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Another World Transcript Monday 3/13/06

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Matt: [Whistling] Josie? Josie? Thought she said noon.

Josie: Matthew!

Matt: Josie.

Josie: Thank God you're here.

Matt: What's wrong?

Josie: The most horrible thing just happened.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey.

Josie: What am I gonna do?

Matt: Hey, calm down, and tell me what happened.

Josie: That fan, the one that-- the one that sent me the note last week.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, ok, ok.

Josie: He just called here, Matthew. He's after me.

Matt: Calm down.

Sharlene: What are you doing?

John: Well, I just thought that I would shower my wife with flowers or a flower. And kisses. And hugs.

Sharlene: Well, you devil, you.

John: Couple of caresses.

Sharlene: [Laughs] Would you stop?

John: And tell her that I love her very much.

Sharlene: How about telling me why you're home in the middle of the day?

Marley: I want this to stop. Do you understand? No more calls. No more flowers.

Marley: Vicky.

Vicky: Long time, no see. Oh, I can't believe I just said that. I promised I was going to avoid all the stupid clichés. Be honest, straightforward. Wouldn't you know, the minute I see you, I... you look great.

Marley: Why are you here, Vicky?

Vicky: I needed to see you.

Marley: All of the sudden?

Vicky: I read the letter you wrote Mom and Dad, and the next thing I knew, I was on a plane.

Marley: Is there some reason?

Vicky: Things have been kind of rotten lately.

Marley: Is Steven all right?

Vicky: Oh, yeah. Yeah, Steven's fine...really. It's me that's rotten.

Marley: Do you expect me to help you?

Vicky: No, Marley. I read the letter you wrote Mom and Dad, and I got the strangest feeling that you may need someone to talk to. Am I right?

Cass: What's up?

Michael: Donna.

Donna: I've decided that-I mean, Michael and I have decided to put a hold on the divorce proceedings.

Cass: You have?

Donna: Yes, we're going to postpone the divorce so that we can fight the Millers for Mikey.

Michael: Together.

Cass: Good move. As a couple going through a divorce, you wouldn't have stood a chance. Listen, I just received a phone call from the Millers' attorney. They've been granted a court order allowing them to visit with Mikey.

Michael: What?

Donna: How could that happen? They didn't even ask us.

Cass: The judge agreed to their request. It would be in your best interests to go along with this.

Donna: Michael.

Michael: Well, when is this-- this visit?

Cass: Today.

Donna: Today? They can't do that. He has to be prepared. We need a couple of days for that.

Cass: Donna, the court order stipulates today. I did get the judge to agree to the fact that the Millers are not to upset Mikey in any way or tell him who they are.

Donna: Who they say they are. I'm his mother, and nobody's going to appear out of the blue and take away my child.

Michael: Honey, this is just one visit, right?

Cass: That's all the order calls for, yes.

Michael: Ok. Come on, sit down. It's just one visit, that's all.

Donna: You're sure? Just one?

Cass: I'm sure.

Michael: And we can be present, right?

Cass: Oh, absolutely. You're to be in the room at all times.

Michael: And the Millers can't say anything about being his natural parents?

Cass: No, that's strictly forbidden. Nor can you and Donna discuss the legal aspects of the case with them.

Michael: Don't worry about that.

Donna: This is a dreadful thing to do to our son.

Michael: Look, Donna, he probably won't even understand what's going on.

Donna: He'll know something is up. He's an extremely perceptive child.

Cass: It will be a very brief meeting.

Donna: I don't care how brief it is. I hate the whole idea.

Michael: Is there any way that we can fight this court order?

Cass: Well, we certainly could try, but it might backfire on us.

Michael: How?

Cass: The judge might look on us as troublemakers, Michael, and allow the Millers to visit Mikey alone.

Donna: No, no, no, no.

Cass: Look, the way things stand now, you have a good chance of controlling this meeting. Make sure that it doesn't get uncomfortable for you. Keep it short.

Michael: All right, we'll keep it short. Don't worry about that.

Donna: This is all happening so quickly.

Michael: Well, it'll be over just as quickly, all right? Don't you worry, Donna. We're not going to lose our son, I promise you that.

