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Another World Transcript Thursday 1/19/06

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Iris: This is a joke, isn't it?

Evan: No, it isn't. It's real, and it's effective immediately. I resign.

Amanda: Evan, you can't go quitting just because--

Iris: Because of what? I want to know the meaning of this.

Evan: I'll give you the meaning of this, Iris. I'm turning in my key to the executive washroom. I'm out of here.

Iris: Without any explanation, and no warning?

Evan: I can't breathe in this building.

Amanda: Evan?

Evan: What do you want?

Lucas: An explanation.

Evan: I don't owe you anything, pal.

Lucas: Guess again, pal.

Stacey: Hi.

Derek: Can I come in?

Stacey: Sure. Yeah. I have one more client coming by.

Derek: I can wait.

Stacey: I was going to call you after that. I was.

Derek: Look, I didn't want to leave things the way we did before.

Stacey: Good. I didn't--what's the matter?

Derek: I've been doing a lot of thinking and I realized something pretty important.

Stacey: What's that?

Derek: You don't know me at all, Stacey. And you never will.

Ken: I haven't had good tabbouleh in weeks, so it's middle eastern, ok? What, too exotic? What's wrong? Rachel?

Rachel: Do you have another shop?

Ken: What?

Rachel: That's a very simple question. Is this the only Odyssey?

Ken: No, actually it's not.

Rachel: Why didn't you tell me?

Ken: What is so important about my other shop?

Rachel: Because it's in Maine! The same place my husband died.

Ken: How did--

Rachel: You knew him, didn't you? Didn't you?

Evan: Get out of my way.

Lucas: Not until you explain to everyone in this room why you're grandstanding.

Evan: Don't make me do something I'll regret.

Iris: Lucas, let me talk to Evan privately please. I'm sure you two have got plenty to do.

Evan: Iris, there's nothing to discuss.

Vicky: Excuse me. If Evan wants to quit, isn't that his right?

Amanda: How could you do this, Evan?

Evan: Well this company got along fine without me for many years. Something tells me I can be replaced.

Iris: Evan, you have been a vital part of this organization--

Evan: Iris, stop. It's over. I'm history. It's not my problem, you see? Because I'm out of here. Excuse me.

Lucas: Do you still want to talk to him?

Iris: Yes. Yes. Amanda, I intend to get to the bottom of this.

Amanda: What's the point, Iris? He just said he wasn't coming back.

Iris: Did you have anything to do with this decision?

Amanda: I never wanted Evan to leave the company.

Iris: Well I can see why, he was probably doing your job for you.

Amanda: Who do you think you are?

Iris: I'm your superior, little sister. And believe me, I do not intend to let family loyalty get in the way of this company. Needless to say, this meeting is cancelled.

Amanda: Don't you have something to do?

Vicky: Don't you think a thank-you is in order?

Amanda: For what?

Vicky: For helping get Evan out of here before he spilled the beans.

Amanda: Evan was not about to say anything.

Vicky: Oh, he looked primed to me.

Amanda: You put him up to this, didn't you?

Vicky: Are you crazy?

Amanda: You talked him into quitting just so you could have him for yourself.

Vicky: Oh, for crying out loud--

Amanda: I'm not an idiot, Vicky.

Vicky: You have no idea what goes on.

Amanda: You want him. You want me out of the picture. You're going after him the same cheap, sleazy way you went after my brother.

Vicky: Even if I was, sweetheart, what's it to you?

Sam: Hey.

Olivia: Hi. May I come in?

Sam: Sure.

Olivia: Thanks.

Sam: What's up?

Olivia: Listen, I'm sorry that I keep bothering you. But those guys are everywhere, and you're my only friend.

Sam: They? Who's they? This sounds like a horror movie. They're everywhere. You can't escape.

Olivia: Do you remember when I told you I wasn't getting any newspaper coverage?

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: Well I'm getting it now.

Sam: Huh?

Olivia: I'm being followed.

Sam: What?

Olivia: I'm being followed by terrorists.

Sam: You're being followed by terrorists?

Olivia: Yes, TV news people and reporters and photographers. It's awful.

Sam: Well what do they want to know?

Olivia: "How much do you know about Griffen, Olivia?" How close were the two of you, honey?"

Sam: Ew, that bad, huh?

