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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/15/06

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Rachel: I didn't expect to see you today.

Ken: I just thought I'd stop by and ask you if you'd given any thought to the possibility of--

Rachel: Paulina.

Paulina: Hi. I was just looking for Steven's frog. It must be upstairs. Sorry to bother you.

Rachel: No bother. I think I must intimidate that girl.

Ken: A shy, retiring type like you? No.

Rachel: Why are you here?

Ken: First of all, I wanted to ask you if you've given any thought to coming back to work at the shop.

Rachel: No.

Ken: No, you haven't thought about it, or no, you're not going to do it?

Rachel: No, I haven't thought about it.

Ken: Ah.

Rachel: Is that all?

Ken: No, actually, there is something else.

Rachel: What?

Ken: Um, I overheard something yesterday that I probably shouldn't have.

Rachel: Here?

Ken: Yeah. Mitch accused you of, um, being in love with me.

Rachel: Well, I can't be responsible for what Mitch thinks. I'm sorry if you came all this way about that. It's--

Ken: No, I came to apologize.

Rachel: Accepted.

Ken: Don't you want to know what I want to apologize for?

Rachel: I can think of a million reasons why you ought to apologize to me.

Ken: I apologize if I've made things awkward for you.

Rachel: Fine.

Ken: What?

Rachel: Now what are you up to?

Evan: Good morning, sunshine. Hi.

Amanda: Morning? What time is it?

Evan: The time at the tone is 8:32 a.m.

Amanda: Oh, no. Oh, no, I don't believe I did this.

Evan: Wait a--nothing happened. I just thought you'd be more comfortable with--

Amanda: Where are my clothes?

Evan: They are all over there. Listen, do you want some coffee or something?

Amanda: No, I don't have time.

Evan: Amanda, I was holding you last night, next thing I know--bam, lights out.

Amanda: Oh, nobody is going to know where I am. Alli is going to be--she's not going to understand. Why didn't you wake me up?

Evan: I tried to wake you up, but you were out. I mean, I didn't take it personally.

Amanda: Well, I haven't been sleeping very well lately.

Evan: Well, lying next to Sam, I see why.

Amanda: And what am I going to tell him? How am I going to explain this?

Evan: Just tell him you were afraid to talk to him, so you came here.

Amanda: Oh, I've got to go.

Evan: Amanda, wait.

Amanda: What?

Evan: I want you to tell me one thing.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Are you going to leave Sam and come to me?

[Sharlene sighs]

John: Sharlene, take it easy. Dr. Benson is very easy to talk to.

Sharlene: What's she going to do to me?

John: She's not going to do anything to you. She's just going to talk. Just try to relax, ok?

Sharlene: Sure, sure.

John: I'm very proud of you.

Sharlene: I can do anything if I have to.

John: I know. I've got to run.

Sharlene: Ok. See you.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Jerk.

Sam: John, it's good to see you.

John: Hello, Sam.

[Sam groans]

John: What happened? You got to take care of that hand.

Sam: Yeah, it'll be fine. Listen, I'm looking for your wife. Have you seen her?

John: Why?

Sam: Well, Rachel is looking for Evan and she didn't have any luck trying to find him, and I said that I would look for him, but I haven't had any luck, either.

John: Well, I think I know where Evan is.

Sam: Yeah?

John: I spoke with Sharlene earlier and she had given Evan the keys to my boat, so I assume he's hanging out there.

Sam: Great. Listen, I'm glad I ran into you. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise, so, thanks.

John: Sure, any time. You take care of that hand, all right?

Sam: Yeah, I sure will, yeah.

Sharlene: You see, doctor, I have this thing. It's canning. Peaches, plums, even guava. You name it, I've canned it. It's--it's like a compulsion. It's--I can't stop myself. Can you help me, doctor? Can you?


Sharlene: Oh, this is going to be fun.

Sharlene: I don't know why I should do all the dirty work. Why don't you handle things for a while? You know, you won't know what the hell that shrink is talking about. But don't worry about it. I'll come in for the good part. Ok.

