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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/25/06

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Cass: Excuse me. Would you be so kind as to page Dr. Hudson for me, please?

Receptionist: Over there.

Cass: Oh, and you.

John: ...There's no improvement in a couple of hours, add 3 milligrams.

Cass: John

John: How are you?

Cass: Hi. I need an unbiased, professional, medical opinion right away.

John: Ok.

Cass: It's about Frankie.

John: What's about Frankie?

Cass: Well, could you--this is going to sound a little strange.

John: It's all right.

Cass: Could you check her out and tell her she is not suffering from a curse?

Sharlene: It's got to be here.

Derek: Did you lose a contact lens?

Sharlene: No. I lost my wedding ring. Hi, Derek.

Derek: Is that why you're here so early?

Sharlene: Yeah. I lost it last night. John's very, very upset.

Derek: Is that why you two--is that what you were fighting about?

Sharlene: Yeah. That's it.

Derek: It's ok. You know, everybody gets mad sometimes.

Sharlene: I just don't understand what happened, how it could have happened. I never take my ring off. And I don't remember doing it.

Derek: Well, when did you have it last?

Sharlene: I don't know. I don't...

Derek: Sorry. Look, I'll just help you look. Have you looked over this way yet?

Sharlene: No.

Derek: Ok.

Sharlene: Derek, it's a gold band. It's a...

Derek: Wedding band. Got it. I'll just check under these tables.

Sharlene: I think I'm losing my mind.

Ken: We need to leave now if we're going to open the shop anytime today.

Rachel: I have to get through these financial reports.

Ken: You are not still thinking about leaving the Odyssey, are you?

Hilda: Mrs. Cory, I think you should come to the studio right away.

Rachel: What Hilda? What is it?

Hilda: Your sculptures. They're rearranged.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Hilda: I think somebody broke in.

Rachel: Oh, nonsense. It was Sam. He probably just needed some more room.

Hilda: Maybe you should check to see everything is up--ok.

Rachel: Hilda, nobody would want anything in there, believe me.

Ken: You're wrong. Somebody did break in there last night.

Rachel: How do you know?

Ken: Because it was me.

Amanda: Damn it, Evan.

Vicky: Wrong number?

Amanda: He did this on purpose.

Vicky: Seems like it.

Amanda: He left no instructions. He gave no advice to his staff; any decent human being would have at least given notice.

Vicky: We'll get through it, Amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, we'll get through it. We'll get through it because I'm going to talk to Iris. Iris will definitely come up with a way of getting him back here, at least until we can find a replacement.

Vicky: You don't get it, do you? Evan doesn't care about Cory Publishing. He doesn't care about you. He left and he's not coming back.

Amanda: You don't understand, Vicky. Iris can ruin him.

Vicky: Is that what you want?

Amanda: What I want is for you to mind your own business. You don't know how these things are usually taken care of around here.

Vicky: He didn't leave for the usual reasons. It had nothing to do with business. You know that, I know that--you get Iris involved, she is going to know it.

Amanda: You really think this is all my fault, don't you?

Iris: You hurt him a lot. You think he wanted to stick around for more?

Iris: Oh, I'm so glad you're both here. I've got some wonderful news, and I want to congratulate you both. It seems that Cliff Adams has signed on for the entire advertising campaign that you pitched to him.

Vicky: Ah, great!

Amanda: You mean the whole 12 months, the color layout?

Iris: Absolutely, the works. Well, you don't seem so surprised.

Amanda: Well, I have to admit, I really wasn't quite sure if your tactic would work. But--

Iris: Ha ha ha. He said it was the old one-two punch that sold him.

Amanda: The one-two punch?

Iris: Yes. Vicky's presentation was very compelling. And then you came in and backed it up.

Vicky: Kind of a double whammy.

Iris: Exactly. Now, look, I know that you two haven't been seeing eye-to-eye lately. But I wanted to tell you that your strategy was brilliant.

Vicky: Thank you.

Amanda: Well, it wasn't planned.

Iris: Well, whatever it is you did--I think you better sit down and try and work it out so we can use the same thing on the next poor, reluctant advertiser.

Vicky: Good idea.

Amanda: I can't. I have to get to a meeting for the Printer's union negotiations.

Iris: But I thought Evan had worked that out before he left.

Amanda: Well, if he did, he certainly didn't give me any clues. They're still threatening to walk out as soon as the contract is up.

