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Another World Transcript Tuesday 3/14/06

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Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Good, you're here.

Amanda: What's wrong?

Sam: Wrong? Nothing, nothing.

Amanda: Your message said you needed to see me right away.

Sam: Amanda, I am on such a high. I can see this whole series.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Paintings. Beautiful, fantastic images. I have got this whole new series, and it all begins with a portrait of you.

Amanda: A portrait of me?

Sam: Yeah, I've got a dealer who is already interested.

Amanda: Sam, uh--

Sam: It's going to be so much better than that first one I did of you. The same guy bought that one.

Amanda: Sam, I'm not so sure I can do this for you right now.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Pose for you. I'm...

Sam: No, no, no. No, I need you. I need you for this. This is going to be a fantastic new series.

Amanda: Sam, I--I just got home from work. I had dinner. Alli's waiting for me--

Sam: Amanda, you have to listen to me, ok? I'm more excited about this than I have been about anything. It's going to be great. I am going to paint a whole new Amanda. One very few men have ever seen.

Ted: This woman is taking up entirely too much of your time and attention.

Grant: When I want your advice, I will ask you for it.

Ted: I just thought it was my obligation to speak about it now.

Grant: What if I don't want to listen to you?

Ted: She calls herself a hostess? Well, I think hostess is a polite term for what she is--

Grant: Wait a minute. Don't ever let me hear you talk that way about her again. Do you understand?

Ted: You are member of congress! Millions of people scrutinize everything that you do. This woman is not in your league, to put it kindly.

Grant: Oh, really? Who decided all of this? My papa?

Ted: You're--surely, you're not in love with her. I mean otherwise...

Grant: You know, sometimes I wonder who the hell you work for? I mean, I really do wonder who you work for.

Woman: Ted. Is he yelling at you again?

Ted: Hi, Ann, how are you? You look great. Here, let me take this.

Ann: Oh, thank you. How are you, darling?

Grant: Fine.

Ann: Oh. Well, you don't sound fine. You sounded angry.

Grant: Oh, no, no, I was just exercising my vocal chords.

Ann: Come on, let's see a smile, all right? Your fiancée is here now. So, what were you two arguing about?

Sharlene: He's getting close, he is getting--he is getting too damn close. He is too close.

John: I gotta get to the hospital.

Sharlene: Oh, yeah? So soon, huh?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Good. So, I'll see you in the morning, then, yeah?

John: Listen, I'm going to talk to Dr. Benson, and I'll set up an appointment for you for tomorrow.

Sharlene: Wait.

John: What?

Sharlene: You're going to set up an appointment for tomorrow morning?

John: Yeah, why? What's wrong?

Sharlene: John, I--I don't know. I...

John: Sharlene, why all the hesitancy?

Sharlene: See, I--this is all happening so fast.

John: No, wait a minute. We were set on this.

Sharlene: I know we were set on it, but I've been thinking-I was just thinking. I think we'd be a lot better off without a therapist.

Sharlene: The idea of me actually needing a--a shrink...

John: Sharlene, a lot of people go. There's no stigma attached.

Sharlene: Maybe, but psychiatrists are pushy.

John: I don't know that that's true, but even if it were, everything is in confidence.

Sharlene: Completely? Are you sure about that?

John: We are having problems. You know it, and I know it. Now, if you don't talk to Dr. Benson, we are never going to be able to get a handle on what they are.

Sharlene: Oh, John, come on. We can handle it by ourselves. It's going to take a lot of work, but we can do it.

John: This is not what you agreed to earlier.

Sharlene: Can I change my mind? I changed my mind.

John: Look, Sharlene, I don't think that either one of us know enough about this to handle it alone.

Sharlene: Ooh. You're making it sound kind of frightening here.

John: I don't mean to do that, but I am concerned. Now, I'm going to set up an appointment for you.

Sharlene: I just didn't think you were going to do this right away.

John: Sharlene, take the appointment. We'll talk about it again afterwards.