John: Sharlene? I ran into Dr. Benson in the hall. Dr. Benson, this is my wife Sharlene.

Sharlene: How do you do? You must be Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Right. I'm very glad to meet you, Sharlene. Would you like to begin?

Sharlene: Oh, yes, right. Yes, I think the sooner the better.

Ken: "Up to"?

Rachel: Must be something.

Ken: I told you I apologize if I've made things awkward for you.

Rachel: I can handle it.

Ken: Well, what Mitch said, it's a lot to handle.

Rachel: Well, you'd have to understand Mitch.

Ken: I'd rather understand you.

Rachel: Mitch has become rather overprotective since Mac died.

Ken: Uh-huh.

Rachel: He tends to overdo it. He kept Mac's note for me. He jumps to conclusions that he shouldn't jump to.

Ken: I have made things awkward for you.

Rachel: I just said you hadn't.

Ken: Then why are you blushing?

Rachel: I'm not.

Ken: Ah. Have it your way. You told him that you had no feelings for me.

Rachel: That's right.

Ken: Is that the truth?

Rachel: Why shouldn't it be?

Ken: Why should you kiss me?

Rachel: You kissed me.

Ken: I thought we agreed that was mutual.

Rachel: I thought we agreed it was the atmosphere.

Ken: Well, how do you feel now?

Rachel: I don't know how I feel. It's very difficult to feel positive feelings for someone who is not being honest.

Ken: I'll be honest--

Rachel: Good.

Ken: ...About how I feel.

Rachel: Oh.

Ken: There have been times in the last couple of months when I have had feelings about you that have been what you might call beyond friendship.

Rachel: Beyond friendship?

Ken: Yes.

Paulina: I wouldn't have said anything except she was crying.

Jamie: No, it's ok. I'm glad you did. Hi, Mom. Ken.

Paulina: Mrs. Cory, I told Jamie that you were in here.

Rachel: Is something wrong?

Jamie: Well, I'm not sure, Mom. I was wondering if you know where Amanda is.

Rachel: Why?

Jamie: Well, Alli has been crying for her, and no one's seen her this morning.

Evan: Amanda, we should be getting up every morning together, not like this.

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: I want you with me.

Amanda: I can't keep doing things like this.

Evan: Look, you came to me. You asked me for help and love and I gave you both.

Amanda: Sam's got a show coming up.

Evan: What does that have to do with anything?

Amanda: It means that if I'm going to ruin his personal life, I'm not going to ruin his professional life, too.

Evan: Well, what do you have to do with all that?

Amanda: I'll pose for the portrait, and then I'll make a decision.

Evan: I thought you had already made your decision.

Amanda: Why, because I spent the night here?

Evan: No, because you can't go and sit with him. You can't be in the same room with him. You walk over there and you tell him the truth and you walk out.

Amanda: No, I can't do that, not yet.

Evan: Why not? What are you going to do, tell him another lie? He knows you were out all night.

Amanda: Maybe.

Evan: Listen, you fell asleep here last night because it felt right to you to be with me. Now, we both know your marriage is over. Sam knows it, too.

Amanda: I can't believe I did this.

Evan: Well, you did. So what? Listen, stay with me all day. We'll take the boat out on the lake. We'll have a great time.

Amanda: No, no.

Evan: Why not?

Amanda: Because I have a child. Besides, I've got to talk to Sam sometime.

Evan: Look, he knows you were out all night. He took--to the portrait. He slashed it. What about if he does something to you?

Amanda: He won't.

Evan: How do you know that?

Amanda: I'll handle it myself, on my own.

Evan: I--I don't believe this.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Nothing has changed, has it? You're going back to Sam, aren't you?

Amanda: Evan, I've faced the facts. I admitted to you that I need you.

Evan: Well, then, prove it to me.

Amanda: Sam is a human being. He's the father of my child.

Evan: So what are you going to do? Are you going to walk over there and tell him another lie? Why don't you let me come with you and we'll tell him together?

