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Another World Transcript Thursday 3/16/06

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Sharlene: 77, 76.

Taylor: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: How do you feel?

Sharlene: Not bad, actually.

Taylor: Now remember what I told you. You are perfectly safe here. Nothing has changed. Were going to take this slowly and talk about those things that you feel comfortable talking about. Is that all right with you?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: Ok, we're going to start with something easy. What's your name?

Ken: Find anything?

Paulina: [Gasps] You frightened me.

Ken: I thought I might.

Paulina: Why didn't you tell me you were there?

Ken: Oh, I thought I might get lucky and see your reaction when you found whatever it is you're looking for. I guess I spoke up too soon.

Paulina: What do you want?

Ken: Isn't that supposed to be my question? You were here before, too. You didn't find what you were looking for, huh?

Paulina: I don't have to answer to you.

Ken: That's true. But since I'm the one that found you going through the Corys' desk, why don't you let me in on your secret? And after all, if anybody else had seen you doing what you're doing, you'd be waiting tables in a flash, wouldn't you?

Rachel: What's going on here?

Jamie: Amanda, I've been where you are, and I know how much it hurts.

Amanda: When I look back at what a mess my marriage has become, I can't believe it. Never, never in my worst nightmare would I have ever thought this could happen to me and Sam.

Jamie: Look, why don't you come back to the house with me where we can talk.

Amanda: No, I really want to be alone.

Jamie: Is Evan the only person you can talk to?

Amanda: Jamie.

[Knocking on door]

Amanda: Who would this be? Olivia.

Olivia: Is Sam here?

Amanda: No, he's not.

Olivia: Do you know where he is?

Amanda: You saw him earlier. Maybe you would have some idea.

Olivia: Something is terribly wrong with Sam. Or haven't you noticed?

Jamie: My husband's state of mind is none of your business.

Olivia: It is now. Where is he?

Evan: Ooh!

Ken: Paulina and I were just getting to know each other a little better.

Paulina: I thought you and Mrs. Wheeler had gone out, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Where is Steven?

Paulina: Down for his nap. I was thinking of getting some sun on the terrace. Unless, of course, you want me to do something.

Rachel: No, that's fine. Just check on the children in a half an hour.

Paulina: I will, of course.

Ken: What's on your mind?

Rachel: Oh, I was just wondering what you could possibly have to talk about with the hired help.

Ken: Steven's governess is a very interesting young woman. I don't really care whether she is help or visiting royalty, frankly. So, you work your financial problems out?

Rachel: Nothing we can't handle.

Ken: Good.

Iris: Yes, you were a great help, Rachel. Thank you. I'll call you if I need anything else.

Rachel: Wait a minute, Ken. I have some things I have to go over with you.

Ken: Rachel, does this mean you're not going to come back to the Odyssey with me?

Rachel: I told you I would make that decision when I made the decision. In the meantime, I'm staying here in Bay City.

Iris: Excuse me. I wonder if I could talk to you alone.

Ken: Sure. I need to make a phone call, anyway. Can I borrow your phone? I'll charge it to the shop.

Rachel: Fine. What is it?

Iris: Rachel, you can't possibly think of coming back to Cory.

Rachel: I'm not thinking of coming back to Cory. I'm going to stay here in Bay City until we find out who's embezzling from us. You were the one who wanted my help.

Iris: Yes, thank you and I appreciate it. But you have more important things to do here now.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Iris: That man--that man knew my father.

Rachel: Yes, Iris, that's what he says.

Iris: Well, you can't just simply let him leave like that.

Rachel: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to have him followed?

Iris: No, but I was thinking maybe you could go back to the shop, to that little room above it.

Rachel: Why, Iris?

Iris: For goodness sake, you're the only one who can find out what he's hiding.

Rachel: He swears to me he's told me all there is to tell.

Iris: Oh, and you believe it.

Rachel: I don't know what to believe anymore.

Iris: Well, isn't that all the more reason why you should stick around to find out if he is telling the whole truth.

Rachel: What if there isn't any whole truth, Iris?

Iris: What if there is? What if there is? And he has some secret that's very important to you or to me or anyone in the family.