Jamie: Jake.

Jake: Jamie, what the hell are you doing here in the middle of the day?

Jamie: Day off. What about you? Shouldn't you be working?

Jake: Well, I can't run the place all by myself.

Jamie: Well, where's your partner?

Jake: Her husband came in and took her away from it all.

Jamie: Leaving you alone and not too happy, it looks like.

Jake: You got it.

Jamie: I heard Donna's really getting into this.

Jake: She was.

Jamie: What happened?

Jake: I don't know.

Jamie: Well, I hope it works out.

Jake: Yeah, Visions was just getting ready to take off and then...

Jamie: Did you know that Vicky is out of town?

Jake: No.

Jamie: I got a message from her this morning--a note. She said she couldn't pick up Steven today.

Jake: Where did she go?

Jamie: I thought you could tell me.

Jake: I don't have any idea, Jamie.

Marley: I've been great.

Vicky: I don't believe you.

Marley: I'm not saying it's been easy.

Vicky: It was a mistake, and you know it.

Marley: If you're talking about my moving to California, Vicky, I don't think--

Vicky: You never should have left Bay City, Marley.

Marley: Don't tell me what I should have done.

Vicky: You ran away.

Marley: I will decide where I belong, what I will do, how I will live my life. Do you understand?

Vicky: I was only trying to help.

Marley: Like you've always helped me in the past, right?

Vicky: You walked away, Marley. From Jake, from everything. Why?

Marley: I was afraid of what I had become.

Vicky: What do you mean?

Marley: I had turned cold...to protect myself from you.

Vicky: You mean to get back at me? So, has being away helped?

Marley: Why are you here, Vicky?

Vicky: I don't know, really. I--I feel like I need you. Like you need me.

Marley: Sometimes it's such a burden, isn't it?

Vicky: What is?

Marley: Being connected the way we are. Your unhappiness--even thousands of miles away, I can feel it. Last week, late at night, I got into bed, and I knew somehow that you were alone and unhappy because you missed Steven.

Vicky: Nights are the hardest.

Marley: And there was something else.

Vicky: You are good.

Marley: A man.

Vicky: Good guess.

Marley: He's in love with someone else, isn't he, Vicky?

Vicky: You don't have to be my twin to know that. Just look at my stats.

Marley: I am sorry.

Vicky: What's this?

Marley: Don't touch that.

Vicky: What's going on, Marley? I want you to tell me what's wrong.

Marley: Everything.

John: I just wanted to spend some time with you. I needed to spend some time with my wife.

Sharlene: And what about the hospital? How did you get the day off?

John: I'll make up the time to them. Don't worry.

Sharlene: Give me one second. I've got some potatoes on the stove, ok? I'm gonna turn them off before they turn to mush.

Olivia: Josie, ha ha. When you see this, you're not going to... what's wrong?

Josie: Nothing.

Olivia: What's going on? Don't tell me, "nothing." You're white as a sheet.

Matt: Some creep called Josie on the phone.

Olivia: An obscene phone call?

Josie: It wasn't just some creep either.

Matt: It was the guy who sent the marked up picture in the mail.

Olivia: Are you sure it was the same guy?

Josie: Yes, yes.

Olivia: Well, how do you know?

Josie: Because he said the same things, ok?

Olivia: "You'll soon be mine"?

Matt: We don't have to go into details, Olivia.

Olivia: Oh, Josie, that's horrifying. You must be scared to death.

Matt: Yes, we get the point, Olivia.

Olivia: What else did he say?

Matt: We don't have to rehash the entire event, Olivia.

Olivia: I'm concerned, Matthew.

Josie: He asked me if I'd gotten his note yet.

Olivia: And then what did you say?

Josie: Nothing. I couldn't speak.

Olivia: Well, then, what did he say then?

Matt: Olivia, would you cut it--

Olivia: She has to talk about it sometime.

Josie: He said he meant what he said, and that he and I would soon be together.

Olivia: Oh, no. How creepy.

Josie: That's when I hung up.

Olivia: [Sighs] What if he calls again?

Matt: He won't call again. We're going to make sure of that.

