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Another World Transcript Friday 2/17/06

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[Knock at door]

Josie: Oh, whoever it is, you can't stay! I'm--I'm on my way out. Reuben.

Reuben: Have you seen this?

Josie: No, and I can't stop to look now.

Reuben: You better look. Josie, have you seen this?

Josie: Reuben, I've got no time.

Reuben: Josie, will you take the time and look at this?

Josie: That's Brad and me.

Reuben: Right. So, when's the wedding, babe?

Vicky: Ok, after we cut the cake--thank you--we'll give him his big surprise.

Evan: This is a big surprise.

Vicky: Do you think he'll like it?

Evan: He's only a year old.

Vicky: Oh, one year old today.

Evan: I mean, do you really have to go to all this trouble just for a birthday party?

Vicky: Trouble?

Bridget: Well, it's no trouble to give Steven a birthday party.

Vicky: Do you think he doesn't know what birthday cake is?

Evan: I know he doesn't know--

Vicky: You think he doesn't know what presents are?

Evan: He has no idea what presents are.

Vicky: Oh, wow--wow. Heavy. What's in it?

Evan: It's a surprise.

Vicky: Was it expensive?

Evan: Well, it's for Steven, isn't it?

Vicky: Yes. I'll let you handle the video camera.

Evan: Wait a second. You bought a video camera?

Vicky: Well, it's Steven's birthday, isn't it?

Evan: I hope the little tiger is getting some sleep, because I got a feeling it's going to be a long day.

Vicky: It sure is. He's getting tons of sleep. Bridget, don't you do that! Get down from here!

Bridget: I'm fine.

Vicky: You're not listening to anything the doctors say! Evan, please, would you help her?

Evan: Bridget, Bridget.

[Doorbell rings] Don't you push my Bridget around. Leave her alone. Let me help you.

Vicky: Yes, can I help you?

Woman: I hope so. I'm here to meet Evan Bates.

Amanda: Hi, Mitch, it's Amanda. I'm fine, thanks. Listen, have you seen Sam at all today? No, no, he left, um, he left early, and I just had a few things I wanted to tell him. Right. If you see him, will you tell him to call me here? Thanks, Mitch. Bye-bye. Sam, where are you? I know. The loft.

[Telephone rings]

Olivia: Oh, my God!

Sam: Who's there? What are you doing here?

Olivia: What happened to Amanda's portrait? Sam?

Josie: I've never had my picture just show up in the paper like this before. Although, I mean, it's really awful.

Reuben: You know, finally, at the end of the article, they did say it's a publicity shot.

Josie: Yeah, but they keep going on about how Brad and I are a real item.

Reuben: You know, and it kills me when they say that you guys spent the whole afternoon just staring at each other.

Josie: Well, that's what we were paid to do, Reuben.

Reuben: Yeah, right. You know, some of these reporters must have gotten their start on those supermarket magazines, you know?

Josie: You know, Mitch took some really good shots, here.

Reuben: Like, stuff like "baby gets pecked to death by ducks."

Josie: I really like my hair.

Reuben: "Grown man gives birth to twin kangaroos."

Josie: I wonder how they got a hold of one of these shots.

Reuben: Oh, I could take a guess.

Josie: Oh, no.

Reuben: "Oh, no," what?

Josie: Lucas. What's he going to say when he sees this?

Reuben: Ha, Lucas is probably going to say, "hallelujah."

Josie: What?

Reuben: That's just a guess on my part.

Josie: Why would Lucas be happy about this?

Reuben: Come on, Josie. The man does your publicity, doesn't he?

Josie: Oh, come on. Lucas wouldn't give the paper an article like this.

Reuben: Sure sounds like a plant to me.

Josie: Well, it's not. Lucas would've told me.

Reuben: Just think about it, ok?

Josie: I wonder if Brad's seen this yet.

Reuben: [Laughs] I wonder if Matt's seen that yet.

Josie: Matt. You're right.

Reuben: Mm-hmm. I was wondering when you were going to get to that part.

Matt: Hello.

Josie: Matthew.

Matt: Good morning.

Josie: Hi!

Reuben: Hey, Matt, how are you doing?

Matt: Not bad.

Reuben: You look good today. You really do, man.

Matt: Well, thank you very much. Have you eaten breakfast yet?

Josie: Yes, I have, and I was just on my way out to meet Iris and Lucas.

Matt: Wait, wait. Let them wait. Have some juice or something-- oh, can I see your paper? I want to see how the bulls did. Last time I checked, they were down 6 points. Do you mind?

