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Another World Transcript Friday 3/10/06

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[Shutters banging]

[Banging stops]

[Shutters banging]

Vicky: Whoa. [Gasping]

Iris: [Gasps] The bottom line is that somebody has been tampering with our computers.

Woman: I understand that, Mrs. Wheeler--

Iris: And while Comsec sits on their hands, our funds are being diverted, if not lost completely.

Woman: We are not sitting on our hands.

Iris: Then what are you doing, Sharon? I haven't heard any results yet.

Sharon: These things take time.

Iris: You've made a lot of promises.

Sharon: And we intend to keep them. Comsec is on top of things, I assure you.

Iris: Promises and assurances are not enough. Hello, Evan, what are you doing here?

Evan: I want to see Amanda-- now.

Amanda: [British accent] It's going to be brilliant.

Sam: Amanda?

Amanda: I can tell already.

Sam: I thought you'd still be sleeping.

Amanda: Oh, no. No, I've got a lot of things to do today. And I have a morning--an early morning appointment.

Sam: Wait. But your appointment's not till noon.

Amanda: How would you know that?

Sam: Well, why shouldn't I? Is it privileged information?

Amanda: The only person that knows my schedule is my secretary.

Sam: Yeah, right. I talked to her a few minutes ago.

Amanda: You talked to my--why? Are you checking up on me?

Ken: Good morning.

Rachel: Good morning. How did you sleep?

Ken: Well, thank you. Thank you for the loan of the razor.

Rachel: You're welcome. Are you well enough to leave?

Ken: Good as new. I think the sooner I leave, the better for everybody concerned. I've brought enough confusion into your life.

Rachel: I've thought a lot about what you told me about Mac.

Ken: Yes, I thought I heard somebody walking around down here last night--

Rachel: You haven't told me everything.

Ken: Rachel--

Rachel: You've been very vague about Central America before you were hurt.

Ken: We've talked enough about the past, Rachel. Don't you think it's time to move on?

Michael: Cass, you wouldn't know this Boynton by chance, would you?

Cass: No, I don't.

Michael: Well...I mean, I couldn't get a take on him. I--I...

Cass: Well, he's obviously an expert in this kind of case.

Michael: So what do you think?

Cass: Well, these people--the Millers--claim to be Mikey's natural parents...

Michael: Right.

Cass: ...And they want their son back.

Michael: Look, how do we know this is about Mikey and not about money, huh?

Cass: This looks pretty straightforward to me, Michael. Uh, this birth certificate, pediatric records, that sort of thing... so no, I don't think that this is a con here.

Michael: I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

Cass: But there are a whole lot of ifs. I mean, the Millers can claim anything they like, but at some point, they are going to have to prove that claim to be legitimate.

Michael: Well, what about the footprints? What about the birth certificate?

Cass: Well, these are all the real thing, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're Mikey's. Now, what we can do is get our own set of prints and have an expert compare the two.

Michael: Cass, what if they match?

Cass: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First things first.

Michael: Yeah, but could the court take him away from us?

Cass: We haven't even gone to court yet, Michael. Maybe you won't have to--

Michael: Yeah, but what if the Millers want him back?

Cass: Sometimes people say things, but then when they see the reality of the situation, they back off, you know?

Michael: You mean, you think they could withdraw their claim?

Cass: Michael, anything can happen. But I do think we have to proceed on the assumption that the Millers mean business.

Michael: So we gotta--we gotta compare the footprints here?

Cass: Yeah, and I'm gonna talk to this lawyer--this Boynton guy. I want to sound him out.

Michael: Good, good. Cass, you know, on some level, way in the back of my mind, I always knew this was possible, but I never thought it would happen.

Cass: Nothing has happened yet. It could be nothing will.

Michael: Look, thanks. I gotta go.

Cass: Where are you going?

Michael: I have to do something I've been putting off far too long. I have got to tell Donna.

Donna: See, this is the same kind of camera they use when they do "Sesame Street."

Mikey: Oscar the grouch.

Donna: Yes, Oscar the grouch.

Jake: Come on, and take a look at it. See Mommy the grouch. Whoo!

Bridget: Oh, look.

Donna: Hello! What you see on television is photographed by cameras.

