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Another World Transcript Thursday 1/5/06

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Ken: Somebody has been in here.

Rachel: Morning.

Ken: Were you messing with my things again?

Rachel: Excuse me?

Ken: Did you reorganize my desk last night?

Rachel: Of course I didn't.

Ken: Now, somebody has been in here.

Rachel: Was anything taken?

Ken: I do not know yet. Damn.

Rachel: Nobody--nobody went up into my room.

Ken: There's a lot of people who love to get their hands on what is down here in the shop.

Rachel: I'll call the police.

Ken: No, do not get them involved.

Rachel: Why not?

Ken: They would not understand. Just take my word for it.

Rachel: Ken, are you hiding something in this shop?

Michael: Over here.

Arianne: You look so serious, Michael, so intense.

Michael: How am I supposed to look?

Arianne: I like it when you're intense. It means you have that edge. It means you're ready.

Michael: I'm ready.

Arianne: Gems arrived this morning under heavy guard.

Michael: So I see.

Arianne: What about the layout of the theater?

Michael: It is no problem at all.

Arianne: Lucas is going to find these gems irresistible.

Michael: Well, he better.

Arianne: Do you doubt it?

Michael: No.

[Foghorn blows]

Lucas: Lucky I don't feed you to the fishes.

Griffen: Is there a problem, Lucas?

Lucas: What did you mean, you have information about my daughter?

Griffen: All in good time.

Lucas: Look at me!

Griffen: I said, all in good time.

Lucas: Is that what you meant when you said the cartel has a way to persuade me?

Griffen: It could be.

Lucas: Look, tell me what I need to know.

Griffen: [Hisses] Lucas--

Lucas: If you know anything about my daughter, you better tell me. Anything at all, otherwise I will get it out of you any way I have to. Understood?

Vicky: I have something to say to you.

Amanda: All right.

Vicky: Just a bit of friendly advice. Now that you're presumably back with Sam, stay away from Evan.

Amanda: There's nothing between Evan and me.

Vicky: Can it. Evan is my friend. And I really do not like standing around watching him go crazy while you try and decide between your husband and your lover.

Amanda: What?

Vicky: That is right. I know you and Evan slept together. Which means I could blow your safe little world to smithereens any time I want. Remember that.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Didn't you get my message?

Evan: Well, that's obviously why I'm here. You sounded--said it was urgent.

Amanda: How could you do it, Evan?

Evan: Do what?

Amanda: You told Vicky that we slept together. For God's sakes, why?

Ken: Rachel, you have a suspicious nature. Some of these things are very old.

Rachel: Did you get all these things legally?

Ken: I am not a thief. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

Rachel: It is just the way you looked just a minute ago.

Ken: Rachel, the collection is very valuable. That is all.

Rachel: Ok. I live here, though.

Ken: Nothing seems to be missing. I will get the locks changed anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Rachel: Why do I get the feeling that you'll never tell me the whole truth?

Ken: You know too much. Had a good time last night. I enjoyed our talk.

Rachel: Yes. It was very nice.

Ken: Listen, about this gala thing--

Rachel: Oh, yes, I've been thinking about it.

Ken: You asked me to go with you--

Rachel: I know, I--

Ken: Well, I've decided--

Rachel: Listen, forget about it, ok?

Ken: What do you mean? Now you are changing your mind?

Arianne: So, when are you going to let me in on your plan?

Michael: I am not.

Arianne: Michael, this is a critical time. It's the best chance we've ever had--

Michael: I'm not going to blow it.

Arianne: What if you need backup?

Michael: I will not. I'm going to get Lucas, I'm gonna get this buyer, and then I don't ever want to hear from you or the club ever again.

Arianne: Club's going to miss you, Michael.

Michael: I have done enough.

Arianne: No--you have done more than enough.

Michael: They can get some other wide-eyed kid to do the dirty work for them.

Arianne: I'm putting you up for a commendation.

Michael: Save yourself some trouble.

Arianne: Seriously, Michael. After all you've done--

Michael: Look, I do not want medals. I do not want a citation. I want my wife and my kids back.

Donna: One, two. [Sighs] You come on, move this

Jake: Ok, now remember, the object of this exercise is to work the--

Donna: Shut up. Who asked you?

