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Another World Transcript Tuesday 1/31/06

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Frankie: Oh.

Cass: Remind me to stay away from Nevada prisons and jails.

Frankie: Stay away from Nevada prisons and jails.

Cass: Hey, thanks a lot.

[Frankie groans]

[Cass groans]

Frankie: Oh, how's your back?

Cass: 4 hours in an airplane didn't help it any, believe me.

Frankie: I am just grateful to Stacey for wiring us the cash to get out of there.

Cass: You have to admit... Las Vegas is different, isn't it?

Frankie: Yeah. That's what they said about Sodom and Gomorrah, too.

Cass: Oh, come on, Frankie. It was...fun.

Frankie: Fun? If living in a shoe-box is fun. If losing every last cent is fun. If winding up in jail because your missing luggage winds up in a stolen truck is fun, sure--

Cass: When you look back on this, and you will--

Frankie: Oh, let's face it Cass. I'm cursed. After the last couple of days you have to admit that. I am a jinx. Right. So where do we go from here?

Vicky: I am a big picture woman, Sean. I like the editorial side of the operations. I must admit, I think numbers are a snooze.

Sean: Oh, we can't all be accountants.

Vicky: Just take notes, ok? What I have to do is keep myself from dozing over a profit and loss sheet. That's why you're here.

Sean: Ok.

Vicky: I want figures, I want demographics. I want a comprehensive report of the financial status of this company by this afternoon. I want to know everything there is to know about Cory Enterprises, and I want to know now.

Amanda: Why is that so important, Vicky?

Ronnie: Rachel, what brings you down here? You are feeling all right, aren't you?

Rachel: Oh yes, I am fine. It was Jamie. He called from Paris, and he hit the roof when he realized that I had forgotten to come in for my follow-up checkup.

Ronnie: You what?

Rachel: Don't scold me, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Well, you know, you had that fall right before Christmas.

Rachel: I know it, but I feel fine. My ribs don't hurt or anything.

Ronnie: Maybe, but we have to make sure they healed properly.

Rachel: Yes, Jamie explained that, and he said he was going to set up the appointment personally.

Ronnie: Good for him.

Rachel: I don't know who it is with, though.

Ronnie: Oh, I can check that.

Rachel: Ok, thanks.

Ken: Well, what a coincidence.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Ken: Visiting a friend. You know, Odyssey hasn't been the same since you've been gone.

Rachel: I told you. I'd be back as soon as everything's settled down at home. I hope you didn't waste a trip.

Ken: Oh, no, I've got some errands to run here.

Rachel: Oh. Well, don't let me keep you.

Ken: Rachel. How long am I going to get the cold shoulder for speaking the truth?

Ronnie: Ok, you're scheduled to see Dr. Foreman, but you're early.

Rachel: How early?

Ronnie: 45 minutes.

Rachel: Oh.

Ronnie: Sorry, he penciled you in for 11:45.

Rachel: Ok, well, I guess I'll wait. Are there any new magazines?

Ronnie: [Laughs] Good luck.

[Rachel laughs] You look familiar. Do I know you?

Cass: Things could have been a little better the last couple of days, I agree.

Frankie: A little, yeah.

Cass: Ok, ok. The trip was a disaster.

Frankie: A minor disaster compared to what's coming.

Cass: What's coming?

Frankie: Bad times, counselor. Capital B.

Cass: Nothing specific, though. Just the usual--granny's curse.

Frankie: You've only seen a little of it. I know how bad it can get, and I want to spare you that. That's why we can't be together.

Cass: Well, now, let's look at this rationally, all right? No, forget looking at it rationally. Ow!

Frankie: The curse.

Cass: I can't buy this, Frankie. Curse or no curse, I want to be with you.

Frankie: I want that too, Cass. I really do, but for your own sake, I can't allow it to happen.

Cass: I refuse to be scared off by the ghost of Tony Almo's granny.

Frankie: Cass, please listen to me--

Cass: No, I'm not going to listen to you--

STACEY: Cass. Hey, I wasn't expecting you until later.

Cass: Yeah, well, we got lucky and caught a tail wind.

Stacey: Ah, this is Paulina. This is Steven's new nanny.

Frankie: Oh, hi, Paulina.

Paulina: Nice to meet you, too.

Cass: And I am Cass, Stacey's brother. Excuse me for not getting up, my back is not working at the moment.

Stacey: What happened?

Cass: Don't say it, Frankie.

Frankie: So, you're Steven's new nanny.

Pauline: Yes, I hope to be, if Ms. Hudson approves.