Rachel: If I go on following him, it's going to get really complicated.

Iris: Why is that?

Rachel: I don't think I want to explain that to you.

Iris: Oh, Rachel, for goodness sake. You're the only one who can find out what Ken Jordan knows. You owe it to everybody to keep trying. And most of all you owe it to Daddy.

Amanda: I told you Sam is not here.

Olivia: Obviously. Where did he go?

Jamie: Excuse me, I don't believe this is any of your concern, Olivia.

Olivia: I don't mean to be impolite, Jamie.

Amanda: Of course not.

Olivia: But Sam was very evasive when I was here earlier, and I had to come back and make sure he was all right.

Jamie: Olivia, Amanda just explained to you that Sam is not here.

Olivia: I'll just wait until Sam comes home.

Jamie: Now wait just a--

Amanda: It's all right, it's all right.

Jamie: This is ridiculous. What's--

Amanda: I want to talk to her. It's ok, you can go.

Jamie: I'm worried about you.

Amanda: It's ok. I'll be fine. Kiss Alli for me, ok?

Jamie: Of course. You be careful.

Amanda: I'm fine. I'm glad you came back. This will give us a chance to talk.

Olivia: I'm not here to speak to you, Amanda. I'm here to see--

Amanda: My husband. That's what he is. Maybe you're not fully conscious of that fact.

Olivia: Oh, I'm conscious of it. You're the one who's waltzing around acting like bachelorette number 3.

Amanda: Now, you wait a minute.

Olivia: It's true. I spend more time with Sam than you do.

Amanda: That's not true.

Olivia: You have a man who loves you, who wants to be with you every waking second of the day, and all you do is turn him away and ignore his devotion.

Amanda: Just who do you think you are?

Olivia: Sam's friend, which is a whole lot more than I can say for you. You loved him once, I know you did. How can you stand back and watch him come apart at the seams? Doesn't--doesn't your past with him mean anything to you at all?

Amanda: You have no idea what you are talking about.

Olivia: It breaks my heart to look at him. He is being torn apart by what you've done to him. And you are so--so selfish and unfeeling, that you can't even see what's right in front of your eyes.

Amanda: [Grunts]

Olivia: The only thing that's ever been a problem in your marriage, Amanda, is you. And the way you feel about Evan Bates.

[Evan moans]

[Evan grunts]

Grant: Yeah, I was calling Sharly. No? Ok. No, no, no. Uh--just--no, no message. Well, doc, did you come to take a little more blood out of this arm? I'm sorry, but there is none, none left.

John: Got a message you wanted to see me.

Grant: Yeah. The tests. Have you--have you seen them?

John: No, they're not back yet. When I have something to tell you, I will.

Grant: Hmm. Well, I have something that I want to tell you.

John: Why do you look like I'm not gonna like what you have to say?

Grant: Because I'm pretty sure that you're not going to, that's why.

John: Ok. Shoot.

Grant: I want to get away from here for a few days.

John: When?

Grant: Just as soon as I can arrange it.

John: For how long?

Grant: A day. A day or two.

John: Or one night?

Grant: Well, that'll be a little bit difficult. However, if I could get a helicopter to take me over to O'Hare and I could just catch a connecting...

John: Wait a minute. To O'Hare? Where are you planning on going?

Grant: New York.

John: New York?

Grant: Yeah.

John: No way!

Grant: What do you mean, no way? Why not?

John: Because your treatments are every other day. And I don't trust that you'll be back in time.

Grant: All right, I'm going anyway.

John: Ok.

Grant: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait. What do you mean, ok?

John: Just what I said. Ok, go to New York. While you're there, find yourself another doctor because I'm not going to treat you.

Grant: Now hold it, hold it.

John: No, no, you hold it.

Grant: You're my doctor.

John: We had a deal.

Grant: And I cooperated and you're supposed to see a doctor about your leg. Have you done it?

John: It's on my timetable.

Grant: All right, if I can believe that, can't you believe that I'll be back in one day, if I say I'm going to?

John: One day? 24 hours from the time you leave.

Grant: Oh, why don't you get off that father kick? I've already got one. And he's a pain in the--in the neck.