Sharlene: I just think-I just--

John: Sharlene, just don't worry, ok? Believe in me. Don't worry. I've got to go. Talk to you tomorrow.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: Oh, and listen. Uh, the boat is all set to go. I had them working on it. So, uh, why don't we take it out this weekend? I've got the whole weekend off, ok?

Sharlene: Yeah, yeah, maybe.

John: That's great. I love you.

Sharlene: Love you. What is it with this guy? He's either going to shrink me out of existence or the two of them are going to get me pregnant. And if he thinks I'm going out on that damn boat, he can just forget it. There's got to be a way out of this marriage. There's gotta be a way. Gotta be a way. It's gotta happen fast. It's got... maybe I have the answer. And his name is Grant.

Grant: Oh, Ted, I'm sorry if I overreacted, but you know how I get.

Ted: It's no problem.

Grant: Still know that I'm right.

Ted: Uh, yes, you probably are. If you'll excuse me?

Ann: I don't know what you have to be so upset about. I mean, putting the heat on this Lucas person has certainly given you lots of good exposure.

Grant: I hope. He now wants a meeting.

Ann: And once again you've come out looking terrific. You know, pretty soon, I'm going to have to stand in line to talk to you.

Grant: Oh, I will always make sure that you get to go to the head of the line.

Ann: Is something wrong?

Grant: What could possibly be wrong? I mean, I've had half a dozen doctors tell me that I have to look at my future a little bit differently, but--mm? Ha ha. Why should that bother me?

Ann: Darling, I really wish you'd tell me what they've said to you.

Grant: Oh, it's just a bunch of technical, medical nonsense and by the time I learn all the words, you and I will both be dead.

Ann: You know, Grant, this-- this--this black humor--it really isn't you.

Grant: Good.

Ann: What?

Grant: I mean, I'm sick of being me. I'm sick of being Grant-Mr. Predictability.

Ann: Well, I've always found it quite comforting.

Grant: Well, nobody likes a stodgy old politician, least of all me.

Ann: Oh, you're not a--oh! Oh, never mind. I'll tell you what. Why don't you get dressed and we will discuss your stodginess on the way to the dinner.

Grant: I'm not going.

Ann: Well, you've talked this over with your doctors.

Grant: It's not that. It's just that I--I can't go. I cannot go and look at those smiling faces, I can't-I can't--I can't listen to the power plays, and God, I cannot go eat those chicken and peas one more time.

Ann: Darling, this is a dinner you always attend. It's expected.

Grant: Well, maybe it's time that I do the unexpected.

Ann: Grant, darling, a public appearance right now would be very good for you. And if you don't go, people might comment.

Grant: Good, let them.

Ann: To the press.

Grant: Fine.

Ann: Do you really think this is wise?

Grant: I am so sick of being wise. Look, I want you to go to the dinner. You go and you tell them I am busy making changes and--and don't worry about me. All right?

Ann: Darling, I'll always worry about you. I love you. But I know that this is your decision, and you know that I will always stand by you.

Amanda: Is this what you wanted?

Sam: You are so beautiful. No wonder men can't take their eyes off of you.

Amanda: I feel strange.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: I want you to succeed, I really do. But doing another portrait of me?

Sam: Andrew Wyeth painted almost 50 different poses of Helga.

Amanda: Well, I know that, but I--never mind.

Sam: Sit up, sit up.

Amanda: You want me like this?

Sam: Now, just--just a little bit. Now, I want you to think of yourself as a mythical woman. All things to all men. A goddess. That's why men can't help but love you.

Amanda: Tickles.

Sam: Do you remember the last time you posed for me?

Amanda: Sure, how could I forget that?

Sam: Neither can I. It's like I was dead and started living again. You are the center of my life.

Amanda: Sam--

Sam: Don't worry. We both have gone through a lot of changes. I mean, you've changed careers once. You'll probably do that again.

Amanda: I hadn't thought about it.

Sam: After this show is over, if you still want to leave me, I won't stand in your way. If that's really what you want to do.

Sam: Got to get back to work. You know something?

Amanda: What?

Sam: When people see this portrait... what I want--what I really, really want is for them to look at it... and know why a man can be so drawn to you... so... driven by you. So that he would never, ever, ever let you go.

