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Another World Transcript Thursday 2/2/06

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[Laughter and chatter]

Woman: Oh, dear Lord. Lord.

Derek: Are you selling the farm?

Sharlene: Oh?

Derek: Well, the apartment listings.

Sharlene: No, no, I just like to keep up on real estate. Frankie's looking for a place, and...

Al: Derek?

Derek: Yeah?

Al: The happy-hour crowd back in the corner is a little too happy. You think you could quiet them down?

Derek: Excuse me...

Al: I've been meaning to talk to you, Sharly.

Sharlene: Well, what's up?

Al: That private party is in two weeks. If you can't do it, I need to find somebody else, ok?

Sharlene: Al, give me another day, ok?

Al: I need an answer tonight.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Come on, Evan, you know I can keep a secret.

Evan: Yeah, right.

Vicky: You were not just getting your personal files out of the computer today.

Evan: I wasn't?

Vicky: You have that "up to something" look on your face.

Evan: Well, maybe that's because you were looking in the mirror.

Vicky: Fess up.

Evan: Look, I'm not the one planning the coup against Cory Enterprises. I am an ex-employee.

Sharlene: Vicky? There's a phone call for you. You can take it at the bar.

Vicky: I am not through with you.

Vicky: Hello?

Amanda: It's Amanda.

Vicky: Oh, if you're looking for the report, I left it on your desk.

Amanda: I want to talk to you.

Vicky: Miss me already?

Amanda: Now. Am I understood?

Matt: Josie... um...

Woman: Ah, lovely. All right, that's enough. Well, we are on a tight schedule here. You two go inside.

Matt: Wait--no, wait.

Woman: No time, no time. Wait till you hear the wedding march, then come in.

Matt: I have to talk to her.

Woman: Oh, you've got a whole lifetime to talk. Let's get cracking.

Matt: Well, no, no. I'd like to talk--

Woman: Mm-hmm, later.

Reuben: You don't look too good, man.

Matt: I don't--I don't feel terrific. I--whew.

Reuben: You know, I know it's not me getting married or anything but, Matt, I gotta tell you, man, I'm quaking in my boots. You know Matt?

Matt: Huh?

Reuben: You're not going to faint on me, are you?

Matt: I--I don't think I can do this, Reuben.

Rachel: What did you just say to me?

Ken: That I feel like kissing you.

Rachel: That would be a really bad idea.

Ken: I usually do what I feel like doing, and right now I feel like kissing you.

Rachel: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I wouldn't dare.

Ken: I never back down from a dare.

Rachel: If you don't back off, you're really going to be in trouble.

Ken: No. Don't be violent, Rachel. It was just a thought.

Rachel: Well, that's pretty flip.

Ken: Oh, who's being flip? I said I felt like kissing you, you expressed no desire to reciprocate. My impulse passed. End of story.

Rachel: Well, you think I'm some sort of school girl?

Ken: Oh, no, I have never thought that.

Rachel: Look, I'm not a vulnerable widow here that's following you around this sorry excuse for a business.

Ken: Hey--

Rachel: I work for you, that's all. I have no designs on you. I have no needs that you can fulfill. You got that?

Ken: Like I said, bad idea.

Rachel: You know, you've got some ego. It's really amazing that it's still walking around in this day and age--

Ken: What is this?

Rachel: What's what?

Ken: When did this come in?

Rachel: I--I don't know.

Ken: What are you doing here?

Jim: Glad to see you, too, Ken. I'm Jim Littlewolf.

Rachel: Hello, nice to meet you.

Ken: Listen, Jim, we're pretty busy right now, so if you don't mind...

Jim: I see that. Well, if you're not interested...

Ken: There's only one thing I want to hear from you, and you know what it is.

Jim: Still got that old lamp, huh?

Ken: What? Wait a minute. What are you saying to me? Are you telling me you've got good news for me, my good, good friend? All right! I can't believe it. After all this time?

Jim: Here's the map. Take a look.

Ken: You sure this is the place?

Jim: Only you can answer that. You know how to read the map.

Ken: Well, of course.

Rachel: What is this?

Ken: Now, none of this is government land, not one square mile, right?

Jim: If it were, I wouldn't be here.

