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Another World Transcript Friday 2/10/06

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Amanda: Sue, did my husband call?

Sue: No, but the art director has been screaming about--

Amanda: Oh, I will call him later. There is always a crisis with Freddy. What is this doing here? What happened to this? Who did this?

Vicky: Sam.

Sam: Hi, Vicky. How are you?

Vicky: Well, still a little upset, but ok, thanks.

Sam: Amanda's already left for the office.

Vicky: Actually, I'm here to see Jamie.

Sam: Oh.

Vicky: Sam, I want to apologize for barging in on you last night.

Sam: No problem.

Vicky: It was after I left, I realized that you and Amanda had a romantic evening planned. I--I saw the candle sticks.

Sam: Yeah, well--

Vicky: The last thing you needed was me going crazy.

Sam: Forget it.

Vicky: I meant what I said, you know. You are special. Takes a lot of strength to forgive and forget. Most men don't understand that.

Mitch: Something very simple, maybe just a slice of grapefruit and an order of toast would be good. Courtney.

Courtney: Hi.

Mitch: I've been trying to get in touch with you.

Courtney: Yeah, I called my machine and there was a message from you.

Mitch: Would you like something? Uh, it's on the house.

Courtney: Hmm...coffee. Thanks.

Mitch: Ok, just a cup of coffee. Have a seat.

Courtney: Sure. Thank you. Where's Felicia?

Mitch: She's in Chicago doing some interviews.

Courtney: [Laughs] She never quits, does she?

Mitch: No, not unless she's yelled at--a lot.

Courtney: Yeah.

Mitch: I need to ask a favor of you.

Courtney: If I can, sure.

Mitch: I talked to some of your colleagues last night, and they really weren't much help.

Courtney: Hmm...this is official business.

Mitch: This is official. I would like for you to try to get some information on someone by the name of Ken Jordan.

Courtney: Ken Jordan.

Mitch: Yes. If I'm right, he has an arrest record.

Rachel: Ken?

Ken: Yeah.


Rachel: What are you doing? Stop!

Ken: It's ok, Rachel. It's ok.

Rachel: Well, what do you mean it's ok?

Ken: It's all right. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I scared you a little, huh?

Rachel: Of course you scared me! What are you doing?

Ken: Snake.

Rachel: What?

Ken: They grow rattlesnakes pretty big in these parts.

Rachel: Where?

Ken: Well, I guess I missed him.

Rachel: You missed him?

Ken: Well, this isn't Hollywood, Rachel. Even a big snake is a small target.

Rachel: You were aiming right at me, you know!

Ken: No offense, but you're a lot bigger than a snake. You'd be an easy target.

Rachel: I don't see any snake tracks.

Ken: Maybe he wasn't wearing his boots.

Rachel: Why were you shooting at a snake?

Ken: Well, I'm sorry. Did you want him to join us for breakfast?

Rachel: You scared me, you know.

Ken: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Rachel: Are you sure you didn't?

Ken: Why would I want to do that?

Rachel: I don't know, to chase me away or get me to go home or something?

Ken: Why would I want that?

Rachel: I don't know! That's what I'm asking you.

Ken: I told you last night you can't leave. The chopper's gone. It's a long walk back.

Rachel: Yeah, right. 120 miles.

Ken: Well, it looks like we're stuck with each other for a little while.

Courtney: I can't do it. I'm sorry.

Mitch: Look, all I'm asking-- all I want to know is if this guy has ever been arrested.

Courtney: The Police aren't allowed to give out confidential information.

Mitch: You don't have to tell me why.

Courtney: Now, if you're talking about convictions, if he has committed a crime, you can easily--

Mitch: It's public record. I know that.

Courtney: Have you checked?

Mitch: Yes, no convictions.

Courtney: Why do you think he would have an arrest record?

Mitch: That's why I just want to check.

Courtney: Now, do you believe this guy, uh, what's his name?

Mitch: Ken Jordan.

Courtney: Jordan. Do you have some reason to think he's committed a crime?

Mitch: No, no, nothing concrete.

Courtney: Do you think he would do something?

Mitch: I wish I knew.

Courtney: You're being mighty mysterious.

Mitch: I know that. I know. I just--I don't have anything to go on. I'm just telling you it's just instinct.

Courtney: It's not enough, Mitch.

Mitch: I know that. Ok, ok, don't worry about it. I've got another favor to ask you.

Courtney: Keep it legal.

Mitch: You picked up a guy yesterday by the name of Emile Lebeaux.

Courtney: Yeah, how'd you know that?

Mitch: Can you arrange for me to meet with him?