John: You know what I don't like about this whole thing? You act as though you don't have a health problem.

Grant: Well, I'm starting to arouse suspicion. I have to keep the bloodhounds away from me because they're gonna start learning about this blood disease that I have, and I'll have nothing to return to.

John: Hogwash.

Grant: What do you mean, hogwash?

John: This isn't about politics. And I'll lay odds 2-to-1 it has nothing to do with a girl named Ann, either.

Grant: Look, John, I need this trip. What do you say?

Taylor: Did you hear me? What is your name?

Sharlene: Yes. Frame-Hudson. My name is Sharlene Frame Hudson.

Taylor: Ok. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. I'll be as clear as I can. If anything I say bothers you, please tell me because we can find another way to continue. Is that all right?

Sharlene: That's all right.

Taylor: What is today's date?

Sharlene: April 16.

Taylor: And you know what year it is?

Sharlene: 1990.

Taylor: And do you know what you had for dinner last night?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Are you sure?

Sharlene: I never remember what I had the night before. It's true.

Taylor: Well, you're very--very relaxed, Sharlene. That's wonderful. It will make it easier for us to talk freely. Now do you remember what we talked about before undergoing hypnosis?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: We were talking about a time in your life, many years ago, right after Floyd was killed in Vietnam.

Sharlene: Floyd, he was my husband.

Taylor: Yes, I know.

Sharlene: We were very young. He was all I knew.

Taylor: Tell me more about that time, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Floyd and I didn't have anything, but it didn't matter. I didn't want anything else then. And Floyd went into the service. I got an allotment check every month. And I didn't know what to do with it 'cause I didn't know how to pay a bill. I didn't know how to keep a budget. I didn't...but it wasn't long before I dug myself into a hole I couldn't get out of. Didn't matter, though, because I knew that Floyd would come back. My Floyd would come back to me and make everything right again, just like he always did.

Taylor: And then you found out that Floyd had died.

Sharlene: He didn't die, he was killed.

Taylor: And how did you feel?

Sharlene: I used to cry myself to sleep every night, thinking about how alone he was when he...

Taylor: So were you.

Sharlene: Not for long.

Taylor: Tell me what happened.

Sharlene: I don't like to talk about it very much.

Taylor: I know, but maybe if you did, the memories wouldn't be so painful.

Sharlene: I was broke. I couldn't go home. I wanted Floyd back so much. So, I found a way to make money. And if I closed my eyes, sometimes, only sometimes, I could hold him in my arms again.

Taylor: Were you with a lot of men?

Sharlene: Oh, yes.

Taylor: And they paid you?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: And you didn't like what you were doing?

Sharlene: It made me sick, literally, it made me sick. I would have stomach cramps and I would have skin rashes, all kinds of things. But it kept me fed, kept a roof over my head and I didn't have to sleep alone anymore. So, no matter how hard it was to go back, go back and smile at the next one, I did it. I always found a way.

Taylor: What do you mean?

Sharlene: I don't know how else to say it. I always found a way.

Taylor: What was it, Sharlene? What was this thing that enabled you to do something that repulsed you?

Taylor: That's fine, Sharlene.

Sharlene: It's...

Taylor: Why don't you tell me about some of the other feelings you had at this time?

Sharlene: Confused--I was confused and I was ashamed, especially after I married Russ.

Taylor: Russ?

Sharlene: Russ was my second husband. See, I--I never told him what I was, so I always felt like I was a whore. And eventually he found out and that was the end of that.

Taylor: It must have been another terrible time.

Sharlene: It was.

Taylor: Did you turn to men again?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Why not?

Sharlene: Josie was on the way.

Taylor: Your daughter?

Sharlene: Oh, when I got pregnant, all my life was such a mess, but it didn't matter because--because I had that baby growing inside me. And I was scared to raise her alone, but when I saw her face, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Taylor: So, your daughter helped to end your confusion.

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: Did you ever feel that confusion again?

Sharlene: Yes.

Taylor: Can you tell me about that time? You can be very specific.

Sharlene: I can be very specific. It was the night before I married John.

Amanda: This is my loft and I want you out of here.