Olivia: I was over at Aunt Liz's house all this time, but it got so bad there that I had to go back to Josie's apartment.

Sam: Did that help?

Olivia: No, they're always in the lobby. It's awful, it's terrible, it's horrible.

Sam: Olivia... look, you really should have expected this. The murder did happen in the middle of the gala.

Olivia: You mean in the middle of my performance.

Sam: That's news. Look, there are reporters out there who salivate for this kind of story. It's sick, yes. But that's life.

Olivia: How sympathetic.

Sam: Come on, it'll be over soon. I promise.

Olivia: When? I can't even make myself think about dancing again.

Sam: Listen, I'm sorry if it's upsetting you that much.

Olivia: Am I making a scene?

Sam: No, it's only a scene if you have an audience.

Olivia: So what does that make you?

Sam: Like you said, your friend.

Olivia: Thank you.

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: I'm all right. I just needed to vent a little.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: I'll let you get back to Amanda.

Sam: Whoa. Amanda is at a late meeting. Why don't you stick around for a while?

Olivia: You really want me to?

Sam: Sure, why not? Maybe those reporters will get bored and go away.

Olivia: Right. If I stay long enough.

Ken: Maybe we should sit down.

Rachel: I don't want to sit down. You've been lying to me for weeks, haven't you?

Ken: It's not a lie, exactly.

Rachel: What would you call it?

Ken: Look, everything I have done, I've done for a reason.

Rachel: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Ken: I wish I could make you see.

Rachel: See what? Did you know my husband?

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: You were with him right before, weren't you?

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: And the red swan... that you've been so curious about...he got that from you, didn't he? Did you sell it to him?

Ken: Yes, I did.

Ken: I never meant to hurt you, Rachel.

Rachel: What, what do you want from me?

Ken: I don't want anything from you.

Rachel: You were with my husband right before he died and you kept silent. You sold him the red swan. You knew how I had agonized about that statue from the moment it arrived, and you said nothing.

Ken: I was trying to protect you.

Rachel: From what? I don't want, I don't need your protection.

Ken: This is so hard to put into words.

Rachel: He was my husband. And you were with him at the end, and you kept silent?

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: What kind of a sick game are you into?

Ken: That's not it.

Rachel: What is it?

Ken: I did it for you, Rachel! For you!

Rachel: You are not going to tell me anything, are you?

Ken: I will. If you calm down and let me explain.

Rachel: Why should I calm down? You've been lying to me!

Ken: All right, now stop it! I will tell you the whole story. And you can either believe me or you can walk out that door. We never have to see each other again.

Stacey: Great, thanks.

Stacey: Sorry. I guess I'm always saying that. So, what'd you mean?

Derek: I think you know.

Stacey: I know you said that I don't know you at all. I find that rather upsetting considering what we've meant to each other in the last several months.

Derek: What do we mean to each other?

Stacey: You don't know?

Derek: I know what you mean to me. I also know what you say I mean to you.

Stacey: So what sort of crack is that?

Derek: Words don't mean much unless there's something, anything, to back them up.

Stacey: All right, so tell me what you're saying. Do you want me to advertise it, get a tattoo on my arm? I don't--

Derek: This is not a joke.

Stacey: Oh, I know it's not a joke. The man I love just tells me out of the blue that I don't love him at all and that I'm just all talk. I'm not laughing.

Derek: Why did you take Cass' side?

Stacey: That's what this is all about?

Derek: That's what this is all about.

Stacey: I thought we had that all cleared up already?

Derek: No. You told me how to feel. And then you decided that it was all cleared up.

Stacey: Derek, Cass just needed your help. He wasn't trying to insult you in any way.

Derek: He wanted me to be his goon.

Stacey: He wanted you as backup. He didn't want you to hurt anybody or beat anybody up.

Derek: You just don't see it.

Stacey: No! Just because we disagree doesn't mean that I don't care about you.

Derek: If I'd been wearing a suit, if I had been one of those Princeton boys that you know, do you think Cass would have made the same offer to me?

Stacey: What does that matter?

Derek: This is pointless.

Stacey: So what are you going to do, just storm out of here? Is that going to solve all of our problems again?

Derek: Yeah, it will. If I don't come back.

Stacey: So what do you mean by that?

Derek: That you and I don't stand a chance together. So let's just end this.