Courtney: Yeah, probably. But why do you want to see him?

Vicky's voice: Amanda told Sam.

Evan: She did?

Vicky's voice: That's what he said. Apparently, they have talked the whole thing out. They have reached, like, a whole new level of understanding about her little boo-boo with you.

Iris: Good morning. Sorry I'm late.

Evan: Good morning.

Iris: My, you are looking very well.

Evan: So are you.

Iris: Thank you. I must say, I was a little surprised when I received your call.

Evan: Well, everybody has to eat.

Iris: I assume that's not the only reason for this tête-à-tête.

Evan: You assume right.

Iris: I hope you've changed your mind about your resignation.

Evan: No. Getting out of Cory was the best move I ever made.

Iris: Sorry to hear that.

Evan: But not for Vicky.

Iris: Oh, yes.

Evan: Amanda fired her yesterday--

Iris: I know that.

Evan: ...So don't tell me there's nothing you can do about that.

Iris: Oh, now I'm really surprised.

Evan: Why?

Iris: Why are you suddenly so interested in Vicky?

Jamie: So we're trying to find out exactly where the dig site is.

Sam: If anyone can, Mitch can.

Jamie: Your brother can be relentless.

Sam: It runs in our family.

Jamie: Sam, I'm really glad that you and Amanda, you know. Things were pretty tense there for a while.

Vicky: Jamie, Jamie.

Jamie: I'm just glad that it got--you got back together.

Sam: Excuse me, I need to go check up on Alli.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I'll talk to you later, Sam.

Jamie: Did I say something wrong?

Vicky: Not as far as I'm concerned.

Jamie: I do think it's great that they worked things out.

Vicky: Me, too. I always respect people who can do things we never could.

Jamie: Vicky, I think that our problems were a little more serious than Sam and Amanda's.

Vicky: I don't. But, hey, what the heck? That's in the past--back there somewhere, right?

Jamie: Right.

Vicky: Well, I have some, um, stuff I need you to sign.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Oh, just--just some tax stuff.

Jamie: Tell me about it--I was working on it last night.

Vicky: Yeah? Did you get it all finished?

Jamie: Are you kidding? Sometimes I think it would take longer to learn the tax code than it did to learn medicine.

Vicky: Yeah, I know what you mean. My taxes used to be a lot easier...although, I was a lot poorer.

Jamie: Look, I'm not going to take Steven as a deduction this year so you do it.

Vicky: Oh, I will. Thank you. If March comes in like a lamb, does that mean it has to go out like a lion?

Jamie: I don't know.

Vicky: I think all those sayings were made up by Benjamin Franklin or someone like that. But if you don't live in Philadelphia, then what good are they?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: I mean, if you live in Los Angeles or San Diego, but do they know when March really comes in in those towns? I--I'm just not sure about--

Jamie: This isn't a tax form! This is a power of attorney! What the hell are you trying to pull here?

Ted: We need those phones in by 10:30. I--I don't know why you're still here. We need that fax machine by 1:00. All right, does anybody have a status on food? He's not gonna eat anything cold. Do you understand? Nothing cold. Ok, nurse, my people are gonna have to check every room on this floor. All right, I want you to go on and do it now. Report back to me.

Ronnie: No, no, no, no. Wait a minute, wait a minute. What do you mean check every room on this floor?

Ted: Security.

Ronnie: No, some of these people are extremely ill.

Ted: That's ok.

Ronnie: No, it's not ok. I'm not going to have these men barging in their rooms.

Ted: Nurse, if you've got a problem with this, you've got to take it up with--

[Cellular phone beeps] That's it, all right. Get me a--

Ronnie: Wait.

Ted: ...Get me status on transport. Ted Briar. Hello? Yes, sir. Yes, sir, I was just going to the room right now. Yes, sir.

John: What is going on?

Ronnie: Oh, do you love it? Oh, we have some VIP checking in here for tests, and his staff has turned the place upside down.

John: Who is it?

Ronnie: I have no idea. I mean, everything is so hush-hush. But these guys are just a security detail.

John: Must be government.

Ronnie: Why?

John: Polyester suits.

Ronnie: Oh. [Laughs]

Ted: Nurse? Nurse? Excuse me, nurse?

Ronnie: Yes.

Ted: I just saw that room. That cannot be the biggest room on this floor.

Ronnie: Yes, it is.

Ted: Too small. Too small by half.

Ronnie: Well, I'm sorry.

Ted: Ok, take the room next-door, that'll be for security personnel, communications equipment, and the one on either side. That'll do it--

Ronnie: What?!