Ken: 'Cause I don't want any trouble.

Jim: There won't be, at least not from our people.

Ken: And the others?

Jim: Who knows what they know? We're counting on you, Ken. Look, keep the map. I'll be in touch. Good night.

Ken: Good night.

Rachel: What on earth was this all about?

Vicky: Amanda, don't you ever shut down for an evening?

Amanda: Do you want to keep your job?

Vicky: When are you going to stop threatening me with that line? My job is fairly secure right now, even your mother said so.

Amanda: I will not discuss this with you on the phone. I'm at home. Get yourself over here as soon as possible.

Vicky: I am having a cocktail. Then, I would like to eat some dinner.

Amanda: Too bad.

Vicky: Amanda, I am not alone right now. I think it would be awfully rude to leave my date.

Amanda: I'm not going to listen to this. You get your feeble little brain over here right now.

Vicky: I'll give you feeble.

Sam: Oh, what's wrong?

Amanda: Do you have all night?

Sam: Ooh, that bad, huh?

Amanda: Vicky is trying to get me fired.

Sam: As if that could possibly happen.

Amanda: She wants my job.

Sam: Aw, dream on, Amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, well, tell that to her.

Sam: Amanda, Vicky is ambitious. She likes the fact that she's got a job now. I'm sure that doesn't mean that she's trying--

Amanda: I know what I'm talking about. Why don't you believe me?

Sam: I do.

Amanda: She is out to destroy this family.

Sam: Now that is an overreaction.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Amanda, because Vicky's taking over Evan, it doesn't mean that she wants everything you have.

Amanda: This has nothing to do with Evan.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: I'm sorry for snapping. This has just really been a hard day.

Sam: So, what else happened?

Amanda: Matthew.

Sam: What about Matthew?

Amanda: He and Josie are eloping.

Sam: When?

Amanda: Oh, right now, probably.

Sam: Oh, no kidding?

Amanda: He made me swear not to tell mom, but I'm really thinking that I should. He's way too young. He wouldn't listen to anything that I had to say.

Sam: Mm, I take it you don't approve.

Amanda: Does that mean that you do?

Reuben: So, Lucas told Josie that she couldn't work as a model anymore if she married you?

Matt: Not in so many words, but he implied it. He already talked to Olivia about stepping in for the "Fresh Faces" campaign, and he's going to talk to Amanda about it, too.

Reuben: I don't understand. I mean, what does he think is going to happen? She's going to wear aprons all the time and start working on waxy yellow build-up?

Matt: I don't know--I don't know what he thinks. She didn't tell me anything, she didn't want me to worry.

Reuben: I got to be honest with you. I kind of figured something like this, but, Matt, she loves you. She wants to marry you.

Matt: Ah, she feels that way now. But what if he's not kidding? What if Lucas isn't kidding? What if in 6 months she's-- she's out of a job, no career? She's going to resent me. It's my fault it happened.

Man: Ah, good evening. I'm Judge Weaver. Now, who's the lucky groom?


Josie: Oh, God.

Olivia: Josie-Josie that's enough blush.

Josie: Are you sure?

Olivia: Yes. This is a wedding, not a photo shoot. Try not to look like your modeling the spring line.

Josie: In case you haven't noticed, Olivia, I'm a little nervous. I wish you would stop picking at me.

Olivia: I'm sorry. All I meant was that you look absolutely beautiful the way you are right now. Matthew's going to go weak in the knees when he sees you walk down the aisle. Is there an aisle in there?

Josie: [Laughs] I have a confession to make.

Olivia: To me?

Josie: Yes. I asked you to be my witness here today because--well, I thought if you were with me, I could kind of keep my eye on you.

Olivia: Meaning what?

Josie: Well, I was afraid maybe you might go off and tell my mother what we were doing.

Olivia: You don't trust me very much, do you?

Josie: I could learn to. It means a lot to me that you're here today. I feel like I really do have a sister.

Olivia: You do. Now, Josie, I know that weddings are nerve-racking, and this one came up pretty suddenly, but are you sure this is what you want?

Josie: Yes.

Olivia: It's a big step.

Josie: I love Matthew. I don't want to lose him.

Olivia: You won't.

Josie: How do you know?