Mikey: Even the cookie monster?

Bridget: Oh, yes.

Donna: Even the cookie monster.

Bridget: Did you know you are the original cookie monster? You know that I made a whole batch of scotch shortbread the other day, and he practically ate it all.

Donna: Why am I not surprised? This is a crosspatch.

Bridget: But we did manage to save a few pieces, and that's why we're going to the park for the first picnic of the season.

Donna: Well, it's a gorgeous day. Thank you so much for taking him. I wish I could go with you, but Mommy's got to stay here and work.

Bridget: Well, then we are going to leave you to it. Come on, then. We're going to see the squirrels and the pigeons, and maybe we will see a robin red breast.

Donna: Ooh. All right, up you go.

Bridget: Come on. We will be back later.

Donna: Good-bye.

Bridget: Good day.

Donna: Kisses. Kisses.

Jake: Bye, Bridget. You be good, Mikey.

Bridget: Oops. Come on, here we go.

Jake: How did you sleep last night?

Donna: Hey, have we billed "Sophisticate," yet?

Jake: That bad, huh?

Donna: Ah, I didn't hear what you said.

Jake: Liar.

Donna: Have it your way. Now what about "Sophisticate"?

Jake: Fine, Donna, just keep avoiding me.

Donna: I slept very well last night. Are you satisfied?

Jake: Yeah.

Donna: May we get on to business?

Jake: You want to discuss "Sophisticate"?

Donna: I haven't seen the final edit, yet.

Jake's voice: Do you ever think about me at night the way that you know I think about you?

Donna: Jake, I--

Jake: Sit down. Donna, I said sit down!

Donna: You've gone round the bend. I really think you've snapped.

Jake: Will we ever make love again, Donna?

Donna: I don't know, and I certainly wouldn't have you put it on videotape if I did.

Jake: Fine, next question.

Donna: No. I should have walked out of here as soon as I knew what you were up to. It was a complete mistake for me to stay.

Jake: You know what Freud says, don't you?

Donna: No, do you?

Jake: Yeah. That there are no mistakes.

Ken: Rachel, I told you everything that's important last night. I have nothing more to say on the subject of Mac Cory. Look, I don't blame you for doubting me. I was holding out on you before, but not now. Everything I told you is the truth.

Rachel: Mac just walked into your shop all those years later?

Ken: Maybe it was fate.

Rachel: It was fate that I should meet you, too?

Ken: No, I engineered that. But it looks like it's fate now that I should walk out of your life--or at least out of your house.

Rachel: You're very inconsistent, you know. Some things you explain very logically; others you toss off to fate.

Ken: I'm not tossing anything off, Rachel. I think the best thing for me to do is to go upstairs, get my things, and leave.

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: One more thing.

Rachel: What?

Ken: Would you consider staying on at the Odyssey?

Rachel: I thought you were leaving town.

Ken: What do you say? You want to keep your old job? We might actually get the place in the black--pretty unfamiliar terrain.

Rachel: I don't know what to say.

Ken: "Yes" would be one thing you could say.

Rachel: I don't know if that's the right thing for me to do.

Ken: Yeah. Well, the place won't be the same without you.

Rachel: I don't think anything's the same anymore.

[Doorbell rings]

Hilda: Mr. Blake! Mr. Blake-Mr. Blake, wa.

Mitch: Rachel.

Hilda: Mr. Blake.

Rachel: What do you want?

Hilda: I'm sorry, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: It's all right, Hilda.

Hilda: I told him you were busy.

Rachel: Yes?

Mitch: Why is Ken Jordan staying here? Why would you allow that? After he's lied to you, he's put your life in danger. What is it? Have you lost your mind?

Iris: All right, everybody back to work now. Come on, move it.

Evan: Iris. Is Amanda in her office?

Iris: No, she's not in yet.

Evan: Well, good, I'll wait.

Iris: I don't think she's expected until noon.

Evan: Well, I believe you, but I'll wait.

Iris: Why wouldn't you believe me, darling?

Sharon: I'd better be going, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Oh, yes, I'll get you that information you wanted. I don't think you've met Evan Bates. Sharon Rogers. Evan was responsible for putting in most of our computer programming.

Sharon: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Bates.

Evan: Same here.