Olivia: Well, Matthew, it may not be quite that simple. If this man is a psychopath, heaven only knows--

Matt: What were you going to show us in the magazine here? You were gonna--what is in here?

Olivia: Nothing, nothing. It was just some gossip thing. I--it's nothing, really.

Frankie: Maybe I can help here.

Cass: I was hoping you'd say that.

Frankie: I'll run a check on the Millers and see if they are who they say they are.

Cass: Good. Find out how they lost the kid in the first place, will you? Their lawyer doesn't want to seem to address that subject.

Frankie: I'll find out.

Cass: If anyone will, you will, Frankie. Well, you're the best.

Frankie: Well, thank you, boss.

Cass: Oh, don't mention it. I was thinking, you know, after Michael and Donna left, what a strange thing life is. I mean, here they are having all kinds of problems--major problems, and at the same time, things are really great with you and me.

Frankie: I never knew I could feel like this.

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: I keep remembering how I felt when I finally said that I love you. I--I felt suddenly free. Extremely elated. You know? Yeah, it was--it was a liberating experience saying that I love you.

Frankie: Oh, I'm glad.

Cass: Isn't there anything you want to say to me?

Frankie: Like what?

Cass: Uh, I just remembered a very important meeting that I have--

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: I'll be back in a couple of hours.

Frankie: Oh, Cass.

Cass: I'll talk to you later, Frankie.

Frankie: Mary Frances, you stupid, insensitive... wait a minute, wait a minute. Yes!

Jake: You need a spot on that, Jamie?

Jamie: If you don't, I'm going to be in deep trouble.

Jake: Oh.

Jamie: Thanks, Jake.

Jake: You don't fool around when you work out, do you?

Jamie: Jake, I think we should try to clear the air.

Jake: I don't want to be your friend, Jamie.

Jamie: Fine. No problem.

Jake: How's Steven?

Jamie: Terrific. Growing every day.

Jake: That's good.

Jamie: Why don't you come by the house sometime and see him? You are his uncle.

Jake: [Laughs] I'm divorced from Marley. That's kind of a technicality now, you know?

Jamie: Not to me. And I don't see any reasons why we should really remain enemies. I mean, what does that prove?

Jake: I don't have to prove anything.

Jamie: Neither do I. And I also don't want to be on bad terms with anyone in my son's life. And I know you're still good friends with Vicky.

Jake: Steven's a good kid. You're lucky.

Jamie: Yeah. He likes you a lot, Jake. I can tell. You're good with him.

Jake: Thank you.

Jamie: You know, a lot has happened in a year.

Jake: Way too much. And I'm sure you blame it all on me, huh?

Jake: I did. And I blamed Vicky, too. And eventually I--I got around to blaming myself. I spent a lot of time wondering what might have been.

Jake: Yeah, if Vicky and I wouldn't have spent that night-- I wonder, too, man. I wonder all the time.

Jamie: What would have happened?

Jake: I don't know. Maybe you and Vicky still would be together. Marley and I would be together. I don't know.

Jamie: Well, trying to pin all the blame on somebody else doesn't make it work out any differently.

Jake: We all lost, man.

Jamie: Yeah. You know, I always thought Marley was pretty terrific.

Jake: Best thing that ever happened to me.

Jamie: Who knows, Jake? Maybe one day the two of you will get back together again.

Jake: No, I don't think so. A lot has happened since she walked out. I--I don't see it working out, you know?

Marley: Nothing has worked out the way I thought it would.

Vicky: Who are the flowers from, Marley?

Marley: You still haven't told me why you're here.

Vicky: You're not gonna tell me, are you?

Marley: Trusted some people I shouldn't have.

Vicky: Because you're still--

Marley: But then, I have a history of doing that, don't I? Trusting the wrong people?

Vicky: I never meant to hurt you.

Marley: I thought you were going to try and avoid clichés, Vicky.

Vicky: All right. If I had been honest, if I had told you the truth from the beginning about Jake and me, would--would it have made a difference?

Marley: The only thing that could have made a difference is if there had been nothing to tell.

Vicky: I wish that were the case.

Marley: Do you? The funny thing is it meant so much to me back then, and now it means nothing.