Caroline: Sam, there you are. Hello, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: What's up, Caroline?

Caroline: I am sorry to come by unannounced, but I--I hope you don't mind.

Sam: It's no problem.

Caroline: Amanda, you look stunning.

Amanda: Thank you.

Caroline: Sam, doesn't she look lovely?

Sam: Yeah, she does.

Caroline: Listen, you've got to meet Mr. L'Argent. Remember I told you about him?

Sam: The dealer! You're right.

Caroline: Well, can this wait for half an hour?

Sam: Uh, I just started here.

Caroline: Look, I wouldn't ask unless it wasn't very important. We're going to have drinks at the Pelican. Can this just wait a few minutes?

Sam: Well, you're gonna have to ask Amanda. I kind of roped her into this.

Caroline: Oh, please, Amanda. Mr. L'Argent has got an incredible ego.

Amanda: Yeah, sure, I guess.

Sam: Ok, I'm going to go wash my hands inside.

Caroline: He is very dedicated.

Amanda: Yes.

Caroline: You know, I really admire you and Sam.

Amanda: What?

Caroline: Well, you are the perfect couple--the artist and the model.

Amanda: Thank you.

Caroline: You know, it feels like I've spent most of my life finding the wrong man.

Amanda: Well, the right man can definitely make a difference.

Caroline: Well, at least I got rid of Evan Bates.

Amanda: Excuse me?

Caroline: Well, he was only in it for the chase.

Amanda: Well, I wouldn't know.

Caroline: Oh, he just loves the game. And you know what his greatest thing in the end of it is?

Amanda: Hmm?

Caroline: It's a disappearing act. "See me. Bye, baby."

Amanda: I'm sorry things didn't work out.

Caroline: Yeah, well, how could they have? Because he's a typical Wall Street dealer.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Caroline: Well, once the deal is made, he is on to the next client. You ready, Sam? Let's go.

Sam: I changed my mind. I'm going to paint just a few more minutes, all right? I'll be there in two shakes, I promise.

Caroline: Well, listen, don't be long.

Sam: I won't.

Caroline: They are waiting. Ok, I'll see you later. Get back to work.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Yeah. See you. That's perfect.

Amanda: [Slower and slower] You ever sorry that you married me? You ever sorry that you married me? You ever sorry that you married me? You ever sorry that you married me? You ever sorry that you married me? You ever sorry that you married me?

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: What?

Amanda: Are you all right?

Sam: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I, uh, I need to get going. Look, I'll be back as soon as I can, and don't look at that. It's not finished yet.

Evan: Yeah, Sharon. As a matter of fact, I'm in the Cory file right now. Well, I'm into their computer system. Would you not worry about security? Listen, why don't you just go out and get your nails done? And quit bothering me, ok? I tell ya, women. Drive you crazy. Oh, man. I tell you, I need a drink. That's what I need.

Stacey: Oh, I smell some food cooking up.

Derek: Oh, I smell perfume.

Stacey: [Laughs]

Derek: I missed you.

Stacey: I think--no, I know I missed you more this time than I did the last time.

Derek: You know, they--they had a shot of you in the news. You were sitting next to Lucas on the witness table. You looked good.

Stacey: [Laughs] It's a good thing they didn't know what I was thinking.

Derek: How come? What were you thinking?

Stacey: I just wanted to get up and shout, "let's get this thing over with!" I was going crazy.

Derek: Why didn't you? Why didn't you?

Stacey: Because they would have charged me with contempt of congress, and then I would have been delayed seeing you.

Derek: Mm, wow. I think I like reunions.

Stacey: Me, too. But I smell something out of this world. What is that? A red sauce or something?

Derek: Yeah, with a little basil. A little Italian cuisine for my signorina.

Stacey: Yummy. I can't believe that we get to spend a whole night alone together.

Derek: Um, napkins. Excuse me. Napkins, I had some napkins.

Stacey: Oh, God. I can't believe what a treat it is just to get out of D.C.

Derek: Yeah?