Olivia: I may have had a lot of things growing up that you never did, but I've never had anybody love me the way Matthew loves you. You're very lucky.

Josie: You'll find the right guy some day. I know it.

[Wedding march plays] Oh, no.

Olivia: Well, that's our cue.

Josie: Wait, wait. Do I look like a bride?

Olivia: You look...perfect.

Josie: My heart--my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest.

Olivia: No, we'll have none of that. Now, come on.

Woman: Let's go.

[Wedding march continues]

Sam: I've talked to Matt a lot about marriage and kids.

Amanda: Is Josie pregnant?

Sam: No.

Amanda: Oh, thank God.

Sam: That would hit a little bit too close to home, wouldn't it?

Amanda: Well, I just don't think they're very prepared to have children right now. Matt is still in school. Josie's right in the middle of this modeling career. They're so young.

Sam: Amanda, Matt's the same age you were when we got married.

Amanda: I know.

Sam: If you had to do it over again, would you have gotten married so young?

Amanda: I have no regrets about marrying you or having Alli.

Sam: But?

Amanda: Well, you have to admit it hasn't been easy.

Sam: Yeah, well, that I know.

Amanda: I don't know. Maybe if we had both been a little more settled in our own lives, then maybe we wouldn't have had as many problems.

Sam: Amanda, a lot of things happened. It wasn't just us.

Amanda: Mom is really going to flip out when she finds out what he's done.

Sam: Yeah, she probably will.

Amanda: Yeah, maybe if she was here a little bit more often. I feel like I have to be Matthew's mother and Alli's and Steven's. Everybody's leaving.

Sam: Well, then tell your mom that.

Amanda: I tried.

Sam: Amanda, I thought you two would work this out a week ago.

Amanda: We talked. I still don't trust Ken Jordan. I don't know why my mother does.

Sam: You sound like my brother right now.

Amanda: You talked to Mitch about this? Why didn't you tell me?

Sam: Because I didn't want to worry you. Besides that fact, I think Mitch is looking for trouble where there isn't any.

Amanda: Mitch didn't tell me that you talked to him.

Sam: You talked to Mitch about this?

Amanda: Well, yeah, the other day.

Sam: Why didn't you tell me? I think you both should just drop it, ok? Rachael's made her choice. I trust her judgment.

Amanda: I don't trust anything anymore. Nothing's the same since daddy died.

Rachel: How long have you known Jim?

Ken: Oh, we go way back. He is--well, never mind. It's a long story.

Rachel: Well, I'd like to hear it.

Ken: I love this guy. He never gives up.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute, aren't native American artifacts--aren't they the property of the government or something?

Ken: Well, these belong to the tribe, and they're finally going to get back to where they belong.

Rachel: You mean you're putting things back?

Ken: If I can find them.

Rachel: That's where Jim comes in.

Ken: Yeah, he's half Indian and 100% suspicious. But he trusts me. He wouldn't let anybody else touch these things.

Rachel: What are these things?

Ken: Ceremonial vessels. They're over 1,000 years old. They've been missing from Jim's tribe for generations.

Rachel: Those are really valuable.

Ken: Worth a fortune.

Rachel: You're not the least bit tempted?

Ken: What, to keep them? These aren't the artifacts of some dead culture. These things have a life, and that life belongs to the tribe. Truth is I wouldn't dare keep them.

Rachel: Mac had a real interest in native American art. He would've felt the same way.

Ken: Right. Where were we before Jim came in?

Rachel: You know perfectly well where we were.

Ken: Oh, yes, that's right. I remember now.

Rachel: Look, just do me a favor could...

Ken: There's a crate of artifacts from Pakistan, if you want to go back in the backroom and start cataloging it--if you don't feel like quitting yet.

Rachel: Pakistan?

Evan: Wait, wait. Where are you going?

Vicky: To see my superior officer.

Evan: Listen, if you want to get close to her, [indistinct] isn't going to get you anywhere.

Vicky: Thanks for the tip. Still want to have dinner?

Evan: Yes.

Vicky: Ok, just wait here. I won't be long.

Evan: Good luck.

Vicky: Oh, I can handle Amanda. But you may make...

Derek: What does John think about you working these private parties?