Amanda: Because that would just be rubbing his face in the fact that I care for you, and I won't do that to him.

Amanda: I'll try to call you later.

Evan: You'll try? Do more than try. You better call me.

Amanda: Ok.

Evan: Sharon, it's Evan. No, everything is fine. I just called to make sure you're working on the Cory computers. Yeah, I know the whole building is going to be empty. I just want to make sure you made arrangements for someone to let you in. Good. If you have any problems, you call me on my beeper. You know the number? Great. Now, I need this whole deal to go very smooth. My whole future is riding on this. All right, see you later.

John: Have a good session. Got to go and see my patients.

Sharlene: All right. Have a good one.

John: Thanks.

Taylor: Why don't we get started?

Sharlene: Ok, fine. Do you--would you like me to sit here?

Taylor: If you would like, unless you prefer to lie down

Sharlene: Oh, no, no, this is fine.

Sharlene: Are you going to say something?

Taylor: What would you like me to say?

Sharlene: Why I'm here, I guess, that--

Taylor: Maybe you could tell me that.

Sharlene: I'd do anything for John.

Taylor: What do you do for yourself?

Sharlene: Well, no, this is for me, too. I--I feel horrible when things happen that I can't explain. Or when John or Josie-Josie is my daughter. When--when they tell me I've forgotten something.

Taylor: What kind of things do you forget?

Sharlene: All kinds of things.

Taylor: Could you give me an example?

Sharlene: Uh, ok. Josie was having a party for some of her modeling friends and she wanted me to be there and I said I would.

Taylor: But you didn't go?

Sharlene: Right.

Taylor: Do you know why?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Well, how did you find out that you didn't go?

Sharlene: John told me, I guess. I think that's how I found out.

Taylor: When you realized you didn't show up, how did you feel?

Sharlene: Afraid.

Taylor: Afraid of what?

Sharlene: I don't know.

Taylor: Any other feelings?

Sharlene: Guilt. A lot of guilt. Sometimes I just don't think I can handle the guilt.

Taylor: Can you tell me more about that?

Sharlene: You know, really, I feel-Dr.. Benson, I feel stupid talking about any of this.

Taylor: It's ok to feel that way. But I think you know that it's very important to talk to me about these things and that they are not really stupid.

Sharlene: I guess.

Taylor: Do you want to tell me anything more about these feelings of guilt?

Sharlene: Uh... it's like I've done something-- it's like I've done something bad.

Taylor: And do you know what that is?

Sharlene: Sometimes I do and-- and--but even then I don't-I don't know why.

Taylor: Well, can you tell me about any other--something else that you've done?

Sharlene: Well, I charged $1,000 worth of clothes.

Taylor: Maybe you needed them.

Sharlene: No, nobody needs $1,000 worth of clothes, especially me. No, not when money is tight. John's residency doesn't pay that much.

Taylor: Was John angry when he saw the clothes?

Sharlene: Of course he was. He was very angry.

Taylor: And what happened?

Sharlene: I took them back.

Taylor: No, I mean what happened between the time that John saw the clothes and you took them back?

Taylor: Sharlene?

Sharlene: I don't know.

Taylor: Can you make a guess?

Sharlene: Uh, we must have had a fight. We had a fight.

Taylor: But you don't remember?

Sharlene: I--I remember when I saw those clothes, I wanted to die.

Taylor: When you saw the clothes or when John saw the clothes?

Sharlene: What difference does it make?

Taylor: Well, did John's anger make you feel like you wanted to die?

Sharlene: But it's me. Don't you understand? It's me.

Taylor: What's you?

Sharlene: The problem. I--I know why I'm afraid. What if there's something really wrong with me?

Rachel: Is Alli all right?

Jamie: She's fine, Mom. Grandma's got her.

Rachel: I haven't seen Amanda, not since yesterday.

Jamie: She probably just went into the office early.

Rachel: No, no, the office is closed. Maintenance is working on the air-conditioning.

Jamie: She probably thought that she could get more done, I guess. But I'll call over there and make sure everything's ok.