Iris: Well, you don't really think they're going to strike?

Amanda: Let's hope not. We're still in arbitration. I have to talk to Evan and find out what he had planned.

Vicky: You're going to see Evan?

Iris: What about the next issue?

Amanda: There won't be a next issue, if I don't get this settled with the printers now, will there? I just hope Evan comes through.

Vicky: Well, good luck. I doubt you'll get through the front door.

Mitch: There you are. I hope you haven't forgotten what today is.

Felicia: No, no, I haven't forgotten. I would appreciate it though if you and the rest of the world would stop reminding me.

Mitch: Felicia, come on.

Felicia: I just want to get the books in order for the accountant, that's all.

Mitch: You don't have to do that.

Felicia: No, no--

Mitch: That is not necessary.

Felicia: I want to, really.

Mitch: Felicia--

Felicia: Mitch, I've had enough birthdays to last me a lifetime, believe me.

Mitch: Look, I understand after last year, I can understand you're feeling this way.

Felicia: My 40th year was not my best. No. In fact, I'm not sure that I will ever quite get over it. You know, what I think? I think Jack Benny had the right idea.

Mitch: Well, I'm planning on celebrating your birthday and no disaster is going to keep me from doing that.

Felicia: Honey, I'm sure that you mean that. Thank you.

Mitch: Yes, I do mean that. Well, look at it this way. Why don't we just think of it as making new memories, and in that way, we can just forget about some of the bad ones?

Felicia: Oh, my God. What have you done? You haven't planned another birthday party, have you?

Mitch: No, no, no. It's just a romantic weekend in New York.

Felicia: What ?

Mitch: A suite at the plaza.

Felicia: You think we're ready for that?

Sharlene: Any luck?

Derek: No, not yet.

Sharlene: This is hopeless.

Derek: Well, it's gotta be around here somewhere.

Sharlene: I don't know. I'm so rattled, I wouldn't know it if it were staring me in the face.

Derek: Sharlene?

Sharlene: I'm having a real bad day. My husband's barely speaking to me. My mind is turning into a sieve. And it's the anniversary of my brother's death.

Derek: Yeah, I know. I was there. Remember?

Sharlene: I do remember. You went through a lot to clear Felicia.

Derek: You and John went through some pretty rough times, too. And I know that losing a ring isn't going to ruin what you two have together.

Sharlene: It's my wedding ring. If they don't find it, Derek--

Derek: I lose stuff all the time. It turns up. You know, and John--that guy you were talking to just probably rubbed him the wrong way. That's all, you know, the way it looked and...

Sharlene: How did it look?

Derek: Well, it looked like you two were having a real good time is what it looked like.

Sharlene: I wasn't.

Derek: I didn't say you were.

Sharlene: I couldn't do something like that.

Derek: Of course not. I understand. Chatting with customers is just part of the job, I know. Sharlene, I need to get going. I just came by to pick up my check. I still have to get something for Felicia and...

Sharlene: It's her birthday?

Derek: Yeah. But I'm sorry, you know I...

Sharlene: No, no--

Derek: I can't--

Sharlene: Go ahead, really it's ok. I'll find it.

Derek: I know you will.

Sharlene: I have to.

Derek: Good luck.

Woman: Excuse me.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Woman: You work here, don't you?

Sharlene: Yeah, can I help you with something?

Woman: Well, I hope so. That man that just left...

Sharlene: Derek?

Woman: Yes, Derek. Do you know where he lives?

Cass: Any signs of a curse? I'm talking scientific evidence here.

Frankie: Do you think that you can see a curse?

Cass: Can't you convince her that it is all in her head?

John: You know I've seen something like this before.

Cass: Oh, great. Thanks a lot.

Frankie: See?

John: No, I'm serious. When I was in Vietnam, there was a guy that came to me that was convinced that he'd been cursed. He said his body felt like it was on fire.

Cass: He was in actual physical pain?

John: Oh, yes, yes, excruciating pain. But there's no medical basis for it.

Cass: Well, maybe he--

John: God, no, no, no. I know what you're thinking. He was not on drugs. There was no alcohol involved. He was in an awful lot of pain, that's for sure. It was belief.

Frankie: Ah-ha! You see?

John: Belief is a very powerful force.

Frankie: Thank you, thank you, John, for not treating me like a lunatic.

Cass: So, maybe--maybe there was something to that. But you have to admit, having someone give you the evil eye...

