

Ann: Excuse me, could you please check with the maitre d' and see if I've had a phone call? The people that I'm meeting are very late.

Bartender: Sure.

Sharlene: It was in the newspaper. That's it. That's exactly where--that's where I saw you. You are going to marry that congressman, aren't you?

Ann: Please excuse me.

Sharlene: You're a lucky lady.

Ann: I beg your pardon?

Sharlene: Well, a man like that, he could have any woman he wanted. Now, the one he plans to settle down with, she's got to be real special.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Grant: For what?

Sharlene: For the best thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life.

Grant: You know what? It's my great, great pleasure.

Sharlene: Does it have to end?

Grant: I just want you to remember this trip for a long, long time.

Sharlene: Are you kidding? I'm never going to forget this--I'm never...

John: Hi.

Grant: Finally.

John: What did you want to show me?

Grant: This. There is an article here that-- about experimental treatments that have not yet been approved by the D.T.A.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I read this.

Grant: Do you think there's anything in there that could possibly help me?

John: It's a moot point, Grant. The stuff isn't available until the D.T.A. approves it.

Grant: Yeah, but, I mean, if it could possibly save my life, that's--that's not a problem.

John: What are you talking about?

Grant: Alternatives. I mean, if that's true, then I've got the contacts, and you've got the know-how.

John: What you're talking about could cost me my career.

Grant: It could also save my life.

[Phone buzzes]

Evan: Yes, Wendy? Yes, Evan, put him through. Yeah, lieutenant, I've been expecting your call. No, I don't have any objection to answering questions. I would just like a lawyer present. Yes. Thank you.

Amanda: Well, who was that?

Evan: I was just calling my house, getting my messages.

Amanda: I just checked with the bank.

Evan: And?

Amanda: It seems somebody is setting you up.

Evan: So, what are you going to do?

Amanda: I'm going to try and stop this.

Sam: No, I really don't care where it goes. Just book me on the next flight out of Bay City. Yeah, the name's Fowler. Great.

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