John: Excuse me, excuse me. Who is this guy that's checking in?

Ted: Excuse me, we're very busy.

John: Yes, well, we're very busy here as well, and this is a hospital, not your private little kingdom.

Ronnie: Uh, John.

John: This entire floor is occupied by people who are sick. And the staff is here to help them, not to jump every time you snap your fingers.

Ronnie: Take it easy, John.

Ted: What's your name, mister?

John: John Hudson.

Elaine: Uh, thank--thank you, Dr. Hudson, that will be all. Hello, again, Mr. Briar. I hope things are moving along nicely?

Ted: I've had better days.

Elaine: Well, if there's anything I can do to help you, just let me know.

Ted: Thanks. My biggest concern right now is room size. All right. We're going to have to move those patients into different rooms. Uh, get some of the staff to help you. Come on, come on.

John: You want to tell me who this big shot is, and why you're allowing our staff and patients to be treated this way?

Elaine: The incoming patient's identity, doctor, is none of your concern. Stay out of this.

Jamie: This is a power of attorney over the Cory stock and Steven's trust fund.

Vicky: Jamie, wait. It was a mistake.

Jamie: You know, I don't believe you sometimes.

Vicky: Jamie, I've just been so upset lately, that I--

Jamie: You actually thought that I would sign this?

Vicky: ...I haven't been thinking straight, Jamie.

Jamie: You know, you never change, Vicky. You never change!

Vicky: Please, just don't be upset with me! Would you let me explain?

Jamie: Fine, explain.

Vicky: Amanda fired me yesterday.

Jamie: From "Sophisticate"?

Vicky: She asked me not to handle a certain advertising account and--

Jamie: And of course you did it anyway.

Vicky: It was a really good opportunity to do something for "Sophisticate." This man was going to give a whole year's budget up-front to us.

Jamie: Vicky, Vicky, when are you gonna learn to work with people?

Vicky: She wouldn't listen to me, though. She just started attacking me.

Jamie: So you felt that you could just get back at Amanda by throwing your weight around with the board.

Vicky: It wasn't fair for her to treat me like that, Jamie!

Jamie: All your stock coupled with Steven's stock, that would make Amanda back down.

Vicky: I thought Iris would overrule her decision if I showed her how much voting power I had.

Jamie: Because you think Amanda was unfair, that gives you the right to do something like this?

Vicky: No, I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Nobody understands.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: How much the job at "Sophisticate" meant to me. Jamie, it was the first time I ever thought I was going to do something really good with my life. I was going to have a career.

Jamie: Vicky, you should have come for help.

Vicky: I wanted to do it on my own...didn't want to have to come begging.

Jamie: Right.

Vicky: When I don't get what I want, I--you know what I do.

Jamie: Yeah, I know. Listen, I'll talk to Amanda.

Vicky: No, really, don't. But, thank you.

Jamie: Well, what are you gonna do?

Vicky: I don't know. I made the mistake. I have to work it out with Amanda.

Jamie: Right. Let me know.

Vicky: Sorry about all this. Give Steven a hug for me, ok?

Jamie: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Hello? Hello? He's talking, but I can't--I--

Ken: Throw the switch.

Rachel: Oh. Jamie? Um, it's Mom. We're talking on a--what is this called?

Ken: Short-wave radio.

Rachel: Short-wave radio. So, um, so when we finish talking to each other, we have to say "over." Do you understand? Oh, over.

Ken: Right.

Jamie: Got it. Mom, Mom, I'm so glad you called. Are you ok? Over.

Rachel: Yeah, I'm fine. It's beautiful here. It's really hot during the day, but at night it's really cold. How are all of you? Are you all fine? Over.

Jamie: Fine, fine. No problems at all, Mom. Mom, is Ken Jordan still with you? Is he there right now? Over.

Rachel: Yeah, why? Over.

Jamie: Mitch was here last night. He--he said that Ken may not be completely on the up and up. What does it look like from your end? Over.

Rachel: Fine. Tell Mitch he worries too much. Over.

Jamie: Look, how can we reach you? Over.

Rachel: You can't. I'll have to get in touch with you. But don't worry about me, I'm fine. Give my love to everyone. I'll talk to you soon, honey. Bye-bye. Over.

Jamie: Yeah, of course I will. And, Mom, please stay in touch. I love you. Over.

Rachel: Do we just switch it off?

Ken: No, no, give it to me. Harry, it's Ken. Yeah, I owe you another one. Over. Will do. Over and out.

Rachel: Thanks for that. Jamie said everybody was a little worried.

Ken: Oh, yeah? Why?