Frankie: Cass, I think we have taken up enough of this man's time. Thank you.

Cass: Wouldn't you--wouldn't you say, all we need is a little positive thinking here?

Frankie: Cass! Thank you very much, John. See you later.

John: The two of you take care. And Frankie, don't be afraid to get some rest.

Frankie: Ok. Thanks, John. See you later.

John: Bye.

Cass: See, I told you, this curse of yours has power only because you believe in it.

Frankie: Please, Cass, you can't--

Cass: And besides, I've got a plan that is going to make you forget the whole thing.

Frankie: You do?

Cass: Yup.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Not what, where?

Frankie: Where? You're taking me someplace?

Cass: You got it. This calls for the Las Vegas cure. You're taking it today.

Frankie: [Chuckles] Vegas. Now? You're not serious?

Cass: I'm always serious.

Frankie: Don't you think that that's tempting fate just a little bit?

Cass: That's exactly what it's doing. And once we come out winners, we'll prove to you that this super jinx is nothing but your imagination.

Frankie: No, I can't leave now.

Cass: Sure, you can. You work for me, remember? Hey, Stace.

Stacey: Hi, you guys! What are you doing here? Oh, forget it. Are you ready for the party?

Frankie: What party?

Stacey: Felicia's. Cass didn't tell you?

Cass: Oh, man. I forgot it's today.

Stacey: Yeah, it's today.

Cass: We arranged for a group of close friends to meet at Tops at noon.

Stacey: Listen, if you guys can hang around for a few minutes, I've got my car here, and we can all head over together.

Cass: No, why don't--we'll meet you there.

Stacey: You sure?

Cass: Sure.

Stacey: Ok, I'll see you there.

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: See? It's starting already. So much for Vegas.

Cass: Hey, it's a birthday, not a curse. And after the party is over, we are heading west. Come on.

Sharlene: I'm sorry. I can't give you that kind of information. Derek will have to tell you himself.

Woman: I suppose you're right.

Sharlene: Are you a friend of his?

Woman: We've met.

Sharlene: I don't mean to be rude, but I'm missing something. I'm looking for a ring.

Woman: Is this it?

Sharlene: That's it. I'm sorry. Where did you find it?

Woman: It was right there. Here.

Sharlene: Thank you. You saved my life. I'm--I'm late for an appointment. I gotta go. Listen, if you want to talk to Derek, come back tonight. He'll be here, ok? Thank you.

Rachel: You broke into the studio?

Ken: Yes, after I said good-bye to you last night.

Rachel: Why?

Ken: Because I wanted to take some pictures of your work. It's wonderful.

Rachel: You couldn't ask me?

Ken: Well, of course, but then you would have said no.

Rachel: You have a lot of nerve, don't you?

Ken: When did you last have a show?

Rachel: What does that have to do with anything?

Ken: Artists get very protective when they've been away from the public eye.

Rachel: And you think I'm doing that?

Ken: Oh, come on. I would have had to twist your arm to get you to show me any of your pieces.

Rachel: Why did you photograph them?

Ken: I have a friend, a curator of a museum. He wants to commission a piece of sculpture for the entrance. I thought your style would be perfect, and he agrees.

Rachel: How could he agree?

Ken: Because I showed him the photos of your work this morning. He loved it.

Rachel: Are you serious?

Ken: The job is yours if you want it. He'll show you the space and tell you what he has in mind.

Rachel: You got me a commission without even asking.

Ken: Your work should be seen. Now, you're not going to be angry, are you?

Rachel: I should be. But I'm not. I guess I should thank you.

Ken: Accepted.

Rachel: You don't waste any time, do you?

Ken: Not if I can help it. Life's too short. I thought you agreed with me on that.

Rachel: I do. I've been thinking a lot about what you said.

Ken: I know your family has a strong pull on you, Rachel.

Rachel: Yeah, they really do.

Ken: But you can still see them. They'll call you. You're close enough to come see them if they need you. Now, you can take this with you. Now, we need to get to the shop, so we can--we can work out a place for you to have a studio. Come on. Let's get a work table in there. Let's get going. Get the rest of your things.

Rachel: Ok. Oh, wait a minute. I have to go to Tops before we leave.

Ken: Is that absolutely necessary?

Rachel: Yes, I'm afraid so. It's a dear friend of mine--is having a birthday celebration. I don't think they'd mind if you came.

Ken: Who's the dear friend?

