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Another World Transcript Friday 1/6/06

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Donna: Come in, come in, Bridget. I'm glad that you came by early. I have got a million things to do before the gala tonight.

Bridget: Oh, it is no trouble. Is Mikey ready yet?

Donna: Oh, he is upstairs. Angela is helping him pack all his toys. You'd think he would be gone for three weeks.

Bridget: [Laughing] I know. You know, it is so wonderful to see you laugh. When I came by the house last week, you were very quiet.

Donna: Well, I have days like that... sometimes. Let me just go upstairs and check, see if he is ready.

Bridget: Oh, my, what is this?

Donna: What?

Bridget: You know, I gave a money clip to Jake. It was exactly like this. I gave it to him for Christmas.

Donna: Well, that probably is his. He emptied his pockets out on this table.

Bridget: Emptied his pockets?

Donna: Yes, when he stayed here.

Bridget: Jake has been sleeping here?

Caroline: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Oh, hi. Caroline, look, I'm looking for someone--a woman, dark hair, rather attractive.

Caroline: Oh, well, I'm sorry. I have been in my office for the last half an hour or so.

Michael: Oh, no. I was supposed to meet her here.

Caroline: Well, I guess she has left. I doubt any woman would make you wait for too long.

Michael: Thanks. Looks like you have got a lot of people here, huh?

Caroline: Yeah, I'm really pleased that the Arts Council decided to use this gallery for the jewelry.

Michael: Yeah.

Caroline: I mean, so close to the theater, and people can come by all day.

Michael: Well, I guess there's nothing like a few million in gems to make it attractive.

Caroline: I hope you're just here to look.

Michael: What do you mean?

Caroline: Well, I have been associated with you a few times over expensive displays, yes? ...Of art, mm?

Michael: Well, I hope there's no problem this time.

Caroline: Well, I'm not hoping. I have doubled my insurance.

Michael: Touché.

Caroline: Anyway, I've got some errands. I will see you later on tonight.

Michael: Nice to see you.

Arianne: Michael?

Michael: Where the hell have you been?

Arianne: Michael, you have got to learn to relax.

Michael: Is everything set for tonight?

Arianne: Everything is still a go.

Michael: Great.

Arianne: I thought you would be pleased.

Michael: Pleased? I'm ecstatic. I cannot wait to give the jewels to Lucas and nail him.

Griffen: What are you doing?

Lucas: Leave Frankie alone.

Griffen: Where did you come from?

Lucas: You know, you're not as careful about being followed as you'd think.

Griffen: I am paying a social call.

Lucas: Oh, no, you're not. You're leaving.

Griffen: And leave Frankie dateless for the party tonight? Oh, no.

Lucas: Haven't you hurt enough people?

Griffen: You know, Lucas, sometimes you make such sweeping generalities.

Lucas: Just get out of here.

Griffen: We all have our little jobs to do, right?

Lucas: Well, this is one job that is not going to get done.

Griffen: Will you just keep your voice down?

Lucas: You know you and--first Michael Hudson and then Frankie and then my daughter. You that buyer have everything twisted to get

Griffen: Why--are you getting cold feet, Lucas?

Lucas: Listen to me. I have spent a great deal of my life doing things that should have scared the hell out of me. But I did what had to be done.

Griffen: Well, what about tonight?

Lucas: Do not worry about me. Just worry about yourself.

Griffen: Excuse me?

Lucas: If anything happens to my daughter, you will pay for it. Remember that.

Griffen: What about Michael Hudson?

Lucas: Don't sweat it. The buyer made me a deal I cannot refuse. Michael Hudson's life for my daughter's. Now get out of here.

Frankie: You're sure about this dress?

Sharlene: Positive. Griffen Sanders is a very lucky man.

Frankie: Oh, no. I'm the lucky one. He is very sweet.

Sharlene: And what about Cass?

Frankie: Who?

Sharlene: The man you would rather be going with.

Frankie: Oh, look, Sharlene. How you expect me--

[Knock at door]

Sharlene: Ah--

Frankie: Oh, don't--look, ah, Griffen said he might drop by. You go change, and I will get it, ok? Ah. Hi.

Lucas: Frankie, hi. Lovely dress.

Frankie: Oh, thank you. I will tell Sharlene you're here.

Lucas: No, no. I'm here to see you.

Frankie: Me?

Lucas: Yes.

Frankie: Well, couldn't it wait till tonight? You'll see me at the gala.

Lucas: You are not going to the gala.

Rachel: Oh, it is so good to see you both.

Liz: Oh, it is great to see you, Rachel. You have been missed.

Rachel: Well, I would not have missed Olivia's big day.

Matt: Are you nervous?

Olivia: What, just because I cannot remember my own name?