Frankie: Oh.

Pauline: Your sister has been absolutely wonderful to me. She helped me pick out all the right clothes for the job.

Cass: Great, the Cory's are wonderful people. You will like them a lot.

Stacey: Yeah, and Steven's adorable.

Frankie: Well, of course he is adorable. He is a Frame baby.

Pauline: You're related to Dr. Frame?

Frankie: Yeah, he is my cousin.

Pauline: Oh.

Cass: And you haven't met with Steven's mother yet?

Pauline: No, not yet.

Frankie: Good luck.

Pauline: Why would I need luck?

Stacey: Well, Vicky is--she's-- can you describe her, please?

Cass: Well, she loves her son, I know that much.

Stacey: You see, she just went through a divorce, and it wasn't exactly amicable. But she is very high-spirited.

Frankie: One way of putting it, yes.

Stacey: But she is starting to cooperate with Jamie, so I think things are looking up, right?

Frankie: Right.

Stacey: Yeah, it will be fine.

Pauline: I just hope everything works out.

Stacey: Oh, you just be yourself and I'm sure it will.

Frankie: So, let's see your stash.

Stacey: Oh, here, take a look at this. This is the real beaut.

Frankie: Ok.

Stacey: So, my dear Cassian, how was Vegas? How long did it take to blow all your loot, and how bad a bath did you really take?

Cass: Well, I noticed you were behind on your billing.

Stacey: Oh, that bad, huh?

Cass: You better get caught up real quickly otherwise we are not going to have paychecks.

Stacey: Otherwise--da-da.

Cass: What's that?

Stacey: It is the billing sheet. What do you think it is?

Cass: The billing sheet. Monies owed to us. One of my favorite pieces of paper in the entire world.

Frankie: Congratulations.

Stacey: Don't doubt him.

Cass: Wait a second.

Stacey: What's wrong?

Cass: Well, there is a consultation fee here, and it is billed to Lucas.

Stacey: Yeah, that is right.

Cass: Well, what--what for? Why are you consulting for him?

Stacey: Well, he asked me to represent him.

Cass: But--you gave him an hour of your time, or you billed him for that. You--it only takes two seconds to say no, Stace.

Stacey: Well, I didn't say no.

Cass: You mean you are actually thinking of taking him on as a client?

Stacey: No, I am not thinking of taking him on. I am taking him on.

Lucas: ...Iris, you have to imagine the place, you know, jammed up all the way out into the street.

Iris: Oh, yeah.

Lucas: Yeah.

Iris: How did you convince the owner to open up this morning?

Lucas: I didn't have to. They're here putting in a new kitchen.

Iris: Oh, great. Maybe the food will improve, huh?

Lucas: Why do I get the impression that you are not exactly crazy about this shoot?

Iris: Because, Lucas, it's for "Sophisticate."

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Iris: And I would have thought if you were doing a layout on a club, you'd pick somewhere chic, not the Pelican.

Lucas: Are you kidding? This place is getting very hot, you know, you better catch up on the trends, my love.

Iris: I thought you were supposed to create the trends, my love-- Derek: What's going on?

Lucas: I don't know anyone would be here.

Derek: Are you the one who called who wanted to check out this place?

Lucas: Yeah, we were thinking about using the Pelican for a shoot. I didn't know you worked the place during the day.

Derek: I don't usually. I'm helping out. You know, in the kitchen.

Lucas: Oh, good. Well, we won't keep you from that.

Derek: Would you like someone to show you around?

Iris: No, thank you. We don't need any supervision.

Lucas: Yeah, we'd rather not be distracted, thank you.

Iris: Felicia's friend?

Lucas: Yeah.

Iris: He's a bit strange.

Lucas: Oh, Derek's ok.

Iris: Seems very unfriendly.

Lucas: I don't want to talk about Derek, I want to talk about the shoot.

Iris: Well, I prefer to talk about us. Come and sit down, darling.

Lucas: Iris, I need your decision.

Iris: I need you to sit down.

Lucas: Ok?

Iris: Now, smile. You know, I can't remember the last time I saw you smile.

Lucas: Well, Iris when you are facing an indictment on racketeering, you tend to lose your sense of humor.

Iris: I know, but you'll be cleared, just like you were cleared of the murder charge.

Lucas: Oh, from your mouth to the D.A.'s ear.

Iris: Are you sure something else isn't bothering you?

Lucas: Isn't that enough?

Iris: Well, no, I noticed on the way out here that you kept looking in the rear view mirror as though maybe you were being followed.

Lucas: It is possible.