Rachel: Felicia Gallant. You've met her.

Ken: Are you sure I'll be welcome? Her husband isn't too fond of me.

Rachel: Oh, it should be all right.

Ken: He looks at me like I'm going to pick his pocket.

Rachel: He's just very protective of me. We've known each other a long time.

Ken: His concern seems pretty immediate to me.

Rachel: We're just friends. I'll be right down.

Mitch: Think about it. We could use the time together. I mean, no phone calls, no people interrupting, none--

Felicia: It's just that--I'm not sure I'm up for the romance.

Mitch: Let me change that. Look what all has happened over the last few months. Look, let's just put all that behind us and let's fall in love again.

Felicia: You mean that?

Mitch: Yes. Look what all has happened. Look what we've had to face up to. Look what we've overcome. I mean, Iris is going to marry Lucas.

Felicia: Maybe.

Mitch: Well, Rachel is starting anew.

Felicia: And here we are.

Mitch: And here we are.

Felicia: Where exactly is that?

Mitch: I don't know. But we're gonna have to find out. Look, I know you believe in us.

Felicia: I want to.

Mitch: Then let's try again.

Felicia: I'd love to go to New York with you.

Mitch: I was hoping you would say that because I just happened to have made two reservations on a flight, leaving here--

Felicia: Oh.

Iris: Hello, Felicia, Mitch.

Felicia: Iris.

Lucas: Hey, Mitch. Happy birthday.

Felicia: Thank you.

Iris: Yes, happy birthday. That's from all of us at Cory to our star author.

Felicia: Well, thank you. I don't even know what to say.

Felicia: Mitch and I were just leaving. We have a plane to catch.

Mitch: Yes, we're going to New York.

Iris: Oh, how lovely. Well, I just wanted you to know that we remembered.

Felicia: Well, it's really so thoughtful of you. Tell everyone thank you. I'm afraid we really do have to go. I haven't even begun to pack.

Iris: Bon voyage, then.

Felicia: Yes.

Frankie: Happy birthday!

Cass: Hey, there's the birthday girl.

Felicia: You said you didn't do anything.

Mitch: I had nothing to do with it.

Frankie: Oh, this was Cass' idea.

Cass: How could we ever forget--ignore your birthday, let alone forget it?

Felicia: Oh. You two... you're together?

Frankie: Oh, no.

Cass: Yeah, sure.

Felicia: Mitch, we're out of here.

Cass: No, no.

Felicia: We really have to go.

Cass: Not until you celebrate. Fritz?

Stacey: Come on. There's just a couple of us, Felicia. Surely you could put up with us for a couple of minutes.

Felicia: Well, this is really very sweet of all of you.

Cass: Isn't it though? Aren't we thoughtful? Giving you a birthday, here in your restaurant. If you're good, we won't send you the bill. Where is the champagne, Caviar? Here it is--the cake.

Stacey: Oh, great.

Felicia: Cass, Cass.

Cass: What?

Felicia: You of all people, I would think that you--you would not want to celebrate this year, after what happened last.

Cass: Yeah. Well, it was pretty rough, wasn't it? But it's over. It's time to celebrate the future.

Felicia: Maybe.

Cass: Definitely. And how can we not? The future is double chocolate cake. At a boy, Fritz--is the table ready? Come on.

Stacey: Hey, I'll take some of that.

Frankie: Stop that woman.

Derek: Happy birthday, Fanny.

Felicia: Thank you.

Derek: Listen, I can't tell you what it means to me to be your friend. To see you everyday. So, here.

Felicia: You are so sweet. Thank you.

Derek: I better get over here and make sure Stacey doesn't eat the cake until you get over there.

Felicia: Yes, hurry up.

Rachel: Happy birthday.

Felicia: Rachel! Oh, you're in on it, too.

Mitch: We certainly keep running into each other. I take it you go everywhere with Rachel.

Ken: Just where she invites me.

Mitch: I'll take this for you.

Felicia: Thank you. So, where's Iris?

Lucas: She's inside making a phone call. She'll be right out.

Felicia: I'm surprised you came. I mean, you said you didn't want me in your life anymore.

Lucas: Fanny--

Felicia: I mean that is what you said. Of course, I guess, if you really meant it, you wouldn't be staying in Bay City and marrying Iris.

Lucas: Fanny, I've built a life here. I don't want to give that up right now.

Felicia: I see. You just want to give me up.