Matt: [Laughs]

Rachel: [Laughing] You are going to be fine.

Matt: She'll do more than--and she'll be brilliant.

Liz: Oh, appearing as the firebird, Miss Olivia Matthews.

Olivia: Aunt Liz, please, it is just an excerpt from the ballet. I mean, there's going to be a lot of presentations tonight, and my dance is just one tiny little--what I'm trying to say is that it is really no big deal.


Rachel: I think she's trying to convince herself.

Matt: Too bad Josie can't see it.

Rachel: How is she feeling, sweetie?

Matt: Oh, fine. But she will not let anyone see her until she is healed.

Olivia: Even you?

Matt: Mm-hmm. I was--I waited at the hospital while she had the surgery.

Liz: I cannot think of anything more ridiculous--a lovely young girl having her nose fixed.

Rachel: Well, it's her life, Liz.

Liz: Well, of course, not everyone can have a classic beauty as Olivia does.

Ada: And I hear you are going to be the hit of the night. You better start practicing on your autograph.

[Laughter] Hi, Liz.

Olivia: Thank you. Assuming I do not fall on my face.

Ada: Oh, you won't.

Rachel: You will be fine.

Liz: Griffen Sanders would not have chosen you if he did not think you could do it.

Matt: You said the rehearsals went great.

Olivia: It's nice to see you back here.

Ada: That is what we all say.

Rachel: Well, I would not have missed it for the world.

Olivia: Thank you for inviting me to lunch.

Rachel: I'm glad you came.

Olivia: I hear you have been working in Park Ridge. How is that going?

Rachel: Oh, it is terrific.

Liz: Oh, but she would not miss this for the world.

Rachel: No, I really would not have. Actually, I was thinking about you as I was driving in--how much has happened to you since you've come here. You must be happy about everything turning out the way it did.

Olivia: Yes. Yes, I am very happy. Things are working out just beautifully.

Sam: I'm really glad you decided to come to this thing.

Amanda: I hardly ever get to see Mom anymore. Of course I'd be here.

Sam: Well, yeah, but is a lunch for Olivia, so so...

Amanda: A gorgeous ballerina that happens to find my husband extremely attractive. Where else would I be?

[Doorbell rings]

Sam: Oh, Amanda, it is just...

Amanda: What?

Sam: I don't know. It seems like we're actually starting to trust each other again.

Amanda: Of course we are.

Iris: Oh, hello. Hi. Hi!

Sam: Hi, Iris.

Iris: Well, how nice to see you two together. I hope things are working out better lately.

Amanda: Things are just fine, Iris. Why don't we go see if Matthew has those tickets?

Sam: Yeah, right.

Liz: Well, hello there, you two.

Sam: Liz.

Liz: Amanda.

Iris: Hello, everybody.

Liz: Hi, how are you?

Iris: Oh, Rachel, it is so good to see you. But you aren't saying too long, are you?

Rachel: Oh, don't worry. I'm not moving back yet.

Olivia: Hi, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Oh, Olivia, you look positively glowing.

Olivia: That's panic.

Liz: Stars always glow.

Olivia: Aunt Liz.

Iris: Well, I'm really anxious to see you dance, as I'm sure everybody is.

Olivia: Well, I hope they're not all disappointed.

Liz: They won't be.

Iris: Have you heard from your father? He must be thrilled.

Olivia: I wish he could have been here, though.

Matt: Olivia.

Olivia: Excuse me.

Iris: Is Olivia ok?

Rachel: Oh, she is nervous. It is too bad her father is not here.

Iris: Yes, poor little thing. She must be so lonely.

Ada: You look very happy, Iris.

Iris: Well, thank you, Ada. I am--very happy.

Rachel: Any reason?

Iris: Yes, Lucas and I are making an announcement at the gala tonight.

Cass: No. Yes. I don't care what she thinks of me. I cannot let her go to the gala with Griffen Sanders.

Reuben: Yo, Cass, you got a minute?

Cass: Yeah, sure. Are you going to the gala tonight?

Reuben: Yeah, Tess talked me into it. How about you?

Cass: Wouldn't miss it.

Reuben: Yeah.

Cass: Hey, it is good to see you back on your feet again.

Reuben: I just had a headache for a long time. Doctor says I'm fine.

Cass: Well, good.

Reuben: Yeah. Um, I wanted to talk to you about... don't laugh at me, ok, man?

Cass: Ok.

Reuben: I wanted to talk to you about going to college.

Cass: What brought this on?

Reuben: Well, I have been thinking, you know? I've always wanted to do something with myself, be somebody, you know?

Cass: Nobody ever said you did not have ambition.

Reuben: Yeah, but how I got there has always been the problem for me.