Vicky: I don't believe that.

Marley: I have my own life now, Vicky. Separate from Jake, separate from you.

Vicky: Is that really what you want?

Marley: Do you care what I want?

Vicky: That's not fair, Marley.

Marley: You're talking to me about fair?

Vicky: What happened was horrible and wrong and hurtful, but we can't let it ruin the rest of our lives. I still love you. I can't help it. And Jake will never get over you.

Marley: My feelings for him are dead.

Vicky: Look me in the eye and say that. Tell me the truth.

Marley: Sometimes I remember how he made me laugh. And I do miss him.

Vicky: Then do something about it. Come on, Marley, I know you're a fighter. Prove it to Jake. Prove it to yourself. Come back to Bay City with me.

Marley: I am not ready.

Vicky: Ready for what? You're afraid you're going to get hurt? Let me tell you. Putting it off isn't going to protect you.

Marley: Why do you want me to do this?

Vicky: You're my sister. We spent all those years not knowing the other existed. I think it's time we made up for that.

Marley: We've hurt each other, Vicky. A lot.

Vicky: It's time to stop.

Marley: Is Jake seeing anyone?

Vicky: Oh, Marley. Even if he were, who could ever take your place?

Michael: We are going to be polite today. We are going to be gracious. We are going to act like sane, sober adults for Mikey's sake.

Bridget: I just feel so terrible.

Michael: Why, Bridget?

Bridget: Well, if I hadn't tripped on that toy and fallen--

Michael: It's not your fault.

Bridget: Yes. None of this would have happened.

Donna: Bridget, Bridget, you're not to blame. It's these people, these Millers, who are coming here. They have no right to come here, and they're the ones that are to blame.

Michael: Bridget, tell you what. Why don't you just go upstairs, play with Mikey for a little while, and maybe we'll call you.

Bridget: Yes, of course. I'm just so terribly sorry.

Michael: It's ok.

Bridget: Bye.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: And I was hoping that we could try to remain calm.

Donna: Calm? You want me to stay calm when people are coming to try to take my child?

Michael: Yes, yes, yes. Calm. Because I know you can do anything if it's important enough to you.

Donna: I was thinking a lot on the way over here. These people found Mikey looking at the TV interviews that I gave. They know that we have money.

Michael: I already checked with Cass about that.

Donna: They're after money. That's what they want. It's money.

Michael: Well, Cass doesn't think so. To tell you the truth, I think we should just reserve judgment until we meet these people.

Donna: No, I think it's money. I know it's money, and I hate them for what they're doing. I hate them.

[Doorbell rings]

Michael: Please, come in.

Man: Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Yes. Mr. Miller.

Man: This is Eve, and I'm Toby.

Eve: Hello.

Michael: Eve, Toby, please come in. This is--this is my wife, Donna. Donna, this is Eve and Toby Miller. Donna.

Donna: How do you do?

Eve: You have a lovely home.

Toby: Yes, it is.

Michael: We understand you had a rather long trip.

Eve: Two days.

Toby: I didn't think our old heap would make it this far, but she made it, didn't she, Evie?

Eve: Sure did. Pardon me for staring, but I have never seen so many beautiful things.

Toby: Yeah, this is some place all right.

Donna: How did you know our son was here?

Toby: He's our son.

Donna: You have no right to call him yours--

Michael: Donna, please. I'm sorry. This is very difficult.

Eve: We saw his photograph.

Toby: Him and you, Mrs. Hudson.

Eve: And the article saying that he was a hero.

Toby: He called the emergency hotline, it said.

Eve: As soon as we saw his picture, we knew he was our son.

Toby: We knew it right off.

Eve: I can't tell you how it felt as soon as I saw his face.

Donna: This is absurd.

Toby: Someone took him from us, you know.

Eve: But we never gave up hope.

Michael: Wait a minute. What do you mean, somebody took him?

Toby: Well, he was kidnapped. It's almost two years now.

Eve: I--I almost went crazy.

Toby: Tried everything to find him. We searched for months.

Eve: We spent every cent we had.

Toby: These people that you hire to track missing persons-- they charge an arm and a leg.