Iris: Sharon's installing a security system in our program. Uh, Evan, I need to talk to you about something important. Could you please wait? I'll just get you what you need. Excuse me.

Sharon: Well, for a minute, I thought she knew I was working for you.

Evan: How could she know anything unless you said something?

Sharon: Oh, not me. I've been very careful.

Sharon: Well, then there's no way I can be linked to Comsec. So we have nothing to worry about.

Sharon: Right, well, I don't think we should be seen talking.

Iris: Thank you very much, Sharon. That should speed things along a bit.

Sharon: Thank you. Bye.

Iris: Did Sharon tell you why we needed to put in a security system?

Evan: Hello and good-bye.

Iris: I see. Well, somebody has been tampering with our computer program.

Evan: Tampering?

Iris: Yes. Funds have been diverted, and some are completely missing.

Evan: Well, that's interesting.

Iris: I don't suppose you'd know anything about it, would you?

Evan: Me?

Iris: Yes, darling, you.

Evan: I really can't believe you're even asking me that question.

Iris: Look, I know your, um, business relationship with Amanda ended very badly and that there was an awful lot of bitterness involved.

Evan: You're grasping for straws, Iris.

Iris: I just want to make certain that that bitterness hasn't caused you to do something utterly destructive--

Evan: Well, what you're saying is totally absurd, and you know it. All right? So if you excuse me, I'm going to use your fax machine.

Rachel: You should have called first.

Mitch: Since when am I supposed to call before I can see my son?

Rachel: Oh, you came over here to see Matthew? Well, you could have spared yourself a trip. He is over with Josie. And I can be spared a lecture.

Mitch: I don't mean to upset you. I just happened to be--

Rachel: If you don't want to upset me, then you better stay off the subject of Ken Jordan. You always jump to the wrong conclusions.

Mitch: Well, wait a minute, I said that I was sorry. I meant it. I want us to be friends, but I don't like the idea of Ken Jordan coming in here--

Rachel: Look, Ken Jordan has not hurt our friendship. You have by keeping Mac's note from me.

Mitch: I said that was a stupid thing, I agree. But I just wanted to know what his connection is with Mac.

Rachel: I know.

Mitch: What?

Rachel: I know what his connection is.

Mitch: You do? He told you?

Rachel: Yes.

Mitch: What is it?

Rachel: Well, I haven't checked the whole story out yet.

Mitch: Rachel, I have a right to know.

Rachel: No, you don't.

Mitch: Why won't you tell me? What--is this your idea of getting back at me?

Rachel: It was back when Mac was still working in the newspaper. Ken was hired to, uh, fly into Central America on an assignment.

Mitch: That was years ago.

Rachel: The plane went down. Mac was not hurt, but Ken was. Mac went for help, but as far as Ken is concerned, the help never showed up. He eventually got out of there. He survived.

Mitch: Wait a minute, there is no way that Mac left someone dying in a jungle.

Rachel: He didn't. He did send help. The help didn't find Ken. And then Mac was told that Ken was dead.

Mitch: So how did he find out otherwise?

Rachel: Mac just walked into his shop in Maine.

Mitch: What? Wait, wait, wait. What--he just ran into him?

Rachel: That's what Ken says.

Mitch: And you believe him? That he's some sort of tragic, heroic figure?

Rachel: He didn't paint himself particularly heroic.

Mitch: Oh, I'm sure he didn't.

Rachel: Well, I guess I shouldn't have told you this.

Mitch: Look, how is it that he knew Mac all these years, and Iris didn't know? Or better yet, how is it that Mac never told you about that part of his past? I mean, he told you everything, didn't he?

Rachel: Not everything.

Mitch: Look, I can't disprove it. I can't disprove anything that Jordan says. The only one that can do that is Mac. But I'm telling you, I don't believe a word that he says.

Rachel: Well, it just doesn't much matter whether you do or not, does it?

Mitch: Look, he's lied to me. He's lied to you. He's been playing games with you. Can't you see that he just might possibly be using you?

Rachel: For what?

Mitch: Why else would he be using all of the story and using Mac's name all the time?

Rachel: I just don't think you know what you're talking about.

Mitch: Why can't you just see it? That he might be using you for who you are and what you have.

