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Another World Transcript Tuesday 2/28/06

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Lucas: I don't know what caused the turnaround, Stacey, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, or a congressional subcommittee. I know, I know. You might be right. This--I may be able to put this thing behind me finally. Listen, do me a favor, will you? Ask around. See if anyone knows why the congressman decided to forget about this. No, I'm just curious, that's all.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: There's my doorbell. Iris? She's coming with me. Yeah, I'll see you in D.C. in the morning. Bye. Fanny, I've been trying to reach you all day.

Felicia: You have?

Lucas: Yes. I have some incredible news.

Felicia: Really?

Amanda: Look, Iris, you are the one that's running off to Washington D.C., not me. I don't care about Lucas. All I care about is Cory Publishing. You do? Then why aren't you handling it? I know that. Why? What are you implying? An inside job? I think you've been hanging out with the hoodlums a little bit too long, Iris. How would I know who? There are so many people that have access to our office. What do you want me to do, grill all the janitors in the place? Fine. It's ok, Iris, I'll take care of it. I'll take care of the company. Somebody has to.

Rachel: Well, I can see it's status quo at work.

Amanda: Uh--hi, welcome back. What happened to you?

Rachel: Oh, I'm a little banged up. I'm all right. What was that all about?

Amanda: My account book is missing.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: That's just the way it looks. Iris thinks that it's somebody in the office, but, I don't know, I still think I might have just misplaced it or something. It doesn't matter. I've got it back.

Rachel: Honey, all the computer access codes are in that book. With that information, someone could create a lot of damage.

Sam: Yeah. Someone like Evan Bates could have a field day.

Vicky: Hello. Anybody home?

Evan: Yeah, I'm in the shower. Can you hold on?

Vicky: Ooh, baby, hah!

Evan: How would you like to come in here with me?

Vicky: No way!

Evan: [Laughs] Come on.

Vicky: [Laughs] Do you have anything to eat? I'm starving.

Evan: Yeah, help yourself.

Vicky: What is there?

Evan: Ah...well, I think I've got some cheese.

Vicky: Yuck! Anything else?

Evan: I've got some old salami.

Vicky: Great. Just what I want, old cheese and moldy salami. What kind of host are you?

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Oh! I--I'll get that. Hello?

Evan's voice: You've reached the residence of Evan Bates. Please leave a message after the tone.

Vicky: I got in trouble last time.

Man: Evan, hi. It's Mark Lessom. We need to meet and discuss what you're getting into. Call me as soon as you can at my office: 555-2626. Thanks.

Vicky: 26--265. He still has Amanda's locket. Naughty boy. We'll have to do something about this.

Cass: Thank you.

Zack: Thank you.

Cass: There's absolutely-- you're welcome--there's absolutely no way I can get you to change your mind, right?

Zack: Uh...just keep the door open a crack in case Washington doesn't get my message, ok?

Frankie: Oh, are you kidding? You're going to knock them dead.

Cass: Yeah, you're out of here, onward and upward.

Zack: We'll see.

Cass: I just hope this congressman Harrison treats you right.

Frankie: Yeah, and if he doesn't, we'll get him impeached.

Cass: Yeah.

Zack: That's right.

Cass: Impeach him.

Frankie: Impeach.


Cass: I'm sure going to miss you, my friend.

Zack: Same here.

[Sighs] I feel the same way.

Frankie: If you don't hurry up and order, I'm going to cry.

Zack: Yeah.

Cass: I haven't even looked at the menu yet.

[Frankie starts to cry]

Zack: Frankie...

Cass: There she goes. [Laughs]

Zack: You guys have the worst timing. I mean, you finally get your act together, and I'm out of here.

Frankie: We finally got what?

Cass: That's not exactly the case, Zack.

Frankie: Oh, Cass and I? Together...

Cass: Yeah, you're jumping the gun here.

Zack: Uh-uh-uh. No, no, I'm not. See, I know you two. The desert's done something to you. I mean, this trip finally made you admit how you really feel about each other, huh?

Reuben: Hey, everybody.

Frankie: Hey, Reuben.

Zack: Reuben.

Reuben: How's it going, Zack?

Zack: Ok, man.

Cass: Come on, Reuben, pull up a chair and let's get this farewell party off the ground.

Frankie: Yeah, and where's Ronnie? I thought she was coming with you?

Reuben: Can I talk to you for a minute, man?

Zack: Uh--yeah. Excuse me. So, what's up?

Reuben: Ronnie will be out in a minute. She's in the powder room.

Zack: [Chuckles] That's what you wanted to tell me?