Jake: Keep your head--

Donna: Don't! Get your hands off of me!

Jake: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Donna: Can't you see I'm in pain?

Jake: Was that my fault?

Donna: Oh, oh, God--I need some water. See how much I am perspiring here?

Jake: Oh, how unladylike. Wouldn't want to perspire!

Donna: I hate exe

Jake: Then why are you doing it?

Donna: Because I have to work out some frustration. And some anger. And some resentment.

Jake: Well, tell me, is it working?

Donna: No!

Jake: [Laughs] So that means you are still angry, frustrated, and resentful?

Donna: More than ever.

Jake: Why?

Donna: Three guesses.

Jake: Michael, Michael, Michael.

Donna: Very good.

Jake: Don't bounce so much.

Donna: I like to bounce!

Jake: I thought you had accepted the fact that Michael left. I thought you were going to start your life over from day one.

Donna: I am not a robot.

Jake: Lower your arms a little bit. [Laughs]

Donna: I loved that man.

Jake: Straighten your back, all right.

Donna: We had a lot of history together.

Jake: That is better.

Donna: I cannot just ignore my feelings.

Jake: Well, have you--I hope you're not ignoring your other feelings.

Donna: I'm not.

Jake: Do not stop. Stretch now. Bend at the waist. Bend at the waist.

Donna: That is upsetting me, too.

Jake: Yeah, well, come up one vertebrae at a time. Come on.

Donna: Oh, sometimes I--wait a minute, I am going to fall over.

Jake: I have got you.

Donna: Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I think I am losing my mind. How am I going to become a single woman again?

Jake: You do not have to.

Donna: I do not?

Jake: Be all alone, that is.

Donna: Jake--

Jake: Keep stretching. Come on, side to side. I make you laugh, don't I?

Donna: I only laugh at you. I never laugh with you.

Jake: Keep stretching.

Donna: [Shrieks] Jake!

Jake: Come back. I'm done.

Donna: Oh. Besides, I think it would be a big mistake for us to see each other socially. I really do.

Jake: So what is your plan?

Donna: My plan? I think I will just have to get some nice escort...

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Somebody who is strong...

Jake: Right.

Donna: Somebody who is trustworthy...

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Somebody who thinks I'm special.

Jake: Good.

Donna: The next time I approach a relationship it is going to be very calm, it is going to be very rational.

Jake: Like hell.

Donna: What do you mean?

Jake: Oh, come on, Donna, you are kidding yourself. You cannot control your feelings anymore than I can.

Evan: Look, I did not tell Vicky anything.

Amanda: Then how does she know?

Evan: It really does not take a genius to figure it out.

Amanda: Couldn't you have denied it?

Evan: Well, there is no point.

Amanda: No point? Evan, I have to work with this woman. Not only is she inexperienced and rude, but now I know she knows about us.

Evan: Why don't you just calm down--

Amanda: Do you realize what kind of pressure this puts me under?

Evan: Don't you think you're overreacting?

Amanda: I am not overreacting. She can take this and hold it over my head at any time.

Evan: But she will not.

Amanda: She already has.

Evan: Look, she did not mean it. I know Vicky.

Amanda: Oh, I know Vicky, too. Everybody in Bay City knows Vicky.

Evan: She would not do that to both of us.

Amanda: What makes you so sure?

Evan: Because you will fire her. And this job is too important to her.

Amanda: Evan, let me explain something. If I fire her, I have to have a reason for firing her.

Evan: Just say she was--she is inexperienced and she is totally rude.

Amanda: She can go to Sam or Iris!

Evan: Vicky has changed. She is not like that anymore.

Amanda: She's changed--sure. She has gotten a lot worse. I am busy.

Vicky: I was not looking for you. But I figured I would find Evan here.

Lucas: Where are you going?

Griffen: I do not like being pushed around.

Lucas: Being pushed around is just the beginning.

Griffen: If you'd shown this much enthusiasm about violence before, things might have been different.

Lucas: I don't like you. I do not like anything about you.

Griffen: I can live with that.

Lucas: You may not have to.

[Foghorn blows]

Griffen: If you would have let me eliminate Michael Hudson the way I wanted--

Lucas: What?! What would have happened?

Griffen: This whole matter about your daughter might not have cropped up.