Cass: I do seem to recall a few, shall we call them "incidents"?

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, I know. I just never had much patience.

Cass: No kidding.

Reuben: I had these big dreams all the time, but they never happened as fast as I wanted them to. And then...

Cass: You just give up.

Reuben: Right.

Cass: Well, we have all been there, Reuben. The important thing is that you are starting to see things a lot more clearly now.

Reuben: Yeah, that is it. That is my point. That is why I want to go to college. And after that, I want to go to law school.

Cass: Law school, too?

Reuben: Yeah. Why not? What--you don't think I can do it? Is that it? No, fine, fine. I am sorry I brought it up, all right. I'm sorry. Forget about it.

Cass: Wait a second. I am not saying that you shouldn't go for it. I just want to make sure you know what to expect.

Reuben: Like?

Cass: Like it is a long road.

Reuben: I know that.

Cass: Chill out. With lots of sacrifices.

Reuben: I know that, too, Cass. My brother has been in school for two years already.

Cass: Is that going to be a problem for you?

Reuben: No, I ain't got no problems with that. I just want to know that while I'm taking classes--I want to know if I can still work here?

Cass: Absolutely not.

[Laughing] Hey, after that big build-up, what else am I going to say? Of course you can still work here. I just hope you realize that it's not going to be as simple--

Reuben: Easy.

Cass: Yeah, or easy.

Reuben: I know that. I know it is not going to be easy. Easy never works anyway. I've finally realized that. Thanks partially to you.

Cass: Me?

Reuben: Yeah. You really taught me a lot.

Cass: Uh-oh. I hope it was all legitimate.

Reuben: Well, most of it was.

Cass: Oh, good, good.

Reuben: I just never--I never said thank you.

Cass: Don't mention it.

Reuben: Ok. So, who you going to take to the gala? Frankie?

Cass: No, I'm afraid that is over.

Frankie: I do not understand.

Lucas: I need someone to take care of some problems in my Milan office.

Frankie: Milan? You want me to go to Milan?

Lucas: Yes, tonight.

Frankie: Well, it will have to wait, Lucas. I just do not pick up at the drop of a--

Lucas: I'll pay you twice your rate plus expenses. Ticket's in here.

Frankie: Uh--all right. Let's--you have some security problems. Leaks. There's nothing here that can't wait a couple of days.

Lucas: Well, when you get there, you will realize why it had to be taken care of right away.

Frankie: I have a date for the gala tonight, Lucas.

Lucas: It is urgent. I'm sorry. I would not have asked you if it wasn't urgent.

Frankie: Well, if it is so urgent, why aren't you handling it yourself?

Lucas: Because I need someone with your expertise.

Frankie: Right. Even though I don't know anything about it. Even though I do not speak Italian.

Lucas: My people will tell you what to do.

Frankie: Lucas, I'm sorry, but I really think that you would be better off hiring an Italian company--

Lucas: Look, I will pay you 3 times your rate, but you have to be on the plane at 6--

Frankie: This is crazy. Now, wait a minute. What--what is--who put you up to this?

Lucas: What?

Frankie: It was Cass, wasn't it?

Lucas: No, it is my company. It is my idea.

Frankie: Winthrop cooked up this whole scam so I would not go out with Griffen Sanders, is that right?

Lucas: Frankie, listen to me.

Frankie: Well, that's a no-go.

Lucas: Cass had nothing to do with this.

Frankie: How old do you think I am?

Lucas: I am not even friendly with Cass.

Frankie: No, but you're really close to Felicia, and she is Cass's best friend. Well, you can tell him to stuff it, Lucas. This fish ain't--

Lucas: Listen to me.

Sharlene: You take your hands off her, Lucas.

Bridget: Jake slept here?

Donna: Yes, after the man attacked me. He has probably been looking all over the place for this thing.

Bridget: Oh, dear.

Donna: Oh, Bridget, for heaven's sakes, he slept right there on the couch.

Bridget: Well, yes, of course. It is just I was so surprised.

Donna: Well, I was, too. Jake and I have not exactly been the best of friends.

Bridget: Yes, but he stayed here?

Donna: Yes, he wanted to make sure that I was all right. You know, he is really very warm and human.

Bridget: I never thought I would ever hear you say things like that about him.

Donna: [Laughs] Well, I did not, either. Now, he is still very crude, and he can be infuriating, but underneath all that macho stuff that he does, he is very sweet and considerate. And he is kind of fun.

Bridget: Well, maybe if Mr. Michael knew about the attack--

Donna: He does. And I told him I could take care of myself.

Bridget: You mean, you have not made up yet?

Donna: No, we have not.

Bridget: Oh--

Donna: It is over.