Sharlene: I'm not telling John. And neither are you.

Derek: Why aren't you telling him?

Sharlene: We're real broke right now. And I don't want him to feel bad. This is good money, and I trust Al when he says these parties are on the up and up.

Derek: So why aren't you telling him?

Sharlene: Hi, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Hi, guys.

Derek: I got to get back to work.

Ronnie: Ok. Is it something I said?

Sharlene: No, he's just moody tonight. Matter of fact, he's moody every night.

Ronnie: I just left the hospital. Seen your husband. He said to say hello.

Sharlene: He's still working nights for a while, right?

Ronnie: Ah, from what I hear, it's going to be a while--more than a while.

Sharlene: Wait a minute. I thought he was going to have days off every once in a while?

Ronnie: Yeah, well, that was before he told off Rutherford.

Sharlene: His new boss.

Ronnie: Yeah. John's kind of a hero around the hospital now. Course, he's going to be pulling the graveyard shift from now until the dragon lady stops breathing fire. Look, I'm going to change. I'll see you later.

Sharlene: Ok.

Al: Hi. Sharly. Made up your mind about the parties?

Sharlene: Al, I'm so sorry I've kept you waiting. I'll work as many parties as you have. [Laughs]

Al: Whatever you say.

Sharlene: Hello? Hi, I'm calling about the apartment that you listed in the paper. Yeah, is that still available? Great. Uh, can I come see it tonight? When? See, I'm still at work, so I'll come as soon as I can. My name is Sharly. Great. Bye.

Evan: Sharlene. Hi. I'm a little bored. I'm waiting for Vicky. I thought we could just talk.

Sharlene: Well, I'm real busy tonight.

Evan: What are you talking about? This place is half empty.

Sharlene: Yeah, I know that. That's why I'm taking off for a while.

Evan: You just said--

Sharlene: Listen, would you do me a favor and be a sweetheart and tell Al that I'm--I got an emergency call. I'll be back in about an hour, ok?

Evan: Ok, but where do you want me to tell him that you're going?

Sharlene: John called. He got a free hour at the hospital, and I'm going to meet him. We never get to see each other anymore.

Evan: Yeah, but Al doesn't even know me.

Sharlene: Thanks, Ev!

Paulina: I thought you told me never to eat burgers in this joint.

Derek: Well, I don't have a choice, unless I want to starve.

Paulina: How are you tonight?

Derek: Ok. You like this place, don't you?

Paulina: Why do you say that?

Derek: You keep coming back. There's just one thing I don't know about you.

Paulina: Only one?

Derek: Your name.

Paulina: Don't you know?

Derek: No, that's why I asked.

Paulina: Look closer.

Derek: What am I supposed to see?

Paulina: I don't believe it.

Derek: Look, what kind of a game are you playing?

Paulina: You know, I thought for sure you'd figure it out by now.

Derek: Figure out what?

Paulina: I can't believe you don't remember me.

Sam: Are you ok?

Amanda: I keep thinking I'm handling everything. I just keep proving myself wrong.

Sam: You're doing a great job.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I'm doing a great job. I live crisis to crisis at the office. My family is falling apart. Nothing has been right for a long time.

Sam: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Amanda: I know we're trying to work things out. I just feel bad because I let something come between us in the first place.

Sam: Sometimes things just happen.

Amanda: Do you remember how it used to be?

Sam: In the beginning?

Amanda: Don't you miss that? Don't you miss knowing what I think, me knowing what you think, without having to ask any questions?

Sam: Things just got more complicated, you know?

Amanda: Something we had is gone.

Sam: Don't you think we'll get that back?

Amanda: Yes, we will. We have to.

Sam: [Sighs] Are you this unhappy?

Amanda: No, no. Just everything seems so planned. Nothing is spontaneous anymore.

Sam: Well, we could get spontaneous.

Amanda: Right now?

Sam: Yeah, isn't that what spontaneous means?

Amanda: We can't. Everybody would know what we're doing.

Sam: So what?

[Doorbell rings]

Amanda: Besides, that doorbell is for me.

Sam: You got to be kidding me, Amanda.

Amanda: I asked Vicky to come over. I have to talk to her. Sorry. Thank you for coming.