Lucas: Tell me about that.

Griffen: It happens when people get sloppy--as you have. The buyer had no alternative.

Lucas: I do not care about that. I want to know about my kid.

Griffen: You must learn customer relations. Your customer, the buyer, has lost all faith in you.

Lucas: Griffen, you are about 5 seconds from getting your head ripped off.

Griffen: What good would that do?

Lucas: It would do my soul a great deal of good.

Griffen: Be realistic, Lucas. You need me. You are in a bind.

Lucas: Need you for what?

Griffen: I am your link to the cartel, to the information you want.

Lucas: Tell me about my daughter.

Griffen: Eliminate Michael Hudson.

Lucas: Ok. Ok, I'll do what they say.

Griffen: Very wise.

Lucas: For the information about my daughter and Felicia's safety.

Griffen: Those are not bargaining chips.

Lucas: I've been looking for her for 20 years. What do they know? How do they know?

Griffen: They know. And I am only the messenger.

Lucas: Well, I want to talk to the buyer. You set it up.

Griffen: It already is.

Lucas: What?

Griffen: It has been arranged. You and the buyer will meet today.

Sharlene: I have been waiting for you.

John: I'm sorry I'm late. I had an emergency at the hospital. I had to get some woman up to I.C.U.

Sharlene: Is she going to make it?

John: Yeah, I think she is going to be fine. How are you?

Sharlene: Have you seen Josie?

John: Last time I saw Josie she was in the recovery room.

Sharlene: The recovery room?

John: Yeah. Relax, relax. Everything is fine.

Sharlene: Everything is fine!

John: Yes, everything is fine. She will have some swelling for a couple of days, and then her nose will be back to normal. No, scratch that. It will be better than normal. It will be just like the best.

Sharlene: Her nose? Her nose?

John: Sharlene, this was Josie's idea to have her nose fixed. And you promised that you were not going to fight her on this.

Sharlene: I should be with her at the hospital, John.

John: Yeah, fine. Go later, when she is awake.

Sharlene: I wonder what she is going to look like.

John: Probably not real different.

Sharlene: No?

John: At least she is not pregnant, like you thought.

Sharlene: Do you think Lucas told her not to tell me any of this?

John: No. Enough of that. I want to know about you, how are you feeling?

Sharlene: Oh, I am better. Much, much.

John: No more fainting? No more dizziness?

Sharlene: None, John. I am sure that was just because I was overtired. That is all.

John: No.

Sharlene: No?

John: No. No, it was not. Sit down. We got the results of your blood tests.

Sharlene: Is it serious?

John: Thankfully, no.

Sharlene: Well, what is it?

John: Hypoglycemia.

Sharlene: Well, that's---that is what you suspected it might be, isn't it?

John: It was a very strong possibility. It is fairly common. It just means that you're producing too much insulin. It can be controlled by diet.

Sharlene: I do not understand. What...?

John: Well, basically, the way your body was utilizing sugar was just a little off-kilter. And hypoglycemia would certainly explain the emotional flare-ups that you have been having, plus the fainting.

Sharlene: And this can be fixed?

John: Absolutely. Look, I've got a little pamphlet on hypoglycemia from the hospital. Read up on your malady.

Sharlene: I have really been scared.

John: You had a right to be, Sharlene. I was scared myself. Hypoglycemia is not that unusual. There is something that did surprise me, though. You had a complete physical just before we got married. I went and checked out that blood work and it was perfectly normal.

Sharlene: That was only three months ago.

John: I know. So if this is hypoglycemia, what I do not understand is how it developed so quickly.

Vicky: Gee, me and my darn timing.

Evan: Vicky, what do you want?

Vicky: I always feel like I am interrupting with you two.

Evan: Vicky, what do you want?

Vicky: I have some budgetary items I need to go over with you.

Evan: Wait a second. Since when did you get involved with the budget?

Vicky: Since Iris told me I should learn all the angles.

Amanda: I thought you knew all of those.

Vicky: Iris has been so wonderful, so supportive. I wish you could find it in your heart to be just half as generous, Amanda.

Amanda: I am sorry. I will try to be more accommodating.

Vicky: Will you? Hey, that would be great. So, should we call the meeting for later this afternoon?

Evan: Yes, that will be fine, Vicky.