Rachel: Just in general, I think.

Ken: Well, I'm glad I was able to make it work. I can't always. You feel better now?

Rachel: Yeah, much. Thanks.

Ken: Something, huh?

Rachel: It's really beautiful. I mean, the atmosphere is so clear, and you could just see forever.

Ken: Ready to do some work?

Rachel: Yeah, sure. What do we do?

Ken: Well, let me put it this way. The reason they call this a dig is because--

Rachel: We dig.

Ken: Oh, I love brilliant students.

[Rachel laughs] Come right this way.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: Watch your step. This is the area I was photographing before. Take a look at it.

Rachel: Ooh, these are interesting rocks here. They're so smooth.

Ken: Oh, don't touch them!

Mitch: I would appreciate anything you could do for me, any information you could get for me.

Courtney: No problem. Now, check with me when you get to the station.

Mitch: I will.

Courtney: As far as, uh, this Jordan guy is concerned, have you done a credit check?

Mitch: I've made every check that I know how to make. It just gets to a point where it's like he doesn't even exist.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I'll keep my ears open.

Mitch: Thank you.

Courtney: You're welcome.

Evan: My feeling is she had a good idea. The problem was she lost perspective on how things are done in a corporation.

Iris: All right, Evan, you've made your point and very eloquently.

Evan: Don't close your mind to this, Iris.

Iris: Darling, I can't help.

Evan: Why not?

Iris: Look, if Amanda had come to me in the first place and asked my opinion, then I could have suggested that she be more lenient--

Evan: Well, Vicky has learned her lesson.

Iris: ...But she had already made a decision.

Evan: So what you're telling me is you--there's absolutely nothing you can do about this?

Iris: No, not without insulting Amanda, I can't.

Evan: Oh, which would only make things worse.

Iris: Exactly.

Evan: Well, Cory's losing a very valuable asset.

Iris: I agree. Do you know what's really made me curious? Why do you care so much?

Evan: I care...for her sake.

Iris: Oh, oh, is this roving eye of yours wandering already?

Evan: Thanks for breakfast, Iris. I'll see you around.

Iris: I wouldn't be so fast to leave if I were you.

Evan: Why?

Iris: Because, my darling boy, you have already accumulated a large amount of money in the company profit-sharing plan. And if you want your check, you'll have to come back to the office with me. You see, there's no such thing as no strings.

Amanda: But I don't understand. How can he just cancel like that? We were cleared for the shoot on the Capitol steps over a--over a month ago. This shoot is tomorrow, for heaven's sake! Yes, I'm aware that I have to make a decision. If you could leave me alone at my desk for 5 minutes without an interruption, I could probably come up with one! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Freddy. Uh, look, it's just really been an awful morning, a very weird morning. I will get back to you as soon as I speak to Corbin, ok? Fine. Good-bye.

Sue: I checked with the staff, and--

Amanda: And let me guess. Nobody's been in my office, right? Somebody broke this, and I want to know who. There is also an account book that's missing from my desk.

Sue: I'll have security do a check on it.

Amanda: Oh, great. That'll really do a lot. Where is Corbin Stanton? I've put a call in for him over a half an hour ago.

Sue: Oh, he's out with the flu today.

Amanda: Terrific. All right. Go ahead, do whatever you were doing. I'll handle this.

Sam: Got a minute?

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Morning.

Amanda: Sam, I'm so glad to see you.

Sam: Yeah, you looked kind of frazzled when I walked in.

Amanda: Oh, no. Don't worry about that. I was worried about you. You didn't come back last night.

Sam: I had a lot to do at the gallery, more than I thought, so I just crashed there. I guess I should've called.

Amanda: No, no, that's all right. I understand. I'm sorry if I pushed things a little too far.

Sam: Let's not talk about that.

Amanda: I just want you to understand. I'm trying to find a way for the two of us to start over.

Sam: So am I. I meant what I said. I want it just to be the two of us.

Amanda: I know. That's what I want, too.

Sam: That's part of the reason I'm here. How about lunch this afternoon?

Amanda: Oh, I can't. I've got this major--I'd love to.

Sam: Good. Tops, 12:30?

Amanda: Fine. That sounds great. I'll see you then.

Sam: Yeah, bye.

[Amanda sighs]

Rachel: Well, what's wrong?

Ken: Well, something is definitely wrong.

Rachel: What?

Ken: Take a look at those stones. See how different they are?

Rachel: Yeah?

Ken: You look around, you don't see any other stones like them, do you?

Rachel: No, so what does that mean? I mean, they look like they've come from the bottom of a river bed or something.