Olivia: Maybe you should have a taste of what it's like not to get your own way every time you bat your eyelashes.

Amanda: Why are you so vindictive against me? What did I ever do to you?

Olivia: It is not me. I'm concerned about Sam. Because I think you've broken his heart. I have never seen anybody so oblivious to the pain she's causing.

Amanda: Oh, come off it. You love seeing Sam unhappy. It gives you a chance to waltz around and be comforting.

Olivia: Then you do admit that he's unhappy?

Amanda: I admit that I think you have something to gain by keeping my marriage in trouble.

Olivia: No, I don't. Because unlike you, I know how much Sam loves you. I don't know if he could ever love anybody that way again because of the way you've hurt him.

Amanda: It's time for you to leave.

Olivia: If you would admit to him that it's over, and tell him the truth for once in your life, maybe, just maybe he could put the pieces of his life back together again. Don't let Sam waste away because of your pride.

Olivia: Sam.

Amanda: I'm glad you're back. That's why I stayed.

Sam: I thought you'd gone.

Olivia: I came back to make sure that you were all right.

Amanda: He's fine. You can leave now.

Olivia: If you need to talk...

Sam: I know--I know where to find you.

Amanda: Where have you been?

Sam: Running some errands.

[Phone rings] Get that, would you? I'm not here.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello? Yes, this is she. What? No, no, really, that's fine. I'm glad you tracked me down. Of course, I'll be right there. Thank you. Somebody broke into my office. It's been trashed.

Jamie: Hi.

Paulina: Dr. Frame.

Jamie: Feels great, doesn't it?

Paulina: What?

Jamie: The sun. Feels almost strong enough to get a tan.

Paulina: Steven is sleeping and I just thought that I ...

Jamie: Relax, ok. I--I know it's Steven's nap time. And you are allowed to get some fresh air.

Paulina: Thanks. So, what were you doing out there?

Jamie: I just--I took a walk around the grounds. I noticed how beautiful the forsythia are.

Paulina: My mother always used to say spring wasn't official until the forsythia was like a blanket of sunlight on the grass.

Jamie: You miss your Mom, don't you?

Paulina: She was an important part of my life for a long time. I'm just not used to being away from her so much.

Jamie: How's Alli doing?

Paulina: Great. Your grandmother was baking a cake, so I took her in to watch. They were having such a good time together, so I left.

Jamie: Alli loves grandma very much.

Paulina: Well, I can certainly see why.

Jamie: Your mother would be very proud of you.

Paulina: What? Why would you say that?

Jamie: You're a nurturing person. Does that sound corny?

Paulina: No.

Jamie: Steven's life, well, it's not the greatest way to bring up a kid. But I never feel anxious about leaving him here anymore because I know that you're looking after him.

Paulina: Thank you, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: I thought you were going to call me Jamie.

Paulina: Oh, sorry, right. Jamie.

Iris: That was one of the security guards. I have to get straight back to the office.

Rachel: What happened?

Ken: Excuse me. Thanks for the use of the phone. I got to get going.

Rachel: Just a minute. What happened?

Iris: Well, I'm not sure yet. If I need to involve you, I will. Oh, lovely to see you again, Mr. Jordan. I'm sorry I was a little bit abrupt earlier, but I'm sure Rachel will explain everything.

Rachel: Iris.

Ken: Will you?

Rachel: Never in a million years.

Ken: Ah. Well?

Rachel: Well, I have another question to ask you.

Ken: All right.

Rachel: When your plane went down in Central America, just where was that?

Ken: You just can't let this go, can you?

Rachel: No, I can't. Where was it?

Ken: It's not going to mean anything to you.

Rachel: There's a globe right over here. Why don't you just point it to me?

Ken: A very remote area.

Rachel: That's where the Red Swan tavern was?

Ken: Yes, just outside a very small village called San Pedro. Satisfied?

Rachel: No, not quite.

Ken: Rachel, what can I do to convince you there is nothing else to know?

Rachel: It's inconceivable to me that my husband would have kept this whole chapter of his life from me.

Ken: Everybody has secrets, even Mac.

Rachel: What were those secrets?