Lucas: Fanny, it's better this way. You'll see. Our paths will cross from time to time.

Felicia: This doesn't make any sense, Luke.

Lucas: Of course it makes sense. We can't be close. It doesn't work. But I still want to wish you well--especially on this special day.

Cass: Come on, honey. Attention, everybody. Whoa! Attention! Excuse me, excuse me. As most of you know, I simply cannot keep my mouth shut on occasions like this. So, here's the toast and then I'll shut up.

Secretary: Hello. I'm Dr. Green's secretary. Can I help you?

Sharlene: Yes, I'm Sharlene Hudson. I have an appointment to see the doctor today.

Secretary: Oh, but, Mrs. Hudson, you canceled your appointment.

Sharlene: What? No, no, no. There must be some mix-up. I never canceled my appointment. As a matter of fact, I have been very anxious to see the doctor.

Secretary: Well, I'm sorry--

John: Have you?

Sharlene: John.

John: Would you excuse us?

Secretary: Certainly.

John: You didn't tell me anything about seeing a psychiatrist.

[Knocking on door]

Evan: Just go away, whoever you are.

Amanda: Evan, it's me.

Evan: Amanda, why don't you go home to your husband, huh?

Amanda: I have to talk to you.

Evan: I'm not interested in anything that you have to say to me.

Amanda: Come on, Evan. Can't just leave it like this.

Evan: This was your choice, remember? This is the way you wanted it. And now you're going to do it my way.

Amanda: I'm going to stay here until you see me.

[Yelling indistinctly]

[Knocking on door]

Amanda: Evan, come on, open the door.

[Banging on door]

Amanda: Evan! Open the door. Come on!

Evan: It's open! Now what do you want?

Sharlene: This was going to be my first appointment.

Secretary: Mrs. Hudson, would you like me to make another appointment for you?

Sharlene: No, I'll call you. I'm not sure when I will be free.

Secretary: Right.

John: What's going on?

Sharlene: I didn't want to worry you.

John: You only worry me when you don't talk to me.

Sharlene: I thought I should talk to someone else. A psychiatrist.

John: Why?

Sharlene: Because I've been so tense lately. And I keep forgetting things.

John: I thought we could be honest and open with each other.

Sharlene: Please, John, I'm trying.

John: No. No, you're not trying. You're keeping secrets. You're making decisions without me.

Sharlene: Don't be angry.

John: I am, I am angry, Sharlene. I feel like I'm married to a stranger.

Sharlene: Please, let me try to explain, all right?

John: I hope you can. Because I'm lost. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Sharlene: I'll wait here for you.

John: Will you?

Sharlene: Of course I will. I--I found my ring! Girl, you have got trouble. It's time to smooth some ruffled feathers.

Stacey: Mm! This cake tastes even better than it looks.

Cass: You can never have quite enough chocolate, right, honey?

Felicia: We didn't get to the cake last year.

Cass: So, let's make up for lost time.

Frankie: You know, one thing about a disaster year, it uses up a lot of bad karma.

Cass: Yeah, I hope that goes for me, too. Honey, here's to you and I. We're going to have a lot of good times ahead of us.

Derek: Hey, last year wasn't all bad.

Stacey: Definitely not.

Cass: Well, actually it did have its moments.

Rachel: A lot of changes.

Felicia: To old friendships that weather storms.

Rachel: Here, here.

Stacey: And to new friendships.

Ken: I'll second that.

Iris: I think this year is going to be fabulous for everybody.

Felicia: I hope you're right about that.

Frankie: Well, I for one will be coming out of my Saturn return, so that should help.

Cass: Oh, I'm so relieved.

Frankie: Thank you.


Felicia: This is good cake.

Lucas: Have you thought about what we spoke about?

Stacey: Yeah, but I haven't had a chance to talk to Zack or Cass yet.

Lucas: I don't want Zack or Cass. I want you.

Stacey: Well, they are my partners.

Lucas: This is a time when-- when you can shine. This is going to make front page news, this case.

Stacey: Lucas, there are other considerations.

Lucas: Like money? I'm used to paying for the best. I think you can be the best. Question is, do you think you can be the best?

Stacey: It's not a question of that. I know I can handle the case.

Lucas: I need an answer right away. Is it yes or no?

Stacey: Yeah. Yeah, you got yourself a lawyer.

Lucas: I'll call you at the office.

Stacey: Ok.