Iris: Well, what do you think, those business associates?

Lucas: No, no, that's in the past. They wouldn't do that.

Iris: So, what's the problem?

Lucas: Well--I'm being perfectly honest with you--I am a--I'm a little nervous about getting married.

Iris: Oh.

Lucas: Huh.

Iris: How nervous?

Lucas: Well, it's good nervous.

Iris: [Laughs] Good, 'cause it's all I can think about. I mean, you mention a shoot, and I think, "oh, my goodness! Have I got enough photographers at the wedding?"

Lucas: Oh, you only have the entire art department working on it.

Iris: Of course it is going to be absolutely fantastic. And I can't think of a more perfect place than daddy's house. In May, everything will be in bloom.

Lucas: Yeah. How many people are we having again?

Iris: Hundreds.

Lucas: Oh. You wonder why I'm nervous.

Iris: You know, we are very lucky to have this chance again. It is going to be a perfect marriage.

Lucas: That it is.

Courtney: Lucas?

Lucas: I am sorry, officer, the club is closed.

Courtney: I know. I talked to your receptionist at "Sophisticate." They told me you would be here.

Lucas: What do you want?

Courtney: The D.A. has handed down an indictment. I am authorized to place you under arrest.

Vicky: Sean, why don't you run along, get started on our little project, and I'll talk to you soon. I was at my desk at 9 a.m. Ask anyone.

Amanda: Why?

Vicky: And I finished practically all the work you gave me.

Amanda: Why were you grilling Sean for information on this company?

Vicky: How am I supposed to make a valuable contribution to Cory if I lack essential knowledge?

Amanda: Like the rest of us, Vicky, you can learn through experience.

Vicky: I thought you would be delighted about this, Amanda, since you seem to enjoy telling me all the time how totally ignorant I am about publishing. I want to change that as soon as possible.

Amanda: Good luck.

Vicky: And with Evan gone, let's face it, this company needs all the expertise it can find.

Amanda: Was Evan all right the other day after I left?

Vicky: He was fine. We both were.

Amanda: I guess he'll probably be turning up at another publishing house before long.

Vicky: That would be the assumption, yes.

Amanda: Probably back in New York.

Vicky: But it won't happen, not for a long time.

Amanda: Why? How do you know that?

Vicky: Just dying to know about Evan, aren't you?

Amanda: For business reasons, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, of course.

Amanda: So what do you know?

Vicky: Well, I guess it's no big secret...

Amanda: What is it?

Vicky: It looks like Evan will be working with Jake and my mother.

Amanda: At their company?

Vicky: At Visions, yes.

Amanda: Well, I guess you probably had quite a say in that.

Vicky: Yes, as a matter of fact I did.

Amanda: So, he's going to be working in video.

Vicky: Now, now, let's not get too appalled.

Amanda: Look, I just thought--

Vicky: You just thought it was just beneath a man of Evan's stature.

Amanda: No, if that's what Evan wants to do then he is perfectly--

[Knock on door]

Mitch: Excuse me.

Amanda: Hi, Mitch.

Mitch: Did you need to see me?

Vicky: Hi, Mitch. How are you doing?

Mitch: I am fine, and you?

Vicky: Good. Working hard.

Amanda: Vicky. You can leave now.

Vicky: How kind of you, Amanda. Mitch, take care.

Mitch: About last week's photographs, I was--

Amanda: No, no, that is not what I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to ask you--I wanted to ask you about my mother and Ken Jordan.

Olivia: Sam.

Sam: Don't stop.

Olivia: I was just warming up a little.

Sam: I know. Before you dance.

Olivia: Yeah. Oh, are you here to work? I don't want to distract you.

Sam: I don't think you'd do that. But it is ok. I am just here to pick up some art supplies.

Olivia: Ok. It's good to see you.

Sam: It's good to see you, too.

Olivia: You know, having someone around to talk to and somebody who cares about the same things I do, means a lot to me.

Sam: I got to go.

Olivia: Already?

Sam: Yeah, I just remembered. There is something I got to do.

Olivia: But you just got here.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I will see you soon, ok?

Olivia: Sam, wait. I wasn't going to talk about this because nothing's happened yet, and I don't want to get my hopes up too high.

Sam: Right. Listen, I really--

Olivia: But I really do need to tell somebody.

Sam: Ok, but I got--

Olivia: And there is no one else that I would rather share this with than you. I trust you.

Sam: All right. What do you want to talk to me about?

Olivia: I think that I am finally going to get the break I need to launch my career. And I need your advice.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: So, what do you know about him?