Ken: They were his secrets, not mine. I don't know why he chose not to share them with you. I couldn't even venture a guess.

Rachel: I thought you were someone who thrived on solving mysteries of the past.

Ken: Not personal pasts. No, no. I tried very hard to leave mine behind. Besides, I'm becoming quite enamored of the present. It's a nice change of pace, don't you think?

Sam: Is anything missing?

Amanda: Uh, I don't know. I don't think we should touch anything until the Police dust for fingerprints.

Sam: And when's that going to be done?

Amanda: I don't know. Look, if you want, you can go home. It's ok. I'm fine here.

Sam: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yeah. Alli hasn't seen either one of us today, so...

Sam: Amanda, I'm really sorry this happened.

Amanda: Evan.

John: Ah, the model patient.

Grant: Well, now, don't ever let it be said that I don't follow doctor's orders.

John: Is this supposed to make up for all the aggravation you caused us around here?

Grant: And if it weren't such a secret that I'm in here, I would call all the local newspapers and gather all of the sweet doctors and nurses and have a great fun group put together. Don't you think that would be nice?

John: We'd all have to be sedated first.

Grant: [Chuckles] We would? Hmm, how about the trip?

John: I've made up my mind.

Grant: Yeah?

John: You can go as long as you're back in 24 hours and you don't overdo it.

Grant: You got it.

John: And if you run into any problems, you call this doctor at New York hospital. I briefed him on your case. He can keep his mouth shut. Agreed?

Grant: Agreed. Uh, don't say anything to Ted about this, will you?

John: I try not to talk to Ted.

Grant: And also there is Ann.

John: Look, don't you think that you should level with your fiancée and let her know that there's another woman?

Grant: Look, doc, I don't think I need another social worker, if you don't mind.

John: You're absolutely right. It's none of my business.

Grant: You know something? You seem a little preoccupied these days.

John: Do I? Yeah, my wife is having some tests done here. I'm a little worried about her.

Grant: Oh yeah? Well, that explains it, I guess. I'm sure she'll be all right.

John: Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Sharlene: I had a terrible fight with Josie.

Taylor: Why?

Sharlene: It was my rehearsal-- my wedding rehearsal--and she was my maid of honor. She was running off as usual because Lucas asked her to.

Taylor: Who's Lucas?

Sharlene: Her boss, who gets her modeling jobs.

Taylor: You don't like him?

Sharlene: He was one of my regulars.

Taylor: Does Josie know this?

Sharlene: No, she can never know.

Taylor: Tell me about the fight.

Sharlene: I took off after her. And I didn't tell anybody where I went.

Taylor: Did you find Josie?

Sharlene: Yes, I found her. I found her at some stupid photo shoot with Lucas, all alone. I got there and--and--and she...

Taylor: Sharlene.

Sharlene: She--she...

Taylor: Are you ok? Relax.

Sharlene: [Moans]

Sharlene: I'm very relaxed.

Taylor: Fine. So, you never went to the rehearsal dinner?

Sharlene: What?

Taylor: After you spoke with Josie?

Sharlene: Oh...oh, that. Uh, no, I went straight home after that.

Taylor: That's all you remember?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Taylor: It's all right. You have some sort of block about that night. We'll talk about it some other time. I'm going to bring you out of hypnosis now. I'm going to count backwards from 3. And when I finish, you'll feel awake and refreshed. 3... two... one. How do you feel?

Sharlene: Great. Mind if I smoke?

Sam: Come on in.

Olivia: Where's Amanda?

Sam: Somebody trashed her office. So, I went with her.

Olivia: How's your hand?

Sam: What's the point, Olivia?

Olivia: I hate to see you this way.

Sam: I'm a big boy.

Olivia: Why do men do that? Women will go running to each other for help if they have a hang nail. But men--a man will die alone to prove a point.

Sam: I'm not dying, ok?

Olivia: What about what you said to me? That dying for love is sometimes the only way out.

Sam: Ok, it was a figure of speech.

Olivia: Not your speech, that's for sure.

Sam: Olivia, things are going to be fine, ok?

Olivia: How do you know that after everything that you've been through?

Sam: We'll work it out, all right?