Rachel: Well, he's going about it in a very strange way, isn't he? Because he's leaving today.

Mitch: Well, that's good. That's the best news that I've heard. At least, you're getting one of the world's best con artists out of your life. It is over, isn't it?

Rachel: I don't know, Mitch.

Mitch: Rachel.

Rachel: What?

Mitch: You're not falling for this guy, are you? Are you?

Sam: I was sending you flowers.

Amanda: Flowers?

Sam: Yeah. And I wanted to make sure you were there when I sent them. That's why I called your secretary. Do you feel better?

Amanda: Why would you send me flowers? It's not a special occasion.

Sam: So what? Why can't it just be because I love you?

Amanda: Sure, I guess. I just...

Sam: You just what?

Amanda: Nothing, nothing. That's very sweet.

Sam: Hey, look who's here! Alli, I thought you were eating breakfast.

Amanda: Oh, look how pretty she looks.

Hilda: She's all finished. There you go.

Sam: Let me have you. Come here.

Hilda: And we have a fax for you, Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: Thank you, Hilda.

Hilda: Come on, Alli, let's go.

Sam: Aw, that's ok. It's ok. We'll keep her here for a little while. Thanks, Hilda. Do you want to play with something? I got some toys for you. Lookie here.

Amanda: Look at the outfit that grandma gave you for Christmas.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I love these.

Sam: Come here, Alli-oop. Here you go.

Amanda: She's going to be big enough to go running with you soon, huh?

Sam: Yeah, sure, she will. So who's your other appointment with? Want some crayons?

Amanda: What?

Sam: Your appointment--your appointment--the one your secretary doesn't know about. There you go. Yeah.

Amanda: Well, I told you about the air-conditioning problem that we have, right? Um, we are gonna have to close the office on Friday, and I have to work out all the details with them. I didn't find out until late last night. That's why Wendy didn't know.

Sam: Oh, late last night. So, that's what the phone call was about late last night?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: It's really no big deal. Can we just drop it?

Sam: Sure. What do you got there, Alli?

Amanda: That's nothing. It's mine. Uh...

Sam: Must be important.

Amanda: No, it's just business.

Sam: Could you take Alli back to the house? I need to get back to work.

Amanda: I can't ta ts an resa

Sam: I don't know what you mean.

Amanda: Are things ever going to be right between us?

Sam: I don't know why you keep saying that.

Amanda: Because I just get the feeling that you...

Sam: I what?

Amanda: That you hate me.

Sam: I love you.

Amanda: But then how can you--

Sam: And I want things to be back the way they were.

Amanda: Even...

Sam: Even if what?

Amanda: Even if we aren't good together any more?

Sam: Is that what you think?

Amanda: I don't know what to think.

Sam: Amanda, you will always be good for me. That's why you're never gonna leave me. Er.

Amanda: We need some time apart, Sam.

Sam: Don't you love me anymore?

Amanda: This has nothing to do with love.

Sam: No, I think that's exactly what this has to do with.

Amanda: Things have changed.

Sam: What things?

Amanda: Ken Jordan is leaving, for one.

Sam: What does that have--got to do with us?

Amanda: We won't have to worry about mom anymore.

Sam: I still don't understand.

Amanda: If we needed time apart, then she'd--

Sam: Oh, oh, oh. She'd be able to deal with it, is that it?

Amanda: Yes, it may upset her, but she would be able to deal with it--

Sam: Amanda, what about the way I feel, huh? Doesn't that concern you at all?

Amanda: Yes, of course it does--

Sam: Doesn't it concern you that you and Alli are the only two things that mean anything in the world to me, except for maybe the painting.

Amanda: But, sam, I don't...

Sam: Amanda, look, all right, all right, that's part of the reason I've been so tense, ok? Caroline has informed me that she wants to do another show.

Amanda: Another show? When?

Sam: Yeah. In a couple of weeks, all right. She says that this move will finally establish me as one of the premier artists in the country--her words.

Amanda: That sounds like an awful lot of pressure.

Sam: Yeah, it is. And under normal circumstances, it would be a lot of pressure, but if you're thinking about leaving me...

Amanda: Oh, Sam--

Sam: Listen, I am asking you to stay with me long enough so I can get this show done, ok? Then you can do whatever you want to. I need you, ok?