Amanda: I am not going to spend the rest of my life worrying about when or if you're ever going to tell everybody what you know about Evan and me.

Vicky: What choice do you have?

Amanda: Did you talk to Evan?

Iris: No, he had already left. But I do want to talk to you.

Vicky: Well, I'll just go tidy up my desk--

Iris: Don't move. I want to talk to you, too.

Amanda: I have nothing to say.

Iris: Oh, really? Well, both of you seem to know what's going on. Well?

Iris: I see. Let me make myself clear. I run this company, and unfortunately, I cannot afford to lose two more employees today. Otherwise, believe me, both of you would be out of here so fast it would make your perky little blonde heads spin.

Vicky: Iris.

Iris: Now you listen to me. As I see it, we have got two choices. Either we get Evan back where he belongs or we do his work for him.

Vicky: Fine.

Amanda: Vicky isn't qualified to take on his responsibilities.

Vicky: Oh and I suppose you think you are?

Amanda: I'll take care of it, yes.

Iris: Good. The Adam's beauty care products is our first account. We need them to buy advertising for the April issue.

Vicky: The most eligible men of the nineties issue?

Iris: That's right. It's a double issue, and we need people like Adams who are big spenders.

Vicky: Well, Adams sells eye makeup and cream. What do they care about eligible man?

Iris: They care about the women who are going to attract the eligible men.

Vicky: Stupid me. I got it.

Amanda: No wait a minute. Adams is a multimillion-dollar company.

Iris: Amanda, I know that.

Amanda: You cannot be thinking of sending her in to take over what--

Iris: Fine, you do it.

Amanda: I can't do it, Iris. You know I don't have any time.

Vicky: I can handle it, Iris. I know I can.

Iris: Amanda?

Amanda: Fine. Knock yourself out.

Iris: I have to proof Evan's budget before the finance meeting in the morning, so both of you get out of here, leave me alone, and get cracking on this tonight! Move!

Stacey: You don't want to see me anymore?

Derek: I've never been what you really wanted. Just a change of pace, that's all. Something you haven't tried before.

Stacey: How can you say that about me? You know me better than that. And you know how I feel about you.

Derek: I'm sorry I hit you. We have to talk some more.

Stacey: Yeah, I think we do.

Derek: Where do you want to go?

Stacey: When?

Derek: Now.

Stacey: I can't go anywhere now.

Derek: Why not?

Stacey: Because I told you I have a client coming.

Derek: Now, at this hour, you've got a client?

Stacey: Lucas?

Lucas: Stacey. I'm sorry I had to make it this late.

Stacey: You're here to see me?

Lucas: Yes.

Stacey: I'm afraid that's impossible. I have a client coming over--

Lucas: That's me.

Stacey: I beg your pardon.

Lucas: I left a different name when I called you because I wanted to be sure you'd see me.

Derek: What do you want?

Lucas: I want you to represent me.

Derek: Take your business someplace else.

Lucas: Stacey?

Derek: Everybody you touch is in danger. First Fanny, then you come in here--

Lucas: I never put Fanny in danger!

Derek: What about Frankie, huh? And Cass? Did you tell them about Sanders?

Stacey: Please, I can handle this.

Derek: What?

Stacey: I have to talk to Lucas.

Derek: He is trouble.

Stacey: I have to give him a fair shot.

Derek: Everybody he knows is trouble.

Stacey: Look, I'm going to talk to him. I'll call you when he leaves, ok?

Derek: Hey, don't bother. Ok?

Stacey: Derek!

Derek: I don't know what you're up to, but I'm watching you.

Sam: That's beautiful.

Olivia: Thanks.

Sam: Couldn't believe it. Helen had three different types of mineral water in that pantry.

Olivia: Good. I just can't stomach tap water, can you?

Sam: You really crack me up sometimes.

Olivia: And you make me feel like I don't have any problems.

Sam: Come on; you don't. Not really.

Olivia: Well, not compared to some other people, I guess.

Sam: You have got to stop letting this thing bother you so much. You were an innocent bystander. You got caught in the middle. It's not your problem.

Olivia: Went to work out at the spa today.

Sam: Well, good for you.

Olivia: I had a private room and I thought to myself, great. I will start with floor exercises and before I know it, I'll be dancing.