Mitch: Like I said, I really don't know anything about him.

Amanda: Do you like him?

Mitch: How can I tell you if I like him if don't know anything about him?

Amanda: Why do you keep answering all my questions with a question?

Mitch: Why are you asking these questions in the first place?

Amanda: This is exasperating.

Mitch: Yes, I agree.

Amanda: Can't you figure out why I want to know about Ken Jordan?

Mitch: Because your mother works for him.

Amanda: Right.

Mitch: Then why aren't you having this discussion with her?

Amanda: I did.

Mitch: But you didn't hear what you wanted to hear.

Amanda: She told me that she was just an employee.

Mitch: Then I guess she is.

Amanda: Look, I know you are concerned about what happens to her.

Mitch: Now, wait a minute, wait.

Amanda: I know you are not involved with her. I know that. I just mean I know you wouldn't want to see her hurt.

Mitch: Are you saying she's been hurt?

Amanda: I am saying that Ken Jordan does things that make me very nervous.

Mitch: Like what?

Amanda: Like she told him that she wanted to rent a room. So he rents her the room right above his shop. Then she comes back to Bay City for a few days, and he spends all of his time here in Bay City. Is that something that you usually do for someone that is just an employee?

Mitch: Do you have any reason to believe that Ken Jordan has done anything to hurt your mother?

Amanda: She did tell me one other thing that makes me uneasy.

Mitch: What?

Amanda: She has accepted this. I can't.

Mitch: Tell me.

Amanda: Ken Jordan is the one that sold my father the red swan. He was with him the night before he died.

Ken: I have just got one of those faces, I guess.

Ronnie: I've seen you somewhere, I am sure of it.

Ken: Oh, I would have remembered you, I'm sure.

Ronnie: It will come to me. I will let you know when Dr. Foreman's ready for you, Rachel.

Rachel: Thank you, Ronnie. I wasn't giving you the cold shoulder.

Ken: Rachel, listen, about the argument. As much as I hate to say it, I might have gone a little overboard advising you about your daughter.

Rachel: You might have?

Ken: Yeah, I did go overboard, it's none of my business. Amanda is your responsibility. More than that, she is your child, and I should just butt out.

Rachel: Is this an apology?

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: Well, then I owe you one.

Ken: For what?

Rachel: For being so defensive.

Ken: You just said what you felt.

Rachel: Mm. Well, I don't want to keep you from your errands.

Ken: I am curious.

Rachel: What?

Ken: About what your plans are now.

Rachel: Nothing dramatic.

Ken: What does that mean? Are you still planning to stay in Bay City?

Rachel: I had a good talk with Amanda. I think she understands now I don't have to be right there at the house or right there at Cory Publishing in order for her to find me if she needs me.

Ken: Really?

Rachel: And you were right about one thing. She does have a better grasp of the situation than I thought.

Ken: So, now Amanda will be looking out for herself.

Rachel: Well, she knows where to reach me if she needs me.

Ken: So now you are free to deal with your own life?

[Cass groans]

Frankie: Working?

Cass: Torture always works.

Frankie: Ah, really hurts bad, huh?

Cass: Oh, in an agonizing sort of way, yeah.

Frankie: Well, you know, Yogi Bukpar said that in order for this to work you have to believe.

Cass: Oh, I'm believing like crazy. You wouldn't believe how I believe. Ah. Oh! Oh.

Stacey: Oh, Cass, I hope your back feels better.

Cass: Wait, what are you doing?

Stacey: Well, I'm leaving. Come on--

Cass: Oh, no, we haven't finished discussing Lucas.

Stacey: There is nothing to discuss.

Cass: Stacey, you are not going to take this case.

Stacey: I already have.

Cass: I forbid it.

Stacey: You forbid nothing. I take on whatever clients I want, Cass.

Stacey: Lucas is an--ow!

Frankie: Now that is the scream of a true believer. Now get up.

Cass: Get up?

Frankie: Yeah. Roll over on your side. Head last.

Cass: Head last?

Frankie: Head last. Just leave your head hanging. Ready?

Cass: Yeah.

[Frankie groans]

Frankie: Now my back is going to go out.

Cass: Mm, don't do that. Hey. Holy--you did it. You are a genius.

Frankie: I am merely a conduit for Yogi Bukpar.

Cass: Oh, yeah? Well, you're the most beautiful conduit I have ever seen. Where you going?

Frankie: Home. I'm beat.

Cass: Frankie. Hey, Frankie, wait. Frankie. Wait a second. Hey.

Frankie: What?

Cass: I am not giving up on us.