Reuben: I just don't get it, man.

Zack: You don't get what?

Reuben: Do you know how hard it is on her for you going away?

Zack: Hey, look, I would like nothing better than for her to come with me.

Reuben: Are you serious?

Zack: Never been more serious in my life.

Reuben: Well, then why ain't she going?

Zack: I don't know why she--

Ronnie: Reuben...

Reuben: How you doing?

Ronnie: I'd like to speak to Zack alone for a minute if you don't mind.

Reuben: He's all yours.

Ronnie: Look, I heard what he just said to you. I just want to apologize. He's just being a brother.

Zack: No need to apologize. But you can give me an answer to Reuben's question. Why aren't you going with me?

Vicky: Yes, I would like a messenger up here as soon as possible. Mm-hmm. Thank you, I'll be waiting.

Evan: [Indistinct] I'll be out in a minute.

Vicky: Oh, no hurry. I'm amusing myself.

Evan: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Vicky: Hi.

Evan: Hi. How're you doing? Did you find something to eat?

Vicky: Uh, no. I like to avoid food poisoning whenever possible.

Evan: Well, maybe I can get you some chips and salsa, your favorite.

Vicky: Oh, never mind. I found something a lot more interesting.

Evan: Yeah?

Vicky: This.

Evan: Give that to me.

Vicky: Amanda's, isn't it?

Evan: Well, that's a stupid question. Of course it's Amanda's, now give it here.

Vicky: You've been hanging on to it for weeks.

Evan: What's it to you?

Vicky: I just had no idea you were so...sentimental.

Evan: She left it here, remember?

Vicky: Yeah, I remember.

Evan: I just haven't gotten around to returning it, that's all.

Vicky: Oh, oh, I--I understand. I know how hard it is to find time for such trivial matters.

Evan: Actually, she spoke to me the other night about it, and I said I'd get it back to her.

Vicky: Why don't you do the honorable thing and give it back to her today?

Evan: Why is that so important to you?

Vicky: Why is this so important to you?

Evan: Vicky, she'll get it back. Don't worry about it.

Vicky: Are you tough enough?

Evan: Tough enough--what is that supposed to mean?

Vicky: To get over her. Her and her stupid locket.

[Doorbell rings] That's why I ordered a messenger.

Evan: You little presumptuous nudge.

Vicky: [Laughs] Hi, hi.

Messenger: Hi--I'm supposed to pick up a package?

Vicky: Yes, you are.

Evan: Yeah, just wait right there. This is going over to the Cory residence. You remember how to get there?

Messenger: Uh, sure.

Evan: Just make--make sure you get it there as quick as possible.

Messenger: No problem.

Vicky: Brave boy after all.

Evan: Thank you. Make sure that Amanda Fowler gets this, would you?

Messenger: Ok.

Evan: And that's for you.

Messenger: Thanks.

Evan: Mm-hmmm.

Vicky: Well, I've done my good deed for the day.

Evan: Wait a second. Where are you going?

Vicky: I have plans.

Evan: You're standing me up?

Vicky: For a younger, more exciting man.

Evan: Well, I know what happened, but...

Vicky: [Laughs] My son.

Evan: Wait a second. It's not your night with him, is it?

Vicky: Yeah, it is tonight. Jamie invited me to go to the circus.

Evan: Oh, I see. Is he going to be there, too?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. Not that I care.

Evan: Oh, of course not.

Vicky: I just think it's important for Steven to see both of his parents together once in a while. Don't you agree?

Evan: Well, if that's all there is.

Vicky: What?

Evan: Well, this little get together, is it for Steven's sake or is there-- [Clears throat] Something in it for Vicky?

Vicky: Jamie and I are none of your business.

Evan: That's exactly how I feel about Amanda and I. It's none of your business.

Vicky: That's different.

Evan: How?

Vicky: I'm worried about you. I think it's time you get that woman out of your system.

Evan: What about if I feel the same way about you and Jamie?

Vicky: I thought we agreed not to talk about our exes.

Evan: Well, we did, but that doesn't seem to stop you, does it?

Vicky: I'm leaving.

Evan: Vicky--

Vicky: What?

Evan: You got burnt once. Just be careful, ok? Ok?

Sam: Rachel, it's good to see you back.

Rachel: It's nice to be back, honey.

Amanda: What were you implying, Sam?

Sam: What? Oh, about Evan. Well, just stating the obvious that he had access to your office and all the offices.

Amanda: But so did a lot of people--including myself, Iris, Vicky...