Sam: Must have been good to work out again.

Olivia: It was miserable.

Sam: Why?

Olivia: It was all technique and no passion.

Sam: So for the time being, settle for technique.

Olivia: I've been told that I have no heart.

Sam: That's not true.

Olivia: Right before the gala I'd made a big leap forward. I know I had. And then this thing with Griffen happened and now--

Sam: Olivia, you still have it.

Olivia: I didn't feel it today. I felt like... like I'd never have that connection with the music and the choreography and--

Sam: Ok, ok. Listen, you had a hell of a shock the other night. Of course, you're going to be a little gun shy. Sorry, wrong choice of words.

Olivia: Sam, the night of the gala I felt like I belonged on that stage.

Sam: And you did.

Olivia: But today it was so terrible. I don't know. Maybe I've been kidding myself all along. Maybe I don't have what it takes.

Sam: Olivia, we're not machines. We have feelings. We also have setbacks. It's part of what it means to be human.

Olivia: But you never have setbacks.

Sam: [Laughs] My first New York show, mm, a setback.

Olivia: You're kidding.

Sam: Darling, I wanted to quit painting.

Olivia: But you're such a success now. Everybody loves your work.

Sam: That's because I gave myself the chance to feel lousy. But I didn't beat myself over the head with it. I got some new surroundings, and I gave myself a new place to work and a new start.

Olivia: And that's all it took?

Sam: Yeah. The first work that I did after that was that portrait of Amanda. I mean, we were up at the cabin. I had no intention of painting. All of a sudden, I saw the image and I knew I could do that.

Olivia: Right, you told me about that.

Sam: Yeah and I fell in love with my wife and my painting all over again. And I've had some rough spots since then, but I work through it. Partly because I gave myself a sense of perspective.

Olivia: You mean moving back to your loft.

Sam: It was hard, but it helped get my head straight. And my life with Amanda has never been better and my work has never been better.

Olivia: Great.

Sam: So maybe you'll have the same luck.

Olivia: Hmm. There are exactly two dance studios in this town, and they're both terrible. The spa is for working out, not dancing.

Sam: Well hey, wait a second. Why don't you use my loft?

Olivia: Are you serious?

Sam: Yeah, sure. It's just sitting there. All my stuff is out at Rachel's studio.

Olivia: Boy, that would be a great place to work out.

Sam: Then it's settled.

Olivia: Well, I would have to pay you. I don't want to feel like a freeloader.

Sam: Do you still want to pose for me?

Olivia: Yes.

Sam: All right. Then consider that payment. Deal?

Olivia: Deal.

Sam: I think you'll have a lot of luck out at the loft. I have.

Ken: I couldn't believe my eyes when you walked in here.

Rachel: You said you recognized me from the newspapers.

Ken: That part's true. I had seen your picture in the papers after Mac died.

Rachel: Go on.

Ken: But when I saw you in person, I saw right away how you were hurting. I knew from my talks with your husband that the two of you were very much in love. I didn't know how much you could take.

Rachel: But you've been evasive and temperamental. I could take that?

Ken: It was all a cover.

Rachel: For what?

Ken: To protect you.

Rachel: Oh, please.

Ken: I was there.

Rachel: Where?

Ken: The last night of his life. I was with Mac the night before he died.

Rachel: Suppose you tell me the whole story from the beginning. How did you meet my husband?

Ken: He came into the shop.

Rachel: That night?

Ken: No, it was earlier in the week. We hit it off right away. He was a remarkable man. He knew about art and antiquities... how to storm-proof the drafty windows in the shop. Do you believe me?

Rachel: Just go on with your story.

Ken: He seemed very reflective to me. Now, I don't know whether that was the way he always was or whether something was weighing on his mind.

Rachel: What did he say?

Ken: Well, he said he'd been reading a lot. Poetry.

Rachel: What poets?

Ken: Roethke, I think. We talked about Yeats, Dylan Thomas.

Rachel: Go on.

Ken: Well a few nights after we met, we had dinner together. I thought I had stories, but Mac, well suffice it to say we closed the restaurant. And he asked me if I could direct him to the beach.

Rachel: Did you go with him?