[Reuben chuckles]

Amanda: No, no, I just-I wanted to talk to him. Uh, tell him to call me here if he stops by. Thanks, Caroline. Bye-bye. Hi.

Iris: Can't find Sam?

Amanda: Oh, it's--it's not important, really.

Iris: Oh, my dear, losing one's husband is always important.

Amanda: No, we were just supposed to go to an early lunch, and I think I'm going to be late. Is there something you wanted?

Iris: Yes, uh, I wondered if there was any further news on the break-in.

Amanda: No, nothing yet. Um, security is working on it, and the Police.

Iris: And they haven't recovered anything?

Amanda: No, the account book is still missing.

Iris: [Sighs] That's great. Do you know that means that someone could gain access to our computers?

Amanda: There were a lot of things in that book, Iris. It may not be the computer codes.

Iris: I know, but if it were the computers, we are extremely vulnerable.

Amanda: I got a letter from-- from the security company that handles computer privacy. Here it is. Maybe we should, uh, give them a call.

Iris: Oh, I think that's a great idea. The last thing we need is for somebody to gain access to our computer system.

Amanda: You are handling this rather well. I thought you would be furious.

Iris: Well, I know you didn't burglarize your own office. It could've happened to any of us.

Amanda: You are in an unusually good mood today.

Iris: Yes, I am.

[Laughs] I'm excited about tonight.

Amanda: Oh, your engagement party. Yes, of course.

Iris: You know, good old Felicia has really knocked herself out.

Amanda: Well, she certainly does know how to throw a party.

Iris: Amanda, I do hope you and Sam will be there. Since Rachel's not here, you'll be the only family I'll have present.

Amanda: Sam and I are planning to come, yes. But...

Iris: But what?

Amanda: We can't make it if Evan and Vicky are going to be there.

Iris: Why not?

Amanda: Are they going to be there?

Iris: We--well, no, not if that's what my little sister wants, but what is the problem?

Amanda: I just have a bad taste in my mouth in the way they both left the company.

Iris: And that's all?

Amanda: That's enough.

Iris: Amanda, look, if you'd like--

Amanda: Iris, I've got a meeting to go to. Is there anything else that you wanted?

Iris: No, I don't think so.

Amanda: It's going to be a terrific evening. I'm really happy for you.

Iris: Thank you. Marriage can be wonderful. But, of course, you and Sam know that already, don't you?

Sam: Olivia...

Olivia: It's been cut.

Sam: It was an accident, ok?

Olivia: That was no accident. That has been deliberately cut.

Sam: Just--just forget about-- forget about it.

Olivia: Sam, who would do that to an absolutely beautiful painting?

Sam: Please, let this go.

Olivia: Have you called the Police?

Sam: No, I haven't.

Olivia: Sam, you have to--

Sam: Look, I really don't want--I really don't want to talk about this right now.

Olivia: Why?

Sam: Because I did it.

Olivia: What?

Sam: Look, I think you should leave.

Olivia: I'm not going anywhere. Sam, you look terrible.

Sam: Thank you very much.

Olivia: Well, you obviously haven't slept. Sam, I'm your friend. I want to help you. What happened with Amanda? She hurt you, didn't she, with Evan?

Sam: Great, what do you know?

Olivia: Nothing. What else would make you do something like that?

Sam: Yeah, right.

Olivia: Sam, please, I hate to see you like this.

Sam: Look, that's--you are very sweet, ok? But I really think you should leave.

Olivia: I'm staying.

Sam: Olivia, I really don't want you messed up in all this, ok?

Olivia: Sam, if you say that I'm your friend, if I mean anything at all to you, you'll let me--

Sam: You are. You do, you do, ok? That's why I don't want you involved with me.

Olivia: Sam, I want to be.

Sam: Look, Olivia, I'm no good for you, ok? So why don't you just leave?

Lucas: Oh, there you are.

Iris: [Laughs] Goodness, darling, you startled me.

Lucas: Uh, we need to talk.

Iris: Oh, we do?

Lucas: Yes, I've been doing some thinking.

Iris: Mm-hmm?

Lucas: Uh, look, maybe--maybe you want to cancel this engagement party tonight.

Iris: What?

Lucas: Well, it might be better for everyone.

Iris: How could it possibly be better for everyone?

Lucas: I just hung up from Stacey Winthrop. She still hasn't heard about the deal with the D.A.

Iris: Now, hang on. I don't understand. What has that got to do with us canceling our engagement party?

Lucas: Iris, I have been accused of all sorts of things. If I go to trial, it could be ugly for everybody.

Iris: For me, you mean.