Sam: And Evan. So you just can't count him out, can you? I mean, why he is a least-likely suspect than anyone else?

Amanda: I didn't say that you could count him out, but we really don't have any suspects as of yet.

Rachel: Why is Evan a suspect?

Sam: Could be he's plotting revenge.

Amanda: Sam.

Rachel: Why?

Sam: Against his former employers.

Rachel: He wasn't fired, he quit. Unless somebody isn't telling me the whole story.

Amanda: No, there is nothing more to tell. Evan would not sabotage us.

Sam: But you can't just count him out, can you?

Rachel: There's no point to speculating. If something's going on at the company, somebody should check it out.

Sam: Oh, why don't you confront him, Amanda?

Amanda: You, too? That's what Iris suggested to me. I told her that I wouldn't do it.

Rachel: It's not your place.

Amanda: You agree with me?

Rachel: Of course I do. Iris is acting president. If there's something going on wrong at the company, then that's her jurisdiction. You're a publisher. You're not a company watchdog.

Amanda: Thank you, mother.

Rachel: You don't have to thank me. I don't feel good about Iris dumping all the administrative chores on your shoulders. You're running a magazine, and you're trying to take care of a family.

Amanda: I'm really glad you're back. I missed you. I'm sorry you had to walk in on Iris and me arguing on the phone.

Rachel: That's all right.

Amanda: You look tired.

Rachel: I am tired. Actually, I was on my way to go to sleep, try to catch up on my rest. But if you need me...

Sam: No, we're just fine, Rachel.

Amanda: No, I was just on my way out, actually. I have to run some errands for Iris.

Rachel: Ok. Well, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to bed. Good night.

Sam: So where are you off to this time?

Rachel: Hi, darling.

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Paulina: Bye, Mrs. Cory.

Jamie: Hi, guys.

Amanda: Hi.

Jamie: Paulina is about to desert us.

Paulina: I'm sorry.

Jamie: I'm just joking.

Paulina: I really hate to take off like this so suddenly, but my bus leaves in 20 minutes and it's the last one until tomorrow.

Amanda: I'll drop you off.

Paulina: Oh, no. That's all right. I don't want to you to go to any trouble.

Amanda: No, really. It's not out of the way. My first stop is at the Cory spa, drop off some stuff for Iris, and the bus station is right near there. I insist.

Paulina: Well, all right, if you're sure. I'll--I'll wait for you in the car.

Amanda: Ok, fine.

Jamie: Take care, Paulina. Come home soon, Steven's gonna miss you.

Paulina: Oh, I'll miss him, too.

Jamie: Give us a call.

Amanda: I'll be right there.

Paulina: Ok.

Jamie: How's Mom doing?

Amanda: Oh, she's fine, I guess. How's Steven?

Jamie: How come every time I walk in the room, someone changes the subject?

Amanda: I--I really got to get going.

Jamie: See what I mean?

Amanda: Don't you have a circus to go to?

Jamie: Ah, yes. The old, "don't you have a circus to go to," brush off. Fine, fine. I'm not offended. I'll just go up and talk to my son. I'm sure that he will give me the straight scoop around here.

Sam: So...why does it bother you so much?

Amanda: What?

Sam: Talking to Evan. I mean, are you afraid of something?

Amanda: No, I just don't like confrontations, that's all.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Amanda: I'll see you later, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Lucas: It's not my favorite thing in the world--all those congressional types trying to hog the floor, getting on national television.

Felicia: Yeah, but, Luke, you can testify and you can tell them your side of it. And then they'll know that you really want to help them.

Lucas: Fanny, I'm going to make the most of this thing.

Felicia: I know. So what time are you going to Washington?

Lucas: When Iris gets here.

Felicia: Oh, good. She's going with you.

Lucas: No, I'm going with her-- Cory jet.

Felicia: Oh, yeah. Listen, I really am so happy for you.

Lucas: I'm gonna make this work. I'm gonna make it work.

Felicia: All you have to do is just tell them the truth about everything, and then you really can start fresh.

Lucas: Yeah. I'll--I'll tell the committee what they need to know, nothing else.

Felicia: What does that mean? You mean you're going to play games with these people?

Lucas: Fanny, I'll answer most of their questions.

Felicia: Most? Luke, you have to tell them everything. You can't blow this. Harrison isn't the kind of guy that's gonna give you a second chance.

Lucas: How do you know?

Felicia: About what?

Lucas: I mean, Harrison. How do you know what--what kind of a guy he is?

Felicia: Well, I don't, really. I mean, I--I just would imagine that's what he would be like.