Eve: And finally we ran out of money.

Toby: So we had to give up the search.

Eve: But in our hearts, we never gave up.

Toby: So, well, this is--for us it's...

Eve: It's like a dream come true. I don't mean to be rude, but we have come so far, and we have waited so long for this. Please, can we see our son?

Olivia: I mean, to think that this guy is going to try and track her down.

Matt: Would you just stop with garbage like that? Nothing is going to happen to Josie. I won't let it.

Olivia: I know you're going to try and protect her, Matthew, and I really do think it's sweet, but if this man is a psycho...

Matt: How's it going over here?

Man: Well, the first thing I would suggest is that Josie get an unlisted phone number.

Matt: Yeah, I thought of that. I'm going to handle that.

Josie: Isn't there anything else I can do?

Policeman: Don't open the door for anyone you don't know-- anyone.

Josie: Ok.

Olivia: That's it?

Matt: Shut up, Olivia.

Policeman: We can't go after some man just on the basis of one prank call. If he calls again and he starts saying things like, "I'm coming after you," just call us immediately.

Olivia: This is a nightmare.

Matt: What else should we do?

Policeman: Just be careful. Try not to be alone, Josie. And if you see or hear anyone who looks remotely suspicious, just remember where he was and call us.

Olivia: What if that maniac calls again?

Josie: He won't.

Olivia: How do you know?

Josie: Because the officer said that they usually wait between calls.

Olivia: Yeah, well, you never know. Just promise me that you'll have Matthew answer the phone and the door.

Josie: All right.

Olivia: Just promise me that you'll let him handle everything.

Matt: Here we go. We're going.

Olivia: I'm going to go to rehearsal, and if anything happens--if you need me, just call me.

Matt: Right. We will.

Olivia: I'll be praying for you, Josie.

Matt: Olivia, out. All right? Enough.

Olivia: I'll see you later, sweetie.

Matt: Good-bye.

Olivia: Bye.

Matt: I can't believe her.

Josie: Matthew, why is this happening?

Matt: Hey, hey, it's ok, it's ok. Everything's going to be all right. I am here with you. Everything's going to be ok.

Sharlene: Oh. This has been a wonderful surprise. But you know what I was thinking you would do--I was thinking that you would come home and whisk me off to the airport.

John: Hmm.

Sharlene: And then we'd fly off to Paris or something. And then we'd spend a couple of days there and then go to-I don't know. Where would we go?

John: Oh. How about Rome?

Sharlene: To Rome

John: O Rome

Sharlene: Rome. Yeah, spend a couple of weeks there, and then we'd maybe go back to London, and then home.

John: Uh-huh. You know, I had thought of that.

Sharlene: Oh, no.

John: Yeah. Too predictable?

John: Absolutely.

Sharlene: Oh.

John: Anybody can come up with a surprise like that. It's...

Sharlene: You insulted ..... I even thought of it?

John: Well, I'll try to overlook it.

Sharlene: I want you to know I'm not the least bit disappointed. I love you.

John: I love you, too. I hope you know how much.

Sharlene: Of course I know how much. What's that look for?

John: I--I need to talk to you.

Sharlene: Ok, about what?

John: Sharlene, I want things to be the way they were.

Sharlene: When? The way they were when?

John: Before we started having problems.

Sharlene: You think we're having problems?

John: Yes, I do.

Sharlene: John, every couple has problems.

John: Not like us. And I don't want you to act as if everything is fine.

Sharlene: Well, it is fine. Today it's fine. Today's been wonderful--

John: Today, yes. But lately I've been coming home, and I'm not sure who I'm coming home to.

Sharlene: Am I that difficult to live with?

John: Sharlene, that's not what I said.

Sharlene: John, it's--it's the hypoglycemia. You know that. It's--it's that, and it's the hours I'm keeping. And I told you I'd cut back. I promised that, and I'm sticking to the diet.

John: You're going to have to do more than that.

Sharlene: Like what?

John: I want you to see an analyst.

Sharlene: I can handle my own problems. I don't need somebody to tell me how to live my life.

John: She's not going to do that.

Sharlene: She? You're telling me you've already got somebody picked out?