Vicky: Don't thank me. You've ruined my dinner. Hi, Sam.

Sam: Hey, Vick.

Vicky: This better be good.

Amanda: Sam, can you give us a couple of minutes, please?

Sam: Absolutely.

Amanda: Sit down.

Vicky: No, thank you.

Amanda: I said sit down.

Vicky: What's so earth shattering?

Amanda: I want an explanation, Vicky.

Vicky: Looks like a tape recorder to me. Do I pass?

Vicky's voice: I've never been more serious in my life. When I get everything all worked out, this ugly desk is going to be mine.

Judge Weaver: Marriage is an institution not to be entered into without forethought or consideration of its inalienable and eternal meaning and bonding.

Reuben: What'd he say?

Judge Weaver: Oh, of course I don't have to tell you children that. Why, you wouldn't have made it this far if you hadn't been serious. You know, sometimes my wife tells me--

Woman: [Clears throat]

Judge Weaver: What? Oh, Mrs. Pim, is there something that you would like to add?

Mrs. Pim: There's three couples waiting.

Judge Weaver: Oh, well. Very well, let's get right to it. Do you have the rings?

Matt: Who me?

Judge Weaver: I thought you said this was to be a double ring ceremony?

Reuben: It is, your honor. He just forgot. Thank you for your patience.

Olivia: You're doing great.

Judge Weaver: Now take her hand, son. That's nice. Now repeat after me. I... Matthew Cory...

Matt: I, Matthew Cory...

Judge Weaver: Take thee... Josephine...

Matt: Take thee, Josephine...

Judge Weaver: To be my wedded wife.

[Clears throat] To be my wedded wife.

[Snaps fingers] Young man. To be my--

Matt: No, I can't. I can't go through with this.

Olivia: He's just nervous. Aren't you, Matthew?

Reuben: Maybe we need to do this on a full stomach. Is there a diner around here somewhere?

Josie: Matthew?

Matt: Josie.

Judge Weaver: Was I going too fast?

Josie: What happened?

Matt: I can't do this.

Josie: I thought you loved me.

Matt: Josie, I love you more than I have ever loved you, right now.

Josie: Then why?

Matt: This isn't good enough.

Judge Weaver: I beg your pardon.

Matt: Not for you.

Judge Weaver: I told you we were going to lose business if we didn't keep up with those wedding chapels.

Matt: It doesn't feel right. I want to marry you, I do. But I want to do it with some style--in a church, with our families there, with you in a big wedding dress.

Josie: But none of that matters to me.

Matt: Didn't you hear what the judge said? This is the biggest decision we're ever going to make.

Josie: And I've made it. I want to be with you.

Matt: And we will be. But when we do it, we're going to do it in front of the whole world, because we have nothing to hide and we have nothing to be ashamed about. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Josie: Well, I--I was kind of wondering what the pictures might look like.

[Both laugh]

Reuben: This is the craziest wedding I have ever been to.

Matt: Oh.

Olivia: This is the only wedding you've ever been to.

Reuben: Oh, how would you know?

Judge Weaver: Well, I'm very happy for all of you, but you still owe me my fee.

Josie: Do you know how much I love you?

Matt: I love you, too, Josie.

Derek: Look, I'm not into 20 questions, so if you don't mind, I think I'm going to take off.

Paulina: Had any mighty Molly Malteds lately? Hmm, thought that might get you.

Derek: What'd you say?

Paulina: You liked chocolate chip mint with extra chocolate sauce.

Derek: Yeah, mixed for 35--

Paulina: 35 seconds, no more.

Derek: No less. Paulina?

Paulina: Very good. And the last name?

Derek: Paulina Cantrell? Paulina Cantrell!


Paulina: Put me down! Put me down!

Derek: Sorry. Sorry, man. Paulina Cantrell?

Paulina: Yeah.

Derek: When I saw you, you were like this and now you're...

Paulina: Out of puberty, yeah.

Derek: Yeah, well. Sorry. That's one way of putting it, yeah.

Paulina: I can't believe you didn't recognize me.

Derek: Well, you changed a lot since the foster home. You know, you were just a kid.

Paulina: Yeah, what were you?

Derek: Older than you. Wow, you look great. But your--your hair, it's not, you know...

