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Another World Transcript Tuesday 2/14/06

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Vicky: Oh, Jamie, he's so beautiful.

Jamie: You're beautiful.

Vicky: Do you know how lucky I am? I have everything I ever wanted. I have you.


Vicky: Steven. Beautiful home.

Man: Ms. Hudson? Ms. Hudson?

Vicky: What did you say?

Man: Nothing. I just wanted to tell you you've got a real nice house here.

Vicky: I'm glad you like what you saw. Will you sell it for me?

Man: I'd be real happy to list it. Sure. You bet.

Vicky: Good. Thank you.

Man: I'll need some information before we do anything.

Vicky: Look, Mr....

Mr. Cleary: Cleary.

Vicky: I don't have much time for this. I just want you to sell my house.

Mr. Cleary: Well, there is the price to be considered.

Vicky: Whatever you think.

Mr. Cleary: Market's real slow right now. Fact is, it's terrible.

Vicky: I'll take a loss if I have to. I just want to sell the house. There are a lot of bad memories here.

Mr. Cleary: I'm sorry. Did, uh--did, somebody die?

Vicky: A marriage died. Sell it.

Amanda: Hey, where is everybody?

Jake: Shoot's over, Amanda. Donna...

Amanda: Already?

Jake: Hold this. Yep.

Amanda: I thought it would go on all afternoon.

Jake: Well, Mitch works very fast.

Amanda: Yeah--well, I'm disappointed. I was hoping I could see some of it.

Donna: Well, as far as we could tell, it went beautifully.

Amanda: Good. I'm glad. Um, have you seen Sam around anywhere?

Jake: I haven't seen him.

Amanda: Thanks.

Donna: You all set?

Jake: Yeah, just about.

Sam: Where were you?

Amanda: There you are. I was at the office.

Sam: I called the office. They said you'd left over an hour ago.

Amanda: Keeping tabs on me?

Sam: I wanted to know why you were so late.

Amanda: Well, since you are so nosey--here. I got you a surprise.

Sam: What's the occasion?

Amanda: Does there have to be one?


Sam: You better get that.

Amanda: Ok. Don't you peek at that. Evan.

Mikey: Bridget, I love you too.

Bridget: Oh, Mikey. Oh my, come on give me a--oh, oh, look at the hug. Oh, you're a fine laddie, you are.

[Laughs] Well, we'll go have a look at them right now, then. Oh, my.

Mikey: Bridget, Bridget, are you ok? Hello? It's Bridget. She won't wake up. Please, help.

Operator: Now honey, try to calm down and tell me where Mommy is. Is Mommy there?

Mikey: No. Nobody's here.

Operator: Ok. Then you're going to tell me where you live, ok? You're going to give me your name and address and I'll send help right away. Ready?

Mikey: Mikey. Michael Spencer Hudson junior. I live in Bay View Towers.

Operator: Bay View Towers. Honey, do you know the number on your door? Is it 3b or 5a?

Mikey: 10a.

Operator: Fine. Don't hang up, Mikey. I want to talk to you. I have an emergency at Bay View Towers. 10th floor. The name is Hudson. Someone injured in a fall. I have the child on the phone. Right. Mikey, I'm back. Are you there?

[Phone drops] Honey, I know you're afraid, but help is on the way, ok? Someone is coming to help take care of Bridget. Do you hear me, Mikey?

Felicia: New York.

Mitch: Actually, some of them turned out really nicely.

Felicia: Oh, this is wonderful. Come on, let's sit down so I can really look at them.

Mitch: Do you remember when you were standing out in front of Lincoln Center?

Felicia: Yes. Oh, look, the plaza.

Mitch: The light turned out very nicely on that one.

Felicia: This is really very sweet of you. Thank you.

Mitch: I hope you like them.

Felicia: I do. I love them.

Mitch: I'm sorry I've been so busy lately.

Felicia: I know. I understand.

Mitch: I mean I had--I had hoped to get these to you sooner.

Felicia: Well, this is really perfect timing. I needed a little lift today. Oh, look.

Mitch: You know, when I look at these, I get the feeling we--we certainly seemed happy.

Felicia: We were happy.

Mitch: On the river club.

Felicia: Oh, look.

Mitch: The one the waitress took.

Felicia: Yeah, she got the bridge in there, didn't she?

Mitch: How is it that you manage to always look so beautiful?

Felicia: You're not exactly chopped liver yourself, you know.