Vicky: Ok. I am joining my mother at Tops. I should not be more than two hours.

Evan: Good. When you get back, I want you to call me, ok?

Vicky: Will do. Hey, you two? Do not work so hard.

Amanda: Oh! I am the publisher and I am being marched around by some little peon.

Evan: Well, then you call her bluff.

Amanda: No. I'm not going to do anything. You're going to talk to her. You're going to make sure that she keeps her mouth shut.

Evan: That is not an easy thing to do with Vicky.

Amanda: Evan, you are her friend. She will listen to you. Just do it. Please. Please?

Evan: All right. I will see what I can do.

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: And, Amanda--maybe if you were more honest with yourself, it would not hurt so much for people to know the truth.

Ken: Wait a minute. Now you do not want me to go with you?

Rachel: Oh, you would not enjoy it. It is not your thing.

Ken: Why don't you let me be the judge of that? As a matter of fact, I think I would kind of like to go.

Rachel: Why?

Ken: Why did you ask me in the first place?

Rachel: Because I thought it would be fun.

Ken: It still will be fun.

Rachel: No, it's going to be a date, and everybody will wonder what I am doing.

Ken: What you'll be doing is having a good time. Believe it or not, some women actually find my company intriguing.

Rachel: Yeah, I know. I just don't care to be the subject of gossip right now.

Ken: Let me clue you: You're the subject of gossip no matter what you do. I will call the locksmith.

Rachel: Oh, wait a minute, I needed to ask you a favor. May I take an early lunch today?

Ken: With Parker Adams?

Rachel: How did you know?

Ken: He called. I forgot to tell you. He is going to be a few minutes late.

Rachel: Oh. Well, may I?

Ken: Is it about your sculpture?

Rachel: How do you know that?

Ken: According to Parker, you have quite a reputation.

Rachel: Oh. So?

Ken: Yes, you may take an early lunch. We are not exactly jumping around here.

Rachel: Thank you.

Mitch: Good morning.

Ken: I was wondering when I was going to see you again.

Mitch: Is Rachel here?

Ken: Not at the moment. Here is your big chance.

Mitch: For what?

Ken: To tell me why you broke in here last night.

Donna: Can I try that?

Jake: Oh, sure. Just knock yourself out.

Donna: How do I do it? Like this?

Jake: Hit it a little harder. Harder.

Donna: Oh--yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Jake: Good, that is good.

Donna: That's very satisfying.

Jake: Especially when you're angry, frustrated, and resentful.

Donna: You, too?

Jake: What do you think?

Donna: I think that we should be friends again.

Jake: Oh. What a great idea. You know, it is too bad I did not think about that.

Donna: Jake, Jake--

Jake: As a matter of fact, did I tell you you look great today? Just from one friend to another, of course.

Donna: Thank you.

Jake: Now I will switch to my business partner personality. We have a great deal of work today. Perhaps we should meet later and discuss it? Let's say over dinner?

Donna: Jake, I do not think--

Jake: Donna, we have to eat.

Donna: I know--

Jake: It would be strictly a business meeting, I promise you. I mean, a guy like me would have to be stupid to think that he has a chance with someone like you.

Jake: Strictly business.

Donna: If it is just business, ok.

Jake: Unless, of course, you are afraid that you cannot control yourself.

Donna: I'll manage.

Jake: Good, then it is... an appointment.

Donna: Fine. I just want you to know that I would not have been able to get through the past few months without your help.

Jake: I am glad I could help.

Donna: You have been a wonderful, wonderful friend.

Jake: Thank you. Agh!

Sam: Hey, Jake.

Jake: What?!

Sam: Nothing. Obviously you're trying to bring that bag to its knees, so I will not bother you.

[Whistles] Got to be a woman.

Lucas: Since when are you and the buyer so buddy-buddy?

Griffen: I am hardly that.

Lucas: Well, what are you, Griffen?

Griffen: I told you; I am the messenger.

Lucas: Oh, you know what they do to the messenger who brings bad news.

Griffen: That is Greek tragedy, Lucas, and this is life.

Lucas: Maybe. But I just hope you're not going into business for yourself. I hope you're not playing both ends against the middle.

Griffen: When one of those ends is the cartel?