Amanda: I'll think about it. I've got to get to work.

Sam: Of course.

Amanda: Come on, Alli, let's go.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Here, we'll take these. Let's go, come on.

Alli: I want my Mommy.

Sam: Go with Mama.

Amanda: I'm here.

Sam: Hey, come here.

Alli: No.

Sam: I do need you.

Amanda: Alli.

Sam: Go with Mama, Alli.

Amanda: That's it, come on.

Sam: Caroline, hi. I am glad you're there. It's me. Listen, um, how do you feel about setting up a one-man show?

Rachel: No, I'm not falling for Ken. And the last thing I need around here is another person telling me what I think.

Mitch: I'm not telling you. I was asking.

Rachel: I think I'm gonna take a walk now. I will tell Matthew you were here.

[Mitch sighs]

Ken: Hello, Mitch.

Mitch: Well, I guess you heard all of that, didn't you?

Ken: Heard what?

Mitch: You think you're really clever, don't you?

Ken: Hey, listen, you can blame me all you want, but you're only kidding yourself.

Mitch: Oh, really? You're to explain how?

Ken: I'm not the reason your relationship with Rachel has ended. Your own feelings for her did that.

Mitch: Well, aren't you smart to have figured that out?

Ken: Think about it.

Donna: You have some messages over there. I left them for you.

Jake: Yeah, well, I'll call mine back later.

Donna: Fine, I'm going to call mine now.

Jake: You have 3 or 4 in there from Michael.

Donna: Yes, I know. I saw them.

Jake: I think you better check in.

Donna: I will eventually--

Jake: I mean, if you don't, Michael wouldn't be happy, and we wouldn't want Michael to be unhappy, would we?

Donna: What's this all about, Jake?

Jake: Oh, you mean the Freud stuff and no mistakes?

Donna: You're acting very strangely.

Jake: I've been thinking a lot lately.

Donna: Yes, I can see.

Jake: I think you want to be back with Michael.

Donna: I most certainly do not want to be back--

Jake: And who can blame you? You can stop pretending like you have to work for a living. Michael loves his little socialite that worships the ground he walks on. She runs to him with all of her problems and counts on him to make decisions for her.

Donna: Michael knows I've changed.

Jake: You know what you can do, Donna? You can change right back. Michael can feel like the big provider, and Donna can be the air-head. Everything can be nice and orderly just like it was before.

Donna: Would you leave me alone--

Jake: I mean, who cares about freedom or independence, right, Donna?

Donna: Jake, please.

Jake: Not to mention--

Donna: Would you just leave me alone?

Jake: Only thinking about what's best for you.

[Knock on door] What do you want?

Michael: I'd like to speak with my wife. I left messages for you.

Donna: Well, I just got here.

Michael: It's very important that I talk to you alone, now.

Donna: So is my work.

Michael: No, it's not as important as this, Donna.

[Phone ringing] This is important.

Jake: Hello.

Cass: Hello, Jake, it's Cass, is Michael there? I need to talk to him.

Jake: Yeah. It's for you, Michael.

Michael: Thanks. Hello? Cass, what's happening?

Cass: Michael, I got the results of that test on the footprints.

Michael: Yeah, I understand. Thanks, Cass. Damn, damn.

Donna: Jake, I think you better let me talk to Michael alone, please.

Jake: Yeah, sure.

Donna: Why are you so pale? Are you all right? Is everything all right? Is it Victoria?

Michael: No, it's not Victoria.

Donna: Well, then what is it?

Michael: Sit down. Come on. I had a call last night. An attorney came by the apartment.

Donna: Yes?

Michael: He says that he represents Mikey's natural parents.

Donna: No, that's not possible.

Michael: He says that they saw some article about Mikey--

Donna: No, that's not possible. We--we looked so hard before we adopted him. He didn't have any family. His parents were dead.

Michael: I know, I know. We did the best we could, but it wasn't good enough. They turned up.

Donna: Well, they can go to hell.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: It's too late. Mikey is our child. These people, whoever they are, cannot just appear out of the blue and take him away. They have no right to do that.

Michael: They are his natural parents.