Ken: I offered. He said he wanted to be alone. So, I stood on the boardwalk and I watched him walk down to the edge of the water. And look up. I was intrigued. I couldn't walk away. I couldn't stop watching Mac, watching the sky. After a while, he came back. He was surprised to see me still there. I said I was enjoying the night, too, and I didn't want to disturb him. We started to walk again. Still, Mac watched the sky. Finally I asked him about it and he said it's because the only thing that was missing from the night that would have made it perfect was his wife. He was so happy. He was feeling so at peace, but he was not complete without you. He had been talking about you all through dinner. He talked about you all the way back. When we got to the hotel, he laughed. He apologized for going on. I--he said it was because he missed you so much. And he couldn't imagine anything except being together with you for all his life.

Woman: Relax, shooter. I won't embarrass you in front of your friends.

Shooter: Don't worry, you won't. Women can't throw darts.

Woman: [Chuckles]

Woman: Guess I win. 20, wasn't it?

Shooter: All right, all right. What is this, some kind of a hustle? Hey. You're not going anywhere.

Woman: Who's leaving? Double or nothing?

Derek: Hey, how about I double her score, and if you can't match it, you give me 50.

Woman: This is my game, buddy.

Derek: Hey, what do you say, shooter?

Shooter: You double that score, I'll eat this hat.

Derek: Excuse me. I hope you're hungry. Real hungry.

Woman: I stood to make 40 without blinking an eye, fella.

Derek: No, you didn't. You never would have held together that long.

Woman: How would you know? How many is that?

Derek: Double yours. Just like I said. And you can bake it if you want to first, shoot. You know you really ought to be thanking me.

Woman: Yeah, right.

Derek: I know shooter and he doesn't like losing to guys that aren't as big as him, let alone little girls.

Woman: Well, I can take care of myself. And I'm obviously not a little girl.

Derek: All the more reason why you shouldn't be teasing the boys like that.

Woman: Shooter's harmless.

Derek: Nobody in this place is harmless.

Woman: Including you?

Derek: Yep.

Woman: I think you just might be a lot of talk.

Derek: And I think you should tell me what it is that you're up to.

Woman: Just trying to earn a little extra pocket money.

Derek: Yeah? Let me ask you a question.

Woman: Shoot.

Derek: If you're so low on cash, how come you bought me a drink at the Pelican earlier today?

Woman: [Sighs]

[Rock music starts playing]

From a desperate place, how do I reach you? You know I scare myself these crazy nights without you

Vicky: Evan?!

[Pounding on the door] Open this damn door, Evan.

[Pounding continues] Evan, let me in.

Evan: I hear you knocking, but you can't come in.

Vicky: Evan, open this door, you stupid ass. You're obviously in there. Open the door!

Evan: Would you just go away and leave me alone? I'm kind of tied up, Vicky, so why don't you come back in a week?

Vicky: Open the door. I would like to talk to you.

Evan: Well, I don't want to talk to you.

Vicky: Evan?

[Pounding continues]

Evan: Let's see, I know how much you hate opera. So...

[Opera music playing] Why don't you go home and listen to the talking heads?

Vicky: I'm not going anywhere. If you want to listen to that noise in peace, you better let me in.

[Screams] I will just stay here all night if I have to.

Evan: Would you just leave me the hell alone?

Vicky: No way, Bates.

Woman: Jeez, I bought you a drink, what is your problem?

Derek: Fine. Don't tell me anything. But drink that, will you? I've had enough.

She's a good girl crazy about Elvis

Derek: Beer will clear your throat.

Woman: It's clear.

Derek: Do you know how dangerous it is to sit in bars like this and take money from creeps like shooter?

Woman: It wasn't a hustle. I just couldn't resist showing him up.

Derek: Where did you learn how to handle yourself?

Woman: Are you a reporter or a cop?

Derek: Hey, I'm just trying to figure out if maybe we've met before.

Woman: In your dreams maybe. [Coughing] I'm going to go powder my nose.

Derek: Are you sure you don't want another shot?

Woman: Don't do me any favors.

Free falling yeah, I'm free free falling

Shooter: Glad to see you haven't lost your touch, Derek.

Derek: Hey, she's in the ladies' room, Shooter.

Shooter: Oh. Did Tommy put an outhouse in the parking lot?

Derek: What? Did she leave?

Shooter: She's gone, man. She left.

Derek: Hey, Shoot, do you know her name?