[Laughs] Forget it. I do what I am told, and so should you.

Lucas: I will talk to the buyer about that.

Griffen: You tread very carefully there. They're not exactly pleased with the way you have handled this whole affair.

Lucas: Oh, God, that breaks my heart.

Griffen: They just want to make sure everybody is in agreement on what is to be done.

Lucas: All I want from them is the information about my daughter.

Griffen: I cannot promise you that will happen.

Lucas: And I hope they realize I will sacrifice anything for her, including myself.

Griffen: Yes. You are that kind of man.

Lucas: Yeah, believe it.

Griffen: You would do well to make the buyer believe you would sacrifice Michael Hudson.

Lucas: When do I meet him?

Griffen: Two o'clock.

Lucas: Where?

Griffen: Right here. Do not be late.

Lucas: Ah, Griffen--why couldn't you have done the job on Michael Hudson? We all know how much you enjoy that sort of thing.

Griffen: Didn't I tell you?

Lucas: You know you did not.

Griffen: Michael Hudson will be sitting in a box at the presentation of the gala. At the very peak of the climax of "the firebird" variation, you will step forward and kill him all by yourself.

Vicky: Thank you.

Donna: Oh...oh...

Vicky: What is wrong with you?

Donna: Nothing. Just my calves and my thighs and my shoulder and my--

Vicky: You have been working out again.

Donna: I think I overdid it a little bit too much today. Would you very discreetly just rub my shoulder right here?

Vicky: In here?

Donna: Just, yes. Just--right there.

Vicky: Why don't we just get a waiter--

Donna: Oh, just be careful, be careful.

Vicky: Ok. We will just order some food and then you will feel much better, ok?

Donna: All right.

Vicky: You go ahead and order food, though. I am just going to have a mineral water. I am not really very hungry.

Vicky: Mom, you are upset.

Donna: That feels wonderful.

Vicky: That's why you've been working out so much.

Donna: You know me too well.

Vicky: It is dad, isn't it? Isn't it?

Donna: Do not do that. I hate myself for it. I just hate--

Vicky: You hate yourself for having feelings for your husband?

Donna: I was doing so well.

Vicky: Well, that is the way it is. One day you do very well; the next day you want to go to the spa, sweat it out, pull a few muscles.

Donna: You understand me, don't you?

Vicky: I have been there. I am still there.

Donna: Look at us. Two very attractive, available women.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Single. Who would have thought?

Vicky: It is not that bad.

Donna: I should be used to living alone. All those years I spent before Michael and I got back together? You think I would be used to it by now. It is just getting harder.

Vicky: How's that?

Donna: Starting over again. With men.

Vicky: Men? What men?

Donna: Men, any men.

Vicky: You're dating someone!

Donna: No, I'm not dating.

Vicky: You are!

Donna: I don't even like the word dating.

Vicky: Why are you talking about starting over, then?

Donna: Because--

Vicky: Who is it?

Donna: Somebody approached me.

Vicky: They--who? Who was it?

Donna: Nobody. Somebody, but it is nobody. He is totally wrong.

Vicky: Mom --

Donna: What?

Vicky: Will you take advice from your daughter?

Donna: Sure. You are not using it.

Vicky: Do not get involved with someone if you still have feelings for dad. You two still have a chance of getting back together.

[Foghorn blows]

Lucas: Felicia Gallant, please. Oh! She will be calling in, right? Just tell her that Lucas called, and it is urgent.

Ken: If I come across any more just like that one, I will be sure to let you know. Thanks for coming. I'm still waiting for an answer.

Mitch: Now why would I break into your shop?

Ken: That is what I am curious about.

Mitch: I am not exactly in the market for any of this merchandise.

Ken: Aren't you?

Mitch: If I were, I would pay for it.

Ken: You'll forgive me if I am just a little skeptical.

Mitch: About what?

Ken: You have a history. Trouble with the law. You have a Police record.

Mitch: So what else do you know about me?

Ken: What else you want to tell me?

Mitch: You're checking on me. Why?

Ken: Last time we met you gave me the third degree. I think it is only fair I got a little background on you.

Mitch: Let me guess, you want to know exactly where I fit into Rachel's life?

Ken: How is that?

Mitch: You are checking on other people.