Bridget: Oh, it can't be.

Donna: Well, it's true, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, no. Now, Mr. Michael loves you.

Donna: Oh, he does, does he? Has he been talking to you. Did he tell you that?

Bridget: No, of course not, but I worked here. I saw things.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Bridget, things have changed.

Bridget: Mr. Michael would never stop loving you.

Donna: Well, hi.

Jake: Hi, there.

Donna: You're early. Come in.

Jake: Yes, but I needed you to sign these bids so I can get them in the mail first thing.

Donna: All right.

Jake: Hello, Bridget. How are you?

Bridget: Oh, I'm just fine, Jake, just fine. How're you?

Jake: Terrific.

Donna: It is too cold outside for you to wear this jacket without a scarf.

Jake: Would you stop worrying about me? Did you read those contracts yet?

Donna: I will just go get them right now.

Jake: Ok, now, the bids have to match the contracts exactly, all right?

Donna: All right, I will check all of the figures. I will be right back.

Jake: All right.

Bridget: So, you and Ms. Donna are in business now?

Jake: Oh, it is great. Video is where it is at. Do you know they do not even make a home movie camera anymore?

Bridget: Well, it is so nice to see that the two of you are getting along so well.

Jake: Yeah, Donna is ok.

Bridget: You never used to say that.

Jake: I--it is kind of weird, I guess.

Bridget: Why?

Jake: Couple months ago, I guess I would have told anybody that Donna was an uptight society witch, just like the ones in the "b" movies.

Bridget: And now she has changed, has she?

Jake: Well, she is still uptight about the society stuff. But she is strong. She does not take anything off anybody.

Bridget: No. No, she does not.

Jake: She is great. She is just great.

Michael: You will not move until the piece from "the firebird" is almost over.

Arianne: Does Lucas know all the details?

Michael: He is going to be in a little while. We are going to go over the last minute stuff.

Arianne: What about the alarm system?

Michael: I got that all scoped out--don't worry.

Arianne: That is what I have always admired about you, Michael--your great confidence in organization.

Michael: Look, Ron is ready to get me all wired up, huh?

Arianne: Anytime you say.

Michael: Great. It will be after I get dressed for the gala. You know, I cannot believe it.

Arianne: What?

Michael: This is almost over. After tonight, we're going to bust that art ring wide open, provided Lucas talks, of course.

Arianne: He will. I have the tickets.

Michael: Ok.

[Whispering] Come here. What is this?

Arianne: What?

Michael: These are box seats.

Arianne: I know. I changed it.

Michael: Where the hell--where the hell do you get off changing this? I wanted to be in the orchestra down front where everyone can see me and no one will associate me with the theft.

Arianne: Relax, Michael. We'll get just as much exposure in a box seat, plus it will be simpler for you to get out and meet with Lucas.

Michael: Oh, I don't like it when these things change at the last minute.

Arianne: It will be ok.

Michael: Well, it better be ok. All I promised you was that I would deliver Lucas. After tonight, I am out of here.

Arianne: Trust me. Everything will work out.

Sharlene: I want you out of this house right now.

Frankie: Sharlene, what is the matter with you? He is only offering me a job.

Sharlene: I do not care. You are never welcome in this house, and you know it.

Lucas: What?

Sharlene: You heard me.

Lucas: Why are you always running hot and cold with me?

Sharlene: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lucas: One minute you're--

Sharlene: What I do know is that I want you out of my house now.

Lucas: Frankie, this offer is genuine. I need your help. Please think about it.

Frankie: Sharlene, he was ready to offer me triple my usual--

Sharlene: I do not care why he was here, Frankie.

Frankie: Sharlene, I know that you do not like him, but that's for something that happened a lot of years ago.

Sharlene: I don't care.

Frankie: I mean, he has done all of these wonderful things for Josie.

Sharlene: Wonderful things? She is sitting in a hospital bed with bandages all over her face just to please him.

Frankie: But that was Josie's decision.

Sharlene: No, that was not Josie's decision. She does not make her own decisions anymore. Lucas has her all caught up in that easy money world of his. I hate him, Frankie. I hate him.

Frankie: Sharlene, this man drives you crazy. Would you listen to yourself?

Sharlene: Frankie, listen to me. Lucas uses people. He used me, he's using Josie, and now he's trying to use you.

Frankie: Ok, ok. Let's just not talk about this anymore, ok? It is obvious that we have very different opinions of the guy.

Sharlene: Frankie, he's trying to buy you out, and I cannot believe that you do not see it.

Cass: Ok. This is cab fare because these have to be delivered before 5:00, got it?

Reuben: Ok. You, I'm thinking, man, since I'm a college man now, maybe I should get a job that is a little more upscale.