Shooter: Trouble.

...Standing in the shadows and the good girls are home with broken hearts

Stacey: Which means that there is a complete conflict of interest. So I would be happy to recommend a fine attorney here in town who could represent--

Lucas: I want you, Stacey. I don't care about the conflict of interest.

Stacey: Oh, you don't? Well, I don't know you at all, Lucas. And I don't trust you. So you see I have a bit of a problem with the presumption of innocence.

Lucas: You have all the facts already? You have me tried and convicted?

Stacey: Well I am not going to go to court and lie for some man I don't even--

Lucas: You won't be lying. I can make you believe in me. And if you believe in me, you can make a jury believe in me.

Stacey: Ok, give me your best shot.

Lucas: I saved Michael Hudson's life.

Stacey: Michael Hudson's life never would have been in danger if you had not come to town.

Lucas: They dropped the murder charges.

Stacey: Right. But the police are still investigating. And you and I both know they're going to come up with plenty.

Lucas: I'm willing to turn state's evidence.

Stacey: You didn't say that before.

Lucas: I don't want to beat this rap, Stacey. I want to get out of this operation for good. I want a life. And if that's what it takes, that is what I'll do.

Stacey: That's going to put you in a lot of danger.

Lucas: I've got no choice. What's your answer?

Stacey: Lucas--

Lucas: Will you take me on?

Stacey: I can't tell you that yet.

Lucas: I need to know.

Stacey: I don't know. When I know, I'll tell you.

Lucas: I'll call you in the morning?

Stacey: I'll call you when I've made up my mind!

Lucas: Thank you for your time. I want you to help me, Stacey. I think you can.

Olivia: Sam, I don't know how to thank you.

[Door opening]

Olivia: I know I'll really get things together when I have a space to--hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Olivia, can I please speak to Sam alone?

Olivia: Sure, I was just leaving.

Sam: I'm sorry about that. She's obviously had a bad day.

Olivia: Well thank you again.

Sam: Sure. Take it easy, ok?

Olivia: I'll talk to you soon.

Sam: Yeah.

Sam: So, what's up?

Amanda: Evan quit. Do you believe it?

Sam: He what?

Amanda: He's been dealing with this major executive from the Adams beauty account. He's the only one that has the private number. Everybody else is trying to get a hold of the guy, they can't--

Sam: Wait a second. Wait a second. Why did he quit?

Amanda: Because he's unprofessional and spiteful.

Sam: Oh, spiteful?

Amanda: He wasn't happy. He left us in a lurch. We just started production on the spring issue. I mean--

Sam: So he quit because he didn't like the company?

Amanda: Yes. That's what his resignation said.

[Sighs] I mean it's probably for the best.

Sam: Well, I am sorry.

Amanda: I just don't understand how somebody can deliberately sabotage--

Sam: Come here, come here. It's ok.

Amanda: I can't tell you how good this feels.

Sam: You know I'm here, Amanda. I'll always be here.

Vicky: Evan? If you don't let me in, you're going to be evicted. I'm going to be arrested, and who's going to bail me out?

Evan: Not me. I'm unemployed.

[Opera music playing]

Vicky: Don't you understand? I am here to celebrate with you. I think you did the right thing. I am proud of you. Evan! [Sighs] Oh.

[Opera music continues]

Vicky: Thank you.

Evan: So you said you're proud of me?

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, it took a lot of guts to walk away from that company and--

Evan: And Amanda?

Vicky: Yeah. You're wearing half of that champagne. Why don't you let me come in and help pour it for you?

Evan: Because I don't want any company.

Vicky: Evan, you mark up these $800 alligators and I will send you the bill. Evan, don't you... [Yelling] Do this, Evan!

Evan: Good night, Vicky.

Vicky: Evan, you have not heard the last of me! I am going to buy this building and I'm going to be your landlord and you're going to have to let me in! Better yet, I will get the keys to open this door! Doesn't it annoy you that I am standing out here screaming? I know you don't want to listen to this all night, Evan!

Evan: Shut up!

Vicky: Let me in this door! Don't tell me to shut up! I don't like when people tell me that!

Iris: I was wondering where you were.

Lucas: I made a few phone calls, and I think we've got a couple of people who can fill in for Evan without too much trouble.

Iris: Oh, thank you.