John: Her name is Dr. Taylor Benson. I talked to her yesterday.

Sharlene: You talked to her about me?

John: Actually, I talked more about me.

Sharlene: I'm the one everybody thinks is crazy.

John: Oh, come on, Sharlene. Nobody's saying that. There's a problem. We need to take care of it. Don't you agree that there's a problem?

Sharlene: I don't know.

John: That's just it. Neither of us do for sure. But we owe it to ourselves to find out. So, please, talk to her. Do it for us. For our future.

Sharlene: Ok. I will.

Olivia: So, how's everything with you and your family? Is Steven all right?

Jamie: Steven is better than all right. He's actually a genius, not to mention a born artist, an all-around athlete, and an all-around bon vivant.

Olivia: [Laughs]

Jamie: Do I sound like a proud papa, or what?

Olivia: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Jamie: I didn't think so.

Olivia: How's Alli?

Jamie: More beautiful every day.

Olivia: Amanda and Sam?

Jamie: They're fine. Just fine.

Olivia: Good, good. I'm glad.

Jamie: Why do you say that?

Olivia: That I'm glad?

Jamie: Well, you sounded as if you were worried.

Olivia: Oh, no, no. It's just that I haven't seen very much of them lately since I'm not modeling for Sam anymore.

Jamie: Yeah. I guess you and Sam got to know each other pretty well.

Olivia: He's very talented. So is Amanda. How they keep their marriage so fresh when both of them work so hard...

Jamie: They love each other.

Olivia: Well, still, it must put a strain on the relationship.

Jamie: Sometimes, I guess.

Olivia: But Sam is back painting. His energy has returned?

Jamie: I don't remember him ever losing it.

Olivia: Well, there was a time when I was very worried about him, but I guess they've worked out all that out. It must be wonderful to have a marriage like that.

Jamie: Yeah, it must be. Look, I better hit the showers. It's good seeing you.

Olivia: Same here.

Jamie: Take care.

Jake: Ah.

Olivia: Jake, hi.

Jake: I--I didn't know you and the doctor were friends.

Olivia: Well, sure. Why wouldn't we be?

Jake: I mean good friends.

Olivia: No, you mean something else, and you're wrong.

Jake: Jamie is very unattached right now, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, Jamie's not for me.

Jake: If you say so.

Olivia: I doubt that I'll have very many serious involvements at all for a long time to come. All those feelings just make life too complicated.

Frankie: Barry. Hi, look, he's coming. Great. After this song.

[Knock on door]

Frankie: Right.

[Romantic soft rock playing]

Cass: Did we not pay the electric bill?

Frankie: Hi.

Cass: We must have. The radio's on.

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Cass: So what's going on, Frankie?

Frankie: Would you like to dance?

Cass: Oh, song's over.

Frankie: We'll make our own music.

Cass: I think I like the sound of that.

D.J.: Our next song comes with a dedication. To Cass, from Mary Frances.

Cass: Ha, ha, ha, ha. I think I like the sound of that, too. [Laughs]

Frankie: Do you recognize it?

Cass: Yes, I do. It's the song we danced to at your reunion.

Singer: Every night I'm lyin' in bed

Cass: You've gone to a lot of trouble here, Frankie.

Frankie: I would have done more, but I was short on time.

Cass: So you just felt like dancing the afternoon away?

Frankie: I just felt that I needed to show you something.

Cass: A new dance step?

Frankie: When you left before, I didn't say anything. And I knew you wanted me to.

Cass: Let's forget about it.

Frankie: I can't.

Cass: Yes, you can. Let's just dance and forget about everything else.

Frankie: I felt so close to you that night. Do you remember?

Cass: Oh, yeah, I remember everything about that night. I remember the clothes you wore. I remember the way you smelled. I remember the way you wore your hair. I remember the jewelry that you had--

Frankie: Cass, I'm trying to do something here, so could you be quiet for a moment, please?

Cass: Oh, sorry. Sure, go ahead.

Frankie: It's just that I'm sorry I didn't say anything before. I wanted to, but I'm no good at telling you I love you. Even though I do... so much. But I'm real good at showing it.