Lucas: Yes, for you, for the company. You know, come on, having-- having a husband on trial is one hell of a liability.

Iris: Look, I've thought about that, Lucas.

Lucas: No, because--look, I mean, just in case this thing gets out of hand, I wanted you to have one last chance to back out.

Iris: Thank you.

Lucas: Well, you want to cancel?

Iris: I said I'd stand by you, and I meant it.

Lucas: This is your last chance.

Iris: Absolutely not. We're a team. Ah ah. Although...

Lucas: What?

Iris: Just remember, if you get yourself in this much hot water again, you're on your own. Got it?

Lucas: Got it.

Iris: Good.

Evan: Bridget Connell, I would like you to meet Sharon Rodgers.

Bridget: Well, how do you do, my dear?

Sharon: Hi, it's nice to meet you, Bridget.

Bridget: Thank you.

Sharon: And you, too, Vicky.

Vicky: Nice to meet you.

[Baby cries]

Bridget: Oh, that's the baby.

Vicky: Could you--

Bridget: Yes, I'll go get him, yes.

Vicky: Thank you.

Sharon: How old is your child?

Vicky: One year today.

Sharon: Oh, well, a very happy birthday to him.

Vicky: Thanks.

Sharon: Guess that's the reason for all the decorations.

Vicky: Yeah, just a little party. Are you and Evan friends?

Evan: Actually, we're business associates, and, uh, we do need to go over a few things.

Vicky: Oh, like what?

Sharon: You know what, Evan? I think I'm blocking somebody's driveway. I'm going to go wait for you and follow you in my car. It was very nice to meet you, Vicky. I hope your son has a very happy birthday.

Vicky: Thanks, so long.

Evan: I'm sorry I didn't mention about Sharon coming over. It just totally slipped my mind.

Vicky: Yeah, what kind of business are you two in?

Evan: It's nothing big.

Vicky: Is she helping you with your consulting?

Evan: I really should be going, Vicky. I'll see you later.

Vicky: Are you going to be back for Steven's party?

Evan: I'll try, I don't know.

Jake: Whoa, hey!

Vicky: [Laughs]

Jake: Evan.

Evan: Well, my kind of present. Very nice. I'll see you, Vicky.

Vicky: Bye. What's this?

Jake: You should see the broad that just got in the sports car out front! Talk about stopping traffic--

Vicky: Glad you could make it, Jake.

Jake: What's the matter with you? What'd I say?

Vicky: Nothing. For your information, that "broad" is one of Evan's business associates.

Jake: Evan seems to have those stashed all over the place. I should get me some associates like that.

Vicky: I suppose no one ever told you, you have a one-track mind, have they?

Jake: Hey, it's my prerogative to appreciate a nice pair--

Vicky: Jake.

Jake: ...Of legs. I was going to say legs, all right?

Vicky: Yeah, I'll bet you--oh. Oh, no.

Jake: For the kid. What do you think? Rarrr!

Vicky: Rarrr!


Jake: I thought you were going to get him clothes.

Vicky: I was. I did--I got him a lot of clothes, but I saw this and it was so irresistible. Oh, don't worry about it--

Jake: What do you mean? We got to give him the same thing?

Vicky: Oh, it'll be like his own zoo. Come on, help me wrap it. We'll just put it right in here.

Jake: I wanted to give him something special, you know?

Vicky: You are.

Jake: Yeah, right.

Vicky: [Mimicking Jake] Yeah, right.

Jake: So, tell me, who else is coming to this party?

Vicky: Nobody.

Jake: Nobody.

Vicky: Well, I couldn't invite my mom unless I invited my dad. And I didn't want to do that because I knew they would cause a scene--screaming match across the birthday cake. And then I couldn't invite John because he was caught up at the hospital.

Jake: What about...

Vicky: I didn't invite any of the Corys. I'm sure they're having their own coronation party for Steven. Party hats are definitely beneath them. I guess Evan won't be able to tear himself away from--

Jake: From his, uh, business associate.


Vicky: Who wasn't that pretty.

Jake: You're right. Now that you mention it, I do believe she had very thick ankles.

Vicky: Thick--ha ha.

Bridget: Hello, Jake.

Jake: Hello, Bridget. Where's the little birthday boy?

Bridget: Well, he's getting all dressed. I didn't want to bring him in here until we had everything all set.

Vicky: Well, we're as set as we'll ever be.

Bridget: What is it, dear?

Vicky: Nothing.

Jake: She's a little upset that nobody is coming to her party.

Bridget: Did Evan go off with that other woman?