Lucas: That's what happened, isn't it?

Felicia: What?

Lucas: I had this nagging feeling.

Felicia: [Sighs] You know, I'd love to help you, but I really have to go. I do.

Lucas: You saw Harrison, didn't you? You're responsible for this.

Felicia: Ok--ok. I...I told him the truth. That's all.

Lucas: Fanny, do you know what you've done? You may have given me back my life.

Ronnie: We've been through this before, Zack.

Zack: Look, I don't mind going through it again.

Ronnie: Look, neither one of us is ready for a long-term commitment.

Zack: But not to give us a chance at all, Ronnie, that's what I can't--

Ronnie: I can't--I can't just pack up, leave my family, two jobs, and move to D.C.

Zack: You can if you really wanted to.

Ronnie: I'd depend too much on you, Zack.

Zack: Look, I could take that.

Ronnie: Look, maybe we'd be forcing something that just wasn't meant to be.

Zack: Look, maybe--Look, I--I understand what you're saying, Ronnie. This...[Sighs] It's just the thought of something ending that was such an important part of my life, I...

Ronnie: Look, who knows what's meant to be.

Zack: [Sighs] But you'll have to keep in touch, ok? I mean, I'll call, you'll call, promise?

Ronnie: I promise.

Zack: And you'll come and visit?

Ronnie: Yes.

Zack: Won't you?

Ronnie: Yes, I'll come visit. I already have plane reservations.

Stacey: Hey, there he is.

Zack: Hey, Stace, Derek.

Stacey: The guy who increased my workload by 400 per cent.

[Zack laughs]

Derek: How're you doing, Zack?

Zack: Ok, how are you doing?

Stacey: Oh, I'm sorry. We interrupted...

Ronnie: No, no, not at all. We were just about finished.

Derek: Zack, congratulations. Stacey tells me that this new Washington job is a real opportunity, so--

Zack: [Chuckles] Ah, well, we'll see.

Stacey: Oh, Zack, I'm really gonna miss you.

Zack: Oh, come on. What are you talking about? We're having dinner tomorrow night.

Stacey: I know.

Zack: Nice bistro overlooking the Potomac, a great wine list--

Stacey: Wine! I'll be dying for a glass after Lucas goes before the subcommittee.

Cass: Hey, Stace! [Whistles]

Zack: Come on, he's hungry and I don't blame him.

Stacey: Yeah, no kidding. [Laughs]

Cass: Well, what are you doing? I thought you weren't going to make our farewell bash here?

Stacey: No, I can't. Actually, I've got to go home. Got to get up early and go to D.C. tomorrow morning.

Cass: Well, you--you and Derek will stay for a drink, can't you?

Stacey: No, I can't. I've got work to do, for Lucas. So I'll see you tomorrow in Washington. We'll say our good-byes there?

Zack: Yes.

Stacey: Frankie, got all your tissues out?

Frankie: Yeah, 3-pack night.

Stacey: Oh, well, you guys have fun. I'll see you.

Zack: Ok.

Stacey: Good-bye.

Zack: All right. Bye-bye.

Cass: See you.

Derek: Zack, good-bye.

Zack: Derek.

Derek: It was good knowing you. Don't be a stranger, ok?

Zack: You know I won't, man.

Derek: All right.

Zack: Take care.

Derek: Stacey?

Stacey: Yeah?

Derek: I know that you have to work tonight, but this is our last night together for a while and I wanted to make it special.

Stacey: Oh, it'll be special.

Derek: No, no, I mean--special. I made all the arrangements.

Stacey: Like what kind?

Derek: You'll see. Are you game?

Stacey: Yeah, I'm game. Let's go.

Derek: Ok.

Amanda: Don't worry, you're gonna make your bus.

Paulina: Well, you know, I still have 15 minutes. I could--

Amanda: Oh, great, all I've got to do is drop this off for Iris, and we are on our way to the bus station.

Paulina: ...Or else I could walk. You know, it's only a couple of blocks.

Amanda: No, no, I want to see you off.

Zack: [Laughs] I completely forgot what I was objecting to.

Cass: Yeah, but, boy, was the judge happy to hear your voice, because the prosecutor had been running off at the mouth for a solid hour.

[Zack laughs]

Frankie: But did you win the case?

Zack: Did we win the case?

Cass: Did we win the case, are you serious?

Zack: Winthrop and Edwards?

Cass: Did we win the case?

Frankie: You didn't, did you?

Zack: But we were close, though. [Laughter]

Cass: We need another round. Where is that waitress, Lisa?