Cass: Upscale?

Reuben: Yeah, yeah. You know, instead of just making deliveries, maybe I could be the supervisor of all the people who make deliveries.

Cass: Oh. What happened to all the patience you were going to have?

Reuben: Oh, I got it, I got it. It is just, if I'm going to be a college man, I cannot be dead on my feet all the time, right?

Cass: Just deliver. We will talk about upscale some other time, you got that?

Reuben: Ok, ok.

Cass: Hey, Caroline.

Caroline: Hi, Cass.

Reuben: How you doing? I'll see you.

Cass: See you.

Caroline: I'm here on business.

Cass: Oh, in that case, why don't we going to my office?

Caroline: Thank you.

Cass: ...Which also doubles as a boudoir. Just kidding, just kidding.

Caroline: I assume you're going to the gala tonight.

Cass: Yes. Well, I have these artist contracts to look over before then. Will you have time?

Cass: For you I will make time. Let me see them.

Caroline: I certainly would not want to delay your entrance with the lovely Frankie.

Cass: Oh, you do not have to worry about that, Caroline. Frankie and I aren't seeing each other anymore.

Sam: You ok?

Olivia: I just could not sit still any longer. I hope Rachel did not think I was being rude.

Sam: No, I think she knows you are nervous.

Olivia: You could say that.

Sam: Listen, I'm glad you came. I wanted to wish you good luck.

Olivia: Thanks.

Sam: Not that you will need it.

Olivia: Oh, yes. Yes, I will.

Sam: And I also wanted to say thank you.

Olivia: What for?

Sam: For spending so much time with me while Amanda was gone.

Olivia: I did not do anything.

Sam: Sure you did. You listened, you cared. Olivia, you're a good friend.

Olivia: Well, I'm just happy that everything worked out. You and Amanda are great together. You deserve to be happy.

Sam: Yeah, I guess we do. Maybe now we will have that chance.

Olivia: I'm glad.

Sam: So, listen, can I give you a ride to the theater?

Olivia: No, that is ok.

Sam: I mean, what is the point of hanging around here just getting more nervous? Come on.

Olivia: I already have a ride.

Sam: Oh, well, ok. Amanda thought I should go check up on Alli, so...

Olivia: Will I see you after the show?

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Matt: Sam.

Sam: Hey, Matt.

Matt: How was the leg doing?

Sam: Great. Got to go check on Alli.

Matt: All righty. Hmm. I think I have misjudged you, Olivia.

Olivia: Matthew, I really do not want to talk about it right now, ok?

Matt: Sure, sure. We will talk about how great you're going to be tonight.

Olivia: Every time I think about that first entrance, my hands start to sweat.

Matt: You'll be fine. Are you kidding me? You're--remember when you helped me with your speech--with my speech?

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Matt: Well, people are going to be pulling for you the same way.

Olivia: Thanks.

Matt: Things are really going well for you, Olivia. They really are.

Olivia: Well, better than last summer.

Matt: Oh.

[English accent] Old "Romeo and Juliet" audition. I remember it well.

Olivia: I will never forget.

Matt: You had some bad days, there.

Olivia: You know, I was thinking about how you tried to explain the play to me.

Matt: Hmm. You did not want to know about star-crossed lovers, did you?

Olivia: I know. But I think I finally understand it now.

Rachel: There you are.

Liz: Olivia, you never came back to the table.

Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry.

Ada: I keep trying to tell you, Liz. She is nervous. It is her opening night.

Rachel: I cannot wait to see you dance. Sam says it is lovely.

Olivia: He's been a big help to me.

Liz: Rachel, I'm just so happy that you came back in time for the gala. I have not seen you in weeks.

Rachel: I know. We will have to get together and have lunch.

Liz: Oh, I would like that. I really would enjoy it. I've been starting to get worried.

Amanda: Why? What do you mean?

Liz: I thought with all of these changes in your life, you might decide not to show up.

Rachel: Oh, no. The gala is too important. Mac and I worked too hard to preserve the old theater.

Liz: When do the renovations begin?

Rachel: I believe they're taking down the adjoining building tomorrow. It has been doing nothing but storing things. Pretty soon the old theater is going to be surrounded by a magnificent new arts complex.

Liz: Mac thought it was important always to preserve our architectural heritage while we made room for the new.

Iris: Yes, he certainly did. And I'm glad you felt the same way, Rachel. In fact--in fact, I have got a million and one things to do down at the theater. Why don't you come down and give me a hand?

Ada: Oh, Rachel, that is a good idea, honey.

Rachel: Ah, I don't think so. I can't.

Iris: Why not?

Rachel: Well, I am meeting someone.

Iris: Who?

Rachel: My escort for the evening.