Stacey: You don't know what it was like. I had to sit up all night long with Lucas going over what he was going to say, and then going into the hearing and listening to him say it.

Derek: What, you never go out or anything?

Stacey: No, I just worried about you.

Derek: About me?

Stacey: Yeah.

Derek: How come?

Stacey: Because I knew you'd be at the Pelican Club with all those sexy ladies.

Derek: Yeah. Uh-huh.

Stacey: Mm-hmm. And I just kept imagining you with lipstick all over your face.

Derek: Are you kidding me? All I could do--all I could ever do is think about you.

Stacey: Come here.

Derek: Are we even going to get to dinner?

Stacey: I just wanted you to know that I have a very bad temper. And I can get very jealous.

Grant: Come on, Sharly. Come on, be there.

John: Where are you going?

Grant: Out. Big dinner date.

John: No way.

Grant: What?

John: You are not going anywhere. Not tonight.

John: The test we did on the headaches that you described show that your illness has entered a new phase.

Grant: I see.

John: I want to run a new battery of tests beginning tonight.

Grant: John, I appreciate your concern--I really do, but the tests can be run during normal working hours. Now, I am out of here.

John: You leave this room and I'm off this case.

Grant: You can't do that to me.

John: Watch me.

Grant: Look, I don't respond very well to threats.

John: It's not a threat, Grant. If you're out of here, so am I.

Grant: Can you guarantee that these tests are going to make me better?

John: I cannot.

Grant: So there's hardly any rush, is there? Excuse me.

John: You know, it's funny. I hadn't pegged you for a coward.

Stacey: Mm, that was delicious.

Derek: Mm, not bad. So, what do you say we go over there and have our coffee?

Stacey: I have a better idea.

Derek: Yeah?

Stacey: Yeah. Let's forget about the coffee.

Derek: Ooh, Stacey. I like the way you think. Oh, I missed you so bad. I missed those beautiful eyes, I missed your mouth. I did. I missed your skin. I missed your ear.

[Indistinct] I missed your hair. I missed your neck. I missed it all. Stacey, what is this?

Stacey: You tell me.

Derek: Ok, let me see here. Well, this--what do you call... well, this is a woman's--

Stacey: It's called a camisole. And you know what it means they call me?

Derek: Uh-uh.

Stacey: A fool.

Derek: What?

Stacey: While I was working in Washington, you were finding some other woman to pass the time with.

Derek: No, that's not true--

Stacey: Unless you've taken to cross dressing, and I think that's a little too small for you, Derek.

Derek: No. This is not yours? Would you--oh, this is not what you think. No, no, this is...

Stacey: So, what am I supposed to think?

Derek: Well--this belongs to--it's just a friend's. This is just a--

Stacey: Oh, yeah right.

Derek: No, she just had to spend one night here. Nothing happened. Nothing--nothing happened.

Stacey: Derek, how naive do you think I am?

Derek: Well, what do you think about me? You think you go off to work in Washington for a week and you leave town and I bring some bimbo in here with this stuff?

Stacey: Yeah, you know, everybody told me you would be like this.

Derek: Oh, yeah, ok. Now, I get it, great. Now, you never really trusted me at all, did you? Ok, now this is beginning to make some sense.

Stacey: Ok, Derek, I am sorry. I didn't exactly mean that.

Derek: No, Stacey I got a really great idea. Why don't you just leave? Go on. Just get out.

Paulina: Do you think Derek will come by tonight?

Al: It's his night off.

Paulina: Talked to him earlier. He said somebody was coming by. Stacey, I think he said. You know her?

Al: I have seen her a few times.

Paulina: They're pretty tight, huh? Stacey and Derek?

Al: Excuse me.

Caroline: Well, I hope I helped.

Sam: You did, you did.

Caroline: I must say, it wasn't too hard saying to Amanda how awful Mr. Evan is.

Sam: Oh, well, here's the table.

Caroline: But, you know, the main thing I want you to do is to concentrate on business for the show.

Sam: Don't worry, I will. So, where is this L'Argent guy?

Caroline: He is coming. Now, what do you want to drink?

Sam: Beer.