Vicky: They had a business meeting, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, I never saw a business woman that looked like that.

Jake: Oh, come on, Bridget. She wasn't that pretty.

Bridget: Oh, no, that's right. No, she wasn't. That's right.

Jake: Go, go, go!

Vicky: Oh, well, I guess it's just you and me, kid.

Jake: Just like it was a year ago today.

Vicky: A year ago. Do you believe a year ago I was sitting on that couch--like this, mind you--in that old apartment?

Jake: And I was on the phone screaming, "Jamie, what do I do now?"

Vicky: Oh, sure, laugh and joke about it now, but you were a pillar of strength. Jake, I couldn't have done it without you.

Jake: You'd have been just fine.

Vicky: I would hate to have seen what would have happened if I did it by myself.

Jake: Well, the important thing is that you have a wonderful child.

Vicky: I sure do.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Do you know what? Now that I think about it, who else should be at this party? Who loves him the way we do, huh?

Jake: Yeah, who does?

Vicky and Jake: Who loves him? Who does?

[Both laugh]

Bridget: Dr. Jamie.

Ted: Oh, uh, Dr. Frame, can I have a word with you?

Jamie: Sure.

Ted: I have a press release here I am about to hand it out in little a while.

Jamie: Oh?

Ted: Yes, essentially, it states that Congressman Harrison is back in Bay City for a routine medical exam.

Jamie: Well, how were you going to explain the fact that he isn't in a hospital in Washington?

Ted: Well, we were in Chicago on business, and we had heard such wonderful things about this hospital.

Jamie: Right. Is it that or is the congressman just trying to avoid publicity?

Ted: Well, why would he do that?

Jamie: Look, we all know that, um, this visit is far from routine.

Ted: Look, doc, I'm not asking you to lie. I--I just need you to agree not to contradict my press release.

Jamie: How about I avoid talking to the press all together?

Ted: I'd appreciate that.

Jamie: You got it.

Ted: Yeah, but this, uh--this, uh, Dr. Hudson... now, how--I hope I can get him to accept the same guidelines.

Jamie: John Hudson knows this is a delicate situation.

Ted: Yes, well, unfortunately, he's the one that the congressman trusts the most. I mean, a resident, wouldn't you know?

Jamie: Please, please, don't underestimate Dr. Hudson. He's got experience some of us would give our eye and teeth to have.

Ted: Oh, that's encouraging. I'd better get back. Uh, thanks for your help on the...

Jamie: Yeah.

Paulina: Hi.

Jamie: Paulina, hi.

Paulina: Am I interrupting?

Jamie: No, no, not at all. In fact, I'm glad you're here. John said that you had stopped over last night to give me a message.

Paulina: Oh, right.

Jamie: But before anyone knew anything, you had disappeared. What happened?

Paulina: You mean, why didn't I leave a note?

Jamie: Right.

Paulina: Oh, well, I decided I wanted to talk to you personally.

Jamie: Is there a problem about Steven?

Paulina: Oh, no, no. Steven's terrific. Although, he is the reason I'm here.

Jamie: Ok.

Paulina: Well, I know today is his birthday. And I was hoping when Vicky brings him back that we could have a little celebration.

Jamie: I'd love it.

Paulina: I know you said since your mother was away--

Jamie: No, no, no, it's a great idea.

Paulina: Good.

Jamie: I mean, I know I told everybody that we'd wait until my Mom got back, but, you know, deep down inside, I hated that idea.

Paulina: That's what I thought.

Jamie: I mean, who am I kidding? Today's his birthday.

Paulina: Well, that's what I kept thinking.

Jamie: Let me--you know what? When I get off work, I'm going to pick up balloons, uh, party favors--

Paulina: I already did.

Jamie: What?

Paulina: I'm sorry. I--I probably should've waited, but I know you're crazy about Steven, and I figured if I suggested it, you'd probably--

Jamie: Go for it like a shot.

Paulina: Yeah.

Jamie: Good for you.

Paulina: Ok, then, uh, let me know when Vicky brings him back.

Jamie: I will.

Paulina: All right. I'll see you later then.

Jamie: Good. Paulina?

Paulina: Uh-huh?

Jamie: I just wanted to say, um, thank you.

Vicky: Say, "no, cookie monster, it's my birthday!" Cookie monster!

Jake: [Cookie monster voice] Ok, then me ask Steven. Steven, me want cookie.

Vicky: Cookie!

Jake: Cookie!

Vicky: Oh, no! Oh, no! Cookie? Would you like a cookie? Ok, Bridget, a cookie for both of us.