Paulina: Oh, yeah, well, I'm trying something different.

Derek: Uh-huh, yeah.

Paulina: You're a flat leaver Dane.

Derek: What are you talking about--ow.

Paulina: When you ran away, I cried for two weeks.

Derek: You did?

Paulina: I idolized you, you creep. I wanted to go with you.

Derek: Oh, yeah, right. I can see that. Me with some little kid on the road.

Paulina: Hey, I could've made it. I was better at hiding out than you were.

Derek: Yeah. So how did you end up here?

Paulina: I followed you. Saw your name in the paper when they dropped those grand theft charges. Bum rap, huh?

Derek: What's with this street talk? Where--where'd it come from, the street lingo? I mean, you've been walking in and out of this joint the last two weeks like some kind of a debutante.

Paulina: Well, I wanted to show you that I was out of Gold Street, too.

Derek: Uh-huh.

Paulina: Are you going to eat that?

Derek: Oh, you don't want this.

Al: There's fighting in the parking lot--I need your help.

Derek: Yeah, ok. Don't move, ok?

Vicky's voice: Amanda treats me like a flunky and that's just fine for now. By the time she figures out what's going on, I'll own this damn company.

Amanda: Imagine my surprise.

Vicky: We're--

Amanda: I don't even think you can weasel your way out of this one, Vicky.

Vicky: Is your office bugged?

Amanda: This was on my answering machine.

Vicky: Oh.

Amanda: It seems you were playing with all the wrong buttons when you were pretending to be me today.

Vicky: I was kidding around.

Amanda: In my office?

Vicky: Oh, come on, Amanda. Haven't you ever been sitting in your mother's office and you've fantasized about being in charge?

Amanda: I don't think I would've used the words "once she figures out what is going on." What is going on, Vicky?

Vicky: Nothing.

Amanda: What is your strategy, Vicky? Sabotage?

Vicky: I would never do anything to hurt the company.

Amanda: Well, you'd better understand that I am the company.

Vicky: Ha ha. I bet the other major stock holders would love to hear that one.

Amanda: You've gone way over the line with me this time, Vicky.

Vicky: So what?

Amanda: I wouldn't sound so flip if I were you.

Vicky: Iris is thrilled with the job I am doing. So is your mother. Don't forget that, madam publisher.

Amanda: I could have you working in the mail room tomorrow morning if I wanted to.

Vicky: Ooh, Ms. power broker, you make me quiver with fear. Ah!

Amanda: I don't know what it is that you are up to, Vicky, but let me tell you one thing, this is your final notice. You are in deep with me. And I will not back down, not ever. Cory Publishing will be run by Corys from one generation to the next because that is what my father wanted. And there is no one, not you, not anybody, that's going to take that away. So you can kiss up to all the messengers, all the VPs, all the receptionists that you want in that building. But you will never get rid of me.

Vicky: So why are you making such a big deal out of something that can never happen?

Amanda: Three strikes and you're out, Vicky. Remember that.

Vicky: You seem to forget I hold the trump card. Don't think I won't use it, sweetie.

Amanda: If you tell anyone what happened between Evan and me, he'll never speak to you again.

Vicky: Hey, Sam, you know, we really should get together for a drink again soon. We have a lot to catch up on.

Sam: Sure.

Vicky: See you.

Sam: What was that all about?

Amanda: Nothing.

[Phone rings]

Ken: [Chuckles] Odyssey. Yes, just a minute. Rachel. Rachel!

Rachel: Did you yell?

Ken: Telephone, long distance.

Rachel: Yes. Hello. Jamie.

Jamie: It's good to hear your voice, Mom.

Rachel: Where are you?

Jamie: In transit. But not for long.

Rachel: When are you coming home?

Jamie: How does dinner tomorrow sound?

Rachel: That sounds great. I'll be there, and I'll try to round up everybody else.

Jamie: Great. I called the house and I spoke to Sam. He said everyone's well.

Rachel: You better get home soon or your child is going to be in college.

Jamie: I will. I miss him, Mom, I can't tell you.

Rachel: You sound good.

Jamie: I feel good. What about you? I miss you. I miss everybody.

Rachel: You must have a lot to tell us. We can't wait to hear.