Mitch: Is that a happy couple or what? What do you think? I love you.

Felicia: Mitch, I think there's someone here to see you.

Mitch: Emile.

Emile: Hello, Mitch.

Mitch: Emile is repairing my camera. He works with cameras.

Felicia: Oh, I see.

Mitch: Oh, Emile, this is my wife, Felicia Gallant.

Felicia: How do you do?

Emile: It is a pleasure.

Felicia: Thank you. Why don't I let the two of you talk?

Mitch: We'll be just a few minutes.

Felicia: No, no, it's ok. I have a million things to do myself. Excuse me, please.

Emile: You are married to a very beautiful woman.

Mitch: Yes, she is, Emile. How did you find me?

Emile: I asked the lawyer who arranged my bail.

Mitch: You shouldn't have tried to contact me in public. I thought you knew that.

Emile: Your wife does not know of your interest in this Mr. Ken Jordan?

Mitch: No, no. But it's ok. It's ok. Did you come up with anything?

Emile: I've only been out for a few hours.

Mitch: For you, that should be plenty of time. Anything on the phony I.D.?

Emile: If he is using a phony I.D., chances are that I would know the counterfeiter who prepared it for him.

Mitch: If. You're saying if. Does that mean you don't know for sure?

Emile: It means that I don't know anything at all. I called every contact I have, U.S. and Canada.

Mitch: You've come up with zero?

Emile: Zero. If this Ken is a phony, he is doing a first-class job, and all on his own.

Mitch: Ok. You better count it.

Emile: Gosh, if I cannot trust you, mon ami, who can I trust?

Mitch: Emile, if I need anything else I will call you.

Emile: I wish I'd had good news for you.

Mitch: It's ok. I'm sure you did your best. I appreciate it.

Evan: I need to see Jake and Donna.

Jamie: Amanda, good, I've been waiting for you.

Evan: [Indistinct]--Now if you'll excuse me, I will be out of here as soon as possible, I assure you.

Amanda: Is there a problem?

Jamie: I need to talk to you.

Amanda: Jamie, I came home to spend time with Sam today.

Sam: It's ok, Amanda. Go ahead. I'll wait for you upstairs.

Jamie: It won't be long, Sam.

Amanda: All right, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?

Jamie: It's about Vicky.

Amanda: Oh! My favorite topic.

Jamie: Is it possible that maybe you were just a little too rough on her?

Amanda: What?

Jamie: I'm just wondering, maybe, that you could cut her some slack and re-hire her?

Amanda: Oh, I see. She's already been whining to you, has she?

Jamie: Amanda, she says that you fired her because you don't like her.

Amanda: Well that's a lie.

Jamie: Look, she's really trying to get herself together.

Amanda: Oh, please! Please.

Jamie: And apparently this job meant everything to her.

Amanda: Then why would she tell Evan--and I have this on tape-- that she is planning to take over Cory Publishing and my job?

Jamie: She couldn't do that.

Amanda: No, but she could take out a major advertiser without consulting anyone. Not one single soul. And promise him things that I specifically said were impossible.

Jamie: Like what?

Amanda: Like the right to determine editorial content.

Jamie: She did that?

Amanda: Yes, she did that. You can ask Iris or anyone at Cory.

Jamie: I had no idea.

Amanda: You really thought you were getting the straight scoop from that woman?

Jamie: I just thought, Amanda, that she was chang--

Amanda: You felt sorry for her. I know. She played the pitiful little put-upon victim, the loyal, hardworking woman that just got the shaft from some heartless Cory, namely me, right?

Jamie: Yeah. That's just about what I felt.

Amanda: Thank you very much, brother, dear. Couldn't you just give me the benefit of the doubt just some of the time?

Jamie: I'm sorry, Amanda.

Amanda: She's trying to divide us again. Can't you see that?

Jamie: I do now.

Amanda: Where are you going?

Jamie: To make sure that Vicky never pulls this on me again.

Operator: Mikey, honey, are you still there?

Mikey: Nobody came to help Bridget. You said someone's coming.

Operator: And they will, I promise you. What you have to do now is stay calm. Bridget needs you to be calm so you can help take care of her, ok?

Michael: Hi, buddy. What are you doing? Come on, say hi. Oh! Oh, my gosh. Bridget? Bridget? Bridget?

Paramedic: Is this the Hudson residence?