Ken: That's very good. Well, they sure didn't blow here by themselves, and no flood brought them here.

Rachel: So how did they get here?

Ken: They're marker stones.

Rachel: You mean--you mean somebody's been here before?

Ken: That's what it looks like.

Rachel: Well--

Ken: It's hard to know for sure, and it's hard to know when. It could've been last week, last month. It could've been 50 years ago.

Rachel: Oh.

Ken: If you see any more of these, let me know, and don't touch them.

Rachel: All right.

Ken: Meanwhile, I'll try to explain to you what we're looking for here.

Rachel: Ok, good.

Ken: Now, about a thousand years ago, people lived all along the floor of this valley.

Rachel: In the desert?

Ken: Ah, but, you see, it wasn't a desert then.

Rachel: It wasn't?

Ken: As you shall see. Check this out.

Rachel: Ah.

Ken: What do you see?

Rachel: Is this a pottery shard?

Ken: Ragged edges, that's right. It's a broken piece of pottery.

Rachel: Oh, my gosh! Is that from a thousand years ago?

Rachel: Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to carbon test it to find out for sure. The point is this place is loaded with them. Guess what your job is?

Rachel: To sift.

Ken: Right.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: If you find any small pieces like that, brush them off, leave them pretty much where you find them. We'll photograph them and catalogue them later.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: Now, if you find any larger pieces that look like they might be a whole pot...

Rachel: Yeah.

Ken: ...Give me a call.

Rachel: Ok, why?

Ken: Because I'll help you. I don't want you to try to dig out a whole pot by yourself. Uh, there's a spade in the--in the bag, but I prefer you use your hands or this large brush to get the rough stuff away. Here, take the small brush. Get away the sand from the fragments, ok?

Rachel: Ok, but, um, I need to ask you a question.

Ken: Sure.

Rachel: Well, I mean, if all these people lived here, right? I mean, they--there were a lot of them?

Ken: Yeah.

Rachel: In towns and stuff?

Ken: Oh, there were whole villages, sure. Sacred sites, ritual areas.

Rachel: And if everyone knew that they were here, then why hasn't this site been researched before?

Ken: But it has. It has. But, you see, there's literally thousands of sites that have never been surveyed. We wouldn't even know this one was here if it wasn't for the tribe.

Rachel: Well, what were these people called?

Ken: The Anasazi. A lot of people think that they were the ancestors of the present day Pueblo Indians.

Rachel: Really?

Ken: Yeah, but the whole civilization disappeared hundreds of years ago.

Rachel: Why?

Ken: Nobody knows for sure-- invasion, drought, famine, flood. A lot of people have a lot of different theories.

Rachel: Gosh. A whole civilization just vanishes?

Ken: Right. Kind of spooky, isn't it?

Rachel: Yeah, a little.

Ken: Sure makes you think. If this land can swallow up a whole civilization, think how easily one person could just disappear.

Ted: I need one of those funny little connectors that makes the, uh, copies very nice. You know what I mean?

Jamie: Yeah, I talked to Mom.

Mitch: When did Rachel call?

Jamie: This morning. She was calling on a--a short-wave radio. I think they call it a phone patch.

Mitch: How was she?

Jamie: She sounded great.

Mitch: Did you tell her what I said?

Jamie: Yeah, but she seemed to feel that everything was fine.

Mitch: Right.

Jamie: Are you still trying to check him out?

Mitch: Yeah. Yes, I'm trying. I--I hope to meet with someone later today. I hope to have something more by then.

Jamie: Ok, Mitch, I'll talk to you later.

John : Mr. Briar, is that it? Briar? I'm not gonna--no--mister, I don't care what your deadlines are!

Ted: ...No, I appreciate your problem. And I appreciate it--

John: You people are turning this place into a zoo!

Ted: ...Appreciate it, but I have a security check that I have to complete in half an hour!

John: You--you clogged up all of the hallways with equipment and personnel.

Ted: We're not doing anything--

John: The general attitude around here happens to be "the hell with the patient," and I'm not going to allow it!

Ted: That's--that's ridiculous!

Elaine: Dr. Hudson, I specifically asked you to stay out of this.

John: And what about my patients? Do they have any rights left at all?

Jamie: John, can I see you about this blood work?

John: That what?

Jamie: The blood work I ordered. You know, I think...

John: What are you talking about?

Jamie: Never mind, I made it up.

John: What?

Jamie: Listen to me. Can I give you some advice?

John: Oh, no. I know what you're gonna say.

Jamie: Elaine Rutherford is a little, uptight bureaucrat. But--but you can't listen to her, ok?