Zack: Good timing.

Ronnie: Look, why don't I go to the bar and order them?

Zack: You don't have to do that, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Yeah, I know, I know. Let me go. I--let me go.

Reuben: Yeah, you order them and I'll help you bring them over. Excuse me, please.

Cass: Sure thing.

Zack: Sure.

Cass: What else?

Zack: Did he tell you about the--the--you got to tell her about the woman that...

Reuben: Talk to me.

Ronnie: What do you mean?

Reuben: I know Zack's leaving is rough on you.

Ronnie: I didn't expect it to be easy, Reuben.

Reuben: What I'm saying is, are you sure that you're doing the right thing? Staying here?

Ronnie: I came so close to going. It's just, it's not right. Not now. Somehow I--look, I love it that you care. It just shows how far we've come.

Vicky: Let's go. We'll talk to you later.

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Here you go, sweetie. We're gonna get some food. Got to get some food.

Jamie: Thanks.

Vicky: Thank you. There you go. [Laughs] There you go.

Jamie: Come on, buddy.

Vicky: Ok, right in the seat. There. Oh, look, what I have for the baby.

Jamie: Oh, sorry it didn't work out at the circus.

Vicky: Oh, don't worry about it. We'll try again next year, won't we?

Jamie: Maybe--would you like it maybe a little better next time?

Vicky: [Laughs] Yeah, he would.

Steven: [Coos]

Vicky: [Mimicking] Woh, woh, wah. Thank you. Did you see his face when all those clowns got out of that little car?

Jamie: Scared to death.

Vicky: [Laughs] He sure was.

Jamie: You know, bug guy, when I was a kid I was scared of the clowns, too, yes.

Vicky: Oh, see, you take after your Daddy. Well, he hated the clowns. He loved those balloons.

Jamie: So what should we order?

Vicky: Oh, what do you want to eat?

Jamie: What do you say we split this Chateaubriand?

Vicky: Oh, baby. They never make it rare enough for you. [Laughs]

Jamie: I think in that case, maybe we stay with the mashed potatoes and ice cream?

Vicky: Mmm...nutritious. [Laughs] Oh, Jamie, thanks for inviting me to come with you. Even if it didn't work out the way we wanted it to.

Jamie: Sure. I hope you didn't have to change any major plans?

Vicky: Uh--nothing major. I was going to see Evan. Out with it, Jamie.

Jamie: What, what?

Vicky: Well, I know you're trying hard not to say anything about him since the other night...

Jamie: So...I won't.

Vicky: You're just dying to say something.

Jamie: You're dying to hear something.

Vicky: Ok, maybe I am. So tell me what you feel.

Jamie: It's not anything that you don't already know, Vicky. I just don't trust the guy.

Amanda: Evan, wait, um...

Evan: Is there something you want?

Amanda: I was just wondering...

Evan: What, what? I have things to do. What?

Amanda: I was wondering if when you left the office, you accidentally took my account book?

Evan: Now, why would I do that?

Amanda: It came up missing.

Evan: So?

Amanda: So I know that you have access to the offices--

Evan: But why would I take your accounting book? Why?

Amanda: It's just that it's been misplaced. I just thought maybe--

Evan: Well, you thought wrong, Amanda!

Amanda: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Evan: How did you think I would react? You just accused me of stealing.

Amanda: I said I thought maybe you would take it accidentally.

Evan: Oh, I see. I accidentally walked into your office, walked over to your desk, and I took your book!

Amanda: All right, fine! I'm sorry I brought it up. It was a mistake.

Evan: You're damn right it was!

Amanda: I am sorry. [Sighs] Are you ready?

Paulina: Are you all right?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm fine.

Paulina: Was he a friend of yours?

Amanda: Him? Uh...no, he's nobody. Come on, let's go.

Messenger: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Messenger: I have an envelope for Amanda Fowler.

Sam: Fine, I'll take it. I'm her husband. Here you go.

Messenger: Thanks.

Sam: Don't work too hard.

Messenger: All righty.

Sam: Evan Bates. Well...let's see.

Lucas: You're incredible.

Felicia: Well, I don't know about that. Actually, I do know...

[Lucas laughs] ...I just wouldn't say it.

Lucas: I would have loved to have seen Harrison's face.

Felicia: Actually, I must tell you he was pretty decent about the whole thing.

Lucas: What would I do without you?

Felicia: You just be straight with that committee, Luke.

Lucas: Fanny, I told you--

Felicia: Tell them everything that they want to know.

Lucas: ...I am not going to mess this up. Don't worry.