Jamie: I do. Have you talked to Vicky?

Rachel: Yes, she asked after you.

Jamie: Did she make problems about Steven while I was gone?

Rachel: No, she's been terrific. Especially at work, at the office. Everybody says so, except, of course, your sister.

Jamie: I see life is status quo in Bay City.

Rachel: Well, about some things, yes.

Jamie: What else is going on?

Rachel: Oh, um, I interviewed the nanny for Steven.

Jamie: She wears orthopedic shoes, right?

Rachel: No.

Jamie: Let me guess. She's 100 years old and bald?

Rachel: I don't think I'm going to say anything.

Derek: Paulina, when was the last time you ate?

Paulina: I didn't come here for charity, Derek.

Derek: What charity? I'm gonna offer you a burger and some lousy fries. Besides, I get a discount.

Paulina: Ok, but I got a job yesterday and the first paycheck I get, I take you out for a real dinner, ok? Deal?

Derek: Ok, you got it.

Paulina: All right.

Derek: What?

Paulina: I have to take a rain check.

Derek: Well, wait a minute.

Paulina: Look, I'll explain someday, I promise.

Derek: Wait. How can I reach you?

Paulina: I'll find you.

Evan: What?

Vicky: We've got a problem, ace.

Evan: We?

Vicky: Uh-huh, remember that whole conversation we had this afternoon in Amanda's office?

Evan: You mean the coup attempt talk?

Vicky: Her answering machine was on and recorded the entire conversation.

Evan: That's why she wanted to see you.

Vicky: She was not pleased.

Evan: Well, this isn't exactly my problem.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Evan, I need your help. Now can I count on you or can't I?

Matt: Ooh, there we go. Whoop, get the lights.

Josie: Yeah.

Matt: Here we go.

Josie: Whoo!

Matt: Close the door. Oh!

Josie: Don't kill yourself.

Matt: Here we go. Into the bedroom. Get the lights.

Josie: Yes, sir.

Matt: Got the lights? Oop, on the bed. And we made it.

Josie: I think you broke my back.

Matt: Ah, sorry about that. You ok?

Josie: You come here, you big dope. I can't believe that we almost got married an hour ago.

Matt: Oh, tell me about it, tell me about it.

Josie: What came over us, huh? What came over us?

Matt: I don't know. Must have been a full moon or something.

Josie: I love you for calling off the ceremony, but I was ready to go through with it.

Matt: Well, I didn't want you to give up your career, not yet.

Josie: What?

Matt: No, see, I know Lucas didn't give his blessing. And I also found out from Amanda that they were looking at other models for "Sophisticate." I don't like his game, but, you know, I didn't want to ruin your chance.

Josie: You did that for me?

Matt: Hey, that's the kind of guy I am, don't you know? You like these?

Josie: They're beautiful.

Matt: Ok, good. We'll keep them in my safe at home, and when we get married-- and we will get married--we'll use these.

Josie: We can't.

Matt: Why not?

Josie: Because if I ever see those rings again, I will laugh so hard, I'll cry. And then they'll cart us both away from the altar.

Matt: So what? Let them cart us both away. As long as we're together. Will you still love me when I have a pot belly and a receding hairline?

Josie: Maybe.

Matt: Mm-hmm...maybe? Well, I'll still love you when you have those little jiggly upper arms, you know, those ones that go wulla-wulla-wulla. Come here, I don't want to waste any time.

Sharlene: Ha ha ha. Hey.

[Laughs] Nice mattress.

Woman: It's only four years old, I think.

Sharlene: Yeah? Ha. Whew. Ooh, beer. Last tenant?

Woman: Help yourself.

Sharlene: Thanks. Well, it needs a little color, but I can fix that. It's just what I need. How much?

Woman: 250 a month.

Sharlene: For this?

Woman: Non-negotiable.

Sharlene: You know, you drive a hard bargain, Pearl. But I need a place right away, so, so, so, so I'll take it.

Pearl: It's not that easy.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Pearl: You think I let just anybody in here? You need a credit check and a reference.

Sharlene: A reference?

Pearl: And I don't mean your daddy's word of approval. You've got to check out or the deal's off. So, who can I call?

Sharlene: I'm going to be straight with you, Pearl.