John: Why would she take his side? I don't understand.

Jamie: Look, just listen to me. Butt out.

John: I can't believe you're supporting her.

Jamie: Look, I'm not supporting her, but you can't change her by attacking her. That woman could ruin your career before it even starts.

Amanda: I'm sorry, senator, but, no, we cannot put it off for another day. You see, if we don't get this picture in by at the very latest tomorrow night, then the printer cannot... but isn't there some way that you can speak to Mr. Gibraldi and maybe change his mind?

[Knock at door] There is nothing that you could say to him? I'm--that's all right. I'm very sorry, too. Thank you, senator. Vicky, there's nothing that I have to say to you.

Vicky: I heard about the problem with the location shoot.

Amanda: I'm really very busy right now, so if you don't mind...

Vicky: Amanda, I know what I did was wrong.

Amanda: Good, then you understand that what I did was right.

Vicky: I wish you would reconsider.

Amanda: No.

Vicky: You must know I would never do anything like that again.

Amanda: I am really not in the mood for hearing one of your speeches about how you have turned over a new leaf--

Vicky: Amanda, I could help with that shoot. You know I can.

Amanda: I have you on tape. Do you remember that? I have you on tape saying that you want to take over this company. I walked in and I saw you in action with Cliff Adams. Why, why would I ever consider hiring you back?

Vicky: Well, can't we at least talk about it?

Amanda: No, we cannot. I'm late for lunch. Excuse me.

Iris: Amanda, where do you think you're going?

Amanda: I'm going to lunch.

Iris: We need the location for the cover shot.

Amanda: I know that. I'll work on it later.

Iris: Later? My dear, the shoot is tomorrow.

Amanda: I know that, Iris. Excuse me.

Iris: Look, we need something original. We need something special.

Amanda: Fine. We'll have it in my mother's living room. I will call Hilda. I'll set everything up. It'll be great.

Vicky: Iris, do you have a minute?

Iris: Look, I'm--I'm sorry, Vicky. Evan's already talked to me about it. I just--I just can't intervene.

Vicky: But Amanda won't even talk to me, if--

Iris: Look, just let things cool down for a bit, ok? Come on, Evan, I'll get you the check.

Sam: Yeah, this is Sam Fowler. Has Amanda left yet? We had a luncheon date for 12:30. Yeah, thank you very much.

Mitch: I see you have a reservation for two.

Sam: Yeah.

Mitch: You and Amanda?

Sam: Yeah, if she shows up.

Mitch: Is there a problem?

Sam: Can I get a beer, please?

Mitch: Let's have a seat.

Sam: Sure. So any word about Ken Jordan?

Mitch: No, no word from, uh, Ken Jordan. Rachel called home and spoke with Jamie.

Sam: Yeah, how's she doing?

Mitch: She said she was fine.

Sam: But you are still worried about her.

Mitch: Well, yeah. I hope to know some more things later today. Are you ok?

Sam: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mitch: I mean you and Amanda.

Sam: I'd rather not talk about that.

Mitch: You mind if I say something?

Sam: Sure, you will anyway. Go ahead.

Mitch: Look, you know, you just might have to accept the idea that Amanda considered another guy. You just might have to accept that.

Sam: Considered him, huh?

Mitch: Look, I know what I've put Felicia through.

Sam: That's different.

Mitch: No, it's not different. The reason why we're still together, the reason why we're still trying is because we were finally able to be honest about some things.

Sam: That you cared for Rachel?

Mitch: Well, at least we were able to put it in some sort of perspective.

Sam: Well, good for you.

Mitch: You know, you might have to do that with, uh, with Evan.

Sam: Yeah, well, we'll see.

Mitch: Otherwise, you're not going to be able to handle it.

Sam: Hey, Mitch, I'm handling things just fine.

Jamie: Yes, I know she's like that, and she can be a real pain.

John: She's totally insensitive to the patients and the staff.

Jamie: But, John, you can't be the one who challenges her all the time--

John: Jamie, look what's happening around here today. She should be telling this guy to buzz off. Instead, she's fawning all over him.

Jamie: Please, relax for one second.

John: All right. All right, all right, I'm sorry.

Jamie: John, you're a good doctor. Don't blow your chances here.

Grant: All right. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Now, is this it? Is this, uh, I mean, have we arrived here? Have we, uh, come to the end of our idiotic little journey?

Ted: Yes, sir.

Grant: Good. I'm not riding in this chair any longer.

Ted: Uh, sir, uh, the hospital insurance rules specifically order that a patient arrive in a chair and--

Grant: I don't care about the transportation rules of the hospital. Now just take this thing and get it out of my sight, all right? Now, where's my room?