[Phone rings]

Stacey: Winthrop and Edwards.

Lucas: Stacey, it's Lucas.

Stacey: Oh, hi. I was just talking about you.

Lucas: I am kind of in a hurry; this is my only phone call.

Stacey: Where are you?

Lucas: Police Headquarters. I've been arrested.

Stacey: Did you give a statement?

Lucas: Not without my lawyer present. That's you, isn't it?

Stacey: I agreed to represent you, and I will. What are they charging you with?

Lucas: Racketeering.

Stacey: What have they got on you?

Lucas: Well, Officer Walker is talking about a private phone conversation on tape.

Stacey: Private conversations?

Lucas: Yes. She said there is enough evidence to convict.

Stacey: Well, they better have done the wiretap by the book or they've got bupkis.

Lucas: Well, maybe you ought to mention that to the D.A.

Stacey: Ok, I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Cass: Lucas was busted.

Stacey: Yeah. Paulina, listen I've got to leave. Are you going to be ok?

Paulina: Oh, sure, no problem.

Cass: And you're acting as his attorney?

Stacey: I am his attorney, Cass.

Cass: Ok, well, as a senior partner, I'm coming along.

Stacey: I can handle it myself.

Cass: I'll stay out of the way. I just want to be a backup.

Stacey: Suit yourself. Do something with that.

Cass: Maybe I can talk some sense into you on the way.

Stacey: Oh, Cass. Paulina, are you going to be all right until the chauffeur gets here?

Paulina: I will be fine. You go ahead.

Cass: Now, listen, it was nice meeting you, Paulina.

Paulina: Nice meeting you.

Cass: Now, look, Stacey, this is a no-win situation.

Stacey: Good luck. I don't want to hear about it--

Cass: Yeah, well, you're going to hear about it.

Stacey: No.

Cass: Yes.

Vicky: There you are.

Rachel: Oh, hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Vicky: Well, I found out you were in town. I set out to track you down.

Rachel: Why?

Vicky: To say hello.

Rachel: Oh, well, that was nice.

Vicky: Are you feeling all right?

Rachel: Yes, I am fine. Just a routine check up and then I'll be heading back.

Vicky: Well, I am glad I found you then.

Rachel: I am glad you did, too. I understand you are doing great things over at Cory.

Vicky: Oh?

Rachel: Yes. Iris says that she couldn't do without you.

Vicky: I am just kind of trying to find my way around.

Rachel: Oh, I understand you are doing more than that.

Vicky: Well, maybe a little more. I did help out with the Adams account a little bit. We almost have it nailed down now.

Rachel: Well, I understand that we would have lost that account if it hadn't been for you.

Vicky: I used you as a role model.

Rachel: How?

Vicky: Well, you didn't have much education either, and then you started working for Mac and found out you had a talent for it--business instinct, kind of.

Rachel: Yes, but I had Mac.

Vicky: I know, but look how much you did for yourself. Have you heard from Jamie?

Rachel: Yes, I think he is going to be coming back soon.

Vicky: Oh, good, that'll-- that'll be good for Steven.

Rachel: I think Jamie will like Paulina.

Vicky: Who's Paulina?

Rachel: Stacey didn't let you know about this? Paulina is the young lady that she found to take care of Steven. I told her to call you on this.

Vicky: Well, she didn't, and I had no idea she was going to go ahead with it with Jamie out of town.

Rachel: Well, don't worry about it. Paulina won't be hired unless you feel comfortable with it.

Ronnie: Ok, Dr. Foreman's here. Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi, Ronnie.

Rachel: Vicky, why don't you go by the house? Paulina's out there today.

Vicky: Oh, I will. For sure.

Rachel: Ok, nice to see you, sweetie.

Vicky: You, too. Oh! You--you followed me all the way here. Boy, you are devoted.

Sean: Here are the papers you wanted.

Vicky: What? Listen, we will be working very closely from now on. I don't see any reason for Amanda to be informed about that. Do you understand?

Sean: Yes. No problem.

Vicky: Good.

Ken: Hello, Mitch.

Mitch: Amanda's not here. I don't know where she is or when she will be back.

Ken: Actually it is you I came to see. The secretary said you would be in here.

Mitch: You want to see me?

Ken: Hmm. We need to talk. I think I know why you have it in for me.

Mitch: Well, I don't have it in for you.

Ken: Why you don't like me, then.

Mitch: Well, you hardly seem the sort of person that would be concerned about whether he is liked or not.

Ken: I've learned that you had possession of the red swan for a while before you returned it to Rachel.