Bridget: All right, one cookie for Steven and one cookie for Jake.

Vicky: Oh, cookie!

Bridget: But we have to be very careful, you know, because we have to--we have to leave the room for the ice cream and the cake.

Vicky: Ice cream and cake?

Jake: Make sure Jake gets the biggest cookie.

Bridget: All right. Give us this, come on. Here we go.

Vicky: Go get your cake!

Bridget: There you go.

Jake: The kid's having a blast, you know?

Vicky: I know.

Jake: Bridget really got to you, didn't she?

Vicky: What?

Jake: Talking about Jamie.

Vicky: I just think it's a bit weird to be celebrating my son's first birthday without his father.

Jake: Why don't you get on the phone and call him, Vicky?

Vicky: No.

Jake: Why?

Vicky: Because.

Jake: Because why? You get on the phone, the doctor comes over. He has some cake, and we have mommy, daddy, and the baby, right?

Vicky: Now, if--if he calls me, then maybe I will invite him, but I am not going to call him.

Jake: Ok, I'll call him.

Vicky: Want to lose an arm?

Jake: What is the matter with you? Are you that proud, Vick?

Vicky: Yes.

Jake: All right.

Vicky: Oh, you know... I remember the first time Jamie saw me holding Steven. And he walked in... and his eyes said it all.

Jake: Can I tell you something you're probably not going to want to hear?

Vicky: Sure, why not?

Jake: Well, you've been talking a lot about the past today.

Vicky: Yeah, well, it's Steven's first birthday. I'm just--

Jake: Things happen, Vicky. You can't go back. If anybody would go back, I would, but Marley's out of my life right now. I have to start thinking about the future, you know?

Vicky: Right.

Jake: So do you, Vicky.

Vicky: I know. You know something?

Jake: What?

Vicky: Whoever said being a single parent is easy must have been nuts. I have a beautiful little boy... and I can't share him with his father.

Jake: Come here.

Reuben: Oh, no, no, no, no. The paper--this is yesterday's paper.

Matt: Do you always carry yesterday's paper around?

Reuben: [Chuckles] You see, there's an article in here that--about lawyers that I want to show Winthrop.

Matt: Yeah, ok. I'm going to have to get today's paper.

Josie: Why are you always so hung up on sports? Why don't you just forget about it?

Matt: Forget sports? Should I forget my left leg and my right eye, too? Wait until the cubs start playing, right?

Reuben: Go cubbies!

Josie: Well, it wouldn't kill you to go one day without poring over the sports pages.

Matt: Well, I guess if--

Josie: In fact--in fact, why don't you do that today?

Matt: What's going on here? What's the matter?

[Phone rings]

Josie: What?

Matt: Something's wrong.

Josie: Hello?

Lucas: Josie, you haven't left yet.

Josie: Lucas, um, I--I was just on my way out.

Lucas: Oh, that's ok. In fact, that's good. Iris and I have to work out some answers for tonight's party um, why don't you meet us at t caclat? Oh have you seen the paper yet today?

Josie: Yes, I...

Lucas: Why don't you look through it? I think you'll find a surprise for you.

Josie: Yes, I, um--all right. All right.

Lucas: See you soon.

Josie: Bye.

Matt: [French accent] The master has summoned you, no doubt.

Josie: Oh, come on, Matthew. Don't--don't be like that.

Matt: Oh, it's ok. It's ok. Left behind.

Reuben: I'll see you. Take care.

Matt: Take care. Did Josie seem kind of weird to you?

Reuben: No. Why?

Matt: I don't know. I--I just keep getting the feeling something's going on.

Olivia: What kind of a friend would I be if I only came around when things were going good?

Sam: Thanks.

Olivia: You're welcome.

Sam: Listen, I--I appreciate you wanting to stay. I mean, it's--it's real--

Olivia: Sam, what is it? What happened?

Sam: I really can't talk about it.

Olivia: You have to. You wouldn't have done something like that unless you were being torn apart.

Sam: No, hey, come on, I'll be fine. I'll be fine.

Olivia: You will?

Sam: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I just need some time alone.

Olivia: Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah. Thanks, though, I appreciate it.

Olivia: Well, I'll see you tonight, right?

Sam: What?

Olivia: Iris Wheeler's engagement party.

Sam: Oh... yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, you'll see me tonight.

Olivia: Ok.

[Sighs] You'll call me if you need me, right?

Sam: I can't.

Amanda: I love you so much, I can't stand it. I never want to be without you.

Sam: Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: No. This never should have happened. As far as I'm concerned, it won't happen again.

Sam: What won't? Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: No!