Felicia: Of course I'm going to worry. I'll always worry about you.

[Phone rings]

Lucas: Lucas. Oh, hi, Iris. Yeah, I just got a few more things to pack and then I'm ready to go. Where are you? Well, you don't have to wait in the car, darling. The doorman won't watch her car.

[Felicia laughs]

Lucas: Oh, that--no. Felicia just stopped by. She just wanted to wish us luck. Yeah. [Sighs heavily] Yes, Iris. I know that I'm lucky that your talk with Harrison seems to have finally paid off.

Vicky: What do you know about Evan and me?

Jamie: Not much. Why?

Vicky: Well, I just thought you might be curious.

Jamie: I'm curious as to why you have a relationship with him at all.

Vicky: He's my friend.

Jamie: Why, Vicky?

Vicky: Everybody deserves to have friends, don't they?

Jamie: Not like Evan Bates.

Vicky: Oh, come on.

Jamie: Look, he's no good for you, Vicky. I'm just saying that because I'm concerned about you.

Vicky: Oh, well, thanks for your concern. You know what's funny?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: He said the same exact thing about you.

Jamie: Oh, really?

Vicky: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Jamie: Vicky--

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Evan has been nothing but trouble ever since he came to Bay City.

Vicky: Do you think he went looking for the trouble?

Jamie: You mean trouble actually seeks him out? Is that what you're saying?

Vicky: Ok, frankly...I don't know what I think about him, either. I overheard something today. Oh, it--it was probably nothing, never mind.

Jamie: Just watch yourself.

Vicky: I can take care of myself, Jamie.

Jamie: That's what my sister said.

Vicky: What is that supposed to mean?

Jamie: I don't know exactly what happened, but I do know that Evan hurt Amanda badly... and he still is.

Vicky: Oh, I don't think you have to worry about them anymore. Come on, let's order before this little guy gets cranky. What do you want to eat, huh?

Cass: It's time, huh?

Zack: Yeah, traffic's a mess this hour.

Frankie: Now, could we drive you?

Ronnie: Reuben and I are taking him, thanks.

Cass: Hey, Zack.

Zack: [Sighs] Take care, buddy.

Cass: I always do. You know that.

Zack: And...take care of Mary Frances, too.

Cass: Yeah. I wish you...well, you know what I wish you. I wish you everything.

Frankie: Zack...

Zack: Take care of the counselor, huh?

Frankie: I will.

Zack: He's the best.

Frankie: So are you. We love you, Zack.

Zack: [Sighs] Thanks for a--a hell of a party.

[Cass laughs]

Ronnie: Bye, guys.

Cass: We'll see you.

Reuben: See you later.

Cass: Yeah. So what now?

Frankie: I don't know.

Cass: Come home with me?

Stacey: [Laughs] Oh, boy, I can't believe it.

Derek: Why not?

Stacey: Why do you think? This is the first place that we, you know... [Laughs] How did you arrange all of this?

Derek: I have my ways.

Stacey: Do you know there's no place in the world I would rather be than right here with you?

[Loud noise]

Derek: Oh, y--what was that?

Stacey: It's nothing. It's probably just a branch of a tree brushing up against the window or something. Hey, what's the matter? Why are you so tense?

Derek: No, I'm fine. I--I just--I'm gonna see if everything is ok.

Stacey: Ok.

Stacey: Derek.

Derek: What's the matter?

Stacey: Look at this. It's some sort of scrapbook with Mac Cory. His articles, clippings, photos--all of Mac Cory.

Derek: That is strange.

Stacey: It's downright bizarre.

Stacey: Why would somebody leave this out?

Derek: I don't know.

Stacey: For us? I mean, somebody obviously wanted us to see it.

Derek: No, they didn't.

Stacey: Well, sure they did. If they knew that we were coming here, then they'd want us to see it. They knew we were coming here, right?

Derek: I tried to call the butler.

Stacey: Wait a second. You--you're not telling me that you broke in here...

Derek: What does it matter? We're not--we're not gonna hurt anything.

Stacey: That's not the point.

Derek: Like I said, I tried to call the butler. I just couldn't get through.

Stacey: So we're in here without even the butler's permission?

Derek: Yeah, Stacey, that's right. We don't have the permission to be here at this time.

Stacey: Derek, this is illegal. We are breaking into somebody's home.

Derek: So what?

Stacey: You can't do that. What do you mean "so what?"

Derek: I'm--I just wanted us to be together here where we first made love, where we first said that we were in love with each other.