Ken: No, Mitch. No, only you. And not because of Rachel. Only because of you.

Mitch: Why am I having difficulty believing you?

Ken: Did you come across anything interesting? You certainly poked around here a lot.

Mitch: And I might poke some more.

Ken: Be careful.

Mitch: It sounds to me like you have something to hide.

Ken: I do not care how it sounds.

Mitch: I am going to find out what that something is. How is it that you knew Mac Cory, and why you're after his wife.

Sharlene: Lunch is served.

John: Oh, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Look at this. Now we've got some sandwiches, some coffee, fruit cups.

John: No coffee for you. If you have coffee, it has to be decaf.

Sharlene: Oh, come on. You are not going to be a drag about this diet, are you?

John: Yes, I am going to be a drag about it. Besides, I was going to take you out for lunch.

Sharlene: I feel fine. I feel better than I have felt in weeks. Do you have any idea how good it feels to get to the bottom of this? And by the way--I like it back.

John: Me too.

Sharlene: So what'll it be? What do you think, some turkey and Swiss or ham and cheddar?

John: Well, either one. I have to make a phone call first.

Sharlene: At least I know why I have been acting like such a weirdo.

John: I still do not understand how this whole thing developed so quickly.

Sharlene: John, does it matter? Now we know that I've got this disorder, or whatever you call it, and you will treat it, and then hopefully I will not go passing out anymore.

[Knock on door]

John: I'll get it. Stay away from that coffee.

Sharlene: Yes, sir. [Laughs]

Michael: Hi.

John: Hi, Mike.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. [Laughter]

John: It's growing in again. Come on in.

Michael: Hi, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: We were just going to have some lunch.

Michael: You're not busy, huh?

Sharlene: No, actually you're just in time. I made a ton of sandwiches.

Michael: Oh, great.

John: Help yourself to some. I have to make a call to the hospital. I'll be right back.

Michael: Ok.

Sharlene: Michael, were you out visiting your mom?

Michael: No, as a matter of fact, I made a special trip just to see you.

Sharlene: Oh, really. Is everything ok?

Michael: It is more than ok. Sharlene, I feel optimistic for the first time in weeks.

Sharlene: Oh--I'm glad.

Michael: Look, uh--sit down for a second. I want to thank you. All right? You've been a lot of help, and I just want you to know that you are off the hook.

Sharlene: I am off the hook?

Michael: Yeah. After tomorrow night, you will not have to help me nail Lucas any more.

Sharlene: What?

Michael: It is all going to be resolved, all right? And we don't have to work together anymore. Another way progressive direct is so... progressive.

Sam: Yeah, right. Continuous passive motion. Eight hours a day--I do not know how I am going to make that. But the knee is completely messed up. I was supposed to make 5k in April, but I do not think I'm going to make it now. Then I was supposed to go to Istanbul, start a small war.

Jake: That is too bad.

Sam: Yep, I knew it. I am having a one-sided conversation.

Jake: What?

Sam: I have been sitting here and telling you my troubles for who knows how long, and you have not said one word.

Jake: I am sorry, Sam.

Sam: Could it be that Jake, you have some problems?

Both: Could it be?

Sam: Well, would you like to talk about it? I got ears.

Jake: I've just been confused about some stuff lately.

Sam: Lately? I've been confused for most of my life.

Jake: You ever get the feeling that things are going to change or going to be different, and then it just blows up in your face?

Sam: We are talking about a woman.

Both: Yes. We're talking about a woman.

Sam: Yeah. I know what you need.

Jake: What?

Sam: A distraction.

Jake: A what?

Sam: Distraction. See the girl over there?

Jake: Yes. She's kind of hard to miss.

Sam: Yeah, well, so why don't you go talk to her?

Jake: What?

Sam: Look, she's been around a couple of times. I have seen her.

Jake: She is definitely an attractive lady, but I do not think that is the answer.

Sam: Yeah, but I do not think she would be hard to talk to.

Jake: Actually, Sam, lately, I have not been much of a conversationalist. And besides, I'm sweaty, so I think I'll go take a shower.

Sam: Yeah, go to take a shower. Please. See you, man.

Jake: All right. Hey, Mitch.

Mitch: How are you?

Sam: Hey, Mitch. How are you doing?

Mitch: How's your leg coming along?