Sharlene: Caroline, ciao.

Caroline: My goodness, are you hostessing another private party?

Sharlene: No. I'm going to a private party of my own tonight.

Caroline: Oh, really.

Sharlene: Among the rich and famous.

Caroline: Mm.

Sharlene: Where are my matches?

Caroline: I'd like a beer and a wine spritzer, please. So, John's business must be on the up and up.

Sharlene: Well, John and I have been going through a lot of changes lately.

Caroline: Really?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. The days of living hand to mouth are over. Kaput. From now on, the motto is "good times."

Caroline: Wonderful. Did you win the lottery?

Sharlene: No. But I'm still going to be making some changes. Big changes.

Caroline: Keep the change. Good luck, sweetheart.

Sharlene: Thanks. [Whispering] Al, did any phone calls come in for me?

Al: [Whispering] No, not tonight.

Sharlene: Not even on the pay phone?

Al: Not a thing.

Sharlene: Well, it's just that I'm expecting a very important call, that's all.

Evan: Hi, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Evan, how is it going?

Evan: Depends on a lot of things.

Sharlene: How is the dream going?

Evan: The what?

Sharlene: You and Amanda.

Evan: Al, can I get a nice shot of tequila please?

Al: Sure.

Evan: Thanks. I thought you weren't too crazy about that idea.

Sharlene: Well, it doesn't really matter what I think, does it? What matters is, are you happy?

Evan: Well, I'm going to give it a try to be happy.

Sharlene: Good. You deserve a few breaks.

Evan: Thanks.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Evan: Thank you.

Sharlene: Tonight I've decided that everyone deserves a chance at romance.

Evan: Good. 'Cause I'm going to give it my best shot. So, talking about art, are we? Seems I have a vested interest in art and an art show.

Sam: Nice to see you, Evan.

Evan: It's nice to see you, Sammy. Hi, Caroline.

Caroline: Hi, Evan, how are you doing?

Evan: I hear you got a new show.

Sam: Did Amanda tell you that?

Evan: Well, I just want to set some time aside to make sure I don't miss it.

Sam: I had no idea you were interested in the fine arts.

Evan: Oh, I am. Isn't that right, Caroline?

Caroline: Yes, I could always say you had a great eye for art, Evan.

Evan: You flattered?

Sam: No, I'm not.

Evan: You shouldn't be. So, when is it?

Sam: Late May, maybe June. I don't know.

Evan: It's a long ways away.

Sam: Mm-hmm. Well, you wouldn't want to rush the public when it comes to fine art, would you?

Evan: I couldn't agree with you more.

Sam: Actually, I am doing a portrait of Amanda. It's going to be the center of the show.

Evan: Well, that's a good choice.

Sam: Yeah, well, maybe you should consider making a bid on it.

Evan: What, before it's done?

Sam: Yeah. If the show is a hit, you could make a bundle. Show could run all summer long, and then you'd have investors pounding on your door.

Evan: That's a good idea. Good luck.

Sam: See you around, Evan.

Evan: You better believe you will. Caroline.

Caroline: Bye, Evan.

Sharlene: What's the matter?

Evan: Why?

Sharlene: You look like you're about to explode.

Evan: No, what I need is I need some place I can go and just sit and clear my head.

Sharlene: You like the water?

Evan: Yeah, I love it, why?

Sharlene: So how about you go out to John's boat for a couple of days?

Evan: Well, would he mind?

Sharlene: No, no. I'll clear it with him. No problem. It's all set up. You just take the weekend.

Evan: Well, that would be great.

Sharlene: You know where it is, don't you?

Evan: Uh-huh, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Evan: Thank you.

Sharlene: Sure.

Evan: See you.

[Telephone rings]

Sharlene: Hello.

Amanda: Hi, is Evan Bates there?

Sharlene: Uh, no. He just left. Look, it's very important we keep this line open, ok?

Amanda: Please, wait. Do you have any idea where he went?

Sharlene: He is on his way to Newman's Marina, pier 52. That's John Hudson's boat.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sharlene: My pleasure. Evan deserves to be happy. Ring, damn you.