Olivia: I just thought that... I thought things were different.

Sam: They're not. This is the way things are.

Olivia: Good-bye, Sam.

Sharlene: So you want to see me again?

Taylor: Well, we made some good progress today. We can go the next step at the next session.

Sharlene: And what is the next step?

Taylor: Well, it's more of the same. We try and get more details about your past.

Sharlene: Ok, now is that absolutely necessary?

Taylor: I think it could be very important, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Yeah, ok, ok. You're right, you're right, whatever you say. We'll go with that.

Taylor: How about next Tuesday?

Sharlene: You know, I left my date book at home. So, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll go home and I will call you and we'll set something up, ok?

Taylor: Well, you can call my service anytime. Let me give you a card. Be right back. We're on our way, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Yeah. On our way, my... asking too many questions... her and her buddy John. Boy, what a pair.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: How are you?

Sharlene: Great. Really great.

John: Good.

Sharlene: Yeah, Dr. Benson says that I'm--I'm fine. I check out and there's no problem.

John: Really?

Sharlene: Yeah, well. She said I'm going to be fine.

John: Why, I could have told you that.

Sharlene: Yes, so you see. Right. Don't--so there's nothing to worry about.

John: Yeah. Come on, I'll drive you home.

Sharlene: No, I tell you what. I've got to go by the drycleaners to pick up some stuff for work. So, I'll just meet you at home. How about that?

John: Sharlene, I think you ought to call in sick tonight.

Sharlene: No way.

John: Come on. Al will understand.

Sharlene: Now, listen, I'm perfectly healthy. What--you know, would you call in sick if you were perfectly healthy? No. So, I'll be fine. I'll see you. Bye.

Jamie: This has really been nice.

Paulina: What's that?

Jamie: Just sitting here with you. Doing absolutely nothing.

Paulina: Oh, well, I'm a firm believer in the powers of doing absolutely nothing. It restores the soul.

Jamie: I think you may be right.

Paulina: Some people call it meditation. I call it being a vegetable. It's my favorite part of the day, when I can squeeze it in.

Jamie: I would love to write to your parents.

Paulina: What? Why?

Jamie: Well, you're obviously so close to them. And they must be wondering about this--this nutty family you've hooked up with. I would love to drop them a note and just tell them how great it's been having you working here.

Paulina: That's awfully nice, Jamie. Thank you.

Jamie: You're welcome. I think my napping time is over.

Paulina: Yeah, right, mine, too.

Jamie: You stay here. I'll check on Steven. Enjoy the sunset, ok?

Paulina: Ok.

Jamie: I meant what I said, Paulina. I'm really glad that we found you. You're the best thing to happen to this house in a long, long time.

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: I'm going away for a few days.

Jamie: Are you going back to the Odyssey?

Rachel: I'm going to Central America.

Jamie: I see.

Rachel: Ken told me where his plane went down. I want to go there.

Jamie: Fine.

Rachel: Excuse me, did you just say "fine"?

Jamie: Yes.

Rachel: You're not going to yell at me like everybody else would?

Jamie: Mom, I have total faith in your judgment. And I know that you're not going to rest until you look into this whole matter.

Rachel: Who are you and what have you done with my son?

Jamie: When are you leaving?

Rachel: Tomorrow.

Jamie: I always wanted to see Central America.

Rachel: Oh no, you don't.

Jamie: You don't actually think I'd let you go alone, do you?

Rachel: You can't go. You have responsibilities here.

Jamie: I'll clear my schedule at the hospital and I'll have Vicky check on Steven, ok? We'll go at dawn.

Rachel: That's terrific.

Jamie: We'll take the company jet?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: How's your Spanish?

Rachel: Better than yours.

Jamie: Then we're all set.

Rachel: Thanks.

[Knocking on door]

Evan: Amanda. Hey, how did it go with Sam?

Amanda: Forget about that. I want some answers from you.

Evan: Some answers about what?

Amanda: Were you the one stealing from Cory Publishing?

Evan: What did you just say to me?

Amanda: You heard me. And I want an honest answer.

Evan: Honest answer about what?

Amanda: Someone broke into my office. Someone was at the computer and that someone is stealing money from the company. That someone trashed my office.