Rachel: All right.

Jamie: Can you help with Alli today?

Paulina: Of course.

Jamie: Great. Bye-bye. Nice to see you, Ken.

Ken: Same here.

Paulina: Jamie.

Jamie: What is it?

Paulina: I didn't want to worry your mother, but I don't think Amanda came home last night.

Jamie: Let's go.

Rachel: I really don't have any more time.

[Doorbell rings]

Ken: Ok, well, you let me know when you've made up your mind about coming back to the shop.

Rachel: Yes, I will.

Ken: And, Rachel, what I was trying to say before--

Rachel: Oh, Ken, please, let's not go into that again.

Ken: Ok.

Rachel: Oh, no.

Ken: What's the matter?

Iris: No, I will not wait.

Rachel: It's Iris.

Iris: Good, I'm glad you're both here.

Rachel: Hello, Iris. What is it?

Iris: Well, for one thing, there's an accounting mess at Cory Publishing.

Rachel: Yes, I know all about that.

Iris: And for another thing, I have just found out that you and this person have been keeping things from me.

Rachel: Who told you that?

Iris: Mitch.

Rachel: Figures.

Iris: Yes, I had to hear from him that you are not just a benign dealer in primitive arts and knives and forks. You also knew my father.

Rachel: What do you want to know?

Iris: Oh, don't worry, I've already been doing some checking of my own.

Rachel: If your information is from--

Iris: And I realize now why you were so anxious to be a little salesgirl.

Ken: She was a lot more than that.

Iris: Oh, I bet. Did you intend to tell me anything?

Rachel: Yes, as soon as I knew something for sure, Iris.

Iris: That man knew my father right before he died. He could hold the key to everything.

Rachel: Iris, I don't think this is a good time--

Iris: I want to know--did my father mention me at all in that last week?

Ken: Actually, yes, he did.

Sam: Hilda. Hi, it's me. Yeah, listen, can I speak to Amanda, please? No kidding. Well, I'm going to have to talk to her boss about her working shorter hours. Listen, could you give her a message for me? Tell her I'm at the loft and I'm waiting for her, all right? Yeah, as soon as possible, but don't worry her, ok?

Iris: Would you please tell me everything?

Rachel: You'll have to excuse me. I have to make a call to the office.

Iris: Don't bother. There's no one there today.

Rachel: I think Amanda is there. Excuse me.

Iris: Look, Mac and I weren't all that close at the end. He had no reason to discuss you in detail with me.

Iris: But you talked about me, and you didn't bother to mention that when I met you.

Ken: He said the two of you were on extremely bad terms, and, in fact, he had told you he wanted nothing more to do with you.

Iris: Well, did he say whether he intended to forgive me?

Ken: He didn't say one way or the other.

Iris: I see.

Ken: I'm sorry. I don't know what more I can say.

Iris: When he mentioned me, did he sound angry?

Ken: That's a very hard question to answer. I think things would have been a lot different for Mac if he had known how very little time he had left.

Iris: It would have been a lot different for all of us. Believe me. There is just one other question I would like to ask you.

Ken: All right.

Iris: I'm glad Rachel has left. I wouldn't want her to hear it, and I wouldn't want her to know that I spoke about it. Do you understand?

Ken: She won't.

Iris: My father signed his name to a document in Maine, and it was witnessed by one of the maids at the inn.

Ken: Really?

Iris: Yes. It was never found. I don't know whether he sent it to someone or whether it was removed from his personal effects.

Ken: I see.

Iris: I was thinking maybe you might know something about this.

Ken: As a matter of fact, I did hear that Mac signed something with the maid as a witness.

Iris: You did?

Ken: Pine Bay was a small town, things got around.

Iris: Yes, I'm sure.

Ken: You look like you know what this document was.

Iris: No, I didn't--I didn't know what it was. It's just that since my father had put me out of his life, I would understand if he decided to change his will.

Ken: But he didn't.

Iris: Not as far as anyone knows. I was wondering, though, if perhaps you knew something about it?