Sam: Getting there. But you're not here to talk about my leg, are you?

Mitch: No, no I'm not.

Sam: What is up?

Mitch: I just had a run in with Ken Jordan.

Sam: Why?

Mitch: Well, he accused me of breaking into his shop.

Sam: Why?

Mitch: Well, point is I did break into his shop.

Sam: What?!

Mitch: What I can't figure is how he knew that I did it.

Sam: Well, is he going to do anything?

Mitch: No, there is nothing he can do. There is no proof.

Sam: Oh, man, I hope not. I'd hate for you to go to jail over a stupid stunt like that.

Mitch: Hey, that is no stunt, Sam.

Sam: Oh, right, you had to do that.

Mitch: How else am I going to get a handle on this guy?

Sam: All right, so what did you find out?

Mitch: For one thing, a list of names.

Sam: Names?

Mitch: Yes. A list of names of wealthy society women in the area.

Sam: Was Rachel's name on that list?

Mitch: No, no.

Sam: Mitch, he is an art collector. Could be that they are just his clients.

Mitch: Or maybe just hits them up for money. Lots of money.

Sam: Mitch, all right, then how did he get his name in the red swan?

Mitch: I do not know. But I'm going to find out before he gets to Rachel.

Sam: Could it be that he is just a legitimate businessman with a strictly business interest in Rachel?

Mitch: Doesn't all this seem to be a bit too much coincidental? I mean, look, his name is on Mac's note. Then he shows up. Then he has a job for Rachel. You think that is all accidental?

Sam: All right, maybe you are right.

Mitch: I am telling you, it is not maybe, and I'm not gonna let him get to Rachel.

Sam: [Sighs] Mitch, look, I told you this once and I will tell you again: Give Rachel the note so she can make this decision.

Mitch: I cannot do it, Sam.

Sam: Mitch, if Rachel has found someone who can help her get over Mac, shouldn't you be happy for her?

Rachel: Oh, I am sorry I'm late.

Ken: Did I say anything?

Rachel: No, thank you for that.

Ken: How did it go?

Rachel: What?

Ken: Your appointment.

Rachel: Fine.

Ken: That is it?

Rachel: Yeah, I am pleased.

Ken: Well--good. Hey, is your friend Mitch going to be at this Bay City gala thing?

Rachel: Probably. You do not have to worry about that. I'm not going.

Ken: Wait a minute--you are not going now either?

Rachel: No. I just dread public events like that.

Ken: Why?

Rachel: All of Mac and my friends will be there, and this was one of his pet projects, and I just do not think I can take all of those memories.

Ken: I still think you should go. It is a perfect opportunity to get out and circulate.

Rachel: I just said I do not feel up to doing that kind of thing right now.

Ken: And that is exactly why you should go. Unless you are afraid.

Rachel: Afraid of what?

Ken: To be independent. To carry on with your life. Maybe you like staying in hiding.

Rachel: I am not hiding.

Ken: Good. Then you'll go. I will go, too. We will both go. And since I will not know anybody else, hey, you can be my escort. It will be great. I will get my monkey suit out of mothballs.

Rachel: I hope I do not regret this.

Vicky: I'm sorry I have to rush off like this.

Donna: I'm proud that you have such a prestigious job to rush to.

Vicky: Well, I do not know if it is prestigious, but thank you.

Donna: Let's do this again. Let's do this often.

Vicky: Any ti--ok. Any time you want.

Donna: You have been such a help to me.

Vicky: Rubbing your shoulders?

Donna: Mmm, definitely that. But listening to me and caring about me.

Vicky: I do care; you're my mother.

Donna: But we are also friends, aren't we?

Vicky: Of course we're friends.

Donna: I do not have too many friends, you know. Michael was really it. I always told him everything.

Vicky: Don't you have anyone else you can talk to?

Donna: I mean, there is Jake, but Jake...

Vicky: What, Jake what?

Donna: Well, he is not a very good listener.

Vicky: How close are you two?

Donna: We work together.

Vicky: Is that it?

Donna: Well, it is all it possibly could be. I mean, he has been very sweet. But he actually seems to care about me. I mean, he does not exactly care about me, but he is obviously very sensitive.

Vicky: You never thought so before.