Caroline: So, you did not get together with Frankie?

Cass: No, it did not quite work out.

Caroline: I assumed because I had not seen you for that long--

Cass: I'm sorry. I have been very busy.

Caroline: But it is definitely over?

Cass: Yes.

Caroline: Well, I hope you're not too disappointed. But frankly, between you and I, I really do not think you two were very suited.

Cass: Well.

Caroline: I mean, you are sophisticated and witty, and Frankie--I mean, what can I say? She is certainly not mature.

Cass: Whatever.

Caroline: And I mean, what about that--what about the bizarre bracelets and crystals in that apartment? I mean, you must have known she was trouble. Cass, did you hear what I said?

Cass: I'm sorry, Caroline. I just remembered a phone call that I must make. It is very urgent. Could you wait in the outer office for me, please?

Caroline: Well, I hope it is going to be quick, because I do not have all day.

Cass: Oh, I will not take but a second. I promise.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Hello?

Cass: It's me. Don't hang up. There's something I have got to talk to you about. Frankie? Hello?

Lucas: I have been looking for you. I will do your dirty work tonight, but I want out of the cartel and the information about my daughter--now. I can't get over that you're the buyer.

Woman: You don't know me.

Lucas: No, you look familiar. I just never thought the buyer would be a woman.

Arianne: Why? Because we're supposed to be the gentler sex? We will talk later.

[Lucas sighs]

Michael: Well, well, well. Just think. In a few hours, all of this will be yours.

Lucas: Maybe not.

Michael: What?

Lucas: You heard me.

Michael: Something happen? What is wrong?

Lucas: Look, I'm having a problem. Maybe you can help me.

Michael: Shoot.

Lucas: You know that I told you about my daughter a long time ago.

Michael: Yeah, right. She was taken from Felicia when she was born or something.

Lucas: And that I'm still looking for her.

Michael: I know. It is no secret.

Lucas: Well, I thought being the kind of guy you are, you're probably trying to locate her, too.

Michael: Well, maybe I have. So what?

Lucas: Listen, Michael, if you have any information, you have got to tell me now before we move on this stuff.

Michael: Look, I did not find out anything, all right? I came up completely blank.

Lucas: I see.

Michael: Why? What brings this up?

Lucas: Forget it.

Michael: Wait a minute. I want to know. Does this affect our business tonight?

Lucas: No, I will meet you outside in front of the theater before the curtain, all right?

Michael: So the deal is still on?

Lucas: Yes, it is on.

Michael: All right.

Lucas: Take off. Check on the security guard schedule.

Michael: Right.

Arianne: What were you two arguing about?

Lucas: I thought we were not supposed to be seen together.

Arianne: I want an answer?

Michael: We had a logistics problem. It's solved.

Arianne: A logistics problem. For a jewel theft that is not even going to take place. That has an ironic flavor about it, don't you think?

Michael: Where's my target going to be sitting?

Arianne: In a box seat with me. As soon as "the firebird" ballet starts, I'll make an excuse to leave. It will only take you a second to slip in behind him. With the silencer, the orchestra may muffle the sound completely.

Lucas: You make it sound so simple.

Arianne: It is. But if you mess it up, the alternative will not be simple at all.

Lucas: Do not worry about me.

Arianne: I won't. And after tonight, all your problems will be behind you.

Lucas: What about my daughter?

Arianne: As far as that goes, whatever I know, you will know.

Donna: Stop being silly.

Jake: I am not being silly. It would make a better deal.

Donna: This deal is fine exactly the way it is.

Jake: Do not say I never gave you a chance.

Donna: I will remember that. All right, you get out of here. I have to get ready for the gala.

Jake: How many hours did you set aside for make-up?

Donna: Now, no smart-aleck remarks--

Jake: You see, I asked her to stand in front of the camera so I could do a color check. I thought I would never get her to move.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Get out of here. Go on.

Jake: Ok, all right, all right.

Donna: Oh, did you contact Lewiston's about those lenses?

Jake: Yes, they will be here at the end of the month.

Donna: Good.

Jake: Ok.

Donna: All right.

Jake and Donna: See you later.

Donna: Bye.

Jake: See you, Bridget.

Bridget: Bye, Jake. This just came over from Mr. Winthrop's office.

Donna: Why should I put off the divorce?

Michael: Because things are changing.

Donna: How?

Michael: I cannot tell you that. I cannot tell you for two weeks.

Donna: Two weeks?

Michael: I know it sounds stupid, but--yeah.

Donna: Michael, by that time, I hope I will be free of you.

Michael: Oh, do not do that, please. That would be a big mistake.

Donna: For you or me?

Michael: For both of us.

Donna: Oh, I get it. I get it.