Ken: Must be hard for you.

Iris: What?

Ken: Running Mac's empire.

Iris: Why would you say that?

Ken: Considering you're pretty sure that he wanted to cut you out of it completely.

Paulina: Look, there's a lady in here.

Jamie: Paulina? Hi.

Paulina: Hi.

Jamie: Hey, kiddo.

Paulina: Did you find Amanda?

Jamie: No, the switchboard was closed. I couldn't get through.

Paulina: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jamie: Are you playing with your jumbo jet?

Paulina: Yeah, he just had a bath. Now we're having a little snack.

Jamie: He really likes you.

Paulina: I like him.

Jamie: I hope you're happy here.

Paulina: Who wouldn't be happy in this beautiful house?

Jamie: Oh, my family can be a little difficult at times.

Paulina: I like your family. I like how everyone's so close and how you all look out for each other. It's great.

Jamie: Have you had a chance to get to know Amanda?

Paulina: She's pretty busy.

Jamie: Yeah, that's true.

Paulina: Not that I would mind if I were her.

Jamie: It's a lot of pressure, more than anybody knows.

Paulina: Yeah, well, that's obvious.

Jamie: Oh, yeah?

Paulina: Remember last week when I went to visit my Mom, she gave me a lift to the bus station?

Jamie: Yeah, did something happen?

Paulina: Well, it's really odd. She--she had to stop at the spa on the way, and she ran into this guy there. I think it was someone that she works with. Anyway, just out of the blue they got into this really heavy conversation. It was kind of strange.

Jamie: Do you happen to remember the name of this guy?

Paulina: Yeah, I think-I think his name was Evan?

Jamie: Surprise, surprise. See you later.

Paulina: Are you going out?

Jamie: Yeah, I have something I have to take care of.

Paulina: Look, Steven. Look who's here. Mr. Bear.

Sam: Olivia.

Olivia: Sam. I'm sorry, I--I didn't think you would be here in the morning. Otherwise, I would have called.

Sam: Listen, this is really not a good time, ok?

Olivia: Sure, sure--your hand.

Sam: Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.

Olivia: You were in a fight? It wasn't with Evan, was it?

Sam: No, it wasn't with Evan. I didn't even see him last night. He was busy, ok?

Olivia: Oh, that's your painting hand.

Sam: Yeah. I'm supposed to be getting ready for a show, but I don't think I'm going to be doing much painting.

Olivia: Why?

Sam: Look, I really--

Olivia: Sam, is all this keeping you from painting?

Sam: No.

Olivia: I want to help you. I owe you that.

Sam: You don't owe me anything, hon.

Olivia: Sam, look, you were very nice to me through that whole mess with the gala when I thought that I couldn't dance again.

Sam: You know, look, I'm a nice guy, ok? Everybody says that.

Olivia: You were to me. Do you remember that new choreographer I told you about?

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: Well, he says that I'm dancing better than ever, and I told him it was because of you.

Sam: So is this new choreographer--is he any good?

Olivia: I think so. I hope that I get a chance to do this piece somewhere. We worked on the final movement last night and, well, I've never danced to my own death before.

Sam: Dying for love, huh?

Olivia: It was beautiful.

Sam: Sometimes it's the only way out.

Sam: Hi. I've been waiting for you.

Olivia: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Olivia: I was just leaving. I'll be in touch, Sam.

Amanda: I got your message. I talked to Hilda.

Sam: Hilda said you weren't there.

Amanda: I want to talk to you about last night.

Sam: You must be pretty steamed, huh?

Amanda: Steamed?

Sam: Yeah, with me.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Well, you know I went to meet this dealer from New York last night.

Amanda: Well, yeah, how did it go?

Sam: Fine. But, I mean, the guy kept slapping me on the back and buying me rounds. So by the time we left, I was so plastered I didn't trust myself to drive home.

Amanda: Oh, that's what happened.

Sam: So I took a cab. And since this place was closer, I stayed here last night, kind of slept it off. And I didn't wake up until right before I called Hilda. Can you forgive me? Amanda?