Iris: That's terrific.

Felicia: You really think that a trip to Vegas is going to cure her curse?

Cass: Why not?

Frankie: Well, I thought you were going to take this seriously.

Cass: I am. What curse could possibly survive all of those neon lights?

Frankie: Cass.

Rachel: You may have a curse, but I know for a fact that he has a speaking acquaintance with lady luck. So, if anybody can beat this thing, he can.

Cass: Come on, we're out of here. Happy birthday. I'm going to prove to you that Felicia's right.

Frankie: Take care.

Felicia: Trust me. Bye.

And it gets deeper

[Music stops]

Amanda: You look awful.

Evan: Thanks. Now, what do you want? Why are you here?

Amanda: I don't know what else to do. I need your help.

Evan: Go on.

Amanda: I've never had to deal with this before. I took over negotiations for the Printers Union. This is their latest list of demands.

Evan: This is why you came over here?

Amanda: I need to know what your strategy was.

Evan: Oh, get off of it, Amanda! You didn't come over here to talk about unions. And we both know that.

Amanda: You walked out in turmoil. I'm just trying to do my job.

Evan: Your job? What is your job? You lay awake at night, you think about financial reports and strikes? This is me you're talking to. Now, what about us?

Amanda: I'm trying to forget about that.

Evan: Forget about what? What you feel for me? That you want me?

Amanda: Stop it.

Evan: See? I can feel that right now. I can see that in your eyes.

Amanda: You can't see anything!

Evan: You can't stay away, can you? That has nothing to do with it, does it?

Amanda: It has everything to do with it. You think I'm actually going to let Cory get hurt because you walked out and left us in a lurch?

Evan: Oh, I see. Are you the big Cory tycoon now?

Amanda: I thought you liked my dedication.

Evan: No, I liked your honesty. And I never thought that you would lie, let alone to yourself.

Amanda: You just can't accept my decision, that's what this is all about.

Evan: That's right. I can't. Because I know you're wrong.

Amanda: No. Wrong for you, maybe, but not me. I've made my decision. I've made peace with it.

Evan: Well, I don't have to accept that, do I? I want you to get out.

Amanda: Why are you acting like this?

Evan: Because you're playing games with me!

Amanda: No, I'm not!

Evan: So, you don't have the guts to admit what you're really feeling. Don't tell me you don't look at Sam and wonder if you've made the right decision.

Amanda: Don't say that.

Evan: See? But you can live that play-pretend life all you want to. But don't you ever tell me that what we had wasn't real, ok? So, you have a nice life, Amanda. Now, get out of my apartment. Let's go! Come on! Out!

Ken: Good-bye, Felicia.

Felicia: Listen. I'm glad I finally got a chance to talk to you. And if I do set a book in Troy, I'm going to call you about a little local color.

Ken: Please do.

Felicia: I was just telling ken that I--I may do my next book on archaeology and a black marketeer.

Rachel: Well, I'm sure he can help.

Felicia: Yeah, I think he might. I like him.

Rachel: Good.

Felicia: See you.

Rachel: Keep in touch.

Felicia: Yes, you too. Bye.

Mitch: Are you leaving?

Rachel: Yes, we have to. Have fun in New York.

Ken: So long, Mitch.

Mitch: See you later.

Rachel: Listen, I have to make one more stop, ok?

Ken: Cory Publishing?

Rachel: Yeah, I have to make sure everything's all right.

Ken: No problem.

Rachel: You sure?

Ken: Sure. I'm curious to see what you're like in your corporate den.

Rachel: What about Odyssey?

Ken: I have a feeling it may be closed for the day.

Stacey: Oh, Felicia, I got to run. I am heading over to the Cory's. I found a girl to be Steven's nanny, and I am going to introduce her.

Felicia: Oh, you did find someone, great.

Stacey: Yes. And she seems perfect.

Felicia: Oh, Jamie must be relieved.

Stacey: Well, I don't know. He hasn't met her yet, but it's kind of a personal thing, but I think he will like her. Anyway I have got to run over to the hospital, pick up some papers, then head over to the Cory's. The whole...

Felicia: Oh, whew. Go, go. You're making me tired.

Stacey: Good-bye. And thanks for putting up with this.

Derek: You still hate birthdays?

Felicia: Well, a little bit less after today.

Derek: Fanny, I am going to walk Stacey out.

Felicia: Yes, of course.

Stacey: Ok, have fun in New York, bye.