Ted: This way, sir.

Grant: Good, somebody get me the Speaker of the House on the phone, please.

Ted: The phones haven't been hooked up yet.

Grant: Of course.

Ted: They guaranteed them in one--

Grant: I'll just use the cellular phone, that's all right.

Ted: But the cellular phone is picking up interference.

Grant: What kind of an operation is this? My, God, there's not even a fax machine.

John: Who is that guy?

Jamie: You don't recognize him?

John: Not Ronald Regan, I know that.

Jamie: Grant Harrison, chairman of the House Committee on Crime and Racketeering. A real heavy hitter, I guess.

John: Seems like a real sweet guy.

Jamie: I'm glad you think so.

John: Why?

Jamie: You've been assigned to his case.


Evan: What are you doing in here? Contemplating revenge?

Vicky: What are you doing in here? Thinking about old times?

Evan: No, actually, Iris brought me back here to reward me for my loyal services with a check.

Vicky: Oh, let's see. Oh, my. You really were loyal.

Evan: So what do you say we get out of here and go some place and have some fun?

Vicky: Why not? I can eat and contemplate revenge at the same time.

Evan: How about lunch?

Vicky: You got it. Preferably some place very expensive.

Evan: Isn't living well supposed to be the best revenge?

Vicky: Now that you mention it.

Evan: Yeah? Well, why don't we have pheasant under glass...

Vicky: Oh.

Evan: ...A beautiful bottle of burgundy.

Vicky: Oh, yes! Chocolate mouss-ay, darling?

Evan: It's not mouss-ay, it's chocolate mousse.

Vicky: Mousse.

Amanda: I am so sorry.

Sam: What happened?

Amanda: Were you waiting here the full half hour?

Sam: Uh-huh.

Amanda: I am so sorry. I just had the hardest time getting out of work today. We lost the location for our next cover shoot, and Vicky came in to try and get her job back.

Sam: You fired Vicky?

Amanda: Yeah, didn't I tell you that?

Sam: No, you never mentioned it. What did you say?

Amanda: Well, I told her, no. I can't very well work with someone that I don't trust.

Sam: Understandable. Kind of hard to be close to someone you can't trust.

Amanda: So, does anything look good here? What do you think?

Sam: I called the office while I was waiting.

Amanda: My office?

Sam: Yeah, I wanted to see if you'd left yet. Your secretary said you were with Evan.

Amanda: Well, she was wrong.

Sam: Was she?

Amanda: Evan was with Iris. I didn't even talk to him. What's the matter? Don't you believe that?

Sam: Sure. Why don't we ask what the specials are?

Emile: Mitch Blake.

Mitch: How are you, Emile?

Emile: Hanging in there, as you Americans say. It has been a long time, Blake, eh?

Mitch: It's been a long time.

Emile: And you are remaining out of trouble?

Mitch: I'm trying to.

Emile: Obviously, I can't say the same for myself.


Mitch: I guess not, Emile.

Emile: Well, what can I tell you? It's hard to give up my art, especially since I'm so good at it.

Mitch: More than good, the best.

Emile: You're not looking for a fake passport or something, I hope. I--I may be on ice for a while.

Mitch: No. No, I'm not looking for a passport, but I do want to ask a favor of you.

Emile: Lay it on me.

Mitch: Have you ever heard of someone by the name of Ken Jordan?

Rachel: Ken!

Ken: Just a minute.

Rachel: I found something!

Ken: What have you got?

Rachel: Look. Here.

Ken: Son of a gun.

Rachel: Careful. Look at that. It's the whole thing, I bet.

Ken: Let's take a peek. Come on. Come on.

Rachel: Oh, no. It's just a piece.

Ken: Well, that's ok. In a thousand years, pots are bound to get broken.

Rachel: Is this what we're looking for?

Ken: Gosh, it still has color on it. That's amazing.

Rachel: Is this an Anasazi pot?

Ken: Probably.

Rachel: You're kidding.

[Ken laughs] This is a thousand years old?

Ken: It looks like it.

Rachel: Oh, my gosh!

Ken: Congratulations. It's not bad.

Rachel: Wow.

Ken: The one that we're really looking for, though--come on over here.

Rachel: Yeah?

Ken: Let me get this brush. It looks more like this. It's got a small hole at the end, ok?

Rachel: It's oval with a hole at the end.

Ken: Hopefully, intact, yeah.

Rachel: Intact?

Ken: We hope.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: You find that and you've made a world-class discovery.