Michael: Yes, come in. Hurry, please. Someone's hurt. Bridget? How did you guys get here? How did you know to come here?

Paramedic: Well, our dispatcher said a child had called.

Michael: A child? Hey, buddy--excuse me. Buddy, did you call? Are you ok? Huh?

Paramedic: Are you all right?

Bridget: Oh.

Paramedic: Just stay still for a second.

Michael: Hello? Hi, look the paramedics got here. This is--this is Michael Hudson. Everything seems to be all right. Thank you so much for staying on the phone with my son.

Operator: He's a terrific kid. I hope everything is all right.

Michael: So do I. Thank you again.

Bridget: Mikey?

Michael: Bridget, he's ok. Are you all right?

Bridget: Yes, I...

Paramedic: How do you feel sitting up?

Bridget: Oh I had--I have a wee bit of a headache, you know. Oh, dear.

Michael: Look, should we get her to a hospital, do you think?

Paramedic: Well, no, not unless she feels dizzy or has a worse headache.

Bridget: Oh no, I'm fine, Mr. Michael.

Michael: Well, how about a doctor? Should we get her to a doctor today?

Paramedic: Well, she should see a private physician.

Michael: Ok.

Paramedic: Yeah.

Michael: Ok, done. You want to sit down? Can she sit down?

Paramedic: Yeah, sure.

Bridget: Oh yes, well I'm sorry, John. I'm sorry to be so much trouble for you.

Paramedic: No, that's all right.

Michael: Don't be silly. Bridget, come on, come on.

Bridget: Oh, dear. I'm a bit woozy, you know.

Michael: I should think so.

Bridget: Dear me.

Michael: Come here, buddy. Boy.

Bridget: Oh, thank you. You're very kind. Oh, dear.

Paramedic: Ok.

Michael: Thank you so much.

Bridget: Oh Mikey, you're such a good boy. What would we ever do without you?

Michael: This little guy's a hero.

Bridget: I know.

Michael: Now, what happened?

Bridget: Oh, I don't know. I just--I--I--there were the cookies, you see.

Michael: Oh, that's what I smell.

Bridget: Oh dear, they must be all burnt by now.

Michael: Well look, where's Donna? She should--she should have been here.

Bridget: I think I tripped on--she's at work.

Michael: At work? It's late. What's she doing at work still?

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Michael, don't be upset with her, please.

Michael: No, Bridget, really, I'm not upset. I just want to call and make sure that she's ok. And just to tell her about you, all right?

Bridget: All right, dear.

Michael: Ok.

Bridget: Oh Mikey, how would we ever do without you? You're the dearest boy in the whole world, that's what. Oh, my.

[Phone ringing]

Jake's voice: Hi, we're out of the office right now, but if you leave a name, a message and A...

Michael: Where the hell is she?

Vicky: So when can I expect people to start looking at it?

Mr. Cleary: As soon as I list it. And there'll be a lot of them, believe me. Your price is fair. Low, even for this market.

Vicky: I just want out.

Mr. Cleary: I'll start the paperwork.

Vicky: Good. Thank you, Mr. Cleary.

Mr. Cleary: Thank you, Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: You mean there's more? Oh my. More. [Giggling]

Jamie: Surely you didn't think that mere shrimp fra diavolo was the entree?

Vicky: You're this good-looking and you cook, too?

Jamie: It's in the genes, I guess.

Vicky: You're perfect. I have a perfect husband.

Jamie: I hope the veal is perfect.

Vicky: Let's try the veal. Oh. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Jamie: I forgot the wine, to pour it.

Vicky: No, I don't need wine. All I need is you.

Jamie: I love you, Mrs. Frame.

Vicky: You make me happy, Mr. Frame. What other wife has a husband who would run home from a hard day at the hospital and go straight into the kitchen to cook me dinner?

Jamie: I have a confession to make.

Vicky: Mm, de-vein the shrimp, stuff the veal--

Jamie: Before you get carried away--

Vicky: ...Make the hollandaise sauce--

Jamie: ...I didn't cook it. I ordered in. It was delivered.

Vicky: I know.

Jamie: You know?

Vicky: Chez nous called before. They forgot to add the peach melba.

Jamie: You mean I did all this work and it was for nothing? No dessert?

Vicky: Oh, we have dessert, my dear.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Follow me.

Jamie: Where are we going?

Vicky: To the bedroom.

Jamie: Mmm.

Vicky: Grab the wine.

[Laughs] Come on, honey.