Mitch: So?

Ken: You found something in the swan, didn't you? You found something about me.

Derek: Stacey? Stacey?

Sam: So Lucas wants you to replace Josie as the Fresh Faces girl.

Olivia: Only if she steps down.

Sam: And why would she do that?

Olivia: Well, it--I really shouldn't say. It is complicated. Oh, Sam, I hope I haven't put you in an awkward position.

Sam: How would you do that?

Olivia: Well, Matthew is your brother-in-law.

Sam: Yeah, what has that got to do with anything?

Olivia: You probably feel pretty close to Josie.

Sam: Well, don't you? I mean, she is your sister.

Olivia: Yes, yes. But none of this was my idea. Don't you see? Lucas came to me. And--anyway, if any of this happens, it will be Josie's choice, in a way.

Sam: In what way?

Olivia: That is hard to explain. Anyway, don't you see what this could mean to my career?

Sam: You think it would affect your dancing?

Olivia: Yes. The exposure would be terrific.

Sam: All right, so you would do this modeling job and...

Olivia: People would get curious, don't you think? They'd want to see if I could really perform.

Sam: Ok, so you'd be a super model by day and a dancer at night, is that it?

Olivia: Yeah. Think I can?

Sam: Well... if anybody could do it, you could.

Olivia: Thank you. Thanks for encouraging me.

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: No one understands me the way you do--

Amanda: Sam, Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Hi, Olivia, how are you?

Olivia: I'm fine, thanks. I was--I was just stretching.

Amanda: Ah.

Olivia: Getting ready for a class.

Amanda: And how is your career going anyway?

Olivia: Well, I was just telling Sam I think it might be taking off very soon.

Amanda: Great, how exciting.

Olivia: Yes. Well, I'm late for my class. So, thank you for listening.

Sam: Anytime.

Olivia: Take care, Amanda.

Amanda: You, too.

Sam: See you.

Olivia: Bye-bye.

Amanda: Mm.

Sam: Hello. What was that for?

Amanda: I just never want to forget how lucky I am to have you.

Mitch: You know, maybe you are right. Maybe we should have a talk.

Ken: No time like the present.

Mitch: You know, I've--I've done a lot of thinking about this note.

Ken: I'm sure you have.

Mitch: Well, maybe this is good. Well, I am glad that we have this chance to get things out in the open.

Ken: I'm glad, too.

Mitch: What was your relationship with Mac?

Ken: There was none.

Mitch: Look... if we are going to talk, let's be straight with each other.

Ken: Mac Cory and I had no relationship.

Mitch: Then why would he leave a note to his wife about you and then why would he take that note and put it in the red swan?

Ken: I have no idea. I never saw the note.

Mitch: You didn't know what was in it?

Ken: No. But I would be very much surprised if it was anything of a personal nature.

Mitch: Well, it simply stated should anything happen to Mac, that Rachel should call Ken Jordan. And then there was what I thought to be your number.

Ken: Well, there is a very simple explanation for that.

Mitch: There is?

Ken: Yeah, the red swan has a very interesting history. Mac seemed fascinated by it, and he wanted his wife to know the history, too.

Mitch: And he told you that?

Ken: Yeah, he told me that he was going to have his wife contact me if she ever wanted to learn any more details about the swan.

Mitch: What details?

Ken: The swan's history.

Mitch: You sold Mac the swan.

Ken: Yes, yes, I did.

Mitch: And he wanted you to explain the history of the swan.

Ken: Maybe he had the sense that he didn't have too long.

Mitch: What are you talking about? When Mac left here, he was in as good a health as he had ever been.

Ken: And in good shape when I saw him, too. Maybe a little subdued, maybe.

Mitch: It's not curious to you that he left a note instead of just calling Rachel?

Ken: I wasn't aware of the note. But now I see what he wanted.

Mitch: Which is?

Ken: Simply to have Rachel understand the history of the red swan.

Mitch: And that's it.

Ken: That's it. So, there is no reason for the two of us to be enemies, is there?

Lucas: Well, I never thought I'd be out on bail today.

Iris: Yes, you were very impressive at the hearing, Stacey.

Lucas: I told you Stacey is the best.

Cass: Will you two stop with all the backslapping? This thing is far from over.

Stacey: Cass is right.

Cass: The D.A. is going to go all the way with this.

Lucas: Stacey can handle the D.A.

Cass: Yeah, well, Stacey and I are going to have a little chat about that.

Lucas: Listen, Cass, I know how you feel about me.