Sam: I know you said you didn't.

Amanda: I don't know what he's been saying to you.

Sam: He hasn't said much of anything.

Amanda: I was not unfaithful to you. I love you.

Sam: Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: I'm trying to tell you that I love you.

Sam: [Echoing] Did you sleep with him? Did you sleep with him?

Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: I love you so much, I can't stand it. I never want to be without you.

Sam: [Echoing] Did you sleep with him? Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: [Echoing] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Sam: Olivia?

Amanda: Oh, Sam. I was so worried about you.

Sam: Why would you be worried about me? I'm fine.

Amanda: But you didn't come home last night.

Sam: That's very true.

Amanda: Why didn't you come home?

Sam: I don't think you want to go into that right now.

Amanda: Sam, I'm your wife. I love you. If something happened, I think we should talk about it.

Sam: That might not be a very good idea.

Amanda: I know you're angry. I still want to know. Why didn't you come home?

Sam: Oh, come on, you know why. Evan.

Sharon: So, you've already formed this company.

Evan: Yes, it's called Comsec. C-o-m-s-e-c.

Sharon: Computer Security.

Evan: Right, it's protection against viruses, break-ins, hackers--the usual.

Sharon: And you want me to be director of marketing?

Evan: Yes, you're the perfect front.

Sharon: I'm not bad from the side, either.

Evan: Or from the back.

Sharon: Well, sounds like a good company. Lots of potential for growth.

Evan: Yes, I'm interested in seeing this company grow. So, to start things in the right direction, I want to land the Cory Publishing account.

Sharon: Makes sense. Cory is the biggest employer around.

Evan: That's why I want it. So I sent them a letter offering this--them this service... signed by you. Your first job will be to follow up.

Sharon: I'll get on it right away.

Evan: Now, you'll either see Iris Wheeler or Amanda Fowler.

Sharon: Wheeler or Fowler.

Evan: Yes. And there's one more thing. Under no circumstances do you let anyone know that I am involved with this company. You see, I'm not one of their favorite people. Understood?

Sharon: Evan, I've gotten this far in the business world by knowing how to be discreet. Your name won't even come up.

Evan: Thank you.

Sharon: I should have some sort of response from them by the end of the week.

Evan: Good, call me then.

Sharon: All right. By the way, I saw Amanda Fowler's picture in the newspaper the other day. She's very pretty.

Amanda: I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

Sam: Sure you do.

Amanda: What about Evan?

Sam: I saw you meet him at Tops last night.

Amanda: You saw me meet him--

Sam: Yeah, don't deny it.

Amanda: Sam, I asked you to go with me to Tops. You said no.

Sam: Yeah, so you called Evan and told him that the coast was clear.

Amanda: No!

Sam: I saw you, Amanda.

Amanda: I went to Tops to give Jake McKinnon a check. He wasn't there. I saw Evan, so I gave the check to Evan for him to give to Jake. I did it so that I could get home to you sooner. Sam, that's the truth.

Sam: That's not all of it.

Amanda: Yes, it is.

Sam: I want the whole story.

Amanda: About what?

Sam: About you and Evan. Aren't you leaving out just a few details? Amanda--

Amanda: Sam, what is--

Sam: ...There's something else you want to tell me... isn't there?

Vicky: Ok, sweetie! Whoa, look at the bubble! Look! Look at the bubble! Look! Oh, pop! Look over here, Steven.

Bridget: Watch, watch.

[Party horn blows]

Vicky: Woo! Get that--ok, Jake, say hi! Say hi. Bridget, say hi.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: Oh, dear. There's somebody at the door. Here we go. You go with Mom now. That's it.

Vicky: Want to blow some bubbles? Want to blow some bubbles? Come here, blow some bubbles.

Jamie: Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, Dr. Jamie, come--come in.

Jamie: Thank you. Are you feeling better?

Bridget: I feel fine.

Jamie: Your headaches, your dizziness?

Bridget: Oh, you mean this? Oh, no, I've never felt better in my life, you know. I mean, surely you didn't come all the way here just to check on me.

Jamie: Sure I did. I figured since I was in the neighborhood, I might as well, you know?

Bridget: Oh, yes, well. I'll, uh, I'll tell Victoria that you're here then, hmm? Give me your coat.

Jamie: No, no, that's all right. Well, as long as I'm in, I might as well find out what time Vicky wants to bring Steven by. Would you ask her for me?

Bridget: Well, I think I'll let you do that yourself. Come on, come on in now.

Vicky: Ok, all right. We're going to have a blowing contest. Ready? Go.