Grant: Who the hell are you to call me a coward?

John: Because you were going to walk out of here, play the martyr, and never take another chance.

Grant: Now, just a minute.

John: And if I walk out of here, you blame the doctors, and then you just roll over and die.

Grant: Oh, that's a load of garbage, and you know it.

John: Seems pretty obvious to me.

Grant: Oh, you're a fine one to talk, aren't you? You, who limp around here because you're afraid to go into the hospital to get a little shrapnel removed out of your leg.

John: Who told you that?

Grant: I had you checked out, doctor. So, we're now--we're equals, aren't we? But I want to hang on to what little bit of life I may have left, maybe even enjoy it for a change! But, no, you--you want to limp around here like the wounded vet!

John: Now, you listen to me!

Grant: Oh, hit a little nerve, did we?

John: There is a big difference between you and me.

Grant: Oh, really? Tell me about it. Just what is it, hmm?

John: First of all, I'm the doctor. You're the patient.

Grant: Oh, spare me that--

John: And as far as my leg is concerned, there is nothing that could be done.

Grant: Oh, you've tried everything, huh? You tried everything? Yeah. So long, doc. It's been fun.

John: Hold it.

Grant: You have a nice night.

John: All right. I'll make a deal with you.

Grant: What is that?

John: You stay and have these tests done. I'll talk to a surgeon about my leg.

Grant: Are you serious?

Sharlene: Hey, Derek.

Derek: Hi. Al, scotch, double, neat.

Caroline: Sam, you already had 3 martinis when Mr. L'Argent was here.

Sam: I can count. I can count.

Caroline: Well, I hope you're just not planning on driving.

Sam: I got to go home. My wife feels that we got to talk.

Caroline: It's a good idea.


Man: Come on, you can't be serious.

Second man: Yes, I am.

Man: She doesn't love you, man.

Second man: She is marrying me, isn't she?

Man: So what? Haven't you seen the way she looks at all the guys?

Second man: Oh, yeah?

Sam: Hey, you watch it.

Man: Sorry, man, my friend here is getting married next week--

Sam: I don't care what your friend is doing. You watch your mouth.

Caroline: Sam.

Man: What the hell, man?

Caroline: [Whispering] Sam.

Sam: When I want your opinions, I'll ask for it.

Man: Whoa, I don't know what your problem is.

Caroline: Sam.

Sam: Do you want to know what my problem is?

Caroline: Hey, Sam.


Sam: Caroline, out of the way.

Derek: All right, Sam. That's it, that's it. That's enough. Just relax.

Sam: Get off of me!

Derek: Ok, I'll do that. And you go back home to your wife and you chill out!

Sam: When I want your comments, I'll ask for them.

Crowd: Ah!

Derek: I hope that hurt, man. This is my night off, and I have been drinking, but I can still rock your world.

Sam: Sorry. I'm going home.

Derek: Yeah, well, you're not driving anywhere. You sit down. I'll call you a cab.

John: Like I said, I'll talk to a surgeon.

Grant: Oh, no. No, you got to do better than that.

John: I'll talk seriously to a surgeon. You're going to have to take my word for it.

Grant: I, uh, guess I'll have to.

John: That means you're staying?

Grant: Looks that way. You're so damn determined. I just need a few minutes, all right?

John: No problem.

Taylor: Hi, John. I scheduled a time for Sharlene at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Is that ok?

John: 10:00. Yeah, that's fine.

Taylor: How did she react when you suggested the session?

John: Well, a little anxious, but she'll be fine.

Taylor: Oh, good. Does she know I may be trying hypnosis?

John: I didn't bring it up.

Taylor: Well, since it probably won't be necessary, that's ok.

John: Yeah. I just hope it gets everything out in the open.

Taylor: That's the only way we'll get any answers. I'll see you tomorrow.

John: Tomorrow, right.

Derek: The Pelican Club.

Sharlene: Derek, get off the phone. I am expecting a call.

Derek: Yeah, that's right. Thanks. Sharlene, come on. I was calling a cab.

Al: I'll stay with him.