Donna: What natural parents? What are natural parents? We are his parents. He calls us "Mommy" and "Daddy." He lives in our home. He is our child!

Michael: Donna, we will be prepared. We will fight this with everything we have, but--

Donna: Nobody is going take my son away from me. Nobody is going to take my son. I don't care who they say they are.

Michael: [Sighs] Who are you calling?

Donna: I'm gonna call Cass.

Michael: I already talked to Cass at great length.

Donna: What does he say? Surely, he thinks this whole thing is absurd.

Michael: Donna, you can ask him yourself, all right? We've got an appointment with him right now.

Donna: Good. I'm sure he can shed some light on this and put the whole matter to rest.

Michael: I hope so.

Donna: What do you mean you hope so? What are you saying, Michael? That they could come here and take him away from us? That we could lose him?

Michael: It's possible.

Donna: I'm not gonna lose my baby. I'm not gonna lose my baby.

Mikey: Mommy, mommy. I'm back.

Donna: Darling, hi.

Vicky: Hi, Angela, it's Vicky. Oh, I'm on a plane. A plane--can you hear me now? Ok, I want you to give a message to my folks for me, ok? I want you to tell them that I went to Los Angeles to visit Marley. No, I know, but I had to do this. Tell them I'm sorry I left on such short notice, all right? Thank you.

Vicky: [Sighs] Now, if only Marley will see me.

Vicky's voice: I guess things are never as secretive as we think they are.

Amanda: ...Subconscious?

Sam: Yeah. I mean, if we're gonna make this marriage work, we ought to have everything out on the table, right?

Vicky: She told you, and, I mean... it was all right?

Sam: You mean, it was all right that she slept with Evan?

Vicky: Yes.

Amanda: It was an infatuation, an attraction of some--

Sam: What kind of attraction?

Amanda: Sam, I'm sorry I ever had any feelings for him.

Sam: Feelings are one thing. Actions are another. Did u act on the way you felt?

Amanda: No. It was just a passing thing. It's over.

Sam: And Evan?

Amanda: I'll never mention his name again. He's out of our lives, Sam.

Sam: [Clears throat] Ok.

Caroline: a one-man show?

Sam: ....a thing like this before?

Caroline: No, because before, you were a reasonable, rational person.

Sam: But Caroline, you love setting up shows for your clients.

Caroline: Not when I don't have enough time to plan them.

Sam: I'll give you time.

Caroline: What--two days?

Sam: Couple of weeks.

Caroline: That's still not enough time.

Sam: Caroline, for you it is. I know you. You always rise to a challenge. That's what makes you such a great agent.

Caroline: Ah, and here's the flattery.

Sam: You're driven...

Caroline: Mm.

Sam: ...Intuitive...

Caroline: Mm.

Sam: ...Creative...

Caroline: Mm.

Sam: And besides, you're greedy.

Caroline: Oh, you're right about that.

Sam: That's why you'll be happy to know that I'm tripling your commission.

Caroline: Triple?

Sam: If you do me this one teeny-tiny little favor.

Caroline: Ah-ha, one tiny little favor, and you want me to turn my whole life upside down?

Sam: Mm-hmm. So what do you say?

Caroline: All right.

Sam: Fabulous! This is going to be the most lucrative show ever. You'll see, you'll see. We will make a bundle of money. You'll be glad you said yes. What? Why are you staring at me like that?

Caroline: Two questions.

Sam: Sure, shoot.

Caroline: First, what's the hurry about?

Sam: Let's just say that I need to get this done. It's ...a compulsion.

Caroline: A compulsion?

Sam: Yeah, you know how driven I am.

Caroline: No, I don't know. In the past, you've been pretty mellow about your work.

Sam: Let's just say that I've changed. Next question.

Caroline: Well, what about new work? Do you think I'm gonna put on an exhibition when--

Sam: Caroline.

Caroline: I'm not gonna--

Sam: I'm doing a whole new series.

Caroline: Really?

Sam: Yes.

Caroline: Well, tell me about it.

Sam: No, no, no, no. You'll see soon enough.

Caroline: Is it anything like the "family love"--like the first series that you did?

Sam: No, not at all. Not at all.

Evan: [Grunting]

Amanda: I have been looking for you.

Evan: Yeah? Guess what? I've been here.