[Party horn blows] What's that? What's that?

Vicky: Jamie. Look, sweetheart.

Jake: Jamie.

Jamie: Jake.

Vicky: Your daddy's here.

Jamie: How you doing, kiddo? Are you having a party?

Jake: He sure is.

Bridget: Uh, I--you know what I didn't do? I didn't finish icing the cake. Jake, will you help me finish doing that, dear?

Jake: Well, you can ice the cake.

Bridget: Jake, will you help me finish? Come on.

Jake: I'm going to help her ice the cake, all right?

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Looks like you went to a lot of trouble here.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, no big deal.

Jamie: No, it--it looks nice.

Vicky: Oh, thanks. I guess you guys are having a big blow-out at the Cory place tonight, huh?

Jamie: No, actually, Iris is having her engagement party at Tops tonight, so all the family will be there.

Vicky: Oh, I see.

[Sighs] Well, I--I think he's having a good time. Are you, honey?

Jamie: I'm sure he's having a good time. You having a good time, kiddo? Mm. Oh, yeah, what time are you going to bring him by tonight?

Vicky: Uh, around 5:00?

Jamie: Good, good.

Vicky: Hard to believe he's a year old, isn't it?

Jamie: Isn't it?

Vicky: We were just saying it's a lot calmer than it was last year.

Jamie: I should hope so.

Vicky: You know, Jake and I were talking earlier about how you coached us through the birth. You were great.

Jamie: ---

Vicky: You were not. You we?

Jamie: Ok. I think I better get going.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Here, you take him. There you go. Hey, take care, ok?

Vicky: Come here, sweetheart. Hi. There's enough birthday cake for everyone. Would you like to stay? Hey... you're done shopping for car insurance?

Jamie: I don't know. Maybe it's not such a good idea.

Vicky: Why not?

Jamie: I just don't want to horn in on your celebration.

Vicky: Well, I won't force you. I just thought it would be nice for Steven to have both his parents around for part of the day.

[Doorbell rings] Excuse me.

Jamie: Yeah.

Evan: [Singing] Let's party and do the limbo. Let's do the lim--

Vicky: Hi.

Evan: Jamie, what are you doing here?

Vicky: Um, I was asking him to stay for some birthday cake.

Jamie: No, but I--I can't. Really, I got to go. You take care, kiddo. I'll see you at home, ok?

Vicky: Say bye, daddy.

Jamie: Say good-bye to Jake and Bridget, ok?

Vicky: Yeah. Bye. Bye.

Jamie: Bye.

Evan: So, uh, what was Jamie doing here?

Jamie: Visiting.

Evan: Did I interrupt something?

Vicky: No, not at all.

Iris: So, we don't have to worry about the music, and the staff are prepared to work overtime. Felicia has got that organized. That's if we need them, and then--

Josie: On the phone you said you knew about this.

Lucas: Josie.

Josie: You planted this, didn't you? You let them print these lies.

Lucas: Iris, let me talk to Josie for a minute, ok?

Josie: I'm sorry, Iris. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Iris: That's all right. Excuse me, I have to call Felicia anyway.

Lucas: Sit.

Josie: How could you do this? I mean, how could you let them print this?

Lucas: There is a difference between a lie and good publicity.

Josie: There is?

Lucas: Yes, you and Brad make a hot item.

Josie: But it's a lie. What about Matthew?

Lucas: Look, Matthew has nothing to do with you getting publicity. Have you ever heard the old saying "say what you want about me, but say something"?

Josie: No.

Lucas: Well, now you have. Hey, I thought we were building a career for you, kiddo.

Josie: I still don't see why we have to print stuff like this.

Lucas: Because blurbs like this--they go a long way in creating an image for you in the public's mind--makes you hot and desirable, which then makes you interesting and then makes you more valuable, hmm? Now, a sexy girl like you should be seen. And being seen with Brad is good, ok?

Iris: Felicia's waiting on the line, Lucas, and we have to make some decisions.

Brad: We look great together, don't we?

Josie: Brad. Bet you about died when you saw that.

Brad: No way. My agent says it's great for my career.

Josie: Really?

Brad: Besides, if I'm going to be gossiped about, I'm glad it's with someone like you. Hey, look, I got to go see Lucas about some proof sheets. I'll see you later.

Josie: [Sighs] Doesn't anyone care that I'm in love with Matthew?

Iris: Hey, hey, hey. Are you still worrying about that picture?

Josie: Well, things could get kind of tricky with Matt.

Iris: Yes, well, actually, it's Matthew that I wanted to talk to you about.

Josie: Really?