Derek: I saw you talking with Lucas and it looked pretty serious. You are not going to take his case, are you?

Stacey: We will talk about it later, ok?

Iris: Rachel has been very good actually. She agreed that Daddy would want the ceremony at his house.

Mitch: And when is this going to be?

Iris: Oh, we haven't set a date yet, but I thought maybe spring in the garden would be perfect?

Lucas: Fanny--

Felicia: Excuse me for interrupting, but we really have a plane to catch, right?

Iris: That's right, you are going to Manhattan.

Felicia: Yes, my wonderful husband has planned a romantic weekend for just the two of us, and I don't want to miss one moment of it.

John: I can write the order. Tell her she can go home as soon as her husband gets here. You're still here.

Sharlene: We have to talk this out.

John: You won't get an argument from me on that.

Sharlene: I didn't lose it after all.

John: I can't believe you took it off in the first place.

Sharlene: I told you, one of the waitresses told me you get better tips.

John: Did it work?

Sharlene: I don't know. I don't care. I am never going to do it again. I was thinking of heating oil and car repairs. I didn't realize that guy would--

John: Oh, come on, you didn't realize. That guy was such a jerk.

Sharlene: I know that. I didn't want to cause a scene. I don't want to lose my job.

John: You know I really hate your job?

Sharlene: I don't want to come running to you every time I have a problem. You have enough things on your mind. That is why I didn't tell you about the therapist right away.

John: Sharlene, if something is bothering you...

Sharlene: And I haven't seen you in almost two days, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to come here and talk to you here about all our problems every time you get a break? I love you. Everything I do is for you... for us. Everything.

John: What could you possibly have been thinking about? I am so worn out, I can't even think. When I walked in there and I saw you without your wedding ring on and that creep sitting there staring at you, I just...

Sharlene: I didn't realize you were the jealous type.

John: Nor did I, but I guess now we know. This job at the Pelican is just not worth it.

Sharlene: We need the money, John.

John: We need each other more.

Sharlene: Let's not decide that right now, ok? Could I steal you away for a cup of coffee?

John: I have got to write some orders.

Nurse: Dr. Graso is back.

John: She is feeling better?

Nurse: Yes. And she said to tell you to take off.

John: Thank you.

Sharlene: So, you can go.

John: Yes, it looks that way. Think you can spare a couple of hours?

Sharlene: I think that could be arranged.

John: I will be back in 5 minutes.

Sharlene: [Whispers] Ok.

[Knocking on door]

[Door opens]

Vicky: Ha. The door wasn't even locked.

Evan: Yes, well I am not in the mood for visitors, Vicky.

Vicky: Can I guess? Amanda was here?

Evan: Yes, she came by asking for some business advice, but I guess I wasn't too cooperative.

Vicky: She doesn't quit, does she?

Evan: No. But whatever we had, or was or wasn't--it's over.

Vicky: I am sorry.

Evan: Well, I am not. I am through being sorry. I don't need Amanda. I don't need the Corys. I turned my life around before and I can do it again.

Vicky: What do you mean?

Evan: What I mean is that when I came to New York, I was some naive hick. I came with a cheap suit and had a dollar in my pocket. But you know, I worked my way up to a 6-figure salary because I didn't let anybody get in my way. This thing with Amanda has gotten me off track.

Vicky: Thing? Evan, that thing was love.

Evan: It is over. Over, you see? I am free now. I can go and do--

Vicky: Wait, you are not going to go anywhere, are you?

Evan: Hell, no. I am going to stick right here in this town. I am going to show these people I am not some Cory flunky.

Vicky: Evan, I have been waiting for you to fight back but...

Evan: But what?

Vicky: Don't get too caught up in trying to get back at the Corys. I have been there, it backfires.

Rachel: I need copies of the current receivables, please. Yes, thank you.

Ken: It is interesting seeing you be the boss.

Rachel: Why?

Ken: I don't know--it seems to come to you naturally.

Amanda: Mom, I didn't know you were going to be here.

Rachel: I wanted to come in and see how things were going without Evan.

Amanda: Well, terrible, thank you very much. Without Evan nor you, I have nobody here to back me up.

Rachel: You have the board.

Amanda: The board is not day-to-day. I really wish you would at least consider coming back. We could really need--we could really use you.

Ken: Your mother has needs of her own, Amanda.

Amanda: You stay out of this.

Rachel: Amanda.