Stacey: Derek--

Derek: Stacey, we're gonna be apart for at least a week. I--I just wanted to do something nice. Can't you just put aside the law for one night?

Stacey: No, I can't! You know how I feel about this! I thought you understood!

Derek: Stacey... Stacey, don't go. Stacey. Stacey!

Frankie: Spending time with Rachel...looking into her life, it's given me some insight.

Cass: Oh?

Frankie: Yeah. About the kind of relationship she and Mac had. That kind of love.

Cass: It was what the poets write about.

Frankie: Oh, I envy that so much.

Cass: Yeah, it's pretty rare.

Frankie: I didn't even know that kind of commitment was possible.

Cass: It is.

Frankie: I want that. I want a love that defies even death.

Cass: You and I have always been fairly frank with each other, Frankie. [Laughter]

Frankie: That's probably a bit too "frank," my dear. I mean, what, we've had a couple hundred fights by now?

Cass: Well, Mac and Rachel had their share of those. It didn't diminish what they had.

Frankie: No, I guess it didn't.

Cass: Maybe we should talk about our fights.

Frankie: That would take days.

Cass: I mean, why we've had so many misunderstandings.

Frankie: We don't understand each other.

Cass: I disagree completely. I mean, I think we do. Our problem was that we were both outspoken and we sometimes magnified things, made them bigger than they really were.

Frankie: Why are you talking in the past tense?

Cass: Because Zack was right. We have changed. At least, I know I have.

Frankie: How so?

Cass: I know the way things should be...can be. Frankie?

Frankie: I'm still here.

Cass: This is important to me, and I want to get it right.

Frankie: I think I want you to get it right, too.

Cass: So, Frankie... [Laughs] I can't.

Frankie: You can.

Cass: I can?

Frankie: Yes.

Cass: Ok, all right. Uh... I'm try--I want to tell you what's in my heart...how I feel about you. You're my best friend.

Frankie: Oh, ok.

Cass: Oh, yeah. Oh...

Frankie: That--that's great.

Cass: Oh, no, I'm really blowing this badly.

Frankie: We--we can bail this out here.

Cass: Do you know how important you are to me? It's like you're part of me. My better part. My conscience, my joy, my hope. I've known this for quite some time now. I pretended that it wasn't real--that it was something that would just pass. But it's getting stronger and stronger all the time. Frankie, I love you. [Chuckles] There, I said it. And I feel damn good about it. [Laughs] No, no, don't say anything. I just wanted you to know exactly how I feel. Do you? I'm sorry. I wanted to do this in a more romantic setting, you know, a castle on the Rhine or a rose garden in the Cotswolds. But sitting here looking at you, I suddenly know that anywhere you are is perfect. [Chuckles] See, I must be in love. I'm sounding like a complete idiot. [Laughter] I'm glad nobody else is around.

Evan: Sharon, it's Evan. Hi. Listen, is everything going ok? The Corys have no clue that I'm behind this. Look, I know I keep asking you that because I've invested everything I have into this project! Do you understand that? Now, listen, I have some papers I need you to look over, and I'll fax them to you right away, ok? Thanks.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Why do you have your damn machine on?

Evan: Because I'm screening my calls, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, that makes me feel just great. What, I'm not important enough for you to pick up my call?

Evan: What do you want?

Vicky: Well, I left it on your machine. You weren't listening? We need to talk.

Evan: No, I am in the middle of something. I'm very busy right now.

Vicky: Busy? Doing what? Ruining your life, Evan?

Evan: Give me this.

Vicky: Fine. I'll let you get back to this-- as long as you know you are not going to bring me down with you.

Amanda: Hello? Anybody home? Hello?

Sam: It'll be spring before we know it.

Amanda: You startled me.

Sam: Did I?

Amanda: Yeah, I thought nobody was home.

Sam: I'm here.

Amanda: Yes, I see that. So have you finished painting for the day?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: So early?

Sam: Because I was hoping we'd spend the rest of the evening together.

Amanda: That sounds nice.

Sam: You see...I have a surprise for you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Lucas: Ah, Fanny. I don't know how to thank you.

Felicia: Come on, Luke. You don't need to thank me.

Lucas: [Sighs] Well, ok, give me some of the details then.

Felicia: What, and give you all my secrets? No, then I'm not very mysterious.

Lucas: You've never been a mystery to me.

Felicia: Thanks a lot--really.

Lucas: Well, you got Harrison off my back.

Felicia: Mmm, temporarily.

Lucas: Whatever. Fanny, you have always been such a surprise and such a delight. You've been...

Felicia: Don't say it, Luke, please.