Iris: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I heard that you two almost got married.

Josie: Yes, we--we almost got married.

Iris: Quite frankly, I was a little bit hurt about that.

Josie: You were?

Iris: Mm-hmm. Well, I thought we were--we were friends.

Josie: Well, we are.

Iris: Well, why didn't you tell me you were thinking of getting married?

Josie: Well, we didn't tell anyone. I mean, I didn't tell my mother, and Matthew didn't tell any of his family.

Iris: Yeah, no one except Lucas, hmm?

Josie: I told Lucas we were getting married, but I didn't tell him we were eloping.

Iris: Well, he wasn't exactly in the dark either, was he?

Josie: I told Lucas that we might get married because I was worried it was going to interfere with my career.

Iris: Oh--oh, I see.

Josie: But I wanted to tell you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I--I really am.

Iris: It's all right. I just--I just want you to know that I am your friend. And if you need a confidante, I am here, you know? You don't have to worry Lucas.

Josie: Thank you.

Iris: Not at all. Oh, I will see you tonight, won't I?

Josie: Oh, yes. I'll be coming with Matt.

Iris: Great. Bye.

Josie: Bye.

Matt: Put a little pepper on it, put a little pepper on--yes! Strike!

Reuben: Oh, that--that was brilliant. That--that's what that was.

Reuben: You just boggle the mind, you know that?

Matt: That went straight down there.

Reuben: You know, the last time I went bowling, I hit the ball clear on other side of the net.

Matt: Don't try to sucker me into another bet, not this time. The last lime we bowled, you beat me by 30 points.

Reuben: Oh, that was you?

Matt: That was--yeah.

Reuben: [Laughs] Hey, how are you doing, Olivia?

Olivia: Fine, thanks.

Matt: Olivia.

Olivia: Hi, guys.

Matt: Anything wrong?

Olivia: No.

Matt: You're sure?

Olivia: Oh, I'm fine. I just need to be alone.

Reuben: Well, look at the time. We got to be going.

Matt: Hey, she's got a paper!

Reuben: We got to go. We're going to be late, come on. I'll see you later. What?

Matt: I forgot my keys. Where are my keys?

Olivia: Hey, look at this.

Matt: What?

Olivia: It's a picture of Josie kissing that guy.

Jamie: Whoa. You know, you really shouldn't have gone to all this trouble.

Paulina: It's no trouble. When's Steven coming home?

Jamie: Uh, about 5:00. There's plenty of time.

Paulina: Something wrong?

Jamie: I don't know. It's just, um, I wish that I had heard from my mother from Arizona--a call or anything.

Paulina: I guess when she comes back, you're planning on having a big party for Steven, huh?

Jamie: Yeah, she'd love that. Everybody would.

Paulina: You have such a great family.

Jamie: Yeah.

Evan: See what that says? "Happy first birthday, Steven." That's you. Now, when they finish their ice cream, I'm going to get you a big piece of cake, and you'll stick your face in it, rub it all over, stick it down in your diapers. It'll be great. You'll have so much fun. What do you think?

Vicky: Oh, well.

Jake: So, what happened with Jamie?

Vicky: Nothing.

Jake: Bull, Vicky. Come on--

Vicky: I'll tell you later, all right?

Jake: Fine. I'll go get some more ice cream.

Vicky: Ok.

Evan: [Baby voice] Cookie monster loves cookies I love the cookies. We love cookies.

Vicky: You're very good with him.

Evan: Well, I really haven't had much experience with kids, but if they're all like this guy--he's a breeze.

Vicky: You'd make a good father.

Evan: Oh, I don't know about that. I didn't grow up with, uh, too many role models, you know?

Vicky: Don't put yourself down, Evan.

Evan: Hey, it's too bad you couldn't have invited your parents.

Vicky: Hey, we're doing just fine, aren't we?

Evan: Well, I don't think this was the, you know, party you had in mind.

Vicky: You came. It's good enough for me.

Amanda: I've got to get back to the office. We will talk about this tonight, all right?

Sam: No, no, no, no. You're going to tell me the truth--now, ok? I want you to tell me, all right? Just tell me.

Amanda: Sam, I told you. I went to Tops to give Jake a check. Jake wasn't there. I gave the check to Evan to give it to Jake.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. I know about last night. I want the whole story, ok?

Amanda: What?

Sam: You heard me!

Amanda: Sam, you are blowing everything way out of proportion. Now, stop it!

Sam: No!

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me the truth, ok? Tell me the truth!

Amanda: I didn't do anything wrong!

Sam: Tell me the truth, please?

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