Derek: Yeah, thanks.

Al: Come on, Caroline is waiting for you.

Sam: Thanks.

Paulina: Hey, Derek.

Derek: There you are.

Paulina: Good to see you.

Derek: Come on, let's go.

Paulina: Where are we going?

Derek: We gonna find Stacey, and you are going to tell her why you were staying at my place.

Paulina: What?

Derek: You heard me. Come on.

Paulina: No, Derek. You know I can't do that.

Derek: You have been nothing but trouble ever since I agreed to lie for you.

Paulina: Now, just wait one second--

Derek: No, I'm not going to ruin what I have going with Stacey just so you can make up stories about where you came from and then leave underwear on my floor.

Paulina: I'm not-- so that's where that camisole's been.

Derek: Yeah, come on, let's go.

Paulina: No, Derek, just wait one minute here, ok? Now, listen, there's got to be some kind of compromise we can make.

Derek: Ok. Here's the compromise. You walk or I carry you.

Paulina: Derek, if Stacey goes to the Corys, I'll lose my job. Do you understand that?

Derek: If you don't talk to Stacey, I'll go to the Corys.

Paulina: Ok.

Derek: All right.

Paulina: Ok, I'll do it. But I need a couple of days, all right?

Singer: Sometimes I wanna give up I wanna give in I wanna quit the fight and then I see you baby and everything's all right everything's all right when I see you smile I can face the world

Evan: Who's there?

Amanda: Hi, it's me.

Stacey: Sharlene, have you seen Derek around?

Sharlene: Yeah, I saw him earlier.

Stacey: Is he still here?

Sharlene: No, no, he left. Buy you a drink?

Stacey: No. No, thanks.

Sharlene: Do you mind if I ask you something?

Stacey: What?

Sharlene: Did you--did you ever talk to a shrink?

Stacey: A shrink?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Stacey: Yeah, I talked to one when my daughter died.

Sharlene: Oh, yeah?

Stacey: Listen, I'm not going to have this drink. I got to get going.

Sharlene: Look, I was just wondering. See, I was wondering how a therapist knows if you're telling the truth. I mean, for sure. See, I have this friend who's-- who's thinking about going to one, and she can't decide whether she should or not.

Stacey: Well, I mean, they're trained to help you. They assume that you're going to tell them the truth.

Sharlene: So, you mean that they just figure that whatever you say--whatever you say is the truth?

Stacey: Well, yeah. I mean, how are they going to help you if you don't tell them the truth?

Sharlene: Yeah, right, right.

Stacey: Sharlene, is your friend in a lot of trouble?

Sharlene: Well, how shall I say this? She's a survivor. No matter what.

John: Congressman, it's test time.

Grant: I got just one more phone call to make.

John: It's gonna have to wait. Everyone's waiting for you.

Grant: Well, now, wait. Just a minute.

John: Grant, we had a deal.

Grant: Then I guess I'll have to live with it. Or try, anyway.

Sam: Hilda? Yeah, it's Sam. Listen, have you seen Amanda? She's not in her room? No. No, no, no. No message. Thanks.

Evan: So, you say the portrait was slashed. It was cut.

Amanda: Yeah, right down the middle. Thanks.

Evan: And he told you he sold it?

Amanda: Mm-hmm. He is just so angry.

Evan: Well, Amanda, you can't stay with him.

Amanda: He loved that painting. That was the best thing he'd ever done. For him to--to do that, to be that hurt, that angry...

Evan: Amanda, are you blaming yourself for this?

Amanda: Oh, come on, don't you understand? He said that I was responsible for his first breakthrough for that painting. He must have destroyed it. It's because of the way I made him feel.

Evan: Amanda, he is responsible for his own actions. You didn't cut up that portrait, he did.

Amanda: I don't know. Maybe when Vicky talked to him about the two of us, maybe--

Evan: Now, you listen--listen to me for a minute. Now, I know you care about me.

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: And you said you were going to make a decision after Sam's show. Well, I found out tonight that show may run all summer.

Amanda: What?

Evan: And I will not wait that long for you.

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