Lucas: Well, it's just very hard keeping all these feelings hidden all the time.

Felicia: No, I--I know. But we really don't have a choice. You're engaged now and I'm married.

Lucas: Yes, I know.

Felicia: You know, I keep remembering that conversation we had where you said you didn't want to see me anymore.

Lucas: Oh, Fanny. I thought it was best for you.

Felicia: Well, it's not. I'm not ready to give up on this friendship yet.

Lucas: Ok, that'll never happen.

Felicia: Good luck at the hearing.

[Lucas chuckles]

Felicia: Really.

Lucas: Ok.

Felicia: Ok. And don't be defensive. And for heaven's sake, don't lose your temper, please.

Lucas: Me?

[Chuckles] Never.

Felicia: I'm not kidding, Luke.

Lucas: Scout's honor.

Felicia: Ok. Good luck, really. I'll see you.

Lucas: Yeah, I'll see you.

Paulina: Hi, Derek.

Derek: What are you doing here, Paulina?

Paulina: Waiting for you.

Derek: Why? What's the problem?

Paulina: I have no place to stay.

Derek: Did the Corys fire you?

Paulina: No.

Derek: Well, come on, Paulina, I don't have time to play games. You're either gonna tell me what happened or you're not.

Paulina: I'm supposed to be visiting my family.

Derek: Your non-existent family?

Paulina: Look, Derek. I'll explain everything later, ok? But I need a place to stay for a few days. I have no place else to go.

Evan: Vicky, you don't make me too happy when you start this.

Vicky: The truth, Evan.

Evan: Ranting and raving is not going to get you anywhere with me.

Vicky: I heard that call from your lawyer today.

Evan: You did what?

Vicky: Your trusty little machine was on, of course. Only this time, I was screening your calls.

Evan: Don't you have any respect for anyone's privacy?

Vicky: You do? Come on, Evan. What are all these papers you don't want me to see?

Evan: Vicky, I don't have to explain anything to you.

Vicky: You're up to something!

Evan: No, you're imagining things.

Vicky: Every night we go out you start doing your number on the Corys.

Evan: There you go imagining things.

Vicky: I want to know why! I want to know why you want to make me as nuts on the subject as you are.

Evan: What gives you the right to ask me why? It's none of your business! Do you understand that? Friends would understand that!

Vicky: Friends? How can we be friends if the only thing between us is a vendetta?

Evan: See, there you go, making--making something out of nothing.

Vicky: The hell I am! I see these papers lying around and that--that scribbling you did on the napkin the other night. That was not just doodling, my friend.

Evan: Vicky, you have nothing better to do in your life but go through my papers?

Vicky: If you wanted money, why didn't you say so?

Evan: I don't need money! End of conversation! That's enough!

Vicky: I've been trying to figure out this--this self-destructive thing you have going on here, and I just can't do it.

Evan: Yeah, you know what you've been doing? You've been sneaking around behind my back.

Vicky: Oh, is that how you see it?

Evan: Yeah, well, that may have worked with Jamie, but it ain't gonna cut it with me, pal.

Vicky: How dare you!

Evan: Yeah, you come back from Lassiter, "Oh, I've changed." You still lie! You still sneak!

Vicky: Why are you saying all of this?

Evan: Because I don't want you ruining my life the same way you did your husband's!

Vicky: You--

Evan: I'll tell you right now, you better get out of here. Ok? And take your things. Let's go.

Sam: You look beautiful.

Amanda: Oh, am I too dressy?

Sam: No, you look perfect.

Amanda: [Sighs] It was a little hard to get dressed. I mean, I don't know where we're going.

Sam: I thought you liked surprises.

Amanda: Oh, I do. I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed, though. Dinner tonight and leaving for a romantic weekend tomorrow.

Sam: I want to remember every moment with you.

Amanda: [Chuckles] That doesn't sound like you.

Sam: Why not?

Amanda: Well, I mean, you would say those things, but you would--I mean, you usually make them a joke and make me laugh.

Sam: Maybe I've changed.

Amanda: Lost your sense of humor, eh?

Sam: I don't know.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Something...is not quite right.

Amanda: I can change.

Sam: No, it's not the dress. It's the necklace. I don't like it on you.

Amanda: Sam, I've worn this a thousand times be--

Sam: Take it off.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Now close your eyes.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: I have a surprise for you. Now open your eyes.

Amanda: Where did you get this?

Sam: Does it matter? I haven't seen it on you since I left for New York. I thought it was about time you started wearing it again. Now you look perfect.

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