[Doorbell] Hi.

Jamie: May I come in?

Vicky: Of course you can.

Jamie: I talked to Amanda.

Vicky: You did?

Jamie: Well, sure, I couldn't let my heartless sister shaft poor little hardworking Vicky, could I?

Vicky: Something tells me she changed your mind.

Jamie: She told me the real reason why you were fired, Vicky.

Vicky: And of course you believed her.

Jamie: Are you saying that you didn't secretly meet with a major advertiser? Are you saying that you didn't promise him things Amanda told you not to promise?

Vicky: Jamie, she can be so conservative.

Jamie: Damn it, Vicky. Don't you ever learn?

Vicky: Oh, for Pete's sake.

Jamie: I don't know. I don't know what this idea is. I--I thought that we were leveling each--with each other. I thought that finally we understood each other.

Vicky: And obviously this is all my fault?

Jamie: You came over to my house to get me to sign over Steven's shares in Cory so you could get even with Amanda. But when I figured that out, you just came up with another lie. You're unbelievable.

Vicky: Oh, no you don't. You've had your say. Now it's my turn.

Jamie: Get out of my way.

Vicky: This is so typical.

Jamie: What is?

Vicky: You siding with your family.

Jamie: With good reason.

Vicky: If you had a choice between your wife and your family--

Jamie: You never let it be an honest choice. You always made sure that the--

Vicky: You were never a husband, Jamie. You were a Cory.

Jamie: Get out of my way, Vicky.

Vicky: You bet I will. Get out.

Amanda: Ok, close your eyes, don't peek. Ok, now you can open. Is it all right?

Sam: It's beautiful. You're beautiful.

Amanda: Does it remind you of anything?

Sam: Ah--I'm trying to think...

Amanda: That crazy night in New York. Before we were married. I looked all over town to try and find a nightgown that looked the same as the one I had lost in the hotel there.

Sam: Oh, I didn't know you lost it there.

Amanda: Well, I guess it got tossed under the bed, by you.

Sam: Yeah. Probably.

Amanda: I was hoping it would remind us of what we used to have. How great it was. It was better than great. It was perfect. Sam, kiss me.

Amanda: What's the matter?

Sam: I'm sorry. I've got some place to be.

[Knocking on door]

Amanda: Sam?

Paulina: No, it's me. I'm sorry to disturb you.

Amanda: What do you want?

Paulina: I heard you crying. I just wondered if I could help.

Amanda: Well, you can't, so just go away and leave me alone. Paulina? I'm sorry, I'm just a little upset. Obviously.

Paulina: ...At least you're letting it out.

Amanda: Yeah. A lot of good it's doing me.

Paulina: It will. Believe me. My mother always told me that it's much better to express emotions than to keep them bottled up in your heart where they can do damage.

Amanda: Yeah, I guess that's usually true.

Paulina: Well, she's usually pretty smart about stuff like that. Smart about everything.

Amanda: You sound like you were really close to your mother.

Paulina: I have the best mother in the whole world.

Amanda: Yeah, so do I. I wish she were here.

Paulina: You're lucky. I guess you know that.

Amanda: Yeah, sure.

Paulina: A lot of people love you, Amanda. Whatever you were crying about, you really should talk to somebody. Your mother or your husband. Especially a husband like Sam. He seems so great.

Amanda: Yeah.

Paulina: And the way he is with your daughter. I mean, the two of you, you're like a fairy tale.

Amanda: Yeah. And this is the happily ever after. Excuse me, I have to go check on Alli.

Donna: Did you check the library?

Evan: Yes. I checked the stables and the greenhouses, and the housekeeper agrees with me. There was no damage done.

Jake: All right, so who do we get to sign this thing off?

Evan: Jamie.

Jake: What about Amanda?

Evan: Well, I'd much rather deal with Jamie.

Jake: Oh.

Donna: Wasn't it exciting?

Jake: It was ok. Yeah.

Donna: Evan, did you see it?

Evan: No, actually I got here too late.

Donna: Jake, tell him.

Jake: Tell him what?

Donna: Tell him how well the shoot went today.

Jake: Oh, the shoot went very well.

Donna: Tell him how well we worked together.

Jake: We were a team.

Donna: I have to admit I wasn't sure I could handle everything, but every time Jake threw something at me I just ran with it.

Evan: Well, good for you, Donna.

Donna: Didn't I?