Amanda: There's nothing to forgive.

Sam: Well, I'm sure you weren't saying that last night when you were sitting here waiting for me.

Amanda: I didn't know about it.

Sam: Why not?

Amanda: I was sleeping.

Sam: So you went right to bed, huh? Boy, I tell you, I shouldn't have said anything. The way you sleep, a guy could get away with murder.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Listen, as a token of your forgiveness, would you pose for me now?

Amanda: Now?

Sam: Yeah. I've got the dress right here.

Amanda: Look at your hand.

Sam: Yeah, it's fine.

Amanda: What happened?

Sam: Give me a couple of martinis and I turn into Mike Tyson, what can I tell you?

Amanda: I'm so sorry.

Sam: It'll heal.

Amanda: You really should put ice on that. It looks swollen. Here, let me--let me just make up an ice pack for you, ok? We'll bandage it. And we'll bandage it and then I'll pose for you.

Sam: You will?

Amanda: Yes. I just hope you can paint with this hand.

Amanda: Does that hurt?

Sam: I'm sorry, I--I can't do this right now.

Amanda: Sam, what are you doing?

Sam: I'll see you.

Evan: Hi, Sharon.

Sharon: Hi. They've got a problem.

Evan: Yeah? What kind of problem?

Sharon: Well, it looks like somebody set up an accounts payable file and the computer is just writing out checks.

Evan: Well, listen, why don't you run over to accounting and check the security systems program? The parent file should have more information on that.

Sharon: Ok, good idea.

Evan: What, are you back already? You just-- Jamie.

Jamie: Where's Amanda?

Evan: I don't know.

Jamie: What are you doing here?

Evan: It's personal.

Jamie: So you just waltzed in?

Evan: Yeah, I have clearance.

Jamie: From my sister, Evan?

Evan: Jamie, why are you asking me all these questions?

Jamie: I was hoping you were out of her life when you left Cory.

Evan: I think her life would be a lot better off if I was in it full time.

Jamie: Why don't you try to explain that?

Evan: Ok. I understand her--better than Sam and better than you.

Jamie: Were you understanding her last night?

Evan: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jamie: Her little girl was crying for her and she wasn't there.

Evan: It's not my problem.

Jamie: Does Vicky know about this?

Evan: I don't worry about Vicky.

Jamie: I do, Evan. I do! I worry about her and I worry about my sister because they just can't seem to figure out that you are such a slime!

Evan: Jamie, I've been nice enough to answer all your questions. Now, why don't you be smart enough to get out here before I break your neck?

Sharon: Oh, excuse me.

Evan: What are you--who-- who are you?

Sharon: Um, a computer consultant. I'm working today.

Evan: Oh, fine. Then I will get out of your way, let you get to work. The air in here is starting to get a little stale.

Taylor: Do you remember buying the clothes?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Do you remember wanting the clothes?

Sharlene: Look, isn't this just about over?

Taylor: Can you tell me what's bothering you?

Sharlene: I just don't feel like answering any more questions.

Taylor: Are you feeling angry at me?

Sharlene: No.

Taylor: Why not?

Sharlene: Because I know you're trying to help me.

Taylor: But I've been badgering you to talk about things you don't remember. If I were you, I'd be mad as hell.

Sharlene: Well, I'm not you and I--I'm not angry.

Taylor: Tell me something, Sharlene. Tell me about the first time in your life that you remember being angry.

Sharlene: I--I don't remember any time.

Taylor: You must have been a very easy child.

Sharlene: I was. I was a good girl.

Taylor: Why are you twisting your wedding ring?

Sharlene: Uh, wait, I remember one--I remember a time I was angry.

Taylor: What happened?

Sharlene: I do. I remember it. There was a time when I wanted--I wanted more to eat and mama said, "no, we have to save that for tomorrow," and I remember being angry.

Taylor: And hungry.

Sharlene: Oh, there was that. There was always that.

Taylor: And were you hungry for love, too?