Donna: No, I did not, but I've realized what you and Marley saw in him. Don't you have to go to the office? You're going to be late.

Vicky: Yeah, I do. I will see you.

Donna: I will buy lunch next time.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: I love you.

Vicky: So what was so urgent?

Evan: Like you don't know.

Vicky: Let me guess: You do not want me to hold the affair you had with Amanda over her head. Amanda's, that is.

Evan: This is not fair, Vicky.

Vicky: Is it fair that she treats me like--ok. I will be ladylike here. Is it fair that she has been totally biased about me ever since I started to work here?

Evan: Let us take your feelings about Amanda and let's put them aside for a minute.

Vicky: Good idea.

Evan: Ok. Now what about me?

Vicky: What about you?

Evan: This could hurt me.

Vicky: Yes. I suppose it could.

Evan: And do not tell me you have not thought about it.

Vicky: Of course I have. I'm sorry about that.

Evan: Well, then this has to be kept a secret.

Vicky: I am not going to let Amanda walk all over me, Evan.

Evan: She will not. Listen, I will give you my personal guarantee that she will not. I will keep her off your--case.

Vicky: I will hold you to it.

Evan: Ok, fine. Anything.

Vicky: Anything? [Laughs]

Evan: Listen, I got an idea. How would you like to go with me to the up-and-coming gala?

Vicky: Oh--no, no, no. Sorry. After last night I'm not going to be a stand-in any more, ok?

Evan: That's what you always been to me, sweetheart--

Vicky: [Shouting] Why do I put up with you?

Evan: No--why do I put up with you?

Vicky: I don't know--

Evan: Now, let's get out of here.

Vicky: What? It is 2:00 in the afternoon, van.

Evan: So? My motto is it's never too early to go out and have some fun.

Vicky: I happen to have a job. Ok? An important job. You have a job.

Evan: Excuse me.

Vicky: We have to work. What are you doing?

Evan: ...Slip out the back, Jack. Shh--no one will even miss us.

Vicky: You are a very bad boy! Somebody help me!

Michael: I want to thank you, all right? You have been a lot of help, and I just want you to know that you are off the hook. After tomorrow night you won't have to help me nail Lucas any more. It is all going to be resolved. I want to thank you. All right?

Sharlene: Oh--oh, John. Oh. I just want to get out of here. I just want to get out of here now.

Michael: After tomorrow night you will not have to help me nail Lucas any more.

Sharlene: I am so tired.

John: Tired? Sharlene, you're a lot more than tired. Your skin is hot. You are just burning up.

Sharlene: John-John--

John: Sharlene--

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: I got it.

Deliveryman: Package for Sharly Watts.

Sharlene: You mean Sharlene Hudson?

Deliveryman: It says Sharly right here.

Sharlene: I will sign for it. Thank you. Oh, let me get you something. There you go.

Deliveryman: Thanks.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Deliveryman: Thank you.

Sharlene: What is this? What is happening?

John: No, no, no.

Michael: You know what you need, actually? You need like a push cart or something like that.

John: Why? Why do I need a pushcart when I've got you?

Michael: Actually--well--a pushcart--

John: Exactly.

Michael: Maybe a shopping cart. A shopping cart would help.

John: Ah, I don't have to buy anything when I've got you to carry the wood.

Michael: Yeah, and what a guy.

John: We're not going to be cold tonight.

Sharlene: Well, I guess not.

John: Tell Sharlene what you were telling me.

Michael: Well, I was just telling John that I hope things are looking up for Donna and me.

Sharlene: Really?

Michael: Yeah.

John: You haven't told her why, Mike.

Michael: Well, as a matter of fact, I cannot tell either of you why.

Sharlene: What--have you and Donna been talking?

Michael: Let us just say that it has been a really difficult time. I think it could be over very soon.

John: My brother, the man of mystery.

Michael: Sorry. It has got to stay that way--for now. But--look, I have got to go. Thank you so much for lunch. And I will talk to you. All right?

John: Thanks for dropping by, Mike. I'm really glad that things are going to work out with you and Donna.

Michael: Keep your fingers crossed.

Sharlene: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

John: Do you know what? It's times like these that make me realize I am the luckiest man in the world.

[Foghorn blows]

Lucas: You? You are the buyer?

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