Singer: I give you my heart I give you the best of my love

Josie: I wouldn't be able to handle this if you weren't here, if you hadn't shown up when you did.

Matt: I'm here whenever you need me. You know that.

Josie: I just wish this wasn't happening.

Matt: Hey, it is over, Josie.

Josie: We don't know that.

Matt: Yes, I know that, because I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Josie: How can you stop it?

Matt: Ah, trust me. Now put this out of your mind. Will you do that for me?

Josie: How am I going to do that?

Matt: Well, how about some chocolate chip cookies? That'll solve the problem.

Josie: I guess that'd be a pretty good idea.

Matt: Yes, oh. And as for this...

Josie: Sweet of Olivia to bring it home with her.

Matt: Yes, very tasteful and sensitive.

Josie: Sometimes I really think she's just like aunt Liz.

Matt: Oh, definitely. There.

Josie: Now if you could just do that to that creep that's after me.

Matt: Oh, no, no, no, no. No more talk of the creep. It is over, remember? More important things--the chocolate chip cookies. Are they still in the fridge?

Josie: Yeah, I--they should be.

John: I'm sorry if this conversation upset you. Believe me, I don't want anything upsetting our lives.

Sharlene: Somehow, when we're together, when you've got your arms around me, everything feels right again, you know that?

John: Somehow?

Sharlene: Oh, not somehow, because I'm madly, passionately in love with you.

John: Well, that's better.

Sharlene: And I know you're trying to help me because you love me. I know that.

John: I do love you, Sharlene. I wish you knew how much.

Sharlene: I think I'm beginning to. I think so.

John: Mm. Timing is everything, and I have to go back to work.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I just can't seem to keep my hands off you.

John: Oh, I know the problem. I completely understand. Same problem with all the other nurses at work.

Sharlene: Well, I'm going to have to talk to your chief of staff.

John: You're going to be all right, Sharlene. Everything's going to be fine. You talk to this analyst, and we'll work everything out.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: I promise.

Sharlene: Go on. Go on.

Toby: Please, Mrs. Hudson--

Donna: This really isn't a very good time right now.

Eve: I brought his favorite toy from when he was a baby. I made it.

Toby: She's kept it all this time on the night table beside our bed.

Eve: He'd play with it for hours.

Toby: He is here, isn't he?

Michael: Yeah, he's here.

Donna: Actually, he's asleep right now. He's taking a nap. I hate to wake him when he's having a nap.

Eve: But we were told this would be a convenient time.

Donna: Well, normally it would be.

Michael: Donna.

Toby: Our lawyer promised that we'd see him.

Donna: But I just put him down a few minutes ago.

Michael: Please...

Toby: Maybe you could make a change in the schedule just for today.

Eve: Have him nap later.

Toby: Make an exception just this one time.

Mikey: Mommy, Mommy.

Donna: Darling, I'm here. Mommy's right here.

Marley: I need more time.

Vicky: No, you don't. You can come back with me right now. All right, fine. I guess I'll be talking to you soon, ok? Give me a call sometime, all right?

Marley: Wait, you have to leave right now?

Vicky: Hey, what's 8 hours of flying in one day, huh?

Marley: But after coming all this way not to stay just for a little while...

Vicky: I have to get back to my son, Marley. And to Mom and Dad. Oh, they're having problems, in case they haven't told you.

Marley: What kind of problems?

Vicky: Maybe you should talk to them about it. Better yet... come back with me. Come and see them. Just for a few days, for--for a visit.

Marley: I don't understand.

Vicky: What? What's to understand?

Marley: After all this time suddenly you're so anxious to have me around.

Vicky: Where'd you get these earrings?

Marley: Why are we talking about earrings all of the sudden?

Vicky: Where did you get them?

Marley: Vicky, I--I don't remember.

Vicky: You're in some kind of trouble, aren't you, Marley?

Marley: No.

Vicky: Please, just come back with me. I would feel much better if you were nearby.

Marley: I'm sorry. I just can't leave right now.

Vicky: You're in some kind of trouble, Marley. Let me help.

Marley: I don't need help.

Vicky: Ok. Fine. Take care.

Marley: Somehow... I will.

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