Michael: No, I really don't think you do.

Donna: No, I think I do. You and miss glacier are having problems.

Michael: Come on, that is not it.

Donna: Home and hearth and the little woman are looking very attractive to you.

Michael: Donna, if ever our marriage meant anything to you at all, please just give me two weeks. Wait two weeks for the divorce.

Donna: Well, it is final.

Bridget: Beg your pardon?

Donna: When I sign these papers, the divorce will be final. I mean, I have been expecting them to come. Michael already has his.

Bridget: Is there anything I can do for you, my dear?

Donna: No, I'm fine. Thanks, I'm fine. It is odd. I thought I would be dancing for joy when these came. Michael has been such a monster.

Bridget: But you're not happy, are you?

Donna: Well, it is just so final.

Bridget: Don't sign them, Ms. Donna.

Donna: Why?

Bridget: Don't sign your life away with Mr. Michael. It was wonderful. The two of you loved each other. Go and see him again, my dear. Try once again, please. Try.

Cass: Frankie, are you there?

Frankie: What do you want?

Cass: I found out some more things about Griffen Sanders and Lucas.

Frankie: I know about Lucas.

Cass: You do?

Frankie: What do you think I am, some kind of imbecile?

Cass: What?

Frankie: Yeah, I think you have hit an all-time low, Winthrop.

Cass: What are we talking about here?

Frankie: Lucas. Getting him involved was really cheap, you know that?

Cass: I must have missed something. Lucas got himself involved in this.

Frankie: Come on.

Cass: You're making a big mistake, Frankie.

Frankie: Look, I do not want to hear any more of this. I have met some real weirdoes in my time, but you take the cake. And you know what else?

Cass: What?

Frankie: Don't call me again.

Sharlene: What was that all about?

Frankie: It was Cass.

Sharlene: What did he want?

Frankie: He sent Lucas over here.

Sharlene: Did he say that?

Frankie: He did not have to. He would do anything so I would not go out with Griffen. Do you believe that?

Sharlene: I believe anything when it comes to Lucas.

Frankie: Sharlene, I just got finished saying that this wasn't Lucas'--

Sharlene: Frankie, wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry. And I want to apologize for this afternoon. I know I got out of hand. And you're right. I should not let that man get to me.

Frankie: Maybe we can come up with an anti-Lucas mantra for you or something.

Sharlene: Do you think you could?

Frankie: I do know what it is like to have a man drive you crazy.

Sharlene: This is nothing like you and Cass, Frankie.

Frankie: Well, maybe it is not exactly like me and Cass.

Sharlene: No, Lucas is an evil man. Cass is a nice guy who is in love with you.

Frankie: Which is why he slept with Cecile.

Sharlene: Mm.

Frankie: He does not know the meaning of the word, Sharlene.

Sharlene: I'm not saying that he knows he's in love with you. I'm saying he is probably as afraid of the word as you are.

Frankie: I am not afraid to love.

Sharlene: Right.

Frankie: I just have not met the guy.

Sharlene: And you think you will know him when you see him.

Frankie: Honestly?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: I think I will, yes.

Sharlene: The bells will ring?

Frankie: I think I will feel something. Some very deep connection, some bond, as if we've known each other for years--lifetimes, even though we have just met.

Sharlene: And you are sure that is not Cass?

Frankie: Pff--are you kidding? I doubt Cass has been around for more than one lifetime. He is a new soul if ever I saw one. Can we just change the subject here, ok? This is a very terrific dress you're wearing.

Sharlene: You like it, huh?

Frankie: Yeah. It is great.

Sharlene: Thank you. Now, you listen to me, ok? Just for a second. I know you probably do not want to hear this. I know that. But I'm sure that all Cass is trying to do is get you to listen to his side of the story--

Frankie: Well, I am through of listening, and I am real tired of him ruining my dates. As a matter of fact--

Sharlene: Frankie, what?

Frankie: I know I said I would be going with you and John, but maybe I will go over early and surprise Griffen.

Sharlene: He isn't going to be busy?

Frankie: Yeah. Well, maybe I'll just let him know that I'm pulling for him, you know? Sort of hang out backstage.

Sharlene: Sure.

Frankie: And who knows? Maybe I can actually sneak in a little fun before Cass tries to ruin everything.

Sharlene: Good luck.

Frankie: Do I look ok?

Sharlene: Oh, are you kidding? In that dress, with that beautiful red hair, you--you look terrific.

Frankie: Thank you. I will see you later, ok?

Sharlene: Ok. Stay warm.

Frankie: Ta-da.

Amanda: Do you have a date?

Rachel: Not a "date" date.

Ada: You arriving with him?

Rachel: Yes.