Cass: I think you're guilty as hell. I think what you've done is reprehensible. And I don't want to see you back out on the streets just because my sister is smart enough to fight a case based on a wiretap.

Iris: Excuse me, but Stacey accepted this case. Quite frankly, I don't think you should have any say in the matter.

Cass: I'm the senior partner in this firm.

Iris: But we didn't hire your firm. We hired an independent attorney. So why don't you just run into your room and shut the door, hmm?

Cass: Why don't you go get a pedicure, Iris.

Stacey: Cass, I accepted this case, and Lucas is my client.

Cass: Stacey--

Stacey: End of discussion. Now, what you and I have to do, Lucas, is sit down and have a serious talk.

Lucas: I am available whenever you need me.

Stacey: Ok, I will get in touch with you.

Lucas: Fine. Well, I think we should leave them alone.

Iris: Yes, besides we have to plot our own strategy. Your apartment, darling?

Lucas: Yes, I have to run an errand first. I'll be there in an hour. Stacey, again, I am very grateful and very impressed.

Cass: Ok, I'm sorry.

Stacey: Cass, it's my decision.

Cass: The guy is a dirt ball.

Stacey: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This ring a bell?

Cass: Why do you want to do this?

Stacey: Because everyone is entitled to representation as well.

Cass: All right. All right, I was out of line.

Stacey: Something besides Lucas bothering you? Or someone, maybe? Is it Frankie?

Cass: Mary Frances strikes again.

Stacey: What happened in Vegas?

Cass: Disasters, one after another. But I am telling you, Stacey. None of them can compare to the disaster you are going to have on your hands if you represent Lucas.

Derek: Frankie?

Frankie: Hey, Derek.

Derek: If you're looking for lunch, the place is closed for another hour or so.

Frankie: I am not looking for lunch. I am looking for you. Need to talk.

Derek: What's wrong?

Frankie: I just had these incredibly awful days with Cass.

Derek: Aw, where did you guys go?

Frankie: Vegas.

Derek: And it was awful? What went wrong?

Frankie: Everything. You see, I'm cursed.

Derek: Oh, come on, Frankie--

Frankie: Derek, it's true. This old woman put a curse on me, and it took. Anything that can go wrong between me and a man goes totally wrong--dangerously wrong.

Derek: Well, not that I care what he thinks, but what did Cass have to say about this curse?

Frankie: He thinks it's bad luck or a coincidence, but he is wrong. It is the curse.

Derek: You know, I thought I was cursed once.

Frankie: Did you?

Derek: Yeah. Nothing was going right. And then I met Stacey. And it came to me that all my problems were inside myself.

Frankie: What?

Derek: Well, I kept myself on the outside. I was afraid to trust anyone, you know?

Frankie: And Stacey changed all that, huh?

Derek: Oh, yeah. She brought me back to the world. You see, Frankie, I stopped running, and I figured out that I could have things just by reaching out for them.

Frankie: That simple?

Derek: Amazing, huh?

Frankie: Ok, so maybe I am going around this curse thing all wrong. Maybe it's not even a curse. Maybe--maybe all of these terrible things happened because--

Derek: Frankie, look, if you're anything like I was, all this is because, deep down, you don't think that you deserve to be loved.

Paulina: Hilda, wait till you see.

Hilda: You should have

[Indistinct] An hour ago.

Paulina: Ms. Winthrop helped me pick out all of these--

Hilda: Paulina.

Paulina: Who is that?

Hilda: She has been waiting for you.

Paulina: Hello.

Vicky: Finally.

Paulina: I am Paulina.

Vicky: So I gathered. I am Steven's mother.

Paulina: Victoria Hudson. I've been very anxious to meet--

Vicky: Where have you been?

Paulina: I was on a break.

Vicky: You should have been here with Steven.

Paulina: Ms. Winthrop said it was important for me to buy the correct clothes.

Vicky: I don't give a damn what Ms. Winthrop says. She means nothing to me and nothing to my son. Is that clear?

Paulina: She said it was important for a nanny to--

Vicky: It is important for a nanny to have a good relationship with a child. Appearances mean nothing to me. Zero. Zip. If you have a good relationship with my son, you can dress in rags for all I care, got it?

Paulina: Yes.

Vicky: Being late does mean something to a child.

Paulina: Yes, ma'am.

Vicky: I want you to spend less time shopping and more time getting to know Steven.

Paulina: Oh, but I do know him, and he's precious. I think he and I are going to hit it off wonderfully well.

Vicky: After spending practically no time with him at all, how are you so sure you're going to hit it off?

Paulina: Sometimes you just feel these things.