Pearl: Oh, that's nice.

Sharlene: I can't give you a reference.

Pearl: Deal's off.

Sharlene: Now, wait a minute. Just hear me out, ok? Just listen for a second. I'm in a bad marriage. My husband doesn't understand me.

Pearl: Whose does?

Sharlene: No, I need this place, and I can't let my husband know about it. He'd never approve.

Pearl: You planning on meeting some guy here every night? Well, you can forget it.

Sharlene: No, I--

Pearl: I'm--this is a respectable--

Sharlene: There's no guy. I swear. There's no guy. I just need a place where I can get away and I can think.

Pearl: This husband's really no good, huh?

Sharlene: I feel like I'm in prison.

Pearl: Well, I'm not wild about husbands myself. So, I'm going to give you a shot.

Sharlene: That's great. That's great, ha ha. That's great. I can move in tomorrow.

Pearl: Fine. Bring yourself, your things, and the first month's rent, and a month's security, cash only.

Sharlene: That's $500, Pearl.

Pearl: If you don't have it, I'm not giving you the keys, got it?

Sharlene: I got it, I got it. I'll have it. I have to.

Rachel: Well, I can't wait to see you, honey.

Jamie: Mom, how's that guy treating you?

Rachel: What guy?

Jamie: Your boss, Ken what's his name?

Rachel: Mr. Jordan always treats me with the utmost respect.

Jamie: Good.

Rachel: He's always cheerful. Actually, you know what, you should come over to the shop and get to know him better. Because he's really a great guy, you know? He's honest, forthcoming, upright, open, cheerful. He's just great, you know? Listen, honey, I got to go, so I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Jamie: Ok, Mom. I'll see you tomorrow.

Rachel: Bye.

Ken: Touché, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Well, that's about it for me tonight.

Ken: The kid called all the way from Europe just to check up on you?

Rachel: I thought you weren't going to give out anymore advice.

Ken: No, it's not advice, it's just an observation.

Rachel: Ok, I'll run this by you one more time. We're a very close family. We love each other a lot. We enjoy talking with each other; that's a lot different than checking up.

Ken: Touché again.

Rachel: I guess it's cause you don't have a family of your own, otherwise you'd understand.

Ken: You're right. I guess I'm better with inanimate objects. They don't talk back anyway.

Rachel: You don't know what you're missing. I'm going to figure you out, Ken Jordan, one of these days.

Sam: Jamie called. He's coming home tomorrow.

Amanda: Really?

Sam: Yeah. I thought that'd make you feel better.

Amanda: We're going to be fine, Sam. I'm going to work extra hard just to make sure that we are.

Sam: You shouldn't have to work at anything if you love me.

Amanda: I do.

Sam: It's been tough, Amanda. I mean, we've been through a lot. But we've made it through... together. We're going to make it. Promise.

Vicky: I thought all the way over here. My new tact is going to be to kill her with kindness.

Evan: She'll never buy it.

Vicky: Maybe not. But if the entire office sees me being the goddess of kindness to her, then they're going to think that she's an absolute fool to get rid of me. Pretty smart, huh?

Evan: Not at all. She's Mac Cory's daughter. You see, even if Iris is in charge and Amanda wants you out of there, she'll find a way.

Vicky: Mm. She would never do that. I know her secret.

Evan: Listen to me. You swore that you would never say anything to anyone what happened between Amanda and me.

Vicky: And I won't. Chill out.

Evan: Well, you better not.

Vicky: She's not--she doesn't have to know that, Evan. If she thinks that I could spill the beans at anytime, then she won't send me packing. Come on. Ev. Let's get out of here. Go spend a lot of money on great food in a great restaurant.

Evan: Fine. I'll bring the car around. And this time, you wait.

Vicky: I'll wait.

Evan: Wait.

Vicky: Wait.

Evan: Wait.

Vicky: Ok. Hi, is this Sam Fowler's answering service? Great. Yes, I would like to leave a message. Yeah, could you say that Vicky called? Yes, just Vicky. Um, tell him that I meant what I said today, and I would like to get together tomorrow night. Well, 5:30 if it's all right with him. Ooh, tell him I have a little problem, and I would like to have his help. Thank you.

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