Jake: Yeah, you were as professional a person as I have ever worked with. As a matter of fact, Evan, she didn't even break a nail.

Evan: Now I'm impressed.

Donna: You go ahead and make fun of me, but I did it again. I proved to myself and all the doubting Thomases of the world--or the doubting Michaels, as it were--that I can do real work and I can earn real money.

Jake: Ok, real money earner, why don't we go load the van up?

Donna: All right--and then I have to get home and see Mikey.

Jake: Wait a minute, I thought that we would go to Felicia's and celebrate with a bottle of champagne?

Donna: No, not today.

Jake: Bridget's watching Mikey. He's gonna be fine.

Donna: I know she is but I want to get home and spend some time with him.

Jake: I didn't want to go with you anyway. How about you, Evan?

Evan: Actually, no--I'll stick around here and wait for Jamie, 'cause the sooner he signs it off, the sooner we get paid.

Donna: Jake, you coming?

Jake: I have no choice.

Jamie: You let Paulina know before you come to see Steven. I want to be out of the house.

Vicky: Fine. Just make sure one of the family vultures is around to supervise.

Jamie: You know, you're so ridiculously paranoid you can't even think straight.

Vicky: I have every right to be paranoid! Your family has tried to ruin my life!

Jamie: Did we kidnap Steven and take him to Lassiter?

Jamie: You wouldn't let me see my son.

Jamie: I didn't know what you'd do. No sane man would know what you would do.

Vicky: You know, you drive me crazy. I can't wait to get out of this house and get away from anything that reminds me of you.

Jamie: Get out of here? What are you talking about, Vicky? You're leaving Bay City?

Vicky: Don't start jumping up and down. I would never go that far away from my son.

Jamie: Vicky, you just said that you're leave--

Vicky: I am not leaving town. Just this house. It's up for sale.

Jamie: Oh. Well, that's your right.

Vicky: Oh, I have rights? Hallelujah.

Jamie: This house is probably too big for you anyway. Even when Steven's with you.

Vicky: It's too big and too old.

Jamie: Well, it's not that old.

Vicky: I need new things in my life, Jamie. I'm sure some other family, some other loving family, will do much better here than we did.

Jamie: Shouldn't be hard. Not too many happy memories here, are there?

Vicky: A couple.

Jamie: The day we moved in, we showed Steven around the house.

Vicky: First time we made love here.

Jamie: Yeah. I remember that. It was New Year's eve...

Vicky: Yeah, well, I guess there just weren't enough memories like those.

Jamie: No, I, uh--I guess not. But it's--it's still a good house.

Vicky: There are other good houses.

Jamie: Oh--I know, I know, but you put a lot of work into this one. I mean--I mean you remodeled a couple of rooms, you know. I understand the fact that you want to get around to different surroundings and all.

Vicky: Good.

Jamie: It's just that--do you really think you're gonna recoup this investment?

Vicky: I don't know.

Jamie: It's--it's a bad market out there, Vicky. It's gonna be tough to recoup.

Vicky: Does that bother you?

Jamie: No, no, I just thought that maybe you should wait.

Vicky: Maybe I could.

Jamie: Right.

Vicky: Till the market gets better.

Jamie: Yeah. It's gonna turn around any day now. I'd wait if I were you.

Vicky: Maybe it would be smarter.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Just for a couple of months.

Jamie: Yeah. You know, Vicky, this really isn't a bad house at all.

Vicky: No. My horn toots off-key.

Jamie: Next year let's get those things that shoot out and curl up.

Vicky: It's a date. What are you doing?

Jamie: Like I said to the duchess.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: If you want to be a duchess, then be a duchess. But if you want to make love, hats off.

Vicky: Mmm, hats off.


[Felicia laughs]

[Sam clears throat]

Mitch: I'll be back in a little.

Sam: Hey, sorry to interrupt, ok?

Mitch: Are you all right? You look like hell.

Sam: Yeah, hell, that would make sense.

Mitch: Hey, what's going on?

Sam: What would you do if you found out Felicia had slept with someone?

Mitch: Wait--what did somebody say something about Felicia?

Sam: No, no, no.

Mitch: Well what are you talking about? Who--what is it something to do with Amanda?

Sam: Look it was just a hypothetical question, ok? I just--I've been thinking a lot about trust lately.

Mitch: What about it?

Sam: You know, how fragile it is.

Mitch: Look, maybe you better talk to Felicia. She's had to deal with me about this before. I mean she can trust me, there's no problem with that. That's the only way you can trust Amanda.