Ada: And you are sitting with him, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Ada: Are you leaving with him?

Rachel: Of course, mom.

Ada: Well, I'm very sorry it is not a date.

Rachel: Mom.

Iris: Come on, who is he? I'm just dying to know.

Rachel: The man I work for.

Ada: Really? You never said anything.

Matt: Is he picking you up here?

Amanda: When did this start?

Rachel: Wait a minute, everybody. Hold up. Look, this isn't any big thing. It is just somebody I'm bringing to the gala, ok?

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: Did you ask him, or did he ask you?

Rachel: Mom.

Matt: I think this is just great; leave her alone.

Rachel: Thank you. So do I.

Iris: Well, we're just dying to meet him afterwards.

Rachel: I'm sure you will.

Hilda: Excuse me. Mrs. Cory, Mr. Lawrence is here.

Rachel: Thank goodness.

Reuben: Hi, how you doing?

Ada: What is all this?

Reuben: Well, these are from Josie to Olivia.

Rachel: Oh, how sweet.

Olivia: Oh, they're great.

Reuben: She really wants to see you dance tonight, but she ain't going to come out in public for nobody.


Matt: Tell me about it.

Olivia: Wow. Look, see, aunt Liz? Aren't they gorgeous?

Liz: That's the least she can do.

Sam: Whoa, what is wrong?

Amanda: Is Alli ok?

Sam: Yeah, Alli is fine. What is wrong?

Rachel: Honey, you did not seem very pleased that I am bringing somebody tonight.

Amanda: How could you do this?

Rachel: Do what? I'm just--

Amanda: Mom, we have hardly seen you at all. Sam and I would've been very happy to take you with us.

Rachel: Amanda, I did not want to come to this tonight at all. He talked me into it. Now, it is going to be no big deal. It will give everybody a chance to meet the man that I work for.

Amanda: What is his name?

Rachel: Ken Jordan.

Caroline: Everything in order?

Cass: Yes, quite. I will see to it that they're sent out right away.

Caroline: Good, because I'm in a hurry to go to the gala.

Cass: Oh, sounds like you have a hot date.

Caroline: My gallery is hosting the jewelry display, remember?

Cass: Yes, but what about the date?

Caroline: Is he gorgeous and good looking? Of course he is.

Cass: No, no. Is he fascinating?

Caroline: Why are you asking that?

Cass: I'm just curious.

Caroline: He's a nice man.

Cass: Oh, that bad, huh?

Caroline: He is a very nice man.

Cass: Mm-hmm, and what if you canceled on him?

Caroline: And why would I do that?

Cass: So you could go with me instead.

Caroline: What an ego! Ha.

Cass: But I'm not nice. Guaranteed not nice.

Caroline: Well, that is a new approach.

Cass: I'm turning over a new leaf.

Caroline: But I wonder how long that is going to last.

Cass: You'll never find out if you do not stick around, so what do you say?

Caroline: My date's--

Cass: Is a nice guy. You already said that. So then he will understand.

Caroline: Yes, he probably will.

Cass: Is that a yes?

Caroline: On one condition.

Cass: You name it.

Caroline: That I have a very sharp pair of scissors in my purse. And I do not want to see you anywhere near or following a certain red-headed bimbo.

Cass: Hey, no problem here. I could care less what happens to Frankie.

[Loud slam]

Sharlene: It's time to fix this mess. Mm. [Giggles] [Laughs] Well... well, so it needs a little work.

Michael: Well, I'm wired.

Arianne: You look wonderful.

Michael: I really do not care how I look.

Arianne: I think everything is all set, don't you?

Michael: Great. I cannot wait to nail the bad guys. What? Donna.

Donna: Hello, Michael.

Griffen: Well, you look dapper. Oh. All set for this evening's festivities, I see.

Lucas: I wish I never met you.

Griffen: Lucas, you do not mean that.

Lucas: Don't I?

Griffen: No, after all, I'm the one who is going to tell the buyer whether or not you did a good job tonight.

Lucas: I will tell her myself.

Griffen: You do not know where she is, and she would not believe you.

Lucas: Well, you better not lie.

Griffen: I won't. After all, if you do the right job, she is going to tell you all about your daughter.

Lucas: The job will get done.

Griffen: Good. Good. Just a word of warning.

Lucas: What?

Griffen: I will be watching. Don't do anything--

Lucas: I'm in charge.

Griffen: Of course.

Lucas: Just stay out of my way.

Griffen: Ah, Naiveté. This is Griffen. This is a message for Arianne... to confirm everything is set. Michael Hudson will not be setting up anybody with those jewels because Michael Hudson will be unavailable forever. Tell Arianne to meet me in the usual place after it is over. Au revoir.

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