Vicky: Yes, well that's very sweet, but what you feel is not my concern. I care about what Steven feels. How he reacts to you.

Paulina: Well, Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Fowler, they think he's very good with me.

Vicky: And what does Ms. Winthrop say?

Paulina: That I'll work out just fine.

Vicky: Yes, well, maybe that is because they don't care enough.

Paulina: Oh, but I think--

Vicky: Paulina, you better figure this out right now. Getting the Corys to like you is only half the battle here. I am not a Cory, thank goodness. And so far you have not given me one reason to believe that you will be good with my son.

Paulina: Ms. Hudson--

Vicky: In fact, I don't know if your employment here will work out.

Paulina: Ms. Hudson--

Vicky: You have not done one thing to prove-- I thought he was sleeping. Sweetheart. What happened?

Hilda: He was all fussy when he woke up, so I brought him down.

Vicky: He was? Oh, thanks, Hilda. What happened? What happened, big guy? Up, up? You want the big guy's smile?

[Vicky coos to baby]

Paulina: Ms. Hudson?

Vicky: What?

Paulina: Maybe you'd like to see how I am with him.

Vicky: Would you--would you like to go to Paulina, huh?

Steven: Sure.

Vicky: Sure? Ok.

Paulina: Come here, sweetheart. You feel better now? Huh? Poor little guy. Something was bothering you. And you came and talked to us and told us what it was, huh? Don't worry. Pretty soon you'll be able to talk just like us big folks. Of course, even we have a hard time talking about what bothers us sometimes. You know something, I have a feeling that you're not going to have a lot of problems in this life. No way, not you. You know why? Hmm? Because you have a mommy and a daddy who love you so much, and they're always going to be there for you. Always. Just soothing you and loving you. And if things work out, I'm going to help them make sure you know just how lucky you are.

Vicky: I'll take Steven now.

Paulina: Oh, sure.

Vicky: Come here, sweetheart.

[Talking baby talk]

Paulina: Would you like me to leave you two alone?

Vicky: Yes, I would.

[Talking baby talk]

Paulina: Let me know if you need anything.

Vicky: Ok. Paulina, wait. I want to tell you something. I may have judged you too quickly. Your employment here might work out.

Paulina: I'm so glad you feel that way.

Vicky: As long as you remember two things. One, I am Steven's mother, and you will never try to take my place in his life. And two, I can be your best ally or your worst nightmare. The choice is up to you. Is that clear? You are just the most precious baby, do you know that? Yeah, you are.

Lucas: Who is following me? You? Why are you following me?

Derek: You were arrested today.

Lucas: That's right.

Derek: And already you're out on bail. Thanks to Stacey?

Lucas: I'm lucky to have her.

Derek: You listen, and you listen good, Lucas. Stacey took your case. Ok. That's her business. But Stacey is my business. I'm going to be watching you closely. Very closely.

Ken: You're not saying anything. Doesn't what I told you make sense to you?

Mitch: Yes, it does. It makes sense. I guess maybe I overreacted to this note.

Ken: I can certainly understand that, considering how close you and Rachel are. But now there's no reason not to tell Rachel about the note.

Mitch: No, no reason.

Ken: Do you want to tell her or shall I?

Mitch: No, I'll tell her.

Ken: That's good. Coming from you, she'll be less angry.

Mitch: Angry?

Ken: That you've had the note, that we've kept it from her.

Mitch: Yeah, right. We have kept it from her. She's going to be angry this time around.

Ken: Look, if you'd like, I'll talk to her.

Mitch: No, that's ok. Like I said, I'll tell her. I'm just not sure that now is-- is the best time.

Ken: I'll leave it up to you. I won't say anything to her.

Mitch: But she should be told. But not yet.

Rachel: Ronnie, Dr. Foreman said he was heading back to his office now.

Ronnie: Oh, thanks Rachel. How did it go with you? Everything check out?

Rachel: Oh, yeah, fine.

Ronnie: Well, good for you and your knight in shining armor.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Ronnie: Well the man you were talking with--I finally figured out where I knew him from.

Rachel: Where?

Ronnie: It was that night.

Rachel: What night?

Ronnie: Well, when you were brought into the emergency room.

Rachel: Oh, I don't think so. I didn't even know him then.

Ronnie: Oh, I'm sure it was him.

Rachel: I think maybe you're mistaken.

Ronnie: No, he's the man, I'm positive. I saw him leaving the emergency room that night. I'm telling you, we were this close together.

Rachel: You mean, he was the one who found me and brought me in?

Ronnie: Had to be.

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