Sharlene: I don't remember ever thinking that, no. We were too busy trying to survive. Trying to find a way to make enough money to get by, that was all we thought about. And somehow we always found a way.

Taylor: To do what?

Sharlene: To make enough money.

Taylor: And what's enough?

Sharlene: Enough--enough money so you don't have to think about it anymore.

Taylor: Do you have enough now?

Sharlene: You know something? You talk about being hungry for love. Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore because I have John and we love each other very much. We do.

Taylor: That's wonderful.

Sharlene: He makes me feel cherished. He--and all I have to do--

Taylor: What? What is it you have to do, Sharlene?

Taylor: Are you being a good girl now?

Sharlene: I try. I try so hard. But there is this thing inside me... that's always trying to break out.

Taylor: Has that always been there?

Sharlene: No. It's back.

Taylor: Have you felt like this before?

Sharlene: My husband, Floyd died in Vietnam.

Taylor: And then you started feeling the way you're feeling now?

Sharlene: It was a bad, bad time. Can we stop, please?

Taylor: Ok, I think that's a good idea. I'd like to try something with you, Sharlene.

Sharlene: What?

Taylor: Hypnosis.

Sharlene: Oh, oh. Really?

Taylor: I think it would enable you to talk a little more freely about things.

Sharlene: What's it like?

Taylor: It's a deep relaxation. But I can't make you do anything that you don't want to do.

Sharlene: It's all right. I'll do anything.

[Intercom buzzes]

Taylor: This is not supposed to happen. Excuse me. Hello?

Iris: I do an excellent job of running Cory Publishing, and I have every right in the world to be there.

Ken: Fine. You're the one who brought up Mac's will and what he wanted, not me.

Iris: I just want to be prepared, that's all. Now, please tell Rachel that I'm sorry, I had--

Rachel: Tell me what?

Iris: Just--

Ken: Were you able to locate Amanda?

Rachel: No. Hilda talked to her.

Ken: Oh, well, why don't I let you two talk.

Rachel: You're leaving?

Ken: Yes. I have to stop upstairs and pick up my watch. I left it in your guest room.

Rachel: Oh, yes, Hilda found it. It's on the dresser.

Ken: Fine.

Iris: On the dresser. Oh, he seems to be making himself at home here.

Rachel: What do you want to know, Iris?

Iris: I want to know what he told you.

Rachel: That he knew your father.

Iris: I know that.

Rachel: It was many years ago when your father was still working in the newspaper business. Ken was hired to fly him into Central America on an assignment. The plane went down. Ken was hurt, Mac wasn't. Mac went and got help. The help never found Ken. Ken eventually got out on his own. They didn't meet until years later when Mac just walked into his shop in Maine.

Iris: In Maine?

Rachel: This isn't the whole story. I didn't want to tell you anything until I knew the whole thing.

Iris: I see.

Rachel: I hope you do. I would never keep anything about Mac away from you.

Iris: Thank you. You know, I still--I still dream about him. And the dreams are so real and then I wake up and realize he's gone.

Rachel: It's like losing him all over again.

Iris: Happens to you, too, does it?

Rachel: Of course it does.

Iris: Yeah. You know, I just think if I could find out what happened before he died, then maybe I could accept it. It would make even the dreams easier.

Rachel: We'll find out. I promise.

Iris: I hope so. Well, I better go.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute. You better tell me what the financial crisis is.

Iris: Oh, yes. Well, there's cash missing from the corporate account.

Rachel: How much?

Iris: It could be a vast amount.

[Door opens]

Sharon: Oh, you're back.

Evan: Thanks for covering me with that clown.

Sharon: Who was he?

Evan: Amanda's inquisitive brother.

Sharon: He seemed like he was pretty angry about something.

Evan: Well, that's his problem. Now, what did you find out about security systems program?

Sharon: Well, I put in everything you asked me to.

Evan: And?

Sharon: And I was still able to access the mainframe by randomly generating numbers until the right one came up.

Evan: Listen, why don't you--you've been here all day. Why don't you go get some coffee or some fresh air or something?