Sam: Can you take trust too far?

Mitch: Look, people make mistakes. Yes, they do.

Sam: Yeah, they do.

Mitch: Look, Felicia could have thrown our marriage away months ago, but she didn't. She's hung in there and we've tried to rebuild to what it was.

Sam: Why? Why did she do that? Why did she hang in there?

Mitch: I hope because she loves me.

Sam: And she trusts you, yeah.

Mitch: Hey, Sam--what--hey, don't go looking for trouble.

Sam: Yeah. Right.

Mitch: Hey, are you ok?

Sam: I'm fine. Listen, thanks for listening, man.

Mitch: Wait a minute, I haven't been listening. I've been doing all the talking. What is it?

Sam: There's just--there's more to it than you know.

Mitch: What do you mean, more to it? Is it something that you heard from Amanda?

Sam: No.

Mitch: Then don't worry about it. Look, she loves you. You love her, ok?

Felicia: What was all that about?

Mitch: I'm--I'm not exactly sure. I think he just needed a reminder of what's important in life.

Felicia: And that is?

Paulina: Mrs. Fowler...

Amanda: What are you doing?

Paulina: I--I just came in to put away some of Alli's toys and then I happened to notice your beautiful dresses.

Amanda: First you had to open the closet door.

Paulina: I didn't think you'd mind.

Amanda: I mind that you didn't ask.

Paulina: I'm so sorry.

Amanda: And I mind that you took that dress.

Paulina: What?

Amanda: It's awful. I haven't worn it in years.

Paulina: What?

Amanda: If you want a dress... ah-hah! This is a dress. Here, take this.

Paulina: No, but I...

Amanda: Take it back to your room, try it on.

Paulina: No, no, no, I couldn't do that.

Amanda: Well, of course you could. And that way you can have it any day you want.

Paulina: Really?

Amanda: Yes, really. I have tons of evening gowns. I have tons of everything. I'm spoiled rotten in case you haven't noticed.

Paulina: No, you're not.

Amanda: Are you kidding? Look at all this stuff.


Paulina: Are you serious?

Amanda: Yes, I'm serious. You would be doing me a favor.

Paulina: I would?

Amanda: Yes. You would have a new dress and I wouldn't feel quite so guilty.

Paulina: Guilty? About having all of this? Thank you.

Amanda: Paulina? Enjoy the dress.

Paulina: Oh, I will.

Amanda: I'm glad you're working for Jamie. You're doing a really, really good job. Steven's happy.

Paulina: Thank you.

Amanda: And I hope you're considering staying with us. We'd like to keep you.

Paulina: I want to stay.

Amanda: Good.

Paulina: Mrs. Fowler...

Amanda: Amanda.

Paulina: Amanda. I was just wondering, you don't think that Jamie and Vicky will get back together and want to let me go, do you?

Amanda: Not a chance.

Paulina: They really hate each other, don't they?

Amanda: With every cell of their respective bodies.

Paulina: Do you know why?

Amanda: Do you have a couple of hours?

Michael: Look the guy is--he's kind of tall, he's got dark hair, athletic looking. He'd be with my wife. Tell you what, why don't you just look at the reservations. See if they're coming in for late lunch. It'd be under Hudson or McKinnon. All right, Henri, thank you.

Donna: You know what I liked especially was that low ankle shot--

Michael: Excuse me, you want to tell me just where the hell you've been?

Donna: What is the--what is--is it a low angle shot?

Michael: Excuse me.

Jake: That's what they call it. A low angle shot.

Donna: I'm really getting the jargon. Hi, Michael. What?

Michael: Where have you been?

Donna: We're working. You knew that. And it's really not any of your business.

Michael: Don't you usually leave a number?

Donna: What are you talking about?

Michael: A number, Donna. A phone number where someone like Bridget can get in touch with you in case something happens.

Donna: Bridget is perfectly capable of taking care of anything that happens.

Michael: Oh, really? Well, not today. That's not true today, Donna.

Donna: Why? What's wrong? What happened?

Michael: I've been trying to get in touch with you all afternoon.

Donna: Tell me, is Michael all right?

Michael: Mikey's fine. Mikey's fine. He's just a little shaken up, that's all.

Donna: Why?

Michael: It's Bridget.

Jake: What happened to Bridget, Michael?