Lucas: Well, it's kind of calmed down in here, huh?

Iris: Something's going on and Amanda is in the thick of it, but I intend to get to the bottom of it. I can tell you.

Lucas: I'm sure you will.

Iris: So, where else were you?

Lucas: What do you mean?

Iris: Come on, you aren't going to start lying to me, are you? I mean we don't want to start our marriage like that, do we? Hmm?

[Phone rings]

Iris: Iris Wheeler. Yes, he's right here. For you.

Lucas: Hello; Lucas. No, I don't know a thing. Call me if you hear anything, ok?

Iris: What was all that about?

Lucas: Contact at the Police Department.

Iris: They're not going to press charges, are they?

Lucas: It seems as if Griffen Sanders' body never reached the morgue.

Iris: What?

Lucas: And I don't think it was a mix-up.

Stacey: Hello again. I knew a guy once who taught me how to pick a lock.

Derek: You know that's breaking and entering.

Stacey: With intent.

Derek: What intent? Specifically?

Stacey: Derek, I know who you are. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm staying.

Rachel: May I ask you a question?

Ken: Ok.

Rachel: How did the flyer for this shop wind up at my house around Christmas?

Ken: I did a mailing to the greater Chicago area. Everyone had them.

Rachel: Do you believe in fate?

Ken: I believe we control our own destinies. But there are some things that can't be explained. Some things just happen.

Rachel: Well, thank you. You gave me back a piece of myself tonight. I never would have known about Mac's last night if you hadn't come into my life.

Ken: I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

Rachel: But why do you keep saying that you were trying to protect me?

Ken: Because I didn't know how you'd take all this, and I--

Rachel: And what?

Ken: I didn't want to hurt you.

[Phone rings]

Ken: Odyssey. Yes she is. It's your daughter.

Rachel: Amanda? Are you all right?

Amanda: I'm not great.

Rachel: What is it?

Amanda: Evan quit.

Rachel: He quit? Why?

Amanda: He didn't say.

Rachel: When did this happen?

Amanda: Oh, today at the staff meeting.

Rachel: Ok, um. I'll be in the office tomorrow, and I'll be able to fill you in on what it was he was doing.

Amanda: Good. Thanks. I didn't want to ask you to do this, but it would really help me out a lot.

Rachel: How's Iris taking this?

Amanda: Oh, she's barking out orders left and right.

Rachel: Surprise, surprise.

Amanda: Yeah. I really think she's thrown by it all.

Rachel: All right. Well, I'll be into the office tomorrow morning. You get some rest. Give Alli my love.

Amanda: All right, I will. Thanks, mom.

Sam: Hey, listen, do you want to go to Antonio's tomorrow night? I know it's your favorite place.

Amanda: Why don't we go to Paradise? I know how much you love your Mexican food. Come on, let's do it. Grandma will get us a really great table--

Sam: Actually, Amanda--

Amanda: It'll be super. I mean I know--

Sam: Actually, Amanda, I was kind of hoping to do something for you.

Amanda: Well, yeah, um... I'm really tired.

Sam: Yeah. Listen, I'm going to go out and do some work at the studio. You want to come and keep me company?

Amanda: Well I'd love to, but I've had a really terrible day. And I haven't seen Alli yet.

Sam: Oh, yeah. It's no problem. I'll just--anyway, so go on up. I'll be up in a bit. See ya.

Amanda: Ok.

Ken: I hope you're not still upset.

Rachel: I would just like some time to be alone and think about all of this. Mac wrote me a letter. It must've been right after you took your walk.

Ken: Really?

Rachel: It was about the sea and the stars.

Ken: Thank you for giving me a chance to explain. I don't blame you for jumping down my throat.

Rachel: The red swan... you sold that to him that day in the shop?

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: Did you tell him then what it meant?

Ken: I don't understand.

Rachel: I thought when he sent it to me, he was trying to tell me something. I did research. I didn't come up with anything.

Ken: There is no meaning, as far as I know. Other than the legend that the swans are--

Rachel: Together for life.

Ken: Yes.

Rachel: Good night.

Ken: Good night, Rachel.

Woman: I came as soon as I could.

Ken: How much did you hear?

Woman: Quite a bit.

Ken: It seems I am going to need your help again after all. We're not done yet.

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