Amanda: I am not going to stay here and fight with him.

Rachel: Amanda.

Amanda: Just think about what you are doing to Daddy's company.

Rachel: I am sorry.

Ken: She is a very strong-willed woman.

Rachel: She is scared. I am afraid I am going to have to stay here until we replace Evan.

Ken: And after that, there will be another crisis and then another one. You will never get out of here.

Rachel: Look, I can't walk out on Amanda. I am sorry, I didn't want it to happen this way.

Ken: You can't hold everything together yourself.

Rachel: Is that what you think I am doing?

Ken: Well, aren't you? Your daughter wants to be a publisher. Why don't you let her do her job?

Rachel: Would you just let me think, please?

Ken: Stop thinking. What are you feeling?

Rachel: I am angry. I am angry at you for pushing me so hard, I am angry at her for needing me so much, and I am angry at Mac for dying. I don't know--I don't know why I am so upset.

Ken: Don't you realize? You are fighting for yourself.

Cass: Comfortable?

Frankie: Yeah. Mm-hmm, I am fine.

Cass: Fine? This is the longest, biggest, safest limousine that money could rent. It is built like a Sherman tank. Fine?

Frankie: Good, because we're going to be in here a long time.

Cass: It wasn't my idea to drive to Vegas.

Frankie: Look, I didn't feel like jinxing a whole planeload of people, ok?

Cass: Ok. All right. Ok, that's fine. Hey, how about some champagne?

Frankie: No, no, I don't think so.

Cass: Oh, come on, relax, we are not driving. Here, hold these.

Frankie: Yeah, you're right.

[Sighs] You know, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Cass: Hey, I knew you would come around.

Frankie: I have never been to Vegas before, but from what Felicia tells me, you are the right person to go with.

Cass: [Chuckles] She got that right. Days by the pool, evenings in the casino, and nights...

When there's nothing to hold you or holding you back no chains of attachment only basic facts

Cass: Hey, you have to admit... that sure is better than K.P. In the convent kitchen.

Frankie: Better, but not necessarily safer.

Cass: I am telling you, if you defy this curse, it will lose its power.

Frankie: I hope so, since that is exactly what we are doing.

Cass: You know what I think? I think we should drink a toast to the end of this curse's reign of terror.

Frankie: Ok.

[Champagne pops]

Frankie: [Gasps] Ooh.

Cass: Give me a glass, quick.

Frankie: Ok.

Cass: Oh gosh, oh no! I am so sorry. I am very, very sorry.

Frankie: No, it is ok. You ok?

Cass: Hey, perfect. No problem, really.

Frankie: It is in my shoe.

Cass: [Laughs] Don't worry about it, give me the other glass.


[Metal scraping]

Frankie: Now what?

Chauffeur: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: What happened?

Chauffeur: Sounds like the transmission just fell out.

Stacey: Hi, sorry I am late, is Amanda here?

Hilda: No, she is not, but there is a young lady waiting to see you in the living room.

Stacey: Terrific, thank you. Well, how do you like your new home, Paulina?

Evan: Vicky, I really appreciate your concern, but I am not losing control. I am just gaining it back.

Vicky: That's exactly what I thought. Evan, I like to call the shots, too. I just had to forget all about it when I was Jamie's good little wifelet.

Evan: Well, we should try to remember this.

Vicky: Not to be perfect?

Evan: No, not to try so hard. You see, we are outsiders and when we try to belong, we lose what makes us strong.

Vicky: Evan, being distant is not what makes us strong. It's being hungry.

Evan: No, no, no, you see that works for other people but not for us. We like the conquest, the challenge.

Vicky: No, that's only part of it. God, Evan. All my life I wanted to be loved, I wanted to be respected, I wanted security, and I thought that being with Jamie could help me get that.

Evan: Oh, getting him away from Lisa had nothing to do--

Vicky: The chase is only part of it, Evan. I had real feelings for Jamie just like you do for Amanda.

Evan: Yes, but she is--she is out of reach.

Vicky: The challenge is only the half of it, you know that.

Evan: No, I don't think so.

Vicky: Hey, if you have to forget about your feelings to move on, fine, you do that. The important thing is going on with your life, right?

Evan: Yeah, feels kind of nice having her off my back.

Vicky: Oh sure, sure. I know how relieved I was to get my divorce papers.

[Knock at door]

Evan: I thought I told you never to come back here again.

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