Michael: Bridget-Bridget's ok. She's ok. She just fell, she hit her head, she knocked herself out. And Mikey dialed 911.

Donna: He did?

Michael: Yeah, he did.

Jake: Bridget's fine then?

Michael: Bridget's fine. Don't worry. No thanks to you, she's fine.

Donna: Well, we were at the Cory's. All you had to do was call "Sophisticate."

Michael: "Sophisticate"?

Donna: I'm gonna go upstairs and see Bridget and Mikey.

Michael: Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. What's this about "Sophisticate"?

Jake: "Sophisticate" hired us in spite of you, Michael.

Michael: Great. Just great. I want you out of here, all right?

Jake: You don't tell me what to do.

Michael: ...My house!

Donna: Stop it!

Donna: I will not have this in my house.

Jake: All right, fine.

Donna: Jake.

Jake: Just tell him I'm cool, all right?

Michael: You're not cool, buddy, you are out of here.

Donna: Michael! The two of you, please.


Donna: Hello.

Reporter: We're from K.B.A.Y.

Donna: Excuse me.

Reporter: Hey, hey, hey, Billy, that's Michael Hudson.

Billy: Your son saved his nanny, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Reporter: Let's get a shot of Mom and Dad, ok?

Donna: Excuse me, I am Mikey's mother.

Reporter: Ok, let's get a tight two shot then.

Michael: What do you--what's a two shot? What do you mean two shot?

Donna: This is a two shot.

Billy: ...When you're ready, Freddy.

Reporter: All right, let's rock and roll.

Billy: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hudson.

Michael: Is this really necessary?

Billy: Tell me, how did your son know what to do?

Donna: I think that every good parent should try to prepare the child for such an eventuality as this.

Michael: Yeah, actually Mikey's a really smart kid.

Donna: I had to take a lot of time alone and teach him to be prepared for situations as this in calling the 911 number.

Michael: ...Is that you can-- you can really teach your kid to do--if you're willing to spend just a few minutes every day with them--

Donna: It's particularly difficult if you are a single parent.

Evan: Well, I bet you're relieved this day is over.

Jamie: Didn't bother me, I just stayed out of the way.

Evan: Yeah--well, I think Mitch got some great shots. I think you'll be really happy with the layout.

Jamie: Good.

Amanda: Jamie, have you seen Sam?

Jamie: I don't believe this. You actually let him out of your sight?

Amanda: Jamie, just answer me.

Jamie: Evan, these two have been so romantic these days, holding hands, going upstairs every chance they get...

Amanda: Jamie, please. Have you seen Sam?

Jamie: No, I haven't. Why don't you check with grandma or Hilda?

Amanda: Thanks.

Evan: Well, Jamie, I should be going.

Jamie: Take it easy, Evan.

Evan: All right. I'll see you.

Jamie: Good luck with "Visions."

Evan: Thank you.

Amanda: Every time I turn around.

Evan: What?

Amanda: You shouldn't be here, Evan.

Evan: Amanda, I was asked to be here on business.

Amanda: I just wish that you were more...

Evan: What? That I'd just disappear? That I won't show up for my job one day on the chance that I might run into you? Well, it's not going to happen. I'm taking care of myself now, and--it sounds like you're doing the same thing.

Amanda: Yes, I am doing the same thing.

Jamie: Paulina, is something wrong?

Paulina: No, I was just--

Jamie: Every time you see me you seem to look the other way or duck me in the halls or treat me like you're afraid I'm gonna bite you. I won't.

Paulina: What?

Jamie: Bite.

Paulina: Oh. Well, that's a relief.

Jamie: Look, I don't like to think that the woman who's taking care of my son is avoiding me.

Paulina: Oh, I'm not. I was just--

Jamie: And that's exactly what you seem to be doing.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Sam? Sam, are you in there?


Paulina: So, you've been noticing my u-turns?

Jamie: Especially the last one. I mean there you were in the hallway and I figured, good, I can talk to her and see if Steven's asleep. But before I could open my mouth you did this little pirouette, or maybe a u-turn it was, and just went the other way.

Paulina: I feel like such a fool.

Jamie: I can understand that.

Paulina: Thank you.

Jamie: You know, there are more subtle ways of avoiding people.

Paulina: Like what?

Jamie: Well, you can make sure that you don't run into them in the first place. Like just now. Why would you venture out into the living room knowing full well that I was off-duty this afternoon and just might be here reading the sports section?

Paulina: I took a chance.