Rachel: I have? Really?

Ken: You have.

Rachel: Ok.

Ken: Now keep at it.

Rachel: All right.

Ken: You're doing fine.

Rachel: Thanks a lot. Well, wait a minute. While I'm doing all of this, what are you going to be doing?

Ken: I'm gonna try to locate a spring that's supposed to be nearby. The water supply won't last forever.

Rachel: What if we run out?

Ken: Oh, I'll cut off some cactus leaves.

Rachel: Euw.

Ken: Sorry. See you later.

Rachel: Ok. Wait a minute! Ken? Ken? When are you gonna be back? Ken?

Grant: Yeah, make sure that lawyer knows exactly what I want.

Assistant: I will, sir.

Grant: And you got to get that memo to me tonight.

Assistant: Yes, sir.

Grant: Um, listen, uh, go get something for me to drink, will you?

John: Mr. Harrison?

Grant: Yeah, who are you?

John: Dr. Hudson. I'm here to examine you.

Grant: Well, go right ahead. Uh, Ted, listen, be sure and tell Simpson that I've got to have that, uh, speech by tomorrow morning at the latest. And, uh, you got to get that--those memos to me on that wire tap thing. But, never mind, just tell Warren to bring it over himself--

John: Congressman, visiting hours are over.

Grant: What?

John: Visiting hours, they're over.

Grant: These are not visitors, they're--they're my staff. I'm working.

John: Well, I'd like to get a little work done myself, if you don't mind. So please, step over here.

Grant: Listen, don't forget the presents, all right?

Ted: Oh, no. I won't, sir.

Grant: ...And be sure and put something, you know, nice and personal on the card for the, uh, senator's wife.

Ted: I always do, sir.

John: Will you take your robe off, please?

Grant: Oh, and by the way, they're going to have the vote for that school thing tomorrow morning, so don't forget.

Ted: Oh, yes. I, uh, already called Representative Dobbins. He's paired with you on this, and he's going to be out of town, too.

Grant: Oh, God, I'm glad I don't have to be paired with him. I hated being paired with him. He's such a liberal little school teacher. Makes me look like some right-winger.

John: Take a deep breath, please.

Grant: What about that speech in Florida next week?

Ted: I--I'm afraid that's been...cancelled, sir.

Grant: What?

John: Just take a deep breath please.

Grant: What the hell happened anyway?

Ted: I'm not sure, a--a scheduling problem.

Grant: Oh, don't tell me that. I mean, why was it cancelled? Was it the VFW speech or what?

Ted: No, I'm not sure. They called, and they said it was a scheduling problem. It was a matter of timing.

Grant: Look, if you're not going to tell me the truth, I'll just find out for myself. I mean, if I'm going to lay around here and just a-I mean--well, you just can't do this to me. You got to tell me the truth.

John: All right. That is it! I want everybody out of here until I'm finished! Go on, get out!

Ted: Now, listen, Congressman Harrison doesn't have to put up with any of this.

Grant: Hold it, hold it, hold it. I don't think the doctor knows who I am.

John: I know who you are. You're a congressman, not God. Now you--get out! And you--drop your pants.

Amanda: Wow, this looks great. You want to try some?

Sam: Sure.

Amanda: This was a great idea. I wouldn't mind doing this everyday for lunch.

Sam: Sounds good to me.

Vicky: All right, let's get out of here. We'll go someplace else, ok?

Evan: No way. This is where we said we're going to eat, and this is where we're going, right here.

Vicky: I don't want to do this. I don't want to--

Evan: Give me your coat. Let's make ourselves comfortable. Come on.

Sam: On second thought, I don't like the food here.

Amanda: Why? It's great.

Sam: Come on. I'll take you down to that place by the, uh, by the docks.

Amanda: Sam, what--what are you--

Sam: Come on, Amanda. Come on.

Amanda: Wh--I don't understand, what's with you? Oh.

Sam: Just the two of us, remember? Let's go.

Amanda: Ah, you're hurting my arm.

Sam: The days of me sitting in the same room with you and Evan are over.

Mitch: I was hoping that you might recognize the name.

Emile: I'm sorry, mon ami, no. Ken Jordan. I--I do not know him.

Mitch: Emile, my guess is that he probably changed his identity several years ago, paid top dollar. That's--that's why I thought of you.

Emile: I know everyone who is good. If you want, I can try to find out.

Mitch: I would appreciate it.

Emile: Do you know who he used to be?

Mitch: No. No, I don't, but I know he's not Ken Jordan.

Rachel: Ken? Ken? [Coughs] Ken?

[Wind howling]

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