Amanda: I think you owe me an apology.

Evan: I owe you what?

Amanda: Why would you fax something to my house?

Evan: And why would you cancel?

Amanda: I didn't cancel; you didn't show up.

Evan: I never showed up because you cancelled.

Amanda: I certainly did not... wait a second, what's going on?

Cass: I called Bay City General, and they happened to have a footprint on file from when Mikey was first brought in.

Donna: I can't believe we're all taking this so seriously.

Michael: We have to.

Donna: But--

Cass: The footprints match.

Donna: But if we offer these people some money, they'll just go away.

Michael: There's no doubt?

Cass: I had an expert do the match. It's conclusive. They're Mikey's footprints. Please, sit down.

Donna: I don't care what the hospital says.

Michael: Donna--honey, what this means is that the Millers are Mikey's natural parents.

Donna: No, don't say that.

Michael: Cass, could you tell her, please?

Cass: Donna, I'm demanding further tests, but I'm afraid that's the way it looks. I'm sorry.

Donna: No, no.

Michael: Does this mean we're going to lose our son?

Cass: No, not at all. Not at all, you have a very strong claim to Mikey, very strong.

Michael: We love him, Cass. We adopted him legally.

Donna: That's right. Nobody has loved him the way we have. And these Millers--where have they been the last two years? Nobody knows who they are. They could be negligent parents.

Cass: Well, you can rest assured that we'll find that out.

Donna: As a matter of fact, I'm sure that they are because otherwise, why would we have their son? If Mikey is their son--

Cass: Donna.

Donna: ...They could be worse than negligent parents--

Michael: Honey.

Donna: ...And if he were to go back to them, nobody knows what would happen to him.

Michael: Would you listen to Cass, please?

Donna: I'm listening.

Cass: The one thing--the only thing that we know about the Millers is that they're very serious about getting custody. And if this turns into a custody battle, there is one thing that's very much in their favor.

Michael: You mean, aside from being his natural parents, what?

Cass: The fact that you two are going through a divorce.

Iris: Mitch, I'd like to have a word with you, please.

Mitch: What about?

Iris: About your work.

Mitch: Well, what about it?

Iris: Well, for one thing, there, uh--there's not enough of it, is there?

Mitch: Well, maybe it's because I've been over-assigned, Iris.

Iris: Oh, that's your excuse, is it?

Mitch: No, that's not an excuse.

Iris: Mitch, you're not over-assigned. You've been late for projects for the last weeks, and you know it.

Mitch: And I'm planning on catching up.

Iris: But why? I mean, what's happened? You've never been late for a deadline.

Mitch: Maybe it's because I've had a lot on my mind.

Iris: Like what? I mean, at home or what?

Mitch: No, it's not home.

Iris: Well, where then?

Iris: If you'll think back some weeks ago, I asked you if the name Ken Jordan meant anything to you.

Iris: Yeah, I remember.

Mitch: And you said no. Is it still that way? The name means nothing to you?

Iris: Well, no, not until Rachel went to work for him.

Mitch: Then why is it that Ken Jordan claims that he knew Mac? That he knew him very well.

Rachel's voice: I've already had the love of my life. I'm not looking for another.

Ken: Well, good, then we know where we stand.

Rachel: But...you are the first friend I've made who isn't at all connected with Mac. You told me you'd tell me everything. Is this you in the picture with Mac? This was taken before I knew him. That's how far back your friendship with him went?

Ken: I wouldn't exactly call it a friendship. This...is it.

Rachel: Well, shouldn't we say "eureka" or something?

Ken: Eureka! We found it.

Rachel: Every time you talk to me about Mac, you add another piece to the puzzle. Why should I think that this is the whole story? Why should I even believe this is the truth?

Ken: I don't know.

Rachel: I don't even think you know what the truth is any more. You've lied and lied to me about Mac. He's not even here. He can't tell me what happened.

Ken: Rachel, trust me. I'm right here. I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Rachel: Something's wrong with my ribs.

Ken: Reach for my hand. Ready? And...jump.

Rachel: No.

Ken: Take my hand, go. I got you--I got you, hang on, hang on, hang on.

Rachel: "If something happens, find Ken." Why? Why Ken?