Jamie: Foolish.

Paulina: Yes, I guess it was. Would you like to share my sandwich?

Jamie: You don't change the subject too subtly either.

Paulina: You know, it's really good. It's mustard and mayo and baloney just like the one you made me, remember?

Jamie: Paulina.

Paulina: That day I fainted. I can't believe I did that. You know the last time I did that, my mom was cutting something up--

Jamie: Paulina. Why are you avoiding me? What's the problem?

Paulina: I'm not avoiding you. There is no problem. I mean, I love Steven and I love working here.

Jamie: But you find me impossible?

Paulina: No.

Jamie: Obnoxious?

Paulina: No. [Sighs] It's just...

Jamie: I'm waiting.

Paulina: I just don't think we should get too friendly.

Jamie: Ah-hah.

Paulina: What do you mean, ah- hah?

Jamie: Now I understand. Totally. You've had some charming male employers before. Perhaps not as attractive as myself, but charming nevertheless, whom you didn't avoid, and they came on to you. And you don't want to risk that because you felt that it jeopardized your job and compromised you in general?

Paulina: No.

Jamie: No?

Paulina: Ah, yes.

Jamie: I should have thought of that sooner.

Paulina: Are you...

Jamie: Offended? Absolutely not. Look, romance and me are totally incompatible these days.

Paulina: Oh, that's a shame.

Jamie: Which is why you can rest assured that until I figure out why I'm such a failure in this regard, you and the rest of the female population are safe. I want nothing from a woman, Paulina. Anything, any woman, except friendship.

Paulina: I see.

Jamie: So since you seem to have a good heart and appear to be relatively straightforward and trustworthy, how would you like not to be afraid of me any more?

Evan: Don't even say it.

Vicky: What was I gonna say?

Evan: What are you doing here? Well, I'm just here.

Vicky: And in a very cheerful mood, I might add. Wouldn't have anything to do with seeing the blonde goddess of the Cory clan, would it?

Evan: Yes. I saw her.

Vicky: Where?

Evan: Well, now that I'm a consultant for "Visions" I had to go to the Cory mansion for a job.

Vicky: Was she alone when you saw her?

Evan: How is she gonna be alone in that place, Vicky? She's got her grandmother, her brother, her daughter.

Vicky: Don't yell at me. I'm just asking a question.

Evan: Well, you ask too many questions. You know, you talk too much in general.

Vicky: Don't take this out on me. I've got enough of my own problems, ok?

Evan: And you made them all for yourself.

Vicky: Oh, like you didn't make yours. Was she with Sam?

Evan: Yes, she was. And any thoughts I had about her leaving just went right out the window.

Vicky: Well, I told you they worked everything out.

Evan: And I don't wanna talk about it.

Vicky: Well, of course--

Evan: I said I didn't and I don't.

Vicky: Ok, fine, Amanda and Sam will not be discussed. Jamie's off limits, too, so what's left?

Evan: The future.

Vicky: What about it?

Evan: Well, it's ahead of us.

Vicky: Oh, wow, you got a real handle on things there, bud.

Evan: And I'll tell you what I'm not gonna do anymore.

Vicky: What--what?

Evan: I'm not gonna hang out anymore by myself.

Vicky: Who are you gonna hang out with?

Evan: Well, I'm sure there's a 10 out there waiting to meet me somewhere.

Vicky: A 10? A 10, huh?

Evan: Well I'd settle for a 9 1/2.

Vicky: Oh, big of you.

Evan: Actually I would settle for one tonight.

Vicky: Tonight? Oh, you think this Ms. Perfect is just gonna walk into your life tonight?

Evan: Well, I may have to look around a little, but yeah.

Vicky: Where?

Evan: On the town. While you and me are hitting all the hot spots.

Vicky: Wait a minute, you and-- you and...

Evan: Yeah, what I'm gonna do, home--is I'm gonna go home. I'm gonna put on my finest threads and my killer aftershave. I'm gonna come knocking on your door about a half past 8:00. I want you to be ready.

Vicky: Wait. You expect me to chauffeur you around while you go and paint the town red?

Evan: You got it.

Vicky: I'll be ready. I wouldn't miss seeing you get shot down for the world.

Evan: Well, there's not really a chance of that. But I'll tell you what there is a chance of.

Vicky: What?

Evan: I could find you a Mr. Wonderful.

Vicky: Oh, now that would be interesting. [Laughs]

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