Sharon: Thanks. This empty building was starting to give me the creeps.

Evan: I'll tell you what, I'm going to take over for you.

Sharon: What are you going to do?

Evan: Well, I'm going to try to put in a program that's going to block and lock out any of those random number generators.

Sharon: Maybe that'll work.

Evan: Well, let's hope it does.

Sharon: This project means a lot to you, doesn't it?

Evan: You better believe it. When I'm through here, the Corys are going to remember me for a long, long time.

Iris: It's being done through the computer system. It appears we have an embezzler on our hands.

Rachel: What are you doing about it?

Iris: Well, I have hired a computer security firm called Comsec. Sharon Rogers is the consultant and she's investigating. Oh, by the way, we're having a meeting. I would really appreciate it if you could be there.

Rachel: Of course, I'll be there.

Iris: Thanks. I'd like to handle this the way that Daddy would--would handle it.

Rachel: I think you're doing fine.

Iris: Thank you.

Rachel: I'll walk you out.

Iris: Well, thank you. Look, I'm sorry I jumped on you earlier about Ken, but you know what I'm like.

Rachel: Well, no, you're right. He seems to be the missing factor in this whole equation.

Iris: Yes, he certainly does, doesn't he?

Taylor: I'm very sorry. I promise you there will be no more interruptions.

Sharlene: Oh, that's all right.

Taylor: So why don't we try the hypnosis?

Sharlene: Now?

Taylor: Yeah, you can sit wherever you like.

Sharlene: Ok, I'll sit here.

Taylor: Fine.

Sharlene: I hope I'm what you call--uh, what is it--a good subject.

Taylor: We're about to find out.

Sharlene: Oh, am I supposed to stare at that like in the movies?

Taylor: Just like the movies. Sharlene, I just want you to know before we start that you will be aware of everything that's going on.

Sharlene: Oh, I'm not sure I like that.

Taylor: All right, now, I want you to concentrate on the pen. Start counting backwards from 100.

Sharlene: Ok.

Taylor: And very soon you'll be in a deep hypnotic trance.

Sharlene: Just because you say so?

Taylor: Not exactly. Please, start counting.

Sharlene: Ok. 100, 99, 98--

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Jamie.

Jamie: Where have you been?

Amanda: Oh, don't start by yelling at me, please.

Jamie: Does Mom know where you are?

Amanda: Yes, I just got off the phone with her.

Jamie: Did she ask you where you were last night?

Amanda: No. I was with Evan.

Jamie: Oh, man.

Amanda: Nothing happened.

Jamie: You stayed out all night!

Amanda: Yes, I didn't even mean to. I just--I don't do anything right anymore, ok?

Jamie: Have you seen Sam?

Amanda: Yes.

Jamie: Does he know about this?

Amanda: No.

Jamie: Why?

Amanda: Because I was afraid to tell him.

Jamie: Afraid? Afraid of what?

Amanda: I'm just a coward, all right?

Jamie: No, I don't believe that, Amanda. Look, I don't mean to jump on you like this, but this just doesn't seem like you.

Amanda: Well, sometimes I don't know what "me" is.

Jamie: Is this just about Evan Bates, or is something wrong with you and Sam? Something else?

Amanda: Sam hasn't done anything. This is all my fault. He hasn't done anything that I haven't forced him to.

Jamie: What has he done? Amanda, do you want me to talk to Sam?

Amanda: We're just growing apart, that's all. And every time that I try to talk to him, he avoids me.

Jamie: How much does Evan have to do with that?

Amanda: Evan has been wonderful. All he wants is for me to be happy.

Jamie: With him, right? Amanda, I know you're under a lot of pressure. And believe me, I don't mean to add to that. But I remember the way that you loved Sam.

Amanda: I know, so do I.

Jamie: Are you sure that you want to lose this marriage for someone like Evan Bates?

Amanda: I wasn't thinking about Evan just now.

Jamie: What were you thinking about?

Amanda: Sam. And how I don't know what's going on in his mind at all anymore.

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