[Sighs] It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Hilda: Mm-hmm.

Rachel: Is Mr. Jordan still here?

Hilda: No. Mr. Jordan left.

Ken: Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson: Welcome back, Mr. Jordan.

Ken: Good to see you. I'm glad you're here.

Mrs. Johnson: You're looking very chipper. Does that mean things are going well with Mrs. Cory?

Ken: Oh, I'm making some progress. Rachel still hasn't gotten Mitch Blake out of her life.

Mrs. Johnson: Mitch Blake is irrelevant. What is important is that you get what you need. I assume you would have said if you had.

Ken: No, I haven't been able to locate it, yet.

Mrs. Johnson: But now you're no longer in the house, how will you ever find it?

Ken: Not to worry. I'm working on it. We'll have what we need--very soon.

Cass: That's pretty much all I can tell you right now. It's not great news, but maybe that can be changed.

Donna: I want to talk to Michael for a minute. Could you just leave us alone for a few minutes, please?

Cass: Of course. Take your time.

Donna: I can't believe this. A few hours ago, none of this was happening.

Michael: I wish there was something I could do. Something!

Donna: I was just talking to Mikey about taking him to the amusement park when it got warm enough, just the two of us. Could you imagine me on a roller coaster? Well, it's a good thing you didn't sign the papers.

Michael: Papers?

Donna: The divorce papers. The final decree hasn't been issued yet.

Michael: I'm sorry, what do you mean?

Donna: I'm saying that until Mikey is ours safely forever, I want to put an end to all the divorce proceedings.

Michael: All right.

Donna: I want to do it for our son. He's the most important thing in my life. Is that all right with you?

Marley: I want this to stop. Do you understand me? No more flowers. No more phone calls.

Sam: So when do you think you will be able to give me an exact date?

Caroline: Well, when I find out what's available and where. I'll call you next week.

Sam: Caroline, one more thing.

Caroline: If all my clients were as demanding as you--

Sam: No, no, no, no, this has nothing to do with business.

Caroline: Sam, has this got anything to do with Evan?

Sam: How did you know that?

Caroline: Never mind. What can I do to help?

Sam: I would like you to share your insights of the guy. I mean, you used to be pretty good friends with him.

Caroline: Well, not to mention lovers.

Sam: That's over, isn't it?

Caroline: Thankfully.

Sam: What does that mean?

Caroline: It means exactly what I'm saying. Evan Bates is out for Evan Bates.

Sam: Well, then could you possibly share that information with my wife?

Caroline: Ha, it'd be my pleasure.

Sam: If I am going to get this show done, Caroline, I don't want any distractions. She's still friends with the guy, and...let's just say it worries me.

Caroline: Right. Well, why don't you just leave everything to me and stop worrying, ok?

Sam: Right. So you do understand?

Caroline: Mm, I understand.

Sam: Thanks.

Caroline: To work.

Amanda: Why would you think that I cancelled?

Evan: Because you came over to my place and left a message with the elevator man and said you couldn't make it.

Amanda: And what makes you so sure that that was me?

Evan: Who else would it be?

Amanda: I don't know. You tell me.

Evan: You're telling me you didn't come over to my place--

Amanda: I'm telling you that it wasn't me. I left a message on your answering machine.

Evan: Well, I never got that message.

Amanda: I'm leaving.

Evan: Amanda, wait.

Amanda: This is no good, Evan.

Evan: Why? Because we have a misunderstanding?

Amanda: This is no good.

Evan: I'm in love with you.

Amanda: I am furious with you--

Evan: Yes, but I know you are in love with me.

Amanda: You drive me crazy.

Evan: Well, then why don't you come with me right now? And let's go tell Sam.

Amanda: Not now. He has an art show coming up and he needs me to help him through it.

Evan: Oh, like he's helped you with your career all along--

Amanda: I owe him that much.

Evan: You'll never leave Sam, because you're afraid.

Amanda: This has nothing--

Evan: And since you won't make the decision, I'll make it for you. It's over, Amanda. I don't want to waste my time with you any more.

Amanda: Evan, wait, wait. All right, I'll make a decision. The last day of Sam's art show, if things haven't gotten any better between us, if nothing's changed...then I'll come to you.

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