Evan: Well, what do you want me to say?

Amanda: I want to know why you were there.

Evan: What makes you to think that I was there? Where did you get that?

Amanda: I found it in my office. Seems you weren't very careful, Evan. Thought thieves were supposed to be better at that sort of thing.

Evan: Hold on a second. I can explain to you what happened.

Amanda: Well, talk to me. Come on.

Evan: All right, I'm gonna tell you the truth. But I don't think you're going to like it.

Taylor: John.

John: Hi.

Taylor: Were you able to talk to Sharlene before she left?

John: Briefly, yes.

Taylor: It was a good beginning, I thought.

John: She told me you said she was fine.

Taylor: I'm sorry?

John: You didn't say anything like that, did you?

Taylor: Oh, not remotely like that.

John: Did she agree to see you again?

Taylor: She said she would call me for an appointment. I think she's still a little--little uncomfortable about the whole thing. But she'll relax more as the sessions go on.

John: I don't think she wants to come back, Taylor.

Taylor: Look, she was very responsive for much of the session. It was only at the very end she seemed to close up.

John: When she left here just now, I got the impression that she felt as though she'd just been through something, completed it, it was over and done with. I got the feeling that she didn't want to go through it again.

Taylor: That's a common reaction in therapy.

John: Oh yeah, I know.

Taylor: Look, we scratched the surface in this session. She--she's holding back a lot of emotions, a lot of memories. I believe we really need to go into these things much more fully.

John: But if Sharlene doesn't think--

Taylor: Look. This is all very new for Sharlene. It's all very new for you. Please, give it some time.

John: Yeah. Ok.

Taylor: Ok.

[Rock music playing]

Hey baby, hey baby I'm gonna pick you up hey baby, hey baby I'm gonna rip it up hey baby, I'll take you all around the world

[Knock on door]

Hey baby, I'll make you

[Knock on door]

Such a crazy girl you should know you're my one desire

[Knock on door]

I'll never let go I can see that your heart's on fire...

Sharlene: What do you want?

Grant: I'm sorry.

Sharlene: It's too late. Too late.

Grant: Look I couldn't help it.

[Music stops]

Sharlene: I waited all night for you to call me.

Grant: Haven't we had this conversation before?

Sharlene: Yeah. And you gave me hell when I did it. And now it's my turn. I have a date with myself tonight. I can't break it.

Grant: Now, listen to me. Listen to me, Sharly.

Sharlene: Nothing you could say could change my mind.

Grant: Paris.

Sharlene: Paris, what?

Grant: Paris, France.

Grant: Look.

Sharlene: What is this?

Grant: It's the itinerary.

Grant: It's going to take a little finagling on my part to keep you--to arrange things to keep your mind occupied in the meantime, but...

Sharlene: But what?

Grant: Like a French restaurant in New York.

Sharlene: You serious?

Grant: Yes, completely serious.

Sharlene: When?

Grant: Is tomorrow too soon?

Sharlene: Tomorrow?

Grant: Yes, I will take you to Paris. I want to see Paris with you for the first time, through your eyes like you've never seen it before. And I--I want to see it as though I have never seen it before. And I--I--I--there's so many things I want to do with you, Sharly. And New York is only just the beginning.

Sharlene: I don't know what to say.

Grant: Say you'll go.

Sharlene: I'll go.

Grant: Is tomorrow--

Sharlene: You're taking me to New York City?

Grant: Yes. Is tomorrow too soon?

Sharlene: No, I'll go. I wouldn't miss this for anything.

Evan: Yeah, I was in your office.

Amanda: Why?

Evan: Because I was worried about you. So I went looking for you. And while I was there, somebody hit me over the head. And I was out for a few minutes.

Amanda: Did you go to a doctor?

Evan: No, I didn't go to a doctor.

Amanda: But you have to go to a doctor.

Evan: No, you have to believe me. I'm not the person stealing from Cory. And when I left there, your office wasn't trashed. Now, Amanda, I would never do anything--anything--to hurt you. I love you. You have to believe me. Do you?

Amanda: I believe you. Of course, I believe you.

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